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CheapAir reviews

19 reviews
Categories: Airfare, Travel Sites
Tel: 800-243-2724
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19 Reviews for CheapAir

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New Reviewer

I am really concerned as the travel I booked keeps changing. I booked the shortest flights for the days as I have a kid traveling with me but now the flights have been changed and I have such long flight to India .If I changed the bookings I would have been charged a penalty but as now CHEAPAIR is changing it I have no choice left .This is ridiculous.
How is cheapair going to compensate this ??
How do I know my return flights wont be changed?

My second concern is till today I am not able to book my seats .The website does not let me do this .I am trying to reach CHEAPAIR on phone and I am kept in this stupid line forever
Please let me know how bad this experience of booking my flights with Cheapair is going to be for me ?

My fault as I did not read the reviews from consumer on this site . I am not even sure if all will go well after reading all the reviews now .

My issue is I thought I found a great site with nice prices but now it seems like I have made a wrong decision.

New Reviewer

Booked airfares for me and my family. My bank account was charged. However, the company said that they didn't feel confortable charging an imporant amount of money to my account. The employee from Cheapair(extension 128) asked me to use Western Union. I guess he didn't confortable because of my accent

New Reviewer

CHEAP-AIR is NOT cheap: I booked a flight from Los Angeles, CA to El Paso, TX last spring, but I had to cancel it due to unforeseen circumstances. The original ticket cost $402. When I cancelled, I was charged $50 and I supposedly received a voucher for $344. Except when I re-booked in advance, I was charged a $200 fee, plus the cost of the new flight. So how "CHEAP" was the flight to El Paso? ONLY $756 altogether [the total cost of the first light and the re-booking, plus the fees] WOW what a bargain! So, CHEAP fair is NOT CHEAP. I could have just chucked the so-called "voucher" and booked a flight for $300 for a new flight without involving an extremely long customer service phone call just to use a "voucher' that wasn't really a "voucher". I am not impressed! I am MAD.

New Reviewer

they CHARGE A FEE (in my case $25 per ticket) and DO NOT DISCLOSE IT! They quote you a total fee but no breakdown unless you pay attention and do the math. when I called billing it would take a 50 min wait! they refunded the fee only because I threat them to report them to the BBB.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I'm so sorry I didn't read the review on this website before I bought my ticket on cheapair... I made a mistake with the date when I book the ticket, and contacted them as soon as I got the confirmation, so within the 24h after the booking. They told me I could cancel for free, but then, it is free expect for the fees... And if I just want to change the date of flight, the fee would be even higher (much much higher...).

So I checked with Canada airline, which is the company with which we were going t fly, and had I booked directly with them (for not much more...), there would be no fee, if you call within 24h you get a full refund and can do your booking again. But cheapair pretend that the fees they are asking me are Air Canada's policy...

So now I have no choice but to pay those oustrageous fees, and book again the whole thing, and of course, never ever use that website again.

New Reviewer

I am trying to purchase 2 tickets to Lisbon, Portual, via KLM which were advertised on their site for $704, about $100 less than on other sites. When I filled out the order (for February, 2014), I was told it was not possible to pay by credit card online or by Paypal, only with a bank transfer. Our bank is in the U.S., although we live abroad, so it took several days to complete the transaction (weekend, etc.) and get all the information to them about the transfer. The transaction went through on Nov. 11, but they keep promising to send the tickets and nothing happens. It has been a week now, and I am afraid there are no such tickets. They do answer my emails (I haven't called), but just keep putting me off. Don't take a chance with them!

New Reviewer

At first, I was extremely pleased with the price I was quoted. After booking the flight I received an email saying I could not pay pay international credit card. I was given the option of paying via Western Union or Bank Transfer. I tried contacting Cheapair by phone and email but received no reply. I do not know if this site is legitimate but I would definitely avoid this completely. Best pay a bit more somewhere else for service and safety.

New Reviewer

I recently scheduled a flight through as usual and the ticket came back issued by only American Airlines that included a return Frontier flight as well. The result is not being able to change the return leg of my trip without huge penalties.

