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Bonanza reviews

66 reviews
Categories: Marketplace
109 W Denny Way #312
Seattle, WA 98119
Tel: (206) 588-5849

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Ask PATRICIA about Bonanza
New Reviewer

Beware...A lot of fraud going on with this site...User Lattigr is using my ebay pics to sell their Louis Vuitton bag with a different date code. Avoid at all cost!

New Reviewer

So far, so good. This is a young site is still in its "growing" stage and trying to get established. I sold on eBay for years and got tired of paying their outrageous 10% fees on EVERYTHING I sold. Plus eBay's customer support is a joke. A bunch of 3rd world country, barley speaking English, idiots. I feel this site is going to be a HUGE success, just wait and see.

New Reviewer

I never sold much. I had many items and I would sell in a year what I would sell in two weeks on Amazon. I was removed because I filed a complaint with the BBB that Bonanza reimbursed me. They charge you for items that a buyer never pays for. The scam works like need to approve a pending sale. The buyer never pays or responds to any email. If you don't notice it. Bonanza charges your credit card and that is that. Prior to that I found their customer support decent and I thought I was dealing with people.

I sold less then ten items in 2 years.The fact that I was able to transfer my items from Ebay made it fairly effortless.

New Reviewer

This is a mini-ebay without any legitimacy. I ordered a tent and it never arrived. The seller never returned my attempts to contact her. Yet she took my $70. Unfortunately, Bonanza immediately refers you to paypal or amazon to get your refund. They essentially put frauds on their site who set low prices, take your money, and then Bonanza forces paypal and amazon to fix their problems. LAME business model; cheats. Steer clear.

New Reviewer

If I could rate this site a 0 I would. I purchased a rolling bag June 3, 2014 and have yet to receive it. My paypal account has paid the seller and yet I still have no bag after contacting Emily Hubbard (the seller) 3 times...her reply "the bag is on the way" similar to "the checks in the mail" HAH!

New Reviewer

We are happy with Bonanza web site as a seller so far.
All transactions are easy and customer service is helpful.
Even we do not sell much on this site but a new source for us to expand business.
Thank you BONANZA!

New Reviewer

I bought a present for someone online. I'm usually really leery of making purchases on the web. I accidentally gave the seller the wrong email address to confirm my order, I was kind of concerned when I hadn't seen an email come through. Contacted Bonanza right away I received an email back. Constantly In communication with me, help me resolve my issue. I would most certainly recommend and use them again.

New Reviewer

I love my Bonanza! It's a smart and fun place to shop without any hassles. It's easy to open up a store booth and list your wares, and download your photo's. There are no hidden charges such as eBay always seem to have with their constant changes in wanting to improve at the sellers expense. With Bonanza, you don't get that. And each and every day there are new people joining where you can "welcome" them with a message. It's nice knowing that there are still a few kind and caring auction sites out there that don't take advantage of you and are quick to assist should you need their help. This is a young growing company that has a lot of potential to expand and reach out to those who are wanting to buy and sell in peace without the unnecessary drama stirred up that eBay seems to deliver. One gets tired of that nonsense. Bonanza displays a home-bodied atmosphere where trust and integrity comes first. And they really do care and value their sellers and buyers. "This is the type of company that I would love to work for." My ten-star review!

New Reviewer

I never write reviews, but this site is TERRIBLE! Complete waste of time and money. Seller scammed me out of iPhone case, no response from Bonanza, and way seller setup delivery time made transaction dispute with Paypal not possible. People that run and own sites like this with no accountability are scum.

New Reviewer

Terrible site. Take no responsibility for sellers actions. Customer service is polite, but are worthless, just sending you a bunch of links that do nothing for you. Will never make the mistake of using this site again.

New Reviewer

I purchased Iphone from them which never got delivered.
Have lot of fake sellers and bonanza does not bear any responsibility after setting up dispute.

Although I wasted my lot of time but my money got refunded, Thanks to Paypal

New Reviewer

This is an AWFUL business, with VERY bad business practices. I wish I could have selected ZERO stars!

They appear to allow Sellers on their website to improperly enhance what might otherwise be a bad feedback rating, by selectively importing feedback from other websites.

On top of this, doesn't appear to really care about what their sellers really do, or how good or bad they really are. They basically tell you to go to the payment source, and don't seem to even attempt to contact the sellers who lists items on their website.

