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I read a few reviews giving this site a bum review IMO so I thought I would write why I think it's a good site all things considered. I am not affiliated at all with the site just a user.

I know it's costly to run a website so not sure what people using it would expect for free. They only allow non paying members 3 messages a day for free which I think is fair considering that they ALSO have messages at each profile where someone can leave a short comment there up to 10 messages a day for free.

While I can't remember the name of another similar site that only allowed one or two credits a day if you are lucky if you are a non paying member there but in addition to that if you were on the free part of that site you could not send any messages to someone there that was/is a paying member there. No messages at their profiles other than the one or two a day that non paying members are allowed to send. At PenPalWorld they do allow non paying members to send messages to paying members.

You always have to watch out for scammers on any site but it's pretty easy to tell when you get spam and they do have a report/block on each profile that non paying members have access to.

The only reason I don't give a 5 star review is because you can only see the last 3 messages that are sent to you and that you send others if you are a non paying member so that's inconvenient especially for people that can't stay signed on and be there frequently to get their messages However, if you go to someone's profile there it will let you know if you have sent them a message before which is really good if someone is like me and can't remember if they sent a message to someone or not. I can't remember if it also reads that they have sent you a message before if they have sent one to you before, too.

It also allows people to see if someone has read their messages which is another plus.

No site can be blamed when a person doesn't get replies to their messages. It is up to individuals to reply or not so the owner would have no control over that.


I was on the old Daily Strength site for many years and seems like more people were friendly there and gave caring support. Easier to make new friends then. When they changed over to the new site it seems most of the caring and supportive people left. It's hard to make new friends there now. Too many have their profiles private where people can't even read about them to know if they would like to be friends with the person or not. It's like a big do not disturb sign at those profiles! I totally understand people should not post their private info at profiles and they can have journals private that they only want existing friends to read but they could at least put their interests at their profiles, what kind of friends they are looking for if they are looking for friends, just tell a little about their self and restrict where only members can read it but to have it totally private as far as I am concerned they don't care about making new friends. If you want to post in the forums some of the forums ok site but for making new friends I find other sites better. That being said, I am sure there are some nice caring people there that would love to have new friends. Just have to find them.

Their old site was a lot more cheery, too. In my opinion it just looked nicer.


Healthboards.com as far as I am concerned is absolutely the worst site on the Internet I've ever been on. I told someone yesterday that in the rules they should just put what they allow instead of listing what they don't allow as the list would be a lot shorter! I totally believe in obeying rules but this just goes beyond that...

It is a health site which means for anyone that don't know there will be those with medical problems that are seeking support and/or information from others about what they have. Duh! I totally understand not allowing people to sell items there but to not even be allowed to share health information at a health site is beyond ridiculous. Oh, but they do allow I think (as their rules are so confusing) to share the name of a information site/product ONE time? LOL Sorry, can't help but laugh it's so ridiculous.

So you would think ok they don't want it posted in open forums health information from sites even though they are a health site. Don't ask me to explain that so we will share in PMs with others THAT WANT TO KNOW, that would be ok, right? WRONG! Or at least according to their email to me it was wrong for me to give urls with information even though the two of us PMing each other agreed to do so and never asked each other to stop sending them! There was only ONE person I was exchanging information sites with so I can only conclude that is what they were talking about even though when I requested a copy of the PM they said "copies are not saved." I would really like to know how they knew what we were PMing each other? I would think about that. Private messages are suppose to be just that when two people agree to them which the two of us that were doing them had agreed to them! I had only PM one other person while there and I KNOW I did NOT send them any urls!

In my opinion this goes beyond rules and is a very controlling site that wants to control people. I suppose a hermit that does not want any replies, does not want to make any friends, does not want any information, but just wants to post about their medical problems it might be a good site for them. Although in my opinion it should be illegal for people to request what appears to me to be a diagnosis to their conditions! Only a doctor should be allowed to do that. I understand if someone stated they have similar physical problems their doctor told them what it was BUT adding to that the same symptoms can be other medical problems so only a doctor can diagnose!

I did NOT even ask them for a appeal. I realized when I joined and read those rules that is the longest rules I've ever read not to mention how hard it was to understand some of them that I probably would not be happy there and I was right so why would I want to appeal being on a site I no longer cared to be on. If you are thinking about this site I would suggest to read all their rules first and to understand them.

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