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GiftCardMall reviews

52 reviews
Categories: Gift Cards
5918 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588
Tel: 1-877-426-2551

52 Reviews From Our Community

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Well I don't have the activation code, and I can't find it anywhere, nor can I find it in any saved emails or documents. (in 12 reviews)


Emailing the customer service, I got my response within the 1-2 business days as promised. (in 13 reviews)


Buying the gift cards was easy, large selection of store and online gift cards, and Visa & Mastercard gift cards. (in 11 reviews)

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New Reviewer

This is the only way to order a Hess gift card online. I ordered a $50 card on 12/17/10. It never arrived. Nearly a month later I'm still trying to get a refund. I keep getting switched from one person to another and none can tell me when the refund will be processed. This is a rip-off company.

New Reviewer

Emailing the customer service, I got my response within the 1-2 business days as promised. I needed help activating a 500.00 card. The told me they would send it up for activation. They activated my card for me since I had no idea where the activation code was. They were really helpful. Good customer service!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I tried to purchase a gift card for my mother's birthday. Thought everything was alright until the next morning I received an e-mail from saying that the order could not be processed. It was a form letter, but they hadn't even bothered to type in my name or the order number. It said 'Dear ,' and 'We are contacting you regarding Order .'

I called their customer service number and the representative told me she didn't know why the order had been cancelled. She recommended I contact the credit card company, and then try the order again. The credit card company told me there was no problem with the credit card, and that giftcardmall had cancelled the transaction. So I tried to purchase a card one more time. The exact same thing happened, down to the unfilled-in form letter e-mail.

I called giftcardmall again, and again the representative could offer no reasons or solutions. Then, when I tried to think of and offer some possible reasons why there may have been a problem, after about ten seconds the phone line went dead. I can't say for sure she hung up on me, but it was very curious timing. I was neither rude nor angry while I was speaking with the representative.

This company seems pretty shady, and I will definitely stay away in the future.

New Reviewer

I tried to purchase an egift card through gift card mall. I am used to the egift cards arriving within the half hour, unless I post date it. This site did not offer post dating, so when I placed the order, I expected it the same day as the site didn't seem to specify when the card would arrive. After awaking the next morning and the card was not received, I became concerned and called the company. The company advised that it could take 12 to 24 hours to receive. Fine, I didn't mind waiting. It just would have been helpful to know before I placed the order.

Low and behold, 24 hours came and went, and the card was not received. In calling the company. The order was 'cancelled as they were unable to verify the account to protect from fraud." Although it seems reputable to protect against these situations, in order to verify the account (according to the representative) they would have had to call or send an email. There was no email. There was no phone call. To top it off, there was also no notification to state that the ecard order was cancelled. Horrible way to do business, and with that alone, I would never do business with them again.

After reading the reviews of how these cards work, I guess I could consider myself one of the lucky ones.

New Reviewer

I actually bought one of these cards in a store, simply so I could avoid U-Haul's ridiculously high cash deposit. Since having to use the website, I've realized what a scam this company is. The original card, which worked, was lost with $30 still on it, and I have now received two replacement cards that do not work. They require an activation code that does not come with the card, and their phone representatives insist that they cannot help. Their customer service email reps don't respond to messages. I don't have it as bad as some folks on this thread, but I'm a working grad student and $30 is $30! I have reported them to the IC3. I hope that helps shut them down. Who's putting together a class action suit?! Count me in!

New Reviewer

I ordered a home depot card via staples to be fulfilled by Gift Card Mall. They never sent the card and makes you run around trying to figure out what happened. Avoid at all cost. Not worth it.

New Reviewer

I purchased one of their retail cards for $500. All of the money except just under $5 of it was gone before I even "activated" the card.

Turns out someone 2 cities away purchasing using my card before I could even get home to activate my card.

Their customer service requested some information on a dispute form. Their service rep then said they had everything they needed and I could expect a new card in 45-60 days. 3 Months later I call and they tell me since it's past the 30 day dispute period they cannot do anything for me, even though they acknowledge they received my form before the 30 day period, they say the case is closed and cannot be re-opened.

