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ASOS reviews

77 reviews
Categories: Shopping Sites
Maylands Ave
Hemel Hempstead, HP2 4NW
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77 Reviews for ASOS

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New Reviewer

Highly recommend ordering elsewhere if you are ordering from Canada. Not only did I have to pay $100 in customs, but the sizing of the items that I ordered (all in the same size) were all grossly different. I had to send back the majority of the clothes for being too large or too small. I also did not receive part of my order, but received random items instead. Not only do I have to send back majority of my order, but I have to pay shipping, which they kindly reimburse, however I am still out $100 in customs that I will not get back. Customer service refuses to do anything for me. I made the purchases hoping I would get them in time for my trip to Mexico coming up next week, but after waiting 3 weeks for my items to arrive, the sizes are erratic and I have not received the items ordered. Absolutely ridiculous and I will never order from this company again. I order clothing online all the time, and I also order purses, make-up, shoes, and much more from other sites. I have never dealt with such awful customer service. IF YOUR SENDING ITEMS THAT ARE GOING TO TAKE A MONTH TO ARRIVE OVERSEAS, LETS TRY AND GET THEM RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!!

I'd like to mention as well, one of the items I did not order, I actually really liked.. and I sent and email explaining my situation (how I wanted the items for my trip).. I asked if they could simply charge me for the skirt they had accidentally sent me so that I could keep it. They refused, with absolutely no apology or other possible courses of action.

Very displeased customer.

New Reviewer

wonderful website, I mean, really good, hi-tech and bril customer service. but sometimes those tech features do not properly work on my PC unfortunately

New Reviewer

Despite the numerous customer reviews warning me that ASOS has a tendency to ship the wrong products to their customers, I took a chance with ASOS and ordered my first dress. Weeks later, I received the dress... in the WRONG size. I have reached out to ASOS' customer service through it's email servicing and through FB. They have responded that they will ship me a replacement dress and that I can return the oversized dress. I will revise this post and change the rating as soon as the replacement is received.

So, I've decided to change my 1 star to 4 stars because Asos' customer service replaced my dress, which arrived just a few days after the complaint was received and just on time for the big event that I had planned on wearing the dress to. Will probably buy from them again IF something great on their website catches my eye again.

New Reviewer

Placed 2 orders, both undelivered

Waited a month on first order and asked for a refund. No explanation given.

2nd order now approaching a month. Wrote customer service on failed order, they said all they can offer is an apology. I was told to wait 2 weeks and if not there contact them back. That leaves a paying customer another month with nothing to show for.

Posted a warning to future consumers on their Facebook page which was taken down immediately.

No accountability on ASOS for delivering purchased goods, and definitely no one there making things right.

If you have a problem, contact them, leave a review, and follow up with the Trading Standards Institute (BBB equivalent in the UK).

New Reviewer

I'm an international customer in Taiwan and I purchased from ASOS after hearing about their free shipping policy as well as many positive reviews on Youtube. I bought a fair of flats and a dress. The flats ended up looking a lot cheaper than I expected with warped toes, and the dress has a broken embellishment so I was looking to return them. But Customer Service has told me that there is no complimentary free shipping for international purchases. They would only reimburse half of the dress's shipping costs and none for the shoes.
I sent over screen shots of their landing and product pages emphasizing free shipping both ways.
You can see that it says Free Shipping Both Ways, even though it lists a foreign currency.
Customer Service keeps pointing me to the international returns page, which talks about refunds but doesn't mention shipping costs at all. That's very dishonest and I feel deliberately tricked! Even when you double-click on the free shipping link, it shoes the amount of dollars that express shipping costs but there's no asterisk for standard shipping, only for free express shipping.
It's fine if they don't do free international shipping returns, but I'm sure lots of international customers have been given the bait-and-switch! If there's something wrong with your messaging, as a company, you should honor it.
If you're not the from the UK or US, be warned!

New Reviewer

I recently bought jeans from asos and I am very disappointed ! They don't look like the picture at all ! It was the second time I ordered from this site and the first time I ordered I was disappointed for the same reason but decided to give them another chance for the jeans ! What a mistake ! I don't recomend this site and I will not repurchase!

