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When I purchased the Speedtest application I had NO IDEA they would, ultimately, change/enhance their Privacy Policy to include gathering ALL the information they can glean off your computer from use of that application. They THEN sell/use all your data they can glean. I liken this policy to a Hacker stealing all of my personal information. Malware is NOT needed. Their corporation (Ziff Davis) are an anathema to internet users expecting just a MODICUM of safety in the US. A HEADS-UP to all users. I contacted their lawyers and the reply was: "By beginning the test, you are agreeing that such data may be collected during the test and used in accordance with our privacy policy. If you do not wish to have such data collected or used, do not use the Speedtest products or applications." USER BEWARE!!!

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10/5/17 is awarded Airtel to the fastest data 4g, but what I get result is 0.03 mbps etc etc I dont find to attach a screen shot of my discussion with my FIL

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Good thing to check the connection speed + an app to do so on the wireless networks I`m on. Easy to use with quite a few ads though.

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I saw the complaints of unfairness, scamming, etc. I just ran approx 15 speedtests on 5 sites OTHER than All were the same +/- 10 Mbps (normal). All put me at an average of 60 Mbps download and 5.70 upload.

It should be noted that for an accurate test, you should run it with a wired (ethernet) connection, not over wifi, which can cause extremely varied results.

If you don't trust me, or do your own tests.

Of note is that AT&T is one of the sites that put my speed as almost equal to what speedtest said. They have no financial interest in fudging my data upward--if they were trying to benefit, they'd fudge it downward, and try to convince me to leave my isp.

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I recently detected my internet was very sluggish on my pc, tv and laptop at my home. So I checked and it's telling me I have a download speed of 244 mbps! No freaking way! So I tried another site Measurement Lab which came in at 73 mbps. Which to me sounds more realistic. I'm apt to believe the other reviews here regarding Speedtest's association/involvement with the ISPs.

Tip for consumers: Check other sites as well.

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8/25/16 takes money from ISPs to fake internet speed. My idea broadband connect is having a pathetic 0.2Mbps speed, this useless site is saying that my speed is 2.5Mbps. Even in Playstore this useless service is number one. They might have made 1000s fake reviews in Playstore. Use to get good speed results.

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The results given on this site are in favor of ISP's, incorrect and not consumers. They must be cheating or drowned into corruption with ISP's.

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3/1/16 is a completely scam site, it is faking the internet connection speed. There might be a possible chances of tie up with ISP's. You can check the proofs in the below link

Thank You

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I use several of these Intertnet speed sites and they always always agree including this one.

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COMPLETE B***S***!!!!!! My internet has been running rather slow lately(not just this pc, but all my pc's, in which I have four) so I decided to check to see if it was my pc's some how ( IDK how FOUR PC'S COULD BE SLOW WITH A VIRUSE WHEN I MAINLY ONLY USE 1, and since I only use 1 of my four pc's, the other 3 are pretty much free of cookies and necessary clutter.) I did this by doing one the most efficient test possible. a friend of mine had recently purchased a BRAND NEW PC that he ORDERED from a manufacturer. Yes, that's right, it was NOT off the shelf from Wal-Mart, but ordered with HIS specified hardware to fit his needs. in the end hid pc cost him more than most people make in a month. over $1,500. he received this pc yesterday, and today I had him bring it over. (he was bragging about the fast speed when playing his games. And I'm talking WOW and COD, as well as some new games like GTA 5, that's right GTA5.) they all ran fast at his house and I mean the ONLINE portion of these games. so he brought it over and we hooked it up to my INTERNET. It ran slower than $#*!. and $#*! doesn't run. took just under a minute to load Google's home page. now here is where the fun (and LIES) start. we went to because some techy from Comcast said "SPEEDTEST.NET GIVES ACURATE RESULTS AND IS MY PERSONALL GO TO SITE TO SEE IF MY CONECCTIVITY IS SLOW". so, with me at my pc and my friend at his, we both hit the Begin test button at the same time. 1.first was the Ping test which took a little over 20 seconds to complete. 2.then the download speed (and the point where I knew they where scammers) followed by 3. the upload test. Well, here is what said my results were. 1. for the ping test this website said it took only 5ms. Really? 5ms. REALLY? because we had are $#*!ing stopwatches out (in reality we didn't really have an actual stop watch because where not gym teachers, but the stop watch on are apple iPhones) and it said it took 21.29 seconds for the bar to fill up. next was the download speed and you guys are going to want to read this. according to, MY download speed was an ALIEN 122.2Mbps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I $#*! you $#*!ing not. my friends brand new 1,500 dollar pc was a whopping 89.34Mbps.

Now for those of you who don't know that much about the internet, a ping test is how fast your pc connects the server, (think of the search engines, when you type something in and hit search they comeback with a something like 12,244 pages found in 0.0067 seconds.) so if your pc say WAITING FOR A RESPONSE FROM GOOGLE, it means it hasn't connected yet.

Now the upload speed. some of you might recall seeing commercials or even hearing your IPS talk about the new FIOS connectivity which allows UPTO 50Mbps. this is what big businesses use and is pretty expensive.( I should know as I am shelling out great amount for this on a monthly basis) It is the fastest a consumer(that's me and your) can get. And, as far as I know NO IPS PROVIDES SPEEDS UPTO OR EXCEEDING 100MBPS, SO HOW THE $#*! IS MINE SO $#*!ING HIGH? OH wait, I know, because there $#*!ing lying.

Its like an apple IPHONE. You know when you hop on the web and the iPhone says you have full bars but you can't connect to anything web pages and the few that you are able to connect to take $#*!ING FOREVER. but apple will sit there and say "oh no, no, no, are stuff is top of the line" yea top of the line Bull $#*!.