Here's what I wrote to them ( employee name blocked out) via their website on May 6, 2014:

Hello XXXX,

I spoke with PayPal Resolution Center today, and they advised that the 10-day waiting period started April 30, when I opened the dispute. This 10-day period is up this coming Saturday, after which they’ll be providing a refund to me.

Apparently this same seller had not delivered to another person who ordered through your website, and there are only 4 feedback comments for sales on 2 of which are negative, including mine, for item never received. One is neutral, and one positive. However, when you look at the overall feedback for this seller, it says a high percentage of 88.9% positive feedback on your website, strictly based on what seems to be selectively imported feedback from an external source.

Please explain to me how a person with only one out of four transactions on your website can have such a high rating? It should appear to someone within that this practice of allowing people to import outside feedback to what can only be seen as falsely representing to your website buyers that they are indeed trustworthy. Especially when your own website transaction feedback says otherwise.

I don’t feel I can trust any more, and anticipate filing online reports to warn others about this, until and unless this practice by is changed to improve factual representations.

New Reviewer

HAHA this company doesn't spend any money on advertising and charges 16 % final value...isn't it insane?

Well, I agree with most people, this site is dead and no sales. It doesn't matter if you have 10 or 10,000 items for sale, there are not sales because this company Bonanza doesn't do any advertising. You suggest them that and they will send you to hell.

I made some sales because I was paying yahoo $19.99 per month and they would bring me sales. Nobody knows anything about Bonanza. I made $100 on sales on one month and spent weeks listing items. This site is run by a mediocre programer and maybe low life engineers since they can't fix anything.

The President or CEO MARK is a THEFT.Bonanza will charge your card whenever they feel like, no invoices or payment reminders are sent , when you realize they've charged your debit or credit card . I refused to pay $50 for a joke "Membership" and I asked them not to charge me anymore. They still charged me and when I complained that THEFT Mark suspended my account. That guy will try just anything to steal people's money, what a moron. They will suspend any "booth" for just $0.50

I know many people are looking for other selling alternatives but Bonanza just doesn't work. I thought all reviewers were wrong until I tried Bonanza and they were all right, DEAD SITE AND NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

Go ahead and open a booth if you want to waste time and give away your money.


New Reviewer

We are power sellers on ebay, moved our 3000 items over to Bonanza last week. 6 sales so far (in 3 days). We of course are not doing near the volume we do on ebay, but we are very excited for another outlet to sell our items. The site is young, as was ebay when we started with them many, many years ago...
Please read the reviews with a grain of salt. To the seller who complained about a bad buyer... why in the heck are you selling empty boxes? You get out of it what you put into it.

New Reviewer

Don't waste your time. We listed a large variety of items and at 10% lower prices then ebay and added free shipping. Very few sales. Total waste of time. Bonanza doesn't spend any $ advertising their site. 9 out of 10 people we asked had ever heard of it.

New Reviewer

Do not sell on this site. We are Ebay power sellers and we sell on Etsy. We opened a store in 2010 on Bonanza. Recently we sold an item on Bonanza. The buyer did not read the description and was not happy her item was mostly empty although it said mostly empty in the description. We explained to the buyer that they purchased an empty tin and asked them to go back and read the description. The buyer came back with very offensive language using the "F" word among other chice words. We sent a message to customer service and got this message. We are sorry you had a bad experience maybe the person had a bad day we will watch them. This was not okay so we closed our Bonanza store.

New Reviewer

UPDATE: got confirmation my item had shipped the very next day, seller immediately gave tracking info on request, item received within a week in perfect condition. Very pleased.

Most of the negative reviews are focused on seller actions- you should be writing that on the sellers page so people know not to buy from them. Only buy from sellers with five stars, four if you check what the reviews say.
As a buyer, site seems fine. I found a pair of shoes easily that I couldn't find anywhere else. Bought from a five star seller, reviewed 28 times.
Will update when receive item.

As for the automatic account, it makes sense to me that you are required to so that you are available to be contacted by the seller.

Paid with paypal, didn't even have my card with me. Convenient.

New Reviewer

they rip sellers off, triple charging your credit card, they tell buyers to file instant disputes, and when you have a problem their support will deliberately lie to your face. That guy marc is a scum bag!

New Reviewer

I bought iPhone case of Coach. The product was COMPLETELY fake. Seller was so unhonest (most of sellers are so unprofessional regular people.) Then the site doesn't really helped me to get refund back. I just left my honest review with 1 star. Don't buy anything if not sure!!! I don't suggest.