These people sold me an already stolen card, they are crooks. They have no way to protect their customers from thiefs and if your card does get stolen they will dispute the transaction and keep the money for themselves!

New Reviewer

Oh heck no. First of all they had a huge breech in their internet site and thousands of fraudulent cards were bought. Thousands of customers were effected. I called because I had several hundred dollars debited from my account and I had not even heard of this joke of a website. They told me that they would refund me and send my "ticket" to their "2nd level". That was back in Feb and they still are keeping my money. The rep told me they had a huge fraud break in and thousands of customers were effected. Stay away! They are not ethical and do not return your money.

New Reviewer

Purchased a gift card for my mom five days ago. Call them to have them resend it twice and verified all the information is correct. All they will do now is tell me that they could refund it or send it to the same email. They tell me that refund could take up to 30 days. What a load of crap. So much for a nice gift for my mom. They won't even email me the gift card to me when I purchased it so I can forward it to my Mom. No one in the call center can do anything but see and see if it's been processed. They don't process in house.

New Reviewer

On 12/16/2013 I purchased a 100.00 gift card using my debit card from BOA. I received an email confirmation with all the correct information on 12/16/2013. On 12/16/2013 my account was debited 107.94. On 12/17/2013 I received an email from telling me my order could not be processed without giving a reason. I called and they informed my that they had canceled my order but the person on the phone could not tell me why. It was a useless phone call. insisted they did not debit my account but BOA claims otherwise. Now I have no giftcard and has 107.94 of my money.

New Reviewer

WARNING this site is a scam.

They fraudulently charge your credit card for purchases you never made. Funds will be held with them for about a month before being released back to you according to my credit card company. (Mine is still being held by them and I'm not sure if I'll ever get back my money)

Their customer service is non-existent. Tried emailing them for a week and and still no reply. Called them up and they couldn't explain to me why my funds were being held even though I made no purchases with them.

Stay away from this shameless company!

New Reviewer

I purchased a gift card from giftcard mall....and then you find out about all the internet purchases, no gas purchases, no purchases if the web site is out of the US, no restaurant purchase....STAY away, there are so many other VISA gift cards that are less restrictive. This site is a scam....they get you to buy the card, and then limit its purchase ability, which means that they are probably pocketing what goes un-used...>BUYER BEWARE

New Reviewer

I have only used this website service 2 times and BOTH times they double charged me for the gift card and then never issued the card forcing me to spend days and days on the phone with my bank and the company to get my money refunded. I would rather have a root canal than do business with them ever again!

New Reviewer

I ordered two $50.00 VISA gift cards for my kids and everything went according to plan. I even personalized the gift cards with their names and had them each sent to different addresses. They got the cards on time in the mail and bought cute new school clothes for my grand babies! I was very pleased with customer service when I called in to ensure the cards were shipped on time as well. I spoke to a very sweet young lady and am definitely going to use again. I wanted to share this mostly because all of the reviews I read for the site were awful and I was very nervous about using it, but there were absolutely no probelems.

New Reviewer

I ordered a (egift)card on a whim in a hurry from here. It did not send at the next day i received a message stating "Unfortunately, your order could not be processed as we were unable to verify some of the information provided." As my bank had been charged I called the main line and talked to a woman who told me she couldn't help but she would have someone on the next level call me to resolve it within the next 2-3 business days. I received a call 2 hours later and the lady offered to send a new card or refund my money. I asked for my money back and it was refunded to my bank. I was really panicked after reading the reviews on here, however they took care of everything promptly and i did receive a full refund within 24 hours.

New Reviewer

Got a gift card, tried to use and it was declined. Went online and did the dog and pony show and it shows zero balance. I simple don't know how this company is allowed to stay in business.

New Reviewer

Do not buy!
I have $100 gift card with nothing on it, when I log in to see transactions - there are none. Have spent hours on the phone to no avail.
Do Not Buy! Scam!

