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Alibaba reviews

126 reviews
Categories: Shopping, Sourcing, Wholesale
No. 699, Wangshang Road, Bingjiang District
Hangzhou, China
Tel: +852.22155100
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126 Reviews From Our Community

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I wouldn't recommend buying from any seller that is not a Gold seller. (in 31 reviews)


Mr. Lawrence Zhong was my contact at Shenzhen Laiman Metal Products Co., Ltd. (in 22 reviews)


only buy threw the escrow service for your protection. (in 2 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I found a company called Yuyao Langrun Cosmetics Packing Factory. They make plastic cosmetic cases. I did some research on them and I couldn't find anything bad. Reviews were above decent. I explained everything in detail to the seller on what I wanted. For example, I told them that I wanted a white case and they said no problem, we have it in stock. Everything was going smoothly. After I paid was when things just changed. They told me that there was no white color cases anymore, but there was a different color. They were pretty much playing dumb and saying that it was my fault for not be clearer. I was pretty clear to begin with. I don't think it's that hard to tell the difference between pink and white, despite the language barrier. I mean, pictures of white cases were even sent for clarification. I would like to give them a bad review, but I don't even know how to go about that so I'm posting here. I can get a refund, but I have to pay for the return shipping, or so they say. Scam or not, this company is not professional and should be dealt with caution if not at all. Be careful.

Tip for consumers: Be very careful with this site. Although some companies are probably legit, the chance of even the legit companies getting products done correctly is probably only about 30%.

Ask Kevin about Alibaba
New Reviewer

Have you Noticed that if your a scam company from China there is no verification needed or done? If your an American Company you sign up then you account gets suspended for unknown reasons. They won't tell you but if you pay and send your company info to them that alone makes us vulnerable to china thieves using our info. I have sent my info already once before and found a company there in China trying to use it, But then Alibaba info center tells you that they don't share info, OH REALLY? If your prices are better than chinese companies they will file a complaint but when you purchase items the prices are outrageously high, when you file a complaint nothing ever happens to them AMAZING!!! IF any one doesn't understand that all chinese are scammers then you will soon learn if you try to use any of their sites This is where our own Government ruined our economy with this Free trade act.

Tip for consumers: Scaming is the traditional Culture in China Stay away from anything chinese.

Ask James about Alibaba
New Reviewer

IT IS FAKE COMPANY ! I paid money by Western Union, receiver get the money, but supplier play thear with me, that they didnt get anything. Amazing! WTF ???? Other was registred in UK like ZAMEK LIMITED DENY BOGDAN, but real company dont have any deals to alibaba. Another FAKE !! I will put that contacts ! Please be careful ! Thank Good i send only 150 $, but with Danny we have 2400 $ deal !!! Im pissed off !!
Holly Toys
Jane Wong
499 angus road
Angus, DD8 1QW
United Kingdom
Tel: 703.196.8957

Address: 2701 Cold Springs Road
State: Pennsylvania
Zip Code: 16652
"Denny Bogdan"
Beneficiary: O.T Adejola (ZAMEK LIMITED)
Account Number: 43131017
Sort Code: 206915
Bank Name: Barclays Bank
Amount To Transfer: £1773.3

Ask Marika about Alibaba
New Reviewer

Stay away from BJGlobalauto parts. I ordered parts from them that were not up to specs when I got them. I contacted them about the problem, told them what the problem was and got a bunch of BS. After several attempts to explain the problem, they stopped responding to my emails. I now have 12 parts that are totally useless. Alibaba was of no help in resolving this issue..

New Reviewer

I sent $834 to Shenzhen Ninecube Technology Co., Ltd. They give me an account no for ALLSTAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO LTD said that they are a subsidiary. A few days pass and no goods. The manager show me on his account that the money was there but waiting approval. I wait and wait until I am tired of waiting I made a complain to Alibaba. The manager then told Alibaba that I am a cheater and I never made any payment to him. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM "ALL STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO LTD" OR Shenzhen Ninecube Technology Co., Ltd. as all evidence points to that they are SCAMMING! Before I pay the boss Rick Lou was communicating with me but after I pay, he is too busy!

New Reviewer

SPAM SPAM SPAM. Products never came. At all!! Since IPO, i figured company have changed. But Same Scams!! What Customer service?! Noone cares and they Laugh at us for keep paying them. US Market needs to stay away from them.

Tip for consumers: Please DOnt believe "Gold verified Supplier" and all that B***t. Thats all lie! Do yourself favor. Don't give your money to them.

