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FootballTicketNet reviews

58 reviews
Categories: Sports Ticket, Ticket
Puerta de las Naciones Ribera del Loira 46 Campo de las Naciones
Madrid, 28042
Tel: +34-912901437
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58 Reviews for FootballTicketNet

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New Reviewer

Booking done easily online at
The football tickets were waiting for us at the hotel.
Provide an answer to every question and resolve it easy with patient.
Reliable and politeness service.
Absolute delight :)

New Reviewer

Looking for online service I can count on…!
I easily booked the football tickets online, and received a great service:
The tickets arrived in time (as promised).
Seats were in a great location (as I ordered).
Great game (Real won)!

New Reviewer

Hi, my name is Ben.

last month i bought 8 tickets for me and my family to a champions league match in madrid. the service we got was great, and the seats were even better.

would recommend any day...

New Reviewer

The Greatest Present ever!!
My wife organized the greatest present to my birthday… She included in our trip to Spain two football tickets, not just any tickets but… Real Madrid tickets!!!
It was so amazing!!
My wife purchased the tickets on, they provided us an excellent service and help us a lot. Our seats was great and we enjoyed watching an excellent game.
The tickets were delivered 3 days before the game to our hotel. Excellent and easy deal!

New Reviewer

So… It's true that there are a several sites who sells football tickets online, but with the service that I got - there is only one site to but football tickets from… -
I had to do so many changes in my invention and they assist me a lot, they have been given me many detailed information and tips, so it feels like I am consult with a friend… :)
So, first thing first… THX for everything!
I'm surly recommend to order tickets from

New Reviewer

My friends and I definitely recommend!
We saw an exciting game (with Rooney's stunning goal)!!!
The ordering proses from is easy, and we got the football tickets in time as promised.
Thanks to the finest tickets that we bought, we sat in a great location.
We definitely recommend to buy football tickets through

New Reviewer

It's wonderful that we have the opportunity to watch live game, even though I have not a member in the club. It's even more wonderful to know there is a secure website that I can count on and have a great service all the way.
So… all I have left to say is: Thank You for being.

New Reviewer

I booked tickets on The all proses was easy and simply.
The service I received was excellent. My football tickets arrived on time.
The seats was in a great location. I had a great time!!

New Reviewer

Not only David Beckham got to see the Stunning goal of Rooney from 58 yards - I got to see it too!!!
All thanks to the wonderful football tickets with great seat location that I bought at
Thanks for everything!!!

New Reviewer

About three weeks ago I made an invitation to Manchester United vs Aston Villa match through this site and I received the tickets today.
The game will take place on 03.29.14 so the tickets arrive on time.
Now United just need to win!!!

New Reviewer

Safe, Easy and Wonderful – Can u ask for more?
I'm an artist by profession and I do not use the computer often.
When I decided to surprise my son and buy him tickets to a football game, I had no choice...
I Googled and came across this site (
The ordering was safe and easy to perform and about two weeks later the ticket arrived…
To see the smile on his face when he opened the envelope… only for that… I surely will booking again...

New Reviewer

This is the biggest ticket scam ticket website in history!!

New Reviewer

football tickets ONLY from!
I ordered in a simple ordering process football tickets online from
The tickets were delivered right to my home by registered post.
My girl and I had an excellent view.

New Reviewer

I have not recieved the Tickets and the game CHELSEA VS ARSENAL is just 12 hrs away. Am very very disappointed and i Hope the Tickets Come by morning. I pray only God can save us now.

New Reviewer
3/18/14 - Great service!
My mom organized a family trip to Barcelona which included watching FC Barcelona game! We saw Barca romps to 7-0 victory of Osasuna!!!
She booked the football tickets online from, they provided us with an excellent service. It was so great to watch Barce playing while we are in a great seats and watch an excellent game.
The tickets were delivered two days before the game at our hotel. Excellent and easy deal!

New Reviewer

You can count on:
We booked our football tickets online (very easy) and received a great service:
The tickets arrived on time and we got a great seats in a great location.

New Reviewer

Football tickets? Only from!
I ordered tickets online from
The ordering process was so simple and the football tickets were delivered by registered post right to my home.
My friend and I had an excellent view.
We will buy football tickets only from!

