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323 reviews
Categories: Marketplace
109 W Denny Way #312
Seattle, WA 98119
Tel: (206) 588-5849

323 Reviews From Our Community

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Unlike feebay there is no hidden fees and customer service is good. (in 39 reviews)


(smh) One of the problems is i think, The "Go To" place is ebay. (in 90 reviews)


I am a current seller on and marketplace reviewer on YouTube. (in 162 reviews)

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1 review
2 helpful votes

I had been checking mail like usual and somehow after giving my email address several times I ended up on a site that says you can work from home on FB and get paid easily. On the page which was done right ,the correct persona etc. You have to see if you qualify by living in the right geographical area only in the USA anybody practically could meet the 5 qualifications . Then you would be asked to pay what was called a fee to get only the serious applicants for a meek 47 dollars . At one site they were offering the money back if you were not accepted also easily refunded if you were not happy etc. Ok you comprehend all that ,READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE PURCHASE all of it in any case the whole thing is total BS and they pretty much say it in the print it gets the blood flowing a bit faster it unbelievable the extent they went through to pull this one off they did a good job they got me . I will try for a refund but I already chalked another one up one more dont mater ,I wish I could just stop them so someone else dont get hit for sure the people who created the site have the talent to take this down and create another legit site and that is that until the next one rolls around .

Ask Dominic about Bonanza
1 review
1 helpful vote

Somebody please update me on my package which I odered a month ago, but no news atll all..The tracking ID is is useless!

Transaction Summary
Sold on: 04/11/16
Payment type: Paypal #2ST28472U6750981U
You left negative feedback on 05/11/16
Shipped on: 04/11/16
Tracking: LN416365296US Refresh tracking information
Tracking information:

The package has not yet been received by the shipper.

Click here to view the complete tracking info

The estimated delivery date for your package is Friday, April 15th.

Ask Ashwini about Bonanza
1 review
1 helpful vote

She gave me good info, but I have not heard from the seller!

Ask Susan about Bonanza
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have sold on bonanza for three years, then today my booth was shut down for no reason. I did not get one email warning me, or even telling me I did anything wrong. Could not log in to even answer buyers questions. Leaves the buyers with no way to contact the seller, I emailed and got a canned response that said I had violated the user agreement, but did not say how, so I emailed and asked how. I got the same response back, the exact canned email that I got before. No customer service at all, this place makes ebay look great!!!

Ask Lilith about Bonanza
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

I had three stores on Bonanza. For years. I didnt sell much it doesnt get much traffic. Today I go to log in and all three are shut. Suddenly and with no warning or reason given. I was told I was deemed high risk. As to what that means or what I can do to address their concerns I am given no clue. I am a professional full time online seller with my own website and I sell on Ebay and Etsy also. No issue. I am not high risk. Im disgusted with how I have been treated and with their system in place. Terrible terrible.
The response from Bonanza that they are linked with the Better Business Bureau and that means something is bogus. I have reported what happened to me with the BBB. simply reply with the same canned response. There is no customer support here even when reporting to the Better Business Bureau. The behaviour from remains disgraceful as a business. There is no intermediary with the BBB.

Ask clair about Bonanza
1 review
16 helpful votes

Please wait a million years. Maybe us A+ robots will get our act together by then. Until then, do not bother to call. You won't find a phone number anyway. But if you are very persistent and send us a computer request, we will have to comply. But we do not have to pick up our end of the line and answer. We are A+ according to the BBB, but that doesn't really mean anything. We bought that rating.

Ask dee about Bonanza
1 review
18 helpful votes

I have paid for the membership for few hundred dollars per year and started my business in Bonanza. Out of the sudden, they banned my Bonanza account and took some of my money from my bank account without my notice! Totally is a scam website. Seller please stay away from this website if you don't want to throw your money for nothing into their wallet.

Ask Ang about Bonanza
2 reviews
22 helpful votes

I've just deleted 800 off my products, closed my booth and finally closed my account. Sigh of relief! I had high hopes with Bonanza to be as successful as my Etsy stores but right off the bat, they disappointed me and stressed me out. I signed up on 10 Apr for a free trial, and in their terms and conditions, it was stated clearly that i will not be charged for the first 30 days. I worked my ass in the next few days to list everything. Then I checked my credit card and saw that they had charged me US$290 on 10 April for the whole year membership. I emailed their support and there was no reply for 2 days. Honestly if they had replied i would have been ok and continued out after getting a refund. But getting no reply was horrible. Finally I posted on their forum and got a response that the 1 year membership comes with 1 month free which still does not explain why they went against their own T&C. They also agreed to give me a full refund which I received today and once that is done, I have also cancelled this account. I cannot imagine selling here with this mess.

