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New Reviewer

I have purchased an order 61402371823794 (3rd Generation Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (Big Box) English Language with 39 Reports Model LS-132)
In $75 for machine, $45 for shipping and $6 for Escrow fee total $126.

I have received my order but when I have installed the software and test the machine it was giving errors. I intimated for the same to my seller (Guangzhou Niansheng Beauty Electric Trade Co., Ltd.).

The are few things to be notice are :

* They have sent me the software version 3.8 having 41 Reports while I have ordered for 3rd generation 39 Reports in English version. I thought there might be any updated version came for the QMRA Machine, so I didn't make any complaint for that.

* They provided me some more downgrade versions like 3.4 and 3.7. I have installed all three software versions 3.8, 3.7 and 3.4 but all the softwares was giving same errors. Even I have tried to test the QMRA machine and softwares on 5 different computers having different configurations and operating system versions of Win 7 and Win XP. But the problem remains same in all the computers.

* The seller's executive took my system on Remote access and checked everything on their hand.

* I have started a dispute and asked the seller to resolve the matter. But didn't get any satisfied response from them. I asked to refund full amount of $126 because I can not work on that machine because it gives errors.

* I am feeling myself trapped and very disappointed because I have lost my money. So I have modified the dispute and asked seller to pay only $ 75 for the machine as I am understanding that the other charges are being paid for shipping and seller can not get that back. But still I didn’t get any satisfactory response from them.

I have started a dispute over I have provided Alibaba dispute team many evidences, like screen shots of errors, my chat with the seller. But Barbara from Alibaba Dispute team rejected my claim. She remarked on my dispute "case closed because wrongly reported".

This is very disappointed attitude of Alibaba. They talk about buyers protection but they do nothing and buyers are not safe with them.

I am having some more machines which i bought from other sellers. They are working fine on the same computers. They don't have any problem but still Alibaba is protecting their sellers. They just waste your time claiming that they investigate the matter and resolve the issues. But this is just a time wasting process for buyers. They never ever give any satisfactory response to you in favor of buyers.

New Reviewer

I ordered Makita batteries for over $3500, they never sent them, nor took my calls, and never refunded me.
A HORRIBLE PLACE TO DO BUSINESS WITH! I haves tried and tried and can't get in touch with anyone. Bank is closed, they are on vacation or holiday. I completely think this company is terrible.

New Reviewer

I ordered a coat from AliExpress: XL from the posted size chart

Measurements were completely wrong:

SEE correspondence:

Time: 2014-02-04 22:32:08
Subject: Fw:

I have submitted pictures - with a measuring tape showing the size is not as the seller has posted.
The seller refuses to send me a coat that is the proper size (as I ordered).
Escalation centre has not responded in over 7 days ( as the site shows).
Protection Plan not honoured.
Copy of message to seller:
14:07 Jan 18,2014
I am truly disappointed in your failure to offer a refund and send a larger item. I have escalated this dispute.

When I first contacted you about this item, you had guaranteed the quality if the product. The other seller warned me about this, but I trusted you.

Other sellers have this gaurranty.

"Refund or Keep
items not as described
You can get a full refund if your item is significantly different from the seller's description
You can choose a partial refund and keep the product."

Unfortunately, you were the first seller I bought from on this site. Bad experience.

I am going to purchase this coat from a more ethical seller."
Please see the sizing chart. As an online buyer, that is the only option I have to make a selection. My chest (bra size) is 34". The sizing chart shows that this coat would fit chest size 39". The seller is responsible to provide goods as described. False information and fraudulent advertising is illegal and unethical.
Please HELP.

Paid over $57.00

Resolution centre determined $13.00 and change was a REASONABLE solution.

Don't waste your time, effort or money !!