New Reviewer

I spent a lot of money on the capital one cup final -
But I never received my ticket - and I heard only an answering mashine on all telephone numbers on this site.

They are really not to be trusted!

New Reviewer
3/13/14 - Excellent service!
My girl and I were worried about getting the tickets in time… mention in their site that the tickets will be received in 1-14 days before the match, we got them 3 weeks in advance!
We Recommended to you all of!

New Reviewer

I tried to order from them - tickets for Chelsea FC vs. Galatasaray at Stanford Bridge on the 18th. I got one rep to admit I will not receive the tickets before next week, on top of which he wanted me to add money for expedited fee. They charge much more than others, do not deliver on time and write their own reviews.
"Funny" how so many positive reviews appear "all of the sudden" within moments of each other - right after a bad review. Wish they worked hard on service as they do on creating false impressions by posting clearly bogus positive reviews.

New Reviewer

I booked the tickets online at, and got an amazing professional service! The tickets delivered in time and everything was just great!!
It's so wonderful to know that I can place an order in this website (even in the last-minute) and get my football tickets so quickly to the hotel!
– I know it, now you know it too… :)

New Reviewer

Simple, easy and safely
I already heard it from several close friends, so I decided to tell you too:
I ordered from the site:, I got the football tickets in time to my home, everything as promised.
Simple and easy - just ordered from

New Reviewer

The only web to buy football tickets:!
We are not club members so it was great to have the opportunity to order football tickets securely online:
We ordered tickets from to Liverpool vs Sunderland.
The ordering process was so simple and the tickets were delivered by registered post to my home.
No less important is that we had a great view (consider the reasonable price we pay).
I can't wait for the next time I'll be there, I know one thing for sure: I will buy football tickets from again!

New Reviewer
3/13/14 = scam, internet fraud!
Order paid for, but the tickets never came.
Words just Cannot describe this:
Customer care is non-existent, no one ever picks up, emails are "undeliverable". No solution offered, as no one ever got back to me. Stay away!

New Reviewer
3/12/14 - Huge Thanks!
Cannot be described in words...
A huge THX to for so devoted service.
With creative solutions to any problem...
Caring and humanity that I rarely see…
Huge Thanks - are the best!

New Reviewer

I got great service! Warm attitude and detailed explanations throughout the process!
I ordered. I got tickets. Locations as I ordered. Pure pleasure!
Heartily recommend!

New Reviewer

Although I booked my tickets for the cup final as far back as January I am out of money but also out of the tickets. They rang me up like two days before to say they do not have any tickets left - unless I add more money.

My credit card company said they know this is a bad business - they have been getting their share of complaints and charge-backs too!

New Reviewer

They never sent the tickets, and yet had the gall to charge me!!!
They rang on Friday, saying they could not get hold of me all week - which is complete lie - to tell me there are no tickets left for West Brom v Man UTD. When I asked why they still charged me, they hung up. I did nt get a chance to say i had already booked this in advance, like, weeks ago.
I could not get hold of anyone to this moment, and none of my emails ever reach them "undeliverable"!

☛ Do NOT book With these Thieves!

☛ Don't take my word for it... Read for yourselves: All the positive reviews sound the same, and they all appear on the same day

☛ S.C.A.M
☛ Liars

I will get my money back from my credit company. I will see to that.
Then I plan on taking legal action. See you in Court, you thieves!

New Reviewer




New Reviewer

Order 172963
I am really at my wits end. Booked tickets for the Barcelona v Man City match and still no confirmation - not even an email. Money all drawn from my card, but not so much as a word. What do I do?! The match is the day after tomorrow!

