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1 review
1 helpful vote

If you are looking for a job, go to Craigslist. There might be fewer interesting jobs, but at least you know they are CURRENT jobs. Indeed just recycles their old jobs over and over and over as new jobs. If you don't visit the site often, you might think, wow, look at all these jobs that match my skills! Wrong. If you have been looking for months and visit the site on a regular basis, you catch on to the ploy real fast. Call some of the companies directly and do some research if you don't believe me. One company said they hadn't been hiring for a manger for 6 months-a job that was posted as NEW on Indeed. That's how they can claim they are "the number one job site".

1 review
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They eat all the money without prior authorization. Very disappointment with this, they just need money but no service. Does not deserve a single star.

1 review
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I posted a job listing for an English Language teacher and Indeed refused to post the job because I required the applications speak English for an English Language teacher position!
Indeed did not notify us that the job posting has an issue! I had to personally call and find out what was wrong. We have used the same job description and requirements for the past two years.
Since Indeed charges per applicant it is a waste of time and money to have someone apply that does not meet the minimum qualification. In the past we have had numerous applicants that did not meet the minimum qualifications, so we set up questions to make sure we are receiving the right candidates. Indeed still lets people submit their resumes if they are not qualified for the position wasting the time of the applicant and the employer.

1 review
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Indeed have suspended my account. I emailed them and received a reply saying they have looked into it and the account will remain suspended and no further correspondence will be entered into. No reason given. I have been using Indeed for many years and all of a sudden I am blocked from contacting people who are looking for employment and I am trying to assist them. Indeed you won't even communicate with me as to what the problem is!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

My account was disabled and I had sent all relevant scanned documents and spoke to an advisor he was very helpful . My account was reopened but after a while disabled again. Can someone please help me im loosing out on buisness :(

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I want to thank indeed. At first I thought it was like all the other apps I've tried. all I ever got was what jobs they had and how many applied but never got a response back from any employer. Funny thing is I had a account with indeed for over a year kept ignoring it since I had issues with all the others I figured it would be the same. Well I was wrong bored one day and stress because I had quit my job two weeks back i got on started searchingfor job hit the apply with resume and wala!! Lol it was done for me it was to easy I didn't think it would work. But it does truly work I got 4 interviews and landed a job woo-hoo I am so thankful that I had my children sign up and now my daughter has a few interviews set up. So people believe that indeed jobs can help find you a good job in any field. So go for it!! You won't regret it. :)

1 review
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Writing a follow up...
I have been given a workaround solution to try and my issue was handled promptly by Indeed. So I am going to give it a try and see how it goes.

I have been using Indeed for a while now (>1 year). The resumes I get are 95% from third party candidates with a questionable work experience. I clearly mention in my every job posting that it's for direct candidates only but still couldn't control the spam or irrelevant applications I am getting (plus being charged if you sponsor) and Indeed is doing nothing about this after repeated complaints. They want to send me those applications/candidates to take a look. But unfortunately there are ten's if not hundred's of those for each one of my job posting and am not interested to dispute each one of them and get in to email conversation which can be monotonous.

It's becoming a big headache and concerns me about the morality of the applicants.

I more than wish that something can be done here to make recruiters work more productive or at least make their life easy.

Thank you!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I recently reviewed a former employer. My review never showed upon their site. I had heard that the HR manager from said employer was on the phone with INDEED trying to find out how to remove bad reviews. Apparently he figured it out.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Updated review: I was unhappy because I was blocked from contacting candidates for a job I am hiring for. But since posting this review the Indeed customer service team resubmitted an appeal for me on my behalf. Indeed resolved my issue and has agreed to let me contact again while being careful to follow their guidelines. I do think that indeed is a good source for candidates, there are many to choose from and I am really happy to be able to use it again.