Ask AJ about Alibaba
New Reviewer

63602817344603 - My order has been delivered for nearly a month - You call that express? then the item was defective.. what a lot of crap this company is..

Tip for consumers: dont waste your time and money - i might not even get a refund

Ask jono about Alibaba
New Reviewer

Do not buy from this supplier
He has made up information, unverified, no pictures of certificates, patents.

Ask justin about Alibaba
New Reviewer

I can only say bad things about Alibaba. Our company have only experienced losses and bad suppliers with the help of Alibaba. It is a very dangerous market place and I would recommend people traveling to China to deal with suppliers. You will save time & money! We had two incidents where two different suppliers delivered completely useless products. They trick you by sending out samples that are of high quality and then deliver a product that you can not even sell cheap. I wrote Alibaba twice and filed two complaints, I never heard from them or got an answer. And these two suppliers were 5 years gold members... Do not use Alibaba!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE ALIBABA!

Ask eva about Alibaba
New Reviewer

Beware of buying anything made in China. Especially in have only 3 days to inspect all of it to file a claim. After that you are on your own. Go through your credit card company and they say return in order to get them to refund. Cost a small fortune for anything heavy, 30 days out and it's still not arrived. At least 75% of mine were junk. Cake stand fittings. Don't buy anything metal...finishes are awful. It was my first purchase so I didn't know the ropes and they wouldn't work with me past the 3 days.

Tip for consumers: Go through each item if it's a bulk purchase, reject before the 3 days is up and hopefully you will get a credit.

Ask Kathy about Alibaba
New Reviewer

What an absolute piece-of-dog-$#*! company Alibaba has such an endemically corrupt, incompetent internal culture it must obviously flow from the top, from the owner down. Does not give a flying f*** about truth, customer relations, accuracy, service anything. This lot should all be locked up and the key thrown away. I was about to spend A$600k on big ticket Chinese products but fortunately after dealing with this mob now know to never ever deal with a Chinese Company again. (Please take note Hong Kong Govt.) They have mercilessly plagued me with garbage/spam I never requested, and never once provided what I originally asked for. When I have complained they have ignored me and then sent me more of the same, when I have tried too unsubscribe (6 times), same story, wherever they provide a link to unsubscribe, good luck, and don't forget to set aside six months doing nothing else. The site is one of those which has been deliberately designed to make unsubscribing impossible; AND hopefully to send you insane for trying; AND just elicit more information about you! Do NOT give them your email address, they are total unmitigated a-holes. Who would have believed that you could make a fortune selling nothing more then misinformation, incompetency, stupidity and bull dust.

Tip for consumers: Don't even think about it.

Ask Gordon about Alibaba
New Reviewer

NEVER do business on this site.
The company MJ Textile Inc is a total scam company. I never received my products and there is no customer service. I submitted a complaint and nothing. This is a multi billion dollar company that is only interested in recruiting more Gold Members. You may think the Gold Members are reputable companies but they only have to pay $3,000 a year to be listed as such. I hate this site and it needs to be shut down!
Someone, anyone please send a virus to shut the site down forever.

Tip for consumers: DONT USE THIS SITE.

Ask Celia about Alibaba
New Reviewer

Have only placed 1 order with a merchant on Alibaba for some luggage. The tracking number they provided after 3 weeks is now 7 days old and the package has never been scanned in. Filed a dispute, and waiting for a refund. SCAM site.

Tip for consumers: Avoid Alibaba like the plague.

Ask John about Alibaba
New Reviewer

The sale..just.""pictures on the pruducts,""that what happen to my self....the hold you funds for cuple months..scam.scam.scam.scam...fake me on that...

Tip for consumers: The just keep you on did a good all.......

Ask al about Alibaba
New Reviewer
9/22/14 hmmmm... when the IPO launched they had expectations of breaking even. They now are in Profit!... Subscribers are a proof that there is basically GOOD in people !!
Those that have Security Issues with for no reason are in LIMBO. Ask that the Board of Directors GO To TEMPLE and Pray. As this kind of Stain to your Site is starting to Show in places that soon will affect and continue to cause remorse on the part of Profit*... you do not want that. Your Technical Assistance needs to be Completely revamped as there is no solution or the requirements are too thick as with many People from All over the WORLD do not even know with some of the Certifications are. They still think that is a nice place to come to to be able to Advertise and that is what you WANT... not filled with restrictions and requirements that cause People to COMPLAIN. is my Email as I have been a Customer for since 2003 and I have YET to make a Sale. But I will not give up. Currently My Account is Frozen due to Security Reasons posted with no Complaints and or Others ... as Shays' Ink Trade Chaplin* ... WE MARRY YOU !! ( USA ) ... Thank you very much ...