Arthur Beachwood

New Reviewer

Many friend recommended on as the best site to buy or sell football tickets for League or Cap matches worldwide.
Now I can recommend myself: is the best site to buy football tickets!
Enjoy!! :)

New Reviewer
3/9/14 - Online service you can count on!
I booked tickets (easily and simply online).
I received an excellent service.
Tickets arrived as promised.
Seats in a great location (as I ordered).
Excellent game!
Excellent result (Arsenal vs Everton - 4:1)!
In one word - EXCELLENT!
See you at the semi... ;)

New Reviewer

Highly recommended! Reliable and courtesy service.
Provide an answer to every question and resolve it easy and in patient.
Booking is done easily online at, the tickets were waiting for us at the hotel. Absolute delight :))))

New Reviewer

Great to know that you can place an order in the last-minute and get your tickets so fast at our hotel! You made our trip much much better!!!
We booked the tickets online at, and we get an amazing service! The tickets delivered to our hotel. The professional service provided explanations about the seating chart, and supported us throughout the ordering process. We want to use this review and Thank you guys!!
Hopefully to be needed your services again… ;-)

New Reviewer

SCAM, Stay away. They Ripped me off!!!
Booked match tickets and when i tried to call to ask why they had not come yet, did not manage to get through. I NEVER got any reply! I did not get the tickets, but they did take my money! Also, look below - They write their own positive reviews...
this is BS

New Reviewer
3/2/14 - Excellent service and attitude!
I was worried about getting the tickets in time and to be honest "badgered" a lot…
and despite they mention in their site that tickets received 1-14 days before the game, I got the tickets a month in advance!
Excellent service and attitude! Recommended to everyone!

New Reviewer

went to Italy for the first time, and wanted to see a soccer match, so i bought tickets for me and my wife to see AS Roma. 3 weeks later just before we departed to Rome we got the tickets to my email box. nice and easy...

New Reviewer

tickets were a bit expensive, but unlike other sites i heard of, i got the tickets right on time and every email was answered very quickly.

in total, the experience was good.

New Reviewer

Customer Service team was very helpful, and ticket got to my hotel on time just as promised.

will use their services again next time im in london.

New Reviewer

I dont know why this website has such a bad rating, but i had a great expirience with them.
bought 5 tickets for myself and my family when we went on a trip to barcelona, we ordered 5 tickets for FC Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano and got great seats.

Jim Burton

New Reviewer

Don’t Buy Tickets from – They Will Take Your Money and Run!

The owner of - the infamous, fraudulent website - is Guy Omrad. He is an Israeli citizen who lives in Netanya city, Israel.

You can see his picture here:
Imagine his grinning face while taking your money to the Bank…

Guy Omrad has spent FIVE years working for none other than as the tickets operations manager – where he was in charge of sourcing tickets and delivering them, as well as for customer care. He was fired when his employers discovered he was attempting to perpetrate fraud against them, on top of defrauding customers!
Therefore, if you or anyone you know have not receive your tickets the direct responsible person is: Guy Omrd.

Guy Omrad left Onlineticketexpress and formed a gang of ex-employees of OTE and opened up a fraudulent reseller - where he pretends to be a legitimate competitor for selling football tickets – whereas he never actually got any tickets to sell!!!

He also owns the following black market fraudulent websites:
Mr. Omrad is now using the same fraud practices he got used to when he worked for OTE, for which he was summarily fired!

His local UK ticket sourcing field manager (another former OTE employee) is Mr. Michael Mayckey Mayiger and his wife Michelle Khatan two convicted felons of illicit tickets reselling.
as well as:
Check also Southwark Crown Court, Cases Numbers: T20117396 and T20117378, dated 28.8.2012 - website:
As can be seen above:
“Judge Higgins jailed Mayiger and his brother Johnny Miger for 12 months suspended for two years and ordered them to carry out 280 and 250 hours of unpaid work, respectively. Khatan was given an eight month sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to perform 200 hours unpaid work.”

If you would like to get back at these fraudsters who have stolen your money, you may file a complaint with:
Police Central e-crime Unit (Computer Crime Unit)
SCD6 Economic & Specialist Crime Command, Metropolitan Police
1st floor, Indigo Block, Cobalt Square 1 South Lambeth Road,
London SW8 1SU
Tel: 0044 (0) 20 7230 8036
Mr. Mayiger home address is:
21 Odette Court, Station Road, Borehamwood,
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom,
WD6 1GQ.

It’s obvious that Mr. Michael Mayckey Mayiger has breached the terms of his suspended sentence by continuing to deal in illicit reselling of football tickets, this time on behalf of Mr. Guy Omrad’s website, as well as his partner in Israel Guy Miger in – This is another brother of Mr. Michael Mayckey Mayiger.