New Reviewer

Alibaba is an excellent website, offers quality products at a good price, providing a very good attention to customers, and orders arrive quickly, I recommend

New Reviewer

The buyer which had a 4.5 rating sent me the wrong size and refuse to take back the shoes and give me a refund. The reviews dont come from the United States and they won't take calls or emails. You have to chat with an online chat service which is computer automated. If you order from this site - you will have no recourse.

They pretend there's a dispute process, but even after submitting all the information with a ruler and showing how it was not the product I ordered, they still settled in the seller's favor.

The shoes I did get were crappy quality, the wrong size, the wrong material. Save you money and buy US.

New Reviewer

How to identify that Alibaba is fake:

1) Most RFQs come from non-U.S and Canadian countries. The ones that are allegedly from the U.S and Canada don't leave their contact information. When was the last information you wanted to make a large purchase without leaving your info.
2) They are written with the English of a 1st grader all through they claim to come from English speaking areas.
3) I found the RFQ's to be missing essentials information that any buyer would state.
4) They alleged buyers don't have knowledge of the products they claims to be seeking. They never answer requests for RFQ clarification.
5) Since we signed up, we sold 1000s of items through our site, eBay and amazon but nothing through Alibaba
6) Test if for you self without buying the "gold membership". Make a free account, list your products and you'll see many fake product info requests coming your way but NO SALES. Alibaba will then claim that you have not sales because you are not a gold member. Don't sign up for the $350 "discounted" membership with whatever garbage incentives they offer.

I'm trying to expose these Chinese scam artist. Don't be foul like I was. I was sold on it when they showed me the fake RFQs. After that, I've been receiving fake inquiries from place like Nigeria and other countries with they want to buy expensive product but don't even have enough bread to eat!!!

New Reviewer

I bought a beauty machine from a manufacturer who has a gold star rating for 3 years. However, when the machine arrived in L.A., the U.S. custom and FDA required more documents from this company, and they refused to supply these documents, saying it is too costly for them to do so. Now the machine is rejected and returned, and the company refused to refund my $1300. I opened a complaint with Alibaba and the company refused to response to Alibaba inquiry. Now Alibaba said there is 'not much they can do' except to post a complaint on this company's list for 90 days. In the mean time, this company still has a gold star with Alibaba. This company is a total fraud and Alibaba still allows them to advertise in its site. Stay away from Alibaba! Ebay has a much better buyer protection policy.

New Reviewer

They are all scammers, once you transfer them money the sellers will add you to their email black list and will never even reply to any of your messages.

Don't buy anything from these Chinese or Hong kong based online business platforms as they are large-scale SCAMMING platforms not business platforms.

New Reviewer

Buy certainly not through Aliexpress and not of supplier SHILE LIN , I bought a dress from them but unfortunately it was so poorly made ​​and poor quality , so I returned the dress BUT they never sent my money back. They said that if I remove my feedback which I wrote and warned others not to buy from them, after this they will return my money, I wrote that I delete it after I got my money , but I have been doing this dispute in almost 3 months but no money has been returned , SO THEY GOT BACK DRESS BUT they DID NOT RETURNED MY MONEY . I am given this review to warning others: DO NOT BUY FROM Ms. HANNAH SO or SHILE LIN / CHINA
The other seller is KEVIN FREE SHIPPING , top I bought was so small so it was perhaps suited 10 year old, they did not even give the address where I could return the top, they responded to my email , " we sell you buy" and I never got the address and it was not available on their website. I notified both sellers and opened dispute , but ALIEXPRESS HELPED NOTHING , they wrote to me after 1 week , they announced that THE CASE WAS OVER, CLOSED . DO NOT TRUEST ALIEXPRESS AND THE SELLERS THERE.

