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Working there was horrible. Huge turn over rate. Adults behavior as kids. When a customer would purchase a medical bed for example. Instead of giving the customer a new bed out of the box. We were shown to find the worst one in stock and deliver it. Further, I understand that the owner and regional manager are a part of a organized harassment group. They will hire someone from the community and gang up on them. It's a form of bulling and imtemidation. The actual term for it is "work place mobbing." Basically they are a health care for ripping off medicaid. And they will bully and physiologically torment one employee at a time. Until he/she quits and or gets fired! I personally witnessed this happen to a guy working there... The staff would all plot ways to be nasty toward him. Since they were all in on it together. When he spoke up, they made him out to be the problem. He told me that they even got customers involved to screw with him. Apparently the guy spoke up about some major fraud that was going on in Anchorage, AK in 2014. Now businesses like this one take turns messing with him to run him outa town. Its a family run company and you can tell it's SUPER SHADY the first day you work there. I made a delivery one day. The order was for one single piece of wood that the customer would use to slide from the bed to the wheel chair. Over $300.00 for this tiny piece of plywood. I asked the warehouse manager why they were charging so much? He replied "insurance will only pay, what insurance will pay." In other words they would purposely charge crazy amounts hoping that there would be human error on the other side... Wow... This is why our health care is so screwed up. I'm not sure where the place stood as far as eternal beliefs... In USA you would think it's safe to say that Christianity was believed to be eternal. After all, this place deals with alot of dying patients... All I know is that PROCARE and the family running it made it clear that they didn't like or believe in Jesus! Matter of fact I was made fun of because I would read the Bible from time to time on breaks. I also felt it was wrong to bully a fellow employee. One morning the warehouse manager, NB - threw a snowball at a homeless man on the property. What was even more bizarre was that he did this directly in front of an APD officer. Sad but true the officer just laughed! Yeah, so this is a nasty place for our community... Yet they have SO MUCH MONEY AND POWER that they operate like this DAILY! Here is the delivery jacket for ProCare home medical. What I've written is true. They are a sick family who cares only about money. I personally watched them laugh at disabled people, make fun of disabled people... This is from the Top manager to MOST of the staff. The woman who works at the front desk would laugh at people when they left the front lobby. Warehouse manager NB would make fun of what should NEVER be made fun of. And I personally watched them bully a grown man to cry and have a nervous break down (at least it seemed) the owner and his family thought it was funny that this man, one of their employees was in tears. It's was extremely SAD and I'm ashamed that I ever worked there. This is a very sick / dark place. Employees are extremely sick emotionaly. There seemed to be a satanic influence, how else can you explain the mean, hurtful, dishonest things that were going on every day that I was there. It takes nothing to be a bully. But when you stand up for what's right... You would think that a HEALTH CARE ESTABLISHMENT would be on board to stand against bullies... However, even their management would LAUGH at the disabled! Great example you are leading, ProCare owner... The bully of them all! Coward.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away. Try Geneva Woods... Pro Care is a horrible example of health care. I hope the FBI investigates them. The feds can't be bought...

Products used:
Provided customers with items to use. When we sold them an item such as anything with an expiration date. Close to and even expired was given first. Always used equipment was given when the customer made a cash purchase. If the customer tried to disagree we were told to tell them that particular one is/was the last and only one!! Top management showed how to do this... Corrupt authority!


I ordered from their "open box" website stated that no essential parts would be missing. I even called to verify. They said it would be minus a few nuts and bolts. Take the ones it came with and size them up at auto shop. Got here WITH ZERO mounting hardware! They told me that they do not have to honor their website or staff member who spoke. This place absolutely SUCKS! Lastly explained to me not to order open box stuff, though they advertise it... Because the ads are wrong often! This was a manager who emailed me all this... They are very dishonest and manipulative! Do NOT order from them. Also when my side steps arrived... They were all banged up, bent on the corners and missing paint. Seemed as if a 3rd grader packaged them to be shipped! NOTHING good about this place... I promise this on my Mother's dead grave to be the truth! Horrible Experience!

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