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FootballTicketNet reviews

48 reviews
Categories: Sports Tickets, Tickets
Puerta de las Naciones Ribera del Loira 46 Campo de las Naciones
Madrid, 28042, Spain
Tel: +34-912901437

48 Reviews From Our Community

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I will certainly buy football tickets from again! (in 17 reviews)


The customer service of has been nothing short of excellent! (in 3 reviews)


i ordered 3 tickets behind the goal for arsenal - manchester city game that was yesterday for my husband, my son and me. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

The customer service was perfect. I bought 5 tickets voor Chelsea - Aston Villa on the 27th of september. The tickets were a day before the match deliverd to my hotel. In total I recieved 3 mails: 1 confirmation, 2 Information on what time the tickets would be delivered, 3 Confirmation that the tickets has been delivered (even with an exact time).

The tickets were located directly to each other with a good view. We had a great time.

New Reviewer

this is the second time i buy tickets from this website.
i bought last year but did not bother to leave a comment somewhere even tho i got the tickets on time and everything was ok.
this time i could not wait to comment!
i ordered 3 tickets behind the goal for arsenal - manchester city game that was yesterday for my husband, my son and me.
we really scared that we will not seat together. BUT not only that we seated together... they upgraded us to long side tickets!
thank you very much for a great experience.
thanks for joe for helping us with purchasing the tickets.
thanks for kim that update us on every thing about tickets and delivery.

will buy again soon!!!
Michelle - Order 31272

Ask Michelle about FootballTicketNet
New Reviewer

Bought FC Barcelona tickets 3 weeks ago for the match against Elche. got them a week later and in total i can say that i was very pleased with both the service and the tickets i got.




Ask ben about FootballTicketNet
New Reviewer

I got a wonderful present from my lovely wife - tickets for Arsenal Vs Crystal palace.
I'm surprised she managed to organize everything so well, but according to her, she got Such a good service from the football ticketnet team so she didn't have any problem.
The tickets were delivered on time to our home in the UK, they kept in touch with us and Updated as about every detail, we were able to reach them over the phone & email.
The seats was pretty good and I had a great time.
So on behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to thank and recommend Footballticketnet

New Reviewer

Hi to all.
I highly recommend this website.
It was just what I was looking for! My friend (who had recommended me to visit this website) had told me about their quality service and i wasn't disappointed.
the price was good comparing to other sites, the service was wonderful.
so......I'm happy :) and will order from them again no doubt!

Tip for consumers: Go for it.

Ask Colin about FootballTicketNet
New Reviewer

Do not use this company!

They have no customer service skills and there is a strong chance that you will not get your tickets and if you do not they could not care less. Once you have purchased they dont respond to any of your emails and if you ever do get in touch with them they are extremely rude.

I have had a personal very bad experience with them and can demonstrate in detail why for anyone who needs it. I would say most positive reviews on here are fake.

be aware they have numerous other sites with different names and can easily hide away with your money and cover their tracks.

Please buy from one of the many honest ticket sites who will actually deliver on their promises and go out of their way to get you to the match so that you can have an enjoyable experience. Its not like these are that cheap anyway and are also ambiguous on where seats are in the stadium.


Tip for consumers: If you have already bought from them prepare to make other ticketing arrangements because you won't get any tickets.

Ask james about FootballTicketNet
New Reviewer

Thank you very much for a great experience & grate tickets :)

New Reviewer

I went to the Argentina -Belgium match, and for a lot of matches before during the past two years, and I am very happy with this website.
I always get my tickets, the seats are usually good, depends on the category I choose and the price I pay, but generally from my experience - it's a very good website if you can't buy from the official organizers.

New Reviewer

went to the france vs Honduras 3:0 match great game! as for this website, The service was friendly and professional, the selection of the tickets was ok, the price was reasonable and I recieved the tickets like i was promised.
So ... no complaints from my side.

New Reviewer

This is the only site I use to get tickets to watch my teams play. I've used them at least 6 times with no issues, I have no complaints.

