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Review of Swagbucks

Swagbucks reviews

192 reviews
Categories: Free Stuff, Gift Cards
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192 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Earned over 50 dollars and then account was deactivated when I tried to cash in. Conveniently customer service would not respond to emails. Hard enough to earn the money as it is. Even worse is that when you earn the money and try to cash out they deactivate your account

Ask Reggie about Swagbucks
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I used to be able to finish surveys and get paid for them, now i finish them and get told they have been filled! What is going on with swagbucks? They have become so dishonest in the last couple months i'm done with them now.

Ask Jannelle about Swagbucks
1 review
3 helpful votes

I joined in 2011. Back then, there was plenty to do, surveys credited most of the time, and the offer walls credited. There were plenty of other things to do to make it interesting.

For the past 2 years, it's been deteriorating.

- They decreased the amount and frequency of search wins (it used to be you could get 3+ wins a day and the minimum win was 7, but now you are lucky if you get one a week and all I've gotten for the past year were 4s and 5s on those rare occasions of a win).

- Surveys no longer work. You finish the survey, and it disqualifies you or simply doesn't pay out. Or, you can spend 10+ minutes filling out endless demographic information and never get any sort of credit. It's so rare to get a survey that works and credits, that I quit wasting my time with those.

- Offers on the offerwalls don't pay out 89% of the time. In fact, the reason I'm writing this review is because I haven't had an offer pay out in days, no matter which wall I use. I always clean my cookies, cache, and computer each day. Either they don't credit, or they are redirects (you click on one thing, to be brought to a completely different page than what you were expecting from the click).

- It used to be, you could shop and earn and that wasn't the main part of the site, just *a* part of the site, just another way to earn like everything else. Now, everything is SHOP AND SPEND MONEY crammed down your throat. Well, if your other offers and activities don't credit, why would I trust you to credit me if I spend money? Then they started MyGiftCardsPlus, where you purchase gift cards. Okay, fine, it's good if that's your thing...but most of us who started on this site started so we could earn gift cards, not spend money. But here we have it rammed down our throats all the time.

- The swagbutton was introduced. I guess not enough people got it? Because for the past two years, they've spammed every single page on this site with popups in the middle of the screen, or at the bottom of the screen, or on the side of the screen, all encouraging you to get the swagbutton extension for your browser. It freezes my computer on the main page (where it's in the middle of the page and you can't do anything unless you click out of it, but it'll reappear everytime you return to the page). At one point, out of desparation, I downloaded the spyware swagbutton, just to get rid of the popups. Guess what? They didn't go away. No matter what, you're spammed spammed spammed.

- Then there are the ads. I get that ads generate revenue, but they pick the ones that lag the most and put them where they're distracting from the site. And did I mention the swagbutton popups are still there?

- They changed the way to send in a ticket so now it's difficult if not impossible to get credit when you get ripped off.

- They delete posts on their FB page if you complain about something like a survey (not allowed to complain about surveys, it's a rule) or vent your frustration over nothing crediting.

It used to be good, but now it's a waste of time.

Tip for consumers: Don't expect credit for anything you do. Then you won't be disappointed when nothing you do credits.

Ask frustrated about Swagbucks
1 review
3 helpful votes

$#*! swagbucks most of the time you dont qualify

Ask Adam about Swagbucks
1 review
3 helpful votes

I legitimately signed up for subscription through their site. They deactivated my account the next day when I was trying to check my status after they took all my information. I feel like they are scamming people for their personal information!!!! I feel so unsafe now because I have my home address to them!

Ask Tiffany about Swagbucks
1 review
3 helpful votes

The positive reviews are clearly company plants. Like many others have said, as soon as I redeemed my points, they deactivated my account for "noncompliance" with no explanation or specific reason while keeping all points I earned. Clearly an unethical scam.

Ask Sam about Swagbucks
1 review
4 helpful votes

Swagbucks wiped out all my earned SB today without any reason! Don't waste your time make money for them not for yourself!

Ask Paige about Swagbucks
1 review
6 helpful votes

I effected 2 (just two!) purchases at Swagbucks, then my account was deactivated (of course with all my money there) - as they said, "for noncompliance with our Terms of Service", and they refused to explain what exactly was wrong. Clearly, stay away.

Ask Vasily about Swagbucks
1 review
4 helpful votes

Jumping through hoops to possibly earn Penny's. And cooperation's and whoever now have all of my personal info. Stay away!!!!!!

Ask Ashley about Swagbucks
1 review
3 helpful votes

Have earned $25 a month every month this year. So easy. Their Customer Service dept is super responsive and everything about earning points is made fun. Great use of me down time!

Ask Sammy about Swagbucks
1 review
4 helpful votes

Very helpfully website for new users, very good and easy to understand for young people as older ones.

Ask Marek about Swagbucks
5 reviews
13 helpful votes

This is my favorite rewards site. There are tons of ways to easily earn SB and redeem for cash or gift cards. CS isgreat. Awesome site.

