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New Reviewer

I ordered a turn table last February. I called to ask if they even got my order. Some guy said "back ordered " and would be sent 3 day air when more come in. Today when I called the recording said they were closed and the mailbox was full. I know I 've probably have been scammed. I called my bank and they said that if my account has been debited I can dispute the charge and get it taken care of. They will put the $69's back into my account. Hope all of you can get your money back!!!@

New Reviewer

Avoid AJRichie regardless of their ads.
I strongly recommend Not buying anything from AJRichie. I was hoping to save $100 on a camera and accessories and ended up paying $150 more than I would have had I purchased the same camera and accessories from a reputable site. This is what they did. They advertised a camera for about $100 less than retail. After I purchased the camera online, I got several e-mails from AJRichie that I needed to call them as soon as possible as there was a problem with my order. When I didn’t respond immediately to the e-mails, they called me. The rep on the phone was very low key and made some very reasonable suggestions regarding accessories I might want. All of which I was going to eventually purchase. The prices for these accessories were higher than I expected and when I questioned him about them, he said that the prices I was quoting were for inferior products which AJRichie didn’t carry and that I should get quality accessories for the quality camera I was buying. I foolishly agreed. As turned out the prices were several times more expensive than was reasonable and ending up not only wiping out the $100 saving but adding an addition $150 to what I could have gotten had a used a reputable site. Later that day, I found online reviews which described how customers are misled by AJRichie and end up paying much more than they would have on a reputable site. Unfortunately, it was after AJRichie was closed for the day. The next day, I called to cancel my order. They rep on the phone put me on hold and when he came back said that the order had already been shipped by FedEx and that I would be getting a tracking number by e-mail before the end of the day. When I checked my credit card, I found that my credit card had already been charged for the full amount. To make a long story short, I didn’t get a tracking number that day. I called every day for the next four days and was told that my order had been shipped that morning and that I would get a tracking number by end of the day. It wasn’t till 5 days after I placed the order that I got a tracking number (it was a USPS tracking number not a FedEx tracking number). When the shipment arrived, the extra battery I had ordered was for a different camera not the one I ordered. I called and I was told that they had noticed the error and were sending me the correct battery. I also told them that there was no warranty card with the shipment even though it was mentioned in both the invoice that came with shipment as well as the in the documentation from the manufacturer. They said they would send me one. However, I still have not received one. One last note, the invoice that came with the package came with a list of everything that was ordered but only a total price so that there was no easy way to prove that I had been over charged. They are very good at what they do, getting unsuspecting customers to be tricked into grossly over paying for camera equipment. I strongly recommend not buying anything fromAJRichie.

New Reviewer

Ordered camera, best price on internet, at $249.00. Got email requesting I call and verify order. Called and was told camera didn't come with battery and they would sell me special 5 hour battery for $89.00. Camera arrived with 'in-box' battery and charge was for $349.00. When called was told I had agreed to extra charge, even though sales person lied and said camera didn't include battery. Could send back if I sent $35.00 for restocking fee plus they would subtract $19.99 shipping charges and I'd have to pay for shipping for return! They are unethical and will add items on the sale to boost their charges. STAY AWAY from this company! UNETHICAL

New Reviewer

It does not deserve a star. DO NOT BUY FROM AJRICHIES

I ordered a Canon t5i ( body only) at $349.00. I was sent an email to call a number. I was put on hold for ten minutes. The person on the line began the old game of Bait and Switch. He starts to explain to me that this Canon t5i was an import model from China and the touch screen language is only in Chinese. I asked why the description on the website did not say this for I would have not chosen this camera. I for one have no idea why you would even offer this Chinese language model to an American consumer unless you wanted to draw people in by the low price. They then have me call them and try to sell me the correct camera at a much higher price of $750.00. (No lens) body only.
I told the operator to cancel the order and he told me it's already been processed. I told him I still wanted it canceled because I know that we as consumers have 24 hours to cancel. He was dismissive sounding in his tone and said okay. He said he had to transfer me to billing and abruptly hung up on me.
I quickly went to my online checking account and transferred all my money but $10.00 to savings so to stop Ajrichie from withdrawing any money. It worked. A few minute later I received an email from Ajrichie saying their attempt to withdraw money was refused because of lack of funds, lol.

I finally bought my camera from my local camera store, no hassles , no problems. I also feel good about supporting a local business.

Moral of story, always,always do online review research.

New Reviewer

Zero...has anyone actually received a refund from this company? I am waiting for my refund of $369.99. Of' all the reviews stated...hung up on, no confirmation sent for shipping or cancellation of the order. This company is full of lies! BEWARE!