Ask Ida about Bonanza
1 review
16 helpful votes

We operated 2 stores with 100% feed back and 100s of transactions. All of the sudden they closed our booths saying its a high risk. I operate Multiple stores on ebay and amazon with top rated seller everywhere ,3 employees and a warehouse. $380,000 yearly paypal transactions. These people know nothing about communication or being professional. they do not answer our emails since, like we never existed. Do not waste your labor and effort building anything on bonanza, its a waste of time and effort.

Tip for consumers: Do not waste your time building a business on bonanza. Do not waste your time adding your product. All will collapse overnight for no reason and they will NEVER answer your email. Add to that no phone number.All of your effort will go down the gutter like you never existed. be warned.

Update: Check out the answers to all complaints from bonanza! a freaking robot, a copy-paste answer. No personal answers to address issues. Just to correct that bonanza robot, checkout

Ask Mike about Bonanza
1 review
13 helpful votes

Started off selling on bonanza, everything was going fine then about 2 weeks sellers account was banned and the only explanation i get is that they considered my account to suspicious..I only had one customer at the time and i kept in touch with her and she had emailed me and told me that she had received an email from bonanza stating that they suspected me of being fraudulent and that she should get in touch with paypal and start a case to get a refund...after this is i was livid, called customer service and got a voicemail which no one replied, Emailed multiple times and i kept getting a generated email over and over that did not explain anything....i give this cowardice company 1 star for not having their $#*! together and to scared to talk to people on the phone or over email

Ask Christopher about Bonanza
1 review
8 helpful votes

I ordered Samsung tablet S2 8 inch at the Bonanza web site. The order was supposed to be shipped in about 2-3 days. After two and a half weeks of delay tactics the order was paid for, but not shipped. I gave up on it and canceled the order and they refunded the money. Customer Service phone number is not available and you have to ask for it by filling a form on the site.

Ask Eli about Bonanza
1 review
12 helpful votes

So, decent customer service means BBB wont even get complaints- apparently your canned response confirms the ratings here that you dont provide virtually ANY customer service unless a complaint is filed w BBB, really, I will not do business here

Ask Garry about Bonanza
1 review
7 helpful votes

I purchased a used Rainbow vacuum cleaner and the product came poorly packed. (vendor used home insulation to pack item) and when the items arrived the water container was broken. I tried contacting vendor and Bonanza and haven't had any luck in contacting either party. I gave them all a bad review and wont' use them again.

Ask Robert about Bonanza
2 reviews
6 helpful votes


Ask Noreen about Bonanza
1 review
8 helpful votes

I sell on bonanza along with all the other big sites. I treat every customer and order I receive the same no matter where they purchase. I am online several times per day to complete orders and answer questions. They have a great UI to list and process orders I find it easier than the other big sites allowing me to give lower prices. I accept all returns for any reason in a timely manner.
Please come shop with us you wont be disappointed we are professional sellers!

Ask dave about Bonanza
1 review
10 helpful votes

First, do not purchase through this vendor.
Second, archive all communications as a class action lawsuit will be brought soon.

Ask Michael about Bonanza
1 review
10 helpful votes

I order a dress. I was sent a tracking number as to how it was delivered to my mailbox, but nothing. They will not respond and I don't even think that the tracking number is real. I am checking to make sure it is not a fake site for the post office. Federal offense if this is true. Bad form for everything else

Tip for consumers: Don't due it I will contact the BBB with an updated status and will file with a lawyer soon

Ask T about Bonanza
1 review
8 helpful votes

Buyers and Sellers keep away from these clowns I am staying with ebay, blujay, ecrater, toucandeal. Open account with bonanza back in november 2015. made 9 sales had a 100% rating. next thing I knew my store was closed on 3/23/2016. to this date they have not contacted me nor can i contact them. a lot of work for nothing. another problem with them is there is no traffic on there site unless you pay for premium rate on your sales. the rate is now 30% fee alot higher them ebay. and even at 30% you will make little to no sales at all. I make a lot more sales on ebay, blujay, ecrater, toucan deal. Bonanza has no real future in any market place. they are there own worst enemy

