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HomeAway reviews

82 reviews
Categories: Vacation Rentals
Tel: +1.5126841100
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82 Reviews for HomeAway

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New Reviewer

Listed with HomeAway and can not find my property listed in the Resort that it is to be posted.
When I put my Property Id in my property does not come up.
This BS I have no booking this company is full of ----
Going to complain for refund plus they have to let it run for free for a year or i'm filing with BBB they are scamming the Owner Check your Ad as if you are a renter.

New Reviewer

HomeAway and VRBO claim to have the best exposure...but their individual customer service is really NON-EXISTENT!! YOU CANNOT TALK TO ANYONE WITH AUTHORITY, thus you get 'PAT' answers to the issues that are affecting your listings. Our issues started when we realized that the calendars that we use through them were set up with last year's dates. We finally found a number for customer service and filed a concern. A couple of days later we received an e-mail saying that others were having the same issue: "I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the issue you are experiencing. This is a known issue that a small number of users are experiencing with the site, and it should be fixed in a future update. I have assigned your issue to one of our technical support agents who will notify you via email as soon as the issue has been resolved." ...AND IT SHOULD BE FIXED IN A FUTURE UPDATE??? Are you kidding me now??? This has been an issue for a long while already. I called yesterday and spoke to a young man who assured me a supervisor would call me yesterday NO ONE called...I called again today and was told that there was no supervisor on hand (I WAS TOLD THERE WERE NO SUPERVISORS ON SITE) I was on the contact list; however, it could be days or even weeks before anyone would get a hold of us. I was told a lot of other customers have issues and that they are ahead of me. So I guess we're in line, but our summer rental session may be over before they even get to us. This is an expensive service and we have several properties. It's wrong when a company gets so big it is your best venue for advertising, but because they are so big, they know you don't really have any other choices...SO!!! They've got you! Somethings wrong with this picture! If I ran my business this way I wouldn't be doing business, because people would find other companies. SINCE VRBO and HOME AWAY merged their CUSTOMER SERVICE RANKS A HUGE "MINUS 0". Customers are confused by the calendars and we have already lost business because of them...and we're talking major money THEY MAY BE THE BIG GUYS IN TOWN, BUT WE ARE TIRED OF THE TOTAL LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! INDIVIDUALS AND MANAGEMENT COMPANIES ARE PAYING VRBO AND HOME AWAY MORE AND MORE AND GETTING LESS THAN NOTHING

New Reviewer

Homeaway is awesome. You deal with the home owner and homeaway you just pay to put the vacation home on. The people are very helpful I never had to wait to talk to someone at homeaway plus you talk to a real person! So the negative rewiews would have to be lack of communication. With the people who are trying to rent. Ask questions most homes you pay the cleaning lady and you bring your own lines. I think it's stupid to bring your own linens but you do at some homes. So bottom line homeaway is awesome

New Reviewer

VRBO and Homeaway are owned by the same company and share the same customer service telephone system. I am a homeowner with a rental property and it is from this perspective that I write this review.

First of all, if you need to contact customer service for anything, plan on a long, long wait on the telephone. It is like entering a black hole. You might need to call because your site needs renewal, or to problem solve their search engine (which does not use Key Words, despite its claim) or a variety of other unexpected reasons. When you do reach someone they are very nice and can be helpful, but should you need higher level support, you need to hope they call you back (usually they don't call back unless you send multiple e-mails, and even then it is questionable. If if they do, hope you are available, because the only way back to them is through the endless waiting on the phone line. They do not provide any direct way to reach the person who called you. They say, "feel free to call us back if your issue is not resolved. They really should be advertising that they guarantee a long wait for customer service no matter when you call, 24 hours per day.

I actually switched to VRBO from Homeaway due to their terrible customer service (for two weels before my listing was scheduled to expire I had sent e-mails asking for assistance (they promise 24 hour turnaround - HA!. It was not until after the listing expired that I received a call. Only after I switched to VRBO did I realize that they used the same support phone line.