New Reviewer

Just called to ask a few questions about the Canon 6D. I told him I was fine with an import model, but before I would purchase I had a few questions (is it factory sealed, does it come with Canon batteries and charger etc) and he not even answer the questions I had, and when he caught wind I knew what I was talking about, quickly informed me that they only have the US model and hung up on me! Talk about shady!

New Reviewer

Don't be foolish. Shop elsewhere. This site is a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Was looking for a Sony camera and they had it for $200 less than anywhere else. Hahahaa right... I called them to ask about the price and why it's so low and is it real. The guy insulted me and told me to go to Best Buy instead. Is it possible to shut down this stupid web store? That would save a lot of money for a lot of people who will get scammed by these guys.

New Reviewer

I like everyone else on this website has had the exact same experience. I ordered a camera for the sale price of 289. I thought wow good deal. The next morning I get a sketchy email that looks like it got sent from a child saying to process my order i needed to call in and give a voice confirmation. So I called and first off let me say how RUDE these guys are. He told me that I would need to buy the a long lasting battery and some other $#*! that ended coming up to 420 something. me being stupid agreed. then an hour later i went online and saw all these other reviews i started freaking out so i decided to call them... i got put on hold for 10 mins three times then was hung up on. when i finally got through and told him i wanted to cancel my order he said that i couldnt because the item has already been shipped and he added a longer warranty with a tripod and some other items and that it would get to me by the end of the week and then hung up. I got so upset that i made my roommate call them again for me to cancel it. She got hung up on twice before getting to speak with someone. She asked him if my order was shipped yet and i guess him being stupid didnt realize the person with the same name and camera just called 10 minutes earlier but he told me the camera was not shipped yet... so she told him to cancel the order and he got very rude with my roommate saying we were making a mistake that this is the cheapest price you'll find. But she lied and told him that we just wanted to trade cameras and were looking at other cameras on their website to keep them happy to work with us. He told us the money would be refunded but i needed to pay a restocking fee of 10%, when I asked how much that was going to be he asked "are you kidding" and said itll be "$43" and that it will take 48 to get put back into my account nd hung up. I still didnt feel right about the situation so i called my bank and told them about it and they told me if the money isnt in my account in 48 hours that they will dispute it with them and give me my money back. HOPING everything works out but i'll write another review if i actually got my money back or not... WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAMMMMM

New Reviewer

Canceled my order before I even received it- got really bad vibes regarding customer service. When I called to cancel (after being on hold for 10 minutes) guy was really rude. Forget it!

New Reviewer

Stay away! Ordered a Panasonic camera because of the price. Got an email saying I needed to call to verify the order. This is when they get you. They wanted to know which battery they could sell me. The camera comes with no battery. Seriously? Only site I could find that does this. They also told me the other sites only give you a thirty minute battery. Totally false! I canceled my order. I hope it really was canceled. I do not trust them and neither should you.

New Reviewer

I wish I could vote with no stars!
I can't believe I was dumb enough to not research this before I purchased. I feel like a complete fool!

D610 was priced at $1399 on sale.
I tried to order from the site, but it wouldn't let me upgrade shipping. I emailed them about it, since it was past hours, and they told me to call.
Called the next day and the guy told me I could order over the phone.

He then asked if I was wanting the US model, to which I replied, "well yea!"
He informed me that it was not the sale price. Instead it was $1699...
I went back and forth with my husband but it still was the best deal I had found and they said there was no tax and free 3 day shipping so I agreed

He then asked me what kind of battery I wanted and when I let him know I had one, he damn near called me a liar and asked what kind of camera I had prior. I let him know the D7000, which I know uses the exact same camera and he didn't say much after that.

He processed my order etc

I got an email saying thanks for the order and that it would ship soon.
Never got an invoice/receipt, tracking number etc
I tried for 3 days to get both of these and wrote a nasty email about it and the fact that my account was charged $1799!

They then sent me a photo of the invoice but still no tracking information

I got a call the next day which I missed and an email stating that they tried to contact me.
I got in contact with them and the guy let me know that the reo must have forgotten to read the part that said there was a 6% charge straight from Nikon, for insurance on the shipping!
That they couldn't refund me the money for that, but could offer me an extended life battery, high speed memory card and card reader, or, a 5 year extended warranty.
I agreed to the accessories.

I then let him know I have STILL not gotten a tracking number and instead of giving it to me over the phone, he told me it would be emailed by the end of the day

I have still not gotten a tracking number. Its been a week since I ordered and I have not gotten the camera, which was supposed to be on 3 day shipping, and now, no one will reply to my emails and when I try to talk to someone, they get pissy and hang up

I will be calling the bank later today when my husband is up, since it was charged to his account, to report it as fraud and HOPE to hell, I can get my money back

I sold my only camera, to have the money to put towards this.
Photography is my business! I have a shoot in 3 days and have NO camera!!!!