Tip for consumers: keep away

Ask willie about Bonanza
1 review
11 helpful votes

DO NOT SELL ON THIS SITE! They say that you can subscribe to a Trial Membership but there's nobody to talk to when you want to cancel it. You have to go through the online cancellation process provided with no confirmation that it went through. All of which I did then what do you know for the next 2 months my credit card is charged for a membership fee. You try to call the company but there's no phone number on the website. I had to get it from my credit card company but of course when you call that number again there's nobody to talk to. They tell you to contact them online or leave a message that will be transcribed to them WHAT??? ARE THEY EVEN LOCATED IN THE STATES??? I WONDER! Sorry to those buyers that have been taken and new sellers BEWARE!!! In case you want the phone number here it is and of course it's an obscure Wyoming number and again nobody to talk to you! 206-588-5849 GOOD LUCK CAUSE I'M NOT HAVING ANY!

Ask L about Bonanza
1 review
8 helpful votes

I think this is a fraud. I purchased a hoodie (Vasty) and it was suppose to arrive around the 20th. It is now the 29th. I've used Bonanza to contact the seller 4 time. I've yous Bonanza's site to 'ask a question', and replied to 'contact us'. You took my money and I've received nothing and now I can't get anyone to help me. There are no phone numbers and the seller is out of the country. What a scam!!!!

Ask Bonnie about Bonanza
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I though I bought a camera from usbargains at the vendor took my money and no word yet on the status of my order.

Ask Angie about Bonanza
1 review
4 helpful votes

In so disappointed in this company they sent an alchol detox and i ordered a THC one .the shipping paper was right just the wrong product

Ask Marissa about Bonanza
1 review
7 helpful votes

They let a seller get away with selling my girlfriend a bootleg Nike D Watson Jersey as an official Nike Playoff one. Terrible bootleg at that. Was my V-Day present, which I planned to get autographed and framed for my game room. Now I am just out and heartbroken; I know my girlfriend tried and the seller/this site are garbage for taking advantage of her.

Ask Brett about Bonanza
1 review
4 helpful votes

Waiting on my order three weeks now. Still can't contact bonanza, but they sure responded to my prior negative review on here, only by saying I'd have to contact the bbb. Very very poor customer service and quality assurance. I would not recommend this site to my worst enemy.

Ask derek about Bonanza
1 review
5 helpful votes

Why all the neg reviews. They went the extra mile for me!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Reggie about Bonanza
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have already asked for a phone call to discuss upgrade to store and how to get items recognized on you site. Also regarding international sales.
I sure hope that I can get a response Thank you Karen donofrio

Ask Karen about Bonanza
1 review
5 helpful votes

I recently bought Chloe 75ml, Chanel No 5 100ml and Dolce & Gabbana 'The One' 100ml from the seller Robo Tancos at Computeriam and they are all disgustingly made fakes that smell like cat p*ss.
DO NOT BUY FROM HIM he is a SCAMMER and charges 11 US Dollars per item to ship from Slovakia when he resides in the UK. I am from the UK and that dishonest slime conned me out of £110.

Ask Julie about Bonanza
1 review
6 helpful votes

First and last time buying on Bonanza. The site said the seller was in the USA....they were not, it was a scam from Russia. Odd how Bonanza is blocking my leaving any feedback....and Bonanza has no real buyers protection and gives zero help when frauded on there site. You have to use Amazon's and PayPal's claim sites.

Ask Stuart about Bonanza
1 review
5 helpful votes

I ordered for 79.00 the complete set of 6 seasons Downton Abby. Season #5 would not play at all. I notified 5 times and was finally told by their "happiness person " (no joke) in an email that ,Listen to this, I had to notify them again. They have obviously no control over their sellers. Had to go to Best Buy and but another season 5 again. DO NOT USE

Ask JAYNE about Bonanza
1 review
9 helpful votes

Ordered, paid for, never received. When I filed a complaint, the response was for ME to go to the post office or paypal etc. Other than emails indicating that Bonanza was absolutely not going to do anything but suggest I "handle it", nothing. Don't shop here. Ever.

And now a response to go thru BBB since they have an "A+ rating"--despite showing 87 negative responses on BBB. What a load of crap. Avoid.

Ask Ace about Bonanza
2 reviews
26 helpful votes

I was the owner of a multi-million dollar a year business years ago. The BBB came to me asking me for money for a A+ rating. I wasn't about to give them money for a bogus rating. I was able to stand on my own merit, although so many people are lead to believe that the BBB is trustworthy. It's not. I wish everyone knew this, but they don't so they continue go there for their information. Not that long ago I read a story where the BBB was trying to extort money from Wolfgang Puck for A+ rating for his famous restaurant Spago. If he didn't pay them they were going to give him a bad rating. It was big news and he told them to go F themselves. The BBB is a big fat money making racket. Nothing more, nothing less.

