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AndysAutoSport reviews

49 reviews
Categories: Auto Parts
15005 Concord Circle
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Tel: 800-419-1152
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49 Reviews From Our Community

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The customer service guy (checked the warehouse, they don't have a warehouse) told me they were shipped that morning. (in 15 reviews)


At first, I was reluctant to order anything from them. (in 39 reviews)

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New Reviewer

In December of 2010 I ordered 4 creeper wheels for $10. The shipping cost was to be $15. Oh well. Two weeks later I emailed them about why my order wasn't shipped. No reply. One week later I called them about my order. The customer service guy (checked the warehouse, they don't have a warehouse) told me they were shipped that morning. The next day no email with my tracking number. One week later I called again about my order, he said Dorman didn't ship them . I told him I might cancel the order, ho told me to go ahead. Really. One week later, I called again ( 4 weeks after I placed the order), customer service guy told me more bull so I canceled the order. If you use these guys, go over their mission statement with them first, if you can catch one of the 4-5 employees.

New Reviewer

Always, ALWAYS, REMEMBER TO CHECK THE COMPANY REVIEWS BEFORE PURCHASING FROM A COMPANY! I ordered a simple rear view mirror for a mustang on October 9th and just received an email from them stating that they contacted the supplier and it will be shipped early in December. What takes over two months to get a rear view mirror? They charged my credit card the full amount the minute I ordered it. I could have driven to California to pick it up quicker! They say they will refund my money but that remains to be seen. Check the many many one star reviews on this company prior to purchase. I suspect it would be a lot less, however one star is the least you can give. How do they stay in business?

New Reviewer

Ordered a harness bar, price appeared to be good, 95$. Next thing you know its up to 140$. They charge 25$ to ship within the Bay Area:( Contacted customer service and was treated poorly. I would not ever deal with these people ever again. With as much competition there is they need to figure out what customer service is. They just suck.

New Reviewer

I ordered aftermarket tail lights for my 2003 Ford F150 Supercrew only after I had been assured that the tail lights I wanted would fit the body style of my truck. Once they actually arrived, I found out that they had sent me lights for a Flareside which fit slightly different than the lights on a Supercrew. I immediately contacted them and asked why they didn't fit. They claimed that they would be contacting the supplier to find out why. It took over a month for them to get back to me despite me emailing them numerous times. I told them that I wanted to return the tail lights as I couldn't use them due to them sending me the incorrect lights. They told me they had to contact the supplier again, which was Spyder Auto. I then emailed Spyder Auto myself and received an answer within 3 days. Andy's Auto Sport still has not gotten back to me after another month and a half and I have been back and forth with Spyder Auto numerous times since then. Pretty sure Andy's Auto Sports is only around because they screw over their customers and then just forget about them. So now I have a decent amount of money (for me) sitting in my closest as I cannot use them while I wait for an answer from them, if it will ever come.
Do NOT order from this company unless you want to be screwed over and ignored if you have any sort of issues, don't be tempted by the prices because trust me, it is definitely not worth the frustration and waste of time/

Tip for consumers: Stay away from this company, they'll screw you over and ignore you until they feel like sending a reply off to you that won't help your case in any way.

Ask Curtis about AndysAutoSport
New Reviewer

I should have read the reviews first. What a scam outfit.! After ordering my part which
Andy's site said it would fit perfectly; NOT SO...didn't even come close. After MANY not just several e-mails and phone calls; the rep said he would send a return label and instructions......NEVER HAPPENED ! I,m only out $21.00 and a useless part. I feel sorry for the others who have had also a terrible experience. All I can say is "BUYER
BE WARE ! ! ! ! !

New Reviewer

Do yourself a favor and do not waste your time with this horrible company. I actually gave them a chance, despite reading reviews, and that was a huge mistake! I ordered a bodykit and fenders from them and I was informed that it'll be arriving within 3-4 days because I have a California address. 4 days later I called them to follow up to find out about the status of my order. Of course as expected, nothing has happened; it was still in their warehouse not delivered and the fenders would be shipping out 2-3 weeks later. The customer rep asked me if the sales rep talked to the company to ensure that the kit/fenders were on stock and available. So now I'm supposed to make sure that they do their job correctly? These guys will tell you want you want to hear but when it comes to actually doing the right thing and their job, they are horrible. No apologies given whatsoever, so I cancelled that order. Now let's see if that even goes through. Please, if you are reading this, do NOT waste your precious time and money to invest in a company who does not give a crap about you. I'm a patient individual and will give people chances; I gave them a chance, so now from experience, I'm telling everyone DO NOT do anything with this company!!! Yes they're cheap; but you get what you pay for...

