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Initially I had my reservations because of a few of the reviews, have to say I had no problems. I ordered they didnt have one of the items in stock, they immediately refunded me and my items arrived within the month. I will definitely use these guys again.

1 review
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My order was cancelled without any explanation or notification. I wouldn't have known if I didn't actually log into the site to track my status. Attempts to contact them about why went unanswered. Eventually opened a PayPal dispute to get a refund.
These guys are terrible.

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I had to pay import tax and handling but still the cheapest price on the web, the transformers are fantastic. I would use these again and again.

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Update! Finally got a response issuing a refund and stating that the toy I ordered was a preorder and has not even been released yet. I filed a dispute through PayPal so that's what got me my answers. Please don't waste your money and time on these people.

I've been waiting 6 weeks for my son's birthday toy. Fyi, they provide ZERO tracking information, phone number doesn't work, and receipt email and website contact won't respond! Had to file a dispute through Paypal. Thank God for them or I'd be out $130.

1 review
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paid for items and waited 1.5 months but never arrived , tried to contact via email several times no response, left messages through paypal and never heard back, finally had to request refund. bummer since I really wanted the items not the money back

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I ordered to large orders from them in one month never having used them before. One order still had not shipped 2 weeks after being placed. There was no response to my e-mails until afer I opened a Paypal dispute- then they said one item was out of stock and would ship within a few days. Another week still not shipped so I escalated my dispute to claim. No response to my request for a refund-nothing- I hope I get my money back. The other package had one item damaged- again Paypal dispute. Its really unfortunate because 95% of the items I order online arrive witout any compaint. These guys are terrible.

1 review
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Having made one successful order for a hard-to-find Alternator, I put an order in for MP Soundwave back in July. The order appears to have been stuck as there was 1p difference in the exchange rate from what I paid to the cost of the item (I paid £124.53 via PayPal and the item was £125.52 by the time the order was processed).

It never arrived and they have ignored 5 e-mails from me to refund or at least confirm the status of the order.

As it is out of PayPal's 45 day limit and Visa debit's 120 day limit, I have lost this money... I've literally been robbed.


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Finally, the toy I expected for quite a long time has been purchased on It is a well-known MasterPiece-05 Megatron toy. Well, I think it is necessary to mention that the original experience and feelings about the famous character and toy. When I was in childhood, the Generation One Transformers animated has deeply impact on me. The character Megatron also attracted me because its unique transformation, all of you know a pistol mode. Till now, I still cannot help thinking that how it turned to a pistol.

After viewing and collecting some Megatron toys, I was disappointed about the huge difference between the toys and G1 animated. The appearance of MP05 attracted me. Fortunately I collected enough money and found a suitable online store,, which some friends used to buy toys on. I checked the hot sellers of; this Megatron toy is on 1st place in the TOP TEN list. It looked so popular and the paint still looks like the Generation One Animated. Maybe lots of fans who entered the and bought it held the same idea with me and reached the same opinion that this type can call us back to our Childhood.

The price of MP05 is higher than the original one on $ 159.99 is not cheap, anyhow, consider that it reached the 1st seller in, most of reason depends on the both memorable value and quality. The producer, TAKARATOMY Company is always popular in a series about nothing, when playing a shot in the arm to lend to save. This may be a TAKARATOMY of business management. Objectively speaking, MP05 with the launch of its own legend. However, MP05 MP01 this toy did not reach the point of perfection.(I can also see the MP01 in the hotseller list, right side of the front page of From TAKARATOMY own interests, perhaps with the introduction of MP05 just to look at MP01, the way to mention the popular MP series. However, MP series is already strong commercial flavor of a MP05 alone can make up the. From a practical view of the situation, MP05 is also quietly supporting live to complete his task of trying to extend the MP series.

At first I checked it carefully after picking it out of package sent from For interest's sake, I looked up the dimensions for a real gun.The real version measures 216mm . Megatron in pistol mode, barrel to hammer, measures 280mm. Therefore, this is a four-third scale mockup. It is done very well. I took the time to look at a few photos of the P38 and while there was never a silver version, nonetheless the details are very spot on. The hand strap is on the left side of the grip and all the levers and pins are represented. Actually you cannot see the image of pistol mode of MP05 on, maybe it is too similar to real gun that like a advertisement for gun? Just joking.

The size of pistol is out of my surprise. At first I viewed on and only found small pictures. I wonder how anyone could mistake this for a real weapon given its size. It barely fits in an adult's hand. The trigger does operate, but it doesn't have a gimmick tied to it at all. While not having the shoulder stock and silencer options, Megatron still retains the sight (something that wasn't offered on the original P38). Don't bother trying to aim with it, it's nearly impossible to see through. There is an added feature to the sight, but I'll go into that later.

This has got to be the most complex transformation ever. There are many, many twists and turns to this. Make sure you take your time transforming this figure. Fortunately, the parts that get in the way the most (top of the grip, hammer assembly) pop off and on with ball joints. It's not overly difficult but it is very involved. Most of the parts are plastic. The feet and arm spindle assembly are the only bits of die-cast, so it's rather light to handle.

The gun mode is just a sight to behold. While some have stated (including me) that the legs looked thin and spindly, they work quite well in person. The arm cannon is all plastic and does very little to disturb the balance of the figure. There is a button on the arm cannon which, when pressed, will give the barrel of the arm cannon a nice red glow, like it's about to blow. It's a nice touch. The eyes of Megatron also have red piping ability. The main improvement of this figure over the G1 figure is the omission of the 'trigger crotch'. To escape this problem, the trigger assembly splits in half and folds into the inner calves. The barrel also folds on the right side of the back to be anime correct.

