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DHgate reviews

232 reviews
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232 Reviews for DHgate

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Probably depends on the seller and the type of good.

Seller promised 10day to shipping with 3-5 day fast shipping (extra cost).

I ordered a wedding dress from them, and never recieved it.

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New Reviewer

The first thing you need to know about DHGate it's like a Chinese eBay with only Buy it now sales. They don't sell anything themselves, instead they broker sales between the seller and you.

The process is actually a smart one. You find what you want, order it, DHGate holds your payment, the seller sends it out, then DHGate releases the payment to the seller once you confirm receiving it.

I've placed 5 orders on DHGate (all at the same time), I received one! I opened disputes for three and received full refunds. The fifth and final order is still in limbo that I suspect they (the seller) is going to try and stall all the way through Chinese new year.

It seems to be a matter of pride for the sellers on DHGate to see how much they can get away with. I've had to deal with everything from fake tracking numbers, substituting for cheaper/slower shipping methods, sellers using multiple accounts, to lying about stock and availability.

In the end It's sadly not worth dealing with the 10 crappy sellers to find the one good one.

New Reviewer

It was good until I had to return an item that was not what I ordered. Dhgate ripped me for over $120. They lied and cited reasons that were not true. Provided ALL documentation to them. Do not buy here! You have been advised. BTW- You will not be able to talk to anybody at dhgate as the phone number is fake.

New Reviewer

please do not buy anything from here!!!!!! It's a scam, the number they have on the contact page is fake!!!!!

New Reviewer

absolute con, items that arrived were nothing like the picture, poor quality and awful. DHGate agreed to give me my shipping costs back once I return the items, which I did. its a now been 3 months and nothing, they wont respond they even acknowledge me. disgrace, I import many items but this is the worst company ive ever dealt with

New Reviewer

I ordered a down vest for my son for Christmas. He gave me this website. I ordered towards the end of November. By mid December it had not come. I sent a request asking about it and they replied saying it could take a I waited for that month to end. It never showed. It is now over 2 months and I am to assume it will never get here. I am disappointed and will NEVER order from this website again. Plus I lost my money...bad deal!!!

New Reviewer

This is the worst place to buy anything, and I only wish I had done research beforehand. I ordered a lithium ion light, it never came in the mail, and now I'm in the middle of a dispute claim with the seller for a full refund, which they're trying to deny me and send me another product with them paying the shipping. I want my $50 back, damn it.

New Reviewer

Hit and miss, mostly miss.

Incompetent is how I would describe both the sellers and DHgate themselves.
Borderline fraud/scam.
These people will do anything to get your money and keep them.
Taking forever for DHgate to refund - they tried to stall for time.

New Reviewer

This company is a complete ripoff! We ordered before reading the reviews and noticed that Paypal is no longer associated with them and has pulled their connection! This should send out red flags to please beware as a buyer. This company should not be allowed to sell and should be investigated by the federal government to disallow trade with Americans. Since I am on tv, I am going to televise an expose about this cheating company. The products we received were subpar and looked as if they were made by 5 year olds! Were they? HMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

do not order anything from dhgate you will be very disappointed! the products do not come as advertised. electronic items may not work at all! they send you through this dispute resolution service that mainly benefits the scammers (they call them sellers). when the dispute is finalized its to the scammers benefit. order at your own risk. be prepared to give your money to them for nothing in return save grief. stick with reputable sites like ebay or amazon.

New Reviewer

I once ordered from dhgate and my experience was quite good,i bought some clothes and when it arrived its was the wrong size,i sent it back and when they got it,they refund the money but I am not sure I will buy again after all this review ..let just say I was lucky that day.thank God I read your reviews

New Reviewer

This site is a lot like ebay. You must look at not only the % of satisfaction from each seller, but also the the number of transactions they have had to achieve that rating. I would not buy from anyone unless their satisfaction rating was over 90% and their number of transactions was in the hundreds or thousands. The more expensive the goods, the higher the rating and number of transactions would have to be for me to be comfortable order from them. I have placed several orders from DHGate and so far all have been perfect transactions. Remember a 100% satisfaction rating from 2 transactions could easily be faked. Much harder to fake hundreds of transactions.

