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Review of Zorpia

Zorpia reviews

44 reviews
Categories: Dating, Social Network
Rm 1201, Island Beverley, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Tel: 1465489732943

44 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

How can I know that I won a prize? I received an email the my profile won a prize but I'm not sure whether this is true or not.

Ask Juliet------- about Zorpia
1 review
0 helpful votes

such conartist

Ask Lyle about Zorpia
1 review
0 helpful votes

It is good

Ask kabba about Zorpia
1 review
1 helpful vote

Nothing but scams on this site. Everyone that messages you claims to be from the US and is interested in you. When you respond it turns out they are in africa for some reason. And if communication keeps going long enough they will ask you to send them money. Even tho I have never sent money, I stayed in the conversation long enough that now I am able to tell if it is a scam by second or thiRd message.

Ask Kulpreet about Zorpia
1 review
0 helpful votes

Your profile have won GBP1200,000:00 in the on going Zorphia promo.For claims please contact Foreign Service manager via email drew_donald695 for details

Mrs Rita Smith
Promotion Manager

this is recent mail that i got in so please tell me what should i consider it

Ask karan about Zorpia
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

What a business model scam the ill-informed to get access to their contacts and spread your phishing virus. Can't wait to hear the day they are bankrupt and out of business.

Ask Alan about Zorpia
1 review
5 helpful votes

One zorpian by name crazyshilpa, real name K. Shilpa from Hyderabad, is a fraud and cheating me by asking me to send money for her emergent expenditure on account of her father/s demise last month, her house rent has not been paid since two months and the owner of the house has locked the house and her family consisting of widowed mother, her 18 year old brother are dragged to streets. She furnished me her sbi account no. along with her brother's account no. and pressurised me to send Rs. 4000/- first time and Rs. 6500/- second time by calling again and again telling that her life is in danger. After depositing the amount in sbi she is not at all responding to my calls to know about the development at her place. It is a sheer fraud and I am about to file FIR online for which I have documents with me. You are requested to block her profile and contact in so that she should not cheat any more prople. Otherwise, you will also be made a prrty to this crime as promoter of scam and fraud people. I am Dayananda, my name is included, I do not know how, as zorpian in your site. I am getting such messages from other zorpians and after experiencing the above fraud stopped responding to any zorpian. It is my advice to other zorpians to stop responding to all zorpian calls.

Tip for consumers: Most of the zorpians appears to be fraud and scam people and users are advised to be careful in dealing with them.

Ask Shimoga about Zorpia
1 review
6 helpful votes

i never used zopia. why is it sending me spam messages.

Ask Shallu about Zorpia
12 reviews
5 helpful votes

Ever man that contacted me and i communication with were all suppose to be U.S. citizens but just happen to be working in Africa and when finally spoke to them, they all had the same African voice. And they all love me so much and they all needed me to help with their situations and send money to help them because i was all they had. And the Only person they could trust. I mean pure B**l S**t!!! I am talking about 18-20 guys. All full of S**t!!! ZORPIA IS FULL OF SNAKES. THAT SITE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. They all assumed I was desparte and lonely and they could prey on my insecurity and use me for my finances, but no they were wrong because stupid I am not. They need to be stopped!!!!

Ask Sheilan about Zorpia
1 review
3 helpful votes

Too many scammers on this site.You can text them and they text you but when you ask for a webcam they say they don't own one.One big scam!

Ask David about Zorpia
15 reviews
22 helpful votes

I had to google them & read reviews just to see who Zorpia was! I got a private message from Allison & now that I know it's a dating site (that I never signed up for because I know I'm not dating & #2 if I was, I'm not a lesbian) uhhhh, I don't need any messages from some girl named Allison. Sooo, with that said obviously it's a scam! I'm NOT going to open this because I don't want to possibly get a virus or invite any additional e-mails. I've seen Zorpia asking others for your e-mail address so they could unsubscribe you, I would be hesitant to even give them that. The best way to deal with scam is to put it in your spam box through e-mail & that was what I have done.
Updated from my original review in April-I have never heard from them again & really confused as to how so many others are getting into major situations from this site. If anyone did happen to sign up for this "dating site", please do yourself a favor & delete your profile & spam any incoming messages. I see that the site does respond to people on here, really don't waste your time just cut them off completely II don't ever see them doing anything but causing you more issues.
Good luck & stay safe-never give out personal information & especially never send any money to anyone online.

