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952 reviews
600 W. Chicago Ave Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60654
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After getting the run around from the merchant's customer service, I called Groupon up and explained the dispute. (in 252 reviews)


I purchased several coupons from Groupon, and paid with my credit card. (in 55 reviews)


2 weeks after that, they sent me an email announcing my store was "too small" for their site. (in 35 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Echo the other reviews. The businesses groupon represents get scammed as well so be prepared to get dirty looks when trying to use a coupon.

Horrible customer service. Instead of the customer always being right it's blame the customer for everything.

Complete waste of time and money. Buyer beware!

New Reviewer

Groupon customer service sucks big time, they will always deflect issues to merchants or delivery agents. Even when a request to cancel an order within 5 min of ordering when I found that I need to pay for delivery charges, they claim it cannot be done.

There are some good deals but buy at own risk and you can forget about getting any decent service from them.

New Reviewer

Groupon is a scam! They rip the merchants off more than half of the deal they are providing for the consumer and then expect the merchant to to go backwards to provide them the best quality services! As a merchant we absolutely want to provide the best for every consumer but we can't afford to do it for free. The consumer is being ripped off and so is the merchant. Groupon is taking money away from both parties! They talk around in circles and never give a straight answer on the problem! I don't recommend anyone ever working with this company. I've had nothing but problems! The consumers seem to have tons of problems qgetting clear information on what they are buying especially if you are able to buy several different groupons and packages that are at the same location. The merchant gets paid for "supplies" that's a load of crap because they can't even keep track what they owe and when or if they even paid the merchant! If you see a tempting deal contact the business first and work directly with them!!

New Reviewer

Be very careful about trying to use an expired Groupon. According to the printed "rules," "the amount paid will never expire and may be applied to ANY (my emphasis) goods or services offered by the merchant if the promotion is no longer available." Since my "promotional value" was for a meal for two, and since that promotion had expired, I expected the restaurant to honor a meal for one to the dollar amount I had already paid. Wrong!!! I was expected to sucker a friend into paying an ADDITIONAL amount for their meal. The amount paid for a voucher may "never expire," but you cannot simply use that amount for a meal for one -- i.e., for yourself!!!

New Reviewer

They are garbage...........fine print my ass.......12 days came and left and on the 14th day I get an email basically saying, "Unfortunately, we have NO IDEA what is going on with your order. Once we know we'll let you know.". Seriously? You guys have no idea, nor have any common sense to contact that supplier and ask them about an order? This is just mind bottling.............just want to slap myself on the wrist for not looking at reviews first......But yeah, looks these types of issues have been going on your over 2 years.....CEO needs to be fired or replaced

New Reviewer

I had a terrible experience, Groupon sold a course that wasn't accredited as it was advertised, eventually after threatening legal action I got a refund 5 weeks later!! And now I've been trying to get my account and personal information deleted but they keep ignoring my emails. Steer clear from Groupon.....

New Reviewer

Please don't book restaurants deals with them.  They have found a very neat way to cheat customers.  I have been cheated twice so I know.  They tie up with a restaurant which publishes lucrative deals but has no intention of honoring them.
So I purchased a Groupon for a Mediterranean restaurant. When I reached the shop I found it was closed. They had shutdown their Business but Groupon conveniently kept selling the deal. But when you ask for refund they give you only credits back. I think this is their way to show that they are generating revenue

Same thing happened to me with Italian restaurant,  only difference was that they were open but not willing to accept Groupon. When I asked for refund to Groupon,  they refused and only offered me credit.

This is the last time I am using this fraudulent site. Just letting other customers know what problems they might face if they take deals through Groupon. 

New Reviewer

I ordered a "wine tasting." For 6 days the purchase said that it was "processing." Finally, once I called them to figure out what the status was, I discovered from the very condescending Groupon representative that the purchase didn't go through. She put me through to someone in their billing department who requested my credit card information which I did not want saved in my Groupon account nor did I want to give my credit card details by phone.

