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HomeAway reviews

120 reviews
Categories: Vacation Rentals
1011 W. Fifth Street, Suite 300
Austin, Texas, USA
Tel: +1.5126841100
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120 Reviews From Our Community

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You deal with the home owner and homeaway you just pay to put the vacation home on. (in 84 reviews)


Home away is a step up from VRBO even though both owned by same parent company. (in 34 reviews)


It has never been published in spite of the fact that I've submitted it and written to customer support (????). (in 6 reviews)

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New Reviewer

On February 7, 2014, a group of 7 friends secured rental property #7076193 on (part of the HomeAway family) for December 3-December 7, 2014 (4 nights). On December 1, 2014 at 6:42AM, the booking agent, Dave Banner, informed our group that the property owner received a cease and desist letter form the city and could not rent the property to us. He offered us other options in Ft. Lauderdale (not Miami). After selecting another rental, Dave informed us that the replacement property we selected was also "unavailable." Since our group of 7 women were traveling to Miami from California and Arizona the next day, we had limited options and ended up renting a hotel room. After returning home, I went to the website to write a negative review. I noted that the property is still available on the website at a rate of $699/night vs. the rate of #361/night that our group secured in February. I can only assume that Dave canceled our rental in order to rent the home at a much higher rate to another renter. In fact, the owner has yet to fully refund our security deposit. I tried to post a negative review on the HomeAway website, but it was blocked because I did not stay at the property. HELLO?!? I couldn't stay at the property because the owner canceled the reservation two days before I was due to arrive!!!! This is a very dishonest business practice and I do not recommend that anyone conduct business with or HomeAway!

New Reviewer

Horrible company to deal with.... They will not allow reviews that don't meet their standards. We were DOUBLE BOOKED and Home Away would not allow us to leave a review cause we did not actually stay at the property... Of course we didn't.... It was DOUBLE BOOKED.... How can we leave a review on a property when weren't allowed to get in it.... HomeAway did absolutely nothing other than to tell us it was their policy not to allow those type reviews. I feel sorry for future rentors who are in our situation.. Basically property owners are allowed to double book their properties with absolutely no consequence for their actions.... They have a complaint process but no viewer if the website will ever get to see the complaints that are filed... They are purely in it for the money and not the protection of the rentors....

Ask Steve about HomeAway
New Reviewer

HomeAway bought the Australian site where I advertise my vacation rental, but didn't bother to tell me the listing conditions have changed. Now they've launched another Australian vacation rental site in competition! And want me to sign up for that too.
They're customer support is a joke - just an excuse for harvesting customer records, and unless you purchase extras your listing goes to the bottom of the pile.
Anyone using their site enters into an unlawful, unfair customer contract with them that's totally stacked in their favour.
Posts in their customer forum are highly critical but they don't care about providing a service, only leeching as much money from us as they can.
They shouldn't be allowed to stay in business.

Ask Jem about HomeAway
New Reviewer

Vacation rental homeowner here. I advertise my house on, a homeaway site. I loathe this company. As someone below says, we're penalized for not wanting to use every option they offer. They are obsessed with owners using the online booking service. I had signed on for it, but it was a nightmare to use. This is a VERY small business with very low income, so I didn't want to pay the credit card fees when I could simply have the renters send me checks directly. I spoke to VRBO/Homeaway about separating the credit card option from the direct deposit option, but they won't do that. So we're forced to either pay the credit card fees, OR now pay a premium if we don't opt into the online booking system. Owners have very little control over the payment system; renters constantly get emails saying they owe money when they don't…I hated it for myself and for my tenants, so I opted out, and all went very well. Today I got an email, though, from Homeaway saying they've changed the pricing and if we don't opt in to the online booking program, we have to pay more for a listing.

This company is taking on the business tactics that too many large companies do now: twisting people's arms behind their backs to force them to hand over money for things they just don't want.

It's a sleazy way of doing business. We're THEIR customer. They should be making their system work for US, not the other way around.

I'm getting fed up.

Ask Mary about HomeAway
New Reviewer

As an owner, I discourage all owners to stay away from Homeaway. This year, they have deceived us about the position we would have on four separate apartments in order to get us to go to a global platinum level, costing $1400 per apartment. Within a month after signing up, they moved us down from position 13 to position 364. When we complained we were told that they were sorry that we "feel that way" but were quick to point out that their terms and conditions stated that they could change the terms at any time. Essentially, they just scam recent advertisers by keeping on selling positions ahead of them until they are dropped to nowhereland and their inquiries go down to 10% of what they were immediately folllowing signup.

Tip for consumers: Absolutely don't use homeaway or their subsidiary VRBO. I could go on forever citing shoddy business practices.

Ask Rita about HomeAway
New Reviewer

As a vacation property owner who advertised on Homeaway and Vacation Rentals and other sites for over 10 years with effortless success I am more than a bit concerned about where this company is taking things as far as owners who list. I always did well with combination of my local Agent and cyberrental listings and liked the option to emphasize different aspects of my unit on each site. As the 'monopolistic' merging into 1 dominant company has occurred by Homeaway(from my perspective) I have felt a steady degradation of value and level of service and a possible sliding in net rental revenue is feared for sure. I miss the free specials owners could offer to fill last minute openings especially.
I was told by HA ,allowing negative comments for the sake of 'translucency' is allowed because it is said to protect both parties and encourage owners to keep improving their properties but it is not HA's own policy for their own website; there is no spot there for comments there. What is good for goose etc.
I sense a steady push by HA in the direction to eventually force owners to let HA handle all monies and yet it appears from comments, owners are left to bear burden of problems with refunds from scams and cancellations and damage issues. Also one format for simplicity for the world doesn't work well necessarily for all cultures worldwide. It lacks
a local feel for each region.
Going to HA handling money through BOOK IT NOW will effectively eliminate need for my nearby Rental Property Manager who is there to handle immediately all problems; this is a big step in the wrong direction; or, at the least it is an effort to get a percentage maybe 2-5% of the gross and thereby adding further to overhead in addition to cost of running listings. For example, HA has introduced the listing positioning by promptness in reply .My position in listing is now effected by how quickly I respond to inquiry but because I would rather just forward request to my Agent to handle reservation (which was very simple) HA has not only made it much more cumbersome but also 'punished' me to now have to send 2 replies or go toward bottom of listing list instead of letting HA handle monies.
Oddly, I never got a 1 star over the top bad review until the merger . Also, I was sent several notices to pay now and ended up paying 2X. This never happened before the merger.
So I guess I will sum it up by saying I am on the hunt for a new cyber listing service for my
vacation rental property when my contract ends unless I see 180 degree reversal in direction. Because company is now publicly held and huge and number 1 goal is to show stock dividends to stockholders I fear the good ole days of serving vacation rental owners are gone .