New Reviewer

SCAM SCAM SCAM. I bought my daughter a visa debit card from this company for her 14th birthday. She tried to use them to order items online. The card was declined, and no purchase made, but giftcardmall is still holding the funds, and tell me it will take 6 business days until they'll be available. I would never get one of these again, total scam. I called and complained with their agents, a supervisor, and am not posting on as many websites my dissatisfaction. I also am looking at joining any class action lawsuit against them that I can find.

New Reviewer

I ordered two visa gift cards from The first visa gift card ordered was sent via UPS next day air guaranteed delivery for 12/31/2012 by 10:30 AM. I received the activation code for the visa gift card via UPS next day air but I never received the visa gift card on 12/31/2012. The tracking information said the visa gift card was out for delivery. I did not receive my visa gift card from until 01/02/2013 at 10:17 AM. When I called UPS for a guaranteed service refund a supervisor named Wendy advised me that they were not able to issue a refund for the express delivery fee $19.99 because the service contract with does not allow refunds. So basically I had to eat the loss of $19.99 because UPS had too many packages on 12/31/2012 and not enough drivers and would not issue a refund of the shipping charge. For the second visa gift card order I received the visa gift card on time on 01/03/2013 as promised via UPS next day air mail before 10:30 AM, BUT the activation code that I received (on the same day, different envelope) was not for the correct visa gift card! They overnighted the wrong activation code, the code that was sent to me via UPS next day air mail was not for the card I ordered on The activation code I received was for another gift card ordered through b( is an affiliate/partner of I didn't even order overnight service for I called customer service for and they said they would send a request to their "second level" to activate the card by the next day 5PM eastern standard time. I am sharing my experience so that others may make a more informed decision when buying from

New Reviewer

I purchased a gift card and paid extra $13 for two day delivery on Dec 18. Today December 26 party has not received their card and giftcard mall says it's at UPS getting a label on it, and that could take up to 5 days, they have no control of it now. I paid extra for rush delivery so they could put it in someone's hand and not be able to track it? UNACCEPTABLE. My advice, buy your own gift card and walk it to the post office and pay LESS than $13 for two day delivery. I will NEVER will use them again.

New Reviewer

We are a company and we purchased a gift card for an employee who would be traveling internationally. We did not want to cancel the gift card, simply transfer it over to a card which would work internationally. Lots of help they were. I explained to the woman we would never use their services again and that I would tell 20 friends not to use their services. I surely hope this reaches more than 20 people. Find another gift card site to purchase from. These people are awful!!!

New Reviewer

got $100 gift card. Spent $20 at walmart. and now it says i have a $0 balance and is declinded everywhere.

New Reviewer

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Make that a minus one star or less. Worst card ever- customer service (phone) is rude and website is a nightmare. Stay Away!!

New Reviewer

They are horrible!!! They charged me twice on my account. 1.) in June of 2012...I seen my statement and it showed the money was taken out and then all of a sudden 3 weeks later it shows I'm charged again and all of a sudden the old charged vanish from the statements of June. I called to ask why 3 weeks later I'm billed for something back in June in which I was charged? Plus I asked him to explain why the charges have vanished back in June and reappear in July? Why wasn't I refunded my money and why did the charges take 3 weeks and why the old statements don't show them anymore? Who is playing with my money????Worst company ever!!!

New Reviewer

The website is useless. It says I've created an account when I never did. Would not take the last 4 digits of my phone number to register the gift card then locked me out. Worst website ever! Do not buy a gift card that is managed by

New Reviewer

Ordered a $250 visa gift card for my niece's graduation. The next day received an email that "your order could not be processed as we were unable to verify some of the information provided". When I called to ask what information needed to be verified--they said they did not know and I would just have to try again. They also said if my billing address was even "one period" different than what they have--the purchase is declined. What a waste of time this company is!!