To further add to my negative experience, the only way to close the account is by emailing Groupon. It doesn't end.

New Reviewer

After purchasing a product off groupon and waiting for a whole month for it to arrive, I finally decided to give them a call.
Prior to calling, I'd used their tracking number to check the status of the delivery and it stayed constant on the 'shipped' status a good two weeks before this call. After speaking to a clueless customer service assistant who kindly suggested I wait another 7 days to see if it arrives, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor was busy (as they always are) and since they do not do outbound calls, she said she will escalate the matter and get the supervisor to email me the same day.
After waiting for the email for 2 days, I called them back, and was told that the matter is with the relevant department and that supervisor will email me soon. I refused to cut the call until I had spoken to the supervisor (who was busy again), the customer service assistant said since the supervisor was busy it maybe a while, I said I was ready to wait. After waiting 25 minutes, they simply disconnected the call. It has been 3 days since, still no email or communication what so ever. Still haven't received the products we bought off groupon and paid the delivery charges for.
I have since cancelled my groupon account and have resigned myself the to the fact that I'm never likely to get the product that I have paid for.

New Reviewer

I love anything else online you must do your homework to know hat you are getting into. You must also realize that companies that promote a coupon generally are in one of three catagories...1. they are a new business 2. they are a business on the verge of closing or 3. a successful business that wants to debut a new product or service. the goal of groupon from a business point of view is to get you there and show you their company with the hopes that you will like it so much that you will return and pay full price or tell someone about your experience. Many times with a new business they don't have things in order to be successful and with a business that is on the verge of closing you may not be able to save them and you will have a lousy experience. If you buy from groupon keep these things and check reviews or look at their website before investing a lot of $ into it. Because of groupon, my boyfriend and I have been able to afford things like white water rafting, zip lining, hang gliding, a zip roller coaster, going to the aquarium, eating out at our new favorite restaurant, eating at our old favorite restaurant and even the giant swing. It has opened the world to new adventures for us.

New Reviewer

Received wrong item. Non-existent customer service. Ordered Davidoff Cool Water fragrance for men BUT instead received GLOW from JLO for women thus ruining a birthday present. I called customer service on a Friday - and a recording told me that the ENTIRE Groupon staff was off on a retreat to "storyboard their New Years resolutions" and would be back at 9am the following morning which of course is a Saturday when they are closed. Groupon is a company of amateurs.

New Reviewer

a Dissatisfied customer the second time. The first time I ordered a set of Gillette blades and they were fake. It came in plastic bags and not the actual blade cover. I had to give it back to Gillette and let them know that the blades were not in a good condition which they approved. Called up Groupon and they say that we can refund the money to which when asked don't you guys know what is being sent, answer was no sir.
Now I ordered a RED bike for my child the receipt says Red but the box contains a Pink colored bike. Called up Groupon and again the same old answer we will refund you the money and cannot exchange. This was to be a birthday gift.
Anyone can sell anything on Groupon as Groupon does not verify or check the seller and the products.

New Reviewer

I got a gift groupon for Spa 66 in the Hyatt Regency in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The gift was worth $225. The Groupon says there is a 20% gratuity (fine), but the spa said the package was worth over $400. No way! The couples massage is posted in the spa for $160; we got $30 towards lunch, and a bottle of champagne (probably not worth the $35. We had to pay a $90 gratuity instead of $45. Don't buy this one!!!

New Reviewer

I booked a hotel on Groupon Canadian website, the hotel is in Canada, and I used a Canadian credit card to pay. Then turn out they charged me by USD and the exchange rate is 1.12. PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT, or you cannot tell what currency you are paying.