New Reviewer

I was never a fan of HomeAway, but now I intend to be a former customer. I own one property and manage another one through a listing on their website. I am a paying customer of theirs. I buy ads from them. That's how they make money.

In their infinite glory they have decided to penalize me for not using all of their services and for what not meeting what they've decided doesn't meet their customer service standards. However, the one thing they forgot is those customers are MY paying customers, not theirs.

HomeAway should focus on keeping me satisfied. All of their new listing scorecard features don't consider that I am able to service my renters much more effectively without their lousy software. HomeAway is not Amazon, who does a reasonable job of managing customer service. The difference is that Amazon services their customers directly and they expect us merchants to do so with equal fervor. HomeAway doesn't service my customers nor do they service me yet they expect me to meet a quality guideline that helps put money in their pockets.

What a $#*! show.

Tip for consumers: Switch to another advertising company or market your property yourself.

Ask Bret about HomeAway
New Reviewer


Tip for consumers: STAY AWAY FRM HOME AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask TATIANA about HomeAway
New Reviewer

I have just been subject to an owners email being hacked, which has resulted in me paying by transfer to the hacker-the owners name was used, I received a booking form which I returned and I also contacted the owner by phone on the number provided-imagine my horror, when I received notification from home away that the owners account had been hacked-they then gave me the proper number and the owner knew nothing of my booking-I have paid €3000-home away are telling me that I am only entitled to receive a refund of €800 -can anyone give me some advice on what I should do next-I'm considering legal proceedings against home away and possibly the owner, who has washed her hands of the problem

New Reviewer

I am a property owner and had a property in Florida listed with Homeaway and after I sold the the Property and had cancelled all my listings Homeaway auto renewed the property on my credit card without my approval and will not refund the money even though I no longer own the property

New Reviewer

Home Away? Stay away! My miserable experience with this business started the day following my booking. I was assessed a mysterious 'Pay per Booking' fee of about $40. When I phoned and asked about it upon my return a customer service agent agreed I should not have been assessed this fee. However, they did not refund it. Subsequent calls to the HomeAway customer service department were equally frustrating. They told me they were sorry I didn't find the experience satisfactory, but they were not prepared to do anything about it. The kicker came after I posted a poor review of the property we rented. The owners fired back in a hate filled, vitriolic diatribe filled with xenophobic comments, exaggeration, disclosure of personal information and untruths. Again I called and inquired about allowing this type of response to be posted. Had the response been vetted? A very polite, very articulate senior agent listened to my complaint and said there was nothing they were prepared to do about it. He did say he hoped to retain me as a customer. I said that was unlikely. I also said I would post a review like this one and recommend competitors like Airbnb and House Trip to friends and family.

Tip for consumers: Use Airbnb or House Trip.

Ask Tyler about HomeAway
New Reviewer

I have to agree with others about Homeaway does not allow renters post bad reviews. After contacted their customer service and tried to post several times, it finally got accept but only for few weeks because the owner of the rental asked Homeaway took out my negative review. I think Homeaway deserves zero star if there is one.

My stay: 8/30/14-9/3/14
Location of this rental: Sealttle, WA (Mini House, listed by Michelle)
Homeaway rental number: 411831

Following is my review which is not acceptable by Homeaway:

"I booked 4 nights stay from 8/30-9/3 on 5/12/14 for this property.

After we checked in, we realized we may have made a mistake. This rental house has very little privacy (actually, no privacy) because there is no window cover in the main area so we have to use the bed sheet as a temporary solution, that's when we noticed the stains, looked liked dried blood, on the white bed sheet. Before we checked in, Michelle asked us on the phone to clean almost everything before we leave (take out trash & recycling, wash dishes, wipe out all counter space to make sure no water stains, pile up dirty sheets in the middle, etc.) I assumed she never actually check the house condition after each guest. After all of those, I didn't make a fuss because the rental is cheap enough - you get what you pay.

Several weeks after we left, we received an insurance claim notice from CSA saying that the owner claims we have damaged the sewer sump pump (resulting from tampons and a tampon applicator being flushed). We've disputed the claim because I was not on my period at that time and I never use tampons. Luckily, all my statements can be proofed easily based on my period calendar and annual drugstore purchase receipt, and sadly, we did notice a minor sewage smell when we arrived but put it down to the place being a bit old.

This experience will definitely give me pause on booking via Homeaway or using any vacation rental service instead of hotels but what happens if you are on a budget and have to stay there? Take video/pictures on everything before you leave, this is the best way to protect yourself (like we did)."

Ask cindy about HomeAway
New Reviewer

EVERY OWNER WITH A LISTING ON THE HOMEAWAY NETWORK SHOULD READ THIS DISPUTE BETWEEN ME (owner of a Holiday rental in Kenya with listing on (PAID) and a listing on VRBO (Pay per booking) and YAPSTONE/HOLIDAYRENTPAYMENT (handling the online payments for HOMEAWAY/VRBO.