As for Bonanza, I'm a seller on there after having gotten kicked off of Etsy for no damn reason. I haven't had the great luck with Bonanza that I did with Etsy, but I haven't really had any problems with them either... knock on wood! Mind you, I've never purchased anything on there either. It just doesn't feel safe to me. I don't think there are too many sellers out there like myself that has integrity and great customer service. But it is what it is. I hate that we as consumers don't and can't know who to trust on the internet. It's always a crap shoot unless you buy on Amazon. If you're shopping for the best price, you may end up getting what you pay for.

I shop on Amazon because I know that I can get my money back if anything goes wrong. I've purchased thousands of items on Amazon and have never had a problem. So, it may serve you to pay an extra buck or two or five so you can have peace of mind and know that you'll get what you've paid for.

Ask BB about Bonanza
1 review
7 helpful votes

I used for a first time. I ordered a game from Ukraine. Game was received extremely damaged. Interesting fact it was damaged from nside, not outside which means product was shipped like that. I followed a procedure that Bonanza's email told me: went to the post office and tried to file a complaint/claim. According to the Bonanza they want you to provide complaint and pictures of the damaged items. Post master told me that there is no form for a complaint and I sender can file my claim. Sender will not reply to my inquiries and Bonanza could care less. I was waiting for their despondent for over 2 weeks. Bonanza's representative emailed me that I have to handle all communication with the seller and claim. If you don't want to go they that use other websites to buy your items.

Ask Jenna about Bonanza
1 review
11 helpful votes

Bonanza ABSOLUTELY s--ks...I've been on Bonanza since 2010
Seller support is basically non existing.Your emails to support go for days with no answer but they always find ways to make your booth unsuccessful and if you go to their forum or group help pages they will delete ANYTHING that is not favorable to Bonanza within minutes to hours but you are still waiting for tech support for DAYS.
They take well over 24 hours to propagate your products CSV file, sometimes days.So now you have outdated products that are out of stock while the new products wait to be qued or reviewed by their elves.
Now a customer comes in a buys an item that's not available causing you to have to refund the buyer.Then Bonanza gets pissed because they didn't make money off of you and threaten to close your booth if you continue to have stocking problems causing excessive refunds.
At least I DO refund clients when problems arise not like the many scammers on Bonanza that do NOT.
Fix the product upload problems and other problems your sellers are having and respond to them in a timely manner...I emailed them 3 days ago about this problem with no response but they took down my post in their forum within go figure what and who they care about the most...They ABSOLUTELY S--k and there is no money to be made here...

Ask Derrick about Bonanza
1 review
10 helpful votes

I used bonanza for the first time to order a few products. Never going to use this site again. The seller * took my money very quickly and never sent the products. Then a week later cancelled my order with absolutely no explanation or communication from the seller * despite numerous attempts on my part to solicit a response. Seller * never answered. Took a long time to get a refund which I got only because I paid using PayPal!!!
*personal info redacted by admin

Ask Angie about Bonanza
1 review
9 helpful votes

I asked BONANZA to Refund two UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES they charged my debit card... read below... and PLEASE PLEASE... save yourself MONEY and TIME... and DO NOT USE BONANZA.... Communicating with BONANZA is like "BANGING YOU HEAD AGAINST A STEEL BEAM"!! I honestly cannot even believe this company..... READ THIS.....

Re: #564674 Why the hell do you keep taking money out of my bank account. I closed my booth due to your exces...

User Question --- my issue to Bonanza-------

Why the hell do you keep taking money out of my bank account. I closed my booth due to your excessive fees.... I had one sale for which you charged a 17% fee of $75.00. You would not reduce the percentage charged, so I closed my booth. Then I see that you take $25.00 out of my checking account on February 29. I called the number listed with the transaction on my bank statement and OF COURSE... received NO RESPONSE from BONANZA. Now I look at my checking account today, and find that you took $11.53 out of my checking account. I will be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau as well as with the US Attorney General's Office; and the Washington State Attorney General's Office as well as any other agency that can address your stealing of funds. Get the $25.00 and the $11.53 refunded back to my bank account. If this is not done today, I will also be contacting law enforcement in Seattle, Washington. You cannot take money out of my account... what is wrong with your company?