New Reviewer

I ordered tickets for FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid on the 17/5/14 and I was very pleased with this website (not so happy about the score. ;) 1:1).
at first i was worried to buy online but after getting a recommendation from a friend I have decided to take the chance, and now I'm happy I did it!
everything went well and now I know i have a website I can trust!

New Reviewer

I'm buying football tickets Only from!
I ordered tickets online from
The ordering process was so simple my tickets were delivered by registered post right to my home.

New Reviewer

Safe, Easy and friendly!
THX Football Ticket Net!
Safe and easy ordering process.
Friendly and professional service.

New Reviewer

My boyfriend and I were very weary to purchase tickets from a site and we should have listened to our gut. We bought tickets for the Liverpool Chelsea game. Nowhere on the site did it mention that there was severe restricted view. We could not even see the goals and a quarter of the field. We requested them to take it up with the seller and requested some feedback. We had to beg for a response and the response we got was 10% off our next purchase. We will never be buying from them again as their site failed to mention the view was severely restricted and for the price we paid!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Safe, Easy and Professional
Thank you guys for such a professional service!
Safe and easy to order from the site.

New Reviewer
5/13/14 - Online service you can count on!
I booked the football tickets on (the process was easy and simple).
The tickets arrived on time (as they guarantee).
The service was excellent.
My seats was in a great location (as I ordered).

New Reviewer

If you're looking for a reliable site to buy secondary market football tickets – you found the one! I'm going to a lot football games and I have tried to buy tickets from other companies, but I had never got that's kind of service before! I had to do so many changes in my last trip and they help me and were very patient and professional. They even save me some money by offering me to choose other section of seats with a better location!!

New Reviewer

Easy and safe site for secondary market football tickets
It was so easy to complete the order. You can see exactly the map of the stadium and choose the era you want…
I saw they have a 100% Order Guarantee so I didn't worry at all…
Everything was as they promise: the tickets arrived on time and the seat ware at the era I order.

New Reviewer

Booking done easily online at
The football tickets were waiting for us at the hotel.
Provide an answer to every question and resolve it easy with patient.
Reliable and politeness service.
Absolute delight :)

New Reviewer

Looking for online service I can count on…!
I easily booked the football tickets online, and received a great service:
The tickets arrived in time (as promised).
Seats were in a great location (as I ordered).
Great game (Real won)!

New Reviewer

Hi, my name is Ben.

last month i bought 8 tickets for me and my family to a champions league match in madrid. the service we got was great, and the seats were even better.

would recommend any day...

New Reviewer

The Greatest Present ever!!
My wife organized the greatest present to my birthday… She included in our trip to Spain two football tickets, not just any tickets but… Real Madrid tickets!!!
It was so amazing!!
My wife purchased the tickets on, they provided us an excellent service and help us a lot. Our seats was great and we enjoyed watching an excellent game.
The tickets were delivered 3 days before the game to our hotel. Excellent and easy deal!

New Reviewer

So… It's true that there are a several sites who sells football tickets online, but with the service that I got - there is only one site to but football tickets from… -
I had to do so many changes in my invention and they assist me a lot, they have been given me many detailed information and tips, so it feels like I am consult with a friend… :)
So, first thing first… THX for everything!
I'm surly recommend to order tickets from

New Reviewer

My friends and I definitely recommend!
We saw an exciting game (with Rooney's stunning goal)!!!
The ordering proses from is easy, and we got the football tickets in time as promised.
Thanks to the finest tickets that we bought, we sat in a great location.
We definitely recommend to buy football tickets through

New Reviewer

Not only David Beckham got to see the Stunning goal of Rooney from 58 yards - I got to see it too!!!
All thanks to the wonderful football tickets with great seat location that I bought at
Thanks for everything!!!

