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52 reviews
999 18th St #600, Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202, US
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So glad I found this site when trying to find an orthopedic doctor. (in 25 reviews)

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1 review
2 helpful votes

Health Grades is a subjective website that is dangerous for patients and physicians. As a physician you have to make hard decisions. If you do not give a drug seeker a narcotic it may result in a bad health grades review. But that does not change the fact that the drug seeker should not have been given a narcotic. This site is irresponsible, subjective and deceptive.

Tip for consumers: Don't use this site

Ask Judith about HealthGrades
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Derek office Manager Florida Eye Micro Surgical Institute Boynton Beach Fl.(does not want to be called Mr. Derek get very angry). Derek cancelled my 14 year old son eye apt. twice with out contacting me(mother), it takes about a month or more to get the son has a very serious eye condition that has to be monitored . He has been a patient with Lee S. Friedman for 12 years. I tried calling Dr. Friedman he would not return my telephone calls. This makes one wonder do patients really matter to there doctor's, Derek was angry because the Humana Insurance had not paid a $150 dollar bill. Derek told me that you black people need to pay your bills. Humana called Derek at Florida Eye Micro Surgical Institute with me on the telephone, the representative advise him the reason for the call and Derek said Oh no not her again, I told him he was so rude and unprofessional, Derek didn't like my respond. I tried several times to contact Dr. Lee S. Friedman to advise him of the office manager behavior, to no avail did Dr. Friedman contact me. Derek will not schedule my son an apt. with Dr. Friedman and this is bad business all the around. Be aware if it happened to me it can happen to you. Who would an office manger to treat patients like this?

Florida Eye Micro Surgical Institute Dr. Lee S. Friedman, Dr. Jason J. Gorscak, Dr. Randy S. Katz Dr. Barry A. Schechter, please review your office standard and guidlines referencing your office manager.

Tip for consumers: Tell your story, others need to know.

Ask Rose about HealthGrades
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

This sight is awesome for looking up Medical Professionals! They do a thorough background check on each person. If you look under experience it will show you if the person in question has been sactioned, on probation or is no longer in good standing. Anyone can wirte reveiws for whomever good or bad, but this sight goes the extra mile informing you where the individual in question stands overall in the medical community.

Ask zoe about HealthGrades
1 review
1 helpful vote

On January 9th I had a procedure done by Dr. Yakov Gologorsky, a partner in Metropolitan Neurosurgery Associates, PA in Manhattan. He did the surgery at at Englewood Hospital in New Jertsey. It was an extensive operation and he did an incredible job. He is one of the most caring, thoughtful and professional physicians I have ever seen for a major health matter and I can recommend him without reservation.

Charles R. Zappa

Ask Charles about HealthGrades
1 review
0 helpful votes

My son is 9 and had a bad sinus infection Dr. Jones talked with him and made the correct diagnosis. He loves going to the doctor because they're always good to him.

Ask Carol about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes

Healthgrades allows false anonymous reviews to be posted. When contacted and presented with the facts, they refuse to remove the false review; however, then Healthgrades contacts you on how to improve your negative rating for a fee! Practitioners do not request to have their office listed on Healthgrades, yet this company allows anonymous reviews without factual investigation to the posts.

Ask Stephen about HealthGrades
1 review
0 helpful votes

After googling Rachel Foreman who was previously with Acadiana center for behavioral health on the internet and TRYING to have family sessions with her. Turns out she is not trust worthy, she is manipulative, she is completely unethical and backstabbing. she did not do ANY good for my family and I, we figured things out on our own better than she was doing! Go back where you came from Rachel Foreman. Louisiana is NOT the place for you. your a waste of time and money.

Ask Michelel about HealthGrades
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ihad 2 knee replacement done by Dr.Akhilesh Sastry 9 months apart. I cannot say enough about Dr Sastry one how he takes time to explain and listen to his patiients.I have recommended him to people who needed knee surgery and they were also happy with him, Thanks Nancy

Ask Nancy about HealthGrades
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was a patient of Dr Michael Adams in 2009. My condition was osteoarthritis in the left knee and that a knee replacement was necessary and I agreed. I had no complaints with his service, in fact I thought it was great to that point.