New Reviewer

One star is too many. They totally suck!! No customer service, press 4 for customer service and wait on hold for 20 min. (my break is 15min at work), but press 3 for sales and get someone every time.......Only that person will NOT help you with your already placed order. Where is the customer service in that?

After all week waiting and calling the last two days to check the status of my order, they told me my product was discontinued and the guy wasn't sure when they would get around to refunding my money>

New Reviewer

placed a $180 order for tokico blue struts, received an email with confirmation etc. About 2 days later i receive another email saying there is no estimated time arrival. Acouple weeks go by and i figured i'd call was on hold for about 15mins and the woman gets on and tells me they dont have them in stock and they dont know when they will be getting more in. I asked the woman when they were planning on telling me this as i am waiting on the parts to install.........Ridiculous if i never called they would have just left me in the dark waiting....DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT. I DIDNT EVEN GET AN APOLOGY

New Reviewer

This site is a total scam! We ordered a light 3 weeks ago and it has been sent to every state including right up the road from our address but hasn't made it here. Can never get anyone to answer on the phone line except the " place an order line" who transfer you so quickly you don't have time to protest. Then you are placed on hold for "the next available representative" that you never get, well at least after 30 mins on hold we gave up. Unfortunately we didn't read the reviews first but now we now it is futile to attempt to get our $ back from these scam artists so we are contacting our CC company and taking that route to rectify the problem. So to add the the plethora of bad reviews here is our bad review. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PLACE! It should be shut down and as far as my boyfriend is concerned are lucky they are located across the country because he would like to cause bodily damage to the sales rep and/or manager. You should see the tracking of our package, it's been to Canada, I've never been to as many places as this package has traveled!! The few occasions we have spoken to someone they couldn't find out order # so kept giving us a new one so we believe the package we have been tracking has been a different one each time. These people are owed some serious bad karma and I do not blame the people who want to peruse a class action law suit against them. Again stay away from Andy's crook auto sport parts!!!

New Reviewer

This company is terrible! They sent me damaged parts. Then when I went to return them for a refund it would have cost me more money to ship them back than the parts cost in the first place. I do not recommend ordering anything from these people. You will be disappointed.

New Reviewer

I ordered a hood on december 10, 2013 and was told that it would be at my house by december 24th. called back on december 26th and was told that it hasn't been shipped out yet! i was then told it would be shipped out on the first of january. Never received it. I contacted them AGAIN and was told it would be shipped out on the 15th of January. I called AGAIN on 23 January and was told that i would have to call back because Carbon Creations wasn't open at the time that i called, so i called back again the next day (24 January 2014) and was told that the carbon fiber hood would not be shipped out until the 29th of January. That's right! I have waited for OVER a month for hood to be delivered to my house that STILL has not been shipped out yet. I despise these people and this company. Never ever EVER do business with them. The only reason I even considered ordering from them was because their price was cheaper and i was too naive to read the reviews on the company. They are a joke and it has become my new mission in life to steer as many people as i can away from using this company.

New Reviewer

it took almost 5 month to get a huse $10,000 order from ANDYS AUTOSPORT for a car I was going to flip for profit and to pay bills because it took so long for parts to arrive I lost my house becaue they kept telling me it would arrive shortly. If I knew the truth I would have built another project to flip, so I would not have lost my house.
Unless you can wait half a years for your parts regardless of the BS you get told over and over and over and over again I say RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN Oh one more thing if you even think about bying from Andys autosport turn around and RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN the other way I MEAN RUN like your life depends on it, they dont care if its a few hundred or a few thousands just run and buy it elsewhere and set up and acount with roadway reimer yellow for 70% OFF THIER RATE JUST FOR HAVING AN ACOUNT DIRT CHEAP FRIEGHT FOR FILLING OUT A SIMPLE FORM AND PICKING LAST MINUTE FRIEGHT

New Reviewer

2 moths for Control Arm Bushing Kit $#*!... and continuos waiting..