Tip for consumers: is the Best Place in The Modern World in which Business-minded People gather to share and Sell their ( product ) ... many should put behind them that other people are involved that is the beauty of Profitable Business in which many subscribers should Enjoy the Shopping and contact of Vendors whom advertise their Products FOR SALE ... Thank you very much ...

Ask Shay about Alibaba
New Reviewer

DO NOT USE ALIBABA...........Not even going to give them a star...shame you cant have minus stars. I bought from a company they said was reliable ACD Supplies...turns out to be a nigerian address after i traced their IP address from their e-mail to me( which i wish i had done before i had paid them ).Paid money and that was the last i saw of it...they then even asked if i could send more as the price had gone up.Thanks Alibaba.NOT!!!!!!!!.There are much better and trustworthy wholesale sites to use.Use them instead ( not Dhgate though ).

Tip for consumers: DONT USE IT.

Ask paul about Alibaba
New Reviewer

Please DO NOT SHOP HERE. The "Protection Plan" is BS they side with the company. I ordered from Good Goods store my wedding shoes which should of been real leather. The delivery time took forever, when I finally got it, they sent me a size 7 not 8.5 like I asked. The seller "Jason" had the nerve to say it needs to stretch to try using it. After a rip off $110.00 the dispute lasted 2 more months and of course the company sided with them. They also "Guaranteed" satisfaction, The shoe was the cheapest thing I have ever seen, also it looked used. Maybe I would of payed $10. After all I only got $20.00 back... What a rip off...I guess I have to go elsewhere for wedding stuff. "

Tip for consumers: Please don't waste you time or money. Do not support this company.

Ask Madelin about Alibaba
New Reviewer

Advice to American companies: Do not do business on they are bias and Chinese propaganda website. They are hateful against American business growing globally. If you quotes are cheaper than their Chinese companies they will put a hold on your quote until the buyer buys from Chinese company.

Tip for consumers: Do not pay or do business on

Stay Away from

Ask johna about Alibaba
New Reviewer

i've used this site for my small business purchase from manufacturer in China
Sent money thru Western Union , got the product in 7 days which surprised me ,
did'nt expect it that fast , I'm very pleased with the products quality and superb price
and courteous staff at the company Did have little problem with the second order
The Western Union in China did not recognized the name of the receiver and refused to pay
the manufacturer , But we resolved the problem with employe at the Western Union
here in US and after that i got my product promptly again Thank you , very happy :)

Tip for consumers: Please try hard and be polite and patient , they are just as anxious to do good business as all of us I've found this site to be extremely valuable
in my small business

Ask grazyna about Alibaba
New Reviewer

Their dispute and claim center is biased, never trust Chinese. I ordered phone cases and supplier wrote wrong address and USPS reported the status "Undeliverable to the address" the shipment lost in the limbo, my money is kept for 40 days now, and this is what Alibaba Claim Center told me... the tracking numbers in the USPS website are "RI121981394CN" and "RI121981417CN"

"The current status of your claim <order number:63242929775361> is: “Awaiting the other party's response". Please kindly understand that we need time to collect evidence and/or proposals from your Seller for a better understanding of the situation.

Since seller wrote the wrong address, and the parcel was sent to a wrong place, we will ask seller to contact with shipping company to change the address and deliver again. Please be patient. If you have received the goods in good condition, please cancel this claim and confirm order received.

I will keep the complaint case open for 20 days, please cancel the dispute if you receive the goods.
Thank you for your cooperation!"
Trade Dispute Mediation Department

Tip for consumers: Better take your business somewhere else, or work with your trusted Chinese friends or trusted people. This site is Chinese based and only safeguard the interests of Chinese sellers and keep your money as long as they can.

Ask Khurram about Alibaba
New Reviewer

I bought some bags from Team Tai which is listed as a good seller on Alibaba. The sample sent was good however the full order when it arrived was not the same quality and was totally unsellable. Alibaba have been totally useless at dealing with the problem and simply do not want to know. Avoid this website and Team Tai in particular.

Tip for consumers: Do not use Alibaba and Team Tai bags as there is no help when the goods are bad.

Ask Joe about Alibaba
New Reviewer

I had an excellent experience with my order for custom parts through Mr. Lawrence Zhong was my contact at Shenzhen Laiman Metal Products Co., Ltd. He was knowledgable and helpful and after my order was placed he kept me updated on its status. The order shipped on time, arrived quickly, and the parts are perfect. Thank you Mr. Zhong.