Three weeks prior to the scheduled surgery date I developed acute and intense pain in my right knee. Went to Dr. Adams who x-rated it & said it was osteoarthritis in the right knee & that it needed to be replaced also. I explained that this pain was distinctly different, but he assured me his diagnosis was correct.

I take full responsibility for not getting a 2nd opinion, which one should always do.

He asked which one I wanted done first, I opted for the right knee to be first because even though the left knee had been increasingly painful, it was nothing like the pain in the right knee.

The right was done, the. 3 months later the left knee was done.

Knee surgery is extremely painful.

The left kne healed quit well, I was more than happy with the results. The right continued to give me pain. After all the exams to determine how the knee was healing had been completed. I was given the impression that all would be fine.

One year later I had retired from work and was receiving Social Security. The left knee was great - the right knee was still painful. In fact I discovered something new about the knee. When I walked the right leg would bow out laterally with every step. Dr. Adams x-rayed it, gave me a stabilizing brace that one could get for $50, but charged Social Security over $600. I also needed a cane to walk due to pain. I also used magnets to relieve my pain, they don't work for everyone, but they did help me - well all Dr Adams did was ridicule me for my solution to pain reduction.

I went back 6 months later with the same complaint, pain in the right knee. After that he would no longer see me at the Allen office, and tried to schedule my appointments at his McKinney office, which was a much further distance for me.

I was angry and stopped going to him. Rather than go through all the pain of another surgery, because obviously, there was something wrong, I decided to just use a cane and limit my walking.

In 2013 my son encouraged me to see another doctor. I did and found out that I had torn my medial lateral ligament and that there was no ligament strength to support the knee, which was the reason for the need to wear a stabalizing brace.

I went to a different orthopedic doctor who had to do another replacement. He put in one designed to keep the knee stabilized. It worked perfectly. I am walking without a cane and have no need for a brace and most importantly - NO PAIN.

As a retired nurse, I know that medicine is not an exact science, but I don't feel that Dr Adams considered any other options for the pain even though I explained it was nothing like the degenerative pain going on in my left knee. In my opinion he also over charged for a brace; he also disrespected my attempts to reduce my pain and lastly he tried to get rid of the annoyance of my visits by dismissing me to another office much further away.

I am totally dissatisfied with Dr. Michael Adams for his treatment of my right knee, yet satisfied with the surgery to my left knee.

Ask Dianne about HealthGrades
1 review
1 helpful vote

Dr. Gallen Fisher, Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Richmond, performed Mohs' surgery on my face, taking tissue from my left ear and using it to reconstruct my nose and facial area. I could not be happier with results! My friends and family can hardly believe the healthy and vibrant areas of my face with no visible scarring. I thank God every day there is a dedicated, professional, competent skin cancer cosmetic and laser specialist available to others who may also need help. Jean P., Wmsbg.

Ask Jean about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes

Dr. Matthew G. Vicinanzo, M.D. with Alabama Eye Oculoplastic Associates performed surgery on both of my eyelids and the results I am experiencing is amazing. He is an excellent surgeon, very caring, always answered my questions and very concerned about my well being. I was having difficulty with my vision due to my eyelids sagging onto both corneas. I am very pleased with the results.

Ask Doris about HealthGrades
1 review
7 helpful votes

Healthgrades is a terrible site. They rate doctors with very low ratings and refuse to respond to attempts by doctors to contact them. If they do respond, they want money to fix the fake ratings.
Check them out on the BBB and Consumer Reports sites. TERRIBLE RATINGS. THIS SITE IS FAKE!!!!!

Ask Harper about HealthGrades
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

Another unreliable source that is only providing one sided reviews. I don't know if it's all about the funds. I know of a doctor that shouldn't be practicing medicine, how they managed to generate only positive is beyond me. I'm not the only one who posted a negative rating that didn't go through. There really needs to be a neutral and ethical source of providing needed feedback.