New Reviewer

Placed my order with MATT and he told me they had my High Performance radiator in stock. I asked him to double check because everywhere else I called it was out of stock. "YEP" Matt tells me. Then I get an email (after paying big bucks) telling me "status for your order has been changed to NO ETA" NO ETA? Whats that mean? You will ship it in a year? I called 5 times. And even talked to MATT again (who transferred me quicker than lighting.) Every time I called you get transferred to the Abbess line and even held for 54 Minutes (just to provide a point) and once answered, they hung up on me without even saying Hello.
I am going to tell my bank this is a rip off internet company and to reverse the charges.

New Reviewer

To bad I read tge reviews a little late I orderd my part told me by the 31 of Oct I placed it on the 15 so then I got another email stating it moved till da 22 of Oct so I was happy come 22nd n no product I called to verify the gave run around so I called the company direct from da product I orderd they told me they called them n da 16 to let them kno it wasn't in stock til 3 weeks so I called andys n let them kno they triex lyin so I told them I called the company who they got it from n told me they called them to let them kno..WTF didn't they tell me there scammers if I don't get my product on the time I was told idc if it was a lil money I'm pursue to the fullest extent to sue them

New Reviewer

Bought Premium Brand DuraFlex polyurethane body kit, turns out to be fiberglass? They would not take kit back? Had to throw kit in dumpster. Crap. Beware, shop elsewhere!

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service, I ordered a part for my truck and was shipped the wrong part by the supplier. I was told that I would have to pay shipping both ways and if they didn't like the way I packaged the return they would send it back to me at my cost. I am not wasting any more time or money at Andy's.

New Reviewer

They sell car part that didnt fit at all !! I wasnt able to be refund , please dont buy from andyautosport

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service, I ordered a part for my car and was shipped the wrong part by the supplier and then was told that I ordered the wrong part. I had to pay shipping both ways and then was charged a restocking fee. I would advise people to never shop here as it will be a terrible experience.

New Reviewer

The worst customer service ever, they charged my card and i even showed them a bank statement and they still insist never got paid. My only option was to dispute the the amount.

New Reviewer

I work at a body shop and ordered a grille guard for a customers vehicle on July 31st, 2013 and made payment for it. On August 9th, I received an email stating it was on back order for 2 weeks but they would keep me updated on ship date. 2 weeks comes and goes without hearing anything. I called and spoke with someone on August 20th (after being on hold forever) and they said that it would ship out no later than September 5th, and if there are any issues, they would get a hold of me. To no surprise, Sept. 5th passes and yet no guard, no phone call, and no email. I called to follow up on Sept. 6th and was informed that it would ship by September 11th. Again, Sept. 11th goes by and no guard, no phone call, no email. I made yet another phone call on September 13th and was told the guard was "lost in the shuffle" and that it would be shipped no later than the 20th and that we would receive email confirmation of this. The body shop owner called separately and spoke with a manager who said that it would definitely be the 20th, but that they would fax us something stating that the 20th was the ship date. We never received said fax. I just got off the phone with a representative who contacted the warehouse and said they "had no such order for us." Needless to say, I canceled the order and requested my $762.00 back. Now, the waiting game begins to see if I actually receive my refund in the 2-3 days that they promised.

New Reviewer

I ordered a spoiler and custom body kit for my car off this website. It was a universal spoiler and the website said it was MADE of Carbon Fiber, when it got here almost two weeks later, there was a huge chip in it, it was cracked across the top, the edges were frayed and not all the screws were in the package, not all the holes were in it for the screws to put it together, the platforms were cheap and to top it all off it was made of cheap plastic!!! I called customer service they told me to call next time before I buy anything because some of the stuff is crap and that the spoiler was just carbon fiber design. They said they would take it back in exchange for a refund but there was a 20% restocking fee. The body kit was decent and the front bumper popped right on but the rear bumper didn't fit. I would try to find anywhere else but here for all your auto needs

New Reviewer

I ordered a hood and a spoiler from this place, they showed up at the custom body shop and I was advised it was the worst excuse for a part they have seen in over 40 years. The hood wasn't square, had holes in it, too thin and not straight, spoiler was the same, very poor quality, and they charge a huge fee for shipping. I was also advised you have to provide pictures of the parts just to try to get a refund, this is still in the works, advice, don't order anything from these people.

New Reviewer

I was concerned about receiving my Silla Radiator from after reading all the negative reviews on here. Of course I ordered before finding these reviews so I had to just wait and see what happened. I couldn't be happier with the quick shipment to my door. I ordered on a Monday afternoon. and the Radiator was on my door step the following Monday. The Quality of the radiator is a bit on the low end, but I knew this when I ordered it. a $150 radiator isn't going to be as well built as a 4-$600 unit. Now Ill just have to see how it holds up. Great service from Andysautosport!!

