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16161 Ventura Blvd., Suite C PMB 461
Encino, California, USA
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1 review
8 helpful votes

Why won't you simply honor the numerous requests made by former SodaHeads (like me) to remove our past replies, comments, and other written information from your website ( We shouldn't have to involve attorneys and lawsuits for such simple resolutions. But, I promise you, the lawsuits ARE coming your way (my initial consult with an attorney is this afternoon).

5 reviews
28 helpful votes

SodaHead was a great opinion website, until founders shut down its main features and locked all user accounts. However, Ive recently found an alternative, which Id like to recommend to all ex-SodaHeads. The website is called Stirvox, it has appeared just recently. You can also create free polls there, vote, see overall opinions filtered by various parameters (age, level of income, political views, etc.) and discus the results with the community.
I've tried several alternatives so far, but this one seems really close to what I personally liked in SodaHead. Ive also contacted the guys, who are behind this project, via contact form and they seem really to care about users and to listen to the feedback.
So, just an advice to all ex-SodaHeads: try Stirvox and hopefully our good old SodaHead could rise from the dead in a new form :)
PS You can find Stirvox at SiteJabber (I wrote my review about them). It would be also nice to get your opinion about it, folks.
PPS I would also like to hear if you find a better alternative to SodaHead. Contact me via PM then, please.

1 review
8 helpful votes

The new site sucks and gave no notice of closing down the old. Looking for old RP partners, especially Temlakos or something like that.

7 reviews
78 helpful votes

I wish I could give this site no stars. The moderators were unprofessional, never warned users that they were shutting everyone's accounts down. They never kicked off the trolls and bigots. People were constantly spamming the site with stupid questions just so they could be on top of the leaderboard and banned members kept coming back posting everything from porn to cell phone deal ads. People were constantly being bullied and threatened. The moderators never responded to users for anything. Lots of perverts hitting on young women and minors. I had random users messaging me about how they were in love with me and wanted to meet up. Trolls made duplicate accounts of other users they hated.
Sodahead made it too easy for people to sign up. Many people took advantage of that. From what I heard, you could even make up a fake email address and still be able to sign up successfully. No IP address tracking so people were able to continue to produce accounts.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Sodahead use to be a place I would go to when I was bored it got me through a tough time in my life with all the friends I would talk to but so much crap went on like fighting and online bulling and for me stalkers that would follow me just to attack me on every poll, I been waiting to see if a new site would form like SH bit so far nothing I have seen but as far as SH goes its dead now and im sure it's not going to revive it had its days

5 reviews
12 helpful votes

I used to like SodaHead a lot. It was an interesting and different take on social networking being able to make and vote on various polls and even occasionally discuss them was an awesome premise.

Well, now SodaHead is nothing more than a corporate polling software, where they have locked all the previous accounts on the site so they are there but the users can not access them. I returned to SodaHead earlier this year and was pretty miffed about the changes and the fact that I cannot even delete my old account.

1 review
13 helpful votes

Where have all the SodaHeads that got disconnected gone? Is there another forum or site similar to the old SodaHeads?

I did love SH and jad friends there. Like all sites, it had it's good and bad but overall, was great. Then with no notice, old Pfef sold out, shut everyone except the money people out and it went away with no notice. Personally, I think that was despicable! Would love to find another site like it, hopefully finding some of my friends again. As far as the new SodaHeads? Have absolutely no interest in it.

3 reviews
17 helpful votes

When I first joined Sodahead, it was a great website. Even though the community was full of bigoted conservatives, foolish liberals, religious nuts, no-it-alls and straight $#*!s I liked how you could make polls, groups, vote, debate and all the that cool other stuff. But that all changed this year of June 3rd. They nuked all the accounts and now all we can do is vote on polls:

"We are announcing today that, effective immediately, will no longer support user login, poll creation, commenting and messaging. We will, however, continue to support users ability to vote on editor-created polls. Their reasons cited limited human and financial resources directing them to refocus their service as a distributed polling solution for other online publishers, and disabling their social media services. We ultimately resolved that we cannot do both to ensure our long-term viability, SodaHead needs to focus on furthering its position as a market-leader in distributed polling solutions for online content creators.

They turned to money, blowing us all away. It's suppose be an opinion based website, but you're no longer allowed to put your two cents anymore. This is nothing but a click and vote poll site now. You can't do nothing else. I

1 review
7 helpful votes

All over sudden my account was locked. It was a bit tricky to get even on the site(I had to change my IP) Now I can see that my account is still in place, open for "answers" but closed for me. I dont buy it. Sodahead is a libertarian ultra right wing based discussion forum that found a way to block alternative viewpoints without showing itself as right wing based brainwash pool. So you may watch out using this site.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I thought you had an alright site going on there, then you shut the community straight out without warning. I had a few friends on there as well, only one of them am i still in contact with over steam. Should have given a warning. It's a shame as well since it was a really good site and that, why would you shut everyone up? There is no real reason to even go to that site anymore. Goodluck with pollware or whatever then you sellouts.

Tip for consumers: Just don't, the place is a ghost town now.

