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Review of 1-800-Flowers

1-800-Flowers reviews

47 reviews
Categories: Flower Delivery, Gifts
Carle Place
New York, New York, USA
Tel: 1-800-Flowers
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47 Reviews From Our Community

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However, I complained about it and ended up receiving a full refund for this particular order. (in 33 reviews)


Order number was emailed to me, verified and chrged to my credit card. (in 4 reviews)


I'd use them again if I had to but it's better to just call a local florist and not pay the markup these guess charge. (in 13 reviews)

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2 reviews
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I ordered a beautiful arrangement for my Sister and it arrived. She took a picture of it and emailed me. I was shocked it did not look what i ordered. I called and they claim they where out of certain flower and other things.

Never again

Ask brenda about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

My husband is in the army and stationed overseas. We just celebrated our 10 wedding anniversary on 4-2-2015. I found out today that my husband ordered flowers 10 days before our anniversary date. He even called twice the morning of to make sure they would be delivered to me. They never sent them and never offered him an explanation as to why not. When he complained with numerous emails the following week, they finally offered a refund... And that was it. Nothing else. A deployed soldier wanted to surprise his pregnant wife on their 10 year wedding anniversary. 1-800-flowers... Thank you for not giving a da*n about our special day. You can bet we will NEVER order from you again. And we will be sure to spread the word about your horrible company and even worse customer service.

Ask Abigail about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently ordered flowers and Harry London chocolates (14oz) for my aunt's 90th birthday. After speaking with 1(800) flowers, I was told the local florist did not have Harry London chocolates, but they would switch to Ghirardelli chocolates (16oz). Upon checking with the local florist, I was told the order would be switched with a 7oz Whitman sampler box; in fact, the local florist did not even have Ghirardelli chocolate (1-800 flowers had simply fabricated a lie). The local florist was kind enough to send 2 - 7oz boxes of Whitman chocolates when she understood what had happened (no thanks to 1-800 flowers who really didn't care what was sent).

I utilize services such as 1-800 Flowers to do nice things for people I care about. When an order is changed to provide a product of lesser quality and quantity it reflects on me and diminishes the gift. In my business, if I can't fill an order, I provide an alternative that is equal or better. I also do the necessary research before offering an alternative to my customer (and I certainly don't promise a 16 oz box of Ghirardelli chocolate and then deliver a 7oz box of drugstore candy).

If you are ordering something for someone you care about or a business associate, I would not entrust 1-800 flowers with the order.

Ask Barry about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
0 helpful votes

This company asks for contact information for the recipient with the disclaimer that they'll use it only in case of delivery problems. They then IMMEDIATELY tell the recipient the flower are coming. So much for a surprise! I will NEVER use them again.

Ask Person about 1-800-Flowers
6 reviews
1 helpful vote

I sent flowers to my mother in law on Thursday before Valentine's Day to beat the rush. I ordered them over 2 weeks before. They sent my mother-in-law an empty vase with no note and no explanation. When I called them ( on hold over 45 minutes) they said they had run out of the flowers I ordered. They charged me full price and didn't substitute flowers or anything. They just sent an empty vase and a box of candy I had ordered. There is no photo because there were no flowers to take a picture of!

Ask Kathy about 1-800-Flowers
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

this place blows an hour and 20 minutes on hold to talk to customer service with no answer the wrong product shipped at the wrong time at the wrong address it doesn't get any worse this place blows

Ask Bruce about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
0 helpful votes

I honestly don't even want to give them one star. We ordered flowers to be delivered and received a confirmation email stating the flowers were delivered. They were not delivered, well if they were then they were delivered to the wrong address. When we contacted them about it the person we spoke to said the flowers were delivered and there is nothing they could do about it. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

Ask Deatra about 1-800-Flowers
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