Previous review: As an employer seeking candidates I paid $1 per contact. I contacted several candidates and gave them the job description we are looking for. 2 days later I try to contact one of my candidates and indeed says I am blocked. They give you an option to appeal their blocking. So in the comments I explain that I am appealing because I don't think I was rightfully blocked. I still have no idea what I did that was wrong. This is the response they send:

Indeed (Indeed for Employers)
May 4, 5:11 PM CDT

Thank you for taking the time to go through our appeal process. We review all accounts to ensure our job seekers have the best experience.

We have reviewed your account and will not be lifting the suspension for Indeed Resume. Suspension of your ability to contact job seekers has no effect on your ability to post or sponsor jobs on Indeed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may...

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I like how Indeed pulls job listings from all over the internet, has useful advanced search features, and most jobs can be applied to quickly. I still do see a lot of irrelevant jobs in my search results though.

Also, Indeed has been having bugs recently where it said I didn't finish my applications even though I received confirmation emails that they were submitted. It also said that no one else applied to those jobs, even though it had been a few days since they were posted. The previous applicants probably had the same issue I had. I tried to submit feedback to them on this, but I couldn't find a way. It didn't seem like that feature was available.

1 review
4 helpful votes

i thought I was paying $18 a month.. Not$18 a day!!!!no results... Terrible... No Filter.. No experience!!!!

1 review
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I am a job seeker. I just received an email from Indeed sending me job possibilities. The email is titled, "6 new health promotion jobs in NC." Great--that's what I'm seeking: a new job in health promotion. Here are my job leads:
1. Linen Attendant
2. Personal Shopper
3. Cake Decorator in Raleigh
4. Cake Decorator in Wilmington
5. Clinical Nurse
6. Staff Nurse
7. Lead Stock Clerk
8. Health Coach Consultant, RN
9. Run a Campaign Office to Defend Civil Liberties
10. In-home Sales Consultant

Numbers 5,6, and 8 would be close--except that i am not a nurse.

If these are the top "matches," they are so far from the target that there is no reason to click for more. If there really ARE no matches, I would prefer an email that says "no matches found" rather than sending me jobs for decorating cakes, stocking shelves, or working in a laundry. Really???

1 review
1 helpful vote

Best outsourcing concern gives best consultants to the clients. clients are very much satisfied with the consultants as we give only the best resource in the market.

58 reviews
159 helpful votes

Don't get me wrong, I use Indeed to look for work and it's free for me. Therefore, I don't want anyone to think that I'm being harsh because I expect too much. However, since it functions as a platform for work, it could use some improvement. I like how simple the interface is, but again, it's difficult to look for what you need when you actually need something specific.

Problem 1: While some of this may be the fault of employers/recruiters, it would be nice for Indeed to add the functionality: attachments. Since I see posts with absolutely no contact email, it's impossible to do what they ask: attach a PDF or attach a manual/custom cover letter. They also ask for a portfolio link for art/design, which can be added to your Indeed or custom resume, but it doesn't ensure that the employer will actually check it from there.

Problem 2: Please, please, PLEASE allow people to sort or unsort "external" jobs. It's really frustrating to click on jobs and they lead to an external website where it requires you to make ANOTHER account just to apply for a job that you may not even get! Which means you'd be inputting personal information for nothing! Honestly, having external links is a bit misleading because you assume that you're applying from Indeed.

Problem 3: PLEASE, please, please make an option for employers to separate their skills requirements. This is a fault of recruiters. Many of them hire base on hiring you to do more than one thing and still give you one job's compensation. For example, if you are an IT, they would expect a requirement to be web development. If you're a graphic designer, they expect you to know video editing. Please, people, no one knows everything and these types of posts are the reason why people have problems finding work., please allow anyone to sort out these types of work somehow.

Other than these issues, is a decent platform/website for both sides (employer and job seekers). Again, since it's free, I don't want to sound demanding, but at the same time, I hope my suggestions improve the way the website works.

Update: 04/17/17

Indeed contacted me through message and suggested an advanced search that seemed promising, however, after some attempts, it wasn't very useful. With the specifications I used, I ended up with a result of 1 job that wasn't even in my area (which was strange).