New Reviewer

if i can give 0 stars i would.

bought 2 pairs of headphones. and they are "shipped" after 2 day, got a invalid tracking number too. 5 days went by and seller AND dhgate say that tracking will be updated. 10 days passed by and turned out seller didnt even ship it yet (he told me). dhgate refused to listen to me until i got the seller to admit on live chat and screen shot the chat. 30 days in, still no refund.

STAY AWAY please. yes youtube and sellerreviews makes it seem legit, but i was scammed by a top seller. all youtube reviews are monitored by dhgate and they make sure only best are up.

STAY AWAY FROM THE WEBSITE. its just $#*!ing cheap asians selling cheap ass chinese stuff. never trust chinese, thats what i got.

New Reviewer

You must purchase here very carefully. In this sales portal there are hundred of sellers. Many of them are just scammers who will never send any goods or just will send an empty parcel. Besides them, most of sellers, scammers or not, are just liers. Most of them does not send what advertised or send just counterfeits, and most of them won't fulfill their word about warranties and promises.If you buy here, check carfully number of transactions, % of positive feedback, and comments. You will never get a sure purchase, but if you just want a phone case, look for a seller with good reputation and if you get different color, etc, just open dispute.

New Reviewer

purchased an article 2 months ago...
next day i was provided with a fake tracking code.
followed their guidelines
opened a dispute
spoke 100 times to their "so called"customer service
They passed it on 10 times to the resolution centre.
Resolution centre doesn't resolve anything.
They will do everything to NOT refund you.
They made false promises... Told me to wait until jan 12... after that date i get a mail saying... the case is still under investigation... wait 90 days more.
Dhgate protects fake sellers... as a matter of a fact im very sure they are part of the scam.
Im fighting for more then 3 months now.
I will ask my creditcard company to refund me, because dhgate will never refund.
The "so called"resolution centre will never be helpfull.... they invent new excuses every time in the hope you give up.

So please believe me.
Never trust this site.
Paypal was wise enough to cancel their contract with them..

New Reviewer

All I want to say is "Be ware" of this website. Customer service is really bad, and they won't compensate you even the items are defective.

New Reviewer

Lied to from the start. Took twice as long to get order, got the wrong items, wrong color, cheaper version of what I ordered.

Took 35 days from order date to get a small refund.

Horrible experience, someone should throw this company into the sea. Let the fish eat them. Then and only then would they be productive.

New Reviewer

BUYERS BEWARE!!!! I bought a dress for a pageant for my daughter. When I received the dress it looked NOTHING like the picture. A complete FAKE!!!!!! The dress had NO sequins and it was supposed to be a custom size and ended up being 2 sizes too big!! Lesson learned......Buy nothing from China!!!!!

New Reviewer

Ordered a phone, an S4 from them. Received it in the mail, it didn't work right at all. I emailed the seller and I tried what they asked. Still didn't work. I decided to send it back to get my refund. I got it shipped out and have waited 3 months now and the seller claims he hasn't gotten it and the site won't refund me my money after several complaints. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!! They will rip you off as soon as they can.

New Reviewer

This site is fraudulent absolutely stay away don't order anything from them. Another Chinese website full of fake stuff, fake tracking numbers, credit card fraud. Must I go on. If you dare to do business I would recommend playing Russian roulette. Your odds are better.

New Reviewer

If I could give less than one star I would.
Beware, shoppers! This company is designed to RIP YOU OFF.

I ordered a night-vision webcam.
Five weeks later, what I got was a webcam with a light on it. I had to file a dispute, then file a grievance for the dispute that the seller dismissed. I had to provide a photo of the camera and the packaging.

The company wanted me to keep the webcam & get a partial refund.
Um, No.

I had to argue with the seller who said "It has a light, so it is night-vision".
Once I gave the idiot seller the definition of night-vision, I was told that I then had to create a VIDEO showing that you cannot record in the dark. Really????