S... R.... (Customer Support)

Oct 03 07:45 AM
Dear R.....,
I hope you are keeping well.
We have received a chargeback from one of your guests and I would like to get some more information off you. The guest's name is L... W.... and the amount was 713.01 Euro In case you are due to refund this guest, please do not issue another refund through the system. The reason code he is giving us is FRAUD. Let me know, if you would like me to dispute this on your behalf. In this case, you will have to send me documentation, which prooves that this guest is the real cardholder (f.e. copy of L..... W..... ID and front of her Credit Card).
In case you would like to dispute the case, this payment will not be released to you in the mean time until we can reassure that we have won the case.
Here the relevant paragraph “1.10.” out of our Terms & Conditions, which you have accepted:
“1.10. Chargebacks and Reversals. Any Payment by a Guest is subject to a right of Chargeback if paid by credit or debit card and depending upon the Payment method may be subject to a Reversal, these rights exist between the Guest and their respective bank or credit card issuer. In the event of a Chargeback or Reversal of any Payment by a Guest, YapStone will automatically deduct such amount plus any fees associated with the Chargeback or Reversal from Your bank account. Thereafter, YapStone will use commercially reasonable efforts to investigate the validity of the Chargeback or Reversal on Your behalf. You agree to cooperate with YapStone and to provide any information that may be reasonably requested by YapStone in its investigation. You are liable for all Chargeback or Reversals of Payments processed on Your behalf by YapStone, including the Chargeback Fee listed the Fees Schedule.”
Additional the link to our Terms & Conditions:

Looking forward hearing from you,

S....... R.......

Trust and Security Specialist
RentPayment | VacationRentPayment | DuesPayment | StorageRentPayment | InnPayment | ParishPay
Payment solutions powered by YapStone, Inc.
Oct 03 02:23 PM
Hi S.....,
I dont understand what you like to tell me and I don’t agree any chargeback!
The guest stayed at my Villa (VRBO Listing #58730..), this is nearly one month ago,
I don’t know about any complain. If there was anything wrong, why was there no complain earlier?
I don’t have a copy of their id or credit card, what I know is that the guest were on honeymoon.

Best regards,
R..... K......


S…… R……. (Customer Support)

Oct 06 06:56 AM
Dear Mr. K......,
thank you for your reply.
It seems like your guest has used stolen Credit Card data to pay the stay at your property. The real cardholder has issued a chargeback, where his bank has forcibly charged back funds from our account.
Kind regards,
S..... R......
Trust and Security Specialist

Oct 07 10:35 AM
Hello S.......
This means what for me? Will I be paid my money which was be shown as paid in my account and which has been accepted by home a way? I thing it is the work of you to make sure that payments which are accepted by homeway are trusted.
I wonder anyway that you find out so late, nearly one month after the credit card payment, that payment has
made with a stolen card. I even wonder that people which are paying with a stolen card coming to stay at the place they booked fraudulent. They are risking that the fraud be uncovered at their time of stay.
I talked to my house manager which is organising the service for our guest from arrival till departure day and she recovered the mobile number of the guest. Our guest are always been given after booking a arrival instruction which indicate to call on arrival day the house manager before reaching the town next to the Villa. This is because we are piking up the guest from a easy to find meeting point as a free service. The mobile the guest used is:l +...... L.... W.....
Looking forward to receive my money a.s.a.p from you
Best regards
R..... K.......

S..... R...... (Customer Support)
Oct 09 06:47 AM
Dear Mr. K.......,
thank you for your Email.
The real cardholder has noticed the charge and issued a chargeback with their bank, who forcibly has recaptured funds from our account.
Also, the payment from your guest, who paid on th 8th of October "B..... S......" will be stopped due to us not being able to verify data used for payment. Unfortuantely there seems to be fraudulent activity happening in your account and this may be down to your property being in Kenya. To protect you from fraud, we will have to deactivate the online payment for your properties located in Kenya.
Thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards,
S..... R......
Trust and Security Specialist

Oct 09 08:07 AM
Hello S.....
I long time list my property as well on flipkey/TripAdvisor (see links below) with online payment and never got problem.
Now you give me stories about fraud activities, but it look like you don't proof credit card payments professionally which result in loss for holiday home owners. I gave you the number of the guest, did you call them? Must I now report to police that this guest stayed fraudulent in my property or are you handling this to recover my money?
Which exhibit shell I show the police, up to now there is your story only that you find out after nearly 1 months !!!!!! about a problem with the payment of the last guest.
Please advice as well if you are going to pay the money for the stay of L.... W..... or not.
I like to get all details clear because I need to arrest the guest if I don't get paid and as well I have to publish this case in the net to inform other owners about the risks of advertising on homeaway with online payments which are not paid out to the ownet after the stay of guest.
Best regards
R....... K.........


>>>NO ANSWER<<<<

2nd try (ME):
Oct 14 02:33 PM
Hello S.......,
You never replied my last mail (see below) with my questions.
As well I got in contact with the guest (L..... W....) which were booked with the stolen credit card
And they wrote a sms today which indicate that a friend has booked for them as a honeymoon gift,
So they like to know the details of the card which has been used fraudulent. This message was send
From the telephone number I gave already to you to call this guest (+..... ).

I wonder as well that a booking like the one of B....... S...... is forwarded to me without prior checking
Of the card details etc., because you said yourself that you can’t verify the data for this booking (so why the booking has been accepted at first
From your site?????????). Normally data of credit cards has to be checked before you accept a credit card booking.
So to close my listings for online payments shows that your company has no ways to check fraudulent Activities and validity of credit cards in a booking process which opens the door for fraudsters. I don’t see the reason for that is the location of my property (Kenya).
Looking forward for a quick reply
R...... K.......

S...... R...... (Customer Support)

Oct 17 07:23 AM
Dear R.....,
thank you for your Email.
Unfortunately there is no way, we can verify if the person who is issuing a payment is the real cardholder or is just punshing in the Credit Card details.

We process payments on your behalf and you, as the homeowner are responsible to check the identity of your guest.
Kind regards,
S...... R......
Trust and Security Specialist


Oct 17 08:55 AM
So this means the credit card used was issued on the name L.... W.....?