New Reviewer

Scums and thieves! Ordered a set of rotors for my car and 3weeks down the road I get a call saying they don't carry them anymore!!! I called my credit card company stating that I wasn't getting my money back from andys, and my cc gave me my credit back. Andys was forced to send me my check!!!

New Reviewer

After reading most of the negative comments about this company. At first, I was reluctant to order anything from them. Well, my wife purchased a 2013 Scoin XD, and of course it did not come with an arm rest. Needless to say, momma was not the least bit happy. So, everyone knows when momma isn't happy, there is no one happy. I ordered the arm rest from Andy Auto Sport, and to my surprise the item was received, and it fitted perfectly. I contacted Eli, once and he was able to provide me an arrival date. In fact, the arm rest arrived three before it was expected to arrive. Eli, I would like to thank you personal for ensuring the my part arrived.

New Reviewer

I wish I could give them negative stars. I ordered a steering wheel and hub adapter, waited over six weeks, they charged my card immediately, and then the wrong adapter showed up. When I called they told me they don't stock any parts they're a drop ship company only and I should have read their policy page. I did read it and it doesn't say anything like that. These guys are frauds in the first degree. Also their shipping charges are outrageous and the service is pathetic. Avoid this company.

New Reviewer

Hey everyone, i ordered close to $1,000.00 worth of parts,i will list them bellow.

1. Spec-D Bride style racing seats (pair) - $250
2. Spec-D 4 point racing harness dont come in pairs, ordered 2 of them)$80
3.Momo "Drifting" Steering wheel $250
4. NRG Quick release $100-120 not sure
5.Seat brackets $100 (pair i believe, not sure)
6.Momo blk/red leather shift knob $80
7. Sparco racing pedals $70

So, here's my story, i've been looking over their website for almost a year, got a car, ordered the parts everything seemed perfect.
so two months ago i placed the order, they said it would be 4-5 weeks till i get my parts because they are coming from an over seas plant... okay ill go with that.
not even a week later i get the seat brackets.. fu**ing awesome i thought,
and then a month and a half passed and not even one package has came to my door... i gave them a call, they said that the steering wheel i picked out was cancelled/out of stock/discontinued, and because of that, my whole order was on if i didnt call, no one would bother to notify me of this.. so i pick out a different wheel, okay your order is rolling we will keep you updated... my ass...
5 hours is what it took me to get them on the phone the next day, 5 freaking hours...oh we're so sorry, blah blah blah, give us a sec, we will call the manufacturer and se what they have to say...on hold for 10 minutes...
still on hold... okay, sir, your order is in transit, here is your tracking number, thank you have a nice day.. guess what, invalid tracking number.. 3 time already..
call them back again, $#*! at this"supervisor/manager" for 2 hours like an idiot, so that he can tell me, your parts are in transit, you should expect to recieve them by the end of next week.
so i did recieve most of the parts, i let about a week to go by since i recieved the last part ( two parts missing, shift knob + racing pedals) , i call them AGAIN,
blah blah blah, it shows in our system parts have been delivered..
i get the shift knob the next day, still no pedals.. another week goes by, call them back again, to find out that the aprticular momo pedals were discontinued, so either refund or pick new ones, so i got sparco. that was today 6.28.2013 @ 11:32am chicago time... im dying to see how long its gonna take them to ship out those lousy pedals...

Over there at Andy's , i dont even know how many different people i spoke to, but there is only one normal lady, Stevie is her name, i think, she is the only one who put any effort i helping me get my stuff.

I love the parts, they look amazing, they feel amazing, the only reason why i gave it 4 stars, but damn it dude, such a big company, and out of everyone, only one employee to care for customers... F*ck that, would i recommend this website, maybe, they have good $#*!, but use at your own risk...

Good parts, amazing parts, love the quality, but holy $#*! son, customer services suck A**,

New Reviewer

I've ordered the radio antena, price of the product 10$ + shipping cost 97&. I was negligent enought not to pay attention to shipping price, In my worst dream I wouldn't expect that it can be 10 times the price of product - I've noticed it after submitting the order so straight away I've send email to them with request to cancel the order. They responded two days later offering me to bring down the shipping cost to 40$, but I've found it still too expensive and told them to cancel whole order. Next day I'm getting the email with shipment tracking number and . of course they charged me original price. I'll be fighting for a refund.