Once they had all the proof, DHGate said I could either (once again) keep the item and get a partial refund, or I could ship it back to the seller (in China), which would take about a month...and that if there was any damage in the mail, the seller would then dispute me again.

Also. most of this "Customer Service" was done via Chat...and it's in China, so you can only talk at night. They don't speak English well (and I manage a Call Center in the Phillipines, we ensure that our CSRs speak & read excellent English...just want to point out that this isn't a bigoted comment).

If you try to call them, you have to call a TOLL number in CHINA. And I did!
They also couldn't speak English well.

This entire process took a couple months.

So...again. Do NOT purchase anything from this company unless you want to throw away your money!

New Reviewer

They might seem like nice people, but they're jerks. That's all. Plain and simple. Real jerks. Stupid a**holes.

New Reviewer

Bought a dinosaur top for my nephew and was charged nearly $36 for a blurred image and poor quality sweat shirt. It arrived about 6 weeks after i ordered it. Wish I'd read the reviews here first. Avoid this site for any purchasses.

New Reviewer

It's a very bad company. I had buy a phone from dhgate Scofield. When I received it, it doen't work. I get always de message "Imei is invalid". I have contacted with them.
They told I should return the phone and they should pay my all costs. But it was all fake!! It costs a lot of money!! I have to pay cost for importing the phone € 25,-- and € 26,-- for shipping back. When they had de phone back they returned only the price of the phone in USD against a low rate!!
So you never buy at this company. They are unbelievable!!!!

New Reviewer

Ordered a phone. The tracking number is invalid. 3 weeks later, they tell me it is still in China. I believe I have just been ripped off for $140 bucks.

New Reviewer

I ordered some battery-operated strings of LED lights from them. I should have received 10 strings with 80 pink LEDs each. Instead I got 50 strings with only 10 LEDs each of various random colors - 6 of them were pink.

I've contacted them and am waiting to hear back now, but this order was so, so wrong I don't have high hopes for a favorable resolution.

New Reviewer

what an absolute scam of a website. you pay for items, they don't show up (you're given a fake tracking number to stall you from realising they aren't going to arrive) - you seek a refund and get told by dhgate resolution centre that you've been refunded, although it never appears on your credit card. So you get no goods, and no money back!
Another occasion (prior to this one, I'm not going back after the above incident) I ordered 5 sets of clothing - only received 4 - asked the seller to send me a further set or refund the 1 set - wouldn't do either. Said they'd send me the extra set WHEN I BOUGHT FROM THEM AGAIN - why would I buy from them again when they didn't get the order correct the first time.

ALL IN ALL A BIG BUNCH OF FRAUDSTERS (both the sellers and the Dh gate "RESOLUTION" centre - absolute scam, never using it again. If you use it, kiss your money goodbye and expect to receive no goods!

New Reviewer

In the US it is illegal to charge the customer before the item is shipped. Albeit my card was refunded about a month later, since the item I ordered was not available, the charge shouldn't have been made at all. This practice is not ethical

New Reviewer

I bought from Samsung 64GB microSD card.
After 3.7GB all my files became corrupted.
I figured out that my card is fake. makes profit from fake items and doesn't protect the buyer from the fake product.
See my blog about fake Samsung 64GB microSD card.

New Reviewer

I orderd a dress for a wedding from dhgate, the dress that i received was riddiculous realy! Like a sleepingbag, shapeles, cheap fabric just not made Wel!
So i tought ok, they promise 100% refund and reliability so i message them and everything will be ok, and i will get a refund... Oh I WAS SO WRONG TO TRUST THEM they just scamed me and they scam everyone believe me! When i looked to my creditcard payements I SAW THEY TOOKED MORE THAN I RELEASED!! I am NOW using the garantuee of the creditcard to solve the problem. But never never i buy again from dhgate or othe Chineze websites !!!!!!

New Reviewer

I bought 3 Nerf Guns. I didn't receive 2 of them and the one i received was A PIECE OF GARBAGE. It wasn't even a Nerf gun but it was this piece of cardboard shaped like a gun. I bought some darts from there because it said 200 for 15 cents so I was surprised and I bought them. When I received them, they weren't even 200 they were less than 30 and they looked used and they were ripped and messed up. About $250 for $#@! that was worth nothing.

