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46 reviews
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46 Reviews From Our Community

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Overall, I am happy with the allposters product, delivery time, and customer service. (in 9 reviews)


You can make purchases by credit card or through PayPal. (in 5 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

My order placed 12/10/2015 was supposed to be delivered by 26/10/2015, there is still no tracking info, the number on the site does not exist, and I have now sent 3 emails asking someone to contact me urgently. NO ONE has even responded. Still have no answer as to when my order will be sent.

Ask Peggy about AllPosters
1 review
3 helpful votes

you start off very well...they eve let you create an account, add items to your cart, do the payment via VISA only for them to tell you they can't ship your items (that took me days to hand pick) because your card seems to be fraudulent! now they have my money(used my credit card) and its unto me to follow up for a refund. WTF? like this is just one of the worst online shopping things I've come across. shame on you all posters.

Ask Alex about AllPosters
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought 3 music t-shirts and they were of inferior quality- akin to the rock t-shirts sold at Queen Victoria Market at Melbourne. Its the same quality. I was expecting the fabric to be of a better quality as the the website proclaimed SOFTER THAN USUAL t-shirts but it is severely misleading. Cotton On t-shirts are way cheaper, softer and of a better quality. Paid so much for shipping for such low quality t-shirts. What a rip off. Never again.

Ask Van about AllPosters
1 review
5 helpful votes

It says all so here I am thinking it is based in Australia only to find out that it is based in North Carolina! it says in the mail expected delivery 13th August when I have purchased online 29th July! So after two attempts I have finally got hold customer services and told I will get it 31st August! it is awaiting in customs, and according to my email they have tracking number so when I locate my order that was NO tracking services available!!!!!
WTF such a fraud !!!!!!!!!

Ask Shel about AllPosters
1 review
5 helpful votes

Under no circumstances deal with this company. The chances of receiving your order is less than 50-50. If you are awaiting delivery of an order and you have been waiting a month or more the chance of you receiving your order is pretty much zero. After many e-mails I made a call to the following number +1 (919) 277-2172. Strangely the number was on the ALLPosters Australian site However it's a North Carolina number but the operator insists they are in a Dutch warehouse. Request an immediate refund, you might get lucky. As an aside is the same company and in January ALLPosters. Com was in a European court defending a copyright infringement charge. I hesitate to say it's a Scam but it is very close. Contact PayPal and your credit card company immediately and list your experience with every site you can find.

Ask Peter about AllPosters
1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought two posters from allposters, one was badly creased and the other one was very out of focus, I tried for a week to contact them through their customer service to ask for a refund but did not receive a response from them so I left a negative review here and also on Allposters actually monitor and respond to negative feedback on, I was contacted by Ashley from allposters who apologised for the problems I was having, asked me questions to find out details about the issues and then organised for a replacement of the damaged poster and a refund for the out of focus poster at no cost to me. Ashley was helpful, courteous and very quick with replies. I have received the refund and the replacement poster so my opinion of allposters has changed from bad to good.

Ask Josh about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 3 posters and was charged $24 shipping (which I thought was a little steep for paper!) and it said 3-5 days shipping. After 9 days I sent an email in which they replied it can take up to 20 BUISNESS days to arrive! ( which is nearly a month with weekends) and said contact us if it hasn't come by then contact us again. I have ordered a number of products from overseas and it has never taken more than 7 days with standard shipping.
For $24 for the size and weight I would expect express postage! VERT poor service.
Its been 19 days and still haven't arrived.

Tip for consumers: BEWARE !!!

Ask Trafford about AllPosters
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I ordered four posters for my son's room (Nash, Wiggins, Leonard,Curry). I received what I expected and if I'm to split hairs came three days after the date promised.

Ask Dennis about AllPosters
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a poster print from the Book of Kells. I'm incredibly disappointed in the poor quality of the print. It's blurry, pixelated: exactly what you'd expect if you enlarged a picture too much on your computer and printed it out.