New Reviewer

I have ordered 2 item with delivery before 1 PM on Saturday 15th March. I have received the tracking Number and the message from DPD courier that the parcel will be delivered before 10:50. I have tracked the delivery through the website and at 10:40 the driver was very close to my address. Then after 5 minutes appeared the following Message:

"Sorry, your parcel could not be delivered as your DPD driver could not find your address; we will update you here shortly"

So I have called the courier Customer Service on 11:05 AM and they said that the driver could not find the address and will be delivered on Monday

1. This courier always used to delivery from asos exactly the same address every fornight

2. Why after my phone call the driver did not come back in order to delivery the item ?

3. The driver has my phone number, if really could not find the addres, why did not contact me?

At this point, I assume that the Item has never been dispached and this is a proper scam between Asos and the courier.

Plus, Asos does not have a Customer service and they do not care after they have received your money. This is a shame due to I have spent 360 Pounds in less than 3 months

I will make sure that no one will use anymore this website, as they are not serious.

Also, everything that you see on you can find easily on . Plus, they have a proper customer service and they make sure that you will receive your order in time, otherwise they are ready to help you!

New Reviewer

Absolutely amazing site! I always come back to it! Such a huge variation o products, brands, lines, low prices, very good quality!

New Reviewer

Quite annoyed with ASOS for the second time! Placed two orders on ASOS and FSession on the same day, and both promised quick delivery. ASOS took more than a week to get me the order, and then they wouldn’t answer any of my mails. FSession is new to me, though many others have recommended it time and again. This time, my experience with a fresh website has changed my opinion. FSession packaging is superb and they actually managed to accept request for one of the products of wrong size without any hanging me in between. Definitely recommending them for future!


Customer service is brilliant! Always help with everything and refund you if anything is faulty, My reason for not giving 5 stars is that a lot of the clothes i have ordered from here have being not the best quality, but I guess that is not Asos's fault and they were always happy to refund me! I would def recommend to others! :)

New Reviewer

Reading some of the reviews is making me uneasy, but so far I've had a good experience with ASOS. I ordered a skirt, and it shipped from the UK to Australia in just over a week which I thought was pretty good, and on the same day my dress arrived which I ordered two days after the skirt. I'm new to online shopping, but the service seems pretty quick to me. I've read that some people have trouble with confirmations and tracking the order, but they always send me a confirmation email, an email that let's me know it's been shipped, and the tracking service works well. The sizing is also accurate on the item's I've got so far, and they fit well. I can't really make a comment on customer service though since I haven't had to deal with any issues yet. I haven't had a bad experience with ASOS yet, so I'll keep buying from them.

New Reviewer

Terrible terrible shipping service, super long and nost trustworthy, they tell you one date and it takes forever they dont keep updated their webpage where you are supposed to traack it.... Will mot buy from them again

New Reviewer

My only wish is that I have read those reviews before I spend my money on ASOS, here is my story:
I made my first purchase couple weeks ago for an order over $150 with a $25 off coupon. Turns out the pant ($53.71) won’t fit me, since they do not offer exchange in the US, I have to return it and make another purchase separately.

ASOS received my return merchandise but ONLY credit me $28.71 back because they auto-deducted the $25 coupon that I used for my first order even though it is technically an exchange, not a refund.

I decided to email the customer service at ASOS since there is no phone number you can call from US. After couple of days waiting, I contacted them via facebook. A rep emailed me back but insist there will be no refund on $25 because they do not offer exchanges outside the UK therefore all returns will be treated as refund MINUS the coupon if the new total does not qualify the original offer (even though my second replacement order actually is more than the first order without using any coupons).


It’s an extremely unfair situation and bad business practice. They rather lose a forever customer than credit me back $25, no wonder they’ve earned so many bad reviews already.

Buyer Beware!

New Reviewer

I bought a few dresses and other items a few months ago and I have to say that my overall experience with Asos was good. The dresses I ordered was of quite good quality but not amazing but I didn't expect amazing for the price I was paying. The only minor problem I can think of was the sizing as it seems so many brands vary a lot. Lucky my sister is good with a sewing machine so she took the waist of one of the dresses in a little for me so it fits fine now. Not perfect but as I said, for the money, I can't complain and delivery was fast.

