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New Reviewer

Whoever came up with the concept of online dating deserves the highest of medals! I think it is an especially important tool for shy guys like me who wouldn’t normally approach a woman they like directly the first time around. Anyway, back to the site, I signed up and went on to chat with a few women. On one night that I wasn’t really paying attention to the chats, I received an invite from what I thought was the most beautiful woman by far, we chatted and clicked in an instant! She was due to the US on vacation and so we met and now we are planning our wedding for next year!

Tip for consumers: If you're seeking a serious relationship, idateasia would be a good choice, at less IT IS FOR ME! You can try it 16 credit pack at the first beginning before you decide to find love somewhere else.

Ask Philip about iDateAsia
New Reviewer

Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it. I am literally lost in a sea of some really beautiful women, and the ones I have had a chance to chat with are very promising indeed. I am still trying to figure out which to stick to on a “committed chat” so to speak. Other than that, I would definitely recommend because it is everything I had hoped for and more! It was pretty easy to sign up and I love some of the features on there, most especially my chat sessions.

Tip for consumers: So far it's the best Asian site I've been on. So many hot girls are here for dating!!

Ask Conroy about iDateAsia
New Reviewer

I have been on and off for a while now. I tend to meet some interesting people, we seem to connect for a while then we tend to disconnect. Then I have come across fake profiles from what I can only assume are scammers. Ultimately, I am glad I kept coming back because I finally met the love of my life! Yes, I am proudly saying “THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!” I waited for the disconnect, which never happened and we have been drawing closer by the day, even shifted to calling each other by phone. I can’t wait for the day we will finally meet face to face!

Ask Alan about iDateAsia
New Reviewer

I am sorry. I would like to express my sincere apologies for my previous concern. I started my communication with Candy here. At first, everything goes smoothly. One day I review some negative feedback about iDateAsia. Then I began to doubt Candy. She was really hurt and sad. And we almost broke up. Fortunately, things got through in the end. And finally I met her in person. She is indeed the one that i am looking for.

Ask Billy about iDateAsia
New Reviewer

Firstly can I please draw everyone's attention to the review of "Gregory L" above. Nice story, Greg, mate, problem for me personally is you grammar and sentence structure sounds like that of a middle aged Chinese man to me and with that glowing report sticking out like dogsbal** among all the single star banners .... well you get where I'm coming from.

Second point, sorry Greg, buddy, pal, BS artist, Nguyen is indeed a Vietnamese name, a bloody surname! Not and I repeat not a female christian name. Its the most common Vietnamese surname there is, akin to smith.

Now that I've bashed "Greg" a L...ittle, may I please refer you all to every other post on this page with a rating higher than 1 star, or "total f****** $#*!" is the technical classification I think. All of them above 1 star are so clearly:
1. Fake reviews;
2. Reviews of those poor little souls among us who have bigger egos than brains and wallets than balls to accept and admit yes it happened to them too no matter how "on to it" they believe they are;
3. Guys who so much need to believe in it, that it is true, she does love me, that unfortunately the shi*reel of reviews sized up against the fact they have been in a six month relationship without ever seeing the woman let alone getting laid (God forbid people still just want to have sex these days, men and women equally, without the scam foreplay first) still just hasn't clicked yet. Because that's self-harm territory so who would want to take the trip there. For these gentlemen, I am sorry to you and I hope you move forward with pride again asap. Seriously not everyone can cop it on the chin like others. This sort of scam activity could literally lead to the tragic suicide of many middle age, bald, fat divorcee left with only half and his kids hate him, if half.

Then there is the rest of us who got ****** in all the worst ways. I'm disgraced to admit I got spun for a grand total of about USD170 over 3-4 days. 3 days in actually was when the first evidence started to surface then at 3.75 days my fears were realised. I was hopeful let me tell you. One particular girl, felt like I picked her not the other way, consistent to start but then:

1. Asked her real name she hesitates and tries to move past it but I get Minh out of her. Trouble is she apparently lives in Ho Chi Minh City, not very quick my dear. Notice how they all live in Ho Chi Minh City?;
2. I asked what she did for work and she tells me bank cashier. While browsing other profiles earlier I had noticed another girl claim to have a high steady income as a bank teller as though its like being a rocket surgeon (intended);

