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Review of ViewBug

ViewBug reviews

116 reviews
Categories: Photo Sharing, Photography
4502 CASS ST
SAN DIEGO, CA 92109-2802

116 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I joined Viewbug a year ago and i, and those that have watched my progress, can honestly say that Viewbug has had a huge influence on my photography! There are all skill levels from serious proffesionals who display some fantastic art, to complete novices that have some of the best snapshots on life and the world around us.
Viewbug has helped me to push myself as a keen amature photographer and viewing such a wide range of styles, my skill level has come on in leaps and bounds! Thanks Viewbug!

Ask Jon about ViewBug
1 review
1 helpful vote

I think viewbug is the best thing since sliced bread. I spend hours on the site each day giving awards out. As a very long term homeless person i don't get judged only my photos get judged. My photos have won 1000s of awards. The awards are saying well done and i need my hope is to win a contest.

Ask Lee about ViewBug
1 review
1 helpful vote

In order for the "professional judge" to even see the finalist photos (generally about 50 or so I believe), the photos must first be rated as the most popular by the viewbug members. When I joined I took this to heart and tried to participate by rating photos. One contest ending this week already has over 28,000 entries and presumably will end with approximately 30,000 entries. Viewbug's voting process requires you to view 4 photos per page and choose the top one or two (or none) on each page. 30,000 entries would be 7500 pages. Assuming a minimum fair appraisal time of 10 seconds per page that is equivalent to about 21 HOURS of non-stop viewing/voting. So if you dedicated yourself to this as you would a full-time job (8 hours of work per day) it would take almost three days (assuming lunch and time-out breaks) to vote on ONE contest. Keep in mind that there are contest closing virtually every it is literally impossible to try to participate in voting on them. So, what inevitably must be happening is good-hearted folks start the process, vote on some photos for an hour or so, get bored and more on to something more meaningful in their lives. Thereby voting for whatever photos were in the first few hundred pages.....and never seeing the remaining thousands of pages where the top photos likely lurk. Perhaps I am missing something and the process doesn't really work this way. If so, I would love to hear how it really works.

Ask Tom about ViewBug
1 review
21 helpful votes

This site is actually a lot of fun, even for a professional. Art and photography are subjective, so this is by no means bible, its my point of view. I have seen some wonderful images on this site. Manipulation is part of photography and takes a lot of work to perfect, so for those of you that are complaining about these types of pics, learn the craft before you say its easy, or just a person clicking a button. Remember that its not the camera or how big your lens who takes great pictures, its the person using it.
I am a free member mostly to keep my social media aspect for my website. If I can have fun in the meantime, even better.

Ask Kevin about ViewBug
1 review
1 helpful vote

I love this site. Amazing talented people sharing their amazing photos. Whenever I view the new pics I am just constantly in awe. Hopefully, I will be able to learn from them.

Ask Allison about ViewBug
1 review
0 helpful votes

I really like this site for the learning experience and to get ideas for photoshoots. I like entering the contests to get an idea if the image is worth anything. I've NEVER won a contest yet...I doubt I ever will, if I do it will be very surprising. I've been a finalist several times and featured but nothing to get too excited over. Ive been a member for 2-3 years i think...IDK it's been a while. The one thing that keeps it from getting a 5th star from me is the reward points. They mean nothing. You can't redeem them for anything.. They give you a free entry into a contest when you reach certain goal marks but you can't turn them in for anything...I would be cool if you could get a t-shirt or small momentos for the rewards..I've given up on trying to earn them. what's the point. I realize the points are easy to get, just make the items worth a lot of points then, and to certain level members make them worth less or discount them. I just think the reward points should either be cut out or improved with something worth working for...

Ask Felicia about ViewBug
1 review
5 helpful votes

This site is wonderful for sharing photos with others, but the problem is within the contests. There are all these amazing prizes that I used to get excited about but now I've realised an amateur like me with a Canon 100D could ever win them. The photos that people post to these contests are exceptional but clearly taken with very expensive cameras. So they'll probably get the prize and sell it off or give it to someone else. I really think that this voids the point of the contests. Also people who win resubmit their photo for the next contest and could still win. Us people who haven't got £3,000 to spare are getting buried under the professionals.

Ask Matt about ViewBug
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I have been a member for almost 3 years having joined soon after taking up the hobby of photography. My only complaint is that I spend too much time on the site! The photography ranges from people who apparently don't realize that a photograph should be focused to top of the food chain professionals. I personally would consider myself a serious amateur although after winning the annual "Popular Photography"/New York Institute of Photography contest, I was awarded with a free course in pro photography which I finished almost 2 years ago.

