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Motorcycle-Superstore reviews

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27 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered an FMF 4.1 complete Exhaust system, not cheap by any means. I paid close to $700.00 for it and received free shipping. Two days later I get an Email that another FMF exhaust system has shipped? They accidentally charged me $1500 dollars for two exhaust systems. Wiped out my checking account. It was close to sept. 1 2016, that meant bills are due. I called and spoke to every supervisor I could, some never called me back. I had to wait for them to turn the shipment around and for them to receive the parts back before I was refunded my money. Because of there mistake I was with out the money for almost a week. They did nothing to refund the overdraft fee they caused. I'm still fighting to get it.

Ask Rob about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
1 helpful vote

Just ordered a helmet to Canada and season is almost over. expected arrival was a week 30/09 and still hasn't complete my process order... which means by the time it ship, stay at customs, pay extra the riding season will be over.

Ask Todd about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
1 helpful vote

If you think your getting any order from motorcycle superstore on time to what they say on website when ordering your wrong. I just ordered some gloves on monday its saturday they just shipped them 6 days to process totaly unaceptable they said three days never again

Ask Got about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
1 helpful vote

Where's a supervisor. He/she doesn't know how to dial a phone number Pretty pitiful

Ask Jack about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
0 helpful votes

If I click my heels together can you give me a supervisor on the line please? What an awful hot mess the customer service is at this store, that being the motorcycle superstore. I tried five times to have an email sent to me to recover a password. SO after trying to get this resolved I finally just started a new account, then I tried to get customer service to move all of my old orders and rider rewards over to the new account. They said oh you need your password reset, so they sent me a reset for the new account that I was logged into during the chat conversation. Strike 1
They then proceeded to tell me they could not move things between accounts and would have to escalate the matter. I asked for a supervisor and was deflected again and again as I asked to speak to a supervisor. I actually have the chat where I asked 3 times for an escalation and was finally told they can't do that on chat. Strike 2
Then I called, and guess what, no supervisors there either, how odd....... No supervisors of any kind in customer service. Amazing!
So after wasting hours with this sillier than most issues I finally told them to cance my order and I would be glad to move to another store. So instead of helping me they said "well, we want your business" again I asked to speak to a supervisor. Strike 3
I AM NOW ORDERING FROM ANOTHER DEALER, sorry no supervisors here!

Ask Betty about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
0 helpful votes

As a follow up to an earlier review, it has now been 3 weeks and still no helmet. It was supposed to have shipped to me (from Their inventory ) 3 weeks ago.
Now they say that it's a problem with their supplier.

So, it came to six weeks. They said they were shipping the helmet OVERNIGHT.... It NEVER CAME.
After nearly 2 months of lies, one of their people confessed that they NEVER had the helmet.... I cancelled the order and I bought it elsewhere, and had it in 2 days....

Ask Timothy about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
1 helpful vote

Absolutely the worst place to order from in every aspect

Ask Kyle about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
0 helpful votes

Because MS did not honor my simple request to call the manufacturer to ensure I get a fresh motorcycle tire, I cancelled my order and asked for a refund. I can go to a dealer here in San Antonio and get a fresh tire. All I have to do is ask.

There is this thing called the telephone. They refused to use it to talk to people at the manufacturer to relay a reasonable customer request often made regarding motorcycle tires. Instead, they lectured me about shelf life and warranty. Making that call would have taken less time and would have been far better for customer relations.

Ed Goldner

Ask Ed about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of chaps and I am very disappointed in the product. Every time I put these things on, I get exponentially more irritated and frustrated. I'm very short, so when I received them, the first thing I did was get them shortened. Once I started wearing them, I noticed that the prong on the belt buckle is put on upside down. This makes the prong stick up and out instead of sitting flush with the buckle. It gets caught on everything! Ive had 2 shirts ruined so far wearing these stupid things. For $200, I would expect the manufacturer to be able to properly put together a belt! I am a very, very unhappy customer.Terrible product that angers me at least twice a week.

Ask Melissa about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have an order in , The add says 3 days shipping on over $$ items ,, Mine's well over that NO response about order / 8 days and no delivery , It's a shame up until now I thought this was a good place to shop ,, ?? Did someone new take over

Ask Jim about Motorcycle-Superstore
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Had the worst customer service. Canceled order and a nightmare to get credited back. Will not order from motorcycle superstore 3/13/16

Ask AD about Motorcycle-Superstore
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

They had the jacket, sprockets, and tires I wanted and great prices. I read all the horrible reviews from here and saw that many of them didn't add up. I also know that most people only like to write reviews when they have a BAD experience. I gave them a shot, and my items shipped quickly.I placed my order 10/27 around 9pm and got my items 10/30 around 2pm. Nicely packaged and in 100% when FedEx dropped them off. Came ALOT faster than I thought.....according to reviews. If your on the fence, I say go for it. My experience was fantastic. Hopefully hundreds more have had an experience like mine and will post reviews. So many bad things said about this site, but my guess is if it was that bad, they would not still be in business.

Ask Paul about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
2 helpful votes

I recently purchased some products from Motorcycle Superstore. I was very displeased with one product in particular (Troy Lee Designs 3600 compression short). Motorcycle Superstore was/is very accommodating about accepting a return as long as I pay return shipping. That seems like an industry standard, so good for them. I wrote a review of the shorts and it was negative but honest. Surprisingly I had to write the review six (6) times before the site accepted it. Very strange, but okay I had my say and hopefully saved someone else from making a poor purchase. The next day I checked to see if my review was there and low and behold no reviews. I thought something was odd so I started checking other reviews about other products. Do you know that after two hours of reading reviews I was unable to find even one dissatisfied customer or one bad review? This company is amazing!!!! everything they sell is great and loved by all!!!!! yeah right....sounds a little fishy right? I won't do business with this company any more for two reasons. 1. There are too many other motorcycle supply houses that can match anything motorcycle superstore can sell, both with price and service. 2. I don't trust any company after I find them being dis-honest, and as far as that goes, no-one is perfect...not even Motorcycle-Superstore.