New Reviewer

I got 2 gift cards and unable to use them anywhere. I went on their site to register and both card numbers showed as invalid. So I think this company sells fraudulent products.

New Reviewer

I bought 4x$25 dollar cards as I couldn't find the $100 card on the display at my local store. I found them the following week and asked if I could exchange due to the (in light print and not noticible ) fee of 3.95 per card which I didnt notice at the time. Store said I could go onto and they would be happy to refund. Nope, they are not at all happy to refund, in fact it keeps saying my numbers are invalid and I cant even get anyone on the phone. Will never use them again!

New Reviewer

I ordered an iTunes giftcard provided by Gift Card Mall through The date was December 9. It was going to be part of a Christmas gift. By December 24 I still hadn't received anything and the tracking on Amazon said it had already been shipped. I sent and inquiry and was told by a Gift Card Mall customer service rep that they can reprint another card and send it to me again. Even though it wouln't be received by Christmas, I said yes. I still haven't received it. I complained again and was told that the card should have been delivered. My only option now seems to be a full refund. It's outrageous. Amazon should break all ties with Gift Card Mall. I will never do business with Gift Card Mall again. BUYER BEWARE!

New Reviewer

DO NOT EVER BUY A SAFEWAY GIFT CARD- EVER. I went to the Safeway website and bought one from their linked store of It was a gift for someone. The person took it to the store and it did not work. Manager blamed the gift card company. Spent hour on phone with giftcard mall. They blamed the store. Spent 2 more hours and several trips to store and store is still blaming giftcard mall. I finally called giftcard mall and said I want a full refund since you are all just passing the buck and nobody wants to solve the problem. They refunded the money (only thing someone could manage to do correctly). If you're buying online, you would think that by going to the safeway website for a safeway card is the BEST way to go....but obviously there is NO relationship between these 2 entities to assist the actual customer!

New Reviewer

Purchase Visa gift card at Albertson's specifically to make a purchase at an international online website. The transaction didn't go through. I then find out that the card was good in the US only. No where on the package where they list some conditions did it say the card was only good in the US. The only way to find out is after the purchase and opening the package to find the Terms and Conditions.

I explained the situation to the CS rep and supervisor, and all that was offered to me was:

1) refund of balance minus a $5.95 check issuing fee (this means I lose the $5.95 purchase fee and $5.95 check issuing fee)
2) buy a prepaid visa credit card and have the funds transferred (doing this would cost me another purchase/activation fee)

I just wanted the purchase fee to be added to the balance since:

a) the package did not say valid in US only
b) the terms and conditions where inside of the package and the package can't be opened until I purchased the Visa gift card

My gripe is that I know the supervisor could have done something, even send the call to her manager. It seems that they are willing to lose several customers (myself, family, friends, friends of friends, friends of family, and so on) because of their unwillingness to help or even show that they cared.

What a shame cause I usually give gift cards as gifts (especially during the holiday season) as the receiver can buy what they want. I learned my lesson.

New Reviewer

the card is really difficult to use. it's virtually impossible to use the full balance on the card because it continuously gets rejected if you spend anywhere close to the amount on the card. so you basically pay $5 or $6 to activate this card and then you lose a dollar or two that you can never spend. on top of that, i have a really hard time checking my balance because whenever i try to log into the website it marks my card as potential fraud. selling pre-paid credit cards can't possibly be as difficult as visa is making it.

New Reviewer

You may as well flush money down the toilet as use giftcardmall for anything. I've got over $160 tied up right now that I can't access and will probably never see again because the card numbers are "invalid". There aren't real people you can contact to resolve anything. Big rip off!!!

New Reviewer

I would not recommend purchasing a Visa gift card from these people.I bought one and lost my money.The card is not usable.When I try to call them it asks for your sixteen digit card number.I type it in and it says it's not a valid number.I have no way to contact them by phone.A balance check on-line says my card is marked for potential fraud.I'm going to throw the card away and count it a loss.I'm glad I only spent $25.00 on the card.Screw you giftcardmall !