I also recently spoke to someone I know who also have been using for almost six months. I have been using it for five months. Neither of us have gotten replies from any employers/recruiters. The only ONE single reply I did receive was from a company that denied me anyway, saying I wasn't qualified, although I met all their qualifications, requirements and skills they stated in their post with actual portfolio work and experience to prove it. I honestly feel like I waste so much time here. I received more replies on Craigslist with actual jobs, which is strange because Craigslist is meant to be more suspicious. Nevertheless, I feel like I'm giving my data away for nothing. My experience has made me feel great discouragement.

Again,'s website is fine on its own but the overall experience of finding work, or maybe even posting jobs, it seems to be need a lot of improvement.

1 review
2 helpful votes

To be clear, my issue isn't with customer service. I don't want them get in trouble as they were just relaying the completely ridiculous rulings of your incompetent review team who apparently never have to explain their decisions to anyone and can arbitrarily deny and pass accounts at a whim.

It's amazing because for the two days it worked I loved your site. It was clear, concise, simple, and I was able to review many qualified candidates. I was even considering sponsoring my ads so I could get more exposure.

How you can take a superb interface like that and absolutely demolish it with an arbitrary, incomprehensible, frustrating, and insulting review process is beyond me. Usually customer service is the one thing tech companies get right because it's beyond easy.

To be clear, I run a start up marketing firm. I am a registered business. I have a registered domain. I have real clients with real work that needs doing. I have real money that I am going to use to pay real workers to finish that work. I called indeed customer service seven times throughout 5 days.

The first person told me that I needed to provide proof that my business is registered. I said fine, then the next day I sent it over. Then a different person tells me that I need to resend it because it's too big, so I do. She says its fine, that everything should go through smoothly now. Shen then asks me a series of questions about my business, what I'm looking for, and what type of background checks I would potentially be performing. I answer every question, and she is content. I wait another day, I try to call this lady back but I'm told shes busy.

Then i get an email saying that my account has been rejected again. Why? Because the business registration, the thing the government looks at to confirm if a business exists, is not good enough. The person who told me all I needed was a business registration either lied, or was incompetent.

So I explain that as a start up, working as a sole proprietor from home, I have no utility bills in the name of my business. The very nature of small scale marketing consultation and development is remote. You don't need an office to design copy and signage.

The person says they understand, they agree with me, but the review team has decided that I am not a real business even though i provided a business registration, which they have not asserted is false.

So, I ask to speak to a manager. I get directed to * after an even longer wait. I explain everything in depth to *. I explain what my business is, I explain that I'm willing to provide a drivers licence, and a social security number on top of my business registration to prove my identity. * agrees with me that this is ridiculous, and says he will fight for me by going directly to the review team and having them look at my account for what must be the fourth time.

I wait an hour, and call back. The review team has rejected me again. Why? Because my start up business is not three months old.

So lets get this straight. First guy shuts down my account after I post my ad, never telling me why until I call. I call, the guys says I need a business registration. I provide the business registration. I am rejected. I call back a day later and am told that I need a utility bill. I explain that I am working from home. I am asked a set of questions. I answer those questions. I am told it will be reviewed again. I wait. I am rejected again. I call back and speak to the manager. I am told that I need a utility bill, a website, a business address, and need to wait three months and I still might not be approved by your moronic review process.

Heres my question. Why not tell me all these useless, incoherent, arbitrary, made up requirements before I posted my job and I wasted a week fighting with you guys?

You couldn't I'm guessing because I don't think you follow a set of rules, I think you make it up as you go along, and someone decided that they didn't want to approve my account for whatever reason, and thats that.

I don't even know if I'd bother applying again in three months because nobody knows if your review team will be in a good mood that day or not.

You led me on for a week. I did everything you asked, I called back numerous times, I was patient, I was understanding. And this is what I get.