Ask Dan about Alibaba
New Reviewer

Based on suggestion by Alibaba. I contacted Sales manager :
Jessie Lin
Shenzhen Ruili Co., ltd
Factory address:Floor 7 Block 8 XiaxueVillage Bantian,Buji,Shenzhen,Guangdong
Web: and ordered 1000 Pens with 1GB USB, dual LED and Pen with metal boxes. WE received the good on Monday August 18. On 20th we started to download the documents. The uploaded fine but were not able to open the files. I cionated Jessie and instaed of any explanation she accused me that I ordered cheap product and I should pay more for good quality. I never asked the quality as the price of offer was advertised.2.30 each. She cam back after I placed the order that she made a mistake as the price with 2 LED was .30cts mote + shipping. I told her I will think about it and what is the best she can do in price since she made a mistake. She immediately cam back to me and said if I order it now, she will give to me @2.30 each plus shipping. I agreed and goods arrived on August 18. I never said I wanted cheap price and she needs to produce documents showing I asked for cheap product..
I recommend every one to saty away from the Scam company.

New Reviewer

Set aside that you cannot trust a company that is selling through Alibaba. What I found to be disturbing from my experience is how untrustworthy Alibaba Group can be. I made a purchase with Zhengzhou Holyphant Machinery Co., Ltd. for a samosa machine which i received broken, rusted and with a Chinese manual. After numerous attempts to fix the problems and email back and forth with
Sale manager (Mary zhu)
Zhengzhou Holyphant Food Machinery CO.,LTD
Holyphant Machinery
Henan double Elephants machinery I/E CO.,LTD
MOB:86-15003847743 Tel:86-371-67268897

She is as useless as the company she works for. She refused to fix any problem and suggested fixes that create worse problems. I submitted a complaint to Alibaba about problems I was having. They asked for documents to be sent to proof that I made a purchase. So I sent invoices, receipts, pictures, emails and communication. Barbara who works with the Trade Dispute Mediation Department at Alibaba asked for the history of conversation on TradeManager. When I logged into my TradeManager account, I found that all the history was erased. So Barbara informed me that the only proof that they accept is the conversation on TradeManager and nothing else. So they conveniently erased all history off their server to protect themselves from having to solve disputes. At this point, I believe that people continue to have terrible experiences with suppliers on Alibaba because Alibaba Group does not hold any of them accountable. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ALIBABA GROUP.


Ask HAJER about Alibaba
New Reviewer

QINGDAO HAILIN YACHT CO, LTD. Do not buy anything from these lowlife thieves! I paid for 2 inflatable stand up paddle boards with the assurance that they were experienced with good quality control - what a joke. what I received was 2 boards that were so badly twisted that they are unusable. In their reply they admitted that the fault was theirs and that it has happened before! So, no quality control or the boards would not be allowed to leave the factory.
They finally said they would send me 1 board (not 2 which is what I paid for) and I would have to pay for freight - about$200.00! So I have already forked out $1500.00 and they want me to pay more! Great, $1700.00 for a $400.00 board - I think not.
I offered to send the boards back and they refund my money. I was told very clearly that I will not get a refund as Alibaba has no regulation on this issue. Alibaba needs to wake up and take a bit of responsibility - then maybe they will weed out the thieving, dishonest scammers.
Feel free to contact me for photos of the product plus emails between the company and myself.

New Reviewer

I launched a complaint against Fushun Lusheng Machine Co after they failed to deliver my product I had waited over 8 months and had been told story after story of why they could not deliver the didn't have any problems making a sample in which I approved then I forwarded half the deposit to the tune of over $6000 US half the order was for chrome products and the other half was powder coated the story they told me that they could not do the grinding for the chrome. With powder coating you do not need to grind and they still did not deliver with my frustration I found a new other factory on AliBaba who had provided me samples of acceptable chrome products so believing that the problem withFushun Lusheng Machine Co was the grinding I had all the molds and blanks sent to the new factory once the mold showed up at the new factory I was quickly informed that the molds were unusable and would be good for one or 2 samples I submitted a complaint to the complaints Center and I patiently waited to my surprise I checked my phone and it said the case had been closed I got to work and checked my emails there was nothing there all their emails had gone into the junk mail in their comments they told me to contact law enforcement which I believe is a joke and they still allow them to have gold status so they can screw someone else this just proves that the complaints Center does not work

New Reviewer

I order a medical device. It's called a pulse oximeter. It arrived, but all my computers would not recognize the software disk. After repeated attempts to resolve the issue with the manufacturer, " CONTEC CMS" from China.Three months later,,they have done nothing to resolve this, and Alibaba has done nothing. Alibaba..what a joke!!