Dear R........,

we do not have any information on this, as the bank does not share this information.
However, it was charged back, as the account was closed due to fraud/stolen details.
You can always try to get in touch with your guest and let me know, if you were able to get through to them.
Kind regards,
S..... R......
Trust and Security Specialist


Oct 20 10:17 AM
You said before that your company is processing the payment. How can you process a credit card payment without knowing the credit card details??????
You said I am responsible to check the identity of the booked guest. This is for what, if any other credit card holder can book in behalf of the guest, which means that credit cards used for payment must not be issued in the name of the guest which is showed in a confirmed book.
You don't won't to pay my money, but the same time you are refusing completely to give any details about the fraud, which I can use to start a police case against the guest which stayed without payment in my property. Even if I contact the guest again, I can't tell them anything because the payment for their stay was accepted by your company and than refused nearly one month after their stay without any help full details given to me till now!!! The only thing I can tell them is that payment has been not released to me, but I dont have any details about the fraudulent credit card payment.
In the end I can't know even if your stories about fraud are correct because till now you are giving me stories without proof just to avoid to give me my money!!!!!!!!!

Tip for consumers: Holiday rental owners should never accept online payments on the homeaway network because homeawy is using a fraudulent online payment provider (YAPSTONE / HOLIDAYRENTALPAYMENTS).

Ask Rasmus about HomeAway
New Reviewer

For an upcoming tripI used, which is now a HomeAway site to book a house in Long Beach, CA With flights booked and deposit made, what a surprise that the homeowner cancelled on us because they received a longer booking that overlapped our dates. I then proceeded to book a second place. Surprise, same thing happened. I had used VRBO countless times with great success before it was bought out by Home Away. Do not rent through any of their sites. They do not take responsibility for the homeowners. They sell you cancellation insurance but it does not cover owners cancellation. And they do not issue refund on this if they cancel on you.

To make matters worse. The dates of the trip are approaching and I am now getting emails saying my payment is due on this cancelled booking. I called and spoke to both their customer service and the homeowner to make sure there was no book. And there is not.

New Reviewer

3 retired women rented a flat in Knightsbridge/London & arrived before check-in time while the cleaner was there. We left the bags until check-in time. The next day 1 of us discovered that her Rolex watch given to her by her recently deceased husband was missing along with some euros & an Oyster card from her carry-on bag. We notified the owner who acted disbelieving & mentioned that SHE always wore her jewelry when traveling. The bag was not out of her sight through the whole trip. We assured the woman we only wanted to warn her so future guests wouldn't be stolen from.
We also asked her to return the deposit after she had checked the flat after we left as my credit card was loaded.
She did & after saying how pleased she was that we left the flat in such good shape she deducted 90 GBP for agents' fees which in her contract clearly states the the rental price INCLUDES the agents fees.
Twice Homeaway rejected the review & finally did but left the owner tons of time to reply. I then said if she returned the 90 GBP to me, I'd just drop the whole thing. Homeaway then called me & said I was BLACKMAILING her & they won't publish the review. How is asking for money that's rightfully mine considered blackmailing. I've rented flats 17 times in London before & this is the first bad thing that has happened to me. DON'T RENT A PROPERTY ON RUTLAND MEWS! The flat is nice, the owner is not.

Tip for consumers: Be careful renting in Knightsbridge or the south of France from this woman.

Ask VS about HomeAway
New Reviewer

I'm very disappointed with homeaway. I have rented a place in Natal/ Brazil. I based my decision on the 100% positive review from people who stayed there. The place was located on a very dodgy area, just behind a crack house. I was so scarred of staying there.
Fortunately I paid only a small deposit and was able to leave. After a big argument with the property owner.

I don't recommend it.

Ask Si about HomeAway
New Reviewer

Homeaway is merely an advertising vehicle for people wanting to rent their properties. They accept NO responsibility for misrepresentation on their website nor get involved when houses are not as shown on their site. Do not expect any help from them with issues on rentals as they will do nothing!

New Reviewer

NEVER USE HOMEAWAY! Do not be lulled into a false sense of security simply because they are listed on this site. Homeaway accepts no liability and no responsibility for anything. This is actually my 2nd experience with a terrible experience renting from their site.

The house we rented in Big Bear was infested with BED BUGS:

Moose Lodge
209 Elgin Rd
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
property mgr Mary Power (909)744-7697
owner Don Orphey (909)744-7696

The owners Don Orphey and Mary Power are crooks. Don't rent from them because there are BED BUGS at this house. They believe that 1 fumigation is enough to remove the infestation and they continue to rent out this home to unwitting people. Bed bugs are a serious public health concern. They're resistant to pesticides, require multiple fumigations, heat wrapping and disposal of all furniture and mattresses. This house should not be rented for at least a year to be completely rid of bed bugs.

Unfortunately, I rented this place and paid in full before finding out that there were bed bugs. The owner refused to cancel our reservation through Homeaway and would not refund me the money. He laughed and said he wasn't going to refund us the money simply because we had "the heebie jeebies" (as he described).

We contacted Terminix who fumigated their house and they could not guarantee or verify that bed bugs were eliminated. The owner also lied to us and said that the Health Department inspected this house. We checked with the Department of Public Health and no such records exist.

It's really disheartening that such unethical people are allowed to continue rent this place intentionally spreading bed bugs to others and uncaring of the costs and damages that it will cause others.

This a link detailing two of the reports of bed bugs:

Tip for consumers: Don't use it

Ask Jackie about HomeAway
New Reviewer

villa rental - property 6382906 - Houlgate , Normandy
we rented this villa in June 2014, and the pictures are very deceptive.
The whole building looks like a DIY project underway, with peeling wallpaper, dodgy electrics etc. When we made an honest review, and we have the pictures to back it up, the owner posted an extremely long rant about us being vandals and thieves.
The original reponse was removed by Homeaway, but was then replaced by one stating that we stole her towels , and only posted the 2 star review because she made us pay for them. Absolute lies, but homeway refuse to act.
Whenever a genuine review is posted (usually 1or 2 stars) there is a immediate gushing 5 star review to counter it , all written in the same tone and obviously by the same person.
Stay away from the Normandy Villa in Houlgate. unless you want the owner to slander you.

Tip for consumers: Don't be fooled by the 5 star reviews ,

Ask Linda about HomeAway
New Reviewer

Disappointed with the property we rented in Waipiti Wyoming. Overrun with mice! we didn't touch the hot tub until we cleaned it! wondering what the cleaning deposit covered!! it was "surface clean" but mouse droppings everywhere.

