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HauteLook reviews

220 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Deal, Fashion
Tel: 1-888-547-8438
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220 Reviews for HauteLook

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They were on sale for $300, and their original price was $600.


I called customer service..They of course were closed on Sunday.


Can you believe someone would say this to a customer????

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New Reviewer

I don't know why it has so many bad reviews? I had a good experience with Hautelook, maybe shipping is not the fastest (I got one of my items in 10 days and another one in 11 days) but otherwise it's a great way to save on good brands. If you're afraid you're going to get a bad product I suggest you google it first before purchasing it.

New Reviewer

Hautelook is a dishonest site. Buyer beware. They will double the retail price and show a discount. It's deceiving. I am warning you about their deception and seems to be getting worse. I have no idea who to report this scam to. Don't buy from them.

New Reviewer

For a company owned by Nordstrom, I thought that purchasing an item would be a great experience. No! It has been well over a month since, I ordered my item and it has not arrived. I wont be ordering again regardless of the deal I got. There are too many other great sites that don't take this long to receive the item!

New Reviewer

Great deals, but I have had errors in previous orders and it takes an appalling amount of time to ship to canada. For example, I ordered items on Nov 25; it is January 9, and according to the tracking they have sent me, they are somewhere in Alberta. I think this will be my last purchase.

New Reviewer

If I could give negative stars I would. Their customer service is horrible. I ordered a watch in October. OCTOBER! December came. I asked where the watch was at in time for Christmas. The rep. said that they were "picking" it in the warehouse and that it should be sent out within a day. 2 weeks passed. 3 weeks passed. Then I was told that they actually did not have inventory for it, and gladly gave me $10 for the inconvenience. They could take their $10 and shove it up their... let's just say no more hautelook..more like NOT LOOK! buyers stay away from this company. You won't get your stuff and don't even let me start with returning items online. They lost half my stuff and never gave me credit.. DONE DONE DONE.

New Reviewer

Terrible shipping. Products, especially shoes, are not even worth the discounted price. I had to call customer service multiple times to follow up on an order. Each time I was told my order was ready to ship. Shipping is expensive through this site. After 31 days passed (with no order shipment) I called to cancel. They do not follow through. I was promised call backs, credits for the late shipment, etc. none of these things happened. Buyer beware!!! Stick with Amazon or brick and mortar stores. This is nothing like the actual Nordtroms experience. And the deals are not really deals.

New Reviewer

Return processing takes over a month and the company loses orders, so impossible to track your return some of the time. I will no longer purchase from them.

New Reviewer

I placed an order on November 20, 2013. As of today, I still have not received it no received any further communication regarding the order. On December 16th, I spoke with a customer service rep. who ensured me that my order was being picked and I would have it in a few days. Nothing. I called again today and was told that my order was short-shipped (essentially, there was not enough product to fulfill the orders and I would not be receiving the product). I had to ASK for a credit for the price paid for the item. In addition to the product refund, they half-heartedly offered me a $10 credit to Hautelook for the hassle I had gone through. Please, no need, because I will NEVER shop with you again. STAY AWAY.

New Reviewer

I placed an order with them November 21 for an $18 acrylic case to hold some makeup in. Then with shipping and tax I ended up spending close to $30! It would of been cheaper to just go to the store and get one. But here it is exactly a month later and I have yet to receive my package. They said I would get it by December 17th with seems crazy because I ordered it in November but I was okay with it. Then I received an email saying they shipped it out on dec 16.. How they expect me to get it by the 17th is beyond me. But I'm STILL waiting for it. This site is a waste. Yes it has some cool stuff but it isn't worth the wait by any means.

New Reviewer

THEY OVER CHARGE TAX !!! Buyer beware ! If you decide to buy from, not only do you have to wait a lifetime for your purchases to arrive, but they do not charge the correct sales tax percent for where you live. I'm actually thinking about reporting them to the government for this.