I should have used my head and researched them prior, because now I see NO ONE has left a good review!

I'm literally in tears over this and have no idea what Im going to do about my upcoming shoots, since I dont have the money to just go out and buy another one while waiting to see if I can get refunded!

I have made a facebook page, if anyone would like to come and post their experience with it
Most companies have a facebook page, so Im assuming a lot of people will try to look them up. Im hoping they find my page, since there isnt one for the actual company, that I found
Maybe I can save ONE person, from getting scammed like others.

New Reviewer

this is a BS site dont waste your time pay the few dollars more you will get what you want and in the time you want it

New Reviewer

Obviously a Grey market scam. Their address is even in Brooklyn, a Grey market Hotspot. No response to emails and complete BS customer service. I would rather die in a hole them order from those frauds. I should get the BBC on their a**s

New Reviewer

Can't rate lower than one star or I would. Ordered a camera last night at a price too good to be true -- HA! Of course got an email saying to call in and confirm the order. After reading other reviews I decided not to call and waste my time. Who else has you call in and confirm an order? I've bought thousands of items off the net - first time anyone asked me to call and confirm !!! Any problems and I will sic the FTC on them, suggest you do the same. BTW other review site have some positive reviews, almost certainly posted by an ajrichie employee. This is criminal and should be treated as such.

New Reviewer

Purchased a Sony HDR Camcorder on Black Friday 2013 for $859.99 for my company. No confirmation email sent . Luckily took screen shot of original purchase and confirmation (I didn't have a printer). They called on Dec 2, 2013 to "confirm order and shipping address". Sold me on additional accessories which I was ok with. Again no confirmation e-mail. Equipment arrived with no invoice. January Credit card statement came in with a charge of $1999.99!!! Minus the additional equipment that I ok'd I was over charged $489.99!! When I called to dispute they said because camera did not come with a battery or charger!! It did but beside the point I ordered an extended life battery and quick charge charger as extra accessory. When I brought it to ANTHONY's attention the charge became due to ALL equipment on website is in Japanese!! If you want it in English you have to pay $350.00!! Again, so you just charge me anyway? He said its ALL over website all equipment is not in English (IT IS NOT ANYWHERE ON WEBSITE). They also sold me an extended 2 year warranty. I asked if it was a manufacturers warranty and was told yes. IT IS NOT. It is warrantied through AJRITCHIE!! The extended warranty is USELESS!!. Anthony offered me an additional year warranty to make me happy?? He kept repeating it., "all I can do is offer you an additional 1 year warranty". I told him What would make me happy is the return of my $489.99. I advised him this was not my error but also I told Anthony I would concede the charge if he could tell me WHERE on the website it states all equipment is in Japanese, HE COULD NOT. He became loud, spoke over me, and told me it was a courtesy he was even speaking to me. He then said "Im done with you, call your credit card company, do it!!" and hung up. SUCH A FRAUD!! This is in dispute with my credit card company and complaints are being filed with BBB of New York as well a CCA of NY. I may even make a CALL for ACTION with my local news station. I will see this one to the end.

New Reviewer


My husband purchase a DSLR camera from their website for my xmas gift. Everything was fine and working well, until it stopped working on our family vacation in Jamaica. I got the camera in Dec and it stopped working in Aug. When we got back to the states, I contacted Nikon to see if I could have it fixed. After speaking with Nikon and giving them the serial number listed on the camera, I was then informed that the camera is a REFURBISHED camera and I would have to pay $170 to get it fixed. After my husband paid over $600 for the camera. Nikon told me that if it was a new camera they would have fixed it and I would not have to pay. I WAS PISSED. So I contacted AJRiches customer services, spoke to ADAM who informed me they are not sure why I got an refurbished item and he would submit a claim and I he would call me back in 10 day. After the 10th day... I received no call.. so I called... and called.. Every time I called, ADAM was either busy or on the other line. Left him several message.. no response. I finally spoke with him 15 days after our last conversation. He again claimed he doesn't know why I got an refurbished item and he would resubmit the claim, he was so rude and nasty. After our conversation, I asked would I need to call again after 10 days he said , Yes and HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME!!! Ohh hell no... this company is $#*! & WILL RIP YOU OFF.... I contacted the BBB to file a complaint.


New Reviewer

CONTACT YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND DISPUTE THE CHARGES! THEY CAN HELP YOU IF YOU'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF BY AJRICHIE.COM. I'm also a victim of this site. They switched the 149.00 memory card for a 9.99 card and then told me it's not. I bought the extended warranty & tried to cancel the warranty, but they told me they register it when it's sold. Warranty company said that's not true. Now they say I have to pay 15% restocking fee on the warranty. My credit card co. says this is a tactic to keep me from returning the merchandise. They are now telling me I bought a package which I didn't and not letting me return their "switched" cheap items without returning the camera I bought at the advertised low price which got me to the site in the first place. My credit card company is working with me so now I feel a little less stupid for falling for this.

