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AirRattle reviews

81 reviews
Categories: Airsoft Guns, Guns
3643 Dill Road
Centerburg, OH 43011
Tel: 1-740-625-0001

81 Reviews for AirRattle

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Emails returned to us said they do not accept returns afetr 72 hours.


I search the BBB records and was able to get a address and phone number.


This company is bull shit, do not buy from them ever.

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New Reviewer

The electronic air riffle lasted about 1 week before it stopped working. Called AirRattle and because I just purchased it I had to go through the manufacturer to get it replaced. Called manufacturer and they no longer make the gun - if I return it they will send me a gun of the same value or one that is no more than $50 than I paid for mine. The gun was on sale on AirRattle so the gun I would get from the manufacturer (even with the $50 bonus was not worth it). Out of curiosity I took the gun apart. I found a stripped screw on the housing mechanism. It looks like someone bought the gun, had problems, tried to fix it and decided to return it. AirRattle then sold it to me. The gun is suppose to come with metal gears and gearbox but they are all plastic inside.

Ask Mad about AirRattle
New Reviewer

I purchased my gas blowback rifle here and I was amazed by the shipping. I purchased It late at night around 11:00 PM and it was already being shipped by 10:00 AM the next morning! I have purchased from Evike and Arsoff Megastore before and there prices don't compare to airrattle. I found a gun for $170 on sale on evike that I was about to purchase and it was only $125 on airrattle. Only a few minor problems. They don't have as much of a selection as evike and also a lot of items are out of stock. Checkout took awhile the site was having issues but overall I definitly reccomend it's a good site.

Ask Ben about AirRattle
New Reviewer

You guys are the best!! I ordered on 7/3/2014. I figured that I wouldn't get my order in time for my Sunday show because of the holiday. I was so happy to see my merchandise sitting on my porch on Saturday 7/5/2014. AND I didn't have to pay shipping. I hope everyone out there reading this tells all their friends about this fantastic company. Thank You for your very good service.
Steve Sponseller..SCS Enterprises.

New Reviewer

Airrattle is the best vendor I've dealt with for airsoft guns and suppplies. Their shipping is the best I've ever seen. I've been treated well by Airrattle and will continue to do business with them and consider them my sole vendor. I have no complaints with Airrattle.

New Reviewer

Tried to purchase this item from AIRRATTLE.COM who proceeded to screw me over on shipping when the item turned out to be defective. Then they wanted me to purchase a more expensive product-it's called bait and switch. Check out their Better Business Bureau rating and other online ratings-I wish I had.

New Reviewer

I don't really know much about the site. My brother traded me my Xbox for ordering the m16. Pease e-mail me at to assure me that the shipment will come in because these reviews aren't so good. I have a nice pistol and like a 450fps or so sniper, adding an assault rifle will help me in wars. Thank you and please e-mail me!

New Reviewer

I order a air soft gum from and recieved it try it out works ok for about 5 min. and then stops working I only had it for a couple of hour and call them they want me to pay for shipping back after they sent me a bad gun now they will not answer the phone or call use back

New Reviewer

I ordered an optic and a grip from airrattle on a Saturday. By Tuesday I had yet to receive a shipping confirmation despite their claim of "fast shipping". When I called Tuesday I was told that one of my optic was back ordered and they would have been calling me (when, I'm not sure). I canceled the optic and asked for the grip. The grip was sent Wednesday, I was told it would be by FedEx. The following Wednesday, I finally got someone to answer the phone and was told that they don't have a tracking number because they actually sent it USPS. I got home from work Wednesday and had a notification that I have to pay another $2.38 in shipping!!!!!! What kind of company doesn't know how to measure shipping costs?! Now I have to make arrangements to pick up the package and pay the extra shipping. I found another site, bought the back ordered optic, and it arrived yesterday!. I won't use Air Rattle ever again. Very frustrating.

New Reviewer

Just read everyones reviews and see how they are! I bought my son the M40 and it did NOT work out of the box. After literally 2 months of trying to contact them they now want a 40.00 bench fee to fix it! THey are cheap and the company is a rip off and should be shut down.