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I purchased a Visa gift card which was received but the activation code mailed separately has never come. Sent ( 3 ) emails and phoned twice customer service who never get back to you. This company has absolute contempt for their customers. Nightmares begin at and don't end. The card cannot be used and the company refuses to help. Don't shop here.

New Reviewer

I bought this gift card online through a 3rd party company (

My wife and I were just cleaning house and stumbled upon the 25$ Chili's gift card..."Cool! Hey Jess, wanna go get some chilli's?"

I call to double check we haven't used it yet and it says it needs activated. Well I don't have the activation code, and I can't find it anywhere, nor can I find it in any saved emails or documents. I try the activation number anyway, only a pre-recorded answering machine...frustrating. I search their site and find a number. I waited on hold for 11 minutes and hear a click. My cell phone reads, "Call ended." I called them back. They instantly picked up and asked for my card number, where it was to, my name, the address it was shipped to and once I provide that, they activated it instantly (they told me to wait 5 minutes before using it.)

So overall it wasn't too terrible, but after reading these reviews and getting hung up on and the fact they send activation code and gift card to different places, I'm thinking I would like to stay away from this site for the rest of my life.

New Reviewer

They keep canceling my orders.

I placed an order for a $100 gift card and they canceled after a day saying my billing address did not match shipping address !!!
Then I placed another order and they canceled it after a day saying my credit card did not go through. There was however a charge for the amount and when I called they said it will be refunded.
Just for giggles I placed the same order again. This time they canceled saying the 3rd party company that verifies the order did not give any reason this time. It simply says canceled. Of course there is another charge on the credit card they say will be refunded.

I am wondering if I should try again and see how far it goes.....

New Reviewer

I sent a gift card to my brother, for his birthday. However, I was told that if he got the card on a Thurs or Fri, I should receive the code on Mon or Tues. How inconvenient and frustrating! I will certainly never use them again nor recommend them.

New Reviewer

Buying the gift cards was easy, large selection of store and online gift cards, and Visa & Mastercard gift cards. Low fee for Visa gift card. You can have them shipped direct to the recipient. I bought 5 cards for nieces & nephews about a week before Christmas. The downside is, well after Christmas, I get letters with the activation codes! By this time, the kids tried to use their cards and had them rejected! Also, I only received codes for 4 of the 5 cards, customer service (yeah, right) didn't get back to me for 5 days, and I'm still waiting for it (1/9/2011)

New Reviewer

This company is a ripoff. Their card came much later than I expected (over 2 weeks), and it was scuffed and poorly laminated. Secondly, they never sent me the activation code so I couldn't use the card immediately anyway. I think this is intentional so they can sit on my money and make more interest.

New Reviewer

This is the worse company ever!!!!!! I purchased over $400 gift card. First they delivered them late. Second, I never received the activation code. I had to call them and be on the line for half an hour. Now they want to activate them but it will take them couple of days. What a rip of! I don't recommend this company at all. I am very embarrassed in front of my friends and family.

New Reviewer

I ordered an iTunes giftcard through, which used to order it. I placed the order on Dec. 6, 2010, and it was estimated to be received by Dec. 16, 2010. It is now Jan. 1, 2011 and it has not been received. doesn't provide shipping info online so there's no way to track it.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Visa gift card for my mother-in-law on 12/20/2010. I called her on 12/31 and she still has not received the card. I call the customer service number for the gift card and they say it should be there by 1/4/2011. I am to call them if she doesn't have it and they will send another one out. What a piece of crap!! In addition, the activation code is suppose to be sent to me. I don't have it yet so that is another issue. If it doesn't show up, I'm calling my credit card company and disputing the charges. Stay away from

New Reviewer

This place is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been trying to use my Gift card for ONE WHOLE YEAR, and every single damn time I call them, they tell me that there is something wrong with my activation code!! I have called them numerous times and they say that they will re-send me an activation code EVERY TIME, but I always get nothing! I'm going to dispute this with my credit card company to cancel this transaction from a year ago!