Judy (Bonanza) <>
8:45 PM (13 hours ago)
Hey Madhatcat63
Judy (Bonanza)
Mar 8, 5:45 PM

Our system has identified your account as high risk and we are unable to open an account on Bonanza for you. We apologize that we are unable to provide further details involved with this action as it is a matter of our site security. In our efforts to keep Bonanza the safest possible marketplace for our buyers and sellers to use, it is our mandate to be proactive in suspending accounts that we deem as high risk.

If you have any further questions, please see our terms of service, which provide complete details about our user policies, including our right to suspend an account at any time.

If you are interested in moving to another marketplace, we recommend or, both of which have strong monthly traffic and a good base of buyers and sellers. is a good site for those who wish to deal in the auction format.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Kind regards,
Bonanza support

Mar 8, 5:26 AM

Support Ticket #311714 Overview


WOW... I did not ask them to open an account for me... I asked them 67 times to refund the two charges they took via my debit card after I "CLOSED" my booth due to their 17% fee on sales.


Tip for consumers: NEVER USE BONANZA.... Now they have taken $25 out of my checking account.... for what? I called their telephone number only to get their automated system. Asked that the random $25 charge be credited back to my account... this has not happened; also asked them to contact me immediately... and OF COURSE, have NOT heard from them.

This company is the WORST EVER! ZERO STARS!!!

Ask Nancy about Bonanza
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have been in business with Bonanza, for more than 5 years, suddenly, my site has been shut down, no reason given, still I am optimistic they will re-open my site, some misunderstanding, but frustrated by lack of communication on their part, I have even emailed Mark about it, but nore sponse yet, generally I like Bonanza, though I sell on ebay as well, but now I am having second thoughts about them

Ask sa about Bonanza
1 review
11 helpful votes

I signed up to sell, spent hours adding items, paid $225 PLUS another $35 I was not aware of, now I can't get logged in and there is NO WAY to contact them UNLESS you are logged in. NO email address, NO phone #, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BONANZA ONLINE SELLING SITE!! I have tried every link and still no response. Next emails to BBB and FCC

Ask John about Bonanza
1 review
17 helpful votes

Before I get started torching this worthless scam website, let me tell Mark the paid Bonanza shill, that BBB ratings are absolutely meaningless. An A+ rating can be bought. Go check out the 20/20 story about how untrustworthy and compromised the Better BS Bureau actually is. Ripoff Report dot com and websites like this tell the real story.

So, these guys charged me a $25 subscription fee for a service I've not used, not planned to use, and hadn't even visited since I first visited. I entered my PayPal debit card number to be able to buy things from people. Big mistake.

Now I'm having to cancel that card to get shed of these clowns. Deceptive, worthless, and fraudulent.

UPDATE APRIL 2016 - Yes you can get rid of these guys by closing the card you used, otherwise they will keep charging it until they get their money.

Since I had used my PayPal business card it was simple to sic their fraud and abuse guys on the matter, and resolve it instantly. Speak to the human customer service rep where ever your card comes from, and let them know you were scammed and you need a new card number.

Oh and just like I said, their rep posted a response about the ridiculous "BBB"

Ask Dana about Bonanza
1 review
6 helpful votes

That is my second review for this "wonderful" web site I just can't find enough "nice" words to describe my frustration . So i order a Beer tender when it came it was broken( falsely advertise as used but perfectly working ) so next day i send it back than a few days later i receive email that i'm not going to get refund cause after Bonanza team received the item it was damaged by ME!!!!!!!!! so i pay $100 to get a piece of sh*t than $ send it back the perfect scam !!! dear Bonanza team i truly wish you all end up in jail

Ask Boyan about Bonanza
3 reviews
18 helpful votes

Don't do it. Don't sign up. Don't put your credit card number in the system. Don't give them access to your Ebay sign-in. You WILL be sorry. You have been warned. Why don't the authorities shut this down?

Now you can expect an automated reply from Bonanza stating something to the effect that they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. (do yourself a favor... go look at the BBB website and find out the truth for yourself).

Ask Richard about Bonanza
1 review
7 helpful votes

This is the worst place ever.
Never received my item and never got a call back.

Ask Abigail about Bonanza
5 reviews
16 helpful votes

Am shocked at the huge number of negative reviews - I was a veryvery small seller in 2012; I sold a few things, and had no problems with my customers, nor the site; in fact, as a new online seller, I had alot of ?s, but had EXCELLENT help from their email-only customer service. So flash forward to present - I was considering reviving my account to sell again, and came across sitejabber (great site!), and these negative reviews. Whew - thank you all for your comments - even if there are many happy users of the present bonanza who haven't input - would like your comments also! - I'll avoid the site.