New Reviewer

This website is not even worthy of a one star, but had to choose something to get started. Gun came broken,sent an email within the 14 day return policy window. Two other emails have been sent, along with numerous phone calls. Gary and Kevin said they didn't receive any email from me, but to send another and they would respond. "NOT" This place is a joke. Now when I call the mailbox is full. Must be from all their other disappointed customers. It is amazing that their website is full of testimonies that don't stack up to what I have had to deal with, let alone the broken guns they sell. BUYER BEWARE!!

New Reviewer

BUYER BEWARE. The gun did not work, was told to pound sand. I am telling everyone I know that participates in airsoft activities to NEVER buy from They do not stand behind their product. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! They are stealing people's money, no refunds, no repairs. It's criminal!!!!

New Reviewer

I Ordered a G&G M4 Raider airsoft rifle from them. Rifle came on time with all promised items. When my son opened it on Christmas we took it outside and tried to use it but was not functioning properly. Tried making some adjustments, but rifle still did not work properly. After the holidays I tried to call them, but was told I had to send them an e-mail to get any kind of warranty support. When they e-mailed me back the told me they were very sorry for my issues with the rifle and told me I had to contact their supplier to get warranty coverage. I explained to them that this should not be my problem as the customer when I bought it less than a month ago, they did not respond to my e-mails after that. I called the number they gave me and was told that I could return it but I had to pay the shipping to get it there, they would cover the return shipping to me for the new product. AirRattle DOES NOT SUPPORT THE PRODUC TS THEY SELL. ONCE YOU PURCHASE IT YOU OWN IT AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!! DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS FROM THESE BUMS!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Same experience as other reviews here. I think they have a buddy thing going with drivers at FedEx. Ordered rifle and free hand gun. Shipped the next day. FedEx tracking says delivered, but no package found. DO NOT USE AIRRATTLE.COM. FedEx lost the package. Dispute with your credit card company.

"I had the SAME EXACT expwerience as KG did. Ordered 2 Air rifles for Christmas but only recieved one. Said they shipped it, but Fed Ex lost it. Take it up with Fed Ex. I contacted Pay Pal who basically did nothing. Won't be using them again. Went right to discover who is tied to my paypal. They gave me a full credit. No questions asked. Said Airrattle will have to provide PROOF I recieved it. Good Luck there Airrattle...

New Reviewer

I had the SAME EXACT expwerience as KG did. Ordered 2 Air rifles for Christmas but only recieved one. Said they shipped it, but Fed Ex lost it. Take it up with Fed Ex. I contacted Pay Pal who basically did nothing. Won't be using them again. Went right to discover who is tied to my paypal. They gave me a full credit. No questions asked. Said Airrattle will have to provide PROOF I recieved it. Good Luck there Airrattle...

KG, go to your credit card!!

New Reviewer

The first time I ordered from this site a while back I bought an electric M4. Gun worked fine for a while although shipping was very expensive and some of the accessories did not come with the gun. I ALMOST bought another expensive gun from them (a GBB Mac 11) but read these negative reviews. I am glad I read them in time to buy from a better site, Evike and am glad I didn't get screwed over like the others.

New Reviewer

Ordered an electric rifle and bag of ammo for my son for Christmas. The ammo arrived and looked as though it was taped to outside of a box at some time. The rifle NEVER arrived. Went through customer service (or what they call it anyway) they tried to blame FedEx, said package was delivered. Would not have FedEx replace missing item. Filed claim with PayPal who said that according to airrattle the package delivered.. Moral- Son= No rifle for Christmas, Dad out the 140 bucks. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS

New Reviewer

Dishonest, Disreputable, will sell you broken crap and refuse to stand behind it.

If I had read reviews I never would have ordered from these ripoff artists.

I ordered a high-end AEG airsoft rifle for my son for Christmas. Ordered from these guys because they were only 2 days away for ground shipping - big mistake.