The site that the owner needs to input information is confusing as well, It is very easy to think that you listed three bedrooms and two baths and later discover that it only recorded 2 bedrooms and two bath, making your listing unfindable by someone who is looking for a 3 bedroom rental

So seller beware if you plan to use VRBO or Homeaway.

New Reviewer

The website claims that there are 'no hidden fees' but when I booked a flat in Paris the owner emailed me and informed me that there would be an additional 130 euros for linens and cleaning. At this new price I decided I would rather stay in a hotel so emailed the owner to cancel the reservation because there is no way to cancel on the website. I have had back and forth emails with the owner to get him to cancel the reservation and so far have had no luck. He took my deposit without informing me of any 'no cancellation' policy and is telling me he is going to take the entire amount off my credit card. I've had to dispute the charge with my credit card company so still waiting to see what happens with that.
In all, either stay away or be very methodical when booking. HomeAway takes all the control away from the traveler and puts it in the hands of the owner

New Reviewer

Homeaway are LOADS better tan their competitors Holiday Lettings, believe me !
At least you get to speak to a person in customer services ( in your own language) with Homeaway - Holiday Lettings customer services is enough to give you a siezure.

I like Homeaway, just hope they don't go the same way as HL and get too big for anyone to care anymore.

New Reviewer

Worst experience ever. Stay away and stay at a 5 star hotel. Terrible customer service and no responses except form responses. Owners are just as bad. They tell you one thing and do another. Place I rented was filthy and misrepresented online. One of the worst experiences of my life and on top of that - allergic reaction from intense fragrance. I did a dispute on my credit card with photos and in-depth documentation and then received "payment reversed" email from the site. I called credit card to confirm credit. Will keep watching to make sure. Stay away from this site.

New Reviewer

After a non-conversation with HA (in which I heard nothing but meaningless
"Corporate Speak"), here is the communication I sent them today:

Recommendations and Criticisms:

1. Restore STARS with property listed on the FIRST PAGE coming up after
HomeAway,Drome,Provencale into Google search. Our earned 5 Stars should be there, not buried because we don't have 3 reviews all with stars. HA never gave us any warning, never sent an advance email of this change.
Apparently HA did not deem this a significant change!

2. Our reviews w/o STARS are now relegated to CUSTOMER COMMENTS which, from a Renter's point of view, are quite unnoticeable... since there's no headline or large type attracting attention. Why does HA make them not easily noticed???

3. THEN, HomeAway arbitrarily makes the "Corporate Decision" (without ever warning the Owner and quite probably without any Owner Advocate present) that "you have to have 3 starred reviews BEFORE STARS WILL EVEN SHOW UP on the initial FIRST page (next to the little picture of Prop.73350).

4. HA increases rates and complication each year but, as Owner, I am getting less and less response. HA pages have become jammed with too much border stuff, top-heavy with adverts. Those customers I do manage to get in touch with (even though most of the time this year there are NO PHONE NUMBERS in Dashboard) tell me that this site has gone from very user friendly to quite the opposite.

5. When a vacationer deliberately sets out to savage years of an owner's good reputation (with the ONLY bad review we've ever gotten), HA keeps their venomous review on our site ....apparently forever. It would have been pushed off
to a subsequent page if HA hadn't decided to take what are now Customer Comments off the review list. When HA is asked how long such a malicious attempt to savage will be on site..... they don't even bother to answer.

6. I learned recently that HA actually sends those who apply to my advert the rental sites of others in competition with me!
Is this how HA responds to loyalty year after year? How much should we pay to be UNDERMINED even more by the very corporation we've paid handsomely to make money for us????

7. The typography is so SMALL on the list of REGIONS, DEPARTMENTS & TOWNS in France (of which ours is one) to be difficult to use. A portion of these Location Lists is always hidden from view: the Renter has to figure out just how make it work. Vacationers don't relish jumping through hoops to get a rental.
HomeAway needs a Graphic Designer, a Typographer and an Owner Advocate.

HomeAway used to be a really clean, clear, easy to use site that brought results.
In just a year, our replies have dwindled down to just a few. That says it all.

George Haling
(with HolidayRentals -HomeAway for 15+ years).