Doesn't sound like much hey? Call me a critic but hairs were already on end with a snarl forming

3. going by the times she is telling me it is there when we are chatting, within 2 days I already notice a distinct patter that she goes to work late morning and comes home very late evening at like 10pm. Not standard bank hours? If she told me she was a hooker after 5pm til 10pm I would have understood! I believe there was a slip her end at this point too, said something like do this or that then work at bank then go to work.... no wonder I started day dreaming about hookers;
4. Finally, and its still such a ******* disappointment, I can't even begin to tell you, shes says she wants to be my girlfriend exclusively and even gets genuinely jealous when I mention other girls from the site? Still puzzled on that? At this exact time I decide its time to smoke her out if my instincts are correct and I say something like if we are going to continue talking more and more and have a relationship (FFS!) then its not going to be on that site because I could buy Vietnam for 1 days worth of PM chat on that bag of ****. I suggest email, IM, skype.... she doesnt know them or use any of them. I say you don't know Google! Not possible. She says no I don't know it we dont use it here. BS! I kniow they do its not China its $#*!ing Vietnam where you will still see 10000000 times more USA flags than anything plain red. Even in the north, almost.

This is where I call her out, say its a scam and no more credit, no more nothing, I gave her my gmail by coding it in a hundred one line messages which she confirmed she got clear after their star blocking attempts and I left her with, email me there to prove your not a robot or go **** yourself. She said too tired tonight now baby I will email you tomorrow for sure ok? Tomorrow will be Today! We will see but take my word, its a ******* con! If it is I'm getting on a plane next week to Ho Chi Minh City and I'll start burning the **** down from the airport making my way to the hotel and not leave until Vietnam 2 has ended. Ill get some on met* as the cherry on top to numb my joy....good morning Vietnam!

Tip for consumers: UPDATE: Today came and today went. Do you think I got an email from her at Do you think she hasn't all but vanished except an abandoned profile, even if its only temporary until the reanimation but whoever the next puppet master is?

That's a big NO and YES respectively. Bi***, mother&*^%$#!

Where is Greg I need to vent.... GREG?! WTF are you?

Ask Billy about iDateAsia
New Reviewer

Hi, I have concerns regarding the date site because it seems that a lot of fees are charged which do not seem to be displayed up front. I have been told it costs many credits to actually meet with someone and have been told that they charge $2000.00 to marry someone. All costs should be given up front for everyone to know before they use the service.
I hope I can get answers for my concerns, can anyone give me the correct answers.

New Reviewer

This is my fifth month on idateasia and I am going steady in what I hope is a serious relationship to be. I met this rather beautiful woman, we began chatting and so far it has been a good steady flow of conversation. I am discovering some lovely things about her that I look for in a woman and from what she says, she finds me attractive and fitting in some of the ideals she wishes in a man. If all goes well, I plan on making a visit to her by the year’s end and see how it goes from there

Ask Marko about iDateAsia
New Reviewer

Save your money and stay away from this Website. The Agencies are writing to you and forwarding just what they want to. Also their description of their own service with a Live Chat is: You receive exactly what they are writing to you and they are receiving what you are writing to them. I ve sent my email address a couple of Ladies but they receive just Stars? I didn't sent stars at all. So I knew that the Agencies are translating and cutting even the live message in your (private) chat. This website is just created to earn money as much as they can. They laughing about us. They don't take care if there are people who really would like to date a girl. They don't take care about heart, feelings or love. All it counts for them is your money. If they would take care about feelings and if they would really help the girls to find their love than they would go and give them our email address to be able to chat for free. Stay away from them its fraud. Use a free dating site where you can chat free

Tip for consumers: use free chat , right now there are not that much Filipinas, but the number of users are increasing

Ask Eddy about iDateAsia
New Reviewer

* Massive scam everyone don't go near idate Asia with a 10 foot pole*

Hi to whom maybe ripped off !!!

O.k a breakdown on what you pay for, you buy credits for writing and receiving emails
I thought W.T.F are you kidding o k I'll give it a go but I tell you these credits go fast that's the problem depending on how many credits you buy depends on the cost but they average
5 to 6 dollars each right.

If you send an email 1 credit so that's $5 to send and receive there's $10 dollars already.
So 50 emails later $500 dollars yep easily done right.