The good thing about them is nothing.

New Reviewer

This does not deserve ONE star!!!!! My friend ordered a $209 dress for her birthday and paid $89 for shipping. The dress DID NOT look like dress advertised in the picture!! How deceiving!! The dress was oversized, the incorrect color, and extremly long. It looks like she was ready to go join the Monks for meditation! The company only offered her $15 "partial payment" and a $15 coupon, and they suggested her to resale it!!! This is SCAM!!! My friend will be contacting the BBB and she will will never do business with this company. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!

New Reviewer

This company is a huge scam!!! I ordered Christmas lights November 4th and never received them. I never heard from seller, and they gave a fake tracking number. I involved dh gate to mediate and was told have to wait 15- 30 more days to resolve. HORRIBLE SCAMMERS!

New Reviewer

Please beware of this site. They never protect buyer. It is all rubbish. They always take sellers side. They release your payment even when you complain and tell them you havent received items you ordered. IT IS A BIG SCAM. I have lost up to $1000 on this site. I have paid for items that I never ever recieved.

New Reviewer

Customer service from this DHGate is nonexistent. Trust all the other reviewers about this site and STAY AWAY FROM DHGATE if you still love the hard earned money in your pocket. DHGate only protects their Sellers, NOT you, the Buyers. Their sellers are mostly crooked thieves and they will try their best to rip you off. Neither the DHGate customer service personnel NOR the seller will want to speak to you once you made the payment. After you pay, it doesn't matter what shipping method you paid extra for, they will choose the worst snail's mail shipping method like Singapore Post which takes about 15-24 days and sometimes longer to ship your package out to you. Because the sellers know that 1st, they've already got your money, 2nd that they only need to provide any tracking# online so DHGate can release the money to them, and 3rd, they can put anything different inside your package than what was advertised, knowing that when you actually receive the package after a month's wait time, that your guarantee period is over. Don't EVEN think about putting in a complaint or using their DISPUTE RESOLUTION methods online to help you. It's practically use and their online chat personnel are a total waste of time. Like every reviewer here said, DHGate only work in the benefit of the Sellers, NOT the Buyers!!! Keep your money in your pocket and buy from more trusted sites like Amazon, Ebay, or other USA trusted sites. You will never get a refund from ANY sellers in China after you've paid them!!! Keep that in mind and stay away from that country if you're a newbie, and I promise you'll sleep much much better knowing that your hard earned money is still in your pocket. You've been warned...stay away from DHGate and Seller: THRIVENOVA. I hate to even them the pleasure of 1-Star cuz they deserve Zero-Star.

New Reviewer

New Silver Chiffon A Line Floor Length Off the Shoulder Spaghetti Straps Evening Dresses Occassion Wedding Evening Party Dress Gown 00215344

Item code:163040598
December 15, 2013
I ordered this dress less than 30 days ago and received it yesterday. I have to say with all the negative reviews, I was VERY satisfied with my experience with DHGATE and Ella Bridal. Both returned all my emails with prompt attention and answered all my questions. I could not track my order at all but Ella bridal kept in contact with me. Assured me I would receive it in time (I am getting married Christmas day). The dress is exactly like the picture, but actually made better than I thought it would be. It did come in a very small package and much to my surprise was not wrinkled. It needs to be altered somewhat but all in all it is perfect! I would recommend this company for any bridal or evening gowns as they satisfied all my needs. I even got a hand written note and some free jewerly! Thanks Ella Bridal!!!!