Ask Elyse about Zorpia
1 review
12 helpful votes


Ask Laurie about Zorpia
1 review
10 helpful votes

why are there so many scammers on Zorpia? And why don't the site owners do something to stop and ban them?

Ask Laurie about Zorpia
1 review
4 helpful votes

In fairness, I actually met a few people on Zorpia who, beyond reasonable doubt, proved to be exactly who they claimed. Those are a minority, though. The majority of the profiles will be scammers who claim to be American, British or Australian, but just happens to be staying in Ghana for the moment. Another fairly large group are ukrainians who live in the eastern Luhansk province.The province is under the control of separatists, and there's a war going on. While the women you meet from this province will try and make it sound as if everything is all right, I suspect most of them are desparate to find a man who can get them out of there.

Ask Tron about Zorpia
1 review
5 helpful votes

Here is a good website for all you Dater's out there lot's of good info and pic's on it of scammer's

Ask henry about Zorpia
1 review
13 helpful votes

Zorpia must have been set up by scammers as a business platform, but they didn't do a very good job because 1) It's painfully obvious 99% of the profile are fake and 2) the site is slow and buggy. Don't waste your time with this one!

Ask Greg about Zorpia
7 reviews
22 helpful votes

I got an email that said " you have a message from one of your contact", I read the email and clicked the link to the Zorpia website.. I thought I might try it out so I registered and put a profile picture( not really mine) and within the space of 24hrs got tons of messages. in my inbox.

Some had business deals worth millions they wanted me to help them with. Some thought I had a nice looking profile and wanted to be friends and share photos. I replied to all of the messages by asking them to tell me a bit about themselves before we start emailing each other.

I have yet to recieve any replies. I however got one woman who was serious and wanted us to chat on skype and gave me her skype id which I contacted and from skype we exchanged phone numbers and now chat on whatsapp...and since then have been in contact.

Zorpia may be a hell pot of questionable profiles who quickly send email addresses for you to contact them. The intention is for scam purposes or to request money. This is discussed in the forum.where it might be possible to make good friendly contacts and perhaps meet real people.

People ask for authenticity in the profiles that are created on Zorpia but many would agree that putting up a phony profile is somewhat much safer as there are lots of scammers around.Profiles on Zorpia can be verrified through the facebook sign in link or through the photo verification link where the user is asked to write ZORPIA along with their username on a piece of paper and hold up the paper and take a picture with their full face showing and then upload the picture.

Once photo is uploaded and verified a green badge with the words "Verified" appears at the top right corner of the person's profile picture. Zorpia is free to register and free to use to a certain limit and upgrade is possible. It offfers another avenue of social online contact and may not be the best dating site on the web.

But look around other dating sites of its kind and you will see the same things happening. People with questionable profiles who message users and lure them out of the dating enviroment to continue on messenger,whatsapp,skype all with the intention of asking for money for goods that need to be cleared at seaports or to renew internet subscription payments and so on...

While I don't enjoy the idea of being bombarded with messages like the way it is done on Zorpia I would still keep my Zorpia account alive as out of the heap of rubbish good things can sometimes be found.

Ask so about Zorpia
1 review
36 helpful votes


Ask Phong about Zorpia
1 review
22 helpful votes

If you are lonely and lack common sense this is the site for you. All the girls refuse to web chat or don't own a webcam (they will ask you to send money to them to buy one), The girls also refuse to communicate with you by phone (text or email only) and the most important problem is every one on they is asking you to send them money or needs the routing number for your bank account.

Ask christopher about Zorpia
1 review
48 helpful votes

Did a lot of homework on this site and let all the emails come in then traced them all back via IP addresses.(In my job I have the available software). Most of the overseas ones want you to email them and after the customary swapping of photos and long passionate discussions THEN COMES THE MONEY QUESTION!
How much can you send me? and so forth. They never seem to send you local girls, always overseas.
My advice is to go to the Help Page Link on the left hand side and click on Account Termination

Ask Philip about Zorpia
1 review
10 helpful votes

$#*! zorpia

Ask erytydf about Zorpia
1 review
24 helpful votes

I got "Scammed" into this load of bull via linkedin. I am totally disgusted. I tried to unsubscribe without success. I dont want it. I am not interested. You are wasting my time. You sent the same bull to all my contacts, now they are upset with me. Thanks for nothing.

Ask Anton about Zorpia
1 review
34 helpful votes

Zorpia spams and accesses your account to spam your contacts. Zorpia tries to get you to click on a link that will secretly register you with Zorpia in order to access your account. DO NOT CLICK on any links in emails from Zorpia. They will steal your information and spam you.