New Reviewer

On Bonanza deceive the buyer. Do not buy on this website. I have a lot of bad experiences. Buyer run from Bonanza.


Don't waste your time is right.. I was a seller on Bonanzle / Bonanza - mostly Bonanza folks sell to each other! Via forum games and other nonsensical methods. Difficult to use, unstable platform, "programmers" don't have a clue how to fix what they break. NO BACKUP... only "hot fixes" for patching what should have worked properly in the first place. This site is a joke. If you are a serious seller... sorry but Feebay and Amazon are the only legit methods to make a living / actual $$ selling your items. To counter the fees, you have to take them into consideration in your pricing and shipping etc..
Bonanza management is immature and unreasonable.

New Reviewer

I have ben buying and selling on Bonanza since 2009. I have no complaints at all. Easier than eBay. No outrageous fees like eBay or Amazon.

New Reviewer

I've been listing merchandise on Bonanza for a long time - Back when they first began. I have a few sales now and then - Not many.... All without a problem...Except for ONE where it was a clear case of buyer's remorse. The customer opened a claim with Bonanza (Item not as described). The customer never contacted me directly. Of course the item was described exactly as it was...It was a new item. Instead of letting me handle MY OWN customer - I was made to communicate with the customer while being watched and coached in what to say. I was advised to offer a refund OR they would tell the customer to go through Paypal and issue a charge back!
They insisted on seeing all of the email exchanged between myself and MY customer. I was going to refund anyway....Even though there was no good reason except for buyer's remorse. I've been in retail for OVER 30 YEARS. I don't need a coach to suggest what to say to a customer. Or a threat to help the customer issue a charge back via Paypal. What kind of place is this? They're NOT on the side of the seller. I felt bullied into giving the refund. I had a babysitter (A Bonanza customer svc rep) watching the email exchange between myself and my customer. The whole experience was HUMILIATING.

Bonanza is a marketplace that is not known, not advertised and not busy. You'd think they would want to hold onto their long time sellers and treat them with respect. I'm sorry to say that is not the case. I've heard from other sellers who have been treated the same way - Some have been suspended for not handling the situation the way the "bully" had wanted them to.

Bonanza - Not a good way to treat your customers / THE SELLERS.

New Reviewer

This site is a joke! Can not register . Keep getting there whoops error when trying to activate my account. An can not get back in to contact support. I thought there could never be a auction worse than ePier but this $#*! hole is the worst

New Reviewer

I abhor services that create accounts for you without your knowing it, and then make you contact their support team to cancel. It is the worst kind of internet company. I told them so, and received this reply (my response is below it):

"""Thank you for emailing. I am so very sorry you have had trouble. That certainly is not the intention. I am not sure why you were "forced" to create an account because it is not necessary to have an account in order to make a purchase. I am truly sorry the account was created. I will message the techs that you ended up with an account.
I will be happy to cancel the account for you. But would like to mention that since a purchase has been made, consider waiting until the item arrives to you. Should contact with the seller need to be made for any reason, if the account is canceled, no messages can be sent through the Bonanza system.
Please let me know if you would like the account canceled now or to wait until the item is delivered to you. I will be happy to take care of this any way you like.

Here is my reply:
"""A) your intro paragraph makes it sound like you are shocked "SHOCKED I TELL YOU" that someone inadvertently ended up with an account, which we both know is bs. you get emails like this all the time, and you damn well know it, so drop the charade. I can tell a template email when i see one. Especially the part about messaging the techs -- what exactly could you say to them? i _am_ a tech, and i know that you need to investigate what happened, how it happened, etc with the person who reported the problem in order for 'the techs' to have the first clue what the problem is. did you ask me? did you investigate how this could have happened? no. because you damn well know how it happened.

B) is your second paragraph meant to scare me? the initial email i received from bonanza included direct contact information for the seller, so i have messaged her directly in the unlikely event that you didnt provide her with my contact details and she needs to contact me. i obviously know how to contact her directly, because YOU SHOWED ME HOW. so yes, contact can easily be made with the seller, regardless of whether it can be made through the bonanza system, as you say. but you also could have just included that information in this email in case i didnt know about it, couldnt you, if you really were interested in helping out the customer? you had no intention of helping me. you, just like your system, are focused on trying to hinder me from canceling. again, i hate services like yours.