Rifle would not work out of the box. Tried their troubleshooting tips - nothing. Contacted them for a replacement -- they said tough luck, take it up with the manufacturer. There are no reputable online dealers whose position is that they can ship crap that doesn't work and it's your problem to straighten out.

Disputing the credit card charge with VISA since they did not send me what I ordered. Airrattle can argue with Visa about it.

Avoid this seller like syphilis-enhanced plague.

New Reviewer

Multiple problems!!! Ordered several gift items during the holidays. Wells scorpion arrived with folding metal stock broken in the box. Son's wanted to play with it so I just took it off and emailed them expecting to receive an offer to send a replacement part or new stock. They responded asking for pics which I sent. Next response was a return form which requires me to send the gun back for inspection. Waste of time-I am not going to bother sending it back nor will I ever purchase from them again due to this incident.
Next issue was a 300.00 gun that was listed as in stock and a couple of days after the payment processed I was informed that is wasn't available. I had also purchased an extra clip and battery which they wouldn't refused to refund me for. Policy is batteries cannot be returned but I didn't even have it yet-it was in shipping already without the gun!!. Stay away-their policies protect them from dishonest customers and take advantage of the honest customers. I recommend you find another place to do business with.

New Reviewer

False advertising! Will charge you extremely high shipping fees for 3 business day delivery, and then will sit on the order so your expected delivery occurs well outside of the original 3 days.

When you call and ask what is going on, they will tell you they have no responsibility for the shipper (FedEx). And when you call FEDEX, you find out that they sit on your orders.

unbelievable - they advertise their shipping times as their primary differentiator!

too many vendors online to deal with these scamsters. stay away

New Reviewer

Selected my items and bought them, two days later I get an email that the gun had been backordered. I then contacted and switched my order. Never received my next order and could not track it. There excuse was, their supplier screwed up the order and couldn't do anything. I decided to cancel the order because I needed for Christmas. Worst customer support. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE.

New Reviewer

Avoid these guys like the plague. Sent me a different gun than I ordered, and expected me to pay for return shipping before they would do a refund! FY will never do business with you again and I will tell everyone I can NEVER to buy from you. Rot in hell, scumbags.

New Reviewer

Ordered an airsoft rifle for my grandson on 10/1/13. When the "fast shipping" (sic)advertised on their website did not materialize, we attempted to call the "customer service" line. (Incidentally, NO ONE has ever answered this line for us! - EVER) Received message that all representatives were busy and to leave order & phone info and they would call us. When no one ever called back, sent an email. Finally received a "form" email that nothing had been shipped from our order and they sometimes were overwhelmed by response to an item, etc.
Three more weeks have gone by without any further update or contact from them despite multiple calls and emails to them.
I wish I had researched them before placing an order with them. I guess it could have been worse - we could have received a defective product from them that they would not stand behind.
These folks have the worst customer service I have experienced in years. Stay far away unless you just need extra headaches in your life.

New Reviewer

They DO NOT honor their warranty information!!! I ordered a RXC Well VZ-61 Scorpion from the site (order #117261). I have several other airsoft guns and I am pretty familiar with how to fix them. However, this one NEVER worked despite several attempts to troubleshoot it. So I sent it back. Their site states, "We guarantee that the product will arrive in (a word is left out here on their website) condition or we will either exchange for new item or return the full purchase price of the product when the item is returned." BUT THEY DO NOT HONOR THIS PROMISE. They charged me 25% restock fee since the gun was supposedly working, no reimbursement for shipping from or back to company either. I asked if they could just send out a new gun but they said no. NEVER EVER ORDER AIRSOFT GUNS FROM THIS COMPANY.

New Reviewer

I ordered a gun for my son and it broke 3 hours after he received it and I sent 10 emails to try and get my refund and I got snotty emails back and no refund as of yet after I repeatedly asked for a refund and told them my situation. They are even going to charge me a restocking fee after all of this ...thats IF I even get the refund. Wish me good luck. Don't listen to your kids referral from other kids on this company!

