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Loyalty means nothing. Unless your management
Minibar attendant, kitchen steward, maintenance, - Austin, TX
I was at the lone star court for 5 years. I was 55 years old. When I was hired, I was told, I would get a performance review every year and would receive a. 25 cent raise. And if I ever got a perfect review that I would get a. 50 raise and management training. That was in my second year I got the perfect review. Well didn't get a penny. Never got another review. And believe it or not, that was the best part of my time at the court. My first year I worked an average of 90 hours a week. My manager was Shane bowser. I was told almost daily that if I made waves about not getting paid all of my hours I could be replaced by someone half my age for half the money. After I confronted Shane with his new assistant manager Andi. He told us I was right and his reason was that he was a fall down drunk. But he would make up the money he owed me by adding extre hours to each check. Needless to say I heard that story for years. Then he was getting transferred to the San Antonio hotel. He made it a point to start an argument with me in front of the new G. M John
Week as expected John told me that if the hotel owed me money they would pay it. Not the guy that took it. So I thought it would be handled. This starts the story of JT. I bought a brand new computer and had it shipped to the court so I could do my job on a computer that wasn't broken. So I got the computer put it in my work area. Came into work the very next day and it was gone. Someone came into my work area took my computer out of the box with my name on it and took it to Houston to use at that hotel. Two to three weeks later they brought back my computer I told them it was there's now. They owed me what I paid for it. They said oh we didn't know that was your computer with my password and name on it. So it to me 1 1/2 years to get 200.00 handed to me by JT saying I don't want to hear about this anymore. And was like a big obnoxious drunk guy. So flet pretty sure I wasn't going to get any of the money I was owed for the overtime or the stolen computer. Then we had a really nice lady come in and was doing a great job as the new G. M Vanessa. And she brought Anja with her. Great people right. So I told them the story I told here. She turned it over to Anja and it got passed around for the short time she was there. Her reason for being let go was for not hangin with the boys getting drunk at work. Then there was Mario the new interim G. M the only problem I had with Mario was the very first time he saw my paycheck he said that's to much money for you. From that day on I never got my full paycheck again. He would just take all my shifts. And wouldn't give me the inventory I needed for my job. Then William The next new G. M a good friend of Mario and JT, and Shane. I was told after I told him what all I've been through since working there that he would make it right. In all fairness that's about when I got furloughed in March. So William calls me over the day I'm to be furloughed and says I was going to be one of the lucky ones that would be able to stay and do maintenance, kitchen porter, minibar attendant, only thing was I'd have to work for 6.00 an hour. No overtime pay. Whenever they neeed me. I turned him down. And was furloughed. Then after three months I get a certified letter offering the same 3 or 4 jobs for 6.00 an hour and had to work any are all of them. Then called the unemployment

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