They don't even deserve ONE star. I placed an order 11/24 for delivery on 11/29 of a hostess gift. Paid extra for Saturday delivery. When I finally got email confirmation, I noticed the wrong delivery date. I called to have it corrected and the soonest it could be delivered was now Dec. 2. Since the people I was sending it to would be in a different residence in December I also asked to change the address. Was promised a confirmation email. I never got it although the customer service rep did give me a new order number. I also sent an email asking for an email confirmation. Never got it. I tried to track the order by the number and noted the address the rep. inputted was incorrect. she had numbers transposed. So I called back and talked to another rep. who assured me the address was changed correctly, and I would get an email confirmation. Surprise - no email confirmation. Tried tracking and kept seeing the incorrect address. I called tonight to verify the address and was told it was being delivered to the wrong address. I again explained and tried to get the address corrected. Now I am told it won't be delivered until Friday. I asked for a manager who was extremely unhelpful, I have asked to cancel and get a refund. I will NEVER order from this company again. The customer service is beyond horrendous. None of the customer service reps are native English speakers, so they are difficult to understand, and apparently they have difficulty understanding as well. I was promised email confirmation on three different occasions, never got a single one. Also tonight I was told they were awaiting an okay from my credit card on my second order. There was never a second order, and my credit card was properly charged for the first one.

Ask Mary about 1-800-Flowers
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

This is wrong place to go if you want flowers delivered. Same day delivery / future delivery, doesn't matter! They take orders, they just don't deliver.

Ask Judy about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

Sent flowers to the wrong address and refused to take responsibility for it. I have the email confirmations showing that the customer service department was lying to me. They insisted that it was delivered when it had not been.

The product itself (I eventually discovered where they sent it) was disappointing and not worth the price. Broken leaves and flower stems.

This business is fraudulent.

Ask Di about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered lillies from 1 800 flowers to be delivered the same day. I get a call three hours later saying there was no florist in the area that can deliver, they would have to be delivered the next day. I called the next day to check the status, was put on hold and was hung up on. Called them back and was told that they had to call the florist that was supposed to do the delivery. I was told that the flowers would be delivered this evening BUT they didn't have lillies, it would be a mixture of different flowers. NEVER AGAIN

Ask Michelle about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

Received flowers from my husband as a suprise, the person delivering them was extremely rude and the flowers look very cheaply put together, and look nothing like the picture. We are both very disappointed. They were a horrible quality for what we paid. This is the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened. We will no longer be using this service.

Ask Erica about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a box of chocolate-covered strawberries for my girlfriend, to be delivered on 2/11 (well before Valentine's day and the snowstorm on 2/13). They never arrived. 1-800 flowers never sent a delivery confirmation. Their own tracking number shows no delivery. Yet they have sent five emails insisting they did deliver the item. I have requested a refund multiple times, to no avail. They are a fraudulent company.

Ask Clarke about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

"Your call is important to us so please listen to this distorted elevator music for 90 minutes, then you will be allowed to talk to somebody from India, who's name is Tiffany, that you will not be able to understand and communicate with, who will then continually put you on hold."

Ask M about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
2 helpful votes

Worst customer service *ever*. Friends attempted to send a sympathy bouquet. Despite having my cell phone number, they left a tag on my door asking me to call them. I tried to call them for days, only to hear that they were too busy to answer my call and to go online, which I did and left a message there. Two days later, a delivery man brought me dead flowers...I tried to have them returned...he refused, telling me to call the local number. I tried multiple answer. Finally, late last night, I get an email from the corporate offices telling me that I haven't given them enough information to help me. Really? I sent back a not as polite email (I had been very polite up to this point) telling them my thoughts. This morning, I got another email telling me that they appreciated my feedback and look forward to my future business. Not likely. Now how do I write the thank you note to my friends "thank you for the dead flowers I received in honor of my dead family member?"

I have had numerous similar experiences with this company. Please don't use them. Use a local florist instead.

Ask Karla about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

Delivery was worst. Guy dropped flowers on ground and walked away. Flowers were about 50 to 60 percent broken on the ends at the flower. The flowers were ugly and destroyed.

Ask Joshua about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

Yes, I was placing a Valentine's Day arrangement the day before. The delivery charge was $19.99, I was ok with that. After I filled out ALL their information, hit "submit order," then I was told that the price of my arrangement had changed & I had to remove it & place it back in my cart. THEN, I had to fill out ALL the information AGAIN! Now, why did they increase the price of my arrangement when it was already in my cart? Bad Business Practice & don't purchase from this company!