New Reviewer

As others have posted, they send the card to the recipient after several days. 9 days for me. Then the recipient cannot even use the card without an activation code sent to the purchaser. Of course, I never received the activation code. Then when I call customer service they said that they cannot give the code and that they will have to put in a service ticket which will take 1-2 business days to resolve. So basically the person I gave the card to gets a useless piece of plastic and I am out what I paid for the card.

Never use this website.

New Reviewer

Ordered three gift cards from GiftCardMall. It took 10 days to be received. GiftCardMall sends the gift card to the receiver but they send the activation code to the orderer. In other words the receiver is unable to utilize the card until they contact the orderer for the activation code. Guess what, I still have not received the activation codes. When I talked to supervisor at GiftCardMall he told me I should receive the activation codes soon (he hopes)!! They took the money out of my account within 24 hours and I still haven't received the gift card activation codes. This is ridiculous, I asked them to email me the codes and they "can't". What a scam. Do NOT order from GiftCardMall, I NEVER will again. Amazon should not offer their services on their site.

New Reviewer

ugh. on 7/1/10 i purchased two gift cards at a safeway from, one for $500 and one for $50. later that day, the cards were stolen out of my car. i immediately called the company and reported the cards stolen. after half an hour on the line and two pauses for manager approval, a woman named sandy told me that they were sending out replacement cards and that they would arrive in 7-10 days. on the 15th, the cards still hadn't come, so i called back to ask about the status. i was on the line with a man who could not find any of my information and who hung up half way through the call (i guess he just didn't want to talk to me?), so i called back yet again and ended up speaking with sandy again. she told me that the cards had been sent on the 1st and that if they hadn't arrived by friday i should call back. surprise surprise, no cards on friday. i called back again the following monday, and was told the cards had been sent on the 5th instead of the first, and to yet again wait till friday. they STILL did not arrive, so i had to call back yesterday (7/26/10). after being put on hold roughly nine times, i finally spoke with a man named damien who told me that because i had purchased the cards at safeway, they couldn't do anything to help me, and that he couldn't even find my information in their system. i asked to speak with a manager, and finally got through to one, who told me the same thing. i told him that i'd been told replacements were being sent, and his exact words were: "i apologize for that misinformation, but you need to call safeway."

so, basically, this company a) lied to me repeatedly for three weeks, b) does not have any support system for cards purchased outside the website, c) allowed me to cancel stolen cards but could not send me a refund for that cancellation, and d) stole $550.00 from me.


New Reviewer

If someone gives you or your child a "VISA" card from just give it right back and ask for the money. Okay, politely. How can they in any kind of monetary conscience have cards that charge "maintenance fees" in the background while you hold onto them thinking that they are going to be useful at some later time? Read the fine print. $2 a month for a few months and the $25 card is suddenly worth $7. What a happy way to learn about finance in America.

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY!!!!! MISLEADING ADVERTISING!!! I recently used this website to purchase visa gift cards for a corporate outing we were having. Their website advertises and CHARGES extra for two day shipping. Turns out, that's 2 day shipping AFTER they take 4 days to process your order. WHAT A BUNCH OF BS!!!!! When we called them, they had no apology and at our request to cancel our order we were told that they have a no cancellation policy......This company is a fraud!!!! They were completely unhelpful and unwilling to make this right and not ruin our event. Now we are going to have to give out IOU's to our meeting attendees. Thanks!!!!!

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Q: I made a $100 purchase with my card but then I had to return some clothes that i bought with it. the clerk refunded 54 dollars back to the card but the card said Theresa no money on it. So basically I left the store with nothing after returning my items. The clerk said it can take 7-10 days to be put back on the gift card but the card says its not rechargeable? I don't trust gift cards from the giftcardmall. :(
A: Absolute horror! Will never buy from this company again! Customer service rude and not helpful and they took all my money on gift card! Scam!! Happy Birthday to me! : (
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