C) didnt comment on the part about being able to cancel the account myself on the website without having to contact support directly, did you? hmmm. somehow you managed to forget about that little detail. could it be because im right, and you dont have that option available? could it? huh? prove me wrong, and show me where on the website is a link for consumers in my predicament to delete the account without contacting support. yeah, thats what i thought.

cancel the damn account.


New Reviewer

I purchased 3 packs of razors for my husband on this site. They were mailed to an old Paypal address rather than the address I gave This seller is refusing to resend or to refund my $30+ dollars. Very frustrating.

New Reviewer

I signed up after dealing with ebay and having bad selling experiences. This site has no traffic and I figured id sign up and pay for an account. Mistake #1.

You're better off selling on craigslist and flea markets, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SITE IT HAS ZERO TRAFFIC!!!

New Reviewer

I wish I had found this website years ago. A delight to explore, so far, so good.

Nothing like the dreadful ebay.

New Reviewer

Was sent an email saying my order for a food processor was processed, money taken from my account. I sent an email to them (Josh Conner) at Bonanza saying where's my tracking number. He emailed saying oops, "... I've been in the hospital and just learned this item sold, and however I already sold this Cuisinart and was unable to remove it from my booth.I am very sorry." Says I will get a refund. I should have known such a low price and free shipping was too good to be true. Disappointed.

New Reviewer

Total scam!!!! Don't buy anything form them. I would not be a bit surprised if the people running the site are most of the sellers. I bought a gift card that was never sent and the support team could care less; If it was not for pay pall who knows when I would ever get my money back.

New Reviewer

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 III mini Factory advertised on the web site.I paid with PayPal. I never received the smartphone. The seller did not responded to several emails.

I contacted, the initial response was that I must wait 14 days from the order date to file a complaint about non-delivery.. I waited 16 days due to a weekend. Today their web site manager told me that they will not attempt to contact the seller that advertises on their site on a buyers behalf - No exceptions.

(Paypal is allowing the seller until Oct 29 to respond before they will take action.)

I paid Paypal using a Chase/Amazon Visa Card, they took immediate action and placed a temporary reversal on the charges.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE! I bought a DVD on about a month ago, and I have yet to receive it. I never got any sort of confirmation number or email, but they were happy enough to take the money from my account. I've tried contacting them about 3 separate times to no avail. This site is a SCAM!!! Do NOT purchase anything from any of the sellers on this site! If they are legit and care about their businesses, I suggest they find somewhere reputable to sell their items.

New Reviewer

It's more like "NO"nanza instead of bonanza
After 6 months (nothing not one single sale) took the 17% option here recently and have gotten literally no where...6 months not 1 single sale but it is free and gets me on the google searches more often. There are ADs, I believe are anti-Nonanza, you see ADs for Amazon & Ebay on your listings to GO LOOK else where they counter productive for Bonanza website sellers.
I get sales all day long on other sites, but not a single sale from's interesting how all the help boards are full of people patting one another on the back and tell one another "it's Ok, it will get better" but it doesn't and I don't think it's going too either, the CEO and all the cronies post there suggestions and advice like if you just keep doing what we tell you, you will succeed...chin up, turn that frown upside down, don't worry be happy crap. What we need to succeed is traffic, nobody knows this site, or that it exists there is no promotion of the site in general. In fact we as sellers are pushed to promote the site for them...EXCUSE ME? What would my commission be paying for then? I have had in the last week 97 item views and zero booth is that possible? Well not to mention before you even start out the month in review, you look like you have 40 views it's like a leader...Ohhh, 40 views!! No you didn't it's a spoof on other websites I get this and more a day...woohoo a whooping 57 views a week and NO SALES let me get all excited...I sell on 5 sites and this is the only one that is completely none productive.
On the boards? Look but don't participate, yes a huge clique and you have to give up equal to your first born son to be accepted, but it's a lions den they will turn on you, just frown once and see what happens I have seen them tear people apart for asking if anyone makes any money on the website...a legit question!

New Reviewer

horrible nightmare dealing via Bonanza. The person never shipped the item, gave me a invalid tracking number, and refuses to respond to my inquiries. Bonanza won't do anything about it except tell you to "contact the seller". I will never buy anything via Bonanza.

New Reviewer

it's a scam. Sadly I tried it twice and both times no items are being sent out and sellers are uncooperative and non-responsive. SCAM! DO NOT BUY!