New Reviewer

Beware of the Carefree insurance offered on this site. It is a complete RIPOFF. After I was confirmed into a condo for a month this fall, I got a message from Home Away/VRBO saying they had cancelled all bookings by that lessor. When I asked how to get my insurance refund, this is what I got---

"Thank you for contacting the Trust and Security department of VRBO®, HomeAway®, and VacationRentals™.

"In this situation the only advice that we can give when it comes to trying to recoup your funds that were lost are to either continue reaching out the owner and get it from him or if you are unable to do that then contact your credit card directly and dispute this specific transaction.
"In regards to the insurance that you purchased it would not come into play currently becuase this owner is under investigation with us and a decision has not been made on the property owner and the insurance only coveres a fraud that is declared by us.
"Also even if it did cover it, one of the steps in using it is to go back to your credit card company and have them try to get it back first because they have a lot more clout when it comes to their ability to get funds that were lost.
I hope this adds some clarity to this difficult situation."

So, the coverage provided by your credit card company is better than anything HomeAway/VRBO offers. And a fraud is only a fraud if HomeAway VRBO says it's a fraud. And they only pay off if they feel like it.

I will never trust these guys again.

New Reviewer

My friends and I are currently being denied access into a home we rented for the weekend because according to the "seller" she never received the payment. I told her I can email a copy of the invoice my friend and I had, to prove the payment. We also told her we each had a pay pal receipt number. Pam Shier claimed she never received the email, which is hilarious considering there weren't any discrepancies when we were paying!!! She also didnt allow me to speak. She went off saying she doesn't have any emails from me and that I am trying to scam her. What???????? My friend and I contacted PayPal who filled a dispute against this fraudulent owner. The next day he received an email saying the owner is issuing a refund. I'm still waiting on my case

New Reviewer
4/1/14 is going bad with too many homeowners unsatisfied with their lack of protection from frauds and bad reviews . Stay away from this site, they are very expensive and they lack experience on how to grow a business worldwide.

New Reviewer

I was scammed and homewaway would not help at all. They said the owners email account that went from their site to them was hacked and so I was communicating with someone other than owner. Home away knew it was hacked and said they sent a mass email out which I never received. They said it wasn't their problem even though the contract I received had all there logos and was the same one they use would not help us get our money back. DONT USE HOMEAWAY!!!

New Reviewer

As homeowner, customer service is pathetic. They change the website at will, removing previous amenities and are not willing to replace them all the while increasing the price.

New Reviewer

I rented a vacation rental in Ogunquit, Maine. The landlords lied and intentionally mislead us. It began with them shutting the water off for the last three days of our 30-day lease. The landlords then lied to us about their extremely inefficient heating in their other rental, which we then moved into for three months during the winter. There is a long list of what they did to us and then did not return our deposit. I will never deal with ever, again. Do not trust their bogus, embellished reviews.

New Reviewer

I am a homeowner that advertises 3 properties on Homeaway - they are ridiculous to deal with - I have never received a bad review on any of my rentals 4 months ago I rcvd a bad review on my rental - problem is the people never stayed at my home - it was a bad review posted to my home - which hurt my rentals - it took a month to remove the bad review as it was for another home the renter stayed at! - I rate 5 star - now I just recvd another review (bad) which we were shocked at - only problem is this renter stayed at my villa 8 months ago - never complained once during or after the rental - I got a very poor review because a cable repair man didn't show up to repair the cable box that broke down during their rental - we have no control over cable companies - as we all know - yet these renters had the nerve to complain about this 8 months later and complain about the home - even though they saw a virtual tour of the property - everything in the home was new - bedding, appliances, etc - the review didn't even sound like our home - the renter had said in her emails the place was great! so I tried to resolve the matter with the renter - who has not returned my calls or emails - so Homeaway is printing this bad unsubstantiated review on my site - I think some people are just malicious or nuts -- and we got one out of hundreds of renters we have had - which is unfair - especially since we have tried to resolve the issue - but 8 months after is pretty hard to resolve- seems totally unfair - there should be a time limit on reviews - as its pretty tough to try to resolve an old complaint.