Ask Patty about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a rose plant to arrive before my mom's birthday which was on a Sunday. It did not arrive on the scheduled day. I called and they promised to have a florist send her flowers. Nothing arrived. I called again and they SAID that they would refund the amount of the plant. They DID NOT refund anything. I have received numerous emails from 1800flowers promising to send another gift at no cost to me. When I call, customer service (who can barely speak English) is no at all cooperative and refuses to let me speak to a supervisor. In fact, this last time, they hung up. Do not waste your time or money on 1800flowers. Crooks!

Ask Jan about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

We order a standing basket for a funeral on 2/6 for a graveside service the next day. We were assured they would be on time. Of course, they never showed up. My wife's mother ended up with no flowers at her funeral. Stay far away from this company. Our "Sympathy Advisor" was a girl with bad English reading a script in a foreign boiler room. They have offered a full refund, but there are so many complaints on the web about a refund not going through, I am contacting my credit card company.

Ask Joe about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a big bouquet of lilies as a surprise for my daughter's birthday. Not only did they call HER (instead of me) to confirm the delivery address - ruining the "surprise", but the tiny bouquet arrived in a PLASTIC BAG - no vase and didn't contain even one lily! The only good thing I can say ... after writing them an email and calling customer service twice, they are refunding my money. Oh well. Live and learn.

Ask Patricia about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I wish I have read this reviews before, sadly I was hooked to them by an Amazon's promotion. Since all the reviews I have read say that product never arrives on time, I could not take any risk and disappoint my wife on valentines' day, so I proceeded to cancel my order.
It takes hours to get to them on their 1800 number, plus people that work there does not seem to have proper training on how to handle cancellations at all.
Their cancellation process is very obscure and they like to play with your money. Since I paid a part using a promotion by Amazon, they did Not want to return that money, according to them, the promotion was applied and they couldn't , How? if I canceled my order., but luckily Amazon did respond and return that part.
The other part (big) of the cost of the flowers was taken from my Paypal account, they said that they would send a cancellation email which I never got and refund my money. Since I had not receive any I escalated this to a dispute.

Beware do not buy from them.

Ask Bird about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

beware... and check your credit card statement after the order. I was charged way more on my credit card than the order was for. And, when I called customer service to dispute I could not get through to the billing department. I would explain the whole thing to the customer service person, they would transfer me, and then I was left on hold with no one picking up. I spent nearly an hour on the phone and never got through. This may be their scam, so you give up trying. I took the route of going through my credit card company to dispute. Will never use them again.

Ask jill about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

First off, I have to order flowers at least 2-5xs a month (for my boss). 1800 Flowers IS VERY DISAPPOINTING. The day before yesterday I spent 26 minutes waiting for someone to answer my call. Yesterday I spent 14 minutes waiting for someone to answer my call. I received an alert that the flowers were delivered and they WERE NOT. I live in RI - On a more personal experience -My boyfriend ordered roses for me, the florist sent them IN THE BOX. Why should I have to OPEN the box and arrange my own roses? I decided to leave a review because Valentine's Day is coming up and if you want your love to feel special -- purchase your own roses and arrange them yourself, that's the message 1800 Flowers is delivering.

Ask Nelie about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

Finally after a lot of back and forth they returned my money and sent out a fresh arraignment!!

Ask kelly about 1-800-Flowers
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I went there to buy a rose for my wife's birthday. They do not show price with shipping. So I chatted in the little box with a representative. She was nice and said she could help. Took my info and a few minutes later gave me a total of $29.32. I questioned her twice on if that was total bottom line. Yes, she said. Went back to the website and filled in 2 pages of info, and then found the total... $47.58!!! Called them on phone. The person offered a $20.00 dollar discount. She went away, then came back and said $5.00 discount and will send $20.00 future credit. I did not order, and will not in the future! I don't appreciate being misled. Consumer confidence used to mean a lot. This company should have none!

Ask Wayne about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered flowers for a funeral several hours away. The photo on the website was a really charming looking arrangement. To make a long story short, what was delivered was quite different- how did I know? Well, thanks to modern technology no one needs to be scammed again. I asked my cousin to send a picture of the arrangement I paid for to my iphone- in fact, I suggest that everyone do the same whenever you have flowers delivered. If enough of us start doing this, maybe floral businesses like 1800 flowers will stop trying to rip us off. At least they refunded my money- but I'll never use them again.