Ask Christina about AllPosters
1 review
1 helpful vote

Hola, soy de Argentina, mi nombre es Pablo Boggio y mi DNI 25648568. Hice un pedido hace un mes a ALLPOSTERS desde una página de dominio argentino ALLPOSTERS.COM.AR, resulta que a los pocos dias me llega un mail de esta gente donde me notifican que mi pedido estaba embarcado.... Embarcado??? Ahí caigo en la cuenta de que los tres posters que yo ya había pagado, venían desde USA! Nadie me había advertido eso cuando hice la compra, en ningún lugar medianamente visible se ve que la mercadería viene desde los Estados Unidos. En ningún lugar de la página que insisto, es de dominio argentino, se aclara que ALLPOSTERS es una Cía Norteamericana. Por esa cuestión es que el envío estuvo varios días detenido en la Aduana, tuve que aplicar formularios aduaneros, y finalmente resulta que tengo que pagar un AFORO aduanero de aproximadamente u$s 160 para que me entreguen la mercadería.... Todos estos inconvenientes, pérdida de tiempo y dinero no hubiesen pasado si yo hubiese sabido que la mercadería viene desde el exterior. Yo hubiese elegido si hacía la compra o no. Finamente, luego de discutir con FED EX que son los del servicio de entregas (y que nada tienen que ver con este desmanejo) , le envío un mail a la gente de ALLPOSTERS.COM.AR donde les explico toda la situación. Ellos simplememteme contestan que lo lamentan pero no se van a hacer cargo de pagar el aforo. A continuación les transcribo los emails Y ESCRIBO ESTO PARA QUE OTROS COMPRADORES EXTRANJEROS LO SEPAN ANTES DE COMPRAR. Seguro que en USA ellos saldrían sancionados!!!
Esta es la contestación que me dio un tal Daniel (sin apellido)
Estimado pablo boggio sosa,

Gracias por contactar a

En efecto, algunos paquetes pueden sufrir inspecciones aduaneras que, además de retrasar la entrega del pedido, derivan en la imposición de tasas de importación. Puesto que estas inspecciones son imprevisibles y puesto que las tarifas e impuestos de importación varían mucho dependiendo de la política aduanera de cada país, nuestra empresa se ve imposibilitada a incluir este coste en el precio final de los productos que vende y no se hace tampoco cargo de su reembolso.

Si desea hacernos cualquier otra consulta, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros.
Disculpe las molestias y reciba un cordial saludo,

Customer Service Representative
The World's Largest Poster and Print Store

Ask Pablo about AllPosters
1 review
6 helpful votes

They advertise "35% OFF EVERYTHING" and the sale ending today. They even email these offers. They've done this for years, BUT NOW, those 'percent off' deals are not good on anything other than full price merchandise. Let me say that another way, their 35% off EVERYTHING is not good on everything. Actually, it's not good on much because so much of their merchandise is listed as being discounted somehow.

So if an item is even just 1% reduced, you will not get to use the 35% OFF EVERYTHING deal they advertise. What a deceitful way to do business! AVOID AVOID AVOID

Ask Mike about AllPosters
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered 3 prints. Two were selected for their best quality and one selected as is --- total cost $166.00 and change.

I am in Canada and had some trouble with the e-store. Thought I was ordering from but somehow ended connected to

Online support got me squared away albeit without connecting me to a Canadian branch.

Package arrived in 18 days. No damage. However, once my money was taken I only received a "package has shipped" notice, No in-transit tracking available which made me nervous. No extra taxes or duties were applied on the posters. All 3 were bundled together and arrived to my door as such.

One poster (a vintage map of Essex UK) was pixelated but not to such an extent as it ruined the overall look. I believe "some" posters are in the form of digitized data and created on a need to print basis. The two vintage maps appeared to have been created this way but the large political map of England "appeared" to have been created from more traditional means.

Overall, I am happy with the allposters product, delivery time, and customer service. I grade them at a "B" on the old grade school scale.

Ask Rachel about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a canvas poster on a mount from Allposters recently. The poster looks good but is mounted only on a rigid frame, not on a board. It came with a hanging wire attached to the frame but the wire is quite stretchy and is fixed too high on the frame so that the picture hook is visible above the poster when it is hung. Once delivery costs of £21 are added, the overall cost of the poster seems quite expensive. However, the delivery was very prompt and well-telegraphed and the item was well packaged.

Ask Denis about AllPosters
1 review
8 helpful votes

Cyber Monday they were advertising 45% off EVERYTHING. I spent an hour with my 10 year old picking out posters only to be told the 45% off is only on full price, not sale price items. That's just plain wrong. If it was full price items only, it should not have said everything. I wasn't the only one complaining but they delete the complaints on their Facebook page instead of addressing them. Terrible business practices!!

Ask emilye about AllPosters
2 reviews
16 helpful votes

Not Happy Jan. They overcharged for shipping ($76 when it should have been $23, which they admitted to later in an email), didn't give me the discount they advertised. Finally provided a discount via PayPal refund (after complaint), but still no refund on overcharged shipping.
AND I still don't have the item.
I would recommend that anyone considering buying from this seller to think twice and do your homework. Wish I had. I would never buy from them again.
Customer service is very poor. You'll receive automated computer generated responses to your concerns, and they won't address the issues you put forward.