- sorry guys I have to give them two extra stars after one email where I've threatened to call my credit card company they gave me refund within a week

New Reviewer

I wish I could give negative stars. I ordered a set of taillights and headlights came out to a little over $200 I waited 3 months for them every time I called they had some bs excuse for me finally had to threaten to sue to get my money back

New Reviewer

I spent 600 dollars on a steering wheel/quick release/hub adapter kit and they said they didn't have the part, i asked for a refund-after shipping it back they gave me 118 dollars back! It tooj 2 months to get the refund and a lot of yelling at supervisor s who liked to only use excuses. Now im out over 400 dollars with nothing to show!

New Reviewer

I wish I read reviews before purchasing from this site. They don't have a customer service they have an excuse service. They are a pack of theives.

New Reviewer

they are thieves I urge everyone to file complains at better business bureau... i brought something and now they emailed me saying they don't have it in inventory and said it will take 3 months till they get it and ship it to me. Then i wanted my refund and its been 2 weeks still my refund didn't arrive they are thieves.

New Reviewer

If I could give this less than one star, I would. I was going to order a set of 20 lug nuts from this site, because my old stock ones were all rounded off from letting tire shops torque them with an impact wrench. Was proceeding with the order and was about to hit confirm, when I saw the outrageous shipping cost of $80 bucks to ship 20 lug nuts that were already gonna cost me $80(should have been a red flag right there) from California. Sent them a stern email demanding to know wth made the shipping so expensive. Never heard back from them.

New Reviewer

I ordered a back bumper guard for my H2 hummer 2 days after Christmas and now it's march 18 and still nothing they keep telling me it will ship 4 different times now and it keeps getting pushed back and it's ridiculous I don't leave reviews on websites too much because it's never that bad but this is out of control this is a $#*!ty company and doesn't deserve to be in exitence BUYERS BEWARE!

New Reviewer

very thankful for my credit cart that blocked my transaction during the order, I would be scratching my head now :
looks like they are on the blacklist tin Credit Companies too, so you got the point

New Reviewer

I order some stud for my car about a couple month ago. Came within a week at first i was glad, once i put them on i notice it dont fit. I call several hundred of time never get threw been on hold for hr tons of time never get threw...NOTE "andysautosport have poor customer service"...i email them cus i want to ship it back to them n the guy say he'll email the address...never did i email a couple of time but seem like im being ignore...been month im fed up... I DONT RECOMMEND SHOPPING @ ANDYSAUTOSPORT...

P.S @ i rather be shopping on ebay

New Reviewer

I had ordered a part from this company about 3 weeks ago and I was told that the item I had ordered would be at my house in 4 to 5 days. Needless to say its been over 20 days now. I just got off the phone with the customer service and they item hasent even been shipped yet. They could not have cares leas about this I didn't get a sorry or anything. I don't even know of they would have ever shipped my item if I had not called. This has to be the worst online purchase I have ever made and I am very upset about how it was handled by the company.

New Reviewer

They will rip you off. This is the WORST place i have ever done business with. STAY AWAY or PAY!!

New Reviewer

I own ChristianKustomz Automotive & Performance Tuning and I have to rate my experience with Andy's Auto Sport with an "F-". They are liars and scammers and thieves. These are factual words in every meaning. Besides sending out garbage parts that do not come close to fitting and then replacing them with parts that are cracked or broken (all were damaged and did not fit) the customer service is horrible and will lie and cheat you out of your money. They will keep your money and the parts and have you return the bad part and not send you anything back expecting you to not have enough money to fight them in court. Always excuses for their mistakes. We had to fork out of pocket the money to return the broken and defective parts several times. Last time we returned a carbon fiber VIS hood for out customers car due to it too being defective (full of air bubbles in the gel coat, cracked edges etc) they said they never recieved it. However we faxed them the paperwork proving they recieved it and it was signed for by the owner. They still argued and went to collections about it. We showed collections our paperwork and they quickly threw out Andy's complaint. I still have all the paperwork. Andy's Auto Sport is a terrible company. They stole our money from an order they never sent to us after we paid them and we were forced to eat the cost of it. It would have cost too much to take them to court. We notified our business credit card company of the few body kit orders that were never recieved after months of waiting and fighting with Andy's Auto Sport and we got it back after a while but still took a small loss. Customer service was arrogant and never took responsibility for their screw ups and bad defective broken parts. I own a shop that installs body kits and if they can't treat a company like us right they sure as hell won't treat a consumer much better. There is more to be said but I think you get the point. Be forewarned if you deal with these people in business. You'll regret it if you do.