New Reviewer

This is probably one of the best discount online stores. Their customer service is amazing - I have recieved the wrong items a few times and they return it with no questions. Also, the price for shipping is nowhere near outrageous - some American site charge $22 for shipping to Canada. The products from Hautelook are amazing, the discounts are amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone .

New Reviewer

This website is ridiculous. I ordered several items. 3 of these items were fashion jewelry. They looked like costume jewelry from Target. After waiting weeks for delivery, I was so disappointed because they were gifts.
I called and was put on hold for so long the customer service agent sent me a return label and said she would waive the shipping fee.
I felt a little better until it took weeks for them to receive the return package.
Then I received an email crediting only one of the three items in the package.
What kind of service is this? The website looked like it had promise but their customer service is terrible

New Reviewer

The products/site is okay, but in a world where ships in 2 days, waiting over a month to get a single item is ridiculous (and that's with paying $9 bucks for shipping!)

I'm surprised the brand is associated with nordstroms, because nordstroms has such great customer service... unless they fix the timeliness of their deliver, the site will continue to stay in business.

New Reviewer

I just received a credit from them for the FAKE Louis Vuitton I purchased! It took a month to receive this bag, and what disappointment, and frustration I had when I saw it was nothing more than a fake. Thankfully, they didn't give me much problems in getting my money back, but I will never shop there again! It's not worth the time or continued risk of getting fakes on everything..........

New Reviewer

Customer service is just horrible, merchandise is ok if you are willing to wait for months to receive it. I am in Canada and their shipping and customs are horrific and a total rip off. Stay away!

New Reviewer

I ordered almost $300 in merchandise from this company claiming to be allied with Nordstroms. It turns out that the quality of their items was very cheap and I had to return them. It was outrageous because it took nearly 2 months for them to receive the packages and provide a return to me. This is unacceptable because they charge customers as soon as they ship the item, not when the customer "receives" it. If that were the case, they would be bankrupt because their shipping is outrageously slow. Better stick with amazon that has REAL customer service and is a REAL company dedicated to providing REAL products, not scams.

New Reviewer

First of all, I have never had problems with the customer service. I did have to call them once and they couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. Now, the quality of the items is another story. I have been dissatisfied with everything I have purchased, and since you pay for shipping both ways (unless you settle for a credit), it's a ripoff. They take pictures making things look different than what they really look like. Plus, sizes seem off. I am a 6.5 in shoes (always) and ordered a black pair of shoes I already owned in brown. I couldn't even get my foot in the ones from a Hautelook! Now that's weird, and No, my feet weren't swollen. Jewelry looks different too (not as good) etc. I'm not trying to be mean, and I usually leave good reviews. I've never left a bad review on my fav website ModCloth...Sorry, it's all true :-(

New Reviewer

I found this website recently and thought it as too good to be true. Upon finding a pair of shoes that I loved, I put them in my cart and continued browsing. I made sure to keep an eye on the timer, as you only have 15 minutes to checkout before they make the item available to others. I went to check out with over 4 minutes left on the hold and was told the item was sold out! So not only do they give you a 15 minute time limit to make your selections, but they don't even hold the item for the full 15 minutes as promised! After I was told that the shoes were sold out, I went back to the page where I found them and they were completely gone...not even listed under the sold out ones. I contacted customer service via e-mail and have yet to hear back from them. Buyers beware!! I believe that they use cheap prices to lure in customers only to make the items unavailable when you try to purchase them.

New Reviewer

At first I loved this app. So many great deals. But it look a month to receive my first order when the estimated delivery date specified upon ordering said only 10-14 days. My last order was placed on November 5th and I'm still waiting for my item to be shipped! Again, when I purchased the item the estimated delivery date said only two weeks. I will never order from here again because I am not waiting a month or more for my purchased items to arrive. Very disappointed!