New Reviewer

Safe, Easy and Wonderful – Can u ask for more?
I'm an artist by profession and I do not use the computer often.
When I decided to surprise my son and buy him tickets to a football game, I had no choice...
I Googled and came across this site (
The ordering was safe and easy to perform and about two weeks later the ticket arrived…
To see the smile on his face when he opened the envelope… only for that… I surely will booking again...

New Reviewer

I definitely recommend!
I saw an excellent game in a great location thanks to the finest tickets that I bought online through
The ordering proses from the website was so easy, and the football tickets came in time as promised. I definitely recommend to buy football tickets through

New Reviewer

Bought Champions League Tickets on Football Ticket Net 3 weeks ago and had a blast.

not only this was my first trip to the UK, it was my first experience in a soccer match, and what a match it was...C'mon Chelsea, C'mon Chelsea !!!

New Reviewer

football tickets ONLY from!
I ordered in a simple ordering process football tickets online from
The tickets were delivered right to my home by registered post.
My girl and I had an excellent view.

New Reviewer

I have not recieved the Tickets and the game CHELSEA VS ARSENAL is just 12 hrs away. Am very very disappointed and i Hope the Tickets Come by morning. I pray only God can save us now.

New Reviewer

Football tickets? Only from!
I ordered tickets online from
The ordering process was so simple and the football tickets were delivered by registered post right to my home.
My friend and I had an excellent view.
We will buy football tickets only from!

New Reviewer

Easy to order from the site.
Secure online booking.
Tickets come in time.
Seats in the selected area.
Professional service that gives full explanations.
I do not need more than that ... do you?

New Reviewer

Highly recommended!
We booked our football tickets for the FC Barcelona vs Almeria match at the site: and received the details of our order by email.
They wright that our tickets will be sent to the hotel. And so it was: the tickets were waiting for us at the hotel. :)
The seats were in the right category and everything was just great!

New Reviewer
3/12/14 - Huge Thanks!
Cannot be described in words...
A huge THX to for so devoted service.
With creative solutions to any problem...
Caring and humanity that I rarely see…
Huge Thanks - are the best!

New Reviewer

Order 172963
I am really at my wits end. Booked tickets for the Barcelona v Man City match and still no confirmation - not even an email. Money all drawn from my card, but not so much as a word. What do I do?! The match is the day after tomorrow!

Arthur Beachwood

New Reviewer

Many friend recommended on as the best site to buy or sell football tickets for League or Cap matches worldwide.
Now I can recommend myself: is the best site to buy football tickets!
Enjoy!! :)

New Reviewer

Great to know that you can place an order in the last-minute and get your tickets so fast at our hotel! You made our trip much much better!!!
We booked the tickets online at, and we get an amazing service! The tickets delivered to our hotel. The professional service provided explanations about the seating chart, and supported us throughout the ordering process. We want to use this review and Thank you guys!!
Hopefully to be needed your services again… ;-)

New Reviewer

I ordered tickets online from to Chelsea vs Fulham. It was simple ordering process and the tickets were delivered right to my home by registered post.
We are not club members so it was great to have this opportunity.
We had an excellent view considering the fair price we paid.
I will certainly buy football tickets from again!

New Reviewer

had a nice experience with them. got great tickets.

New Reviewer

I dont know why this website has such a bad rating, but i had a great expirience with them.
bought 5 tickets for myself and my family when we went on a trip to barcelona, we ordered 5 tickets for FC Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano and got great seats.

Jim Burton

New Reviewer

Ordered 3 tickets for Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace. Had no issues with this site. Tickets turned up as promised on day stated. Tickets were pricey - but expected that for Arsenal tickets.

New Reviewer

Order No 23671
So today I have placed an order for Arsenal V Sunderland on 22nd Feb
Confirmed by phone that the order has been received and checked with the credit card company that payment has been requested
Have contacted the company by mail asking for confirmation regarding the delivery window of the tickets as I have guest travelling from other countries to attend
After initially speaking with a representative of the company I feel happy with the service so far and look forward to seeing a reply to my mail and ultimately receiving the tickets purchased on time
Given 3 stars and hope tom improve
Will keep posted

New Reviewer

It is 14:22 on the 29/12/13 I am waiting for my tickets to Chelsea Liverpool that kicks off at 16:00 . All the telephone numbers listed on the website are fake, and their office is confidently closed on a weekend so there is no way to enquire about where the tickets are.