New Reviewer

Do not EVER use I ordered 10 items with FedEx Standard Overnight Shipping. I ordered them on a Wednesday and did not see a package Thursday. I figured I did order them after 12 so I'd give them one more night. NO PACKAGE FRIDAY. So I call and they say I'll see my stuff Wednesday.
If this sight had a negative star it would be clicked. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!

New Reviewer

If I could give Airrattle a 0 I would.
My husband placed an online order for an air soft gun for my son and never received a receipt, confirmation email, nothing so we assumed called our credit card company and they did not charge our account either. Tried called and emailing the company- no responses.

So, my son convinced me to try one more time ordering this item for him and I did. The exact same thing happened again. Low and behold the next week I receive two of the exact same guns. Tried calling, emailing, called my credit card company and they would not respond nor help with my return, and I'm still fighting to get my money back. I have had to contact the BBB in Ohio and that is the only way I have received any type of response from AirRattle. Please don't wait your time or money buying from this company as they now want to charge me a "restocking fee" for my duplicate orders which they are saying notices must have gone into my "spam" bucket. Total scammers and I tried putting a comment on their website, but they wouldn't post it!!!

New Reviewer

So, using many airsoft retailers was quite the experience. Each website is very different in their own way. I ordered a package worth over $500 and it was quick and easy. Before ordering I messaged their support team on Facebook many questions before placing my order. I came across Ryan, who was VERY helpful, and he was the one who made me believe Airrattle had the best customer support out there. When my friend's magazine had a feeding problem, they instantly sent me an email with the return policy. I love Airrattle more than any retailer. And, to the other reviews, you can't blame Airrattle for your defected things, but the manufacturer.

New Reviewer

Bought a Lancer Tactical M4 RIS Carbine for $100. Came used with a sticky mag. Battery overheats and $#*!ty plastic body. Gun came chipped and paint was coming off. Also a crack in the handle of my gun. Customer service is $#*! and they said my warranty was expired in like 1-2 weeks.

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service. Bought my son a gas gun there in early April. It arrived with a broken magazine. Then the replacement magazine also arrived broken!They defer you to the manufacturer on any issues. Valken, in this case, is just as useless. It is now nearly July and my son has yet to be able to use the gun.

New Reviewer

Well first off to most of these reviews... Most of you sound like or said u bought springers... hell i wouldn't even buy a springer from any site! True, Airrattle has really crappy shipping. Customer support is also useless. And no I'm not from Airrrattle nor do i work there -.- but If the shipping cost more than the gun, it was probably cuz it was far from where you live and it was a springer. unless your gun cost 50 bucks, and the S+H was 60 or some other rip off. also back to more pros. Good pricing, average time of arrival, and my airsoft things haven't been fudged up yet.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Total waste. Grandma bought the Christmas present for my son. An expensive airsoft 'sniper' rifle. I've seen airsoft guns before and this one was by far the biggest piece of crap ever.

Made in China - not everthing made there sucks, obviously. The gun barrel would not bolt down (takes two bolts and one of the bolts is too short to engage the threads). Refuses to fire. Instruction manual written by a Chinese person and translated by a 3rd grader.

Tried to return it. Stall stall stall.

A home based business as far as I can tell. Buys cheap crap and marks up the price. Unloads it on us and then gives the stiff arm when it comes to returning.

Never again - and I intend on spreading the work about this guy. No more business for you.

New Reviewer

I ordered a gas pistol from this site and as soon as I got it it broke in my hands NEVER BUY FOR THIS SITE BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!

Goin the hatred!