New Reviewer

This is a review of both the seller "cecelia" and the website "DHGate". I bought this phone from seller Cecelia almost 3 months ago. I received the phone in time. The problem: the phone was listed as "4GB ROM memory" however it had only total memory of 2.4GB (1.27 internal and 1.17 external). This was checked with several apps. All of them read the same memory info. The used memory was shown separately and listed the memory used by system as well. The total was 2.4GB including all used memory. Cecelia wanted me to use an app called "An tu tu" to test the memory. That of course showed the same numbers. During several weeks of correspondence with "Cecelia" they kept claiming that the system memory does not show up and real memory is 4GB. Sending the phone back to China is not an option because shipping costs too much. Finally I opened a dispute through DHGate. They asked me to send "evidence" to which I mailed them the photos of the phone showing the system info from several apps. However GHGate seemed to just want to delay things and run out the clock. They repeatedly kept asking me to "send evidence" even though I had already sent it 5 times. Finally after the 5th time they said "we have received evidence however you must use the attached app to test the phone and send photos from that". They wanted me to use the app "Ztest" "within two days or we will release the payment to seller". So I used the "Z test" to check the phone memory. Of course this showed the same numbers. This test also clearly showed total memory of 1.27Gb internal and 1.1 external. However this was still not acceptable to DHGate. Their conclusion "this number does not include system memory and with system memory the phone has 4GB, Case closed". Totally absurd and preplanned conclusion designed to favor the sellers on their site. The second problem this phone has: it claims to have 3G however to date (3 months) the 3G function on this phone has not worked. It works only in 2G frequencies (on T-mobile). Other minor problems: 1. poor instruction manual on the use of the phone. 2. Although it is Android 4.2, it has many little quirks and took long time to learn to use the phone. 3. I have not been able to find a case/cover for this phone here locally. 4. The phone came with screen saver film on it with many bubbles under it. I complained about this to the seller and asked them that they send me another film. No response. Beware buying China phones in general. The "satisfaction guarantee" from DHGate is a make believe promise too. I did not heed many other reviews with similar complaints. Be careful.

Since purchase of this phone from DHGate, I have bought another China phone from a different web site. Of course that phone came with the stated 4GB ROM, no excuses like DHGate and their seller made.

New Reviewer

Corrupt comany never use them. They always take sellers side and don't get involved in disputes until 1 month after. Never order anything from the.

New Reviewer

They lack communication. I sent about 5 emails, to get a response telling me to report it if there's a problem then I will get a response within 3 days. So I went through the process. A week later I still await a response. I ordered the goods 14 October, it's now December and I have NO IDEA where my order is, and have no idea if they even know as there is NO information other than it was shipped on 24th October. Hopefully I will eventually get this product, but I am beginning to lose hope

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress from here, it did arrive....BUT, it was COMPLETELY different than the picture and MADE TERRIBLE I have been going back and forth with them...finally i went into Mediation...and I have to tell you DHGate has been on their side...TERRIBLE COMPANY... THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU DEAL WITH CHINA! I Will ONLY buy AMERICAN for now may pay more, but you get what you pay for..and right now, i got a piece of garbage dress on my hands..I am ready to fight them tooth and nail..I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING OTHER THAN A FULL REFUND, which their site claims....which i am seeing is a lie....they are DECEITFUL! BEWARE!!!!!!

New Reviewer

SCAM DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They will steal your money....Their products are false, they do not deliver what they say and when you want a refund, even if they dont ship~ you wont get it. BUYER BEWARE.

New Reviewer

DHgate is a SCAM

I ordered a wedding dress, sent my payment by western union, and received confirmation that the money had reached the destination account
Then I received the same confirmation from the system , but that they needed more information to verify my payment

I gave them what they needed and still my status remained "awaiting payment" , after which I received an message from DHgate that my order will be cancelled "if i don't complete my payment"

Again I contacted them .. they denied ever having received a payment !!!
Although I had read their previous email , which clearly stated they had, and i'm pretty sure i'm not going senile

Furthermore, every message which claims their responsibility had been automatically deleted from the system after I read it . But all other messages were still there
I could have sued
I should have been aware enough to make copies

and more aware not to have ordered ANYTHING online without reading reviews

The seller was understanding enough to postpone the deadline until he had received the payment, but how am I to know that they aren't in on it together ?
or that the payment would be ultimately confirmed?