New Reviewer

i ordered a pair of tickets to a champions league match 3 weeks ago and im still waiting for them. the match is in four days and i hope i get them in time. my mail is and my order number is 21490

New Reviewer

I needed to purchase tickets for myself and three of my friends to attend two games in London and Barcelona. I did some searches on google and came across footballticketnet. Although the website did not have the best reviews, I decided to give it a shot.I gotta say that I was really really really impressed. They delivered the tickets right on time. They always picked up the phone and answered my emails whenever I had a problem. Yes they are a bit pricey but given the service they provide, it is worth it.

New Reviewer

Be warned that the following websites are illegal resellers of football and Sports tickets.

They “sell” tickets for matches and games that they don’t have tickets for, they take advantage of the huge demand for such tickets and charge their poor victims for prices much high than the face value, in addition they add all kind of service charges and handling fees, calculate a much higher exchange rates than the official rate and then they fail to deliver the tickets!

Not only that these fraudsters don’t answer emails or their phones and never provide refunds!

They are hiding behind false names and protected domains so you cannot reach them in any way.

I personally lost 650 p and I hope that my Credit Card company would be able to charge back my money.

Just search in Google for their website name + “reviews” and see for yourself.

Stay clear from those criminals!!!

Below is the list of websites they are using to con people:

New Reviewer

We were 8 persons from Denmark who was in London to watch football and was unable to deliver the tickets to the hotel. When I called the company to figure out the problem, the staff was very rude.

After the trip, they refused to refund the whole amount but only 80 %.

Don't do business with this company!!! view will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

New Reviewer

This company deserves its poor record. I ordered 3 tickets for the FA Community Shield at Wembley in August 2013. Only 2 were delivered. I tried to reach customer service by telephone (several times and left voice message as instructed) and email. No response at all. I then get a confirmation that I will receive a third ticket in a separate delivery. It arrived but not in the same group originally sent and also in a lower category. Still no response from them. They also charge in euro's so you will receive bank charges. This is buried in their terms and conditions. It also states in their terms and conditions they will only accept payment with a credit card. Since I did not pay with a credit card I wonder if I can claim back? I don't believe they have a customer service operation. Other websites show they are based in Spain and owned by a company in Israel.

Don't make my mistake i am now in London with my wife and my child looking for new tickets to The FA Community Shield between Manchester United to Wigan the game is tomorrow i sent email to Manchester United ask them if the tickets i have from Footballticketnet are good to use this is the answer i receive:

Dear Mark

Thank you for your email.

They are breaching the terms and conditions of purchasing match tickets “Tickets are personal to Ticket Holders, are not transferable and shall not be transferred or resold under any

circumstances, save where expressly permitted by the Club in its absolute discretion. In particular, Ticket Holders are expressly prohibited from using Tickets as gifts or prizes in any competitions or other promotional activities of whatever nature, except where the Club (in its absolute discretion) gives its prior written permission.” We have not given permission to “footballticketnet” to do this. Reselling of football tickets is illegal under section 166 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. This Act stipulates that it is an offence for an unauthorised person to sell a ticket for a designated football match or otherwise dispose of such a ticket to another person.

we can confirm you the tickets you receive from "footballticketnet" are not valid for the match .

I have supplied the link below which links to our terms and conditions.

This is why it is strongly advised that in future transactions you purchase match tickets through the official channels, these are via Manchester United Football Club and Thomas Cook Sport , if you paid by credit card please ask them your money back.

We collate all the information and work with the Premier League and the police to take what actions we can against these unofficial ticketing companies and prevent other fans becoming a victim of theirs.

We can confirmed that we receive complaints about Football Ticket Net on a weekly basis.


Michael Clarke

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