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Arnold Bu. is a Computer Engineer, Freelance Journalist, and Website Designer. He lives in the Netherlands.

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He does have skills about Computer programmings in different Languages and online Website Designs.


Computers,Program languages.

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Internet users who want to publish useful words on Wikipedia are often Discriminated by Google. The Reason is that Wikipedia is from Google, this company does have a lot of interest/greed to control what users can see and what not even if it does have important words, for example useful words like [seodiscrimination] or [Negative Seo] will be blocked by the owners/administrators that does work on Wikipedia platform.
We did try to publish the word Seodiscrimination on Wikipedia, (see images)
Direct after publishing comes an owner/administrator from Wikipedia and does do Down Vote/Disapproved that word. (in a few minutes they do without to analyze if it is a useful word for internet users on the world wide web) and a moment later after doing that this administrator/fake account who did do that bad thing, will be removed/disappear on wikipedia, so that it does not any more exist, this way the users can not contact that administrator and ask them why they do that without any reason.(see images)

Why is the word Seodiscrimination so useful?

Seodiscrimination is a very useful word for all internet users, that will explain in a single/one word,
What the effect is because of Negative Seo, Ad Fraud, Click Fraud, Ranking Fraud, Scam Companies/Websites and many more.

We did also make an important website for all internet users, seodiscrimination dot com but google & Adwords now called Google Ads, does do everything to not to rank this site even if we do or best to have quality backlinks with quality articles pointed to this Landing Page.


Warning Visibility for websites will become invisibility for websites - It is very sad to say but the balance worldwide between seo ethic and constitution on internet is almost lost, because of that google is growing to big and now is to superior, discrimination is dangerous but hidden seo algorithms discrimination is more dangerously. (it controls to much in one direction what internet users can see and what not) the government + politician + judge need to check/prevent/claim this fraudulent/negative behavior, this way of ethic prevention, they will in long term give/boost winning/profit the economy every year billions of money in the right direction!
[Google Greed is Discrimination To Small Business Starters And New Website Owners.]

Adwords now called as Google Ads what is wrong/bad with that company, we and many online advertisers, small business starters and many website owners are very disappointing about the advertise results and about the visibility results of websites, the trust of that superior company is gone, and google greed and these negative algorithms search results and advertising results is very bad in long term for all internet users and it does hurt the economy wordwide, the effect is it will blocking/stop the business/money flow, from one dollar advertising the advertisers will lose more then 100 dollars, business starters and new website owners does have to deal with no visibility to homepages/websites, superior fraud/bad/large companies, fake traffic, ad fraud, click fraud, ranking fraud, negative seo, and many more.


Adwords now called as Google Ads. What the heck is wrong with this company, we believe it is not in the hands of U.S.A. (constitution and ethic is almost gone!) instead of helping advertisers to advertise they Leaves a Trail of Destructions Against Advertisers. Politicians and the Judge need to check/prevent/claim this bad behavior it will cost the economy on online advertising every year billions of money, the effect is the money does not flow back to advertisers so that they can not do business. From each dollar spending they will loose hundreds of dollars.

After years and years of trying doing S. E. O and to Advertising in Adwords in Google Ads you come to the conclusion that the support sucks these guys do not listen to the complains of clients they send only a useless standard email back without to answer the questions or fix the issues. And about the ad clicks most of the business starters and advertisers get 97.99% all fake clicks. The invalid click prevention's in Google Ads it's just a joke! And it does 98.99% not work. Be aware that if the promotion will start in Adwords in Google Ads that it is direct or in direct connected to click farms or click servers!

Signals of Fraudulent Behavior - Adwords as Google Ads and Google.com:
1 - The support in Adwords are terrible for Advertisers.
2 - Invalid Clicks does not work at all.
3 - Big interest conflict between Adwords as Google Ads and Google.com
4 - Advertisers who are searching on internet to advertise, they find 99.9% of only Scam company websites.
(These Bad Companies does have/get the best rankings (SEO) from google.com and other search engines)
(Adwords & Google and other search engines does have the responsibility to do more to prevent/stop this behavior)
5 - If you use a Click Fraud Prevention Company then be aware that Adwords or other Advertise companies does limit the count of Ip Blocks, +-300x ip blocks is just a joke these click farms are using +-1.000.000 of different ips.
6 - Fake traffic with no response or no sales or no comments from website visitors.
7 - Fake traffic with high bounce rates to website.
8 - Fake views, low time views, no likes or dislikes.?
9 - Negative S. E. O.
10 - we did make for all advertise victims and business starters a very useful website seodiscrimination dot com and we did ask adwords and google to help us to prevent fraudulent behavior on internet and we did also ask to help us (anonym or by name) to get the word seodiscrimination on dictionary websites like wikipedia, but they do everything in direct or direct to prevent this. Seodiscrimination is a powerful word that will explain in a single word what the effect is on fraudulent behavior on internet samples are click fraud, ad fraud, negative seo, fake traffic, click farms, scam companies, traffic fraud, high bounce rates, ranking fraud (high rankings fraud steals your content and place it self on his high rankings sites,...,? (adwords & google should take this very serious by Helping us otherwise [Real Traffic to Sites] will become [Fake Traffic to Sites])

Advice to Business Starters and other Advertisers:

My advice to other business starters is because of that the online advertising is almost destruct by these superior companies you can try something else, other advertise sources like advertising on newspapers or do spread flyers manually or by mail (not email!) then you have 100% guarantee that you reach 100% real people!

Why did Adwords change the name into Google Ads?

We believe that the only reason is that they want/try to hide the visibility (S. E. O) about the negative forums/comments from clients who are complains, after all searching with a keyword [Adwords] is better then keywords [Google Ads]

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