Ask Amanda about Swagbucks
1 review
14 helpful votes

I just completed a survey about 2016 election, then some internet device security questions, impressions of 50+ companies, it took over 30 minutes. At the end it told me I am not qualified for the survey. I want my time back.

Ask david about Swagbucks
1 review
15 helpful votes

I had good luck with Swagbucks for a very long time but it seems their ploy is to set you up and get your confidence and then rip you off. On October 7 I verified a $25 Paypal payment which they claimed was sent to me October 10. But I never received it and my customer service inquiries were ignored. I have another $25 coming that I'm guessing they will scam me out of as well and have stopped using the site.

Ask Greg about Swagbucks
1 review
5 helpful votes

Worse-than-usual scam-site because you can't tell right away... it's a scam site...
just avoid ANY of these types of sites. 0% customer support.

Ask Anthony about Swagbucks
1 review
12 helpful votes

Hit and miss, very poor quality control of surveys, half the time you get surveys claiming to be 20 minutes and turnout to be an hour or more repeating the same set of questions over and over again, it ends up a hundred or more pages... and suddenly, after that hour of repeat questioning the survey ends with a message stating "the Survey is full" of some generic thing and you get no earnings at all.

It seems Swagbucks have started on the path of filling requests with time wasters

When you do get some earnings it seems low for the amount of time, like 1 or 3 SB (1 pennies worth) for watching 6+ minutes worth of videos.

Occasionally you get one or two that last the said time and you get 30 to 70 SB.

Overall, very much in decline i think.

Ask Les about Swagbucks
1 review
12 helpful votes

This site is nothing more than a rip-off. They will "gift" you 1 SB for each survey you do not qualify for. Problem is, I've been told that I qualify for six surveys. I've been redirected and given the chance to complete each survey. Then, I redirected back to the homepage and told I didn't meet the qualifications. That's BS because I have screenshots proving that I took the entire survey. This company is a waste of time and I will never recommend them to anyone. I should have well over 800 SB points from the surveys I qualified for and completed but this dumb*** keeps "gifting" me one credit instead of the credits I've earned.

Ask Neeah about Swagbucks
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been a member of Swagbucks for 2 years now and have earned mostly cash (thru PayPal) and a few giftcards. I've had little trouble with them except they have been making it a bit more difficult to earn in a timely manner. However, still getting regular payouts. Swag is NOT a scam and I can attest to that!!

Ask Janice about Swagbucks
1 review
12 helpful votes

$100 PayPal gift card pending, thousands of Swag bucks and thousands of Swagbucks in current sweepstakes yet to determine the winner and they close my account and gave me no way to contact them. I use my nephew's account to get in contact with them and complained and they close that account down to which was active with a lot of points and current sweepstakes yet to be drawn. They are SCAM bucks. They will make you work for them five six months and you won't see one red penny. They won't have the courtesy to give you what they owe you or what you had in quite some point they will close your account completely ignore you scam bucks

Ask Dave about Swagbucks
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

Customer service only ever returns automated messages; they do not pay out on the offers they claim to, it's been weeks and weeks of having this useless adware on my browser to get nothing from it. Stay away from these guys.

Ask Joshua about Swagbucks
1 review
15 helpful votes

I recently joined Swagbucks, yes it does pay, you do receive gift cards, however you will also receive lots, and lots of calls from Fake IRS, satellite sales, ect. They sell your contact information. Beware....

Ask Melissa about Swagbucks
1 review
14 helpful votes

Deactivated my account for no reason when I had five gift cards that they wouldnt email me the codes! WASTE OF TIME! Dont trust them! This is a scam site for you to fill out forms with the promise of paying you for your time.

Ask None about Swagbucks
1 review
9 helpful votes

It's getting harder and harder to earn, or to get a decent reply or any help from their HQ or support team. Try if you have the time, but be prepared to not get paid for some of your work, and don't let your balance get too high before cashing out. I have the feeling that this place is going to close up shop some day soon, and anyone with a balance of $ owed will be left hanging in the wind.

Ask Sumer about Swagbucks
22 reviews
34 helpful votes

The offers barely give you any points. I joined through a Listia credit offer and you have to get 500 SB by the end of a month or so.....basically impossible if you have a life. I don't recommend this place at all. They also want you to watch double digits of videos for barely any SB and don't even get me started on the surveys.

Ask Kira about Swagbucks
2 reviews
24 helpful votes

I have been locked out of my account and cannot get a response from a human being. I have OVER 19,500 points in my account as well as several gift cards that I just submitted that need to be redeemed. This is completely dishonest of the company, especially since I have been a loyal participant for over a year and have logged more than 30,000 points thus far. I am sorry that I recommended this site to others. I agree, something should be done.

Ask North about Swagbucks
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on 11/1/16
A: Yep it take an hour to make 20 centsI timed it yesterday 11/26/2016 And that is with the 5sb rip off
1 week, 1 day ago
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on 10/3/16
A: Email their customer service dept. They are super responsive.
on 10/28/16
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