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I wont leave a review on FB as they (This company being reviewed) will not only remove it but block me, So Sitejabber is the Don.

We ordered a few things from the site, It was a plain and simple transaction.

We knew the company was just a short drive from us so expected the items within a couple of business days, NOPE! Not with candure... its been a week now and we have emailed them TWICE, We had the initial email confirming the order and after 4 days we wanted to know where our stuff was? Not a thing! They should change their name from "Candure" To "CANTDO"

IF you look at their FB they DO NOT have one negative review... This is due to them blocking anyone who leaves one...

I wonder if Mr Ahmed would like to be ignored like this?... We in the end had to cancel the transaction via my partners bank.



Is totally liberal, in fact I proved them wrong on Facebook and instead of challenging my comment which was not in any form rude or offensive just FACT based, They (Snopes) blocked my from being able to comment on their FB page,

As a business criticism is a key player to understand where your company is going wrong and CLEARLY snopes.com dont like been challenged or proved wrong so their way of dealing with it is "Lets just ban everyone who has an alternative opinion to us" A business should NEVER ban their users regardless if they have different views to you or not? OK on the rare exception that swearing or someone being offensive then its justified but NOT just because of the reasons I have put?

This shows their lack of professionalism and how immature the moderators are there at Snopes.com.

Here is the story I proved them wrong on, My best mate of 30 years works all over the world but mainly in Europe, He has visited Switzerland around 30 times in the last 15 years so knows the place like the back of his hand, He has a house there as well, but in the rural areas, And Snopes.com are saying "NO GO ZONES" Dont exist they are lies by the center and right... REALLY snopes? Even though the BBC has admitted there is...

As snopes are a far left group of liberal sarcomas, this is what you would expect from them, Film makers, journalists' TV crews have been there over the past 10 years and been attacked, spat at, threatened by the "Ahum" delights that have been allowed to live there, BUT snopes says there is no threat over there? The NO GO ZONES are places you don't go out on a night on your own and ONLY if you must do, They are also places females DO NOT GO out on a night with or without someone else with them. Even the police go out in numbers and in the hardcore places they dont go at all, One police man on a documentary I watched even said before we allowed them here we had 2 or 3 crimes a year in his province, now its every other day.

This is purely down to immigration and nothing else.

Here is snopes "Effort" to fool people, Note how they safely quote their statements from the police, These police wont exists or names have been changed and I bet no one else has heard of them!

I have a documentary that was filmed and aired on TV in 2017 that unedited shows these NO GO ZONES, You wouldn't want to be there... The most shocking thing for me isnt that snopes is so biased and radically liberal over this, or the fact snopes ignores the horrors coming from the country or even trying to fool people? The thing that shocks me the most is that there is STILL liberal Swish people who think the country DOESN'T have an issue... HELLO SWITZERLAND? ANYONE THERE!

Read other users reviews on here, its all there.

The Link to Snopes BS https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/sweden-crime-no-go-zone-police/


YOUTUBE have just De-monitised my main channel due to copyright? OK this is
How messed up their algorithms are, I had a BBQ 13 years ago and my
Late uncle was on it, I live 100's of miles from where I was brought up
And thought if I upload the video to my channel and make it private so
The only people able to see the video are the people I send the link to
(My family) I thought that was a great idea, I did that and also 6
Months ago my mate in America wanted to see the prices of food in the
Petrol stations here (Gas station) so I flimed on my phone a 40 second
Clip walking into a petrol station and showing him the prices but as he
Doesnt have Whatsapp I uploaded it to a private video on my channel.

Youtube in their entirety have said the bbq video had copyrighted music
Playing in the background which that might be true but it was inside the
House and the video was taken outside and it wasnt exactly loud? The
Petrol station had background music on and again they said thats
Copyrighted... So my account that I have spent thousands of hours
Building up gaining thousands of subscribers and a regular income is
About to be terminated I think WHY?

This is utter BS! And another point is they told me they will review my
Account but it takes up to and beyond a month to do so whilst they gain
ALL the revenue for my entire channel HOWEVER Since typing this review I have found out YT are taking longer than SIX MONTHS to review demonitised accounts... Coincidental isnt it they take
So long to review someone's channel!

I have had my ability to contact them removed and I can only get answers
From the community! So YT have basically turned their back on me and
They are also scamming my channel so they gain all the revenue... I am
One of many tens of thousands this has happened too... A government needs
To investigate their business model and procedures!

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