I nearly had a heart attack get this ! , that's only emails they also charge for chatting on the site. The cost is 0.5 credits (2.50) per 5 minutes. Say chat for 30 minutes that's 30 divide by 5 = 6 x $ 2.50 = $15.
The list goes on if you want her details say email address only one piece of information
that's 10 credits but only after 90 days and only after 10 emails.

Massive money pit right !!!

The site is totally and utterly manipulated by them to make lots of money and
I did ask for a ladies information and they gave me a fake email address with this written in it after I wrote several times wondering why this girl wasn't answering my emails.
This is what the returned email said.

Dear Joe blogs,

I had read your email already, and I know what you mean now. I am so happy to see your letter here. But I am not use this email often, and I consider that it is convenient for us to communicate in that web site.
In that web site, we can chat anywhere any time, but if we use this email, I am not familiar with the procedure, so I do not often use it. Can you understand?
Because my phone has not the international service, It is no sense to give you my number, OK? So we can chat on line or call, OK? Darling?

As you can see I asked for her phone number so I could ring her direct or skype .
It is obviously the site and not her, so I have to beg for her number which they say is only local so she cant get international calls.That statement of course makes no sense at all
because I have rung her from what they call the lady call me function.

That puppy costs you a bloody arm and a leg as well I timed one call and recorded it as well it went for 12 minutes which they charged $5.60 a minute because again you have to use there service.Another $67 dollars.

I think that the girl maybe be real but who's chatting I'm not sure I think is fake too
as I have had experiences where her English skills varied to much.

Listen I'm very sure its a scam to really just take so much money.
They make it so damned hard to actually be in contact with her its so frustrating you spend a fortune and if her English skills are not brilliant you will go insane I'm sure.

I looked at a couple of the woman's videos at first and some of them are wearing the same dress it's a joke.And they charge 2 or 3 credits for that too its an insane money pit.

If you want a site to go to Thai kisses is fine you pay a small fee each month and you can get hundreds of contact numbers emails skype for as much as you want they have chat which is free if your a member and I'm not saying it's scam free but the site is great with there security.They find out very fast and banned most of the women on there that are scamming as well.Its a very fair site and it doesn't cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I have been to Thailand at least 7 times and I have family there as I married a Thai lady
she is awesome we split and were together for 6 years she wanted kids I didn't but we are so close still like family it's great, that's why I want to find a Thai girlfriend again as they are awesome women really loyal, kind and understanding.

Just be careful guy's don't spend a cent on these corporate money grabber sites who only have their eyes on your hard earned cash.

Listen to me from experience I thought I was well versed in these sites and have dealt with a couple and not lost a cent but this one pulls you in and you just can get sucked in really

Good luck and stay away from that site its EVIL !!!! lol

New Reviewer

I just love and can see a huge potential in finding the love of my life. I have come across some pretty cool women but I have also come across a scammer or two. Luckily I have a pretty good system in rooting them out! I would definitely recommend this site for anyone looking for a serious relationship but has no time to do so the more conventional way. In addition, it seems to me, there is a constant update to the database, because I seem to find new faces every time I log on. It makes finding my love a little difficult but it also offers me a huge potential with vast choices so I make the very best choice in the end.

New Reviewer

Only to say :STAY AWAY - never join that site - biggest fake ever seen; with a label to be serious they just take every single coin out of your pocket

New Reviewer

To you guys who think you may meet your future partner on Qpid sites like I Date Asia or China Love.
....think twice or even four times.
Believe me it is less expensive to take a holiday to Asia somewhere, have a good time and you will definitely find a lady of the quality you want.
If you even think you are talking to the lady of your dreams on an Asian introduction site you will need a full wallet.
If you have already spent $70 or more you are being sucked in.
You will even receive unsolicited EMF letters just to say "Have a nice day, I miss you, I love you"....that just milked you of another $7 or $8 and you have not even met her.
Hellooooooo. Has the penny dropped yet?
For all you know the picture is not real, you may be communicating with a male or a ladyboy or someones grandmother.
My experience was an arrangement through Chinalove to meet a "lady" in Schenzhen but as expected she did not show.
Because of my scepticism I had prearranged an itinerary of travel in case of this so I was therefore rewarded seeing some of the beautiful sites of China.
If you think Thai or Vietnamese respondents are any different you will find exactly the same replies with hardly a change in format.
My advice is, if you like Asian ladies (and they do put many western women to shame) go there yourself and meet someone and always have a backup plan.