Ask John about Zorpia
1 review
17 helpful votes

In my experience zorpia has proven itself to be only slightly more than a blatant scammers network. I wouldnt recomend zorpia as a reputable dating site to anyone looking for a genuine relationship.

Ask Peter about Zorpia
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Many people probably never herd of zorpia so I will give a brief over lay about it. Zorpia is in a way a very funny web site because on one hand it asserts its self to be social media and other the other hand it comes across very much like a pay site dating site. The main thing that separated zorpia from pay site dating sites is that it does not constantly hound its users to pay money to become a member as means of unlocking certain fetchers of the site such as responding to messages or sending messages or basically any thing they do to limit your true ability to meet others that are using that web site. I would assume that most people dispose and or hate pay site dating sites for a long list of reasons I will name one very important one. Many people have Gaven in and paid to use certain pay site dating sites to discover that most the profiles that site fake basically likely made by people that run that web site to make it look like there are many users on that site that a person could possibly meet. Its a fact that this is deliberate deception that most of such web sites do that to try to entice people to become members. When many guys see them profiles on such web sites they often get sucked into the fantasy world and don't pay any thought to the real fact that even if all them profiles are real that that would also mean that them girls are also real and just like in real there are often many real issues with that gal. Many people seem to for get or over look that fact that just because the INTERNET and a PC provides a bit of a wall between you and that real person that bits and pieces of that real person still are displayed both good and bad.

Zorpia claims that over 50% of its users are real once again I think this is an exaggeration meant to try to entice people. Because of that error on Zorpia I give Zorpia one very large fail point.

Most web sites that have the potential of hooking real people up with real people are a huge magnet for romance scammers often from Ghana Africa or Nigeria it is easy to consider the very real possibility that there are very real gals all over the world that would very much like to move to the USA or Canada but in many cases them girls in Ghana or or Nigeria are usually guys pretending to be gals they are scammers. Many people in the use and Canada seem to have a mental mind set that Ghana and Nigeria are very impoverished and war stricken so these many African scammers play on that. So far I have only meet one scammer from Ghana Africa I don't know if that person is a gal or a guy and even if that person proven her self to be a real gal it cost time and money to travel to Ghana or pay for them to travel to me and here in reality who really has the time or money for such silly games.

I like Zorpia because I can in-box and receive message with out consistency being pestered to up grade.

Zorpia has a in boxing limit of 50 per day but because this is a free account I see this as a reasonable limit. If I had paid to use Zorpia I would expect the ability to in-box to be unlimited.

Zorpia could make some improvements making it so the user could customize his or her page much more such as changing the back ground color fonts and thymes. It would also be a good idea to make it so a person could ad posting boxes on his or her own page or maybe even a comment box where someone could post and or leave comments on that page. If Zorpia was to add this stuff it would be best to make the privacy fetchers also consumable. Selections like friends only, Zorpia users only or only your self so no one but you can see what you post in them commentary boxes.

The thing I dis like the most about Zorpia that is a must on a list of thing Zorpia could change to improve the web site is change it so a person does not haft to use a real person face DP in order to send or receive messages.

I never post a face DP of my self or anyone else as my Zorpia Display pic aka DP and for privacy reason I never will post a pic of my self as a DP on Zorpia. Zorpia removes a persons DP if they learn that the DP is not a face picture and when Zorpia does this that user can not respond to Zorpia in-box messages tell they up load an other picture to use as a DP. Keep in mind when a person does not have a DP on Zorpia that person can not send or receive any messages to or from any Zorpia users.

Zorpia does have some odd coding issues and problems that need to be fixed. Such as when I click to a link they send to my Email in box it does not take me to the exact item to view the comment or other. What it does it simply take me to the log in page.

Zorpia has other code issues such as with the picture gallery if a person tries to copy a picture they can't do so with out issues.

Zorpia has some potential but it defiantly needs some improvements.

One other problem I have with Zorpia is it has a limit of about of reports
you can file this is messed up it should be unlimited regardless of free user
or paying user.

Sorry, but you have reach your daily report limit. You can try to report it
again after 24 hours.

Create Your Profile
Express and share yourself!

Really? I can't see anyone on Zorpia Expressing them selfs to much.

I can see people Expressing them selfs slightly more so on FaceBook with there many stupid comments on peoples pictures.

For people that want to Expressing them selfs get a TAGGED account.

Ask Thunder about Zorpia
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