Ask jill about HealthGrades
1 review
4 helpful votes

First of all, I wish have ZERO start. Because most people posting negative comments about will choose ZERO star. is a scam. They omit most positive comments about doctors in order to force doctors to sign and pay. Healthgrades completely ignores my email to remove the listing. I think doctors have the right to advertise on the site they wish to advertise on, not forced to. I’m searching doctors on their website with incorrect information and bad grades and send them letters by mail. Once I have enough doctors (15+ according to my lawyer). We will file class action. Please take the time and do the same in your area.

Ask J about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes

I reviewed 2 doctors. The one I rated really good worked and sent me a link to verify my review and the crappy review did not. The doctor that got the bad review seems to be in with the health grades site since he shows up more than a few times on the site. If we cant be honest this site does the public no good.

Ask Jim about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

The review they posted had to be totally bogus and done by their company. Not only did they have the wrong information, they rated things that were not even applicable. A one star review? Never. I give impeccable service and always have. Other people in my field have had the same problem, and they are attacking in order to lure in anxiety riddled professionals to pay as a consumer to eradicate what I believe to be their own trumped one star reviews. Ugly indeed!

Ask jewels about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

A Great site to use to research doctors and hospitals! So glad I found this site when trying to find an orthopedic doctor. I also love the fact that you can see how the hospital ranks among it's peers. Definitely helps when there are multiple hospitals you can go to.

Ask kj about HealthGrades
1 review
4 helpful votes

Bogus, unverified information. Healthgrades appears to be baiting medical providers by publishing contrived negative reviews and then calling the doctor to tell them how they can improve their ratings, which costs money. Shady!!!!

Ask me about HealthGrades
1 review
1 helpful vote

I recently saw a TV commercial on Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, on lap band surgery. I made an appointment at the office closest to me. Since I had failed many times at losing weight, I needed more information. The office personnel, medical assistant, dietician, and Dr. DeBarros went over the program. They explained what tests were required to see if I was a good candidate for the procedure. Everyone was very professional - yet kind and gave me hope. With the help of the staff and Dr. DeBarros' experience, I knew I would succeed at losing weight this time.

Ask Joan about HealthGrades
1 review
6 helpful votes

Unethical, questionable (at best) review practices. They essentially commit character assassination based on reviews which cannot be verified. See all below...

Ask Chad about HealthGrades
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have had bad experiences with them too that's why clinicians as a group should ignore healthgrades. Instead we can create our own community where we can respond to reviews and update our own listing page. Healthgrades has a LOT of inaccurate information so we should start using a site like www.Guide.MD where on we can actually control or listing and answer patients and let them make free online appointments and post or own hours, office address and phone number and even put pictures of your practice up all at zero cost.

Ask Rob about HealthGrades
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I completed a two (2) Dr surveys on I wrote about my personal experience with these particular doctors. The reviews were posted for approximately three weeks and then disappeared. I checked the site constantly to see how long my reviews would be posted and how others felt about these doctors. I learned that others felt the same way that I did about the services from one particular Dr. Sadly, I had submitted poor rating prior to those ratings. SUDDENLY, this doctor ended up with excellent ratings... I am now in declining health due to the fact that both of these doctors failed to diagnose my illness and provide the proper treatment. To make matters worse, defaming opinions were written in my healthcare record which further delayed treatment. I had hoped to prevent someone else from going through the same thing.
Blood tests and MRI's clearly diagnosed my illness.... As for "", I have a lot of questions. As for trusting this website....well I need to have a pepsi at this point.

Ask Traci about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes

Info. about the Doctors are complete.

Ask Shelly about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have also use this site to review drs. and and found the reviews inaccurate. All I have ever seen were good reviews which makes me kind of think as to why when I have looked the same dr.s up on other sites and found totally different reviews. I personally have gone to drs. trusting the reviews on this site; and will never trust it again.