New Reviewer

I love the selection of products and the prices but i am very tired of the shipping wait. Every single time i buy something from them it takes a whole month to TWO months to get to me!!! I buy a winter jacket and by the time it gets here, its not even winter!! I live in the US, so theres no excuse for this! Im getting very irritated. Still waiting on my item to ship and its been a month. Hasnt even SHIPPED yet. Rediculous! BEWARE HOLIDAY GIFT BUYERS: You definitely will not get your purchase by christmas!!!

New Reviewer

I placed an order 11/1/13 with an original delivery set to be no later than 11/22/13 (I paid for 3-7 day shipping) & without notification to me my delivery date had been changed to 12/2/13 (over a month since order was placed). I contacted member care through the chat option online and was told my order still had not shipped, but it should by next week. I asked fot a refund and will never shop here again!

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service. Ordered a jacket and received A blouse. I've sent THREE emails to customer service asking how to return the item with no response to any of them. Inconsistent with delivery charges. Won't be ordering anymore.

New Reviewer

Well, although I never write reviews, I felt compelled to do so, after reading many about Hautelook. I've purchased more than 130 items (you read correctly-130) from them and yes, twice I received the wrong item(same brand),but other than that, I always get what I ordered. They do have late delivery, but you are informed before you place an order. Some orders are placed with partners, some ship directly from their warehouse. I read people complaining about quality, but lets face it, If you buy a leather bag for $65, you shouldn't expect the highest quality! Or, if you buy shoes for $25, make no mistake, those are not meant to last or be the most comfortable. That does not mean, that you can't find a great deal on great quality items( often past seasons'). I've bought from Hautelook many great products: from shoes and boots, to clothing, perfumes, books, bedding and etc. If you are not sure that you are getting a good deal, do a quick research online before you place your order. Have fun!

New Reviewer

I ordered Ugg boot for my daughter on 11/11113. I wash unable to checkout until my time limit was over and I lost the selection. I then called in and had a rep assist me with purchasing a pink flamingo Ugg with a $15 discount. Although it was not the color I wanted, I accepted it anyway.
Well, it came today 11/25/13 and to my surprise inside the box was a mens sweater !!!! Really after all this time? I called and was told there was nothing they could do since the sale was over. Hautelook or hautemess!

New Reviewer

I love hautelook. There are tons of items sold on this website that I couldn't get where I live because they just don't carry ahlf of the brands and/or items in my small hometown, for that I'm grateful. Even us small town gals like to wear nice clothes and carry fancy handbags lol.
Many people I know shop on the site and have had great experiences. Check it out, they have amazing deals on tons of items from scarfs, sweaters, shoes, to jewelry.

New Reviewer

As if Nordstrom wasn't my fave store, I have made it part of my routine to get to their flash sale site daily at 11 am EST on the dot. I promise I am not one of those people who keep holding and holding an item that you want only to let it go hours later. As long as my cart has at least $100 worth of goods (to qualify for free shipping) my choices are gone from your possibilities thisfast.
This past week HauteLook has added Nordstrom Off The Rack for HauteLook. Double your bargains, triple your bargains, quadruple the fun. I just love dealing with this site. Sometimes shipping times can be two to three weeks from time of purchase, but you are told that upfront before you purchase. If you only purchased $85 dollars worth and then go back for another round later in the day you can call their customer service and they'll combine the orders for free shipping. Basically you are treated like the royalty that you are as their customer. If you've never been to a Nordstrom store, trust me when I say/type that they are the the best at treating you like a Queen or King. If they can do anything to make you happy they'll do it. Credits are often found on my account before I get an eMail letting me know that I'm about to receive one. I thought that this might have been the exception, not the rule, due to how much I purchase, so I asked my daughter (who has her own account) to deal with Customer Service and ask them to combine a shipment, and they did it for her, as well, so obviously EVERY customer is important to them because she buys from the site much less frequently than I and she spends much less that I do, too.