New Reviewer

I think there are good deals to be had from Groupon, however, their customer service leaves much to be desired. If you have a problem with one of the companies with which Groupon has a sales agreement you are on your own to deal with them. This may seem like a simple phone call or email but it is not. For example, one of my problems of this nature was with a company called PhotoBarn for two 5x7" photos printed on wood. AFTER I spent my time uploading and editing the photos I put the Groupon code in the Coupon Code box and the PhotoBarn website insisted that the code was invalid. I tried three times. When it wouldn't work, I called Groupon "customer service," and they took 40 seconds to point me to the "voucher," in My Groupon which reads, "If you have questions, call PhotoBarn at xxx-xxx-xxxx." I said that I did not have a question but, rather, a big problem. The "customer service" automatron kept repeating his reference to the "voucher." I called PhotoBarn where I was forced to leave a message on their voicemail (at 10am MST). I also sent them an email, hoping that someone might actually provide some service. In the mean time I had to cancel out of the PhotoBarn upload and throw my time away. I've had a few problems with Groupon of which this is but one. Their MAJOR problem is that they don't have a contract with their suppliers that specifies performance requirements. Their suppliers and Groupon staff themselves can do anything to any customer that they want and have no accountability what-so-ever. I would have given them a one star rating but, sadly, this is normal "customer service," in the US today, so I rated them accordingly. We take their abuse and do nothing. Sad, isn't it?

New Reviewer

bought a groupon for water rafting, turned out it was wrong location. they did refund my 100 dollars but as groupon dollars. after a few months of not be able to find a DEAL
I purchased products instead. all I can say is I got dollar store merchandise at sears prices
I for 1 am done

New Reviewer

I bought a Groupon for Whole House Air Duct Cleaning. I have two air conditioning units so I had to buy two. Total purchase was $88.00. The voucher said Mission Air Duct Cleaning in Worcester, MA. The appointment was confirmed by US Air Solutions in Phoenix AZ. The technician that showed up at my house was from Clean Air Duct Services. This guy told me $88 would not cover the cost for the whole house and tried to up sell me to $887.00. After I told him him no, he said he could decrease it $589. I told him to just do the $88 job. This amounted to spraying sanitizer into the vents (without cleaning them). I didn't bother to argue with him, I just wanted him to leave. I have sent an email to Groupon - we'll see if I get a response.

New Reviewer

Groupon does not assist and help their merchants or their costumers. Either parties harass each other all this takes place because Groupon will ignore you issues.
This is an email a Merchant received from a customer. all because Groupon is arrogant. Merchant had to take legal action for being bullied and harassed. Groupon has a shut eye on this and many other matters refused to respond.

I CONFIRMED WITH YOU!!!! Where does it say you will have to reconfirm with me? My god, you are a complete IDIOT. Absolutely stupid. I’ve never dealt with someone so moronic as you and I’ve had some doozies. You have no respect for other people where you don’t reply to e-mails or respect their time. You say that you didn’t reply because you were out of town… so right after you sent me an e-mail on June 1 at 8:35 AM you disappeared for 22 days? You come up with such circular logic that I’m surprised you can keep up with your excuses and lies. Give me a break. You are a real piece of work. My money is already been credited back to me so good luck with your hundreds of bookings. I’ll see if I can find you on any of the other daily deals websites and make sure everyone knows what a complete nightmare you are…… just wow….

I CONFIRMED WITH YOU!!!! Where does it say you will have to reconfirm with me? My god, you are a complete IDIOT. Absolutely stupid. I’ve never dealt with someone so moronic as you and I’ve had some doozies. You have no respect for other people where you don’t reply to e-mails or respect their time. You say that you didn’t reply because you were out of town… so right after you sent me an e-mail on June 1 at 8:35 AM you disappeared for 22 days? You come up with such circular logic that I’m surprised you can keep up with your excuses and lies. Give me a break. You are a real piece of work. My money is already been credited back to me so good luck with your hundreds of bookings. I’ll see if I can find you on any of the other daily deals websites and make sure everyone knows what a complete nightmare you are…… just wow….

New Reviewer

Never buy from them .Bad customer services,paid but never received,ask refund but tell me send email only they even do have a phone number !! Never buy again from groupon.