New Reviewer

A Seller Company scammed our company of over $3200 USD. This entrusting that they were a verified gold business, after asking for quotes from different suppliers, they all came back and said they would only take wire of western union. If Alibaba allows these practices to continue on their platform they are part of the problem. All businesses should be verified and they should only be allowed to sell via Alibaba escrow or be banned. Alibaba fails customers, fails sellers by allowing wild wild west on there platform. Alibaba should stop all these practices and engage in responsible behavior or they will have a non trust worthy company and platform. STAY AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN, To anyone reading this alibaba needs to be hit with a class action lawsuit. Who is in

New Reviewer

Aliexpress Scam. Sellers give false shipping numbers. Some sellers ship a product but once you sign for a product, your stuck with what you got. No Customer Service.
Just try to contact a real person and you'll see.. You will NEVER talk to person
via chat or phone. Website is designed to took as if a team of representatives
is ready to assist you. Alibaba is Aliexpress SCAM!!!

New Reviewer

A lot of scammers trying to sell nothing to the world. And when you try to contact about it? Its hilarious the difficulty of put in contact with them, and once you do it they didnt do anything more than investigate and "close" if needed the scammer account... really? As if the scammer only had one account... lol. Just hilarious...

New Reviewer

this company is a complete fraud they sell tons of fake stuff and the stuff that is fake is not even any good, and the sad part about all of this is, that they are based in the USA and own like 35 % of yahoo the sad thing is that the USA combats fake goods but yet they are based in California this country is just as bad as they are, it is corrupt government, all the way around USA and china and every other country.

New Reviewer

Alibaba is one of the biggest wholesale websites that I know. But with a lot of bad news about this site, so I have to be careful with the number of acts of fraud.

New Reviewer

post#656 horrible seller! China thief don't buy from Shen Zhen Fuers International Trade Co., Limited they steel 120$ from me do not believe any positive feedback on web. all are fake""""" after receive not working alarm i tray contact sever times not respond ;i never buy anything from Aliexspress and Alibaba you dont have any security or protection for yours many bilions Chines thief. any country on word for stilling from endear people you go to jell but not in Cina??????????? video proof [http://www.mShen Zhen Fuers International Trade Co.,


New Reviewer

The good thing about this site is that you can get goods there which are hard to find, but the quality of the offered goods is poor. The worst point is that they use to spam you a lot after you acquire some product.

New Reviewer

Do not buy anything from them. They do not got the costumers backs. If u don't lime our product sell it yourself. Don't Send it back they will not refoubd u. and will ignore your emails. They don have phone number neither any other way to contact them... if u can actually buy elsewhere... buying cheap sometimes will cost u a lot more... like it did to me... I lost my money and sent the item back ended up with nothing.

New Reviewer

I made a $3200 purchase and never received my goods,I filed a complaint and after a month and a half the seller was removed.I did not get any of my money back and alibaba does absolutely nothing to help you as a buyer.Don't trust china as far as getting what you paid for.I was also screwed by another alibaba member,I did get my product but I paid extra shipping fees and parts that I paid for where missing.I did not get a refund nor receive my missing parts.Unless you physically visit china in person you will never get what you pay for.Pay a bit more and buy American made products.

New Reviewer

Do not do business with Henan Zhen Bang Textile Company Ltd. - I tried to work with them under their terms. However, they did not come through with providing our company with samples that they said they would provide, even though we paid them in good faith. They do not have business acumen, are not collaborative, are not up front with their terms, and are not honest. They are deceptive, do not answer emails in a timely manner, and do not know how to do business with US companies. I would discourage anyone who is thinking about doing business with Henan Zhen Bang Textile Company Ltd. to think twice about it.

New Reviewer

I bought $16,000 worth of umbrellas from a supplier in China through the alibaba portal. I had a contract with the suplier, I had inspections carried out, I paid through Escrow (which is meant to protect the buyer), yet I received seriously substandard goods. I opened a dispute on Alibaba against the supplier, guess what - 'it was both mine and the suppliers fault'. I opened a dispute with alibaba against the inspection company - guess what -it wasnt the inspection companies fault.

They are only interested in keeping their 'gold members' happy.
As an unsatisfied customer you can go F**K yourself.