Another issue - they have a new book it now key - one renter used the key - but the property had just been rented to another party - so I refunded the funds immediately - got a confirmation from homeaway that the refund had been processed - a week later homeaway said they were depositing the funds into my bank account with a service charge - when I contacted them about their error - I was told it was a computer glitch - I have to send the refund myself back to the renter - but it will take another 7 days for the funds to actually be rcvd in my bank account which is totally unfair to the renter who was supposed to be credited immediately - looks bad on me as a landlord,

Since VRBO and Homeaway merged the service has gone downhill - they monopolize the rental market now - the service stinks - my costs have gone up $200 per listing - so I am now paying over $1600 per year - yet you can barely find my listing as there are too many on the site! A smaller website is much better - but they are being eaten up by this greedy company that offers no customer service to renters or landlords!

New Reviewer

If I could give it negative stars I would. They don't check that the listing are real until after there is a problem then they offer no assistance. I rented a property and paid for it only to find out it a scam and lost my money. When I called them they were no help. Told me to contact the "owner". Poor business practise to allow anyone to list without checking it out.

New Reviewer

My rental experience was so uncomfortable that I left with two paid days left. My biggest beef w/HomeAway is the website will NOT allow you to give a honest personal review that is not 4-5 stars…in my opinion this is less than honest. I tried to tell 'my story' 3times,and was refused every time. Horrible business ethics.

New Reviewer

Do not rely on customer reviews for any Homeaway companies. They remove the negative reviews. I had a horrible experience. The place I rented had a horrible septic problem and smelled like raw sewage. I learned the hard way. Hopefully this will help others from wasting their money the way I wasted mine. Do not trust any properties on Homeaway or

New Reviewer

Someone has managed to get hold of my creditcard and create 4 listings with it. Homeaway claim they know nothing about this but they have been able to find the listings and remove them. Go figure!!

New Reviewer

Maybe there are good listings with Home Away BUT the one I stayed at WAS NOT. Oh sure the pics look all beautiful and promising and the amenities are listed to reel ppl in,,BUT when we arrived property 380286 was dirty and the cleaning ppl were still there! They said they cleaned everything but we watched them and they did NOT. Pretty dumb to say that when the renters are in the property. Property said it slept 8 and that included 2 sofa beds that the owner raved about for our children and they were both broken with springs sticking out!!!! Towels had pubic hairs in and makeup stains on some and the towels were so worn out I wouldn't wash my car with them!

The owner's response was that her property was beautiful and we were getting a great deal. The price was nothing diff than listed on the site. We weren't getting any special rate. She told us she didn't believe us even after we sent her pictures!! Her cleaning girl apparently lied to her about how she had been cleaning the owner's property or the owner knew it was in the condition it was and didn't want to admit it. We had to buy air mattresses for our kids and new bedding and after our stay was over the owner finally agreed to reimburse us for what we bought but nothing more and only IF we didn't write any reviews on her site. We didn't want another family to have the same experience so we opted to tell her to stick it and write reviews. The website keeps shutting down every 10 seconds and is almost impossible to write one! After getting our review the owner called me and begged us to remove it, but we refused and so she commented with lies below our review saying she replaced a sofa bed for us and bought us new things to replace the stuff that was unusable or broken immediately. She said we targeted her for money!!! What a horrible owner and Home Away said they could not dispute these issues. How can a company allow an owner to list a property that is false??!! Recently I have forwarded a copy of our receipt to Home Away for the things we had to purchase in able to stay in her cabin and they said they are investigating it. I highly doubt they will do anything and will be shocked if they reprimand the owner for trying to blackmail us into reimbursing us only is we didn't write a review. This COMPANY should be reprimanded.

These properties are supposed to be Homes Away from Homes and the property we stayed in clearly was not. No one should have to clean a property upon arrival and buy things that are promised on the site. A horrible experience with the owner and this company. Will not rent with them again!!