New Reviewer

Hazelwood Cottage, Warburton East is a truly beautiful get away. Nestled in the foothills of the Yarra Valley it is surrounded by stunning forrest and views. U can feed the donkeys,variety of bird life and u can walk up to the top of the property. The Viaduct and down the Esplanade to the dam. Through beautiful forest . Walk down the road to the bridge to the Yarra River. Lots of things to do in Warburton. Eat, drink,walk. Its a real insight into the beauty of Warburton and surrounds.
The cottage has plenty of room. 11 of us stayed and we still had lots of room to move.There is a lovely heater to keep u warm, air con for summer months, piano, pianola, DVD,s. We enjoyed the fact that as a family we were able to sit together, talk, sing (or have fun trying)playing games , table tennis, go for walks at night and weather permitting sit under the stars. A truly beautiful getaway. Recommend Hazelwood Cottage for a perfect getaway.

New Reviewer

Stay away fom this site.i'll be visiting NYC in October with my family. We're from Italy. I have been making enquiries through Homeaway for several weeks. I have being scammed twice already but I'm glad I have not fallen prey and my money is safe . I've googled one of these agiencies' names to find out it's on fraud lists already. Beware homeaway or VRBO, their sites are hacked all the time. If you get replies with offers which seem too good to be true, then you know they're scammers. These scammers reply to your enquiries out of the Homeaway messaging system, they'll email to you directly. Homeaway accounts are easily hacked so scammers have access to our personal information, eg email address, how terrible. Never had any problem with Airbnb.

Tip for consumers: Never reply to messages from personal emails rather than Homeaway messaging system.

Ask Jessica about HomeAway
New Reviewer

I totally agree with all the comments made about HomeAway not accepting negative comments. We had a terrible experience with HomeAway Spain regarding property 1083444. When we arrived at the property the owner told us they had double booked the place but to take our things up anyway. When we did so we were surprised that there were 4 other houses surrounding the property, we were never told this by the owners and the photo is misleading. We then asked if there were children staying there to which the owner replied yes, and if you don't like children you can take your things and leave seeing as we have this already booked. We were extremely upset and the husband came and moved us to another house. When I made a comment about the difficulty of arriving to the property because it is a country trail more suited to four wheel drives than small cars like mine. The owner replied saying that we had left the place because we didn't like children rather than saying they had double booked the property. I have had to block the owner on Facebook because she is stalking me with unwarranted comments. When I sent a letter to HomeAway regarding this situation they said there was nothing they could do as they do not check the veracity of the comments made so an owner or traveller can write anything and they will accept it, unfortunately they changed my comment but not the owners. I will never use HomeAway again after this experience and I warn others to be careful as well. Another point that must be made is that the property is listed on different HomeAway pages at different prices.

Tip for consumers: Look around the site will come up at different prices on the same web.

Ask Rodrigo about HomeAway
New Reviewer

I would not recommend any to use HomeAway. They mislead us in renting an apartment, by announcing a wrong address. When we complained to HomeAway - they were completely ignorant in finding any solution. And don't expect them to reply quickly. Their policy aim is to answer within 24 hours - not gonna happen. I got a reply after 16 days!

New Reviewer

HomeAway - France, in Saint-Guyomard – Brandecel; Property 69981.

The hamlet itself where the house was located had little appeal, and the house was not a house with much charm and character: the hamlet looks a bit like a building site and the house smelt as if it hadn’t been cleaned thoroughly in a long time. The bathrooms were disgusting, orange lime scale around the shower tiles with a very shabby old shower curtain and bath mat, nor did the toilet flush properly and on occasions and I had to keep readjusting the cistern. The sofas in the living room smelt strongly of dogs and the rug as if it was starting to deteriorate.

But it go worse...My children, who will be 12 and 14 this year, got verbally abused in an aggressive manor by the owner. The kids were alone near the pool - about 1 m deep - but are strong and proficient swimmers. In addition myself and my partner checked on them regularly. The owner must have seen the kids alone and aggressively and abusively shouted at them. The children arrived back in the house, pail and quite frightened as they had feared he would hit them. I went to the owner and asked what had happened. He stormed at me together with a dog next to him, telling me I would "live to regret it the rest of my life if I dared ask him questions". I insisted in a calm manner that it was important we discussed this and cleared the air. He was furious because of this and stormed at me with his fist raised, ready to attack me. At this point, his wife came out and stopped the owner who stormed away shouting and cursing. I tried to get further clarification from his wife who said "My <name> is just like that, he explodes at people and then he feels better, Some people cannot handle it – bit tough for them!" Realizing there was little point in discussing it further; I went back into the house and left it there.

This was the second day of my family holiday and, as I am sure you can appreciate, far from the start of the holiday I had imagined. Following that, my children hardly dared to go out-side again, concerned that owner would be there and would be confronted again in an aggressive manner. We were all craving for a quiet time in the French country side, but being afraid we would run into him again we decided to spend our time as much as we could away from the house; leaving in the morning and coming back home as late as possible to avoid conflict with what appeared a very emotionally unstable landlord.

I have tried raising this with the customer service at HomeAway, but even posting a negative review isn't possible. I read since then online that HA refuses reviews with less than 3 stars.

The owner has also refused paying back the deposit: he basically waited for my complaint to HA and now is essentially blackmailing me. "remove your complain or you don not get your deposit back". He naturally added a whole bunch of unpleasant remarks, which I won't quote.

It's very frustrating feeling this powerless against all of this.

Anybody else out there with similar experiences with HA?


Tip for consumers: Stay away from this.

Ask mike about HomeAway
New Reviewer

Renter Beware - Home Away #18828 in New Port Richey, Florida, on Evesborough Drive-The owners have NO integrity. Arrived at the house 40 minutes beyond check-in and the owner (lives three houses away) was still fixing a leaky toilet and cleaning up. The house looked ok so gave them benefit of doubt…what a mistake. Ended up spending week listening to multiple fire alarm going off at all hours of day & night and the owners solution was to take fire alarm and NOT replace it. Hello can you say safety concern! The back entrance door to the garage had a missing window which totally compromised all security and could allow anyone to just walk in and take your belongings. The kid’s bath had a large window right in the shower so the neighbors could see right in (hello!). The kid’s bathroom toilet ran non-stop. You could not adjust air conditioning, you were not permitted to open blinds, grill not included, etc. etc. To top it off our family spend two hours prior to departure cleaning unit, like we always do when renting a home and the owner refused to return our security deposit, claiming there was a scuff on their 20 year old white sink. Refuses to return emails or calls....NO Integrity! Renters BEWARE OF THIS ONE!!