New Reviewer

So I'm noticing people had brought electronics from the site and had bad experiences. However, I had brought two snapback (flat-billed hats), and received them on time and in good quality.

New Reviewer

This site is a joke. I wouldn't use Alibaba to do any business, we were defrauded of $700 from one of their "Verified Sellers" paid the money, all communication stopped and no goods arrived. No help from Alibaba at all - the company is still listing toys for sale - beware DO NOT buy anything from Ruahine Limited in the UK they are a bunch of thieves.

New Reviewer

One of the stupidest things I have ever done in my life is to purchase via this corrupt site - Was dumb enough to front $3400 dollars for a few Volkswagon Engines from "Fast Mosui FBR Pte Ltd" from some creep named Desta. What a sucker. I hope if ANYONE reads this - just be careful because this is a TOTAL SCAM and yep, I was a sucker and fell for it. I'm out $3400 and having one sucky Christams holiday because of this sick bastards!!! Alibaba - you suck

New Reviewer

sellers act like a crooks, the worst thing is that Aliexpress does not protect buyers, seems like this website was created to full westerns and to help Chinese sellers to get easy money and cheat on people. Seller may ship product whenever he wants (it usually takes not less then two weeks until seller ships an item and two-three month for product to reach you, if t does at all) and can extend delivery time to what ever date he wants, buyers interests ignored completely. Bad website, do not waste your money.

New Reviewer

I have been a member for several years and have bought and sold many times -- now they are blocking my account because I refuse to give them confidential information that could be used to conduct scams - is this the Chinese gov trying to get free corporate information?

New Reviewer

Some suppliers using Alibaba are very dodgy. Here is my case.
I had a video card advertised as a "Perfect Board" for $200 plus S&H which turned out to be dead on arrival after travelling for 4 weeks between China and North America. Alibaba originally informed me that "If still haven’t received your order or it is unsatisfactory, you can contact the seller or go to “My Orders” and Open Dispute. Remember to do this before 2013.12.14 20:22, after which the order will close automatically". Firstly I could not open the "open Dispute" tag and then, after I managed to contact somehow the supplier on November 27th (i.e. before the advertised deadline), the seller refused to consider my findings about the quality of the "perfect board". Upon close examination under microscope I found that this board was actually used, probably returned as defective, and sold as a working one for $200 through Alibaba. There are too many crooks, which can and probably do blindside a company like Alibaba. In conclusion I am out of $200 without not any further responses from the supplier hiding behind Alibaba or Alibaba itself.

New Reviewer

This website is a scam, I bought from them and they froze my order and promised to refund my money after 5 day and its almost a month now.

New Reviewer

I just bought a piece of equipment from Alibaba and was assured that it had a warranty from GlobalIPL and they completely ripped me off. The machine broke and the company refused to live up to the warranty or fix anything or give me a refund. When i complained at Alibaba, they did nothing to get this resolved. The company even admitted the machine was broken. Alibaba said that the fault was on BOTH PARTIES and didn't even post my complaint of the company's seller site. Alibaba does not protect anyone buy the seller. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM!!

New Reviewer

I have ordered a two 2 packs of toys for children, I have recived only one pack.They have sent me e mail and inform me that money for the another pack would be refunded.It was 6 month ago, I didn't get my money back.

New Reviewer

I never rec'd my order,
can't get my money refund.
FBI should shut down Alibaba website!
alibaba and Ali express are SCAM!

New Reviewer

Stay away. I ordered water speakers. Came tooo late. One pear was damaged.
I submitted all evidence. but "processing" already 2 month. No way to call or send mail to customer service. Its No exist. My money Bye, bye,,,

New Reviewer

Stay away. There is no guarantee that your items will meet your specifications. Alibaba complaint resolution is a joke and there is no effective policing of this site.

Finally received refund. It took several months and an obscene amount of effort.