New Reviewer

Thank you for all the honest ratings that I looked at and prevented me from wasting hard earned wages on this this money making machine for some multinational corporation. I would highly recommend Match or (free) for these reasons. You only pay a flat monthly rate and have unlimited communicate and search for all the Asian women all over the world. When I read the terms for this site I smelled fraudulent right off the bat. I can see why a guy could unwantingly go through hundreds in a month or two here.
Rule #1 if you can not communicate with them visually live via Skype etc. they are probably really a guy in Africa somewhere.
I had the best experience of my life with a woman from Singapore I met on Match who spoke fluent English and Chinese and we spent 5 fun days in Beijing together. Like all online women she was heavier in weight than pictures and a nagger like all American women or I may have married her. Instead of spending 5 more days with her in Singapore I made a side trip to Vietnam to meet another I had known from Match who was young and hotter than a $2 pistol. Not marrying material either but the trip was well worth it and she was the real woman who I had chatted with and not a phony stand in like I read about here.
The moral of the story is research your sites and you will not get ripped off like here. You still have to be careful for scammers on every website so always follow rule #1 before doing anything else no matter what site you are on.

New Reviewer

Huge scam, ask lady to send you personal photo of herself holding up paper saying Hi, and include your name, it wont happen, you are communicating with agencies that use ladies profiles, anytime USD, or EURO, for tokens required at 6 to 1 exchange ratio to the Chinese Yuan, you can bet it is a huge money making scam,example, 7 USD each letter sent or recieved, translates to 42 Chinese Yuan, awesome profit right?, site originates out of Hong Kong, I also suggest a monthly fee website, at least if your scammed you dont go broke doing it, good luck.

New Reviewer

Totally a scum. I got bored and googled my real name today, june 2014 to the shock of finding my name accompanied with the site. Well, the story happened 2 years ago. Fresh graduate and went to Cebu to look for a job. My pastor like girl friend was contacted by a Filipina girl for an interview as an encoder in a Photo Studio. I also joined as they said they are looking for a lot of encoder .We end up going in a house.Chinese girl said they are still new. Then they explained to us what the work is all about, to reply to the men as the girls are busy. I said ok, and thought " so this is how dating sites work". We are there to help the girls and guys. But before that, we should know the nature of the work and we must also have our own account. They gave us a paper to fill out. We fill out. But our minds were already wondering. I was a playful person, so when they asked us for a pictorial i was game, sexy dress, they even asked me to wear 2 piece. I tried the 2 piece but just until the dressing room. In there, we even made a joke. Yes I posed, but not with the 2 piece, video yes, but just until the dressing room. I even just laugh about it. Friend and I decided not to work there. Days later, they called me to be an escort, I wonder but nevermind. They kept calling me, til my mom call them back to stop bothering me. Now, 2 years later, I found out I have an account that I never did. Bull$#*! of them. According to news, they were raided this January, I even recognize the Chinese girl, the wife of the said owner and the secretary filipina who were there calling for what she said, call center agent. But why is it that my fake account was just refreshed this May. I was even out of country at that month. I asked my boyfriend to check and yes there I was in a fake account w/a great photoshop, and to look for video, there is a payment. Never trust this site. Atleast, pics are secured and not searchable, but I'm being sold and haven been taking avantage now.

New Reviewer

I met the woman at the airport and she gave me her stinky urine stained g string and walked off.

New Reviewer

I actually met someone in Cebu that was on the site. I got a first letter from her and started writing back and forth. Then she asked for chats and we chatted often. The letters were $6 each way and chats were $6 for 10 minutes. I spent hundreds. She told me she loved me through the letters. In a chat I told her I was coming and gave the flights. She met me at the airport. We spent a week together and she never knew what I was talking about. But I gave her a ring. After I found out that she had a friend that worked at the agency in Cebu, and the friend told her I was coming. I became friends with the friend. She no longer works there. The friend told me that the woman never wrote a single letter or did a single chat. She says that the agency in China sends intro letters pretending to be the lady and writes all letters as the lady. They also chat as the lady. Then when they finally say they want to meet, they forward the flight information to Cebu and the Cebu worker calls the lady. She was shown a few of my letters, but still agreed to meet. The Cebu worker also says that the women that sign up at the agency wonder why no one writes to them and the agency won't tell them why. So both the men and women are trying to meet and China is pretending to be the lady and she doesn't know either. If my fiance did not have a friend at the office, we would have never met either. Every intro letter received is from China using profile of woman who actually wants to meet a man. Every chat popup is China pretending to be the woman. Also, the woman can't get her profile off the site, ever. And they keep using it to send letters.

