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Review of RediSetGo

RediSetGo reviews

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47 reviews
Categories: Cooking, Shopping
PO Box 271266
Louisville, CO 80027
Tel: 1-800-725-9740
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47 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

What a joke. After receiving this I am not sure if I want to even try it. In Canada with the so called free shipping I was billed $16.31 for duty and shipping that they do not tell you about(of course when you order you are not talking to a person, whom you could ask questions anyway), Accessories like the scissors are cheaper than a dollar store and were broken with chipping plastic. I may add more if and when I try out this machine if I don't get 3rd degree burns and am able to type again.

Ask Daniel about RediSetGo
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was just about to order this grill whensomething told me to check consumer reviews on this product and I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID.
Needless to say, I did not order product and saved myself a lot of heartache.

Ask Nancy about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Thanks to this (and other) websites that warn of the shameful billing practices of the RediSetGo outfit, the only this I lost was the time used up in watching the
TV marketing commercial.

Avoid them RediSetGo like the plague.

Even the people who go and used it say it's piece of junk.

Ask Able about RediSetGo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Instead of the cost being $39.99 as the TV ad says it was about $110.00. They charge you for every little piece. And confuse you. I ordered from INFOMERCIAL on TV. They try to hook you into a monthly club. I called customer service and said obsoletely not! They were polite.
As far as the 2 cookers go, I live alone and use them constantly. It is a good product. If only they were up front about the cost. I want to buy some of the other cooking pans. After 3 years my standard round pan has become scratched from daily usage. I'm afraid they will overcharge me again. I guess checking it out is the only way to find out.

Ask Catherine about RediSetGo
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am so happy I checked here first ! I too am sick of getting ripped off ! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR REVIEWS !

Ask Penny about RediSetGo
1 review
0 helpful votes

AKA as, Gaiam, Inc. etc...The website is still (7/11/12) misleading and hides details until after the purchase.

I thought I was ordering a set of pans to accompany the new purchase but would seem I joined a "club" to buy 2 pans every other month. The TV infomercial is misleading, and the website is even worse! And on top of that, the product is a piece of junk!

I did everything suggested (used their spatula also) and it scratched after only 2 uses! Man I wish I had researched this one before buying! I have been so happy with purchases online and via TV that I've never had a reason to complain. This company needs to be stopped until it changes; the product, website, S&H, and basically just every thing! I see complaints all over the internet dating current to way back to 2009. I have to waste $50 for S&H and return shipping for a piece of crap product.

I filed a complaint today with the Attorney General Office in Colorado which is where the "home base" is located. I found it interesting that they have no other complaints on file, really? Would seem perhaps? they keep changing names of the company so as to avoid consumers to make a legit complaint"???
Here is the link to file a complaint, O perhaps wait a day or two, and you can just join in with the complaint I filed. I am not sure how it works, as I have never filed one before.

Ask LarryMerry about RediSetGo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Don't order anything from this company. My experience with them was the worst experience anyone could have.

First, a recording takes your order and will add things to your order without you realizing it, and doesn't give you a review or total of your order. I had to take time to call back to ask what exactly they had put on my order and I was told I ordered things that added up to $139. This really upset me so I called them. I was transfered a couple of times and each time, I was on hold for at least 20 - 40 minutes. When I finall spoke to someone I thought could help me, I was again deceived. The individual told me it was too late to stop the shipment; that it was already in processing and they couldn't do anything about it. I told them that they'd better not charge me because I didn't have enough money to cover what I didn't order. They told me all I had to do was to return the box once received.

A big box was received at my apartment complex and I picked it up. I then took it to FedEx to have it returned to sender, but Fedex said they couldn't take it without an account#. I went back home to find the sheet where I scribbled notes and went back to FedEx a few days later. FedEx again would take the box saying they would have to charge me for the shipping; they would not take the box.

I called Redisetgo and a rep told me to take it to the Post Office. On 3/5/12, I took it to the post office. The post office wouldn't take it unless I paid for it. I got a rep from Redisetgo on the line and spent about 20 minutes on the line with them; the Post Office worker even spoke to them, and still the only solution they came up with was that I had to pay for shipping it back to them. I asked the Redisetgo rep to let me speak to a manager and she hung up on me.

At this point my frustration is way high, but I call Redisetgo once again. Keep in mind that it takes a while to get a rep on the line. This other rep stated the same thinng......that I would have to pay for the shipping. I told them that I wouldn't and she said that was up to me and that they were going to charge my account if I didn't send it back. I told her I would dispute it again and that I was also going to write letters to BBB. This review is only the first step because I intend to write to the president of Readysetgo as well as to anyone who will listen and help resolve this matter. I can not seem to get rid of the box.

Another thing: The Redisetgo rep said they'd review their recording, but what a coinsident that they didn't have the recording of my call-back when I asked them to cancel even the small order I had placed. They will keep recordings to their convenience and probably dispose or not even record what they don't want.

Don't order anything from this company! Take my word for'll regret it! I'm not stopping here. No one deserves to go through what I've gone through. I have wasted so much gas on my vehicle going back and forth trying to send this box back to Redisetgo as well as overage on minutes on my cell phone. What this company is doing is taking advantage of people and forcing them to keep products not ordered and it needs to stop.

