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19 reviews
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19 reviews with 2 stars

74 reviews
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6/22/18 fancies itself a news services. OK. I don't like the bias and Fake News of Huff Post and now AP and CBS, but does, and that's pretty much all prints. If you have data, studies and information contrary to the contents of articles written by Huff Post, AP, CBS and their ilk, Yahoo will censor and suppress your comments, trashing your Free Speech. Yahoo seems to have gotten its act together with email, and I am ready to ignore the news/entertainment side of Yahoo. Frankly, I don't mind having a discussion or agreeing to disagree, but Yahoo simply censors and supresses and trashes your Free Speech. Bullies.

1 review
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It is unlawful for a landlord to retaliate and terminate your month to month rental lease -- without good reason -- I am angry with Tara Properties. We lived at Paragon Place, LLC for 3-years. Took very good care of the apartment -- cleaned the carpets twice a year, washed the windows, mowed the yard, reseeded with grass seed every year because when we moved in there was no grass at all and sand fleas had taken over. The place was ridden with bugs -- earwigs and sand fleas and silverfish -- we had pest control come out and spray -- but then Churchill & Associates filed bankruptcy, Paragon Place, LLC bought the property and Tara Properties took over managing the apartments -- they are not organized at all! The property manager signs documents to post on your door but has no idea what the document says or means -- had the audacity to complain because the owner wanted the doors painted but we weren't home to allow the painters in -- when the property manager was told that placing the Two Day--Notice of Entry on the door means that Tara Properties is responsible for ensuring the painters are allowed in -- not the tenants responsibility -- essentially Tara Properties insisted that we remain home so the doors could be painted. For three weekends, we left the apartment so the doors could be painted -- we presumed Tara Properties understood the documents they were posting on tenants doors. After I mentioned this to the property manager -- our month to month lease was terminated. It's all about the Benjamin's for rental property and property management in Oak Harbor. Essentially, Oak Harbor depends on transient military as 'cash cows.' If you are not from Oak Harbor -- you will soon know -- that you are not welcome. The locals want your money but not you in their town. Nepotism is at it's worst in Oak Harbor, Washington.

9 reviews
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I get spammed with pop-up ads if my ad blocker is not on and the comment sections are full of low-IQ bigots who spam vile racist/homophobic things all over the site. There is also this guy KenM who is the dumbest person I ever seen in my life.

3 reviews
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First of all, Yahoo doesn't clean carpets. Yahoo is a Search engine page that's been on the internet since the 90s.

A lot of changes have been made since then. They bought and shuttered GeoCities, added an email service, became a "news" source that just pulls articles from other websites. There's a heavy focus on celebrity news and is known to have a liberal bias, so if you're hoping for real news without bias, you'll want to go elsewhere. I don't even use the site for searching anymore. I only access it nowadays because it became so commonplace for me to use it that it's second nature now. One day I'll stop hoping Yahoo will be anything other than a crappy website that is long past it's heyday.

That said... you could do worse, the search function still works, so.

61 reviews
185 helpful votes

If you wanna take a trip back to 2007, just use Unfortunately, I still use it as my primary email only because I been using the same email with 40,900+ unread emails in it for 12 years. Would be a pain to change everything over now.
Here is my issues - they filter certain things that aren't spam. But then some stuff that is actual spam ends up in my inbox. Example: "Hey cutie... wanna have a little fun?" passes the filters. Yeah umm... no. I don't wanna have fun. I look like a drunken Irish troll. But thanks anyway. But "Your receipt for your purchase to" ends up in the spam folder. Why... just why? Lol.
Oh and don't get me started on the "We're experiencing Technical difficulties. Error -14". Yeah I can't load my inbox because of that. I went 5 whole days without being able to check my email because of these "technical difficulties". Yeah I think their brains are having technical difficulties.
There are also a lot of snotty commenters on the news section. A lot of the people are very ignorant. The place is infested with trolls. If you view the news section, I'd advise against commenting on anything. You will get 50 trolls tell you to drink bleach or something. Pretty bad. You can go view the comments... because some are pretty entertaining. You may even learn a few new jokes from it. But don't get involved. Stay out of it. It's a firestorm.
The search engine is obviously not great. Google is and always will be the best.

1 review
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I paid for extra leg room on this 13hr flight, But did not get it. end up in the middle going & coming back

72 reviews
268 helpful votes

Yahoo's time of existence should've ended when high speed internet became commonplace. There's absolutely nothing useful about Yahoo the past 15 years I've known them. The homepage looks like trash; filled with useless news about celebrities, models or other things that don't really qualify much for actual news about the world. Yahoo hosting is awful and has a very ancient control panel, and it's also terrible with the Wordpress platform.

A Yahoo email is just about as useful as nothing. Everyone I've met in my life from school, work, anywhere have had their Yahoo email hacked and constantly sending me spam. The email's overall inbox interface is ugly.

Flickr is great for photography, but you can only sign up by creating a Yahoo account which now seems to require you to enter your mobile phone number, and it's mandatory. Yahoo acquired Tumblr and ever since then, Tumblr still hasn't made much of a comeback. Yahoo Answers is filled with nothing but trolls and bullies.

27 reviews
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Yahoo has been on the decline for sometime now, and who knows what the future hold for them. There are alternatives to yahoo that eclipse them in a very big way. The best thing to do is go to gmail or another large service

5 reviews
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It employs hack writers.