So now NO money, NO refund, and No dress

No apology either , or even response


New Reviewer

stay away. the site is a good idea, but the merchants are largely crooks and dhgate takes their side. if you shop here be prepared to loose your money.

New Reviewer

Not sure why everyone has so much trouble with this site, there are plenty of safeguards when shopping on this site, you just have to know what you are doing!

New Reviewer

So all I wanted was to buy 1 iphone case and they charged me for two so I contacted them and they said they couldn't refund me so they sent me 2 cases. So I got them but they turned out to be for a Samsung and so I had to re contact them and tell them, they said they would send me the correct ones, this went on for WEEKS. and I never got my cases that they said they would send. so now im out of my money and a case for my phone. DON'T USE THIS SITE.

New Reviewer

Prom dress did not fit...their standard size 10 is an American 8 or less. The company promises Returns 100 percent Guaranteed, the seller's emails were in such broken english they were not able to be understood, they then said to send picture proof or videos to prove that they were at fault or the 'dispute' would be automatically closed. I went to review the item to warn others and my review was not allowed with no explanation. They are a poor company...stay away!!! I have an ill fitted, unwearable, $160.00 dress and no recourse or protection from this company.

New Reviewer

A Clash of Cultures and Values
I have read a fair number of reviews about DHgate. Many of them have a similar theme--folks start out buying small items and then move on to a bigger item where things go bad. My experience with DHgate was exactly that. When it really matters, DHgate is not supportive or responsive. It is not a part of their corporate culture to deal with anything negative they just ignore it, and that includes your emails and messages.
If this Chinese company wants to do business with the rest of the world, they need to integrate honesty and integrity into their corporate culture. Until that happens, I would stay away from DHgate or plan on being disappointed.

New Reviewer

Full of scamers who is not allowed to do any trade on ToaBao and Alibaba Group. witch are actually secured fully.
No support from Customer Care etc.
I have try it once DH gate and will never again. All I have got hassle with fake
tracking number and no support

Do not recommend to any one even try it.

New Reviewer

I am now also one of the suckers that bought a phone from DHgate which does not work and I lost my $144.99 USD. After about 20 emails back and forth with the top seller Cecelia and my promise to send it back prepaid the seller gave me no return address. I send all the required info to DHgate 1 day prior (my time) before the closing date to mediate but they had send the money already on to the seller. after numerous emails to DHgate to get my money back with no result I gave up. So be aware to deal with DHgate and don't get caught like I did.
I have bought some items from Alibaba since this fiasco with DHgate, with excellent result.

New Reviewer

I have had some success with most of the individuals that I have dealt with in the past three years of doing business with the DHGate group. But steer clear of the one store named ARMY. the person is a crook and a swindle artist.He will tell you anything truthful or not. I personally had an order in which first he did not honor the price he had posted, second he gave out two fake tracking numbers to passify , then third he promised a free product to keep me from giving him a bad rating. Of course the free product came with a fake tracking number and like the first order was never shipped from his location. So my advise is DO NOT BUY FROM "ARMY" at

New Reviewer

DO NOT think about buying anything from this site. they put pictures of designer dresses on their site manipulating you into thinking the dress is theirs. I chose a dress that was mocha color. it looked nothing like the dress that was in the picture. they made the dress pink with a brown tool on it. the dress colors are so all over the place. they tricked me with the shipping. on the site they said that my dress was shipped. I tried to track it and it was in invalid no. whenever I would message the seller she would respond to me in no time, but when I tried telling her the tracking no isn't available she stopped replying for four days. she finally replied but avoided giving me a tracking no. when I finally receives it I found out through the ups site that they actually shipped it out two days ago and they sent it through express shipping so I would receive it too. the picture on the site is misleading. the color is completely opposite of what I chose, and the style is completely wrong. now I only have two days to find a dress for my daughters wedding.

About DHgate
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DHgate is a Chinese wholesale marketplace that connects small and medium-sized buyers and sellers of everything from cell phones to wedding dresses to car parts. DHgate is based in Beijing, China and its name refers to "Dunhuang" an important city on the ancient Silk Road which connected Chinese traders with the ancient world.
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