New Reviewer

Hautelook is a joke, they give you a shipping date then change it three weeks later, you never receive your products in a timely manner, i called several times about my order tht i have been waiting on for over four weeks, i was told the wait to send there shipments in bulk and not individually. I will never order from this site again! Hautelook is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with I was a little nervous ordering from them, due to some negative reviews I read. Most reviews were about how long the shipping took, but it is clearly stated when you check out, so I was prepared. I received my order the exact date I was told. Other reviews were regarding quality. I received the exact items I ordered, at the quality I expected. I ordered two fleece character ponchos; one Hello Kitty and one Batman. They are of great quality. I was going to order the same ones from Amazon for almost $40 each, but found them on for $13 each. I will definitely be ordering from them again. I would rather wait for longer shipping than pay three times the price elsewhere.

New Reviewer

So sorry about this, had ordered from them & been satisfied until my last order. Ordered on Oct. 2, notified of shipping on Oct. 29 & my AmEx was charged. USPS has NEVER received the package. Electronic label still sitting in Fontana CA. I've emailed Hautelook several times & chatted twice-last time was Friday, Elizabeth said she'd contact me by the end of the day but didn't. So, still no answers. It's 4 bottles of nail polish, wanted them for Thanksgiving. They are losing a customer over less than $30 of mercandise.

New Reviewer

I've only tried to purchase three things from this site. At first I was thrilled because the deal on the dress I first purchased was amazing, but when the dress arrived a few days before the wedding I was going to wear it to, it was the wrong dress!!!
They gave me a refund and a $10 credit, which expired before I could use it. Despite this incident I tried a second time, this time ordering two shirts for my boyfriend for Christmas. I loved the design and the price on them! But I used the wrong credit card and immediately sent them an email to see if they could cancel it and reorder it with my current debit card. Their policy says they will respond within 24 hours, but it took them two days to tell my the brand was processing fast so they could cancel it or change the billing information. A week or two later ONE of the shirts arrives . I call about the second one and they tell me it should arrive a week or so later, but for the inconvenience they gave me a $10 credit. Two days later I receive an email saying that the shirt is actually out of stock and they have to refund me and they give me a $10 credit-- which is weird since two weeks earlier they refused to cancel the order because it had already been processed!!! If you want more reliability, try ruelala or myhabit, they have deals that are just as great! :)

New Reviewer

I've got my order waaay later than it was promised. I've had to call them and send them messages to figure out if I ever get the order. Finally, the sales representative promised at least to refund the shipping cost. After several weeks I've got my purchase, but never the shipping refund. I think they got a good products to offer, but I won't buy there anything anymore. There are so many other online stores with much better customer service. If to talk about merchandise itself, it was good, nothing ripped, same as what I saw on their website.

New Reviewer

OH MY GOSH!!! If I were you I would NOT listen to any of the negative comments people have been posting. Look I have worked in retail, and frankly when I read the comments about horrible telephone service, I have one word for the complainers. BREATHE. Obviously your not calling to tell them they did a good job, so do not get angry, its not THEIR fault they are just there to help you, and who knows what could of happened to that person on the phone that day. Yes, work and personal life is always separated, but sometimes you cannot hide emotions. Also everything I have ordered off of Hautelook comes to my house so fast and its always is perfect. I am never surprise when opening up my box of goodies. Whatever I saw in the picture is what I am looking at in real life. And really the Prices are AMAZING! I recently bought Fergie Metro Boots for only 70$. For the quality and the comfort of the boot I would of paid full price! I love love love hautelook, and personally make it a daily routine to check the website, even if more times then not I do not by something for myself, but I always find myself showing things off the website to friends because I know they would want it. Hautelook has never done anything wrong to me or anyone in my family, and totally we have purchased over 20+ things. love Hautelook, I recommend it to everyone!