Ask c about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes

They have me listed as BELOW AVERAGE but I'm not even a doctor yet! they are hurting my reputation before I even enter the field! I have a practicum at a community services agency which always has complaints about response time & other things that have nothing to do with me, yet they are still post this. I'm worried that it's a misrepresentation of my credentials and will impact my getting a post doc since it's the first thing that comes up when you google my name.

Ask Kai about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am a doctor and I got a call about "fixing" my reputation on and was offered several packages ranging from $300-$1000 dollars to make myself appear highly rated and to "make the bad reviews go away" Anyone can put a snarky review about you without even being your patient and then the internet mafia needs to help you fix you problem. This should be illegal!

Ask Muriel about HealthGrades
1 review
4 helpful votes

This is the worst possible site that you should go to. The survey results and the doctor's information were largely skewed. Anyone, your patient or not (could be your neighbor who never receives your services), could rate your service without any accountability. This site is not good for both consumers and the doctors. The company kept saying that they aim to serve the public, but the simple fact is this: "if you have no way to make sure the information and the survey are the accurate reflection on the services, you are not only not doing your job but also creating more damage to the public and the reputation of the hard working doctors”
I am waiting for the day that this company is taken down by lawsuit.

Ask Jen about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

Will be contacting my lawyer on possible actions. They misinform and skew results...I have had several people research how postings are made, etc. I will continue to call Mike and Cindi Rife until I have received my result.

Ask Niky about HealthGrades
1 review
5 helpful votes

Healthgrades had my specialty, education, practice information and advertisements all wrong. The website generates significant income based on reporting without any accountability or correction for false or misleading information. The google links ensure that it is the first listing under your professional name, over current practice and publications. The website also searches and provides information generally only obtainable and used for specific inquiry from a medical board but not intended or listed for mass unsolicited distribution without a chance for response. I believe Healthgrades is dangerous and lacks accountability or even permission to advertise physician credentials. I had to update my own certification which was not listed giving me a lower Healthgrades rating.
There is no way to opt out. While there a pretense as a consumer service it fails miserably and the primary mission is really money and it also sells this information to other services. A similar website has my education listed at the wrong institution and no other information.

Ask Carolyn about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

I work for a doctor and was asked to remove misinformation about our doctor in regards to where he trained and how old he is. Healthgrades had our doctor listed as about 75 years old. It was nearly impossible to get this information removed. Also, we had a disgruntled employee whom we all wanted to leave. This employee went on healthgrades and rated our doctor poorly because she was mad about losing her job. Healthgrades does not even verify if anyone is really a patient who rates the doctors. It is a farce.

Ask Lynn about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

This site does not accurately rate doctors. They have very old data on most doctors. Please ask around before going to a doctor, don't trust this site to help you.

Ask susan about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

Healthgrades is a company who not only advertises incorrect information about me, they continue to advise the public about individuals without my permission. Healthgrades puts out information without any permsission from them. IMHO, Healthgrades may be invovled in some scrupulous plan to misinform the public and maybe connected to organizations that can harm the American people. BEWARE of this company.

Ask AnEye about HealthGrades
1 review
4 helpful votes

If you look up Dr Elmon J. Oliver, an anesthesiologist in Kalamazoo, MI on you will find him awarded the designation of "Healthgrades Recognized Doctor". According to their site:
Healthgrades Recognized Doctors designation identifies leading doctors who are board certified in the specialty they practice, have never had their license restricted or revoked, have no malpractice claims, and are free of state or federal disciplinary actions.
Yet a web search will reveal this: on April 03, 2012 reported that a Kalamazoo jury awarded $1.23 million to the family of a 66-year-old Lawton woman who died of a brain injury caused by the lack of oxygen during surgery in 2008. The family of Maria Garcia filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in Kalamazoo County Circuit Court in 2010 against Dr. Elmon Oliver Jr., an anesthesiologist with Kalamazoo Anesthesiology, which was also named in the suit. Bronson Methodist Hospital was dismissed as a defendant in October 2011. The trial, which began March 21, concluded Friday with the jury finding that Oliver was “professionally negligent” and that his negligence was “a proximate cause of death” of Garcia, according to court records.