New Reviewer

They does not delivers the goods that they sells. No tracking numbers, wrong items, no actions and the customer service is extremely bad. Uses 'template' answers to reply to complains. Refunds processing extremely difficult. Buy anything from them and you will regret doing so.

New Reviewer

My fail-safe go-to site for really nice stuff and very cheap. Here's a little tip for everyone. Before you shop, do a google search for ASOS coupons. I usually find 20% off coupons, 30% sometimes if I'm lucky. Shipping is always free, but I've noticed lately that shipping became a bit slow. Definitely not a deal breaker though because you there's so much variety and the prices are unbeatable. Lovvvve Asos!

New Reviewer

I am just going to review before I receive my items, because this is the worst service from a site I have ever experienced. My order took two days to process and then didn't ship until the next day, so now I have to wait even longer to receive it. They admit the problem is a technology error on their part, but I had to email them to get an update and get my order moving. Ridiculous. Get your site fixed!
Tracking website dosn't even say where my package is. Just says "In Transit"
Honestly now I will be surprised if the items I purchased will be of good quality after this. I was so excited to see cute maternity clothes at a very affordable price, but now I guess I will just pay the extra at Motherhood Maternity if it means my items will be shipped when ordered.
Never again and I will never recommend them to anybody.

New Reviewer

Regardless of how great a deal you believe you're getting from asos, stay away.

I read the reviews warning me, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt because I believed I was getting a great deal.

I ordered an item and never received a confirmation email. I waited days and my account was never updated. I made numerous attempts to contact customer service (which is essentially non existent) but still no response.

I cancelled my order and plan on contacting my credit card company to ensure these people don't see a dime from me.

New Reviewer

Good luck trying to return something to ASOS.

I paid for the ASOS premier service, which entitles me to a free returns collection for each order that I place. However whenever I order one they never show up, so I have to re-order and they charge me £2.95 each time.

Recently I re-ordered a collection service (at £2.95 despite the fact that it should have been free but it never arrived) only to be told at 2am that it has been cancelled because of maladministration. So I re-ordered it, however a courier arrived to pick up the cancelled order.

So far ASOS has scammed me out of £5.90 for services that should have been free to me, and I'm still waiting for a refund on items that should have been returned a week ago.

I highly recommend avoiding ASOS unless you're positive that the items will fit and you like them.

New Reviewer

I ordered goverall coat 2 months ago never received it tried to contact customer service but even they never replied

New Reviewer

nice website and huge selection, always great find on sale, but be ware of the size chart it is not correct these are European size and they are not converted well so you'll need to size up, the website can use some update as for the colors and items description that can be a great upgrade, shipping is fast but customer service not the greatest but not bad, they also process return so fast, as long as it free shipping and return there is really nothing more to say, right!?

New Reviewer

They have a great selection of products and free shipping. However, be aware that if you return anything from your purchase and used a discount, they will adjust the refund amount based on the discount. In other words, make sure you want to keep the whole purchase because your discount isn't worth anything if you have to return an item.

New Reviewer

I placed an order over two weeks ago. This was my first time ordering from ASOS. Once the order did not arrive on the date the tracking message said it would, I contacted customer service. They responded the next day and told me to wait an additional 4 days to see if the package would arrive. I did as told and when the package still did not arrive 4 days later, I contacted them again. They said the package had been lost (seems to be a common issue with them) and that they could either re-order it or refund my money. I told them if it could be rushed to me, I would like to still order it. However, they said this was not possible and it would still have to be shipped standard delivery, so they refunded my money.

It's certianly disappointing since I waited for so long and would rather have what I ordered. I'm a little shocked they refused to rush it to me, since I had waited for several weeks. First time trying them and I will not be making a second purchase from this website.

New Reviewer

I ordered many things from this website, and never had any trouble. The items are really nice for the price paid, and the sizing seems right.
Once, my order did not arrive, and I emailed customer service. They answered me within one day, and refunded me on the spot when they realized the package had been lost.
Great website!