Ask tamara about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

They are scam. Go to or call the florist directly. You will get much better value. All florist hate them and they will arrange for the value what they receive. The pictures are deceiving when you order lower price value, you get crap. if you are charged $80 by 1-800-flowers, you will get only $60 worth of arrangement. If you go to the florist directly and they charge $80, you get $80 worth of arrangement. Use internet and go directly to the florists. I always do and always get perfect flowers.

Ask T about 1-800-Flowers
6 reviews
6 helpful votes

Ordered twice here already. First one was okay. I ordered flowers for my mother on mother's day. It arrived a day late but never had the thought to complain that time, because, hey, at least it arrived and it was on Mother's day. Second time was for a friend in the hospital. Never arrived. I asked what happened. Operator on the other line barely spoke English. Bad customer service. I asked for a refund, they wouldn't give me one and instead offered to redeliver with a coupon or something. The worst thing was my friend never made it.

Bottom line is, it would be better if you drop by the nearest flower shop and get the flowers yourself.

Ask Roger about 1-800-Flowers
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

ordered flowers for a funeral. Asked and made sure flowers would be there either day before the funeral or they said first thing in morning. Flowers never showed up 4pm they said were out for delivery. Offered to refund my early deliver fee no apology.

Ask Robert about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

This is not a real flower shop. It is a lot of computers, people who do not speak English!!! Call a flower shop in the city you need flowers to deliver directly. You will save the service fee and find out what is really at a shop.

Ask Debbie about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible service -- the funeral flowers were delivered the day AFTER the funeral. Have been promised a refund in 3-5 days.

Ask R about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

Worst experience ever with a flower delivery service. Didn't deliver on my anniversary. I called to complain. Promised for the next morning. Never delivered. I finally had to cancel the order and get my money back. Avoid!

Ask Anthony about 1-800-Flowers
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

Decent experience, decent value, decent service, decent.

Ask Brendan about 1-800-Flowers
5 reviews
10 helpful votes

Worst site ever!!! Wish I had come here and read the reviews before I ordered from them. Ordered a flower arrangement for mothers day, was delivered a day before I wanted it. And wasn't even my order, delivery guy called me telling me he had messed up and given me the wrong flowers and that he would stop by to switch them. When he came he gave me the "right" one. Little did I know that that arrangement wasn't the one I had ordered either. If I would have noticed I would have kept the first one, the flowers were half dead and the vase all scratched up. I called the company to notify them and they apologized, said they would send another on Sunday. Sunday, nothing, later got a call saying they "ran out" of flowers and that it would be sent on Monday I said fine. Monday nothing, called again and again they apologized said they would send it on Tuesday and even gave me her word. Tuesday nothing, called again and they gave me the address after much pushing to the florist so I could just pick it up on my own. The address was a fake....please stay away and follow the first comment I believe was posted saying that its better to just contact a local florist instead, because it is. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

Ask Claudia about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

4 bunches of tulips ordered by my son for Mothers Day arrived wilted and leaves were yellow. Stems were also full of dirt. I immediately trimmed stems and placed in water but they never revived. Petals fell off within 3 days. My son also sent similar bouquet of tulips and irises to his sister - and they arrived in similar condition.

Ask Judith about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am 600 miles from my hometown in Texas. With great ease I logged on to 1800Flowers and ordered my mother a beautiful arrangement and was informed that they would arrive at her home in Arlington by Sunday, but possible Saturday. Great news! I received confirmation shortly afterwards. This afternoon (Saturday), I logged on to check the order and tracking data to see if the delivery was today. It noted that it was cancelled. I was sure this was a mistake. So I called customer service. That was a nightmare. The Reader's Digest version: I was told that they have delayed it. The representative was hard to understand, so I asked for a supervisor. No luck, he said that they did not want to talk with me. He then said that it would be delivered Monday. And later he said that they do not service the area at all and they would refund my money. I asked him if I understood him correctly, They do not service Dallas/Ft Worth. He said no. I truly find this hard to believe. Not to mention, this is a company that accepted money for a service that they could not complete. Amazing! And they never sent an email, call, etc to even let me know that it would never be delivered. And it was too late to order anything else from the 20 florists that I called.