Ask Dayle about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

My information is on this site and I did not allow this! I had no idea my information was on here until I searched my name!!

Ask Amelia about HealthGrades
1 review
1 helpful vote

So annoyed. I googled a doctors phone number b/c I needed to make an appt. My husband already goes to him, but I would be a new patient and his number wasn't in my phone. I click on the first site w/a phone number. Seeing as this doctor has many locations, it wasn't strange that I called an 877 number. She asked me my name, and since I wasn't in the system, asked me for all my personal information. Name, address, a phone number, email, insurance carrier. She asked me how i found him(?) "google?" I said "yes, but my husband already goes there". Then asked me "what dr again?" I don't know what tipped me off, i needed to find a pen, but I looked at the website again and saw "advertisement" along the logos of the local health organization that I thought he was affiliated with. I thought "what the f*ck!". She gave me his phone number, and before I hung up I said "I just realized you aren't even the correct website. Could you please not use my number or email for anything?". She said "yes, I'll wipe you out of the system when you hang up". Then transferred me to the wrong location. I am just glad I didn't use the web form to get an appointment! This website needs to be shut down!!! They are claiming to be someone they are not!!!

Ask Stacey about HealthGrades
1 review
3 helpful votes

bias site also doesn't allow an organization to be reviewed as a whole.

Ask Todd about HealthGrades
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I have written reviews and verified my email address, yet they have not posted my reviews or answered my emails. My reviews were all positive, except one was very negative. I don't think they are posting my reviews because of the negative one. I would not trust the site.

Ask Cheryl about HealthGrades
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

I have been using this site for about a year. I chose a dr that had a 100% rating. After going to that dr, I realized that there was no way this dr should have that high of a rating! I waited for over an hour (1hr 40 mins). Then when I talked to the dr she didn't listen to a thing I said! She gave me the wrong meds as well. I went back to and completed a survey. They did not post my survey AND the doctor called me the very next day about the survey!!! After a week I completed another survey thinking I had done something wrong on my end... still the survey did not get posted to the site. I have emailed but never received a response. I do not trust the ratings or information on this site.

Ask Mary about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes

Most reviews are by competitors or a disgruntled individual. The good stay quiet.

Ask Harry about HealthGrades
1 review
4 helpful votes

Used this site before I chose a surgeon for neck/back problems. The doctor I ended up choosing Heathgrades gave a clean bill for him, but in reality had 2 lawsuits that went against him and 3 pending at that time. He now has 20+ and I have a useless left arm after my surgery from the doctor I wouldn't have chosen if I would of got the correct information about him from Heathgrades. DO NOT USE HEALTHGRADES FOR CHOOSING ANYTHING! Unreliable site.

Ask Philip about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes


Ask PETER about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes

Defamation. Endangerment to medical staff. And loss of business. All are directly traced to erroneous ratings. In my case, they have me medically practicing over 100 miles from where I really practice. And their site lists nothing but the zero type ratings, ratings that are typically done by disgruntled drug addicts. They, many times, know the net well, and how to disuse it. Thus, we will NEVER ever be able to trust uninvestigated email entries = what healthgrades accepts. True reviews are available to patients through real HMO type audits of real practitioners, real patients and real visits. Everyone should be frightened of something like healthgrades, which is essentially a smear blog, without any responsibility and no recourse for the "graded".

Ask Terry about HealthGrades
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been a victim of this rating system. A disgruntled employee entered the poorest rating on all aspects even scheduling, office staff, etc which my partners got top 5 ratings. I got a one rating that skewed all additional comments. How can a consumer know there is one crank review and two good ones. They average out poorly. Needless to say the system can be gamed. Mds can send in reviews via family and friends and come up with perfect five scores. Who even knows how to use site. If fair, every patient should be asked to complete a survey after a visit to the MD. I was horrified to see my score based on 3 reviews after receiving excellence awards within my hospital. I reviewed other MD reviews who got straight fives...all excellent. I question the reliability and reproducibility of this data and caution individuals from placing weight on this arbitrary and potentially manipulated reviews. It is a crime

Ask Mary about HealthGrades
1 review
5 helpful votes

This site is a total scam. How is it that they look so reputable??