New Reviewer

I recently purchased a dress from this company, that they apparently ran out of. Instead of letting me know they didn't have the dress in stock, they sent me a completely different, cheap dress and never refunded me the difference. DO NOT buy from this company. Very dishonest business practices.

New Reviewer

Got a gift voucher as a present. Created an account with ASOS and successfully logged the gift voucher onto the account. Great £100. After the 50th SPAM item I got from them I put some great stuff in the cart and when I went to check out, the gift voucher has expired.

Customer service very efficient - tough luck mate, the voucher (which cost my relative real money) has expired (by less than a month) and can't be revalidated.

Will never use my account EVER! My fault, read the T+C, but they didn't give a toss.

New Reviewer
1/5/14 is generally a good website, with a great range of clothing, to ship the items out they are usually fast and the delivery takes up to 2 weeks wich is totally ok since it is free :D

New Reviewer


The good:
> Great range with fantastic pricing
> Extremely fast postage from the UK
> Regular sales to save you even more $$
> Own 'home' brand which is great quality and decently priced
> FREE postage - did I mention FREE postage
> Accepts returns, although you have to pay return postage (around $7-$10)

The bad:
> Doesn't exchange on returns, only refunds - but with free shipping, why not order it again?
> Charges in GBP, meaning that you might be slugged with a foreign conversion fee by your card issuer

New Reviewer

Great products, horrible customer service. I have been ordering from them for several years, I recently had an issue with an order being sent to a wrong address. When I contacted them, instead of assisting me with my issue they gave me a condescending useless response and directed me to their returns policy! I have been a loyal customer for the past 5 years and was shocked at the caliber of customer service from such a big company. I won't be ordering from them again.

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. Ordered off the site having heard good things about it. was so disappointed with the experience, will never order from them again.

The site wouldn't let me have the items delivered to my PO BOX, which for any shopper is just plain annoying. so i had to have it delivered to my house, but they wanted a signature, so they then proceeded to deliver the parcel on a weekday at 9am, normal people are not home on a weekday at 9am. So I had the option to pick the parcel up from there warehouse 2 hours drive away or have it delivered to the nearest post office box that they would deliver it to...which was near to where i was either

the clothes I ordered looked nothing like how they were displayed. the one dress that did look like how it was displayed was so poorly constructed that in between two layers of chiffon in the chest area was a huge string of over locking which was very noticeable when worn.

I returned the clothes which cost me. then they sent me an email saying I would get my money in 1 to 2 weeks. 1 month later still no refund, so I emailed them and they claimed to have sent it the money. to get my money back I had to send multiple threaten to go to an ombudsmen when they still refused to send my money back when I sent them a copy of my bank transactions of the time period they were claiming to have sent the money back to me in. only after all this I got all my money back....amazing what threats can do when it comes to the law

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress using their size chart and even got confirmation from their team to use that size chart as a guide. Based on that I ordered the wrong size- it was way OFF( it was soo bug) I ordered a smaller size which fit. When I went to return the other dress, it almost cost the price of the dress so the Free return shipping is misleading. I emailed customer service and and I had to send another email to get a response. In the end they didn't nothing for me. I will never order from the site again. It's to much of a hassle and the sizes are messed up. I guess when you can't find a phone number on the site- that should be a red flag!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a bunch of maternity clothes for the holidays twice.

The first time my clothes came in, they were all too large. I figured I had ordered the wrong sizes. The second time I reordered, and received the same too large sizes (two sizes larger than I had ordered). When they sent me my order, they put in the large sizes, but when I logged onto the site, I could see my original order that was the appropriate sizes. This is a scam. I'm sure they're trying to push the last of certain merchandise in outlier sizes, and are hoping customers don't notice. This is unacceptable and pretty much fraud. Won't be ordering from them ever again. Oh, and try to find a customer service phone number...good luck! I guess if they can't be reached, then there must not be any complaints, right?! Ridiculous!

New Reviewer

me too like Asos, never had any problems with deliveries etc. recently i had to return some stuff, i was a bit sceptical looking at the another reviews, but refund had been made in no time. so is all good. thanks ASOS.