I am a loyal frontier customer with Summit status which means I can change flights without penalties at any time. After speaking with a cheapair representative to try and change my return flight leg, I learned that their auto-ticketing system which is "out of their control" is to blame for the tickets being combined and uneditable. This is highly disappointing as nowhere on their website or my confirmation email does it state that this was a combined ticket, resulting in not being able to change it without huge penalties.

I will no longer use as I have in the past due to this issue. I will use the airline websites to book instead, as I know the tickets will be separate and able to be modified.

New Reviewer

a few hours later I booked my flight oversee, I got a phone call from an agent from stating that the price that I booked the flight for was WRONG. And they blamed on American Airline for providing them a wrong price. I read the same problem from previous reviews.

Here is what they sent me through email after the phone conversation.

"We have canceled booking XXXXX and you will not be charged. Unfortunately, American Airlines has a miss loaded fare which was no longer available when we went to issue the
ticket. Please be advised our terms and conditions clearly state that fares are not guaranteed until tickets are issued and you receive an email confirmation which you agree to before
finalizing the purchase.

We apologize for the inconvenience,"

I still see the WRONG price everywhere with different dates. The difference on the ticket was about $200.

Do not use this website. I wasted my entire day.

New Reviewer

On 2/20/13 I tried booking a flight to Hawaii. After completing all the required information I received sold out. I tried back later that day same flight # and price was available. I completed ALL the information again and received SOLD OUT. I call the phone # to find out if this was a scam or what. The lady I talked with of course couldn't find the flight I was inquiring about. She put me on hold for 25mins came back and said a supervisor would call me back. She knew I was frustrated with their site offering the same flight over and over then sold out. The supervisor never called! Today 2/22/13 I went back on their site check flights and the same flight was offered that was sold out days ago. So, again I tried and after completing all the information I received another sold out. I believe this is false advertising. I travel at least 4 trips a year and I will NEVER use this site or recommend this site. It's a waste of precious time. I understand flights sell out fast but to keep offering knowingly it's not available is poor customer service! THUMBS DOWN TO THIS SITE>> DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME

New Reviewer

They have great prices and are very competitive with other similar sites. I also like the way they compare and contrast prices so I know I'm getting the best deal.

New Reviewer

this agency should be close, negative rating on customer service and thier business,can be trusted and just a pain in the heart..

New Reviewer

Excellent experience all around and the price and service was wonderful

New Reviewer

I called an made my reservations in November for a trip leaving on December 20
Everyone I talked to was very efficient and extremely helpful- I need a wheelchair
at every stop -- this was not a problem and when I got to my destination it was not a problem either. I would recommend any time

New Reviewer

Horrible website, I book a nicely priced international ticket then they email me telling me that the billing phone number on the card was wrong (which it was definitely not!!) the fare went up, I rebook the ticket at a more expensive price, then you guess it! They call me a few hours later and tell me that the fare was wrongly priced
(not $900 but $2581).
Do not use them!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Do not use, charging credit card first, declining you next for onsite unwritten reasons then keeping 10 days the money thru refund.

Horribly rude customer service, talking as if the make you a favor talking to you.

New Reviewer

I booked a flight with Cheapair using Air Transit out of Dublin (Flight 235 on May 27th,2010. Supposed to be direct to Toronto @ 12:45 PM. As it turns out the flight actually leaves @ 11:50 AM and stops in Montreal. Worst of all Air Transit tells me that flight 235 was always leaving at 11:50 and always stops in Montreal.How could CheapAir get it so wrong?Also when I went to complain about this they did'nt want to hear it and tried to put the blame on Air Transit...NEVER USE THEM...THEY ARE RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL.......Liam

New Reviewer

Cheap Air NOT so CHEAP - DO NOT USE THIS web-site when so many others to choose from..

no customer service

no travel "vouchers" for future travel if airfare has gone DOWN

don't seem to mind that they loose customers due to poor service

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