There a tons of contests and challenges so you can match your work against other photographers and the contests are free! I am thrilled that my work has been well received on the site and their is rarely a day where I don't receive a message from a fellow member complimenting me on my work. As I type this, I have won 28,579 awards on the site!!

If you are a photographer, here is a warning: If you sign up it will become addictive, and as an aside, I am sure you will love the site!

Ask Sandy about ViewBug
1 review
7 helpful votes

I am a very amateur photographer that discovered this site by accident. I own no photo editing software. The most editing I ever do is perhaps a bit of cropping and some changes to black & white or sepia and creativity is not really my thing either. After looking at the images posted on this site I am quite certain I will never, ever even come close to winning a competition. However, once I got past this reality I discovered that it's fun just to post photos and see what people have to say. So, I will continue to enjoy the beautiful work of others and take whatever compliments come my way.

Ask monica about ViewBug
1 review
2 helpful votes

I like the format of the site, what bothers me is how the original photo quality is degraded significantly by Viewbug. Example, here are 2 links to the exact same photo. It has been uploaded to Viewbug and also DA.

Update: This update is in reply to ViewBug T. [ViewBug Rep]
The image from deviant art I posted is actually what you see if you choose to zoom in. I was trying not advertise the DA site, thats why I linked directly to what you are shown.
But here is the link with the DA borders etc

Now, what is really puzzling, when I click on the photo from viewbug's version, It does not zoom in and get clearer, it actually zooms out only, showing either the "compressed version" or a smaller "compressed version"

The photo never becomes better than "compressed"
I totally understand why images are compressed (saves space)
Also, thank you for taking time to talk about the issue. Again, I really like the format of the site, I just feel let down by image quality. Maybe I am missing something, but as far as I can tell, the view is always presented with the compressed image, with no way to zoom in or view the photo in better detail.

Ask Dizzle about ViewBug
1 review
2 helpful votes

I haven't been a member for long at all, but I've already upgraded to premium. There are so many gorgeous images here. It's overwhelming...and inspiring. It really doesn't matter what level you're at there is a place for everyone on this site. Sure there are competition and the competition is extremely stiff! However, it is a great place to learn and be inspired and just marvel at all of the wonderful images.

Ask Corey about ViewBug
1 review
0 helpful votes

Been a member just about a year now it's a Awesome Community with quality photography proud to post my work there

Ask Gabriela about ViewBug
1 review
14 helpful votes

Im reading through reviews for viewbug and getting really annoyed. loads are very positive and thats very good because it shows that viewbug delivers on prizes and stuff. but there are two types of complainers in these reviews in my opinion.
Type one - cant win a competition so spends their whole review saying its fixed bla bla bla.
Type 2 - thinks they are professional and therefore is putting everyone's images down saying that everything is bad or extremely low quality.
my opinion- yes there are a lot of lower quality images on there however some people cant afford cameras and equipment that will give them top images or they dont have the experience to take good images.
viewbug isnt about having lots of professionals being amazing with no low quality images at all. it's about learning and appreciating the art of photography, this includes sharing lower quality images to receive feedback and help improving them. therefore it is an amazing site that works very well. Personally i have spent many hours on this site and can't seem to get off it. I would like to thank viewbug for that. i am finally inspired to explore different types of photography to the studio work i usually do and i appreciate that a lot.

Ask Emily about ViewBug
1 review
4 helpful votes

Since I'm a member of ViewBug, I have been doing better day after day. Their contests are truly motivating and the results always inspiring. The prizes are true, the exposure works and you can make friends sharing photos and commenting on others' walls and works. One of my favourite websites so far.

Tip for consumers: Look at the contests and start digging into your photos archive! :D

Ask Alessandro about ViewBug
1 review
2 helpful votes

Thrilled to win a Speedlite in competition. Fantastic service and quick response and delivery. Out and about using it, wonderful. Thank you View Bug

Ask Jackie about ViewBug
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

As an amateur photographer, I value everything I learn from the Viewbug community. I try join contests and challenges as much as possible and check out my competitors' work when I can and learn from them. I see some people wrote "don't waste your money - unless you pay you don't win anything etc.", I don't believe these people are being fair. If your main goal is to win something then you should just buy a lottery ticket, why waste your time with photography. Anyway, I don't mean to offend anyone and I respect everyone's opinion but if you are in this community just because of prizes then maybe you are in the wrong place so please don't blame the website because you didn't win anything.

Ask Ron about ViewBug
1 review
9 helpful votes

I looked at it once and when I did a reverse image search on a few of the pictures half of them were lifted from the net.