New Reviewer

With regards to iDateAsia, I would say stay away. When I first became a member of the site, I read a mixed review of comments but mainly negative comments but I still decided to look into it and see for myself. I will try to keep this as simple as possible but basically I did meet this woman. Sent her a cupid note for free and she immediately replied back. I saw her online and initiated a chat and we chatted for about $21.00 US dollars worth, no longer than 15 minutes I would say and during the conversation, she kept giving me the "l Love You" and "Kissy Kissy" icons. At the end of the conversation, I told her I would write to her and she would wait for my letter.

Okay, during the wait, I explored another website; the kind of site where you pay a monthly fee to purchase either a Gold or Platinum membership depending on how much you want to spend. Of course to join is free and you are a Standard member which doesn't give you much flexibility. I purchase this Gold membership for one month; $29.95, you can send as many letters as you want, respond to as many as you want, you get chat capabilities, the works. As I was looking at the profiles, I noticed a profile of the same woman I was speaking to on iDateAsia. Well, it is possible for a woman to be on more than one site so I contacted her and she responded. I asked her had she been on any other site and she replied to me she had been on recently but had given notice to the agency that she did not wish to use their services anymore since after careful consideration she thought the fee they were charging her to use their services was too expensive. I told her I just spoke to her on iDateAsia and she said it could not have been her. I told her I am looking at her profile now on iDateAsia. She replied back in surprise as WHAT???

She immediately asked me did I have SKYPE and I told her yes and we exchanged SKYPE information and once we each activated SKYPE and our cam, there she was. We introduced ourselves and I panned my CAM to my monitor to show her the profile on iDateAsia and the photos. She said, yes, that was her and it was her photos, but she had told the agency to delete her profile since she would not be using their services because of the payment she could not afford and would look on her own which is why she was on the site that I found her on. During the course of the conversation, she took me to a tour of her home, the garden, showing me her vehicle and the exterior of her home in the pictures she had submitted to iDateAsia.

We both decided that I would send this person pretending to be her a letter which I did. Now I asked this liar whomever it was had she ever been on another site and the response I received was "No, she only been on iDateAsia". I knew this person was lying since I contacted the real person on a website called

To make a long story short, this agency on iDateAsia is still using a profile of a woman that has left the site. Whomever I was writing and talking to is pretending to be this woman because I am met the real woman on, we exchanged e-mails, phone numbers and SKYPE and she has since sent me several photos. Here is another lie this person from iDateAsia told me. In the response letter, she says sorry for responding so late because her mother was critically ill and in the hospital. When I told this to the real woman I was speaking to, she was appalled and upset and said to me her mother is in good health and sent me photos, dated of a family gathering she had just two weeks ago and pointed out her mom in most of the photos, looking in good spirits and smiling.

So guys, whomever I am speaking to on iDateAsia, it is not the woman I saw on the profile; so take my advice; be cautious. I am not saying that every agency is corrupt and every profile is fake, but you cannot take a chance since you are spending your hard earned money. Another thing about iDateAsia profiles, in the woman's profile they do not list the agencies representing the woman. If you look at Chn.Love, although I cannot trust them either, you will see they list at the bottom of the woman's profile the name of the agency.

Well, getting back to, after this experience of talking to this fake person, spending money on letters and a chat, I wrote my full story to the administrator, giving them the profile ID number of the woman I contacted on iDateAsia and letting them know I contacted the real woman on another site. I let the administrator know that I know this is the real woman because we had a video chat, exchanged phone numbers and e-mail contacts and that she admitted it was her profile but the agency on iDateAsia had no right to keep it up and deceive men as if she was still there and add insult to injury, to have the nerve to have someone pretending to be her in an effort to keep men spending their money. I am curious to see what the administrator tells me. I even included an additional photo iDateAsia does not have to prove to them I am in contact with the real woman. So I ask myself..........just who is this on iDateAsia pretending to be this woman?