New Reviewer

I was a seller on the site from almost the day they went live on the internet. At first they were a GREAT site. Cared for their sellers and pretty easy to use. The site started changing about the same time they changed their name from Bonanzle to Bonanza. Sellers in this review that are new to the site are the "new cheerleaders" and don't have a bit of brains in their heads since they seem to all be wearing rose colored glasses. The site is turning into nothing but a referral site for Amazon and EBay. You all may THINK it's a great site, but soon you'll be the victim of the inept programmers and then start losing sales to the links they have in all your ads taking customers to Amazon or EBay to buy instead of buying from you. I think you'll be changing your mind very quickly about what a "great" site it is to sell on

New Reviewer

Sellers new to Bonanza won't understand all of the negative reviews until after they've spent a lot of time, money and effort trying to sell their wares on Bonanza for nothing. I had one of the best maintained and optimized booths there for over three years and barely sold a thing.

Yet, I can sell a decent amount in a month on a different site that I hadn't done anything with in years because I was putting all of my time, money and effort into Bonanza. And all I had to do what add a few new listings to it every time it started getting slow. I did little to no promoting of my store on that site either and my listings there usually ranked higher in Google organic than those on Bonanza.

Now that time has passed and the old-timers have started figuring out why their Bonanza stores were doing so poorly despite all of their efforts, management mistreats them in a big way, including closing their booths for trumped up reasons that do not apply. They are particularly spiteful towards those who have decided to open up shop somewhere else -- many resorting to starting their own sites.

So, yes, there are a great number of sellers who have nothing but bad reviews for Bonanza. We are trying to spread the word in the hopes that those who are new to Bonanza will learn from our mistakes and not be fooled by how easy it is to use or any of the "improvements" they make.

Improvements usually mean site-wide problems will arise and never get fixed like wiping out your traits, messing up your attributes, causing ghost listings in your feed so Google Shopping drops you, checkout problems, listing problems, disappearing listings, shipping problems, and the list goes on. So, that pretty much wipes out the ease of use.

If you're a seller, do yourself a favor and put your eggs in a different basket. If you're a shopper, you'll probably find yourself directed to Amazon to shop by Bonanza themselves, which would be another reason why sellers should steer clear.

If you do choose to sell on Bonanza, just remember "We told you so" when your eyes are finally opened to what our eyes have been witnessing for a long while now. In the beginning, we didn't want to believe it either, but now we're wondering how we let ourselves be fooled for so long. We should have known better.

New Reviewer

People talk about Bonanza but there is always two sides to every story or review told. From my standpoint i just started using this site. I find it easier than Ebay to use. It is user friendly and much easier and cost effective compared to Ebay. I have not bought anything from the site yet or have not sold an item yet, but I tend to say this is a great site. I note that it is more difficult to get exposure on the site but other than it I give it 5 stars

New Reviewer

I have been selling on this site for a year now, and recently Bonanza started giving me problems like removing my items stating not authentic. I have sold many same items before and had great feedbacks...and yes my items are authentic! Yesterday they contacted the person who recently bought from me telling her my item was a fake after it was sold, without notifying me! The person who bought my item contacted me herself. Today I just had to cancel my account completely because I don't want to support an unprofessional and dishonest company such as Bonanza!

New Reviewer

Please note this shuold have been rated no stars. I purchased some coins from a seller for $625. When I received the package, the box contained metal washers and no coins. Why did the seller even bother sending me washers at all? Beware of buying from Bonanza.

New Reviewer

They did the same thing with us. 4 months of adding products. We get an email from Bonanza Mark saying we need to pay for the fees which were not over due. 2 hours later we were updating our policies and then all our products were gone. They were left on review about 30 minutes ago. From what you say all that work is for nothing. Luckily we have our products documented, time to go somewhere else and dispute the fees with our credit card company if they are going start playing those games.

New Reviewer

I purchased Gillette Fusion Replacement Blades (4 Cartridge) on 7/30/2013 from the seller ( on BONANZA.

I just received the package today and when I opened the package, it was not in the original box but in an opened package AND 2 OF THE RAZORS WERE USED!!!!
The product description said "NEW"!!

This is unethical, dishonest and unsanitary!!!

When I contact Bonanza, the customer support did not apologize or understand my point of view and told me to solve myself with the seller? What kind of customer support is that???!!!!!