1 review
13 helpful votes

The SodaHead administration has since deactivated all the general-public users and severely limited access to its services (mostly to business who seek the PollWare service); but were the website ever to reopen to the general public, I would not reactivate my account, on account of the following:
1) The discussion community was toxic, especially towards liberals. I was insulted for my age, blocked left and right for trite differences of opinion, accused of supporting the "homosexual agenda", accused of abusing drugs, even accused of supporting pedophilia. All because I'm a liberal. Yet I saw more abuse coming from conservative users (one user who consistently slandered homosexuals was deactivated for uploading NAMBLA posters to a poll), more gossip-spreading and more sparking political flame wars on non-political polls.
2) On a similar note, the political polls were often biased and lacked answer buttons for dissenters. For example, a common poll would ask a question such as "Isn't Obama a terrorist?" and all the answer buttons would read thing such as "Yes", "Most certainly!" and "He deserves to be hanged for treason!" without any button for "No" or "Other." If an article came underneath the poll, the article would often contain loaded questions or phrases, or the article would lack credible sources. Some of these polls were written by site administrators themselves, on top of that.
3) The website design was full of glitches and other technical difficulties. It was common for users to find themselves unable to log in, and I remember that the "Happenings" (i.e. notifications) counter would display a number above '0' even if there were no new Happenings.
4) Administrators rarely responded to reports from users, particularly towards the end. If you found a glitch on the website, that glitch would not be repaired. If you reported a user, the user would not be deactivated or suspended. Customer service was not a high priority for the administration.

I believe it goes without saying: if SodaHead ever reopens for the general public, I am not coming back.

2 reviews
18 helpful votes

I was on Sodahead regularly for about 2 years. Christians, and right wing political views were attacked relentlessly. If they could not attack a view you held they would come after typos, spelling, or grammar errors. Sodahead is for left wing nuts who need to fluff each others pride. The moderators are strickly anti-christian, anti-right. I have found a fair and balanced place with google + where im not pentilized for my freedom of expression. I hope this helps the next person out. Dont waste your time with these hate mungers. Sincerely, Peggy

1 review
19 helpful votes

No questions, but will make a comment.

SodaHead was biased in favor of all things liberal, which is the same as anti-American. A great deal of hate and other abuse was allowed from those holding a Leftist agenda.

1 review
17 helpful votes

They could not keep control of the trolls { or they actively allowed them } the mod's were biased..... Twas not what they billed themselves to be...
good ridance to bad rubbish.....

1 review
18 helpful votes

Made millions pitting people against each other, then dumped them all... way to go, Fef! WTG!

1 review
2 helpful votes

SodaHead pivoted to focus on its service solutions for publishers. They dropped support for their community site because they achieved success on their ad-supported polling product Pollware. They already had a SaaS solution for ESPN, FoxNews, Los Angeles Times and other big publishers. Now Pollware will help the small and large publishers alike.

1 review
16 helpful votes

Sodahead is one site everyone should aviod, especially when other sites like Fox News uses their pollware technology. WHY?? because during the early part of June 2015.. Sodahead decided to kick all of their users off the site without warning!. which means, we lost contact with friends, lost messages from friends who have passed away, we can't access our accounts to delete info and what not. AND the sodahead mods still use our accounts for their own personal reasons which isn't right... AND.. the mods are still advertising that they have a sodahead community on their new pollware site homepage.

a sodahead community? NO.. more like sodahead mods who have no lives. who create sock accounts because they are lame people. that's it...

1 review
20 helpful votes

I tried to log in earlier today for the first time in about two months. I had no idea that they had disabled their users. I've been a member since 2008 and have made lots of friends (and probably some enemies) and can't believe that there was no notice or anything. How unprofessional. I can't get on but my profile is still up. I have no desire to connect on Facebook. Thanks Sodahead, how pathetic.

2 reviews
23 helpful votes

I had been referred to sodahead by a friend that said it was a good political site. I had been supporting them everyday for years. I made some really good friends and then without any notice at all they wont allow me or anyone else to be able to log in. Add onto the fact that they are now using all of the profiles that no one can get deleted as sales points and you have the owners of this sorry excuse of an opinion site as they call it. When they tried to send us to a Facebook group when I messaged "Fef" why the @#$%^& blocked me. If they dont delete my profile within a week Ill be exploring legal options. I wonder if its a stretch if you use profiles as people that go to the site for page ranking and profit that goes with it. Sounds like FRAUD but Im not a lawyer.

14 reviews
23 helpful votes

This company has no integrity. They did a whole bunch of people wrong, when they shut down their social media services without advanced warning. If this is how they treat people, who is to say how much worse they will treat a paying business customer.

I own a business and had considered using their polling technology to reach out to my customer base. I just cannot bring myself to trust them or the results of their polls now.

1 review
19 helpful votes

They closed the site to contributing members in early June this year. It is now a polling site run exclusively by the company's staff, using former members ID's and posting as them. Thus their polling results are inaccurate and slanted, not worth investing your time or money on.

2 reviews
37 helpful votes

Three years down the drain, and countless contacts now forever lost. NO ADVANCE NOTICE either!

3 reviews
10 helpful votes

Its been my go to site for 3 years and Ill miss talking to lucy my longest friend on there. We had more than 3000 messages sent back and forth....but now its all gone. $#*! YOU FOR CLOSING. but im glad you lasted as long as you did

1 review
7 helpful votes

I don't understand why they couldn't have continued to offer the original SH site along with this 2015 method of polling. Guess they'll let us know if they ever decide to resurrect the original site.

Tip for consumers: Skip it. The site has morphed into something unrecognizable and doesn't look fun now.

2 reviews
16 helpful votes

The other day Sodahead blocked logins and poll making abilities with no warning. They sent out an email after the fact. There is no point to going here anymore.

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