Basically, I have been speaking to three different women, but now because of this, if these other women were real, I sent them all letters explaining why I could not continue speaking to them. I included in my letter they may be real and the agencies may be honest, but unfortunately I cannot take that chance and it is sad because this type of deception and fraud makes it bad for the honest people so I just left it at that.

So guys, if you are speaking to someone, even on the chat line, beware because chances are it could be the woman and chances are it could not be. These type of experiences show me that you cannot trust a profile or pictures, even with an agency who happens to be overseas. You need further proof and having a video chat is the only way to go but if these sites give you that option, believe me, you will pay an arm and a leg for it.

Okay, I gave you my birds eye, hard evidence of iDateAsia being deceptive and that was all the evidence I needed to say "stay away". There are other sites out there guys and as I said, for a small monthly fee, you can write to as many women as you choose, they can write you, you can respond, there is a chat line and look at me; I was able to see the woman in SKYPE on my first initial message.

Good luck and just beware!!

New Reviewer

Many of the profiles on idateasia are fake. Please do not spend any money here!
Within the last few days, police in the Philippines raided an office that was producing fake profiles, and defrauding men via
The owner of this office is a Chinese national, and in custody. The workers in this office have given statements to the police that they create fake profiles, and communicate with men on this site, posing as the lady in the picture, while earning commissions from idateasia for 'sales'. The Philippines police is also investigating allegations of internet pornography, and prostitution via this office.
You can find the news articles on local papers in Cebu easily by google.
This is also how some of the 'agencies' that operate on idateasia, and chnlove operate from within China.

New Reviewer

The site is a scam. I contacted 2 women here. after a short period of time their letters were almost word for word the same. I have my doubts whether either of them ever saw my mail. Probably just some old guy sitting behind a desk answering the letters.
It is the most expensive site on the net. When the site screws up they send you a nice letter asking you to please understand but certainly no refund.
I am sure their are some nice women here but I doubt very much if they ever see your letter. If you have lots of money and time it's entertainment but don't think you are ever going to truly meet anyone.

New Reviewer

Big fraud there! Maybe some women are real, but most are scammers - agents who reply to foreigners and try to take money from them. Extremely expensive! 10 USD for an in- and outgoing 'letter' by mostly unreal persons. If you feel comfortable with a woman and ask for a mail adress or a phone number, they say they don´t have any !! Haha! In Asia: no phone? No email? Hahaha! They think foreigners are totally stupified. They answer they want to communicate only on that site! Sure, because they are the ones who take the money. They are not real, at least most of them. But it´s hard to prove it and to stop this site by a lawyer. More testimonials by 'victims' would be needed!

New Reviewer

I joined this site in March last year and I met my beautiful wife Nguyen there, so it's a great site to find a partner, at least for me. Nguyen is such a charming lady that I was attracted to her when I first read her profile. And we started to contact on March of 19th. We talked every day and shared interesting stuffs happened around us, but her English was poor so most of the time we needed the translating service for better communication. In this way, we were getting closer and knew more about each other. About 3 months later, I became to realize that this kind lady might be the one I've been looking for, so I finally decided to go to Vietnam and get her to marry me. Nguyen was happy to meet me in the airport and we had a joyful time in her hometown. We got married on June of the 6th and held a small wedding ceremony in Vietnamese style.
Now we still feel attracted to each other and are having good time every day. I think I'm a lucky guy because I met and then met my beautiful partner in my life.

New Reviewer

It's a dating site that does not allow dating. Contacting someone requires spending huge money. Until then they block any email addresses that you send through a message. It's very, very expensive and a complete and utter fraud. Waste of money. Waste of time. And waste of emotional feelings when you begin to contact a nice woman.