New Reviewer

I ordered iphone S5 from Alibaba .com .by a fake supplier called Andre Chani scammed, my money stolen and products never received. Nowhere to complain and no way to get my stuff. No customer service at ll it doesn't exist.Please find his lies from our skype communication.[20-Mar-14 4:07:39 PM] Andre Chani: You know that is not possible
[20-Mar-14 4:07:59 PM] Andre Chani: you need to pay for the customs duty fees
[20-Mar-14 4:08:25 PM] Andre Chani: and they will release your goods and proceed with your shipment ok
[20-Mar-14 4:08:43 PM] Andre Chani: i already explain all to my ceo200usd is ok for youAmount : 200usd

New Reviewer

I've ordered quite a few items off of Alibaba and have never had any problems. But that's not to say there aren't any scams or sub par products on there, I'm sure there are tons of them but at the same time you have to be smart with your money and do your due diligence, this isn't eBay or Amazon this is a tool to put you in direct contact with Chinese suppliers/manufacturers.

First off I assume every listing that doesn't accept PayPal is a scam or bad quality. It may not be true but I feel that that company probably use to accept it but received so many complaints that PayPal shut their account down.

Second get a sample. Chances are shipping alone is going to cost you more than the small purchase, but I'd rather lose a little money on a sample than a huge amount on a full order. MOQ is always negotiable regardless of what the company may try to tell you. If they push really hard for you to buy a large order without first getting a sample then walk away.

Third never, and I mean never buy anything name brand and expect to get a name brand. Expect knockoffs. I see people have listed they bought "X name brand" but received a knock off. Well of course you did. Why would big companies like Samsung or Fender send a Chinese manufacturer their products for a discounted price just for them to resale on Alibaba when they have stores all over the world that do just fine selling their product.

Forth buy simple, not consumable and no clothing. Personally I'll never buy electronics like laptops cameras or tv's from Alibaba. There's lots that can go wrong with them with all the circuits and chips in them and it won't take but one bad batch to put you out of business. Consumables I wouldn't buy because you start getting in the FDAs territory with it and you don't want that. And you have no clue what goes into these products. And clothing, I feel like their clothes are designed for a different group of people. I'm sure an American large is far from an Chinese large, get my drift? And I've also read of their dyes running in the washing machine and ruining customers other clothes, definetly not something I want to deal with.

I think if you realize what Alibaba is and use it accordingly and realize where you're ordering from it will save you a lot of money and frustration.

New Reviewer

I have ordered six different items from Alibaba. Of these, three never arrived. Only one was as advertised, a leather guitar strap that actually came from Switzerland.

One order of guitar strings was clearly fake. They were supposed to be Fender strings but were nowhere near the advertised size or quality. The supplier promised to replace them but they never arrived, either.

Instead of ordering from Alibaba, toss your money into the street. The chances of someone finding it that actually needs it is better than your chances of receiving anything satisfactory from Alibaba.

New Reviewer

I agree with other reviews that is just a hive of thieves. My daughter ordered some Playstation4 consoles from a supplier that had been "verified" by Alibaba. After paying for the requested number of consoles, the supplier contacted her saying the minimum number that could be ordered was 10 not the 2 originally stated on Alibaba. We paid for the additional consoles then were told that we had to pay customs fees so the logistics company could release the goods. This was paid then we were told to pay a late fee, in all we paid USD2000. All payments made via Western Union which did ring alarm bells but I figured a lot of Asian companies prefer to use this payment method so dismissed my concerns.
Needless to say, we never received the goods and Alibaba were absolutely no help. All they did was remove the supplier from the site but I know they will re-list under a different name so they can scam other people. It's appalling that Alibaba does absolutely nothing to verify sellers using their service and allows scammers to blatantly abuse their system.

New Reviewer

Worst website ever! I lost all my trust on online buying, they said they had shipped my dress and months passed and I never received anything, now they said they will return my money and I'm still waiting I my money back, I was so excited to get my sweet sixteen dress... Totally the worst website ever!