New Reviewer

On 7/5 I purchased Norton Internet Security (2013) 1Year 3PC Software from Order #10792051 sold by shoppingusa who is located at 400 E Pine Street #215, Seattle, WA 98122

On 7/6/2013 Bonanza sends me this email:
shoppingusa July 06, 2013 02:09 AM
Hi, Please use :: JTMX42TGWJVPR7HH722Q4DXJ To Activate your Norton Internet Security 2013, 3 users 1 year. You can download it from. - Download as trail and activate it using key above. Please leave your feedback.

On 7/20 I send Bonanza this email:
For some reason when I restarted my computer it says my subscription is expired. When I put the key in it = says “You have exceeded the number of installations allowed for this product key” Any assistance would be appreciated

On 7/29 Bonanza send me this email:
Hey, Description of product explain that no person registration or backup.
If you want to have backup & email registration that was also listed for 24.99 $ 1 user 1 year.

Cant register a product that I purchased and my 3 licenses are already used? That sounds like fraud so on 7/29 I contacted Norton who advised me that the key is stolen and is being resold to me by an unlicensed provider. Norton also advised me that the key I was sold is already registered to

New Reviewer

bonanza bans you and removes your listings for review for no aparent reason or explination. i did nothing to violate their terms, but still they removed my listings for administravtive review. also they said their review takes 24 hours or less, its not going on 48 hours with no response from them or resolution. still not able to list my items, what a horrible site....

New Reviewer

Bonanza is a little bit like etsy ebay and amazon and the best part is buying really nice often hand crafted products that you can't find anywhere else. I like shopping here more than on ebay because it is often from the same sellers as ebay but all of the crap is weeded out. Only higher end products that I want are sold here.

New Reviewer

Mark, I hope you're reading some of these comments. I had a store long ago that I closed due to moving away for medical treatment. Any shipping issues from when I was quite ill were resolved satisfactorily. I now have staff working for my store, have a very successful eBay business, and went back to Bonanza. After entering credit card info and paying $$$ was immediately suspended with no explanation and given no opportunity to respond or appeal. This is nonsense. My newest hire has just been tasked with pursuing the matter with the Better Business Bureau and legal counsel. What a shame that Bonanza has come to this. As a totally legitimate seller with a glowing reputation, I didn't try to mask my identity. Bonanza staff long ago were aware that I was closing shop due to serious medical issues and had indicated they looked forward to having me back. Not so, apparently. As there is nowhere to appeal unjustified "immediate suspensions," we are forced to pursue other routes.

New Reviewer

You are all wronge ! I have been selling on Bonanza for 6 months now , and I have already sold 389 Items ! :) I love Bonanza , anytime you have a question , you get live chat help right away . Any time you have any question , the community & Bonanza them selves help right away . As for ya'll not selling anything , maybe it is the products you are selling . And not enough inventory too ! I have over 1,583 Products for sale on there like perfume, makeup , candles, ect ... People search for my products through bing search , google , and jut from the bonanza site ! I love bonanza , everyone there is very friendly , helpful, and it is a wonderful site ! I have been selling online for 17 years , & I think I know what I'm talking about ! And also , I have very small selling fees compared to other selling sites . _____ Vincent there is not scammers on Bonanza , and the payments they accept on there DOES have buyer protection , like paypal , google checkout & amazon checkout !

New Reviewer

Buyer Beware

Please know that Bonanza is a haven for scammers. Not all but many. Bonaza has NO buyer protection. They will tell you that they are not responsible for what is sold on their site, even fake counterfeits.

Don't believe me, check them out on the BBB website. All you need to know is there.

New Reviewer

BEWARE OF BONANZA1111 They will shut your store down after years even months of hard work, they will shut it down for no reason. I was with Bonanza for 4 years. I didn't sell much although that's not the issue. Recently a bunch of us have been getting indefinitely suspended. They don't tell you the real reason why they make up bogus stuff. They don't give you a warning and they close up your shop and you lose all your listing. Gone in a flash. What happens is you try to sign in and you get an error message this is what it reads:

Whoops. There was an error.

Login failed. Account error code #167

So 4 years of being a faithful Bonanza seller with a 100% feedback rating, regarded as a positive active good member for 4 years and they indefinitely suspend me for no real reason. Just closed up my shop and have closed up a ton of other peoples shops as well. Rumor has it they are going down the drain and taking the good sellers with them.

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