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Have to use at least once a week and send results in to main office...Love this site..easy to navigate and always and accurate result!!

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the #1 place to check on your internet speed and quality. this site accurately tells you what speeds your actual getting compared to what you are paying for. simple interface and gets the job done. great mobile app too.

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I went to this site at the advice of my tv provider Direct TV (bundled with AT &T internet). They stated my internet speeds were 4.0 and .75 respectively which is simply not true. The worst is about to come, they offered a simple scan to boost my computers speed so I clicked the button it finished the scan and told me to reboot my computer and it hasnt worked since. it says I have a missing dlnet file and won't boot up. Be warned! stay away from this site. Any site that has software that ruins computers should be banned from the internet.

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it is flash based and doesn't work on iOS's also slow to load! is somehow better... since it is html5 based with cool graphic!

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Itested on other sites and got pretty crappy results. So, I called Comcast and said so, they directed me to First thing I told the guy was I noticed that it was testing at a local Comcast site, the site reports where you are sending info. He said he knew nothing about that. I ASK HIM if this was a Comcast site, he said ABSOLUTELY NOT. He then told me he checked my connection and all was in order and I should be at 20mb d/l and 5mb u/l tjhe previous sites said I was at about 5mb d/l and like 4mbu/l.
Low and behold, speedtest,net said I was blazing along at 21.82kbps d/l and 3962kbps u/l.
So, beware would be my suggestion.

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Whenever my internet speed is slow, this is where I go to figure out if it's a local or regional problem.

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All these sites that test your speed are based in some way on command line stuff. SO... lets see if they match up. I have AT&T and they always tell me to use and "See your ping is fine." Theese same techs DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING AT WHEN I SHOW THEM MY TRAPS! reported this.

28ms ping - This is how long it takes 1 packet of information to go fro my computer to that server. 1000ms is 1 second.
17.46 Mb/s Down - This is better than promised. See below.
1.47 Mb/s Up - As promised. See Below.

Depends on the document. A small Word document should only take a 2 or 3 KB, a music track takes about 3Mb and a picture takes less than 1MB on average. Notice the large B... Mb is mega bits, MB is mega bytes. 8 bits to a byte. Do the math.

If you are on a windows machine Click Start then run or in the search box type cmd or cmd.exe and you will get a DOS screen(If you are a LINUX or other OS user... you know all this and I don't know mac at all.). It's a black screen with white letters. Now you can type ping or Iike to add a few flags to it. -t means it will continue to run and -l allows you to set the paket size. So I type ping -t -l 1000. Below are my results. p.s. to stop this CTRL+C.

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>cd..

C:\Documents and Settings>cd..

C:\>ping -t -l 1000

Pinging [] with 1000 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=1000 time=4240ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=50ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=51ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=50ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=4236ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=50ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=4239ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=51ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=50ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=50ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=50ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=1000 time=51ms TTL=49

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 12, Received = 12, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 50ms, Maximum = 4240ms, Average = 1097ms

As you can see 28ms is BULL... here 50ms is the minimum and 4240 is the longest tis test took. THATS OVER 4 SECONDS! Now granted I'm having issues with my line that it's taken them MONTHS to even admit there is a problem, but this I think definitively answers your questions.

Trace Routes are VERY helpful too. Learn your DOS commands. Just google it...

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Always a good site to test speed.

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ISP providers like you to use this speedtest, because it is hopelessly unrealistic.
Thaivisa gave me upload around 100kbps, say 600kbps.
Big difference, and I know speedtest is wrong, as I cannot use my webcam on some sites - too slow for them.

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This site is a scandal. Always, AT&T ask me to test on this site. When I have terribly slow and connections dropping and can't even refresh any page and load just a html site, this would test for 2.3mbps to 2.5mbps. Other site tested my speed as 46kbps to 400kbps. But, this site always give the good result.
This should be scandal for some testing takes as long as 2 minutes and still it says 2.5mbps . May be they are only testing the burst speed ?. But, ISP are using it for their advantage.

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I do a good amount of online gaming and have friends ask me how they can tell if their internet service is good enough for online gaming.

This website allows you to see valuable information like download speed, upload speed and ping. This information will help give you an idea about just what you can expect your internet to do. Or if you just would like to know how good your internet is, run there very easy to use website.

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By far the best, fastest, most reliable website for speed testing and discussing ISP related issues!

692 reviews
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A very pretty interface to display a common basic test we can all use from time to time, locates a suitable server near you (it's smart enough to figure out where you are) and then runs a ping, download speed and upload speed test. Unusually, you can use the same test, at the same site, anywhere in the world.

I'm on a 6Mbit connection in the SF bay area with SBC Global, which is now AT&T but powered by Yahoo!, if you can follow that. So my result, at 5.15Mbit wasn't too shabby and actually not as bad as I'd expected. My upload speed was 630k which is around 100k below optimal. Ping speed was recorded as 17ms.

Over at (, where I usually run this test, the result was exactly the same. Though the interface at is slicker, the speakeasy interface is clearer, less fussy. Other than that, either test is fine.

The first difference with is that if you like, you can see the best broadband speeds from anywhere in the world, and discover that even in the backwoods of eastern Europe they get better DSL speeds than I do here, at the cutting edge of web technology. Oh well. The weather's better here, though.

The second difference, and actually way the most interesting one, I didn't realize until I came back to the site some time later and discovered by idly fiddling with the graphics that you can select any destination in the world to run your speed test to and from. In other words, you can pick, say, Ekaterinburg in Russia (ping 266ms) and run the test from California to there and back. This is very, very cool and my rating went up a point straight away. If you have any geek cred at all you'll be playing with this one for a while.

Also see

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