New Reviewer

Bought an Air Soft gun from them for $140. Charged the battery as instructed, but it did not work out of the box. E-mailed them the day after receiving the defective gun/battery, it took them 8 days to respond as follows, "I do apologize but the battery and charger that is provided with the guns are not covered by warranty/return". Convenient that it took 8 days to respond when their return policy is to return within 7 days." DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

New Reviewer

They are the cheapest around,we were buying from amazon and it directed us to airrattle because they had the aeg in stock.The item came fine except it literally fell apart and the 2nd also within 2 hours.I dont blame airrattle for the guns as they dont make them,however i have e-mailed them like everyone else here and only get a response a quarter of the time.I am awaiting my 3rd new replacement and its taking a month with delivery and returns etc.I will say so far they have done better with returning my product but this is 3 times and still have no b-day present for my kid.If money wasnt an issue as these guns are 2 and 3 hundred to start,I wouldve gotten him another and charged back my CC.I may have to if i dont get this soon,But I wasted a month already and 20 emails and phone calls all time I'll never get back.

New Reviewer

I order a Cyma cm.028 and it came broken and they have to ''inspect'' it I'm probably not even gonna send it back because I know they'll just say it was tampered with. The customer service is awful all they do is send you automated things.

New Reviewer

I thought that I was getting a Cirdullo on an air soft gun online with the air rattle but from the moment it came out of the box it was broken terrible customer service would not stand behind their warranty very difficult bad customer service I never buy from them again

New Reviewer

I got an Ak47 from this website for a really cheap price and ised their suggestions from online and my gun works great. I have to say that the E-Mails are down during the weekend(which sucks),but when I finally got an email back they were very nice. I live in Massachusetts so the shipping was faster and most of you people who got a broken gun probably live farther away...

New Reviewer

i made my order and went to pay there paying online system messed up and they keep the money from paypal called the next day the lady said she cant see if it went throw but she dont think it did and got rude with so i had to call paypal and get the paypal guy to call them and the lady acted dumb and said she will send a fax torefund my money but she still has not and i may haft to wait 5 days to get it back... ill post more soon..

New Reviewer

It is a good website if you are looking to get guns and you don't have much money because all of the guns are very good deals. It is a little sketchy with the shipping packaging and if the gun works right. I still would't 100% trust this site but sometimes you can score amazing deals

New Reviewer

ah lets see where to start. missing screws to attach stock to rifle. then there is the crappy free wanna be pistol got a freebee from airsoft megastore that was much better i guess you really do get what you pay for. if it was me i'd be embaressed to offer a free pistol like this.

New Reviewer

I would not even give this site one star. They will rip you off. My 13 year old son ordered an air-soft gun, with his money he got from his birthday, and the gun came broken. We contacted the company and they said they could not replace it because there guns are sold "as is." What they should say is their guns are sold broken! No where on the site did it say that this gun was a previously owned gun

New Reviewer

Along with other reviewers, I bought a air soft gun for my son for Christmas 2011. This was his main gift, and the gift that he wanted most. He used the gun 2 times before the power quit working. We emailed Airrattle on December 29th and they immediately started giving suggestions on how WE could fix the gun. At this point, we had not read any reviews and trusted they were just trying to help us. They finally gave us the same option they gave other reviewers 1 - return it and they will look through it to determine if we did something wrong (basically stating that there is no way they will issue a refund because they will find that we damaged the gun) or 2 - buy another gun for extra parts at cost (which happened to be $20 less than what I paid for it. They only respond to e-mails about every 3 days and there is no way to reach them by phone either. There is also no option to leave a message. After I started to realize this site might be a problem, I started looking and found many, many negative reviews and most of the people have very similiar problems that I have. This is obviously the normal way that this company does business. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in OH. This site had 33 complaints against them through the BBB in OH in the last 12 months!!! I have disputed the charge on my card and hope the transaction is reversed. In the mean time, my son has no use of his Christmas gift, and I am out $153.00!! DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE AND DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! IF YOU HAVE TO SPEND MORE MONEY AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE DEALING WITH A REPUTABLE SITE, I WISH I HAD!