The private company behind is registered in Israel as:
G.B.G Group 2012 LTD
Registration Number: 51-478173-1
Address: 17 Herzel Street 71338 Lod, Israel

The G.B.G stands for the names of this gang of criminals personal names:
Guy Omrad, Benny Lachmish and Guy Miger.
The above address of their “offices” is the private home address of Mr. Guy Miger.

By filing a complaint with the Metropolitan Police, you can make sure that
justice will be served, and these guys will stop cheating and harming other innocent people.

In my next post, I will expose additional gang Partners’ names and addresses - so stay alert!
Mr. Guy Omrad’s real address in Israel is provided below, so you might file a complaint with the London Metropolitan Police. That way, if he will ever want to visit the UK, he will be arrested immediately for questioning and possible court charges.

In their website, Guy Omard and his fraudulent partners are claiming they have two offices in Israel and one in Spain - see:

The naked truth is that Guy Omrad is working from his own apartment in Netanya, Israel:
Address: 6/12 Harav Iphargan Shalom Street, Netanya, Israel

In addition, another former OTE employee is working for as a computer programmer. His name is Benny Lachmish –
His home address is as follows:

16/4 Nehamya Street, Netanya, Israel
I suggest you file a complaint with the London Metropolitan Police so next time he will visit the UK to promote his black market activities - he will be arrested upon arrival at the Airport.

If we all file your complaints with the Police, eventually these gangsters will be arrested in the UK - and we all might have a chance to recover some of our money!

New Reviewer

This is a warning to everyone – have opened more sites:
To All Reviewers, please stay away from these sites - they all belong to the same criminals:

please see all the reviews about them in the past years :

“best ever scammers”
“Thieves ,dont use them!!!!”

New Reviewer

SCAM, Stay away! Booked tickets which supposedly should have been delivered to my hotel, and when i asked for a tracking number it all went quiet. Now they are not even online

New Reviewer

SCAM, Stay away. Bought 4 tickets which supposedly should have been delivered to my hotel, and when i asked for a tracking number it all went quiet. They write their own positive reviews!

New Reviewer

Ordered 3 tickets for Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace. Had no issues with this site. Tickets turned up as promised on day stated. Tickets were pricey - but expected that for Arsenal tickets.

New Reviewer

Order No 23671
So today I have placed an order for Arsenal V Sunderland on 22nd Feb
Confirmed by phone that the order has been received and checked with the credit card company that payment has been requested
Have contacted the company by mail asking for confirmation regarding the delivery window of the tickets as I have guest travelling from other countries to attend
After initially speaking with a representative of the company I feel happy with the service so far and look forward to seeing a reply to my mail and ultimately receiving the tickets purchased on time
Given 3 stars and hope tom improve
Will keep posted

New Reviewer

It is 14:22 on the 29/12/13 I am waiting for my tickets to Chelsea Liverpool that kicks off at 16:00 . All the telephone numbers listed on the website are fake, and their office is confidently closed on a weekend so there is no way to enquire about where the tickets are.

New Reviewer

Great news we found a lawyer which is representing these thieves:

A Lawyer called: Ori Makovski & Eyal Oren


Vered Tower (20th floor)
53 Hashalom Rd.
Givatayim 53 454

They write down their base in Spain Madrid this big lie their base in Israel.
They will steal the money and run away without any tickets.

Footballticketnet has many more sites; here are all their sites which are active today:

Here are most of their old site – which they had been shut down involving fraudulent and illegal activities:

please see all the reviews about them in the past years :

“best ever scammers”
“Thieves ,dont use them!!!!”

They have many companies all over the world - so no one can find them – they are investigated for years by the UK police

New Reviewer

i ordered a pair of tickets to a champions league match 3 weeks ago and im still waiting for them. the match is in four days and i hope i get them in time. my mail is and my order number is 21490

New Reviewer


If you see any positive review on this fraudulent website
don't believe it! I can only guess it was written by
this website owners themselves.

The people behind this website are CRIMINALS!!!
They charge your credit card but won't deliver the tickets
refuse to refund and vanish with the wind.
They open and close companies all the time.

If you have been hit go straight to the police.

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