New Reviewer

JIA YE TECHNOLOGIES (HK) LTD... ---- Please remember this name.... They are THIEVES, CHEATS, LIARS, SCUMBAGS, SLEAZEBALLS, RIP OFF SCAM ARTISTS... and.... Whether we're talking about Alibaba, Ali-express, Any China based business, or any of the companies (or should I say "Fake Companies!) who post products for sale on any Alibaba, or any Chinese Business entity anywhere ... DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM! ... The Chinese only have one thing in mind when it comes to the rest of the world.. "STEAL ALL MONEY ANY WAY YOU CAN and NEVER EVER GIVE IT BACK"!!! They are a communist nation... and you have no rights in their country at all. You will get laughed at if your try to take these bastard $#*!roaches to court, or try to get a refund or any type of compensation for their criminal tactics. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING OUT OF CHINA and LET THEM STARVE & CANNIBALIZE THEMSELVES!!! - Until you've been Fukked enough times to know.. you cannot understand that they will never ever have your best business interests in mind, never!!! THE CHINESE CANNOT BE TRUSTED & THEY WILL TAKE YOU FOR EVERYTHING THEY CAN GET and LAUGH ABOUT IT LATER, CAUSE YOU CAN DO NOTHING TO THEM.. NOTHING!! You will be broke, and they will be doing the same thing to the next poor soul. FUKK the CHINESE and EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF THAT COUNTRY.. THEY ARE THE $#*!ROACHES OF OUR PLANET & NEED TO BE WIPED OUT!! Don't give them your hard earned money... spend it at home instead of trying to save a few dollars on cheap fake products. - DO NOT BE A VICTIM OF THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES --- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

New Reviewer

i am a free member at Ali baba and my experince was just ok.. no influx of good quality inquiries for free members.

New Reviewer

Order was completely late. DON'T BELIEVE ANY DELIVERY DATE GUARANTEE! When it did arrive it was a cheap, fake and completely different product that what I ordered. I still have a dispute pending but seriously doubt I will ever see that money returned.

New Reviewer

I made the mistake and purchased inflatable paddle boards from a manufacture on last year. The manufacture is Rongcheng Bestband Industry Co., Ltd. My order was for 11' foot paddle boards with my own design and logo on them. After receiving and selling the boards, I started to get returns due to leaks. After inspecting the boards, I noticed that some were leaking at the seems. At first it only started with one board, then two, then three, then four, and now five boards. After getting no where with the manufacture, I opened a dispute case against them and won.

Myself, the manufacture, and the trade dispute team of Alibaba agreed that the manufacture would send me 5 replacement inflatable paddle boards. Since we agreed upon a settlement the case was close and all correspondents to the manufacture were suppose to be made by email. To my surprise, the manufacture ignored my emails and then notified me they will be at the surf expo in orlando (in one day) and they will have 5 sample boards I can take home. I agreed I would come to the expo and view the boards to see if they are an acceptable replacement. At the expo, I brought along a customer of mine who unfortunately purchased a faulty board made by the manufacture. All the sample boards were different shape, sizes, designs, and colors. They were damaged from being transported so many times. In no way, shape, or form did they resemble my 11' inflatable boards I originally purchased. My customer agreed that these would not be a suitable replacement and he would not accept any of these boards as a replacement for his board. I kindly told the manufacture that I will not accept these boards and please send me the 5 replacement boards we originally agreed upon.

After the expo, the manufacture continued to ignore my emails and finally told me they will not be sending me replacement boards. I contacted alilbaba again regarding this matter. It appears I spoke to a different person in every email. I had one tell me I will not be getting 5 replacement boards, then one tell me that I should be getting 5 replacement boards and the last one told me that I spoiled my opportunity at the expo and should of accepted the 5 damaged sample boards they offered.

I am beyond frustrated with this entire matter. My business model is simple, I make money by selling paddle boards. I have lost my shirt so far dealing with this manufacture and As you can imaging, their is no way I could offer a 7 foot paddle board to a customer that originally ordered a 11 foot paddle board. Some of the sample boards the manufacture offered me are made for kids. The boards I originally purchased could hold up to 250lbs! My market is adults not kids!