Ask Monica about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered flowers for a friend who had gone through a 15 hour surgery for cancer two days prior. It was the first day she was out of CCU and able to receive flowers. Not only did they not deliver, I was never contacted that there was a problem. When I contacted them the following day, I was informed my selection was not available for my area and to make a different selection. That option was not available either. I cancelled my order and contacted I explained my situation and they had my order in her room within 2 hours. I'll never use ever again.

Ask Carie about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
5 helpful votes

I ordered a whole expensive package for my girlfriend for valentines that included Roses, chocolate, & a teddy bear. The delivery was guaranteed and I paid extra to make sure it made it on valentines day (nothing showed up).

I called up 1800flowers, stayed on the phone for 2 hours and was told "I'm sorry we can't help you, and I can't tell you where your order is, or where the order is coming from". I called the flower shop (I have investigators that work for me) and spoke to them (Conroys flower shop in North Hollywood on Victory blvd) and they didn't know where the drivers were or are and said call me at 7pm and ill know more. I explained that she gets off at 5pm and I was hung up on.

I went online to 1800flowers to track my order. I saw at 529pm that they "attempted to deliver" at 505pm (even though my girlfriend was still at work at 530pm. They never showed up. This is the first and last time I will ever use this unreliable service. To hear the excuse "it's valentines day" is the weakest dumbest excuse I have ever heard! You have a whole year to prepare for all these orders, and if you cannot fulfill these orders - Don't take our money!!!!

So at 730 pm someone from 1800Flowers calls in the middle of dinner and says "we're sorry we were not able to deliver your flowers" I said no $#*!! I'm sitting in front of a pissed off girlfriend and now your calling to ruin our dinner too? I asked for a full refund and an email stating I am getting that refund. The email I got said the following: Unfortunately, we were unable to deliver your thoughtful gift due to one of the following reasons: 1. The recipient's address is either inaccurate/incomplete (i.e. missing apartment or suite number) 2. The recipient's contact information is missing This is a complete LIE! They had the whole address, my money, her and my phone number as well as email address. Here's the thing, when you screw up, admit it!

Thanks 1800Flowers for ruining our valentines day! I would like to get a lawyer and file a class action lawsuit against you people! I demand my money back as well as an apology from your CEO! Your business is weak, your deliver status updates are weak, your whole concept is flawed and you need to find a way to not screw people over! Next stop is BBB complaint as well as a letter to law makers to make this fraud known. I will also speak to folks over at the news channels to put your scam on full blast!!!

Ask WR about 1-800-Flowers
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Terrible. Did not deliver. Said they couldn't reach the florist when I called at the end of the day to find out why my mom didn't get her birthday flowers. Not that I'd use them again anyway, but never sent me the promised money-off coupon as a make-good. The only good thing I can say is that they did provide the refund pretty promptly. Never again.

Ask Maria about 1-800-Flowers
276 reviews
1,486 helpful votes

I send my mother flowers pretty much every year for her birthday or for mother's day. Having lived away from her for most of the last 16 years, I've needed to rely on 1800flowers to get her the flowers on time. Without exception, she's gotten her gift, on time, and according to her, the flowers are always lovely. And being Asian, she would definitely tell me if they weren't.

Ask T about 1-800-Flowers
7 reviews
18 helpful votes

Flowers are always nice and they are reliable but slightly overpriced. I'd use them again if I had to but it's better to just call a local florist and not pay the markup these guess charge.

Ask Melissa about 1-800-Flowers
65 reviews
365 helpful votes

Customer service is top notch -- I found out that my mother was out of town for Mother's Day and called them up the day before to see if I could switch the order. I was able to switch the delivery date to the following week for no extra charge (even though I was using a discounted delivery rate for the holiday). Customer service representative was very friendly and accommodating.

One caveat -- prices are a bit hefty, especially when compared to going direct to local florists. But they do deliver on what they promise and the flowers have always turned out great in my experience.

Ask Michael about 1-800-Flowers
26 reviews
160 helpful votes

I have ordered flowers from this site for quite awhile. I have rarely had problems with them until I ordered a standing cross for a relative's funeral. The cross was about half the size it was supposed to be and the flowers were half dead. It was a total embarrassment to say the least.