New Reviewer

Booked a trip to Azores for 10/3. Never heard back from Azores express and when I contacted Groupon, they told me to hold off 3 to 4 days because they were probably just backed up. Never heard from Azores express at all so when I finally did, my return flight was no longer available. So basically Groupon deals, even though it includes rt airfare, you have nothing reserved after you have paid and the airlines is focusing on filling the seats with the more expensive travellers. Shady practice!

New Reviewer

Purchased Sketcher GoWalk.
Product clasp very poor quality. No safety features to keep unit from coming unclipped and falling off.
My unit fell off my wrist on day three while walking at a farmers market.
Do not buy this product and NEVER count on Groupon to back their merchandise.

New Reviewer

Groupon goods customer service is horrible. Couldn't even find a phone number to contact them on their site. Had to google and find elsewhere...because they DON"T want to hear from you. Lost my shipment and wouldn't reship because the deal was over. Didn't care to make any offer to rectify other than giving me $10 towards a future purchase. Tried multiple times...issues each time. Won't be ordering again.

New Reviewer

I have purchased many "local deals" which turned out okay. However, I have purchased 2 groupon "goods" with less than satisfactory results. The first, never came (they told me the only option i had was groupon bucks for a refund)... The second... Well it's 3 weeks later and nothing. I can't even track where it is! Terrible customer service, I will no longer be using them. Amazon local is MUCH more reliable. Do NOT use groupon!

New Reviewer

Never buy Groupon Gateway deal. I learned Groupon was not the place to save money, instead they rip you off. The online processed confirmation showed $187.XX without indicating it was US dollars. They billed me $209.XX CAD, but I received Hotel receipt $153.XX CAD in May 2014. The customer service basically just told me they were sorry to hear that. Everything is customer's own responsibility, you take your own risk.

New Reviewer

In reading other reviews from prior, it seems there were issues with Groupon, the businesses and consumers. As of today (6/2014), my experience thus far as been stellar. I've purchased mostly services from home cleaning, massage, hair, makeup, nails and more. All of the services I've received have been honored as listed with no issues. My new favorite cosmetologist who does my hair was found through Groupon. She also offers the same price every time I come back with or without the Groupon. In discussion, she loves the Groupon offer because it brought lots of new customers to her and almost a 100% good experience. No issues with offering services she couldn't fulfill or not receiving enough profit. Perhaps these were issues from the past and have been resolved? Regardless, every business I have purchased a Groupon from has provided the service as listed and the experience has been 100% positive. I love the deals and the businesses seem to enjoy the increased traffic. Definitely read the fine print for details and mention the Groupon if booking by phone or type it in if possible while scheduling. Well worth it!

New Reviewer

Groupon is not about providing great customer service. It is about taking people's money regardless of the situation. It is like too bad, so sad. At least, Livingsocial will refund a partial refund of your purchase if you are not end up using it. With Groupon, you loose every dollars, forget about any refund. I want to know if there is a federal agency that regulate company like Groupon. I will file a complain so they can investigate this awful company.

New Reviewer

I bought winter boots 07 May 2014 on the 28th June while out walking my dogs, one was letting in water...and now they do'nt want to know.. There is no after service, Think twice before ordering of them. LB

New Reviewer

I didnt have many really BAD experiences with them until it came to ordering TVs. Ordered one for my girlfriends father, received it in damaged packaging and the remote looked like someone took a knife and put a nice big slash down the surface of it through the buttons. Called them, they issued a refund and had me send it back. Assuming it to be a one time fluke, found another TV, ordered it. It arrived with a bad sensor for the remote. Called in, they informed me the deal was expired so they didnt have any more, and they wanted me to pay out of pocket for the difference on any comparable ones. Its nice that they're sorry it happened, but it keeps happening repeatedly. They seem to have very sketchy distributors for a lot of other products as well. I had a few issues with orders taking weeks longer than they should to even ship out, much less arrive.