New Reviewer

We've been renting our French gites through Holiday Rentals (now Home Away) for the past 8 years, with fantastic results… until this year. Just one booking, the rest are all through Holiday Lettings. I'm not sure what has happened; a greedy new policy trying to tempt you to pay more for better search results hasn't helped. And judging from this page, a great many dissatisfied renters and owners. Feels like I've wasted a big chunk of our advertising budget, and I won't be looking to renew. Shame, after such a good service for so many years.

New Reviewer

What poor policies and customer service. I've spent hours back and forth trying to get simple answers and payments resolved as an owner. I have been relying much more on Airbnb for this reason. Really wish VRBO had a different payment processing partner.

New Reviewer

They are just an advertising space for unscrupulous property scams. Homeaway do nothing to resolve problems. They advertise properties but the location is not accurate. You wont be where you think you are. Being miles away caused me problems.
Owners don't respond and are not always genuine owner.
Very dangerous site andHA have no power to help once you have been scammed, sent to wrong accommodation and ripped off. Telephones manned by robots

New Reviewer

Tried to reserve a property and began initial correspondence with the property owner. Home Away then sent me an email saying the property was a fraud and I should stop all correspondence. WHAT??? You don't vet your properties before listing them on your website? Now some creep has my name and address, they are lucky I did not give this criminal my payment information. Their "security" department, just said, "Sorry, this one slipped through the cracks". Really?? How can I ever trust that any property is valid. I would NOT use this site to list my rental property.

New Reviewer

I had a good and honest visibility with fewo direkt and holiday all the small european sites have been inglobed by home away,and though i am a owner with 34 reviews,if you filter propriety by reviews,i am on the 3 page,after propriety with 2 reviews.because i pay only the basic level,which is 3 times as much as what i paid with the former sites.i get almost no good requires,since the site has put so many proprieties on and give space only to the platinum in a town like palermo,where rents are low,i can t make a honest policy to my guests having to pay so much for you know any other option?

New Reviewer

I have been reviewing many of the properties that HomeAway has advertised and I asked about rental 3233984 in Barbados. When I inquired about the cost, the price doubled. When I emailed the manager back and asked why the price jumped, she stated that the rate was per room and we had eight in our group. I emailed back to say that the website states the rental basis is "per property" and does not say "per room". Her reply was that it's common practice with villa rentals. I was looking for complaints about this company when I came upon this SiteJabber site. I'm so glad I did. I will avoid at all cost!!

New Reviewer

I've used Homeaway before with good results, but lately I've noticed a change for the worse. Twice I have used their "instant quote" only to find that when I contact the owner the price is double what the quote said. I won't be using them again.

New Reviewer

This site will list illegal short term rentals that are baned by city ordinances and continue to do so even when notified of the problem.

New Reviewer

I booked property number 281175 (Owner John LI) about 6 weeks ago. We agreed to the deposit amount, I signed his contract then he claimed the is a scheduling conflict and cancelled my reservation. I have worked in the travel industry for over 30 years and this is my worst experience to date. The site itself Homeaway will only accept positive reviews, my review was removed. Do not book with this company of John LI.

New Reviewer

absolute rubbish. I have been advertising with home away for the past 3 year, but then they are taken over by american company and are no buying every other advertising website on the web.

They listed my property wrongly and at the wrong price and as of today, are still listing properties around my area incorrectly, it is an absolute joke and a disgusting way to treat customers

with the threat of legal action I was refunded my 12 months subscription as their changes were not what I paid for ( I was 10 months into subscription)

The bad thing is that as they now own most of the internet, it is virtually impossible to find a site that actually works that is not owned by them.

If you are an advertiser, do not get involved. Since the changes, my page views have gone from 260 a month to 20,. This is due to that fact that they have absolutely saturated the market and there is just too much to choose from. Given that I pay over £1000 to advertise, I would expect better

£1000 is a hell of a lot of google ads and guess what, business is booming since leaving the sinking ship of home away and using google ads

New Reviewer

Booked and sent bank cheque and signed agreement.
Owner then cancelled our booking which we found out he took a booking for longer term.
Our out of pocket was aud$250.00
Never book with owners who want you to pay by cheque.
This property was in Carmel .usa #353438.