New Reviewer

The great difference with sites like Amazon and E-bay is that the "guarantee" of Alibaba is not worth anything in real life. In case you did not get what you wanted, or in case the article is broken or damaged, you will get your money back...if you send it back to China. That may cost more than the price you paid. Of course the sellers know this and will try to convince you not to open a dispute (because if you win you still have to pay the return fare, so loose anyway) but offer a "better" article to replace the broken or damaged one, in return for a very low additional payment, let's say 8 dollars. In my case, the offer was to replace the broken 50 dollar article with a 90 dollar article. I paid the 8 dollars, never got the 90 dollar article and, upon opening a dispute, got back... 8 dollars. Never could claim the first unit, as Alibaba or Aliexpress have no possibility of claims or complaints other than during the shipping proces. Much better to pay a little more at Amazon because their system works better.

New Reviewer

There are scams everywhere in the world and not limited to this site. I really like their site. but do your Due diligence before you buy like I have been doing. check to see if they are real and see if they have had a onsite inspection. they are really trying to make it easy for you to hook up with great suppliers. The translator program may have a few kinks but better then translating you self then sending a message. I have bought hundreds of items threw them and have not had much problems. though i do get easy to notice scam offers. only buy threw the escrow service for your protection. or see if the person you are talking to uses paypal or other escrow service. do not use WU or other fast money transfers.
over all i give the site a good rating and they have even changed the site around to my ideas. making it more easy to use. Remember that everyone there speaks another language so you may be misunderstood. using pictures as a option on how to explain what it is you are after helps a lot.
I have a 4yr buyer account and get a lot of great offers all the time. remember if it seems to good to seem true it more then likely is.

New Reviewer

This site is a rip off I purchased what I thought was an Samsung galaxy S4 phone as this is what it was advertised as only to find out it was a knock off and I can not get any assistance from Samsung because it is not their phone. Now they are listing them as copy of Galaxy S4. This is original ad. Free shipping DHL Perfect 3G Smart phone 1:1 i9500 Glaxy S4 5 inch Android 4.2.2 Galaxy S4 12MP Quad core s4 phone free 32gb card, the company name: Thanks brothers Co.,Ltd Mr.Song

New Reviewer

I would like to worn all people "Doesn't get any worse than this. Stay away!". Don't buy from this site...I order goods from some "golden" rated company, Shenzhen YKS Technology Co., Ltd..
I first get mail's from some "lydia" , and then from "Eva Xu", and she told me that the first one left the company, and i made a deal with her. You don't know from start with who you talking to....They send me package with wrong service, late too much, and in the end, when i opened the box i had "cold shower"....they send me totally wrong goods. And when i complain about that, they acting crazy, knowing nothing etc etc....
Obviously FRAUD....and i have proof in my email communications!

New Reviewer

I ordered a water jet device with ozone through Amazon. Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Company. Item was missing parts when it arrived. No power adapter and only 4 of the 10 water jet tips were enclosed. I emailed Huaer,without any response. Since were not in China, I guess they expect us to accept the fact that they screwed us.

New Reviewer

I ordered hair extensions and after receiving them was very dissatisfied with their color and they shed horribly! I filed a complaint and was told to return the product and they would also refund me return shipping, which I did. The company reviewed my complaint charged me for the product which I do not have because I was told to return them for a refund and closed the complaint case and now will not answer me!! Do not do any business with an overseas company that is not a member of the BBB o r does not accept PayPal, I learned the hard way unfortunately! They do not enforce their buyer protection policy which they claim to have!

New Reviewer

I purchased infant toys from here. The experience itself was pretty straightforward and above board; however, shortly after the transaction was completed, my cell phone was getting slammed with spam texts. Don't give them your cell phone number.

New Reviewer


> 20000mw green pen laser pen green fireclays games lifebelts pen belt buckle (Order No :61018530800739) (05/02/2014)

> zihe shi

> The laser pointer does not deliver the power (20000 mW) as claimed by the
> seller. I tried to burn a match, as shown in the photo of the site, but
> nothing happens. I even tried to burn my own hand and again nothing happens.

> it don't have question,it focusable can burn black match,hope u know,thank u

Administrator of the Site:
> Dear <Roberto Chan>,
> Thank you for contacting Alibaba. This is Frida from AliExpress Case Management
> Team. Regarding your order<61018530800739>, I am sorry that you didn’t get an
> amicable solution from seller. We will try our best to provide you any support
> Meanwhile, please kindly understand that our mediation is on the basis that you
> provided enough evidence for your claim. As the picture can't prove the power
> of the pointer, to support your claim, please provide videos that you test
> the item with professional device as evidence within 3 calendar days.
> You can click here to learn more about how to provide valid evidence:
> If your evidence (such as
> video) is large than 2MB, you can upload it to Mediafire
> ( and provide the link to us.
> If you have settled the dispute with seller, please response in the complaint
> centre so that we can be informed and follow this dispute according to the
> settlement.
> Please kindly note that fail to response or provide required evidence before
> the deadline, your dispute will not be supported and the payment will be
> released to the seller accordingly.
> Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Frida
> AliExpress Case Management Team