In the originally settlement agreement, myself, the manufacture, and alilbaba trade dispute team did not agree to the manufacture contacting me last minute to attend a surf expo and accept five sample inflatable paddle boards of all different shapes, sizes, colors (and damaged). If I new this, I would of never agreed to this settlement. At the end of the day, I am now being punished for following the original settlement agreement. I have lost all faith in dealing with Its clear that alilbaba does not stand behind their dispute policies. Proceed at your own risk.


I was contacted by the manufacture and they agreed to send me my replacement paddle boards. They will be finished and shipped within 30days. I also had a positive experience with I was contacted by an U.S. rep and he forwarded my issue to customer service. After this my case was re-opened and will stay opened till the boards are shipped. I will keep everyone posted as this progresses.

New Reviewer

He host tons of scams companey who ask for wiretransfer. I was stolen 7000 for buying echo machine online from London, money is deposited in Indonesia or Malasia giant off shore banks and I never received my money back despite criminal charges. Never deal with Alibaba.

New Reviewer

scammed, my money stolen and products never received. Nowhere to complain and no way to get my stuff. No customer service at ll it doesn't exist.

New Reviewer

from what it looks like, people are complaining about electronics purchases.....yeah...thats something i would not do, personally i never buy electronics unless it is from a well known seller...i mean doesnt that seem obvious? but ya, my friends and I have bought jerseys and they were fine....we knew they werent the real authentic jerseys but it is very hard to have to pay extra close attention to see the flaw, in the case of my kobe jersey the name stiched on the back is slightly slimmer than an authentic one but u really have to put an authentic jersey together next to the one i got from aliexpress....but it did take a long time to deliver......but ya my DONT BUY ELECTRONICS FROM ALIEXPRESS......and if u order something, be prepared to wait a good period of time....its not the normal 5-7 business days

New Reviewer

Suppliers on purpose do not go through internal messaging system, because guess what - then Alibaba can make an excuse you can't prove anything.
And even when you do present on documents to prove the suppliers scammed you - they close complaint anyway. An example complaint - 413129518
They requested more info, which was provided the same day - but then closed complaint anyway, saying nothing was provided. Complete crap service.
Stay away - you will get scammed and their resolution center is useless.
They won't even post BAD ratings on their suppliers.
I also found out that company I was dealing was fake - even though Alibaba says they are 9th year gold certified supplier with on-site check. Guess what - address is a different company.
DTY Industrial Co - is not a real company, everything about them is fake, Aliaba knows this, but will not submit bad ratings or help you resolve anything with them.

New Reviewer

This is the first time I have purchased goods from Alibaba online. The seller is very dishonest and deceive, I was very disappointed. I ordered a carbon monoxide detectors, but received smoke detectors. Following discussions with the seller, the seller asked me to mail back the goods, not only agreed to pay the freight from the U.S. to China, and also agreed for a fully refund. I also got the pre-approval before I mailed back the goods to China, but after I returned the good, the seller ignore my message and reject the refund. I spent total of US $ 193.05(include merchandise, shipping from china to US, shipping from US to China), lots of energy and time. Very bad experience.

New Reviewer

Great site if you are planning to start your own business. However, there are many safety issues with buying from alibaba. I wouldn't recommend buying from any seller that is not a Gold seller. To become a Gold seller it costs around $3000USD in China, so only the big boys can afford to get it. Otherwise, any scam artist can open a business account and ask you for money without sending you anything.

