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BUDK reviews

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21 reviews
Categories: Knives
475 US HWY 319 SOUTH
Tel: 866-246-7164
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21 Reviews From Our Community

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-But if you want quality, functional and customer service I would recommend that you keep looking (in 9 reviews)


Everytime I order I definitely get what I paid for. (in 15 reviews)


I thought that I was getting some great deals on the items that I wanted to purchase. (in 8 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Do not try to return anything, no matter what is wrong with it..... Budk customer service is non existent. 3 phone calls to return a item, and nothing ever happens... Will not buy from these people again. Saddest part is the company doesn't care about your business.

Ask james about BUDK
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a couple of items that totaled just over $200. Because of this "extravagant" amount, they would not release the items and required that I call in to verify that these items were mine. They also sent an email. Because of my job, I cannot access an outside phone line at any point during the week without massive inconvenience (not worth it for a couple of blades), so I responded to the email. This was not good enough, and they put my order into FRAUD ALERT and REQUIRED me to call in order it would continue to be held.

Again, $200 order placed ONLINE with VALID PAYMENT and VALID CONTACT INFORMATION and EMAIL INTERACTION, but my order is being held for FRAUD.


Ask Chad about BUDK
1 review
2 helpful votes

Recently ordered and the confirmation email I received AFTER paying was $5 higher. I was told it was an engraving charge. Fine, except my invoice never mentioned anything. The invoice I paid from.
I will never buy from them again.

Ask Joe about BUDK
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Worst customer service ever. While placing an order on the site my address got cut short. Reached out to customer service to see if they can check the address since i fixed a few days later on my account. Nothing got done. No way to track the order and no way to get a refund. They are the type of service that are there to write and email back but not actually do anything. You have been warned

Ask Jorge about BUDK
1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought many knives from BudK,they are without a doubt the best most honest place to buy.I've never had anything to ship back .The prices will Shock you at times when you see the quality of knives you get for the price. HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY

Ask Larry about BUDK
1 review
1 helpful vote


Ask KEVIN about BUDK
1 review
1 helpful vote

Everytime I order I definitely get what I paid for. The customer service lacks alot but the actual goods? They are extraordinary. Keep ordering from here, you may have problems but what place doesn't? The delivery time and such makes me impatient but that doesn't mean it is a terrible place. I will return and buy things from here again.

Ask Samson about BUDK
1 review
1 helpful vote

i placed one order and received it on a wednesday. i received the same order the following day. i told them i did not place a duplicate order. they said i haveto pay the shipping to return it. Long story short, i fought them along with american express, and the lady said we will do this as a one time courtesy and send you a prepaid label. come to find out they admitted the order was placed seconds apart from each other right at midnight. so i told them it is their computer glitch and not my problem. they act like they were doing me a favor..

Ask patrick about BUDK
9 reviews
73 helpful votes

Last year around November I ordered alot of bogo items on there which costed $400 round there. I waited for a week or two for my products. They didn't come so I called a lady told me they where sorry and had it shipped as she claimed. Waited again didn't receive them so I called again same lady tells me they where sorry and are sending it through express shipping so I would get my order very early. Surprise surprise never did get it, and I am wondering what the $#*! are they doing. I called the third time a guy talks to me I tell him what is going on that I didn't get my packages. He says, "Ok I will get a hold of the manager for you." So I do speak with the manager he tells me that it couldn't be shipped do to this ridiculous policy telling me I couldn't have these cause of each being a bogo item. BUT it gets better they also tell me some of these items I ordered are out of stock. Which is funny cause I got an email with the order on my list telling me what I got coming in that I ordered saying it shipped. I never got an email telling me the transaction failed or my order didn't ship due to some odd reason. I will never order from this site ever again due to this incident their manager and employee deserve to be fired. Avoid this site and Kennesawcutlery and also Swordsswords. Your better off buying from

Ask Joseph about BUDK
1 review
2 helpful votes

These people are a nightmare. So many better places to order the SAME merchandise. is way way better. Cheaper and they actually know how to treat a customer.budk falsely advertises their mehandise. I ordered three full tang swords. Two was befause it was buy 1 get 1. First cut attempt it fell apart revealing less than half tang and the blade was glued into the handle. Not rigeted as was advertisers sed. The rivets were fake. 3 weeks to get a return label. Filled out the form for replacement merchandise because inwasnt going to just flush the shipping charges (way overcharged) I paid down the toilet. They ignored the form and refunded half of my money. I am still fighting with them to get the rest of my refund. These people are truly morons in the true definition of the word.