> Dear Frida,
> You said that the pictures can't prove the power of the pointer and I should
> provide videos that I tested the item with professional device as evidence.
> Unfortunately, I do not have a professional laboratory to test the power of
> lasers. I am a simple consumer that has bought a laser pointer with an
> allegedly light power. If your help to solve this complaint it is simply say
> that I need to prove it using devices that only professional laboratories
> have, then I have to conclude that this site is a trap and using of bad faith
> sells any defective products.
> Yours sincerely,
> Roberto Chan

Final Decision of the Administrator after about two months
> Status of case: Complaint Closed
> Result: Full Payment Release
> Reason: The evidence provided via buyer cannot support the claim.
> Reminder: Normally seller will receive the payment within 5 days.
> AliExpress: Your dispute order has been closed

New Reviewer

I have purchased an order 61402371823794 (3rd Generation Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (Big Box) English Language with 39 Reports Model LS-132)
In $75 for machine, $45 for shipping and $6 for Escrow fee total $126.

I have received my order but when I have installed the software and test the machine it was giving errors. I intimated for the same to my seller (Guangzhou Niansheng Beauty Electric Trade Co., Ltd.).

The are few things to be notice are :

* They have sent me the software version 3.8 having 41 Reports while I have ordered for 3rd generation 39 Reports in English version. I thought there might be any updated version came for the QMRA Machine, so I didn't make any complaint for that.

* They provided me some more downgrade versions like 3.4 and 3.7. I have installed all three software versions 3.8, 3.7 and 3.4 but all the softwares was giving same errors. Even I have tried to test the QMRA machine and softwares on 5 different computers having different configurations and operating system versions of Win 7 and Win XP. But the problem remains same in all the computers.

* The seller's executive took my system on Remote access and checked everything on their hand.

* I have started a dispute and asked the seller to resolve the matter. But didn't get any satisfied response from them. I asked to refund full amount of $126 because I can not work on that machine because it gives errors.

* I am feeling myself trapped and very disappointed because I have lost my money. So I have modified the dispute and asked seller to pay only $ 75 for the machine as I am understanding that the other charges are being paid for shipping and seller can not get that back. But still I didn’t get any satisfactory response from them.

I have started a dispute over I have provided Alibaba dispute team many evidences, like screen shots of errors, my chat with the seller. But Barbara from Alibaba Dispute team rejected my claim. She remarked on my dispute "case closed because wrongly reported".

This is very disappointed attitude of Alibaba. They talk about buyers protection but they do nothing and buyers are not safe with them.

I am having some more machines which i bought from other sellers. They are working fine on the same computers. They don't have any problem but still Alibaba is protecting their sellers. They just waste your time claiming that they investigate the matter and resolve the issues. But this is just a time wasting process for buyers. They never ever give any satisfactory response to you in favor of buyers.

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I ordered Makita batteries for over $3500, they never sent them, nor took my calls, and never refunded me.
A HORRIBLE PLACE TO DO BUSINESS WITH! I haves tried and tried and can't get in touch with anyone. Bank is closed, they are on vacation or holiday. I completely think this company is terrible.

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I ordered a coat from AliExpress: XL from the posted size chart

Measurements were completely wrong:

SEE correspondence:

Time: 2014-02-04 22:32:08
Subject: Fw:

I have submitted pictures - with a measuring tape showing the size is not as the seller has posted.
The seller refuses to send me a coat that is the proper size (as I ordered).
Escalation centre has not responded in over 7 days ( as the site shows).
Protection Plan not honoured.
Copy of message to seller:
14:07 Jan 18,2014
I am truly disappointed in your failure to offer a refund and send a larger item. I have escalated this dispute.

When I first contacted you about this item, you had guaranteed the quality if the product. The other seller warned me about this, but I trusted you.

Other sellers have this gaurranty.

"Refund or Keep
items not as described
You can get a full refund if your item is significantly different from the seller's description
You can choose a partial refund and keep the product."

Unfortunately, you were the first seller I bought from on this site. Bad experience.