New Reviewer

Ordered a roll pan may 3rd. they listed it as a in stock item. Got an email saying they were contacting the vendor to get a delivery estimate.
This went on for another week and then they stopped communicating.
I finally put a claim in with my credit card company today, May 31.
When I informed them of this by e-mail I finally got an acknowledgement, lets hope they actually send the money back.

New Reviewer

over price of parts marked up over manufacture list price shipping very expensive customer service almost non exsistent

New Reviewer

I ordered a Hood for My Camaro From Andy's Auto Sport. I had it delivered to a reputable paint and body shop for prep and installation. The body shop said that the hood was a piece of crap and that it would not fit my car. Casting was terrible. it had cracks amd deformities that made it look horrible. I contacted Andys Auto Sport Customer Service with pictures that the body shop had taken along with the comments fron the body shop manager. Tey said that i could send it back, at my own expence, and I would have to pay a 10% re-stocking fee. Avoid buying anything from this place. Falsely advertise quality products and outstanding customer service and you will receive neither. Don't find youself in the same shape that I find myself in....they're crooks!

Apprentice Reviewer

I did research on the site before ordering from them and got negative reviews. Here is a simple list of what i found:
-High shipping rates
-Damaged parts
-Poor customer support
-Wrong price listed on parts

That was enough for me to choose not to order from them. I suggest that you find the part you want on that site then go look it up somewhere else.

New Reviewer

I purchased online for a set of Xenon Bodykit through this site costing to USD1600 including international shipment! They never ship the product, given me a invalid tracking number from the freight company. Called them on the hotline and they are not responsive or simply not interested. Emailed them and no responses as well. DON'T buy from them if you don't want to end up like me, paying so much and get zero.

New Reviewer

i've ordered from tons of different online auto parts before this is by far the worst all of the other posts are the same things i experinced DO NOT give this company your business their prices are no where near cheap after u pay for their outragious shipping costs

New Reviewer

Rip off. Total... Theyu wil lcharge shipping x10 times than actually it is, and it may be 5x times above the cost of merchandise ordered!!!

New Reviewer

I was browsing on this site for about a month now and i finally had the money to order my Full Body Kit for my 1990 Acura Integra. I emailed customer support on how much shipping will cost. They said the Body Kit is $380 plus shipping. (Total $450.00). So i said ok. Ill buy it tomorrow. So the next morning, i went threw the checkout on their website and it said the total after shipping was almost $650. I then called them about the price and they said it was a typo. So i then bought the body kit for $450. They said it will be at my door step in 1 week Brand New. So i wait and the body kit came at my door in exactly 1 week. So i then opened it and it was JUNK! It has holes in it, crackes, scratches, ect. So i called them and they said, take pictures and send us proof and we will send you a Brand New kit. And I asked why this Body kit is so trashed. And he said, "We sent you a used refurbished body kit on accident" So once i take the pictures, i send them an email and now im waiting for the new kit. (PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL OF THEIR PRICES ARE WRONG! pLEASE CALL THEM AND THEY WILL LOWER THE PRICE! THEY TRY TO GET AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY CAN OUT OF YOU!!)

New Reviewer

when i first got too andysautosport i was delighted with there website and all the parts to choose from for all kinda of makes. When i first placed my order with andys auto sport it was for a Megan Racing strut bar for my 94 Sentra SE-R, the price seemed great at 40 dollars for the bar and with shipping it came too about 70 buck which i though was fine cause i live in cananda and there shipping from the u.s.a. So after placing my order it said i would recieve a shipping email with a tracking number. 14 days go by. nothing. no email. i then cheak my mastercard account and there was a charge to andys auto sport so i call there customer support line and talk to a sales rep there who said that the order was just prossesed and would be shipped asap. 1 week go's by. still no tracking email?! so i call customer support back and talk to a sales manager at andy auto sport. They try to tell me it was because of a problem with my credit card. i said no because i cheaked my card and they have infact charge me already for the order. anyways. to make a long storie short. it took about another week after that last phone call too receive my order from andys auto sport. Great website and selection of parts, but poors service and extreamly bull$#*! slow shipping. out of 10 stars id give a 3 for selection of goods. other then that, i will do bussness elswhere!

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