New Reviewer

I agree with all of the other posts on here, not only did they try to upsell me on things that should come with the camera they hung up on me nearly instantly when I questioned them about it.

New Reviewer

This Company is a SCAM!!!! Bait and switch too!! I ordered online a Nikon Coolpix L820 (red) on 12/20/13 for $159.99. On 12/27/13, I received an email from them to call (614) 556-4559 X 509. I was informed that the red camera is out of stock and that the black one is available. I agreed to receiving a black one instead of a red one.
On 01/07/14, I called the company and was told that the camera will be shipped from another country to my home and it will take 4 to 6 weeks for me to received it. On my
order confirmation, it states that I will take only 10 to 14 business days for me to receive it. I was able to cancel my order. Looks like they are accepting online orders even there are no supplies. Please read the reviews on this company before ordering online.

New Reviewer

I wish that I had read the reviews before I ordered a camera from them. After I ordered a camera from a link I got through, they called my husband the next day to "verify" the order. Well my husband didn't know anything about the camera as it was for him for Christmas. I called back and after talking to 3 people, they said they didn't have the red one but I could ge a plum colored one. I said ok and then he pushed a recharagable battery pack on me, which I did buy. Then he said he would give me free expedited delivery if I wrote a review immediately so he could show his boss. I told him I couldn't do that right away so he gave me the free shipping anyway. Then when I got the camera it was in boring black. I had a feeling this was a funky place. I haven't used the camera yet, so we'll see how it works.

New Reviewer

I am living outside US, I contactacted them bcause it shows a Nikon D610 w/ 28 300 lens for US2000. I did a wire transfer. Then sent me a Nikon D7000 with 2 lenses. I did not ask for it! They never answer my emails, never responde my asks and the hang up me phone calls... BUY ELSEWHERE

New Reviewer

I purchased a Nikon D5200 camera body, or so I thought. The price was a bit less than the 2nd lowest price I'd found anywhere else. The next day I received a call from a heavily accented (sorry, but it was middle eastern) man, telling me I'd ordered the camera only. "I know" I replied. He told me it was literally the body only, and did not even come with a battery or charger. Really?! When I told him I'd never heard of an electronic item that required a battery not coming with said device or charger, he replied "Well I guess you're hearing of it now". I told him "Well I guess you're hearing me cancel my order" which, thankfully, they did. Typical "bait and switch" tactic. My advice: CAVEAT EMPTOR - SHOP ELSEWHERE!!!

New Reviewer

Saw low price on line I placed a order for camera they e-mailed me a couple of days later to call them back to confirm was on hold for about 30 mintues. Spoke to a rep who was confused on what I ordered, he told me my order was for camera (body)only I brought to his attention that the ad and reciept said camera ,battery,and quick charger. I asked him if I can get order sooner he said it will cost $70 to recieve in 3 days. I agreed just to have it before X-mas. I tryed to track shipment and ther was no info. I called them back waiting 45minutes this time spoke to rep and he tells me my credit card didn't go through that I need to use a different card he tells me this after 3 days. Can you say Scam !!!!

New Reviewer

The absolute worst. Ordered a Nikon 3100 body at a decent price, waited for weeks and thought they had lost the order. I finally got an email to call and verify the order. I did so and the kid on the other end told me that the camera I had ordered came without a battery and charger when it was clearly listed in the spec sheet. I checked because this has happened before. Pure scam, dishonest to the worst degree, do not buy from these people.

New Reviewer

I've purchased hundreds of products online from hundreds of businesses and I've never written a negative review until now. There have been a few instances of the product being maybe not quite what was depicted, or maybe customer service wasn't stellar, but I've never before felt like I was thoroughly and deliberately scammed till I dealt with AJRichie! These people are total crooks. Maybe because I've had pretty good luck dealing with reputable sellers, I never even thought to check their reviews before ordering, just got careless. It's been an expensive lesson! Don't let their low prices suck you in!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer


Mega scam website, I have placed an order over the black Friday sale with to purchase the Canon 5D Mark III, and as they have reduced hours of operation, I had to wait until monday to talk to a live representative to try to figure if my order was on, or pending, or processed. So long story short, I get to talk to a gentleman on Monday morning that informed me that the unit I purchased it's a "foreign" or NON US, as he named it, and if I want the US model that will come with all the CD/DVD for installation, manual, etc, I will have to pay close to $2900.00 to get the genuine part. Now this is the best part, where the website listed this item as SKU: CANEOS5DMIII MPN: 5260B002 (US model) and not SKU: CANEOS5DMIII MPN: 5260A002 (Non US model).
When I got to the bottom of this and called again to clear the whole situation, I came across a very arrogant, not friendly type of customer sales rep that was very rude in taking the time to fix or do something about this situation. He mentioned that he is very busy, and I can go F*** myself, when I asked to cancel my order. I hope that my order is cancelled.