New Reviewer

Guys, seriously, it's not that bad!!!
I am 45, and never tried online dating before, but was recommended iDateAsia as one of the best Southeast dating sites. I got divorced with my ex-wife 7 months ago and I've been on this site for 40 days now. Frankly speaking, I'm not that kind of person who's obsessed with Asian women. After the separation with my ex-wife, I did go out and try to meet new people, but those women seemed to be too picky and I couldn't see a happy future with any of them. When I began to lose my confidence to create a new relationship, one of my friends told me to try online Asian dating and recommended And I listened to him.
It's free to join in. In the first 4 days, I browsed ladies' profiles, photos and the success stories, use its free service Cupid Note to send message to ladies and read its dating advice. And I felt everything seemed alright in the site, so I bought 3 credits to have a live chat with a pretty Thai woman. And then 16 credits. By now I'm been in a relationship with Khwan, a 36-year-old Thai woman. Nothing unhappy happened up to now. So I'd like to stay on iDateAsia and try to get Khwan to marry me.

New Reviewer

80% scam 20% real. I have dated a few of the real girls and they are much different in looks and personality than the way they appear on the website. So even the 20% real is partly scam. The agency goes so far as to impersonate the legitimate ladies. Case in point; I slept with a lady one night and next day after she left I went to the idateasia site and checked my trapline and to my surprise there on line was the lady who slept with me the night before. When I accosted her inline and asked her what she was doing there she replied "looking for my soulmate" to whch I responded well don't you think you found me last night? hehehe, the impersonator replied "do I know you?" Scam scam.scam. When I wrote a complaint to idateasia they came back with the typical polite brush off that they do everything in their power etc etc such BS. That happened to me 3-4 times so I lost complete confidence in choosing one of the 20% profiles with a real lady behind it. Even if you do think you find one the site and agency (partners in scam) do everything in their power to block anything remotely resembling contact info of both parties. I had the hotel name i was staying at 1000 miles away blocked because it might mean we contact each other somehow and cheat idateasia out of the huge amounts they charge us rich foreigners to chat and write letters. Too bad they don't use as much energy and ingenuity to help stop the scam that goes on. Make no mistake; the local agency does exist and are in partnership with idateasia and Cupid Network to cheat us and much as they can and as often as they can. I go so far as to say that they employ stand-ins for real ladies who don't use their profiles "enough" to correspond with us idiots who pay good money in the off chance there's a real lady there!! Yup, huge scam. Poor investment unless you think getting 5 or 10 % value for the huge money you pay. My advice is free but I paid dearly to know its good solid advice: STAY AWAY AND PUT THESE ****OLES OUT OF BUSINESS.

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still working on it , hope to find the perfect match.

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This review applies to dating websites such as and If you want to know how websites such as these work, here's the inside story. The websites are run out of China, and they claim to use local dating services to find Chinese girls in cities throughout China (or whatever country the girl is supposedly from). They also claim that they give your letter to the local dating service that is associated with the girl you are writing to (after you pay in tokens to write the letter), after which your letter is supposedly translated into Chinese (which costs extra and is paid by you in tokens) and then given to the girl you're writing to. Her reply is supposedly given to this same local dating service and translated into English (which, again, requires payment by you in tokens), before being sent to the dating website and placed in your inbox (which requires additional tokens to then read). In fact, they'll even give you the name of the "supposed" local dating service on their website in order to make the dating website appear legit. The problem is that these local dating services either do not exist or have no association with the dating website. Furthermore, the girls themselves don't exist. In fact, none of what you see on these dating websites actually exists. The photos are all stolen from websites in China (or other countries), without the girls' permission, or from websites in China that simply contain photos of girls. These photos are then placed on the dating website along with a fake profile in order to entice foreign men with money to burn. This is precisely why they use the "token" system whereby you must purchase packages of tokens and then use a particular number of tokens to send a letter, more tokens to have your letter translated into Chinese, still more tokens to have her reply translated into English, and finally more token for you to read her reply. But you see, there is no "her" and your letter is never translated. In fact, the replies that the girls supposedly write to you are pulled from a database of letters that are recycled again and again as replies to different men. A change might be made here and there, but the reply letters largely remain unchanged. Of course most men don't continue writing to any one girl long enough to figure out that the entire website is a scam. The letters are general enough to be useful as a reply to a wide variety of letters from men, but not specific enough to keep a man interested for very long. This way the man moves on to another girl, spending more tokens on an endless search for a woman that does not exist. These websites are pure scams and there are many of them on the net. How do you spot the scams? First, if the website uses the "token" system and requires you to buy packages of tokens (or whatever term that website uses), don't walk, RUN. No legit dating website uses this ploy. The legit services require a monthly subscription and don't provide translation services. (unless this is a legit matchmaking service) Second, if you receive a reply from a girl and the reply seems very "general" in that it makes no mention of any of the specifics in your letter, this is a sure sign that you're a member of a scam dating website. Third, if you ask her specifics about herself and instead she gives you only generalities about her life, she likely does not exist and your letter is coming from a database of letters. Unfortunately once you've been had, you have no recourse. There is no way to report the scam to any agencies that will recover your losses since the website in China and only the Chinese authorities can touch them (and this is not going to happen). You can only walk away, see this as a lesson learned, and warn others. Hopefully you've read this review before investing your money in a scam dating website. Best of luck with your search.