Ask Lorraine about AllPosters
1 review
11 helpful votes

They advertise 40% OFF on Everything but when you go to the checkout part the discount is just about 11% and NOT 40%.

Be aware and do yourself a favor, check your shopping cart before placing your order.

Allposter DO NOT offer 40% OFF - Its just a cheap SCAM.

Ask No about AllPosters
1 review
12 helpful votes

I closed my credit card account with my bank in 2010 and during that process I found charges against an inadvertent overpayment on my account; during my attempts on getting my funds returned, I uncovered a company named Shoppers Discounts, Shelton Connecticut had been charging to my account for $10.00 monthly since December 2006. After some more research, I realized that transferred my personal and financial information to an affiliated company, Shoppers Discounts. I have never received any product or service from Shoppers Discounts; I have no account information and no method of obtaining services from Shoppers Discounts. was not authorized by me to conduct business on my behalf nor were they authorized to transfer of critical financial and personal information. illegally transferred my credit card information to Shoppers Discounts and there customer service representatives boosted above their deception and thief. My caution to anyone thinking of doing business with is – find another company. I rate them a zero for business ethics.

Ask Sam about AllPosters
1 review
7 helpful votes

Such a horrible experience with this seller. Two items were out of stock, but I had to fight tooth and nail and lodge a complaint through paypal before they gave me the correct refund (they only wanted to refund me $52 of $106. When the items that were in stock arrived, they were severely damaged. A poster seller that doesn't know how to package posters! Just abysmal in every way. (I ordered from them one other time before and I didn't get the order at all, they had to resend.)

Ask Robyn about AllPosters
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

This company has tried to charge me 3 times for an order that I received over 12 months ago. They won't answer any emails they just keep trying to charge my credit card for an old order. Don't trust them.

Ask Sarah about AllPosters
1 review
6 helpful votes

I ordered 2 items at the same time (t-shirts) received one - wrong size to what I ordered (even the order sheet had the right size but the t-shirt was two sizes smaller!) and the second one has never arrived. They have sent me standard replies i.e. blamed customs, they've sent a replacement etc and months later still nothing. I have had to take further action just to get a refund.

Ask Debbie about AllPosters
1 review
5 helpful votes

RELENTLESS spam even after you 'unsubscribe' .

Fell in love with 42'' poster, was cheap enough unless you want it framed. The frame was cheap plastic (no biggie), but the BIGGEST disappointment was for $300.00 for a HUGE piece of artwork, they use the CHEAPEST LAMEST PLASTIC instead of glass !! I was mortified ! ''museum quality'' ?? $300.00 for a poster with a cheap plastic frame and CHEAP plastic that scratched as getting it out of paper ! Buyer beware. Customer service ignores you and the spam just keeps coming . Never again and a shame because they have nice posters !

Ask annie about AllPosters
1 review
1 helpful vote

Super fast shipping, (took about three days). I also ordered it in April, rather than i November/December where it may be a little more busy. The poster i received was vibrant and colorful, definitely a lot nicer than what i had seen on the website. Would recommend people to shop from this site.

Ask Tatiana about AllPosters
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

I love this site for art prints of any kind or size. They will even frame it, if you need. It's so easy to find a print because you can use the filters to shop by subject, color, shape, size, etc. I always find the exact print that I am looking for. Just love how easy it is to shop there.

Ask Dee about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

I just ordered 2 canvas paintings from them. After I made the purchase I checked out the reviews about the site on here. Honestly it really scared me and made me regret my purchases. Well less then a week later now one of the paintings showed up. I didnt understand why they didnt come together but I just checked out the paint and honestly I did not think it would look this great. I hope the next package is as good as this one. I will post another review when the next one shows up. Looking forward to it and it looks like they will get more buys from me. Very happy.

Ask joseph about AllPosters
1 review
4 helpful votes

My order has taken two weeks to arrive and was estimated 5-7 days!!!!!

Ask Carena about AllPosters
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

I ordered a pocket planner on dec 29, 2013. The estimated delivery was January 8th, 2014 and I've never recieved the package. Even when I tracked it, it hasn't been updated since they "shipped" the item. I called fedex and they said they never recieved anything from them. Turns out, this website is bogus. They didn't even shipped out my planner. Would recommend my friends and family to never order anything off their website. Disappointed.

Ask Kristie about AllPosters
18 reviews
24 helpful votes
12/6/13 has a huge variety of posters to choose from ranging from art reprints to movie posters. They also offer framing and many choices of frames and mat colors. You can make purchases by credit card or through PayPal.