Tip for consumers: Renters BEWARE

Ask B-L about HomeAway
New Reviewer

I advertise 11 condo's in an Ocean vacation location in the US. I have very good response from renters, selling out every summer. HomeAway customer support is very good. I do have some issues with them, but nothing serious, they work hard and try hard to accommodate. I am sure some have bad experiences due to a poor rental choice, but most home owners work very hard to make their guests happy, I know we do. It is a bit distressing to see so many 1 star reviews. The problem with a site like SiteJabber, is that all the negative experiences get reported but not the positive ones. The positive experiences see no reason to report a problem!

New Reviewer

As an advertiser, having used HomeAway one year, and Abritel, their French name, this year, they have been totally useless and produced just two lets in the two years, which barely met the cost of the subscription. All they do is send you weekly demands for MORE money for special deals. We were stupid enough to respond to one the first year but it produced absolutely no enquiries either though it cost us £50 extra. Holiday Lettings have always produced a regular stream of bookings for us so I will NEVER again use HomeAway or any of its subsidiaries. They have a promise of refunding your money if you receive less than half a dozen or so enquiries, but I notice in both years we had a whole load of 'spoof' enquiries from people wanting dates already booked and marked on their calendar (from our other letting agency), as well as two or three fraudulent enquiries from people wanting us to send them money. We reported these frauds but HomeAway didn't sound interested and just said there was nothing they could do to stop them, and yet we never get them from Holiday Lettings. Twice bitten, we will never waste our money again.

New Reviewer

Thought I had found an ideal place for holiday with extended family - Homeaway reference 1149645. It did not have any reviews but I was keen.

They also have another listed as ref 6396161 - almost the same (thought they might be next door) - this had several reviews. It was slightly cheaper.

Looked at the first location tonight and it had a new review - checked and it was exactly the same (word for word) as a review for the second place from 2013.

Also put off by the homes being advertised as belonging to Mr McGrath (first one) or Sir McGrath (second one). When I made an enquiry about the first I received a reply from Planet Costa Dorada. They did not answer the query - just stipulated that bookings had to be to and from a Saturday,

Had shortlisted other properties on Homeaway but this has put me off them all!

Homeaway do not seem to have any resource to answer any concerns - Please sort this out!

New Reviewer

First I have to say ask for Samantha when you call because the world class treatment. Her ability to make you feel welcome is first class. My rental, I rented a beautiful room with an amazing ocean view and I have to say because the feeling when I saw the Sun rise was so breath taking. This was my 5th rental from Samantha and it's been nothing short of an amazing experience, ambiance was impeccable and Samantha and her staff was extremely attentive to my needs and responsive when you need room service. I will be back over and over and will only rent from Samantha. I also learned that she owns the beauty salon. This is where you will find her. I highly recommend you call the beauty salon and ask for.

New Reviewer

i found a place to stay in costa rica via this site. i have not read the reviews on this site yet. but i will since now i am curious as to why it has such a low rating. i last used this site in 2012. so maybe some things changed in 2 years :)

New Reviewer

I confirm what I read on this site. HomeAway doesn't accept negative comment.
We rent an apartment in NY Astoria (Ultra Modern Apartment) .
This apartment was for 2 people and not for 4 people.
The second bed was a totally uncomfortable inflatable bed.
The floor creaked, there were no curtains on the windows, we could hear all the noises from upstairs and Home Away refuses to publish this comment ... even if certain points were positive.
Be very careful when your read comment on Home Away.

New Reviewer

We had a horrible experience with HomeAway. They also don't accept negative reviews of the properties. I stayed in the Salzburg castle with my sisters at the end of June. The owner Christine very rudely told us we could not stay there as she double booked it, even though I confirmed with her an hour before. There were also 84 steps after reaching the top of the funicular which was not mentioned in the property description. And ALSO, the owner Christine has a room in the apartment and she comes and goes as she pleases.

New Reviewer

Listed with HomeAway and can not find my property listed in the Resort that it is to be posted.
When I put my Property Id in my property does not come up.
This BS I have no booking this company is full of ----
Going to complain for refund plus they have to let it run for free for a year or i'm filing with BBB they are scamming the Owner Check your Ad as if you are a renter.

New Reviewer

HomeAway and VRBO claim to have the best exposure...but their individual customer service is really NON-EXISTENT!! YOU CANNOT TALK TO ANYONE WITH AUTHORITY, thus you get 'PAT' answers to the issues that are affecting your listings. Our issues started when we realized that the calendars that we use through them were set up with last year's dates. We finally found a number for customer service and filed a concern. A couple of days later we received an e-mail saying that others were having the same issue: "I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the issue you are experiencing. This is a known issue that a small number of users are experiencing with the site, and it should be fixed in a future update. I have assigned your issue to one of our technical support agents who will notify you via email as soon as the issue has been resolved." ...AND IT SHOULD BE FIXED IN A FUTURE UPDATE??? Are you kidding me now??? This has been an issue for a long while already. I called yesterday and spoke to a young man who assured me a supervisor would call me yesterday NO ONE called...I called again today and was told that there was no supervisor on hand (I WAS TOLD THERE WERE NO SUPERVISORS ON SITE) I was on the contact list; however, it could be days or even weeks before anyone would get a hold of us. I was told a lot of other customers have issues and that they are ahead of me. So I guess we're in line, but our summer rental session may be over before they even get to us. This is an expensive service and we have several properties. It's wrong when a company gets so big it is your best venue for advertising, but because they are so big, they know you don't really have any other choices...SO!!! They've got you! Somethings wrong with this picture! If I ran my business this way I wouldn't be doing business, because people would find other companies. SINCE VRBO and HOME AWAY merged their CUSTOMER SERVICE RANKS A HUGE "MINUS 0". Customers are confused by the calendars and we have already lost business because of them...and we're talking major money THEY MAY BE THE BIG GUYS IN TOWN, BUT WE ARE TIRED OF THE TOTAL LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! INDIVIDUALS AND MANAGEMENT COMPANIES ARE PAYING VRBO AND HOME AWAY MORE AND MORE AND GETTING LESS THAN NOTHING