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I have not tried to contact any of these ladies. I find it too preposterous for that many lovely ladies regardless of their ages. the letters are monotonously the same. I have read the comments and have to assume it is a scam and that there are no legit Asian dating sites out there. I'm 72 and they are constantly sending me 20 years olds as matches. come on please. The prices are ridiculous as well.

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Just a big big lying scam. I have wasted $500.00 emailing this girl who I don't even know if she is real. I urge men to think carefully before jumping in.

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Huge Scam! I was communicating with one girl off here, and several off last year. These sites are run by the same scam scumbags, so stay well away.

Anyway the girl off idateasia lived in Saigon. She told me she had never had a boyfriend, lived at home with her parents etc. She would write even before I had replied, so I told her to wait till I replied first. A few weeks before I arrived she started talking real dirty to me! It wasn't the same sweet innocent girl that's for sure, probably another translator. It all makes sense now, she was getting paid for every letter sent/received, and every minute of "chatting". When I say "she" i mean some translator pretending to be the girl.

Anyway the girls off all turned out to be fakes, and by the time I got to Saigon the one there made up an excuse not to meet me too. So I contacted 3 more while in Saigon and they all never showed, even though I gave them my hotel room no, ph no, email etc. They would only make contact through the site.

I didn't "block" them just to see what would happen, they are still sending me letters but I have read none of them (which means they don't get paid). Why would I want to read anything they write? They had the chance to meet me in person but didn't.

It's easy to get taken in by these beautiful women, but do yourself a favour and stay well away, it's a HUGE SCAM, and the sooner these criminals get caught up with the better. They are fleecing hard working guys out of millions probably, I just want to warn others. Don't believe me? Try meeting one and let me know how you get on... (no fakes off the site please, i know they watch and read these reviews)

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all fake and for the 1 that think or is real let just say that the site maybe still have some real people they but most of the pic you see is girl that ask them to close there account and the site just leave it they when you send email or chat with them is people on the site you talk to all to get money out of people

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Is it idateasia a scam? I will give it NO. I'm obviously supporting this dating site because I've been on it and really dated good girls there. Most girls I met were great and charming, from the inside to the outside. They told me the reasons they want to marry abroad is partly for a better life, but mostly for a serious relationship. They consider western men to be very gentle, polite and romantic. So they like to have such a romantic husband. Owing to the different culture background, sometimes it caused misunderstanding, which some people may take it as a fraud. Speaking from my experience on this site, I'm really satisfied with its services and the ladies on this site. If you have been to other sites, you know I'm talking about the truth, not nonsense. You should open a free account on and experience it by yourself. You'll know it!

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This is a huge scam - / - all asia China,Thailand, Vietnam. They censor all correspondence - and write you fraud letters representing a woman that may not even know she is still online their site. It can cost about $8 per minute to chat, and then they will string you alone, with sexual suggestive remarks, very pretty ladies (touched up pics) and even though I know Asian women do look younger than white women, many look even younger...
Believe me, I have been to S E Asia a few times - if you are serious, you can simply go there, and easily meet many ladies that are in great shape, very sweet, and have a level of respect that American ladies lost long ago.
It is best to know someone here in USA (N America) that is from that country - so get out there & meet someone that will be very happy to intro you to their friends back in Asia, or their pretty younger elder sis.
Online dating is usually a big waste of money, and I have been through all these sites - my next business may be - "an honorable Asian Dating site" that does not rape guys like you and me.
The amount I would have spent on chnlov /idateasia - I could buy the air ticket - insane. Best of luck

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