However, I complained about it and ended up receiving a full refund for this particular order. It didn't make up for the terrible mistake that was made because you don't get to do this sort of thing over again but I did get refunded.

I can't place the blame on 1800flowers, though, because the local florist should have known exactly what they were supposed to deliver for the funeral.

Every other order I have ever placed with them has turned out very positive and I've been doing this for many years.

It's nice to be able to look at pictures of what you are ordering and tailor your selection to the recipient and the occasion.

Nothing is perfect and there will always be an occasional mix-up but, approximately 95% of my orders over the years have been successful.

I really don't care that they wire orders to local florists because I enjoy the convenience of being able to see a picture of what I am ordering from my own office. I don't mind paying a bit more for the convenience.

Ask Marie about 1-800-Flowers
114 reviews
710 helpful votes

I see some negative reviews on this site, and I would add mine to the list but I grew up around the business and know better than to use this nightmare service.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with flower ordering (and this includes Teleflora, FTD, ProFlowers and the rest), here is how it works and my insider instructions for beautiful arrangements delivered for LESS:

These companies only PROCESS your order. They charge you for the flowers, PLUS a "wire" or "processing" fee (which they pocket), and then send your order to an actual florist shop near your recipient. That florist receives 80% of the order total (and NONE of the wire fee). So essentially they are just relaying your order for the wire fee (usually around $8) PLUS they keep 20% of the order total as a commission. This is how it has ALWAYS worked.

They ship the "outbound" orders in a rotation, and any florist can sign up and be in the rotation (if they're willing to pay). So your $50 arrangement, plus wire fee, ends up being a $40 net order to the delivering florist. Even with the high profit margins in floral, you will never get what you pay for....ever!

Now, with the internet, we don't have to be abused in this way. ALL YOU DO, simply, is do a search for florists based upon the zip code of your recipient (like THEN you call the florist DIRECTLY. While you have the florist on the phone, ask them what system(s) they are on (FTD, TeleFlora, etc). They will ALL be on at least one of these. Go to that website while you have the florist on the phone (only takes a second) and then proceed to discuss your order. This is helpful because you can SEE various arrangements on the website to help you with the selection (like a brochure). You WON'T be ordering on the website, only using it as a shopping guide that you can actually see the various arrangements. The florist will gladly accept your order and payment, you'll get your money's worth, NO WIRE FEE (scam charge), and you'll be happy. The florists are really honest, hard-working folks they just get short-changed in the order system. AND since you dealt with them directly, they wouldn't dare mess up your order.

So that's the secret...and the flower ordering in the U.S.

Hope this helps you all out. It's another situation whereby if you've never worked in or around that industry, you would not know what I just told you. Try it, I promise you'll be as happy as you've ever been.

Ask Frank about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been victim of the orderer and orderee to this site's scamming. They may as well just show pictures that say "you like this? too bad, you aren't getting it". What you see is NOT what you get. I was sent flowers by a group of friends who I thought were going to cry when they saw them. When I sent a photo to the company to show my disgust, their explanation was "due to order timing, flowers may not be available". Are you serious?! Don't waste your money on this site, take your money to ProFlowers or Teleflora.

Ask E about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
2 helpful votes

1800FLOWERS DEAD IS MORE LIKE IT - Ordered flowers for Valentines day on 2/7/09 for early delivery on 2/12, no floweres I called the customer service and spoke with a rep thatlet me know the order never got through their system. Order number was emailed to me, verified and chrged to my credit card. Agent claimed would have flowers on 2/14 Valentines day. NO flowers. They did give me 30% off on my next order. Likely not something I will use. I do not recomend this site if you want someone special to have the flowers. The savings are not worth it and the time to get credit is another pain. Buyer beware.

Ask about 1-800-Flowers
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site ruined my entire day! - I have ordered Valentines day gifts on-line from other services and they always provide morning delivery.  Not these guys!   When I called them to track my order I found out that It might not arrive until as late as 07:00 pm.  My wife and I have young children and have early dinner reservations so it looks like my baby-sitter will get the pleasure of answering the door and recieving my wife's gift.  Happy friggen Valentines Day!

I will never use this site again!

Ask Otto about 1-800-Flowers

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