New Reviewer
this company are cheaters they send for bad quality products and bad service and the goods was differents specs as agreed and missing items i have all proofs and documents
dont buy from there people as my advice

New Reviewer


I think maybe alibaba cheating our dispute. I had a case where I am required to reply within 3 days or the case will be canceled by the administrator. But there is no limit to the administrator that do not take care of the case that I asked. example Case Number: 412830501 till date there is no handling of the administrator. Last answer of the administrator is dated 20/08/2013. I even can not find any chance to contact the Aliexpress administrator to say: What's going on with my claim!? Actually I can not contact Ali if the status is not "Waiting for my response". Ali administrators but sometimes seems to forget there is a claim not finished.

I would not care, even if it takes a year I still would take care of this case and will not close it, before the case was settled. I also suspect that this is a collaboration between alibaba and the seller to gain time and cheat the buyers.

New Reviewer

DO NOT DEAL WITH Taizhou Huamao Handicraft Article Co., Ltd.
Terrible service. I'm struggling to get my deposit back. This is worst experience ever. My order was delayed for 3 months. Their website is
Avoid them!

New Reviewer

Do Not Do Business with Yiwu Yamiaim , Alibaba Supplier!

They shipped 350 pieces of defective, non-working crystal covered retractable leashes and matching pooh bag holders.
They also pulled a bait and switch with the products. Their invoice included a picture of the product we were to receive and was not what was sent.
We have been doing business with Alibaba suppliers for over 5 years. We have previously purchased the exact retractable leash pictured on their site. It is the best retractable leash on the market, so we did not ask for a sample before placing the order. OUR BAD.
None of the products had any type of protective packaging so crystals were falling off of everything!
There was not ONE SINGLE retractable mechanism that worked. NOT ONE.
When they were contacted regarding this situation they stopped all communication.
Sadly, we were also in the process of working on a First to Market product with them also.
So they literally gave up thousands and thousands of dollars that would have been made from the first to market product over $1680.!!
We filed a complaint with Alibaba which they agreed was legitimate, made us supply TONS of documentation (which we had) but did not make Yiwi Yamiaim honor their written promise to correct the problems or black mark them.
Yiwu Yamiaim lied directly to the Alibaba Complaint Department TWICE, in writting which we were able to provide documentaion that proved they were lying and still did nothing against them for lying.
The Alibaba suppliers know how to play the game with Alibaba when complaints are made against them, so they get away with whatever they want.
Yiwu Yamiaim refunded almost half of the money only.
We ended up with no new products to feature at the National pet Trade Industry Show,
Paid for aa additional new product showcase at the show with nothing to show

New Reviewer

Purchased a battery.Supposedly Refurbished and arrived looking the worst for wear. Will not charge up on my charger which is new and handles an identical battery OK Dispute lodged. Alibaba seem to ignore matters raised and are robotic in their communication. Meaningless, ineffective and will not admit any fault let alone refund money. AVOID this mob like the plague

New Reviewer

Rec'd wrong item. opened dispute. still waiting... no way of contacting them or sending Email.
Purchase Item from; (Mary Wang)(Company Name: Sun-Shine) Item received is different from Item shown, complained...there reply: "Not there fault." Just another rip off-Bait and Switch. ( they Have since removed the photo of the Item because it was wrong! yet No Refund!!! DO NOT DO Business with any of the companies represented by I only wish I had checked them out first ( this site is NOW BOOKMARKED ) Will always check here first!!!!. Their "Escrow" is a joke!!

New Reviewer

Never use this Theft orient d site for anything. Everyone here is pulling a scam of some type. My experience was with a man named Allen Du. His company is Quindao Bonfrich Wind Energy Equipment Co. They offered me 10 300 watt solar panels for 2000 usd air freighted. Lily says he no longer works there as of three months ago. She is part of the scam because she never tell me why he had to leave. Anyway his email disappeared from the Alibaba site after the money wire transfer cleared. All that I get is a run around and even the bank of china via chase wire transfer will not back me on this fraud. They seem to be behind the theft or backing it. Never trust anyone in China especially via this site. Snake people!

New Reviewer

I bought 2 wedding dresses from 2 different people on this site. Dresses were poor quality, not as pictutred and I could not get my money back.

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