Ask Lili about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site is unethical and misleading. There is no verification process, so it's a great way to commit character assassination; just get a bunch of friends together and write a bunch of bad reviews. I hope no one takes this site seriously. Also, it's unclear where they get their description of what services the caregiver provides. My experiences is that's descriptions of the services provided do not match what services the provider actually advertises as providing on their website and in the phone book. For example, I was looking for a therapist who does EMDR for PTSD. I found a therapist on line; checked healthgrades -- services descriptions didn't match; I was wondering if their were two therapists with the same name. I called the provider and asked her about the disparity. She advised that the healthgrades description is in error. She further advised she tried to correct the erroneous information thru the healthgrades site. She reported she was able to provide updated information, but the site never changed her data nor did they respond directly to her about her update. She says she gave up and simply hopes others don't look to this site for accurate information.

Ask Christine about HealthGrades
1 review
2 helpful votes

Luckily, I did not get caught financially by this site, but I did get screwed in a much, much worse way. I needed a new Rheumathologist so I read the reviews on several doctors in the area that was convenient for me. I picked one who had a 4.5/5 rating. Good, right? WRONG!! He turned out to be the worse doctor I have ever been to in my life. Now that I am searching for a new one, I have found many other sites to use and guess what? On these sites this doctor has a terrible rating! Additionally, while you are trying to review a doctor, advertisements keep interrupting your search. This site should be banned!

Ask Denise about HealthGrades
1 review
5 helpful votes

This website is full of misinformation, outdated information. I was recently trying to look for a well rated doctor. It turned out tha I was misinformed. The website claims that the doctor got his degree from a respected medical school in US. It turns out tha he received his degree from Damascus! You can go in to rate anyone you want. There is no quality control of any kind. So a doctor can get his or her friends to put a high rating for himself or herself. Therefore, the rating is entirely unreliable. Stay away from this website.

Ask David about HealthGrades
1 review
5 helpful votes
7/18/10 presents it self as a rating site through which consumers can obtain accurate information about their doctors and obtain information about a particular doctor or hospital which they are considering using. A quick rating system is available for no fee and additional information is available for a fee. The information profile obtained for several doctors did not at all match the actual quality of the doctor. is a rip-off.

Ask Mileus about HealthGrades
1 review
5 helpful votes

If you google "Healthgrades complaints" you will bring up many, many consumer complaints. Say no more...

Ask Mike about HealthGrades
1 review
1 helpful vote

I absolutly loved this site! I needed to find a pediatrician for my daughter, and was having trouble finding a good doctor that accepted our insurance. This site lets people conduct detailed searches for healthcre in many feilds including physistions, dentist, hospitals, and nursing homes. For example, I searched peditricians in my area who accepted aour insurance. I got names, adresses and ratings. Also availible are drug reveiws either by drug name or condition. For a fee there is availible detailed cost reports on procedires, labtest and visits.( so you can have an ideal how much these may cost.) Another reason I liked this site is because people are not limited to searching for only doctors. I searched and found a wonderfull nurse pratictiner in my area. I was so please with the results of this site. Personally I beleive I will never have to look anywhere else for any questions I may have on what medical provider I should use. This site has everything I needed.

Ask sueanne about HealthGrades

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Q: How does a person that is new in town find a good surgeon or how they are rated? I had a nurse suggest Health grades web site to find information on a doctor. Well from what I have read here I don't want to but life in the hands of Dr. that is on Health Grades
A: An area hospital is touting its "rating" in orthopedic surgery received from HealthGrades. How does any hospital get a department rated on this site and how meaningful is the rating. They say it is based in part on reported complications. The most suspect claim is: "If all hospitals performed at the level of a 5-star rated hospital, 185,875 inhospital complications may have been avolided among Medicare patients over the three years studied." Comments?
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