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So how many people want to see pictures of globs of smeared blood or piles of bodies featured in the headlines of Yahoo while trying to check their e mail and drink their morning coffee? Anyone? That was my experience this morning. Apparently Yahoo is operating under the premise that sensationalism appeals to the ignorant masses and will keep their interest long enough to send major cookie crumbs to the viewer. Their assorted nastiness and major bias is quickly wearing thin and sending long time subscribers scurrying to find other sources for their e mail and news. Heads up Yahoo, people are sick and tired or your opinionated biased offensive arrogant and very yellow rag news. One positive to 50-100 negative and biased stories has set the scales way off balance. Assuming the public will only read trashy rags is way beyond arrogant and ignorant.


They say nothing is free and that couldn't be more true than being a homeowner and posting a rental ad on Zillow. Once you sign up and become a member you become a lifer meaning they retain your info for life as there is no ending or deleting your membership info. All you can do is change it except for your phone number, changing that is not an option. That will remain in their files for life and as long as you have an active ad with your phone number as the public contact, it will remain open and unprotected from sweepers and bots. As soon as your ad is posted then the out of state calls and e mails begin. Even hiding your e mail address from the public profile does not stop Zillow from sending so called leads to your inbox, all claiming hyped up income levels originating from out of state realtors or fraudsters posing as interested renters. Then you will notice a huge increase in spam. Even if your e mail is hidden it undoubtedly is sold or shared with mailing list collectors where the spamsters and fraudsters skulk around. Zillow owns Trulia and an ad posted to Zillow is automatically posted to Trulia so it's hard to say who the most responsible party is as far as the tons of spam you will receive from third parties but you will be spam bombed after posting your ad. If you actually agree to a showing of your property you will most likely be stood up as I was twice. Then the phone calls will stop completely and you will realize you just gave your private info away forever for nothing in return, to be sold or given to scammers fraudsters and spamsters. You will also notice the zestimate of your home value and rental value steadily decreasing if you refuse to contact their out of state leads/realtors/rental management companies. Its all designed to scare the homeowner into hiring their paid subscribers (realty agents). Beware and do your homework on how rental fraud scams work. And realize nothing absolutely nothing is free. Read Zillow reviews from homeowners before you post an ad, not like me afterwards when it's too late.


I only give it 2 stars instead of 1 because some of the articles are interesting and well written and they dare to ask questions and discuss topics no one else will touch but stay away from the comment section. The comments are censored, not for profanity or insults but for criticism of the site or not following the narrative they are selling. At the end of the night the majority of comments are deleted and only the desired troll biased commentary is left. Not a place to go for intelligent discussion. The articles and paid trolls are the height of partisan and biased. All of the articles concerning politicians show they despise democrats and the trolls in the comments make sure to back up that narrative. They blame the globalists for practicing divide and conquer strategy but they are a prime example of doing just that. Do some research on what previous employees have to say before you give the site total credence. Think of the site as a tabloid with sprinklings of truth substance throughout, not something to rely on and not something to aspire to.


After becoming a member the advertisements change from what the viewers and non members see. The ads are completely unrelated to health and many are really offensive and impossible to ignore. But the ads are the least of it. I was harrassed and threatened in one of their forums by someone who managed to delete their post although those options of deleting or editing are not available to regular members. Only the moderators have those options. Some of the articles written by the doctors make really bad unhealthy suggestions and sound unprofessional and more like something written by a blogger to draw attention to the site. Be careful on the abuse forum as abusers scope out their former or current victims in those foums, become members and continue to harrass them. And the amount of detail revealed makes it easy to be found by the abuser or to be used to harrass by other online abusers.

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