New Reviewer

If I could give them a zero, I would. I really wish I would have seen this site and read these reviews before renting a property. We had a great experience until it came time for the property owner to return our security deposit. At that point she started talking about "extra cleaning" that was needed and "damages". We did not damage the property and even vacuumed before our departure! After getting no where with her, I filed a complaint with homeaway and they basically told me I am on my own. Don't use this site!

New Reviewer

This is a terrible website with lousy customer service. I encountered one of the worst people I have ever met when I rented a property through Homeaway. She (and her husband) was insulting and rude. The property did not fit the description and, when I calmly and politely confronted her about this, she immediately began yelling and told me to get off her property. I don't want to relive the experience by writing too much detail now, but, suffice it to say, that when I contacted Homeaway about my experience, I never hear anything back! I gave them plenty of opportunity to correct the situation, but they chose to ignore me. I plan on doing everything I can to bring attention to this horrible situation so that no one else ever has to experience what I did; this level of apathy should not go unpunished. What a horrible, horrible company.

New Reviewer

We had a home owner cancel our reservation 2 days before the date even after they had deposited our full payment and told us it was available. I would not use this site if you want any guarantee of the quality of your stay. They appear to favor home owners over renters including the censorship of renters that do not give favorable views. They reject reviews about instances like mine citing that you need to have stayed at the place to review it. Also, if you look through the site you will see a very low frequency of negative reviews, most likely due to their owner friendly screening process.

New Reviewer

l have recently had a bad experience with this site as a renter for a rental property(#1101217/ #490697)
in Barbados.My $500 usd deposit has been taken. They were great & prompt replies to all my emails until the wire transfer of my $500 usd was completed. After that l emailed this property owner for confirmation of payment/dates booked & no reply. l waited 1week & then request to cancel/refund & since then after numerous emails & un-answered phone calls still no refund nor any assistance from this site. Please dont throw your money away.

New Reviewer

I used to belong to Holiday Rentals, a good little site but then they were consumed by Homeaway, a greedy, grabbing American site. It is now so enormous that it virtually does what it wants and takes no notice of us the customers who own gites. There are so many gites in our area of the Dordogne that visibility is a real problem. The only way to be really visible is to pay three times the going fee to belong to the Platinum level. If I paid to use HA's credit card system this would make me even more visible but why should I and may renters pay for something which can easily be done privately by free bank transfer?. Renters beware, the review system isn't very honest. Many of us have really good genuine reviews posted independently by holiday makers, but HA allows some owners to post loads of 'owner submitted reviews'. These rely on the honesty of the owner and some of them are probably bogus...who knows.
If I could advertise with someone else and be sure that I could get the bookings that I do, (we have 12 weeks booked already for next year) I would, but this greedy company has a virtual monopoly of the market. They provide no decent customer service and each time that I have phoned about an issue, they offer platitudes and then have the gall to ask me if I want to pay for their payment system. If you think that Ryanair and O'Leary are devious, then I can assure that HA is worse.

New Reviewer

I am a home owner that advertises on Homeaway at a cost of £700 ($1050) per year. For the three years I have paid them I have only realised they have had the wrong weekly rate (too high) on one of their biggest UK sites which has no doubt cost me bookings and they listed my property on VRBO 20 miles away from its actual location and there offer of compensation is three months free advertising. Really!!!!

New Reviewer

According to my recent experience with a dishonest property owner, I would recommend everyone to avoid using for the following reasons:

- Homeaway does not help you nor protect you if you have a problem with a property owner.

- The customer service team never replies in detail to your queries (you will receive automated replies).

- It seems Homeaway only post positive reviews about property, which lead to biased judgements by customers.

I have lost more than £500 because an owner refused to refund me duplicated charges and the security deposit of my rental. Despite several letters, emails or calls to Homeaway, I never got my money back!

New Reviewer

I tried to post a negative review relating to a property listed on Homeaway and located near Cimarron, Co. The owner simply backed out of the rental agreement a few weeks before my arrival and left us scrambling for an alternative rental. Homeaway wouldn't post my review because I hadn't stayed in the house. There seems to me to be a major scam element involved in Homeaway's business model. I would never rely on them again for an honest appraisal of any property they have listed.