New Reviewer

called for info. Tried to sell me more stuff then I wanted. The main issue, they wanted to charge me $40+ for insurance on a camcorder to be shipped. Also, on the website there is no place where you see that charge added. They say they are working on their website. Real Scam!! Don't get ripped off!!!!

New Reviewer

[Updated 11-25-13] AjRichies is an unscrupulous business that conducts deceptive business practices. Numerous complaints appear on several consumer-watch websites. Similar complaints have been reported by many customers. Do not do business with them!!! If you are taken in, don’t waste your time trying to deal with them. File a complaint with your bank’s consumer claims department and request a full refund for your credit card transaction. Since phone calls and e-mails are routinely not returned, it is unlikely that they will successfully dispute a customer claim when a bank attempts to investigate a sale and negotiate a settlement.

AjRichies conceals unfavorable terms and conditions of sale on their website. They charge a 15% restocking fee and a 10% fee for refused shipments. A common complaint is that sales people call back customers after an initial sale is made to upsell accessories that are exorbitantly priced. If this is not accomplished, deliveries are long delayed or do not occur at all. All sorts of excuses are made. Customers who thought they were getting a deal wind up being charged more than advertised prices or get wrong products.

The history of my purchase is revealing in many ways. Over the phone, I was persuaded to purchase a $3,000 “package deal” for a camera body, 2 lenses, accessories, and extended warranties. I naively agreed to the sale without an itemization of prices. An e-mail with a confirmation of the sale and a tracking number was promised, but it was never received. Unlike many other customers, I actually received my shipment in a few days. The shipment enclosed a sales invoice which did not show any unit prices for the ordered items. In fine print at the bottom of the receipt was a 15% restocking fee policy. Another policy was absent that states that incorrect and missing items are replaced, but no refunds are allowed.

At the time of purchase, I was never informed orally or in writing of the restocking fee policy and other terms and conditions of sale that are buried in the website. When the restocking fee for a phone sale was questioned, the policy was justified by explaining that the policy appeared on the website. However, when one looks carefully at the language on the website, it explicitly states that the sales policies apply to website orders. There is no mention of phone transactions.

Several of the delivered items were lacking. The camera and lenses were defective in packaging and were missing items. The camera and lenses were missing original manufacturer’s certificates of warranty. This placed in doubt whether the items were new products and US warrantied. It was evident that the camera body was restocked merchandise that had been resold. Manuals and accessories were missing from the box. Extended warranties that were purchased were not what they were purported to be. Insured replacement and repair costs were limited in amount and accidental damage was explicitly excluded contrary to the representations of the sales person.

I called the company and obtained the unit prices for my order. After accounting for the actual prices of the order and the prices of comparable products on the internet, I determined that I had been overcharged by $700. When I complained that I had been overcharged, an offer was made to adjust the sales price by $700. This was a clear acknowledgement of an overcharge. I refused the offer to the surprise of the sales person. I was intent on not doing business with AjRichies and getting a full refund of my money. I returned the entire shipment and bought identical equipment from Amazon companies to my satisfaction.

When I received a Return for Refund form enclosed with a return merchandise RMA , I was charged $450 for a 15% restocking fee based on the original inflated price of $3,000 and not the offered adjusted price of $2,300. Interestingly, the language of the form contradicted some of the return policies on the internet. It stated that items that were incorrect or missing things would not be charged a restocking fee. When I last contacted AjRichies on October 29th, they surprisingly promised me a full refund by November 1st. However, I never received it. I then contacted my bank to file a claim.

In the case AjRichies planned to object to my bank’s credit card claim, I sent the bank a 7 page memo with various attachments and 4 unanswered e-mails to document the circumstances of my purchase. My bank credited me immediately after doing an “investigation” on the day I made the claim. I am sure that they had no better luck than I had in attempting to reach AjRichies when I repeatedly called them on different days and was placed on hold for one and half hours before I gave up.

The lesson I learned is always to investigate the reputation of a company before making a purchase. I feel quite safe making purchases on Amazon. They have very good customer support, and they back the sales of the companies that do business on their site. My wish is that someone would warn all potential customers and shut down AjRichies. AjRichies’s business address is not the place where they actually do business. It’s a storefront in an apartment building in Brooklyn. It can be viewed on Google Maps. The location is obviously used only for shipments to conceal the true business address of the company. This prevents frustrated customers from serving legal papers on the company. An enterprising person in New York would do a great service to many dissatisfied customers by staking out the storefront and following shipment carriers to the actual location where shipments are processed and hopefully where the sales office exists. I am angry that so many people have been hurt by AjRichies.