New Reviewer

Homeaway is awesome. You deal with the home owner and homeaway you just pay to put the vacation home on. The people are very helpful I never had to wait to talk to someone at homeaway plus you talk to a real person! So the negative rewiews would have to be lack of communication. With the people who are trying to rent. Ask questions most homes you pay the cleaning lady and you bring your own lines. I think it's stupid to bring your own linens but you do at some homes. So bottom line homeaway is awesome

New Reviewer

VRBO and Homeaway are owned by the same company and share the same customer service telephone system. I am a homeowner with a rental property and it is from this perspective that I write this review.

First of all, if you need to contact customer service for anything, plan on a long, long wait on the telephone. It is like entering a black hole. You might need to call because your site needs renewal, or to problem solve their search engine (which does not use Key Words, despite its claim) or a variety of other unexpected reasons. When you do reach someone they are very nice and can be helpful, but should you need higher level support, you need to hope they call you back (usually they don't call back unless you send multiple e-mails, and even then it is questionable. If if they do, hope you are available, because the only way back to them is through the endless waiting on the phone line. They do not provide any direct way to reach the person who called you. They say, "feel free to call us back if your issue is not resolved. They really should be advertising that they guarantee a long wait for customer service no matter when you call, 24 hours per day.

I actually switched to VRBO from Homeaway due to their terrible customer service (for two weels before my listing was scheduled to expire I had sent e-mails asking for assistance (they promise 24 hour turnaround - HA!. It was not until after the listing expired that I received a call. Only after I switched to VRBO did I realize that they used the same support phone line.

The site that the owner needs to input information is confusing as well, It is very easy to think that you listed three bedrooms and two baths and later discover that it only recorded 2 bedrooms and two bath, making your listing unfindable by someone who is looking for a 3 bedroom rental

So seller beware if you plan to use VRBO or Homeaway.

New Reviewer

Rented the King's house in Long Lake NY and it was one of our most pleasant experiences. The home was rustic and very clean and most comfortable. We met the owners and their nieces and we were welcomed by all. Mom is 91 and she had a great time also. Thank you to the family and hope you get a lot of rentals there. You will be extremely satisfied.

New Reviewer

The website claims that there are 'no hidden fees' but when I booked a flat in Paris the owner emailed me and informed me that there would be an additional 130 euros for linens and cleaning. At this new price I decided I would rather stay in a hotel so emailed the owner to cancel the reservation because there is no way to cancel on the website. I have had back and forth emails with the owner to get him to cancel the reservation and so far have had no luck. He took my deposit without informing me of any 'no cancellation' policy and is telling me he is going to take the entire amount off my credit card. I've had to dispute the charge with my credit card company so still waiting to see what happens with that.
In all, either stay away or be very methodical when booking. HomeAway takes all the control away from the traveler and puts it in the hands of the owner

New Reviewer

Homeaway are LOADS better tan their competitors Holiday Lettings, believe me !
At least you get to speak to a person in customer services ( in your own language) with Homeaway - Holiday Lettings customer services is enough to give you a siezure.

I like Homeaway, just hope they don't go the same way as HL and get too big for anyone to care anymore.

New Reviewer

Worst experience ever. Stay away and stay at a 5 star hotel. Terrible customer service and no responses except form responses. Owners are just as bad. They tell you one thing and do another. Place I rented was filthy and misrepresented online. One of the worst experiences of my life and on top of that - allergic reaction from intense fragrance. I did a dispute on my credit card with photos and in-depth documentation and then received "payment reversed" email from the site. I called credit card to confirm credit. Will keep watching to make sure. Stay away from this site.

New Reviewer

After a non-conversation with HA (in which I heard nothing but meaningless
"Corporate Speak"), here is the communication I sent them today:

Recommendations and Criticisms:

1. Restore STARS with property listed on the FIRST PAGE coming up after
HomeAway,Drome,Provencale into Google search. Our earned 5 Stars should be there, not buried because we don't have 3 reviews all with stars. HA never gave us any warning, never sent an advance email of this change.
Apparently HA did not deem this a significant change!

2. Our reviews w/o STARS are now relegated to CUSTOMER COMMENTS which, from a Renter's point of view, are quite unnoticeable... since there's no headline or large type attracting attention. Why does HA make them not easily noticed???

3. THEN, HomeAway arbitrarily makes the "Corporate Decision" (without ever warning the Owner and quite probably without any Owner Advocate present) that "you have to have 3 starred reviews BEFORE STARS WILL EVEN SHOW UP on the initial FIRST page (next to the little picture of Prop.73350).

4. HA increases rates and complication each year but, as Owner, I am getting less and less response. HA pages have become jammed with too much border stuff, top-heavy with adverts. Those customers I do manage to get in touch with (even though most of the time this year there are NO PHONE NUMBERS in Dashboard) tell me that this site has gone from very user friendly to quite the opposite.

5. When a vacationer deliberately sets out to savage years of an owner's good reputation (with the ONLY bad review we've ever gotten), HA keeps their venomous review on our site ....apparently forever. It would have been pushed off
to a subsequent page if HA hadn't decided to take what are now Customer Comments off the review list. When HA is asked how long such a malicious attempt to savage will be on site..... they don't even bother to answer.

6. I learned recently that HA actually sends those who apply to my advert the rental sites of others in competition with me!
Is this how HA responds to loyalty year after year? How much should we pay to be UNDERMINED even more by the very corporation we've paid handsomely to make money for us????

7. The typography is so SMALL on the list of REGIONS, DEPARTMENTS & TOWNS in France (of which ours is one) to be difficult to use. A portion of these Location Lists is always hidden from view: the Renter has to figure out just how make it work. Vacationers don't relish jumping through hoops to get a rental.
HomeAway needs a Graphic Designer, a Typographer and an Owner Advocate.