New Reviewer

Awful customer service! I purchased an item which ended up being defective so I shipped it back using the return label provided from Groupon. I shipped the item on May 7th however the item was not received to the warehouse until May 23 which is in the same state! After realizing the status of the return had been changed to closed yet I hadn't received by refund, I called customer service only to be told I needed to provide another 21 days for them to facilitate the refund. I will NEVER order from Groupon again. Not worth the hassle.

New Reviewer

Not worth the trouble. Prices appear to be good deals but I have always ended up paying more than I planned to (once shipping/tax etc. are included) and it has always been a HUGE HASSLE to actually get my merchandise! I've had to contact customer service for assistance every single time. Don't do it. Not worth it.

New Reviewer

False advertising! I purchased a camera package on May 15: camera body, 2 lenses, bag, and lens cleaning kit. In about 2 weeks I received a camera body and one lens. After emailing 5 times, Groupon support finally said I couldn't get the rest of the purchase and offered to accept it in return or refund $30--for a telephoto lens, bag, and cleaning kit!!

I purchased a package and should have received the entire package, not an opportunity to print a return label and then cart the package to the post office.

I've just returned it today so I can't comment on the refund process.

New Reviewer

Ordered two sets of 32 make-up brushes from Groupon. After a couple of weeks only one arrived. I emailed them asking if the second set was dispatched separately. When I got a reply, they told me they were very sorry but they would not be able to send me the second set but I could get credited for the missing item or I could return the one I did receive for a full refund. I replied to them that I would not be interested in credit as I would not be purchasing from them again if they cannot fulfill their customers orders and I was not interested in a refund as it would mean I was losing out on the product I did receive. Again I got an email stating me to return my product IF it was eligible to be returned. I replied back that I am entitled to a replacement for my missing item and I would like to know why I am not able to receive my missing product when they still have the products their website for sale. I also stated that I was unable to return my make-up brush set as it was given as a present so did that mean I had lost out on my refund and will be stuck with credit that I have no intention of using. Waiting on a reply from them but I am determined to either get my item or a refund so I can get it from a more reliable source.

New Reviewer

Have always had awesome expierences through groupon! Returns are easy shipping a bit slow but customer service is great!

New Reviewer

A perfect experience of being scammed

Never write reviews (also appreciate the ones shared), but in this case after being scammer by Mr. Miller and after his scam was backed up by Groupon, I decided it the time to put my experience in black and white. Hopefully some people will avoid the same mistake I did.

Without doing a research on the Internet, I bought this deal ("Half Day Hawk Handling Experience") on 16th of January and decided to wait a couple of months before contacting Mr. Miller (waiting for a warmer weather). I was naive to expect that 6 month would be enough to book an appointment (as deal is to expire on 12th of July).

I contacted Mr. Miller in March, a couple months before I wanted to make an appointment. No reply and I was too busy, so decided to wait another month. Contacted him on 8th of May. Received email back saying:
"Since we receive numerous enquiries on a daily basis, can I ask you to re-contact me again in approximately 10 days time when I should be able to confirm the June dates for you? Likewise, the dates for July will not be confirmed until mid-June."

Waited 9 days and contacted his on 17th of May. No reply. Sending a polite notice on 19th asking if he received my email and has the dates. No reply. Waited another two days and contacted Groupon on 23rd of May (so we're 15 days further from Mr Millers last email). Wrote to Groupon support and couple hours later received email from Mr Miller. Talking about coincidences.

Reply from Mr Miller
"The next available dates for the bird of prey handling experience (3 hours) are as follows:
· Saturday 31 May
· Tuesday 3 June
· Thursday 5 June
· Tuesday 10 June
· Thursday 19 June"

So, here I had two problems:
1. There is only 1 Saturday available, a short notice of a week away which we had to reserve for other things as we can't sit around and wait for Mr Miller to answer to us. Why would he... we already paid.
2. Advertisement states that "Eagle and bird of prey experience valid Tue, Thu and Sat 10.30am-1.30pm. " This this a false statement which puts Groupon AND Mr Miller in breach of a contract I already paid for. As from his email it states he only has 1 Saturday a month available.