Ask brian about BUDK
1 review
5 helpful votes

VERY unhappy with the customer service! Ordered a knife for my son. When the much anticipated delivery arrived, we found not the knife we ordered, but a Civil War replica HAT!!! The packing slip shows the tanto blade knife we ordered, so clearly it was 100% their mistake, yet when I called, I was told we would have to wait for them to send us a return label for the hat, then fill out a form requesting an EXCHANGE for the "item we wanted"!!! After much discussion, the best I got was "we will process the order in 48 hours and you should receive it in 7-10 business days!! The entire thing is THEIR FAULT, yet I received not even the slightest apology from them! She acted like SHE was doing ME a favor, as if I ordered it wrong! Any respectable company would have, in addition to a sincere apology, shipped out the correct item IMMEADIATELY, with rush shipping, not the slowest possible shipping! We have been BudK customers for YEARS, but after this experience, NO MORE! Never again will I deal with this company! Buyer beware. Worst customer service I have ever experienced!

Ask Kimberly about BUDK
1 review
4 helpful votes

I've ordered from BudK ever since my son became a fan of hunting, hiking & trapping. I've only had 1 problem, which began Oct 2014 when I ordered a bow for Christmas. I am disabled & my memory is crap. When I discovered the bow was not under the tree, I called "customer service" to report it. They said "it's been over 60 days, there's nothing we can do for you." I know this is FALSE! The supervisor put in an UPS report, but she "doesn't know if they will accept it", if they do, she will contact me. I feel dismissed& I've disappointed my 12 year old son. BudK didn't lift a finger to help & acted as though me being a customer is an inconvenience. I'm REALLY disappointed in Payton & his supervisor. I've ordered goods for at least 3 years....

Ask Kristen about BUDK
1 review
2 helpful votes

After dealing with other website dealers, I have found that BudK has proven to be above the rest. Very responsive customer service, great pricing on great products. Shipping was lightning fast and the whole process is seamless. I highly recommend this company to anyone wanting swords knives and zombie gear.

Ask Kevin about BUDK
1 review
4 helpful votes

Do not order from this company! I have now placed 3 orders with them and every time I've had to cancel my order because the email confirmation I receive has my order wrong... Then once speaking to a rep I find out that the "in stock, ships today" advertisement is completely false. Says there is a cutoff of 200pm eastern, but turns out they change the cutoff time whenever they want. And they do not care to even try to fix the problem in order to keep me as a costumer. On top of everything else... I had an order placed where I had a deal on 2 day shipping, I again was given incorrect information which forced me to cancel my order only to find out later that the shipping deal would have worked and I could have kept my order. Oh and a heads up, is the same company as! If I could I'd give this place 0 stars!

Ask Stacey about BUDK
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

They said say ships within 24-48 business HOURS.
This turns out to mean 3-6 business days before they even ship it, plus another 7-10 more to receive it
This lets you know what kind of company they are. They sound and look good on the surface but that is it.

I received 1/3 of the items I ordered because they were very poorly packaged so they fell out of the box during shipping..... Fixing this has been a nightmare.

-So...if you want the stuff for decorations or costumes its pretty good.

-But if you want quality, functional and customer service I would recommend that you keep looking

Ask Bob about BUDK
4 reviews
18 helpful votes

I just discovered this website through a magazine. I love it, it has everything that a hunter, weapons enthusiast, camper, or collector would want.
Great site!

Ask ML about BUDK
6 reviews
14 helpful votes

I didn’t want to have to do this but it’s about time I do.