I recently ordered an art reprint and had it framed and matted through their site. The process was fairly simple. Standard ground shipping was about $10 for my framed artwork (according to the box I received it was 6 lbs. in weight). I received a tracking number for shipping and an estimated delivery date range. My package came within the first day of that range. When I opened the package I found that everything was as shown in the previews on the website. I was relieved because I was afraid that it would look completely different.

I was very satisfied with my purchase and plan on buying more items from in the future.

Ask Gabby about AllPosters
1 review
5 helpful votes

I wish l had reviewed first before buying from all The quality if the posters l received were blurry and poor quality! The packaging was rolled off center creasing the largest poster. Never again.

Ask Laura about AllPosters
1 review
3 helpful votes

7 of my posters that I bought (I got 13) were of absolutely terrible quality. One was so pixilated, I could see each square. The others were extremely blurry. 5 of the posters were ok, but it looked like something that I could have printed at Staples. 1 poster was very nice.
The prices were great, quality...not at all where it should be for a business.

Ask K about AllPosters
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered 5 tshirts on Aug 22, 2013 during a 50% off sale from GMA...informed a few days later that one tshirt was out of stock and when I was billed, (after three of remaining tshirts were shipped) the charge for the out of stock shirt had been removed. Shirts arrived Sept 5, 2013. Great shirts. Fabric is a little on the thin side but the prints are beautiful. Sent a notice that one more shirt is out of stock and another is on back order. Oct 3, 2013 and I still have not received a refund for the other out of stock shirt, even after being informed via an email, that it would take ten days. It is now 15 days since that email and still no refund and the ship date of the last shirt has been pushed again (4th time) to Oct 22. Im not happy and it will not end with a sigh and a shrug of my shoulders. If I have not received my refund and shirt or refund for both within the next 5 days I am filing a complaint with their Commerce dept in their state. This is NOT how you retain customers.

Ask Charlene about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

the poster was fine but shipping was very slow 3+ weeks for a single poster and be careful on shipping. I had placed a large mixed order on amazon and it had 22 dollars in shipping. little di I realize that 14.26 was the shipping on a single 3 dollar poster. Sure it was my fault for not checking each item so I'm to blame but that doesn't mean there still not crooks the actual cost of postage on the tube was less than 1/3 of their cost

Ask shawn about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

they not a scam, but do have terrible customer service.i made a order for £87 which they took 5 weeks to deliver, just one poster. they seemed to think i had a paypal dispute and never bothered to check they had received payment and there was not outstanding dispute. it took over 15 emails and multiple phonecalls for them to finally send my order, everytime they would say they would check it or refer to the correct department but then nothing would happen. really BAD service. i wouldnt normally review but they stood out as a company who i thought i could buy from but totally let me down.

Ask alex about AllPosters
1 review
3 helpful votes

Definitely a scam.
Bought 4 posters (Despicable Me one was "sold out").
Arrived 5-6weeks later, no tracking number. $29 shipping.
Good paper, just really terrible printing. Not like originals at all.
Like all the inks were gluggy and melted away and together before drying.
Much better are gallery posters. They are real posters, accurate printing and displayable.".au" (shipped from the US ?!! 5+weeks shipping?!!) are not displayable but what to do?

Ask Luciana about AllPosters
1 review
3 helpful votes

Lovis Corinth posters I ordered came with the heads cut off ,the reproductions are yellow,so much yellow it overpowers the true colors of the original.Shipping was slow.It seems like nobody is minding the shop,quality wise at least.Never again for me.

Ask michael about AllPosters
1 review
3 helpful votes

Hi bought a poster - was initially sent the wrong product....emailed the company and was promised a replacement. Replacement arrived after many weeks. Replacement was damaged (crushed from shipping) and the actual printing of the poster was faulty. The background of the poster - had lines through the printing. Now I cannot get a response to any emails, even though I have emailed every second day for 2 weeks. I am not hopeful of recovering my monies.
Please do not use this company. I spent a huge amount on a poster and I think I am not going to get my money back.
Find another seller even if they are more expensive. Product might be better and service could not be any worse than I have received.

Ask Justin about AllPosters
30 reviews
36 helpful votes
4/24/13 is almost like an online museum: but a museum at which you can buy what you see (at reasonable prices). Not only fine art, but movie and concert posters and many other things framable will be found there!

Ask Sandy about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

I couldn't be happier. I was re-decorating my house and loved this picture on a popular high end website. The price for it was approx $550 (and it was on sale). I searched and came across the same picture on this site. They were having a sale that included free shipping. With it framed and matted the total was $180. Same size, same picture, everything. The frame wasn't amazing looking or anything but it still looked very nice. It arrived in a week, well packaged. I will be using this site again for sure!