Ask Neal about ViewBug
1 review
12 helpful votes

Viewbug reels you in with their awesome and too-good-to-be-true contests and prizes. What they won't tell you is that unless you pay you'll never be able to win anything, and you might as well save your money and go buy the items listed as prizes in the site by yourself.
Please stop wasting your money on this site that priorizes its own income over the actual quality of the pictures they set up first on the voting.
Really, it's $#*!.
Save your money and buy awesome equipment, or travel. Forget about this site.

Ask Beth about ViewBug
1 review
6 helpful votes

Awesome site to do photos and has great contests! LiveChat was very helpful with my questions and issues.

Ask Rusty about ViewBug
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been with ViewBug for nearly a year now and I absolutely love it. The people are great, the competitions and prizes are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend them to all those that have a passion for photography, love entering into competitions and want to get some feedback on their works.

Ask Leanne about ViewBug
1 review
3 helpful votes

Photo contest voting support does not exist

Ask Joy about ViewBug
1 review
6 helpful votes

Viewbug, quite frankly, is a joke. There are far too many manipulated photo's competing with real photo's. Real photography sites with genuine integrity never do this.

Ask r about ViewBug
1 review
1 helpful vote

i just won a top 20 class week 1 , i would like to understand what does that mean #beginner

Ask yasmine about ViewBug
1 review
10 helpful votes

I really don't think that many, if any, of the negative reviews can be relied on. As an example; we have some saying that photographs that win the competitions shouldn't even be entered as they are rubbish, while others say it's unfair because they are so good the ordinary person doesn't stand a chance. A bit contradictory if you ask me.
The people that have the biggest downer on ViewBug call themselves professionals, really! If you are all so great why are you considering such sites? I come to the conclusion that these people, some of whom claim to teach photography, are just worried about losing some business which in my mind isn't very professional, it's called competition. I've seen a lot of so called professional's work (outside of ViewBug) and it is appalling. How they actually earn a living is beyond me, yet their arrogance seems to know no bounds.
I joined ViewBug in March 2016 and have had great fun. It inspired me to pick up my photography after 30 years away from it. I'm not a great photographer, never was, but I have improved with the help of ViewBug. I've tried techniques that I wouldn't have dreamed was possible. As for the whingers that haven't won a contest, then your in ViewBug for the wrong reasons. Why not do as I do? I joined with the intention of getting inspiration and improving, entering competitions are an added bonus. I join challenges they don't offer prizes but they offer exactly what they are, a challenge. There is often a distinct lack of entries - in comparison to competitions offering a camera or lens - but the quality is still high. I assume this difference is down to lusting after a free camera or improving your hobby skills.
I see one person complaining that it's often down to who has mastered processing. Why not? What's the problem? Don't these people realise that it has always been that way? Winning a competition or producing excellent work was never down to 100% what happened in the camera, a lot was down to processing and manipulation in the darkroom.
As for an anti-ViewBug Facebook page! Well, what do you expect? Nearly everything has an anti Facebook page usually started by someone that is disgruntled about not getting a freebie. Waken up, Facebook is the biggest trap on the internet.
as for receiving "likes" within seconds of putting up a photo, I wondered about that, but the reason is obvious. You post a photo and it is immediately shown on your followers wall, they like it. It's really not that hard to work out. as for claiming you received "likes" up to a week or two prior to taking on your membership, I just don't believe it. How on earth could that be possible unless ViewBug has some sort of telepathic link to prospective members.
ViewBug is great if you join for the right reasons, keep it up ViewBug.
I'll finish with a request. I would like to second the suggestion of the other reviewer for a forum. a place where we can ask for help and give advice.

Ask Bill about ViewBug
1 review
3 helpful votes

I'm a new user of the ViewBug site and noticed that a few of my photos had indicators that they had been shared to FaceBook.

I was curious as to who had done that, as well as concerned because one of the shots was of a friend who allowed me to post to ViewBug.

I sent an email to the customer support folks asking what I'm sure has been asked of them more than once :) "Who is sharing my photos?"

I received a response within a very short time explaining that FB terms do not permit visibility to the profiles that are sharing content from a third-party site, which VB is.

A few more back and forth emails and I am content with the explanations given and by the promptness of the responses. I have decided to just remove the photos that I was worried about and to create my own watermark for anything I post going forward.

So far, so good with ViewBug. I have rediscovered my passion for photography and am digging out and dusting off all the old gear!

Ask Judy about ViewBug

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ViewBug T. [ViewBug Rep]
A: Hello Derick,

Thank you for your message.

When members reach Ambassador level, they are eligible to receive a ViewBug swag bag. Unfortunately, we don't release the contents of the swag bag as it's supposed to be a surprise for eligible members.

We also do not publish the total number of members who reached the Ambassador level at this time.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our member support team at and they'll be more than happy to assist you. :)

Have a great day!
Your friends at ViewBug
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