Expert Reviewer

☠ Scraping Website - Illegal, Stolen Trustmarks
☛ Site Using Fake or Fraudulent Trust Marks and Seals are key indicators of a Scam Site.
☛ Why trust a site that needs to Steal Trust Seals??? Where is the Trust coming from???
☛ Use these sites with caution, do not become their next victim.
☛ Fully read the "Warnings" and "Membership Terms and Conditions"

✍ Note: Major Security/Trust Seals/Icons commonly used by: BBB .org, McAfee, Thawte, TRUSTe, Trustwave, UpFront, VeriSign/Norton, and others should all have URL's linked to those Icon's. When clicked the URL should "Open" the "relevant sites Certificate or verification page"!!! If they don't, they are FAKE!!!

✍ Sites that do not subscribe to the Norton VeriSign, McAfee Secure, or other Trust/Secure services try to fool consumers/visitors by placing a stolen copy of the trustmark/seal on their website in order to give the appearance of "Trust" and "Security". This practice is called "Scraping."

(•ิ_•ิ) Why would you trust a site that needs to knowingly Steal Trust Seals? Which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business!

(•ิ_•ิ) Always remember the basic rules about Scammers/Spammers:
❶ Scammers/Spammers always lie.
❷ If a Scammers/spammer says they aren't lying, see rule 1.

Illegal McAfee Secure Trustmark - Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG):

New Reviewer

I ordered from AJRichies and like everyone else, I received a call a few days later saying that they need to verify my shipping address, when I called them back they tried to sell me a battery, (they lied and said that the battery that the camera comes with only lasts for 20 minutes) Nikon D3100, and my $500 order now became $700, I disputed this with them and the my credit card company and they told me to return the camera, (they would deduct 15% for returning the camera) I declined and told both my credit card company and AJRichies that I wanted the camera for the original price of around $500, I continued to dispute the difference in price with my Credit card company, even after they told me that they ruled in AJrichies favor and low and behold a couple of days later the $200 credit was permanent. Credit card companies will typically rule in your favor, just be persistent with them. AJRichies should not be in business and the more people that dispute payments with their credit card companies, the less money this scam company will receive, spread the word.

New Reviewer

BAD! BAD! BAD! Exact same tactics as described by several others here. Ordered camera online after seeing low price, got a call 2 days later asking to "verify credit card info" and quickly tried to sell other stuff like extra batteries, memory card, lens etc. When I declined, they tried to persuade me to get USA model (I ordered gray market model). Declined that too, and rep said camera will be shipped. Called back after 2 weeks, and I as told that they are bringing wholesale lot from Japan and will take 1-2 weeks more and then will be shipped to me. They would not commit to a date..At this point I canceled the order. From rep's reaction, I got the impression that they are happy to cancel the order.. I will be watching my credit card account carefully..

New Reviewer

Avoid like the plague.

Paid over the money for a camera advertized at a very attractive price. Lots of false promises, lies and more lies about delivery and eventually a refund. Got my money back 3 months later through a claim through my credit card company. Businesses using these ethics should be closed down before they cause grief for the next person who transacts with them in a one way good faith exercise.

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I attempted to make a purchase with this horrible company several weeks ago. I purchased a 17-40mm CANON L-Series lens and paid an extra $40 to have it shipped to me within a week. Several days later they started sending me emails stating that I needed to contact them to discuss my order. This was just a way to get me on the phone to try and sell me more items. This went on for a week (don't forget I paid extra to have it shipped within a week). Then when I finally got through to them to ship my item and they said it would be shipped the following Friday. I called several days after it was supposed to ship (the second time) to have them tell me it would be shipped the NEXT Friday. At this point I became very agry and requested to speak to a manager. The man on the phone responded by saying my order was canceled and he then hung up on me. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Called and ordered a camera. Got a call from a sales person to sell a battery , card and a warranty received the camera and items. Also an unordered item and no itemized invoice. Was $400.oo over what was quoted. Now , no response on their refund line, just music to listen to while you sit on hold. Never do business with this company!

New Reviewer

Ordered a Nikon P310 on September 23rd, received an email a week later saying they were trying to getting touch but couldn't reach me (no message on my answering machine). I called back and the representative said something about verifying my street address even though I completed the form with my full address. Then the agent tried to sell me a new battery indicating that the one with the camera only lasted 20 minutes. I said I had already bought one (which I had). The representative said my order would be processed. As of Nov 6th, no shipment, no email, no communications from AJ Richies; when I tried their 800 number a few ago, the message was that they were not taking phone calls! Fortunately for me, I just had to contact my credit card company and dispute the charge, citing goods not received. While I was waiting for my order, I researched AJ Richies on the web and saw the large number of complaints so I was not surprised when I hadn't received my camera after three weeks passed, and then four weeks. I suspect the positive reviews are simply AJ Richies staff countering the real negative feedback with their fraudulent claims of great customer service.