New Reviewer

They constantly make excuses for their bad site. I ordered a pair of boots and a month and a half later, after many phone calls on my end, was told that they couldn't fulfill my order. Wish I knew that a month earlier! They just kept blaming the partner company where the boots were supposed to get shipped from. Nordstrom is an amazing company, but they really dropped the ball with Hautelook. It's really a shame.

New Reviewer

I went to the website curious to see what was promised as fabulous prices and selection. I was required to agree to terms of service that specifically stated any charges associated with use of the site could be changed at anytime. Crazy bad!

New Reviewer

Buyer beware. Don't get fooled by the cheap prices. Quality is absolutely terrible! And I mean flimsy, shoddy, inferior, and more like a knock off than the real thing. If I ever even look at the site again - shame on me.

New Reviewer

I wish I could give them negative stars. I ordered riding boots from them in size 8.5 and instead received heels in size 7 - a completely wrong order. When I called customer service, they just asked to return the item and sent me a $10 credit for all the inconvenience they caused and the goof-up they made. They did not even have the item in their inventory to send me the right shoes. This website sucks and the way they do business sucks too. I wish someone can ban them.

New Reviewer

Customer service flat out lies to you about shipping of products. Since it was my first purchase from hautelook I wanted to make sure that i received items in time so incase I didn't like it(or in my case, if the shoes didn't fit right) I could return it within the 30 day return policy that they have. Before I made my purchase I spoke to a customer service representative who assured me that I would receive the items in the time frame that they specified for that particular product. So I went ahead and I ordered the shoes 3 weeks ago which should have been here by now. Last week they sent me a tracking number for the order which still hasn't been updated. It has been 7 days since the label for UPS was created and the item still hasn't been picked up from their facility or shipped out. What annoys me the most is why Nordstrom would be affiliated with a company like Hautelook and ruin its reputation.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 things to equal 100 for the free shipping. Some Naked RAW jeans, which i had to return because they fit my gf too tight, had to pay for the shipping. took a month to get credit, then finally received the over the knee boots i ordered for myself. Apparently they came all the way from China. VERY cheap looking. VERY CHEAP! even had a website and phone number of the "company" on the bottom of the shoe. I wouldnt pay $20 if i saw them before i purchased them for $40. But if i return, ill only get 30 back. in a month. So i just gave them to my niece. horrible.

New Reviewer

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! I talked to the representative for 30 minutes, and she agreed to give me hautelook credit and a return label sent to my email. and NOTHING got done. NOTHING! so I had to call again, waste my 30 minute again explaining the whole thing all over again (because the first person didn't make any notes on the system). Both of them didn't apologize for this inconvenience. but guess what? the 2nd representative named NAVID didn't do his job either. He didn't create a correct return label. so I had to call the 3rd time, and finally once and for all fix the problem. WASTED MY TIME. DON"T EVER SHOP AT HAUTELOOK.

New Reviewer

Ordered handbags of 'genuine leather' for Christmas gifts....took two weeks to received...and when they arrived....the color was awful (camel? Looks orange to me!) and the quality of leather....if it even IS leather...was horrible....Got the info for returns off my invoice...logged onto site and went to purchases in order to get the return label.....No label! And a note that indicates these items are not eligible for return OR refund!!! Are you kidding me!!!!?????? STAY AWAY!!!!! Cannot believe Norstroms is associated with this site......

New Reviewer

I give Hautelook three stars simply because of the deals they offer. I have ordered from them multiple times (probably 5-6) and only once has my order come anywhere near the timeframe given.

New Reviewer

Hate hautelook. Ordered some make up pallets once a year ago which looked like it was normal size but it came in a super mini size!! It was also not very cheap but I decided to just keep it and not return it... Anyways recently I went on the website again and saw two pair of shoes that I liked. They looked amazing on the picture. I ordered it. The package came almost a month later. I took out the shoes and the quality was sooooooo terrible I was shocked!! It smelled like cheap rubber, and they were supposed to be "leather". I'm so disapponted!!! Paid 80 for them but hautelook is only returning 60$!!! So I paid $20 for nothing! Hate them. Hate their unprofessional company. Will never order from them ever again. I wish I could give them a zero rating!