New Reviewer

I purchased an AK-47 airsoft gun as a Christmas gift. When it was opened, it stopped working immediately on Christmas morning. I emailed airrattle support immediately on the first business day after Christmas, and heard nothing back. I emailed another 2 times, and called on several occasion. When I call, I can't leave a message or speak to a human, all I get is a message saying to email customer support, which I did and I haven't heard back! In the meantime, the dates are getting further away from the day I bought it. I paid a $#@%-load for shipping and I think it's pretty hopeless that I'll get a replacement for the gun they sent me. The boy who got this for Christmas is very disappointed and has no working gun that he got as a gift.
This site sucks- if you're reading this to decide whether to buy something from them, RUN- STAY AWAY from this website!!

New Reviewer

I ordered several items for my son for Christmas 2011. They arrived in damaged packaging. I assumed that someone at Airrattle had not taken the care to use bubble wrap and that they were damaged in transit. Having read of others' experiences, I now question whether they were already damaged items when they were placed in the envelope and shipped to me. When I contacted them I was told, days later, that they needed me to send pictures of the damaged items. I let them know that I saw this as very unprofessional, but I did so. Days later after I contacted them again, I was told they would send a prepaid shipping label so that I could return the items and that they would "inspect" them and send new items. I never received the label. I contacted them AGAIN and was told this time that I had 2 options: 1. Return the items at my own expense, with no guarantee that they would send me new items (but I have only 72 hours to do this) or 2. Buy the same items from them again and use the first as "spare parts". WHAT?????? These items shouldn't require "spare parts". The other issue was that upon closer inspection the batteries in the scope were corroded. I wish that I had read others' reviews of this company before I ordered. I will report them to the BBB and will tell everyone I know that this is a company to be avoided. Now that I have learned of others' experiences, I realize that they truly are crooks and should absolutely be shut down!!!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered and received an AK-47 rifle which I had a week before even opening the box, it was a Christmas present and I gave it early to my son. Well, the stock folding mechanism was broke right out of the box, the gun was not even fired. I sent e-mails asking for help I suggested shipping another which I would pay for and then get a refund later for the broken unit. I explained that this was my sons Christmas present and that he was very upset and please help me out here replacing it. After several days, I have not received a response. Their web site states that "e-mails received on the weekend will be responded to first thing Monday Morning", obviously not true.

I ended up purchasing another rifle from another web site who shipped immediately. I will keep the defective unit and won't bother wasting my time on these thieves. It's hard to believe they can stay in business with the way they treat customers. Needless to say, they have received the last dollar they will ever get from me.

I hope that this post is read and taken serious by anyone thinking about purchasing from airrattle. They are unethical and should be avoided.

New Reviewer

Purchased 2 rifles. They were running a special of a free pistol with each purchase. However, without warning only sent one pistol claiming each rifle had to be purchased separately (even though it went through on their system and I even received a confirming email). I offered to pay the difference in any money they would have gotten had i submitted two separate orders but they refused. Now somebody is short a Christmas gift. How weak are they.

New Reviewer

I ordered a scar from this website (300 $ gun!) and it broke right when I got it. Guess what happened? The trigger just broke off. I went through about 5 weeks of emailing them (or some socalled person named Amber) and finally got a replacement. It broke also. I was like wtf man. I tore it down to check out the inside. The whole gearbox is coated in elephant snot, there was a bullet jammed in the spring (did I even ever use .25 gram bullets with this gun???), a stripped gear, and the safety selector gear was broke. I am going to get the charge disputed and send it back. This company is bull $#*!, do not buy from them ever.

New Reviewer

I bought 2 bb guns from them. One works fine and is a cool little german WW2 replica. With the other (M-14 sniper rifle replica) the mag doesn't hold the bb's in -- they come flying out everywhere as soon as you move the loader away from the loading hole in the mag. Airrattle was basically completely unhelpful (first they described how to load a completely different mag... i.e., they never even looked at the mag I was emailing about before responding) and then eventually suggested I should buy a new mag... FROM THEM!!! What a joke. I've asked for info on how to return the gun, but I'm not hopeful.

New Reviewer

I thought it was bad at first when my airsoft gun never arrived but customer service was great, got me my gun, and refunded some money!!

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