New Reviewer

well I should have read this earlier because like everyone else I can't get any help out of customer assistance. I have no camera ordered 9/16/13. When I finally did get to talk to someone I canceled my order on 9/30 was told I would get a credit in 72 hours this is 10/7 and haven't gotten it yet. I email also and no reply. found this site through ebay maybe ebay needs to drop them.

New Reviewer

Ajrichies: This is the third I am writing to confirm the cancelation of order #1206534 for a Nikon D5200 camera. The original order was placed on September 10th and you promised to deliver it in 10 to 14 days. As of today on October 2nd you failed even to provide a tracking number, and lied to me multiple times on deliver dates. I called you at "Toll Free: 1-888-871-1256" tow time on October 1st to confirm the cancelation which I sent to you by email on September 30th, and you hanged up on me right after I said the magic word "cancelation".

After read the numerous negative reviews of, and the "F" rating at BBB, I came to the conclusion that you never intend to deliver anything, you are running a total scam operation. I also want to inform your that I have asked the credit card company to cancel the transaction, I do not want you use mine or credit card company's money to support your scam operation.

New Reviewer

Two months trying to get a camera they said they had in stock. Many calls, a lot of time on hold. Out right lies about shipping and delivery time and final price.
Stay away from this place. Run as fast as you can the other way. Life is to short!

New Reviewer

Beware of AJRichies. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. I’VE BEEN TAKEN. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. READ REVIEWS OF THIS COMPANY ON AMAZON, RESELLERRATINGS, SCAMBOOK, JABBER AND OTHERS., before you give your credit card number. There are literally hundreds of complaints like mine.
I bought a Canon camera from this company in June 2013, at a “very good price- too good to be true”. I did not hear from them for 3 weeks, even though there ad states “shipping in 2 to 3 business days”. I got a call from someone at their place of business. This person talked at 100 miles per minute- stated that he was filling my order as he spoke, and recommended very highly that I get their 3 year warranty for $99.00 and he would increase coverage to 6 years; buy another long lasting Canon battery ,as the included battery in the camera lasts only 5 minutes, and he would “throw in” a camera tripod, lens cleaning system etc. Then he proceeds to tell me that although shipping is free, I would also have to pay 4.5% for shipping insurance- as they are not responsible for any damage to the camera in transit, over $100.00.!!
Like a damn fool, I at first agreed to all this. An hour later, I called them back, and spoke to “Eric”. I told him I had been “upsold” by a fast talking agent, and did not want the extra battery. I was told they would adjust the price and not include the long lasting battery.
The camera arrived a week later. Included was the extra battey (not Canon) and a mickey mouse assortment of cleaning fluid, tissue, and a tiny wire camera tripod, measuring 3 inches.! The camera came in a plain white box- not the regular original Canon box. The invoice inside gave the total price of the package, with no line item pricing of the various items- like extra battery, mickey mouse tripod etc. There was a bifolded card by an unknown (probably fly by nite) company –supposedly the extended warranty .
I tried calling AJRichies several times on several successive days. First I was told that Eric does not co e to work till 11 am. Then I was placed on HOLD repeatedly. I finally gave up. I have talked with my credit card Co., (AMEX). They are willing to do a 3 way call with me to address my concerns. I fear I have been taken, and will never see my money.

On their web site, tucked away in small print is their return policy. Guess what- they have a 15% restocking fee. With the price I paid for the whole package, it would cost me almost $200.00.

New Reviewer




New Reviewer

STAY AWAY !!!!!!!! BEWARE !!!!!! I bought a $4,000 camera from them because they had it cheaper than everywhere else. They sent me a knock off international version of the camera. Thank god I checked the serial number on the bottom of the camera. I called Sony and they said I was SCAMED. I then called ajrichies for 4 days straight. In this process I was cursed at, screamed at, hung up on, and threatened. I finally got ahold of the owner and he was even worse than the others I spoke to. They refused to refund my camera. I then proceeded to call my credit card company and disputed the purchase. I was later refunded my money after waiting 3 months and lost out on $48 to ship the item back. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY !!!!

New Reviewer

I had a very disappointing experience with this store. They offer the item you are looking for the least price you can find, and 18 days later, when you realize the order is taking too long to arrive, and you contact them, they will tell you the item is not available, and that they are still waiting for it to become available!!!!! Not a singe email to advise you of what was going on, and when you are only two days from the trip where you would use the camera, you have to run to a store and buy any camera available, becaude AJ Richies has a terrible consideration towards his customers.