I've ordered off of BUDK for over 10 years. They had the greatest customer service, awesome merchandise, and never made mistakes and if they did they corrected it with no problems. Over the last 3-4 years I’ve been making purchases every month, that’s right every month. I collect but mostly resold and gifted stuff to friends and family. I’ve ordered from them for so long I know just about everybody there and they know me. I considered BUDK to be not only a great place to purchase cool stuff but also seeing some of them as good old friends. 10 years is a long time so it came naturally.

Starting around mid 2011 is when the NIGHTMARES began. Now these days the customer service is rude. I was actually yelled at for mistakes they’ve made. Sadly the majority of these people I’ve dealt with for years. They all suddenly turned two-faced. It takes a lot to get me upset or at least to show it but these people know how to push your buttons.

The reasons why BUDK is a horrible company:
Was told I would get calls back/emails and never did.
Had the completely wrong orders sent to me.
Had my orders sent to another address.
Had orders missing a number of merchandise.
Had fragile items shipped with heavy items just to find the fragile items were destroyed.
Had parts fall out of box during shipping due to poor packaging.
Had orders placed that were never shipped but somehow was still charged.
Had items returned and had to fight for the refund.

I wish I was joking about this. As strange as it seems it hurts to have to do this but I’m tired of their games and constantly having to call them for their mistakes. I think it’s safe to say after over 10 years with this company I am completely done with them. Goodbye BUDK.

Ask Allen about BUDK
5 reviews
10 helpful votes

I thought that I was getting some great deals on the items that I wanted to purchase. The items arrived broken, after they lost my package and had to reship it. It took more than the standard time frame for the delivery, and they would not credit back the shipping cost that I had paid. All they offered was to have me return the item for a full credit. Really disappointing. I wouldn't suggest ordering from here.

Ask Anna about BUDK
10 reviews
17 helpful votes

I have ordered several times with this site and have had headaches about half the time.

The first time I ordered they cut the building number off the address so it did not make it. When I called (the rude) customer service they informed me all items would be resent.

When I got the shipment they did not include half the items and two calls later I got a refund on it but not the extra shipping I was charged since it was about half the order.

Still I gave them another try and it was another failure. I called and placed a order and again they cut the address off and my package did not make it and had to deal with (the rude) customer service again. I got free shipping and they resent it again. no sorry or anything.

A month ago I gave them one more chance. I called to get about $150 for a crossbow and a few other items and guess what.....after the promised me no goof up they messed the address up again and did not ship another item that was out of stock but charged me the extra shipping.

I will take my money elsewhere unless I really need something. I gave them three strike's and they struck out.

I will update if anything changes.

UPDATE: I had to order something from them because it was out of stock everywhere and it was for some friends in town for a week or so. I ordered items labeled buy one get one free and they only sent the items I bought. They then told me it ended before and it was on the email. There is some very small font on the bottom that I needed to enlarge on my computer to see....deceitful and seems to be done on purpose.

The kicked is the bags and mask I bought are full of mold and rust......these can not be used.

This place is a joke. The product was awful, service was awful and they use some little tricks for false advertising. I will stick with, and cheaper than dirt. Rating dropped to one star.

One again, I will update if anything changes. I filed a complaint with the BBB and sent pictures of items. Let's see what they reply with.

One note, one of the girls was very pleasant over the phone. ONe was ok and two were awful. I will say the two did their best to help me.

Ask Robert about BUDK
56 reviews
128 helpful votes

I have ordered quite a bit of items from, including knives, machetes, crossbows and darts and other equipment and they have delivered ontime and they keep you posted when you will receive your items. This is an excellent company. They are quick to deliver. You can not go wrong. Try them you'll like them. Bye Bye for now. Stuart

Ask Stuart about BUDK
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

I collect weapons as a hobby, and I heard about this site from a friend. I checked it out, and I was amazed at just how many extensively different weapons and categories they had. Their prices are super cheap, and the items are really good quality. They sell so many things on here, that I still haven't put a dent in all the things I want to get from them! I would definitely recommend this site for any avid collector!

Ask Chris about BUDK

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