Explained this situation to Groupon and asked to cancel the deal THREE times. Template answer asking ME to go ahead with the deal and handle it with THEIR business partner.

Bottom line. £18 down, lost time explaining Groupon guys what's wrong, but they don't listen. They don't care about all negative reviews people leave about Mr. Millers business on Internet and they don't care about their customers, as in their first email they mentioned I'm not the first person to contact them about the problem with this deal.

Combined, how many people did Mr Miller and Groupon ignored showing complete disrespect to their customers?

Not impressed and disappointed in such scamming techniques...

New Reviewer

good site. used it to get a discount for jet skiing, cost me about 50% of the regular price. never tried anything else, but the jet ski thing held its promise and i cant complain. if i find something i need in the future, i'll consider buying a coupon there again.

New Reviewer

They have the worst customer service. I bought a $130 plus tax litterbox that was self cleaning. I;m disabled so I thought it would be great. when I got it I had to try all the tricks they offered to get my cat comfortable with the new set up. He is a large cat and his poop is as big as my Pitbull's. His urine is also a large amount so the box is basically unusable to him after 2 or 3 days. Not even close to what was promised. of course it was after 14 days and Groupon would not do ANYTHING. I will say that the company i bought the litter from gave me 75% back and called me to talk about it. The company I bought the permanent pan from gave me 50% back. Both of them were so nice. Both were sellers on AMAZON. I am on a very small income now that I can't work so it's really hard to take the hit for this. Groupon did not care about my situation or the fact that they lost a customer who has bought a lot of products from them. Very disappointed.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

groupon is a SCAM! do NOT buy anything from them. I ordered a clarisonic for $150 and 5 months later it completely stopped working for no reason. When I called customer service they said that it was past the 14 day return mark and they couldn't do anything to help me. So basically I was screwed out of $150 and I'm stuck with a broken product. TERRIBLE customer service and overall a complete SCAM

New Reviewer

I have purchased many deals through groupon. Mainly tickets to concerts or events. I have never had a problem redeeming what I purchased. The only negative thing I have to say is their slow customer service. I purchased something and immediately had buyers remorse. I wrote to them immediately, but it took them 3 days to get back to me. I was just happy they agreed to issue me a credit; which I later used on some tickets!

New Reviewer

I recently purchased Garcinia Cambogia through the Groupon website (one of their deals). Then suddenly, I started receiving monthly supplies of a lower quality/reproduction brand, charging my credit card $79.92/month. Groupon was obviously used by a scam company. BUT the real problem was Groupon’s dismissal of the matter, and failure to take any responsibility for the products they endorse through their coupons/deals! They tossed the responsibility back on me. Their policy is irresponsible and something to stay away from. Here is their reply:
Any purchases made on a third party website are not linked to Groupon and we would recommend checking with the purchases before processing the payment. I would recommend reaching out to the business who is supplying the products for any questions and refunds.

New Reviewer

I took three deals -
BVS mechanics in hedge end...
They charged 30 for oil abd very poor valet... also in 2 days I had power steering leak... when I went again they said they are too busy to look... 70-75 u can get the servicing in any local garage. Groupon and their dealers are just cheat... they dont bother about customer services.

Kutz n beauty.... in portswood road... it took me 2 months to get a weekend appointment... and then the address website puts is 2.5 miles away from the actual then they said its tom tom fault... and provided only half of service...

Raymon redfern photography... in sholing...
He will give you three prints... which are really small... after 1 month... and to get the good quality CD he charges 200 gbp... A robbery... not sure whats the point of having a deal if you have to pay 230 for 3 small prints and some good photographs...just cheating by group on.... I will prefer buying a cheap SLR camera instead... a printer and photo paper....

The deals look fantastic... but inside they are bad with poor custimer services....

New Reviewer

Awful Just Awful If I could give less stars I would. Unreliable shipping times, mixed with bad information provided when you call customer service makes this not worth the hassle. Prices draw you in but they can not guarantee your order will arrive in the specified time frame. PLEASE SPARE YOURSELF THE HASSLE!