HomeAway used to be a really clean, clear, easy to use site that brought results.
In just a year, our replies have dwindled down to just a few. That says it all.

George Haling
(with HolidayRentals -HomeAway for 15+ years).

New Reviewer

Beware of the Carefree insurance offered on this site. It is a complete RIPOFF. After I was confirmed into a condo for a month this fall, I got a message from Home Away/VRBO saying they had cancelled all bookings by that lessor. When I asked how to get my insurance refund, this is what I got---

"Thank you for contacting the Trust and Security department of VRBO®, HomeAway®, and VacationRentals™.

"In this situation the only advice that we can give when it comes to trying to recoup your funds that were lost are to either continue reaching out the owner and get it from him or if you are unable to do that then contact your credit card directly and dispute this specific transaction.
"In regards to the insurance that you purchased it would not come into play currently becuase this owner is under investigation with us and a decision has not been made on the property owner and the insurance only coveres a fraud that is declared by us.
"Also even if it did cover it, one of the steps in using it is to go back to your credit card company and have them try to get it back first because they have a lot more clout when it comes to their ability to get funds that were lost.
I hope this adds some clarity to this difficult situation."

So, the coverage provided by your credit card company is better than anything HomeAway/VRBO offers. And a fraud is only a fraud if HomeAway VRBO says it's a fraud. And they only pay off if they feel like it.

I will never trust these guys again.

New Reviewer

My friends and I are currently being denied access into a home we rented for the weekend because according to the "seller" she never received the payment. I told her I can email a copy of the invoice my friend and I had, to prove the payment. We also told her we each had a pay pal receipt number. Pam Shier claimed she never received the email, which is hilarious considering there weren't any discrepancies when we were paying!!! She also didnt allow me to speak. She went off saying she doesn't have any emails from me and that I am trying to scam her. What???????? My friend and I contacted PayPal who filled a dispute against this fraudulent owner. The next day he received an email saying the owner is issuing a refund. I'm still waiting on my case

New Reviewer

I have had a single bedroom listed on VRBO and HomeAway since May 2011. The sites have been a god send for us. We have been able to keep our home due to the revenue. Our guests have been delightful and many are now lifelong friends. I have used the basic plus featured property option and I have seen more and more rentals over time. I tried Craigs lists and got nothing but weirdos and scammers. I have had questions and sometimes the customer service number has been difficult to find but once I spoke to customer service they have always been helpful.

New Reviewer
4/1/14 is going bad with too many homeowners unsatisfied with their lack of protection from frauds and bad reviews . Stay away from this site, they are very expensive and they lack experience on how to grow a business worldwide.

New Reviewer

I was scammed and homewaway would not help at all. They said the owners email account that went from their site to them was hacked and so I was communicating with someone other than owner. Home away knew it was hacked and said they sent a mass email out which I never received. They said it wasn't their problem even though the contract I received had all there logos and was the same one they use would not help us get our money back. DONT USE HOMEAWAY!!!

New Reviewer

As homeowner, customer service is pathetic. They change the website at will, removing previous amenities and are not willing to replace them all the while increasing the price.

New Reviewer

I rented a vacation rental in Ogunquit, Maine. The landlords lied and intentionally mislead us. It began with them shutting the water off for the last three days of our 30-day lease. The landlords then lied to us about their extremely inefficient heating in their other rental, which we then moved into for three months during the winter. There is a long list of what they did to us and then did not return our deposit. I will never deal with ever, again. Do not trust their bogus, embellished reviews.

New Reviewer

I am a homeowner that advertises 3 properties on Homeaway - they are ridiculous to deal with - I have never received a bad review on any of my rentals 4 months ago I rcvd a bad review on my rental - problem is the people never stayed at my home - it was a bad review posted to my home - which hurt my rentals - it took a month to remove the bad review as it was for another home the renter stayed at! - I rate 5 star - now I just recvd another review (bad) which we were shocked at - only problem is this renter stayed at my villa 8 months ago - never complained once during or after the rental - I got a very poor review because a cable repair man didn't show up to repair the cable box that broke down during their rental - we have no control over cable companies - as we all know - yet these renters had the nerve to complain about this 8 months later and complain about the home - even though they saw a virtual tour of the property - everything in the home was new - bedding, appliances, etc - the review didn't even sound like our home - the renter had said in her emails the place was great! so I tried to resolve the matter with the renter - who has not returned my calls or emails - so Homeaway is printing this bad unsubstantiated review on my site - I think some people are just malicious or nuts -- and we got one out of hundreds of renters we have had - which is unfair - especially since we have tried to resolve the issue - but 8 months after is pretty hard to resolve- seems totally unfair - there should be a time limit on reviews - as its pretty tough to try to resolve an old complaint.

Another issue - they have a new book it now key - one renter used the key - but the property had just been rented to another party - so I refunded the funds immediately - got a confirmation from homeaway that the refund had been processed - a week later homeaway said they were depositing the funds into my bank account with a service charge - when I contacted them about their error - I was told it was a computer glitch - I have to send the refund myself back to the renter - but it will take another 7 days for the funds to actually be rcvd in my bank account which is totally unfair to the renter who was supposed to be credited immediately - looks bad on me as a landlord,

Since VRBO and Homeaway merged the service has gone downhill - they monopolize the rental market now - the service stinks - my costs have gone up $200 per listing - so I am now paying over $1600 per year - yet you can barely find my listing as there are too many on the site! A smaller website is much better - but they are being eaten up by this greedy company that offers no customer service to renters or landlords!

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Q: Have anyone found any way to stop homeaway from just making money off people that are just trying to get what they pay for ? can we not all pull together and file some type of civil suite? If anyone is will to sign a petition against them email me at and I will see what we can do to try and stop this unfair treatment or at least make them feel what we feel is unfair treatment. Jennette Robinson
A: am renting a guest cottage in myrtle beach this summer have never dealt with this web site before have always dealt with grand strand want to make sure this info im getting on this cottage really does exsit before sending thousands of dollars
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