3 reviews
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I used to really enjoy reading Yahoo's news site. It was one of those places that I could find some interesting articles, and they send me down a rabbit trail of a couple of hours of reading! ;-) Recently though, it seems like every headline that looks interesting ends up being a video. I don't want to watch a video!! I want to read! Often I don't have sound handy at a school computer terminal, or I don't want to let my workmates know that I found an interesting news piece. Please bring back more articles, and I will spend more time reading them.

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don't have one to write about right now

23 reviews
34 helpful votes

Yahoo sites are poorly organized. The homepage shows news articles, but the articles are not categorized in any way so if you are looking for a specific news subject (e.g. business, technology, etc.) you have to hunt for it. I used to read articles on Yahoo, but now it's actually easier and faster to do a web engine search by typing in the type of news you're looking for. In the past I could simply click on a category on the Yahoo homepage, but not so anymore.

Yahoo mail is tedious. They have improved the spam filters some. I don't get as much obvious spam as before. The bad side is that now some spam is designated as e-mails from Yahoo "sponsors" that you cannot delete. There was an option to stop receiving messages from sponsors a few months ago which I went through the steps to opt out, but that option was just for show since I still get them. These sponsor spams show up at the top of the list of e-mails. Also it takes forever for spam filters that you create to start working. I made a filter for these pharmacy spams and set it up for them to go to the trash folder. I kept getting them in my inbox for about a month after creating the filter.

Another thing I experienced was getting automatically signed up for Yahoo mail alerts about stories. They tracked the type of articles I read on the homepage and sent me tons of these alert messages. I went through the option of opting out and it said it would take more than a full week to change my preferences and to stop receiving them. Funny, it took them about a few days to start sending them to me, but when I want them to stop it takes a lot longer.

Yahoo Flickr is hard to go through. Yes, the format looks very pretty, but again, it's hard to use.

While Yahoo looks pretty, I want something that's also user friendly. I don't want to have to click on a bunch of items to figure out what to do. Years ago it had a very user friendly format, but this has changed. I feel like I did when I first got windows 8: lots of pretty colors, but that's it.

19 reviews
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What bothers me about Yahoo is that they keep changing the home page. Just when you get a handle on things they mess it up again. This morning when I signed in I couldn't belive their "new and improved" home page that looks like it was designed by a 10 year old with colors all over the place that don't match, and advertisements that only slow down my computer.

5 reviews
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I can't say i enjoy the new homepage and find it cluttered with too much idle stuff that doesn't interest me floating around the screen and seems to have issues in various browsers making it hard to navigate, I tend to not stay on it very long nowadays.

2 reviews
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I really don't much like the way Yahoo tried to 'hijack' my computer by somehow changing my front page and search engine. I went to a couple of sites and somehow ended up with them as my new provider. I'm not that computer savvy but, other than opening up some site that was powered by Yahoo, did nothing wrong that I'm aware of. I went ahead and tried using it for a bit and found it totally lacking. Their Home Page totally sucks compared to MSN and I'll take Bing over them anyday for searches. I have no idea why, but I generally have better luck with Bing over Google, also. Some people were griping about how their Bing searches were not "relevant". Given the fact that most people can't even spell anymore, that's not surprising. If your search is even just close to being relevant (from a topic or spelling standpoint), my experience is that I always get what I'm looking for by using Bing. As far as news, I don't rely on any one source (like MSN) and there are so many sources available that this is a non-issue. As far as the maps go, they all have their own problems. That's why we still have phones!

5 reviews
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Yahoo was site which I opened when I start using Internet, in my initial years of browsing I used to spent maximum time with yahoo, I explored many services of yahoo, I was addict of yahoo groups/ yahoo chat etc. But as Internet evolved I think yahoo did not evolve with time, now I rarely visit yahoo and hardly use any of yahoo services.

225 reviews
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Yahoo Email Problem Feb 2011

Actually I'm just reviewing yahoo email not the whole of Yahoo... Suddenly (Feb 2011) my contact list does not auto insert on my email address lines and it is VERY frustrating.

Have been a happy Yahoo user (don't like the Gmail layout and there was too much spam on Hotmail) for many years but this glitch has now happened a couple of times and each time is taking longer and longer to sort out. Once it was out for two days this time it's been five days. From searching on the internet the problem has hit many users.

Some people have guessed it was Yahoo trying to drive people to the 'New Yahoo Mail', (which for me is much slower than the current version) but the auto address insert doesn't work on that, either. Yahoo 'Classic' doesn't work, either. Grrr.

It does seem churlish to rant about a service that is free, but decent email is available from many sources and I fear Yahoo are going to lose a lot of customers unless they sort this out quickly.

1 review
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Anyone home at Yahoo? - Is it the policy for Yahoo to ignore someone who places a complain about a foreign scammer who uses a yahoo address to rip people off? Are you telling me that you simply cannot shut them off and/or warn others who this individual is contacting to be carefull? Or does anyone at the office care? Anyone with this problem?

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Yahoo, is under going a big market change with Verizon Wireless, Yahoo! has been running slow ever since they mention the Oath Brand, Inc. It was like the whole market crashed for Yahoo!, they are still working on buying back the stock, and I even wonder why the offer to buy, a company with no problem, that dose the same kinda of work without using or selling a telephone. Yahoo1 sould be up and running, but there is still, on when and how they are going to buy back the stock.

By Lavetta L.
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