New Reviewer

Great products. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. I was condescended to. I was never able to talk with one sales rep. Instead I was bounced around to 8 different people VIA EMAIL. There is no line to call or direct email. The PROMO CODE the gave me never worked. They won't reimburse me for my inconvenience.

New Reviewer

legalized mugging,pay your money the item wont arrive and they go all coy and wont refund you. this crowd makes the bankers look honest.

New Reviewer

WORST WEBSITE EVER! There clothes are terribly cheap and when i returned the items in the mail I NEVER GOT BACK MY MONEY! And there customer service is TERRIBLE! This has been 4 months of me trying to get my money back and wasting over $50 so far calling over seas... i just gave up!

New Reviewer

I placed an order last evening successfully but 1 hour later, to my surprise, Asos email me stated that they unable to process my order and my order has been cancelled and to complete my future orders.I'll need to send them the following:

-A copy of your passport, ID card or driving licence.
-A copy of your payment card statement dated within the last three months, clearly showing your name and billing address. Please blank out your card number, but leave the last four digits visible.
-The delivery address and the name of the person who will sign for future orders. If this is a work address, please provide the company name.

I never meet such experience like this in other online shops before. It is really ridiculous.

I try to purchase once more last night and the status of my order until this morning is only "Received" , not "Order Processing". I try to ask Asos care so many times with no obvious answer.Finally, I cancel it and reorder the item for the third time!!
Guess what?? This time the status of my order still the same,only "Received" and after 3 hours, I got the same email from Asos stated that they unable to process my order and my order has been cancelled and to complete my future orders.I'll need to send them the following:

-A copy of your passport, ID card or driving licence.
-A copy of your payment card statement dated within the last three months, clearly showing your name and billing address. Please blank out your card number, but leave the last four digits visible.
-The delivery address and the name of the person who will sign for future orders. If this is a work address, please provide the company name.

This will be the last time I shop with Asos.
Never ever again I want to deal with such annoying online shop that cause nothing but inconvenience to its buyer.

New Reviewer

Best clothing collection I have ever seen. They have so many quality clothes and every month I cannot help from buying something. They always send the order the next day and I receive it in less than 10 days intact. I also love when they send newsletter with promo codes.

New Reviewer

I'm from Barbados and not a lot of countries ship here unless I ship it to a US mailing address or maybe use a courier. However with Asos, the shipping time is reasonable (2 weeks), there is no shipping charge, the quality is above average given that I buy the cheapest things that are on sale on the website. In order to get your size correct you may have to go through trial and error until you know what size fits you best. But all n all I gave the site 4 stars for its reliability, affordability on certain clothing and the selection is quite vast.

New Reviewer

I had wanted to buy a particular jacket for a while, I would say about two moths I had my eye on this particular jacket on your website, and it was retailing at £45 reduced from £65, I decided to buy this jacket on 30/11/2013, and made a purchase, that following morning I had noticed that there was a 20% sale on all your items using the promo code 20EXTRA, I thought I could benefit from my previous order I made the night before as it had not yet been dispatched. When I did cancel it, n I went back to repurchase the same item, I noticed the same jacket was now £65 again. As this scam is a very well known scam, I was shocked that ASOS used the kind of retail practices, I am well aware that a lot of high street brands do this kind of deception. To bring the prices back up and make people believe that they got a good deal at the day of the sale, when in fact the same items have been much lower in price for a very long time is deceiving costumers. ASOS have lost credibility, and operate their sales system with dishonesty.

New Reviewer

great shopping experiences! they have great items, and i love the student discounts, although i realized that they increase their price quite often :( the shipment length is decent, remembering that i live in the States. The live chat people are not as helpful as their competitors, but i give that a plus for having that service. One of my requests would be the sale, and more discounts please!!

New Reviewer

I've purchased from ASOS twice before. But this time, will be my third and last time that I do so. I've never had such bad service from a business that works in partnership with a courier like they do. Especially since the courier has confirmed delivery of MY purchases, YET I do NOT have the goods to hold. And the worst part, and which makes it my last time using ASOS - is that they have no idea where my delivery is, nor know why I do not have it.

Be careful when using them! Couriers aren't as trustworthy as you'd like to think. Christmas is coming up, and people might want products for their family ultimately for free.