New Reviewer

Warning! Warning! Warning!

I buy a lot on line and has been the worst company that I have ever dealt with. I have spent over $3,200.00 with them and when I got the merchandise it was not what I was told over the phone. They are liars and when I got the merchandise, some things were missing too...

I called them several times and every time I call them, I'm placed on hold for over 20 minutes each time I have called and kept on getting bounced from one person to another and did not resolve anything and also have sent them several emails and no luck. The one time I was able to talk to someone, he said, if you're not happy with what you have purchased then return it but you'll be charged a re-stucking fee of about $ it's a no win situation!

My recommendation is to avoid this company at all cost...I just can not believe how companies operates like this and pretend that they will make it in business! I think that there should be consumer protection from companies like this one.

New Reviewer

Don't buy anything from this company, they are filled with frequent lies. I placed an order in June 07, 2013 and they called me in June 12 to confirm my order and said that it doesn't include a battery, then said that it could only be used for 5 minutes only. The real reason is that they tried to ask me buy more products. On June 14, I called and they told that it was shipped on June 13 by Fedex and that they would update the tracking information later on their site. I called today, June 17, and they told me that it hasn't even been processed yet. I requested them to cancel the order with a full refund, and they hold a 15% restock fee ($91.03). They made me a deal to give me a full refund only if I remove the previous negative feedback I gave them. Don't deal with this shady business!

New Reviewer

So many scams going on with this company I've really considered calling the Better Business Bureau on them. Waited for over a month for my order and still didn't receive it, so I go to cancel my order and steve the rep over there says he will be sending me a confirmation e-mail at the end of the day. Next day never got the e-mail so I call, was hung up on 4 times before finally talking to someone and waiting 20 mins at a time. Steve yet again says my order was canceled i should of gotten an automated e-mail but I never did. He gives me some crack ass number that he says that's my cancellation number, but yet my order still shows in process on their website. It's cool though, I recorded both phone calls from yesterday and today, so if they try something like charge me when I said to cancel, they have a $#*! storm coming for them. THIS SITE SHOULD BE SHUTDOWN! I'm considering uploading those phone calls from them, just so everyone can see for themselves.

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. THEY TOLD ME I WAS BUYING A USA MODEL NIKON. They shipped me a "gray market" camera. When it broke and Nikon told me they wouldn't fix a "gray Market" camera, AJRichie claimed that they told me it was GRAY MARKET. They will not take my calls, they put me on hold for long periods and then hang up.

New Reviewer

"Do NOT buy from this company!!! Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I ordered a camera and called to check on it 12 days later and they hadn't even processed my order yet. When I requested the order be processed and shipping be expedited, the rude man on the phone said he would have to charge me for the shipping. I immediately cancelled my order, which he had no problem doing. BTW, my order confirmation says orders are processed in 3-5 business days and delivery takes 10-14 business days. It has been 8 business days and my order hadn't even been processed. Ridiculous!!!"

New Reviewer

They advertised march madness sale on their camera equipment. I ordered a Nikon d5100 camera for 447.99 and warranty upgrade for 69.95.
I get a call from them on Easter Sunday while I was at church.
I checked my email and they said they were trying to reach to verify my billing information before processing. I called back and all this guy ( he said his name was scott) tried to do is sell me additional options and supposed free upgrades and two for ones ETC. I said wait lets go back and just give me what I ordered on the website. " But you need this and that...." he said. Rather than sell me what I ordered, he cancelled my order. The low advertising price of the camera was just a nasty high pressure ploy into buying options for the camera I don't need. I could hear what sounded like other sweatshop callers in the background. And also: There was nothing wrong with my billing information!

New Reviewer

I ordered a Nikon D5100 for 489. and was charged 648.99 (a 159. overcharge). I originally ordered the camera with lens, and they immediately called to pressure me into buying an extended life battery for 80 dollars, which I first said ok then called back to cancel the battery as it was available for on third the cost elsewhere. What they sent was a bundle with other things and what they claim was a USA version of the camera, since what they now claimed that I with no English. I have been buying cameras for years and this is hogwash! this is the bait and switch that used to exist when buying photo equipment but was by and largely changed by the advent of Amazon and the likes. It took me a week to talk to customer service, and they made that I was lucky to get the US version. They offered to take everything back and give me the Malaysian version, but this would open up more problems, as the there is no Malaysian version listed on their site. It is impracticable as I need the camera now. I offered to return the battery and the tripod for a credit of 80. but they said they upgraded me( without my consent) to the USA model and want it back. I do not think I would ever see any camera, as i do not trust them and there is no Malaysian model to be sold in the US. You need to stay away from this vendor, as they are very hard to deal with if you have a problem and they are not doing business in an acceptable way(my experience).

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