I am going to purchase this coat from a more ethical seller."
Please see the sizing chart. As an online buyer, that is the only option I have to make a selection. My chest (bra size) is 34". The sizing chart shows that this coat would fit chest size 39". The seller is responsible to provide goods as described. False information and fraudulent advertising is illegal and unethical.
Please HELP.

Paid over $57.00

Resolution centre determined $13.00 and change was a REASONABLE solution.

Don't waste your time, effort or money !!

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Alibaba is an excellent website, offers quality products at a good price, providing a very good attention to customers, and orders arrive quickly, I recommend

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The buyer which had a 4.5 rating sent me the wrong size and refuse to take back the shoes and give me a refund. The reviews dont come from the United States and they won't take calls or emails. You have to chat with an online chat service which is computer automated. If you order from this site - you will have no recourse.

They pretend there's a dispute process, but even after submitting all the information with a ruler and showing how it was not the product I ordered, they still settled in the seller's favor.

The shoes I did get were crappy quality, the wrong size, the wrong material. Save you money and buy US.

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How to identify that Alibaba is fake:

1) Most RFQs come from non-U.S and Canadian countries. The ones that are allegedly from the U.S and Canada don't leave their contact information. When was the last information you wanted to make a large purchase without leaving your info.
2) They are written with the English of a 1st grader all through they claim to come from English speaking areas.
3) I found the RFQ's to be missing essentials information that any buyer would state.
4) They alleged buyers don't have knowledge of the products they claims to be seeking. They never answer requests for RFQ clarification.
5) Since we signed up, we sold 1000s of items through our site, eBay and amazon but nothing through Alibaba
6) Test if for you self without buying the "gold membership". Make a free account, list your products and you'll see many fake product info requests coming your way but NO SALES. Alibaba will then claim that you have not sales because you are not a gold member. Don't sign up for the $350 "discounted" membership with whatever garbage incentives they offer.

I'm trying to expose these Chinese scam artist. Don't be foul like I was. I was sold on it when they showed me the fake RFQs. After that, I've been receiving fake inquiries from place like Nigeria and other countries with they want to buy expensive product but don't even have enough bread to eat!!!

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I bought a beauty machine from a manufacturer who has a gold star rating for 3 years. However, when the machine arrived in L.A., the U.S. custom and FDA required more documents from this company, and they refused to supply these documents, saying it is too costly for them to do so. Now the machine is rejected and returned, and the company refused to refund my $1300. I opened a complaint with Alibaba and the company refused to response to Alibaba inquiry. Now Alibaba said there is 'not much they can do' except to post a complaint on this company's list for 90 days. In the mean time, this company still has a gold star with Alibaba. This company is a total fraud and Alibaba still allows them to advertise in its site. Stay away from Alibaba! Ebay has a much better buyer protection policy.

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They are all scammers, once you transfer them money the sellers will add you to their email black list and will never even reply to any of your messages.

Don't buy anything from these Chinese or Hong kong based online business platforms as they are large-scale SCAMMING platforms not business platforms.

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Buy certainly not through Aliexpress and not of supplier SHILE LIN , I bought a dress from them but unfortunately it was so poorly made ​​and poor quality , so I returned the dress BUT they never sent my money back. They said that if I remove my feedback which I wrote and warned others not to buy from them, after this they will return my money, I wrote that I delete it after I got my money , but I have been doing this dispute in almost 3 months but no money has been returned , SO THEY GOT BACK DRESS BUT they DID NOT RETURNED MY MONEY . I am given this review to warning others: DO NOT BUY FROM Ms. HANNAH SO or SHILE LIN / CHINA
The other seller is KEVIN FREE SHIPPING , top I bought was so small so it was perhaps suited 10 year old, they did not even give the address where I could return the top, they responded to my email , " we sell you buy" and I never got the address and it was not available on their website. I notified both sellers and opened dispute , but ALIEXPRESS HELPED NOTHING , they wrote to me after 1 week , they announced that THE CASE WAS OVER, CLOSED . DO NOT TRUEST ALIEXPRESS AND THE SELLERS THERE.

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A Seller Company scammed our company of over $3200 USD. This entrusting that they were a verified gold business, after asking for quotes from different suppliers, they all came back and said they would only take wire of western union. If Alibaba allows these practices to continue on their platform they are part of the problem. All businesses should be verified and they should only be allowed to sell via Alibaba escrow or be banned. Alibaba fails customers, fails sellers by allowing wild wild west on there platform. Alibaba should stop all these practices and engage in responsible behavior or they will have a non trust worthy company and platform. STAY AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN, To anyone reading this alibaba needs to be hit with a class action lawsuit. Who is in

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