Ask Casey about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered an art print from this company which arrived very quickly and in good condition. I later ordered two more prints, but was informed a few days later that one of the prints was out of stock. The company quickly refunded my money on PayPal, in fact, a lot faster than I expected. After seeing the negative comments placed about this company, I felt I had to share my positive dealings with them so that others could get a realistic picture. Based on my experience with them, I would definitely order from the company again.

Ask Cynthia about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered 3 posters, paid for, received shipping number and nver heard from them again.Took the money and ran.Would never use this company again.

Ask Peter about AllPosters
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered my posters over a month ago. They took about two weeks before they even shipped them, and then about three weeks later, after numerous emails and phone calls, that were extremely unhelpful, they announced that the packages were lost in transit. They then promised me free overnight shipping 5 days ago, and neither poster has arrived, and one poster is delayed, so it wont be shipped for another 2 weeks

Ask A about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

I would not recommend anyone order a poster with these people. They are deceiving and unreliable. I have been waiting almost a month for my poster to arrive when on the website it states 3 - 5 days shipping. I am absolutely appalled with these peoples response to my concerns. They do not care and make excuses that don't even make any sense. This is one of the responses I received "Please note that the shipping timeframe mentioned on our website does not include the time shipper will took to delivery your shipment." How could they not state how long the shipper takes? Is that not a piece of information that should be stated? Now they are telling me to wait until the 29th of August (I ordered on the 23rd of July.) and according to this review page I will be lucky to receive anything. This was meant to be a present. I have been let down. Be warned. are online scam artists and you will regret ordering with them. I am sorely disappointed with the service and I feel very, very deceived.

Ask Jessica about AllPosters
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

"Hello, I don't want to write reviews of this site because i never buy from this shop,simple i see that here communicate people interested in this product,if to whom it will be interesting or even perhaps it find something what he looks for ,I would advise you to visit this site!!It recently started and consequently all Posters aren't present yet,but you can write to them on mail about that you look for and wanted to get,and I am sure that they will have it and they with pleasure will send it to you.Shipping is from 14 to 21 working days,other info you can read on a site! All benefits!!!"

Ask Eugen about AllPosters
15 reviews
24 helpful votes

Ordered a large paper Giclee print for $45 of an Italian landscape. We got an estimate from Michael's (chain store) for matting and framing with a 50% off coupon. Total was $550 after the discount. Crazy! Besides that, we didn't like the color of the print when it arrived and noticed the paper was very chintsy and full of ripples which would show up under glass in a frame. Returned the print for full refund (no questions asked) and ordered three large stretched canvas Monet's for $140 each. Love these prints. The build quality is first rate and the prints look great on our wall. The canvases are stretched around a very sturdy wood frame and stapled on the back side. The edges are painted black. The hanging hardware is double braided steel wire. Shipping was free and the order was expedited in about one week (very prompt). So, three beautiful large Monet canvas reproductions were less than the framing job for one cheap print. What a bargain. Stay away from Michael's and don't hesitate to check out Just don't order the cheaper paper if you buy prints. They offer higher quality paper, which would probably be a much better choice.

Ask Jim about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

Disappointed and Dissatisfied Experience !

I'm a buyer from Hong Kong, I wanna share my disappointed and dissatisfied experience with all of you :

I ordered a poster from on 2010-09-22. A email which confirmed the shipment from AllPosters was received on 2010-09-23, and the notification number was 1001593568438. However, I have not yet receive this shipment, but the payment was made ! I sent a email to AllPosters customer service twice on 2010-10-11 and 2010-10-16, but it has NO reply !! Do you know how am I disappointed and dissatisfied ?

All of you should reconsider, if you want to shop at

Jerry Chanson

Ask Jerry about AllPosters
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

Massive selection. I ordered two Queen posters. They shipped within 12 hours, if I recall! Shipped DHL. No tracking number (I don't know how much you have to spend to get a tracking number, but they give fair warning you may not qualify for tracking). Relatively speedy. Great packaging. My posters came with no blemishes. Just as pictured. Depending how you feel, it took them a while for them to charge my debit card (some prefer them to give you time before a site charges you, I would rather have it charged ASAP). Prices were decent, about the same for the same posters elsewhere. Same with shipping cost.

Ask Liz about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

Great poster selection - All Posters has a HUGE selection of posters. They ship promptly and are very reliable. Prices are decent, but I think their framing costs are a little high. I was able to get an art student at the local community college to frame my posters for much less.

Ask chris about AllPosters

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