New Reviewer

I'm a renter, not an owner. Over the past 5 years I've rented 4 times from different owners on the same Caribbean island. First 3 homes were great and the ads and reviews accurately reflected what we found when we arrived. But the 4th rental was a disaster. I have gone back to the owners ad, with the beautiful pictures and the 5 star reviews, and can actually laugh now at how inaccurate it was, but I was not laughing when we checked in, after spending $6000 on airfare for 10 of us and 4 months planning a big family get together. What a dump. After my return I wrote a bad review, now the owner is threatening to sue me to get me to retract it. No wonder all the properties have only 4 and 5 star reviews. What renter is going to defend a lawsuit just so their critical review can be published? I will never trust the pictures and reviews on the site ever again.

New Reviewer

Seems HomeAway is all about making money from Landlords and don't care about the holidaymakers.

We recently rented via this site from someone who turned out to be a rogue agent. Cut a long story short:

1/ The apartment was dirty when we arrived, we cleaned it when leaving to avoid a cleaning fee. Got charged a cleaning fee (1/3rd of the deposit), when we complained, the landlord decided to keep the whole deposit.
2/ The apartment was incorrectly advertised with old photos that were not representative. The apartment was well overdue a refurb - the windows didn't even have curtains! We had to climb 10 flights of stairs to get to the front door (no lift), no fir escape / smoke alarm / extinguisher, etc, etc.

So we complain to HomeAway and they tell us to speak with the owner who has since decided to ignore our emails. HomeAway have taken no action, and seem unconcerned about the misrepresentation of the property on their website.

We post a review detailing the actions of the owner, and how the property differs from what is advertised. They don't print the review!

So I guess the conclusion is, a traveller has no protection from rogue owners on this site. You'll never know until its too late and your holiday is ruined and your money stolen.

New Reviewer

Their new tiered payment program for the owners discourages legitimatly well run listings to be earn more inquiries and bookings. This system encourages manipulation by the company to manage listings to go to the highest bidder, not the highest quality. They also spend more time censoring and misleading people on their message boards with fake posters than actually trying to help.

New Reviewer

Homeaway is the dominant leader for vacation rentals in the world, and is sucking the blood from the market. They have a good platform for leads, but you'd think with all the money they're making, they would have a decent support network. I've spent thousands of dollars on the highest level listings over the years, and am appalled by the level of support. I can't even get a response from them! (Plus, they double charged two of my bookings--oops! A $3000 mistake!)


New Reviewer

After pointing out some issues with the apartment 5D in Sheridan Square Greenwich Village, NewYork to our rep contact - well to cut a long story short they admitted the very noisy aircon was broken but it wouldn't be fixed during our stay. Never mind that we couldn't sleep! Then the emails got personal and condescending when I challenged them and pointed out other failings that were not shown in the pictures such as 80% of the storage space was full of the owers stuff including out of date food in the the even noisier fridge etc. too many to go into here. Now I am back home I escalated this to HomeAway UK head office and basically am told they have passed it on to the advertisor but will not tell me what comms they will have with them due to data protection - so unless the advertiser contacts me I won't get to know anything. They more or less said put it down to experience. I am mostly angry that this 'rep' can get away with treating customers like dirt and just taking our money with no accountability for poor standards. This issue is ongoing but don't hold out any hope of a resoloution in my favour. Will think twice about using them as they are just a portal for owners to post their apartments on. I think I used their sub company Owners Direct in the past and had no problem though. I think HomeAway own several of the holiday rental companies you see on the web so do some digging coz there ARE lots of good ones out there. Oh and they haven't posted my negative review either - even though it is factual, accurate and stuff we would want to know. Hope this helps.

New Reviewer

Had a good experience the 1st time renting directly from the property owners so we decided to try it again. Unfortunately, the property owners we originally dealt with had sold their property so we started looking anew.

I spent a great deal of time narrowing down the property listings that were desirable to us and then sent off 4 emails to 4 different properties asking some basic questions.