New Reviewer

I orders 2 Clairsonic replacement brushes and they just arrived but they were too small to use with my Clairsonic so I went to their web site and found out that they are not returnable. Silly me, I should have read the fine print on my I Phone before I purchased them but it never crossed my mind that they would sell a product that was so clearly defective and not allow a return. The discount was clearly not worth it to buy something that I just need to throw away. Don't just walk from this website, RUN.

New Reviewer

My very first experience at groupon I purchased tickets to concert and accidentaly purchased for wrong location, I tried calling to refund the tickets same da day and i couldn't talk to anybody because they were closed at 5... I also tried sending an emailand thier website wasnt working. So i called first thing in the morning and turns out you could only refund same day, which seems wrong because they should have staff answering phones until midnight...they didnt even give me a credit. I will never purchase anything on groupon again.

New Reviewer

I have used Groupon successfully many times however the last two occasions have been a disaster and I won't be shopping with them again. The first disaster was purchasing 4 rugby tickets a year before the game. The tickets never arrived and it was down to me to chase Groupon to find out what was going on. In the end we had to get to the Twickenham stadium early in order to pick up the tickets and instead of the promised ' good ' seats we were given seats tucked in a corner and very disappointing . The second disaster was when I received a wicker picnic basket instead of a steam generated iron and had to wait two weeks for this ! When I actually got through to a real person instead of a useless automated response I was told that due to limited stock they could not send me my iron. They then told me they could see a similar one on the Internet and I should buy that and send back their picnic basket. I told them what I thought of that idea and they promised me a £ 10 voucher .The iron on the Internet wasn't the same and as I m not going to use Groupon again the £10 voucher wasn't much use either ! I eventually found a replacement iron on Amazon who will deliver it tomorrow for about the same price as Groupon. ....oh and one more thing ! Groupon won't refund my money until they get the picnic basket back. They eventually agreed to send a courier to pick it up and I m just waiting to be charged for that as well !

Apprentice Reviewer

I've only used groupon a couple times. I was pretty pleased with anything I've chosen to purchase through them. The reason I deducted a star is because their customer service is painfully slow. I requested a refund on something once because I thought the place of business was a bit sketchy and it took them over 3 days to respond to me. When I found a number to call, the phone was never answered. They did end up getting back to me via email and giving me an account credit. I would have preferred a refund to my original method of payment, but that's okay. I used my credit towards tickets to an event.

New Reviewer

I think they offer some pretty good deals. I've only purchased items from the "Goods" section, and no complaints except for a cracked iPhone "tempered glass" screen protector, which was refunded the next day without a problem. The shipping is also just really, really slow. Other than that, no terrible issues...yet!

New Reviewer

I used Groupon last 2 years. Today , first time, I had a very frustrating experience. On March 29 , before buying Groupon, I called to Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Academy in Kanata to verify , if I can buy Groupon and book a party for my kids on May 3rd. The owner Stephane D"Amour said me that no problem. I bought Groupon and called him back. He insisted that I don't need to come and to come only on May 3rd half hour in advance of the beginning of the party. Today I called him to confirm. He said that he doesn't have my name on the list and I didn't call him. On my words that I am not crazy to invite guests before party's arrangement continued to insist that I didn't call. Actually I was first who bought the Groupon. I couldn't believe my ears.

New Reviewer

Groupon is a complete SCAM!!! Do not give these people your money under any circumstances. I've used them a couple times for some local deals in my area but two months ago I purchased two separate meal deals for a restaurant. It turned out that the place did not accept the Groupons!!! They came up with an excuse that they were under new management. I have spent a month trying to get a refund from these people but to no avail. Now I'm out $100! I don't know how these criminals are able to continue robbing people like this. I'm currently seeking legal action. Good luck to everyone else who has been robbed by Groupon. Spread the word!

New Reviewer

This site really is bad with offers, most of the offers are fake and other site more better offers, event there are no review columns for people to put their comments about the product sold by them

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