Indeed is a great job board. Probably the best. But you have by far the worst review team I have ever experienced in any field.

Dishonest, incompetent, and above all a massive waste of my time and resources. I would never recommend indeed to any small business owner or start up as you seem to be hostile to them on a bureaucratic level.

Heres a tip, you're a massive company. Streamline your process so that you have a clear set of guidelines for each and every job poster, not just buried in a massive legal disclaimer, and have your review team follow that rulebook without making decisions just because they feel like it.

Have the job poster know the requirements, have the review team check those requirements and approve or reject an account based on those clearly stated requirements. Simple.

I'd expect this from a third rate site, not the largest Job Board in the world.

Well thats it. I need to somehow make up for a weeks work of recruiting that I wasted hanging on to you people. I guess I should have known that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

*Personal information redacted by admin

1 review
0 helpful votes

After spending 7 hours completing a applications which I saved after each section, I submitted it, then get an email back from Indeed to "Due to technical issue we were not able to send your application, please re-submit" I click on link to re-submit and my application has been erased!!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

I posted a job with indeed. Somehow, I have no idea how, They have taken 1700. out of our account since Feb. I called and they said oh you sponsored a job. I never signed up for this service. When I posted it was free. I thought it strange that they asked for my credit card. I got a call from some girl saying she was our account manager and if we had questions ask her. I said I don't know what you are talking about. We then found the charges. I called her back and she was laughing saying we signed up and had to pay and nothing could be done. I tried to take my cc info off the site and guess what... you can't! I had to call my bank and tell them and report my cc stolen. 1700. no one ever applied and the ones that I got were over a year ago still the same. Not even hairstylist , this is a scam . They tell you we have no control who applies. Seriously, thieves.If you own a Fantastic Sams stay away at all cost!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Indeed is violating antitrust laws by sending candidates to the wrong jobs intentionally They are competing with employers and staffing companies
class action Law suits

1 review
0 helpful votes

I would like to get sponsorship job from canada or australia, How will I search from Indeed job portal?

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have even worked with Indeed customer support and even the most specific of job searches (even using quotations and the Advanced search tool) returned results that had nothing to do with what I was looking for. They kept saying my terms were too "broad". They even did a search for me and the results were still not relevant to what I was looking for. This is the worse job-seeking site I have ever used.

Tip for consumers: Avoid. Use sites specific to your field.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This is my second go with I was told that my ad's would be free and was under the impression they were. I sponsored ad's for 3 days and was invoiced and paid for these 3 days which totaled $60. Then I get a $500 charge at the end of the same month! Second go around, I am under the impression I am once again signing up for free ad's and come to find out I am charged $19 to $25 DAILY per ad. I am billed $1,000+ for 4 days of Ads. I even spoke with a representative about how I posted FREE Ad's and would consider sponsoring in a few weeks, and now I am charged $1000 for 4 days of Ads. How ridiculous - I do not recommend! The website is completely misleading and does not explain how it Defaults to Sponsored ad's on a daily basis. As a small business owner, this type of misinformation and confusion is costing my business BIG TIME.

7 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy and useful the Indeed site is. My husband has been using it for quite some time, and I decided to give it a try. It's so easy to see exactly what is available in my area, how much it pays, the requirements, etc. Easy, no muss, no frills - just the information you need.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Thank you Indeed for forwarding my C V & Cover Letter to an Employeer,I went for the Interview got the job started the next day after putting in thousands of applications in for the same type of job but to different employers always went for the Interview but never heard back or I was not a good fit. But thanks to Indeed I'm so happy I just can't thank you enough you have made this year a very awesome one thank you

1 review
0 helpful votes

I had several interviews by employees through Indeed. Finally got a job offer. Thanks indeed. I would recommend this to others seeking employment.

1 review
5 helpful votes


I use to be able to access professional resumes for free on indeed, but now I have to pay $1 per resume that I want to contact? thats really expensive considering that a lot of times you dont hear back from individuals that you contact!

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