Ask Diana about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered Redi-Set-Go for my grandchildren who have their own residence and a very busy job! I got it in good time; used it once and it melted! The whole top just melted in its tracks! I called the phone number, reported what happened and they sent me another two! Duh! Okay, I'll try it again; only the knob broke and wouldn't shut off! Then I got notice from my credit card company (they know me well and know I don't go crazy with charges) and found out I'm a member for 'life' in some recipe club, will be receiving extra molded cooking pans you insert and, you got it, it all cost EXTRA! I cancelled EVERYTHING! Ask them to credit my account because my card company wouldn't be paying them! Hah!
That was a year ago; I haven't heard from them since; I finally paid off my credit card this year! So now I have three, count them, THREE Redisetgo failures and am afraid to even open the fourth one. NO, don't let them suck you in, it's a rotten product and stinks up everything you try to cook!

Ask Sharon about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Too bad these people are going for the fast buck. I was completely sold on the t.v. product examples. As a single person it looked exactly like what I was looking for. It really had a lot of good things going for it (energy savings). So, I guess they have tricked themselves out of a great business. Too bad for me - too bad for them.

Ask Janet about RediSetGo
1 review
2 helpful votes

go to to get one. Only $28.05 and free shipping with any order over $25 Got mine from this web site. No hassels and no hidden prices.

Ask Helen about RediSetGo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Thank you for all your input on the redesetgo grill. I was all ready to order the buy one get one free but pay extra shipping. Then I read the reviews all of you fine folks decided to share with the world. I have gotten into too many of these situations in the past when ordering online and getting way more in the way of paying out of pocket than I bargined for. I will be very cautious and check site jabber from now on before making any more mistakes. Thanks So Much!!!!!

Ask Mars about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had the original and I must say I did and do enjoy using it. Therefore I ordered the one with the timer. I followed the directions absolutely and everything sticks. The original did not. I am very dissapointed.

Ask Roann about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

I tried to order this item from the info mercial and the lady that I was talking to was very rude, tried to get me to buy other items that I didn't want. She wouldn't take "NO" for an answer. I did not get to the point of giving her my credit card no. By that time I was thouroghly disgusted and just hung up the phone. That was the end of it!

Ask Frances about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

I too have been scammed with a product that does not hold a fair amount of food to be cooked and the billing has add on's that I was not told about and I will attempt to return it immediately. It has ruined the reputation of many good products to be ordered on-line as you never know what you are getting into. Jean

Ask jean about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Avertisement and commerical is not true.I ordered the redi grill and recieved a second one free, just pay shipping. What good is the second grill with no attatchments. I call customer service and they said the second grill does not come with the free attatchments. They must be purchased extra. They do not disclose this in their ad. I would not order this product. Very rude customer assistance personal. In my opinion it is a wast of time and money.

Ask Jim about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

My first dealing with an infomertial and it was BAD! First thing they great you with is wanting to know your credit card number. (Alarms should have gone off!!!) My mistake! Continued to push for more sales, no person, could not cancel my order! Next thing I heard, your approved and your order is on its way! No amount given! No date given! Customer service is the webpage or another sales phone automation! What a joke. I can only imagine what the product must be like!

Ask Debra about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

I would have been flim flammed if I had not read this site. I never purchase anything through a tv infomercial, but the Redisetgo grill sounded so marvelous I was about to give them my credit card. Thank you so much for providing the truth about this miserable company! Elizabeth Warren should put them first on her list of crooked corporations!

Ask keith about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Wish I had read it before attempting to order.

Ask Dale about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was about to order this Redisetgo item but thought something did not smell right so I checked. Thank you all for your feedback.

Ask Yvonne about RediSetGo
1 review
1 helpful vote

If I had reviewed this item on computer first, I probably would have hesitated from purchasing. I ordered two. They did not send everything as promised, overcharged on the shipping and handling. I had to argue to get the inserts. Found the company representatives to be extremely rude. I have been doing on-line shopping for years and this is my first experience that makes me afraid to continue this practice.

Ask Patty about RediSetGo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Thanks to all of you for being so honest. I just changed my mind about ordering this.

Ask Debbie about RediSetGo
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered off the TV, got the two cookers and accesories in a reasonable time and was not charged beyond what the commercial said.
I have ventured out of my comfort zone in trying new things on it and for the most part they are great. Any mistakes are probably my lack of knowing how much to cook at a time. The steaks and hamburgers are delicious as stated.
Customer service has been very good up to this point.

Ask Sandra about RediSetGo
1 review
2 helpful votes

I wish I had seen this site before I bought the (what ever they call them) cookers, grillers, they work nothing like on TV, I have used it 3 times and it burned the food every time. I tried to order online and it wouldn't go thru, so called and ordered over the phone. The next day i changed my mind and called them and they said they were sending me 2 sets. I said I didn't order 2 sets and the person that you talk to is very snotty, and won't listen to a thing, I told her I never completed the online order and she said yes you did, I said if you send 2 sets I will call and stop payment. She said we are sending them out today, I told her again I didn't order 2 sets. Finally after 5 minutes, she finally said they would send only one set. It was supposed to cost $39 for 2 of them plus shipping of $39.00 And when they arrived they had a bill for $99.00. I called back and it was the same snippy woman who wouldn't listen to a thing I said. I am disgusted with them and would never order anything again.

Ask Lois about RediSetGo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Wow! I am so glad I checked out this website. I could have wasted a lot of money. Thanks for helping me avoid a big mistake. With the economy the way it is, websites like this are a blessing.

Ask Doris about RediSetGo
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have the same problem I got my product yesterday and I was charged $110 Dlls. When it was advertise for 39.99 in the tv. I can't believe how can they go this to a customer. This is a bad experience to me, why is this happening to all of us, but we have to take a legal action in this case

Ask jose about RediSetGo

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