Ask L about Bonanza
1 review
11 helpful votes

Wow Im glad I read these reviews, I was about to make an expensive purchase....After reading these I WILL NOT !!!!!
Mark D is a joke and offers up nothing to give me the confidence to move forward with my purchase !

Ask Les about Bonanza
1 review
3 helpful votes

I sell CD's on both Ebay and Bonanza and most of my business has been on Ebay, however a couple of times a month I have sold on Bonanza. I have it set up that if you want to buy from me I have to approve the order. That is good for both the buyer and the seller. One you know that the seller has seen the order and two I respond to you within 6 hours. I have not had any problems with my buyers and so far they haven't had any with me. If a seller wants to be successful in on line sales they need to communicate with their buyer.

Check out the sellers feedback, send them an email first. Give Bonanza a chance. Ebay too has their problems, it is just too big.

Ask Lida about Bonanza
1 review
9 helpful votes

Disappointed. My son placed an order back in Nov for an Abby Wombach jersey using my husbands debit card. The money was taken out our account on Dec 11 but as of Feb 11 we still have not received a jersey. We did receive a message that we may never receive & that we need to contact paypal. My son didn't have an account & checked out as a guest so we don't know how to file this paypal since there is not an account on this transaction. I have told him to go back to his transaction & contact paypal. Hopefully once he contacts they can help with this. Will never order anything from Bonanza again. We should not have to go through this in order to receive goods especially when the money was taken out of my account 2 months ago. By the way Mark D. don't bother answering if you are just going to send the same garbage posted under all the other reviews. Only answer if you can help.

Ask Kristi about Bonanza
1 review
8 helpful votes

Notice how all of the low ratings have the same response from Bonanza about their BBB rating? looks like an algorithm that monitors the site and auto-responds... That's just the kind of customer care people want... So glad I checked this out before purchasing. I looked at another review site also where the responses were tailored to the complaint but still clearly copy and paste replies. Overall the shear amount of negative feedback say enough.

Ask Grant about Bonanza
1 review
7 helpful votes

I would like to get an answer from Bonanza period. Their customer service is horrendous. They are shielding themselves from the customer. Which only tells me they have something to hide. Can someone contact me about my problem purchase?
Elizabeth B

Ask Elizabeth about Bonanza
6 reviews
10 helpful votes

It's super hard to sell items on this site. They only voting on the best websites to the seller that they think still might like the site. It's way to hard to sell items on this site because there a bunch of cheap owners that refuse to advertise the site because they want you to pay a way high percentage by joining there advertising programs. They lie about it bringing you 3x or 5x as many item sells. It's a flat out lie and they should be thrown in jail for b it. If you ask them why if there better than sliced bred they don't take pride in the company and advertise it so all your members can sell more items they will pull the rug from under your booth. It's complete B.S since you invested $50,000;in your booth and you have the right to know why they aren't advertising there site and lie about the high priced fees with them. Your better to do a shopify store or your own online store because you can easily can sell just as much on your site as you can on this $#*! bag site because most your sells come from Google shopping. The only thing good about bonanza is the designers did a great job designing it and making it to use. The CEO is a girly face son of a beep and getting good customer service is hard. It's a pain in the arse getting your sellers fees on here if some one returns something. I give them a big thumbs down just like ebay. Same corperate fake people under a different umbrella. So don't bother with this horrible site that shouldn't be in the rankings of online market places. There pissing yellow rain on Seattle so don't give them any b respect because theere a fake unethical company that will lie and cheat people out of money to make a product and provide horrible servic.

Ask Ricky about Bonanza
1 review
12 helpful votes

Oh how I regret not googling "Bonanza reviews" before spending hundreds of dollars on a bag that never came. No response from seller or site, please stick with Ebay or outlet. I had to leave a review to help potential victims from being scammed.
Terrible site with horrible consistency, communication, and integrity.
Edited to add: Funny Bonanza will respond to negative reviews posted online through a third-party site before they respond to customer service request on their own website. This just goes to show that they are more worried about looking good than actually providing good service.

Ask Liz about Bonanza
1 review
11 helpful votes

If you want to be disappointed with a site and you are on Bonanza you have found it.

Ask Ken about Bonanza

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