It turns out that 3 of the 4 properties were managed by the same company and "Eric" immediately tried to pull the old bait and switch. the properties listed on the Home Away site all implied availability for the time we wanted, showing weekly rates.

Eric however wouldn't take our requests as he claimed they didn't rent weekly during the time requested even though the site specifically said they did. He also said that they wouldn't take a booking 3 months in advance. To top it off, he tried to rent us a property that was not where we were looking and twice the price!

After some unproductive 'to and fro' with Eric, I complained to Home Away about the false advertising on their site. Their response was to claim they would forward my concerns to Eric for resolution. What a cop out. Thanks for nothing.

Home Away is just another web site making money off transactions between people but providing no customer service to speak of and showing absolutely no interest in cleaning up their site by disciplining or getting rid of the unscrupulous lurking there.

You may get lucky with this site but ultimately I recommend that you avoid them since you will get no satisfaction if any issues arise.

Buyer Beware!

New Reviewer

I would give this site 0 stars
they are horrible I had issues with a home and
you would think this company would stand behind me
they threw me under the bus!!!

the owner of the home I rented even called me to thank me for my
honest reporting of issues in the home


New Reviewer

If I could rate home away less than a "1" I certainly would. I have been a good - and repeat - customer of Home Away and VRBO for years with no problems. I found a rental in London that offered a pay online option. This seemed great so I did it. I was charged $106 (69 GBP). The owner offered 100% refund if canceled more than 30 days prior. Unfortunately I had to do so but gave 90 days notice. The owner then told me deposits are non refundable so I disputed the charge with my credit card company. After I made a complaint to HA and disputed the charge, she agreed to refund my money but wants to send it to my US bank account, for which I will pay a fee for an international transfer ($25), or my paypal account (which I haven't one). The charge was directly from Home Away but they absolutely refuse to refund my money saying they are just an advertising medium for owners. That is complete bull! Luckily my credit card company stands firmly behind me and says Home Away owes the refund. If they don't give it willingly then Chase will deduct it from them. I have made a solemn vow to NEVER use either site again!!

New Reviewer

I totally advice AGAINST using HomeAway an other similar online rental services. If everything is OK then you may grab a good bargain. The problem is if any negative issue or experience happens because Homeaway will skip any help of liability. Here is my terrible experience:

I made a booking for a week stay in NYC almost 3 months ago. However, in less than 12 hours before my arrival to NYC, the owner of the apartment cancelled the reservation. 12 HOURS BEFORE MY ARRIVAL!!!

Consider this: Homeaway will not provide you with any support at all. They act as a sole intermediary between 2 individuals with no liability on their ads. So in case or a problem or a scam you can only claim against an owner who lives in a foreign country than yours so no legal sue is feasable.

Therefore, I had to find a different acommodation, more expensive since I had no time to search and with higher transport costs. What happened if I had not read the email of the cancellation? I had to stay in the street!! Who makes me up for all the damage?? NO ONE!!!

What if once you arrive at your destination, there is no apartment, or the owner decides to cancel? NOTHING, YOU ARE SCREWED!!!!! Beware, there are scams and your reservation refund is not guaranteed at all.

Therefore, making any reservation in these websites is a risk.

New Reviewer

In six months today is the second time that my reservation has been cancelled two weeks prior to my trip. I planned everything with more than a month or two so it is a total disappointment to get cancelled two weeks prior to my trip.

I was thinking that this is a great way for the renters to get FREE FINANCING with my money. They charge almost half the price right away and total booking is charged one month or more in advance so they use your money for as much time as they want for FREE and you get charged with credit card interest. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

New Reviewer

I've tried booking on this site for my daughter's wedding for 3 months, a good 6 months before the wedding. Availablity calendars for homes are not kept up to date and I have yet found a property where the owner has the courtesy to respond. The only way to contact an owner is through the home away website and with no response, you're hung out in limbo. When asking customer service for assistance, their response is to email the owner through each home's link to email the owner. Doesn't do you any good if the owners won't respond. This site is awful and has caused a lot of stress trying to find a home for the family to share during our celebration. BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE,I WOULD SAY DON'T USE HOME AWAY.

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