I'll update when I find out what happened.

New Reviewer

I LOVE this site! I have no idea how I found it the other day, but the two dresses I ordered arrived already and they are ADORABLE!! The quality is great and the one I'm going to take into my tailor to make it fit better to my body but I am used to doing this for clothes.

New Reviewer

I've just made my 4th order in Asos, the largest so far. My previous orders consisted of clothing: shirts, jeans, trousers. Always correct sizes and on time deliveries.
I love this site!

New Reviewer

I made an order for 5 pieces of clothing. Only one piece of clothing arrived in the box. Payment method was through a VISA debit card.

I then contacted ASOS Customer Service on 13 Nov. ASOS replied, saying that they are now not accepting future orders from me because of missing orders across various accounts from this address. This isn't possible because this is my first time purchasing from ASOS, and I only moved into this address in November. This address was previously rented out to other tenants who may have had issues with ASOS. I offered to provide my tenancy agreement but they refused to communicate further, beyond telling me that they will not accept future businesses and will not be refunding a single cent. They refused to provide further details regarding supposed "other accounts" belonging to me. They have also refused to investigate this with their courier

Be careful of this website when buying.

New Reviewer

useless fellows

no customer care , 20 emails and I received 10 emails ... Still no use ...

Its been almost a month chasing ASOS idiots, and their courier guy collect theit useless products which is two wrong sized jeans sent one by one, on Monday up to now there is no update ?
I asked
1. Did you received two wrong items?
2. When you are going to send my replacement size Item ?

No reply.....

It's shame on chasing in twitter and Facebook, and its annoying there is no number to call, I bet if you have phone number so many will call you to give complaints. ..any way

ill take legal action... Understand?

Query: 131105-004198
Order no : 88929000
order number of your recently sent wrong item : 89439464

New Reviewer

I ordered from them and cancelled my order right after due to a incorrect size I ordered by accident. They took 100.00 out of my account in April , 2013 and it is November now and I still haven't gotten my money back. After countless emails of sending them the cancellation email and my scanned bank statements they are ignoring my emails weekly. I am going to open up a investigation to get my money back with my bank. Stay far away from them. There customer service is horrible and everytime your speaking to a new person. Don't order from them please.

New Reviewer

I emailed Asos to ask why 8 items missing from my order. A customer service named TRUDY banned my account. No explanation for me why my items were missing.I paid expensive charges for this order.This order has tracking number, Asos can check whether it's true or not.
Cannot believe Asos can hire such hater to become customer service.
She even scold me and made it a problem about my family member accounts.
I only want to know why and who cause this happen, is it because Asos didn't send complete items, custom people took my items or Skynet lost my items.
It's okay if Asos did not want to responsible but don't treat your longtime buyer like this.
People spend their hard-earned money and willing to wait so long for Asos items but this is what happened when you ask something.
You will find Asos good when no problem with your order but when something's wrong with it, it will be so difficult to solve. Even asking why will result in banning account.No solution, banned account,case closed.

New Reviewer

I love the ASOS collection but had a HORRIBLE experience ordering. My order was send to the WRONG COUNTRY. Can you imagen. After mailing, because the customer care phonenumber is quite hard to find. I didn't get anywhere! Finally I found a phonenumber, so I called to the UK (I live in Belgium). They told me they accidentally send it to the wrong country, but that I would be refunded, and that I could order it again (seeing as the original order, could not be send to me anymore). They didn't have the dress in stock, so I couldn't order that one, they still told me I would get the difference in price back, if I orderd something else. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. after countless mailings, I just got the answer that I can't get the orginal dress and will not be compensated for any other dress. I now still have to wait 21 days to get my refund. The mails I get are still the same "we're sorry, but we can't do anything". I think the customer care is horrific! I lost time and money.

New Reviewer

Great offers, easy to use, great selection and variation. Only negative is that sometimes their own asos branded clothing sometimes doesn't look completely like the pictures. Had to send 1 or 2 back in the past. But I still use this website a lot,

About ASOS
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ASOS brands itself as a "global online fashion and beauty retailer" and sells a variety of women's and men's fashion clothing through its website.