After searching the detailed information and careful check by myself, I find the points of articulation include: Ball jointed feet, free rotation; 5pt Ratcheting knees, 105 degree capacity; 2pt semi-ratcheting thighs for horizontal movement, 80 degree capacity; 2pt horizontal ratcheting hips, 45 degree capacity; 6pt ratcheting vertical hips, 180 degree capacity, 16pt vertical ratcheting shoulders, full rotation; free sliding horizontal shoulders, 30 degree capacity; 3pt ratcheting elbows, 75 degree capacity; 8pt ratcheting forearms, 180 degree capacity; ball jointed wrists, free rotation, ball jointed thumbs, jointed fingers (at base only, fingers are permanently curled); ball jointed head, full rotation, 20 degrees tilt. There is some good degree of pose ability. The only drawback parts are the shoulders and are limited for wingspan.

Like Masterpiece Optimus, Megatron has an assortment of accessories. These include an energon sword, energon mace, hand pistol and the character Kremzeek.

There are some information about this toy I searched before on After land sales in the MP01, there is a lot of fans look forward to the future of Friends of the series to appear in this MP Megatron. However, the Friends of the prevailing majority of fans know, there are many posts in the forum have all demonstrated the impossibility of MP Megatron. For example, the image is difficult to achieve consistent and animation deformation; U.S. toy laws on gun restriction type toys, etc. While everyone do not have expectation on Megatron, TAKARATOMY (At this point, and TOMY TAKARA has merged) announced MP05 settings. This was greatly unexpected. However, from the publishment of the gray mold, Gunhough the design has many improvements have been very close to the animation, but there are still some shortcomings. Biggest regret is the G1 toy problems existing thin legs are still not well resolved. If and MP01 together, can clearly feel Megatron legs too thin, thus losing his domineering and prestige due. Of course, the faithful fans also understand the deformation of Megatron is a little too realistic. Large has been difficult to imagine. Of course, gray mold release when there is a good news is MP05 and MP01 are high in the. They share the same proportion.

In my opinion, MP05 design should be considered the biggest highlight of the treatment crotch. G1 toy gun's trigger design to crotch, one type of beauty is indeed an obstacle. The MP05 skillfully turn trigger medial leg. It is the most perfect design improvement. MP05's texture is actually not very good, which almost has no Metallic design as MP03. The silver coating covers the lack of the texture of plastic. When land sales in the MP05, canceled many of G1 toy gun-type extended parts. This makes a lot of fans have wondered about the future friends, like MP04, as the full version of Megatron launched it.

Above all, this toy I bought on at first time is regarded almost same as originally expected. This time I have already noticed that there were many relevant Transformers toys on the list of Considering the toy shipping and relevant service is good, I will keep my attention on new products.

1 review
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I am extremely disappointed with my order. The Starscream MP (Walmart G1 exclusive) figure is poorly packed and Starscream box arrived dented on one corner. The 2 horizontal stabilizer on starscream's leg and one of the shoulder gun were completed detached from the figure when it arrived, becoming loose in box. Also this item was shipped from China, not hongkong. It would be impossible to know if these were factory rejects, i.e. items were already loose before they even shipped it or came loose during shipping. Either way, the poor package didn't help. Unless you want to pay top price for sub-standard goods, I would stay away.

18 reviews
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8/16/10 is an online Toy Hobby Shop that ships from China. The initial presentation of the website is promising enough. The prices for most of their products seem economic and their selection is great. However, pleasant appearances are only skin deep. At least, from my one shopping experience.

The shipping section of the website states, "Your in-stock orders are shipped within two business days from the day of your purchase." My items were marked as in-stock when I ordered them.

It took three business days before my order began being "processed." After that, a week had passed without a single update. As a result, I clicked on their "contact-us" link and posted a note inquiring as to the status of my order. I received no response in two days. Doing some research on the grapevine, I discovered that response times pertaining to customer service occur with laxity if at all. Having paid with Paypal, I opened a dispute in an attempt to gain the sellers attention and information concerning my purchase.

Response was prompt and mildly courteous. Apparently, one of my in-stock items was out-of-stock and they were waiting for a restock before shipping my order. They failed to notify me of this until I asked. Promising the order would ship soon, I allowed the process to continue. I have yet to receive my product, due to the method of shipping available.

Speaking of which, shipping is limited depending on what you're buying and where you are, from what I can gather. People in the continental US will encounter a standard international flat rate shipping, which can start automatically anywhere from 15 dollars to more. Usually 20. The shipping cost can really bump on the price of what you're purchasing if you live outside of China, and make those economic prices look less inviting for sure.

Shipping estimates will vary with them as well, due to the methods of shipping available. You can expect to receive your order within 2-4 weeks if you're living in the continental US.

There's a lot out there on the rumor mill as far as is concerned. I would suggest doing some more research if you've found a product on that you must absolutely have, so you know what to expect when bartering with them.

I can understand dealing with long-shipping with shopping international. However, falling short of one's promises as well as failing to notify a customer the true status of their order is not up to the professional standard I would expect from an online retailer. Added to limited shipping with rates that can pile up for long shipping times along with an inventory that isn't up to date makes for a poor shopping experience.

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