Ask James about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered motorcycle boots and jerseys, they sent to wrong address, now they tell me its my fault. The house delivered to was not even close to my house number. They tell me I have to track it down and if i can't well too bad. They will do nothing about it. UPS informed me where it was and confirmed it was an error. The worst service I have ever received. I am truly shocked at their treatment and lack of concern for good money spent. I guess they received their money so they no longer care about the customer. Then theyadvise me that if i cannot retrieve my package from the person who has it. I should charge her with theft and call the police. Unbelievable. Never shop from them again.

Ask Donna about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
1 helpful vote

Placed order for 2 tires, here we are 14 days later... Called and spoke to Kelly, answer I got was "well those are popular tires" I explained that web site said they were available and were to be shipped in 1-3 days as I need to mount them on my shovel head for the ride to Myrtle Beach which now is the day after tomorrow... "Their on the truck", no apology, no conversation to make it right, nothing... My fault for ordering from them I guess. Lesson learned, support your local indy dealer from now on. Semper Fi !

Tip for consumers: Don't make the same mistake...

Ask Damien about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
5 helpful votes

Ordered five items, all in stock. Only received two items. Try and write a negative review on Superstore site and the review will be deleted immediately .

Ask p about Motorcycle-Superstore
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Paid for second day air shipping so I could have my gear for this weekends ride. Gear didn't ship til Friday. NEVER AGAIN WULL I BUY FROM THIS TERRIBLE BUSINESS.


Ask David about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
2 helpful votes

Terrible service. Lied to multiple times. They just don't care. Said they shipped my order that I paid for with paypal as soon as the order was placed. Items never arrived. Contacting customer service is a joke. They finally sent an email that they shipped my order a week and a half after it was ordered and a week after they told me it was to arrive. I'm waiting to see if it actually shows up. Last time I order from them, there are too many other sources that are honest and actually care about the customer.

Ask Mickey about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
3 helpful votes

Have been on hold now for 10 minutes trying to correct an order. My 4th call, they did not include a part in my order and told me since they are a reseller they can do nothing for me. I asked to speak to a manager and am still waiting. I will not do business with them again, there is no customer service, only operators. very disappointed!!!

Ask H about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
4 helpful votes


Motorcycle Superstore is a shady business.

Worst customer service ever, Breann (ext 3411) livechat rep is worthless as is Jason (ext 3422).

Basically I ordered a battery with a free battery charger as part of the promo. They sent the wrong item and forgot to include the battery charger. I called and they blamed me, blamed their vendor for sending the wrong item, then said the battery charger was not compatible with said battery which is a blatant LIE.

I left a message for Motorcycle Superstore, CEO, Don Becklin, but to no avail. From the insights I've gathered regarding their company they have a "do it my way" approach from upper management so it's no wonder their lower level customer service is worst in the industry.

I would order motorcycle parts at or Amazon.

Ask Don about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
4 helpful votes

I am always skeptical when ordering online but have always had good luck until now! Dealing with Motorcycle Superstore has been a disaster. To make a long story short, my order was shipped incorrectly twice, causing overdraft fees at my bank due to getting billed as the product was en route back to the store. I called multiuple times only to be blown off. I recieved nothing for the hassles of going to ship the product back TWICE, having $28 in OD fees and wasting lots of my valuable time! BEWARE

Ask Brent about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered two(2) motorcycle tires and only received front tire. I called to ask and they said it would take 5 business days for a trace and after that was complete they might refund my money for back tire. They said they will not send a rear tire even if trace comes back in my favor, I will have to re-order!

Ask Jerry about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
4 helpful votes

Purchased two motorcycle tires from said company on Dec 12,2012. On April 3, 20013, rear tire went flat. Repair shop installed new tube and made me aware of a blister on the inside of tire. On April 12,2013 the same tire blew out. Contacted Motorcycle Superstore and emailed photos of tire showing defected tire. After shipping tire back to Motorcycle Superstore and after two months,I was told on June 17 2013 that the tire blew out because of "low air pressure" and they will not guarantee it. .They only responded after numerous phone calls made by me. The tire was shipped back to me, but it WASNT my tire.

Ask dave about Motorcycle-Superstore
3 reviews
13 helpful votes

I ordered a front tire from them. Tire arrived in plastic bag & left it in bag until i brought my bike to have tire put on. When tire was removed from pkg, it was noticed to be covered with some white crap which installer said he never saw anything like it before but it will probably wash off w/good tire cleaner.Eight hours of scrubbing and 6 different tire cleaners later and then a power-wash @ car wash failed to remove crap. A series of calls and online chats to MS about the issue gleaned them telling me to send pics of tire and I did so. The response I got was to go wash tire @ car wash even tho I told them I already tried that. They refused to tell me where they got tire from (their supplier) so I could not exercise warranty. Refused to give me any money back for my troubles, told me returning the tire will get me another tire in same condition or worse and told me I was on my own as far as paying to have tire removed to return it to them as well as original installation fees.

Ask Mike about Motorcycle-Superstore
1 review
3 helpful votes

Be VERY careful before ordering from Motorcycle Superstore! I ordered a rain suit, paid for overnight delivery and never received the suit. No email, no warning - just no delivery. Five days later, I called, they told me the item was "available" but not in stock - despite the promise of 24 hour delivery at an extra charge. No apology, no offer to correct - just my tough luck. I will never do business with them again.

Ask Doug about Motorcycle-Superstore

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