New Reviewer

the stars should go into the negative...I would rate this site a farce and a negative 5. Bad customer service. Don't believe a confirmation about when the item will arrive. the actual date was a week later than they told me. the first time I spoke to customer service they told me the item would not be shipped (because it had not even been shipped anyway) However, had to call again and they told me the item would be shipped and it was my responsibility to return it. Bad customer service.

New Reviewer

I ordered twice and had to returned them all. They didn't look like in the picture and materials were so cheap. It took forever to receive the returned credit. Do not buy anything from this site.

New Reviewer

I've had nothing but great luck on this site!! Contrary to a previous review eluding this site was not associated with Nordstrom it absolutely is. Things sell quickly and occasionally do take awhile to receive but the site is always up front about the expected delivery date. I have been a loyal customer for over a year and have made over 15 purchases. I have also returned a couple of items and had no problems.

New Reviewer

I wish I would have read about this site before ordering from them. I placed an order on 9/30 and still have not received my items. Oh and by the way my sis works for nordstrom and when I told her about hautelook and their affiliation with nordstrom she said she never heard of them!

New Reviewer

I will never again order anything off this site I have been waiting over 2 weeks for my order to come in to finally realize after 19 days they apparently just shipped it out now NEVER AGAIN!

New Reviewer

I ordered a few things from here and each time seems to get worse. The amount of time it takes for the order to come is just plain annoying. My 2nd order I only received one of the items and they only credited my account $5.21 which was just shipping. The product was over $10. I made the mistake a 3rd time because I saw Urban Decay eyeliner for $4 and couldn't pass it up. Still have yet to receive those and it's been over two weeks and past the date the site states. I won't be purchasing from Hautelook again. Not worth the hype.

New Reviewer

I heard about this site through YouTube gurus that I follow and decided to give it a go because they made it sound amazing. Its not. I feel like the girls on YouTube love it because every time someone clicks their affiliate link and signs up and buys something they get a $10 credit so they don't actually pay for stuff and they probably order so much stuff that they don't notice that it takes forever for something to get to them.

The first time I ordered was fine I got an american apparel skirt and Vince top. Both good brands and the order arrived within three weeks. Great! So I ordered again. The second time I ordered two necklaces, two pairs of sandals and a pair of shoes for my boyfriend. About two weeks later I received an email that they over sold the sandals and I would not be getting them since there wasn't enough stock. I was heart broken but my refund came promptly and I received a $20 credit. So I was disappointed but it was handled well so I wasnt too upset. I then received the two necklaces and was pretty disappointed with the quality. One looked really cheap and the other (a j crew bauble necklace lookalike) came with some of the baubles already fallen off, a quick fix but annoying none the less. Finally after close to six weeks after i placed the order I was informed that the shoes I ordered for for my boyfriend had also been over sold and I wouldnt be getting them. Now I was really annoyed 3/5 of the items in my order had been over sold and that just seems like poor business practice to me. I feel like selling this things that you dont actually have is fraud. And this time it took them over three weeks and a couple emails to customer service before my refund was issued. I was not impressed.

Finally I recently went on to try again after my rage subsided. I figured I have a $30 credit and maybe I could use that for some boots or something only to discover my credits had all expired. I would expect at least six months to use them if not a year or more. An empty gesture to compensate for an extremely bad business model.

Overall I just feel this site is shady. Its seems really great too bad it just doesn't live up 90% of the time. I don't want to gamble with them anymore when there are much better places to shop online. I won't be shopping there again.

New Reviewer

Well i am a new customer i've made about 8 orders, well not that new haha. My experience has been very good, I have always recieved my order(item) before the date listed, The packaging is cute and neat, and they have excellent communication. I don't know why more people haven't heard of this site:(. I do highly recommend this site especially if your on a budget!!.

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