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1 review
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DD, search absolutely sucks $#*!ing $#*!. Nothing but $#*!ing ad sites. Stick your $#*!ing search engine up your $#*! sucking ass, mother$#*!er...

1 review
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I do not care about privacy, i care about having less oriented proposition to my query LOLOLOL
google is biased in politic, global warming (lot of site non scientific and pro AGW ) or explicit sex language
make some test yourself

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DuckDuckGo promises a safer search engine for those privacy-minded web users that dislike the idea of advertisers having access to their personal information. While there are no guarantees when it comes to online services, DuckDuckGo has certainly made strides to educate their users in how to keep their online presence private from prying eyes by providing resources that teach you how to opt-out of privacy-violating tracking.

The search results on DDG are constantly improving. Most of the time I am able to find the resources I am looking for. Very rarely I will resort to checking Google's results to see if I can find what I am looking for. Would definitely recommend to someone looking for an alternative since Google seems to be becoming more and more an advertising company rather than a search provider.

1 review
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I have used DDG to search online for purchases because I believed the non-tracking PR. Whoa! All of sudden on the one site I have white listed from adblock plus, the results of my online purchase searches appear on that website!!! Disgusted.

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In all honesty DDG is a pain in the arse, i have to use add ons for mozilla fire fox YARP and Element Hiding Helper for AD Block Plus to block and remove all the pop up notification $#*!, and other garbage pop ups DDG keep persisting with that i dont want to see. you need to install and use different Add Ons to make DDG more user friendly, and that should never be the case.

DDG Search Box is a pain in the arse. When you Type a Search Word DDG automatically change your search to some other word. Ive found if you remove your mouse pointer away from the search box its not as bad,

Duck duck Go is an alternative to Google & other Dodgy search engines, but DDG has alot of issues, its Annoying in simple terms, but it doesnt track you
worth no more than a 2 star rating because its a 2 star search engine if it didnt contain all the spamware, POP UP junk!, DDG would be a few stars higher.

DDG is all about Advertising Revenue and it shows. Its a decent Serach engine but a pain in the arse to use.

You cannot Contact DDG by phone or Email, you will see a message telling you they are too busy to bother with emails etc, lack of feedback is an issue.

I prefer Start Page, it isnt any better than DDG but it isnt a pain in the arse to use and doesnt spam you with pop up notifications and other bull$#*!.

Overall i use DDG and Start Page, Never Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the dodgy search engines, If Popus and Spam dont bother you, DDG is fine.

1 review
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1 review
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I found out that DuckDuckGo used to set a tracking cookie, even though they claimed they didn't. (!) Back then, I used DuckDuckGo as my default search engine believing I was totally safe. Now I hate them more than Google, at least with Google you know what you're getting yourself into. You can read all about it here: I would switch to secure search engines like ixquick, searx or Startpage.

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Just as often as not when I want to see a geographical location--i.e., a map--this inept would-be search tool offers nothing but articles or images with no map option. Simply put, literally half my searches for locations end in Google. Why bother. Much like the false hype of Apple.

3 reviews
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Accidentally bumped into this search engine while using one of the known browsers. Seems to work well, but I dont really get the point of actually using this.

5 reviews
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You want to know why the bad reviews you see here? It is very easy to understand last year in june 2015 DDG exceeded 10 million searches in a day. Google and some of the others are seeing that as taking a cut of their profits from selling you out for cash By all means feed the machine Google didn't get where they are from allowing others to cut into their profits. Even though they are small in comparison to Google they provide a vastly superior service for FREE they don't sell you out track you or abuse power. Out of the bad reviews I really can't put any stock in any of them. Hi jacking your what a joke DDG don't install anything on your end. It is a link in your browser and that is all. I run a good AV and it SAYS that DDG is not tracking you and it is a Premium AV and rated among the BEST. Google that is a different story I get several tracking responses there. As well as yahoo, Bing, and most the others as well. Can't uninstall another joke of a remark a 3 year old could uninstall it is so easy! I personally feel they are paid spammers just like AVAST I think they are in bed with the completion. By their own admission on their forums they said they have found nothing wrong with DDG but yet they recommend changing your search engine because it might not be safe.

1 review
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If you originally have trouble finding what you are looking for with duckduckgo, you can improve your searching strategies and get pretty good at it...there are lots of options available in the advanced searching. However if you have little or no patience searching and don't care about your searches getting logged or not and being traceable in realtime, this probably is not a good search engine for you.

1 review
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DuckDuckGo came with an update of my SeaMonkey browser. I read mostly positive reviews about it but when I tried it, it couldn't find "Rose of Alabama", a civil war song. Instead it gave me Rose Warehouse a business as the only option to my search.

1 review
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Having been with Microsoft and changed to Ubuntu I have now changed from Google to DuckDuckGo. My computer just loves these 2 simple changes. I consider Microsoft and Google to be just a bunch of money grabbing s-l-o-w my computer down crap. Install Ubuntu and DuckDuckGo and your computer will fly.

Ueber U.
7 reviews
11 helpful votes

Good search results, often quite similar to those of Google, but DuckDuckGo does not track you like some other search engines do. Clean interface, too. And you can decide if you want to see ads or not.

1 review
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I search for GLD, the investment symbol for GOLD, and Duck changes it to search for GOD!
Many times I do not realize they have changed the search item title and I waste a lot of time wondering and searching the results for GOD. There is no way to opt out of this automatic "correction", so I have gone back to Google. DuckDuckGo just doesn't get it.

1 review
11 helpful votes

clean layout, good results (not great), MAJOR BENEFIT, you can search on a topic without fear of getting slammed with banner ads related to that topic, which seems to be how Google operates. I would rather stick with good search results from a company that is getting better, than work with better search results from a company that is getting worse.

1 review
16 helpful votes

DuckDuckGo needs to improve some search results, but their privacy policy and results cleanness presentation makes DuckDuckGo my web search engine of choice. It is defined as my default search engine on Safari.

1 review
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If you scroll down the list of reviews here you will notice that the reviews with 1 and 2 stars have the most votes for being helpful. A blind man can see this is a deliberate attack in an attempt to discredit the DuckDuckGo search engine.

This is a free service that does not play the privacy violation games that google does. Also, google is politically liberal in its search results when using it for searching about politicians. I am so sick of the Internet telling me who to vote for. So far I do not find DuckDuckGo doing this.

11 reviews
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If you're using Firefox there are themes you can install with the Stylish add-on to make DDG look exactly like Google. We all hate change and prefer the familiar so this helps make the transition easier. My main complaint is the mouse rollover effect where each search result changes color when the mouse is near it is very annoying and makes keyboard scrolling awkward. There should be an option to turn this off. The other thing is that each search result does not have enough of a description or include any available dates to inform me if this is something relevant and recent I want to click on. All the search descriptions only extend out to a quarter of the page where google extends halfway giving more info. I don't want to be forced to click on each search result to see if it's what I'm looking for.
I like DDG and would use it full time if these issues were fixed. I'm completely fed up with Google's intrusive stalking and data mining. I don't want every search I've ever made in my lifetime stored for eternity.
Reviewers talking about DDG hijacking their browsers is just plain rubbish. It sounds like they are newbie computer users with no technical skills and got themselves some malware, or they are trolls. DDG doesn't require any installation or download so how could your browser get hijacked?

1 review
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I've been using DDG with Firefox for about 2 years. I've been happy with this search engine most of the time and like that it doesn't report my usage but a number of things annoy me. ++

Most annoying: when at a site I've finished with, if I type in a new search in the upper right search slot and hit <ENTER>, I will get the results of a search WITHIN the site I want to leave. The search title for the results is: "(search item) site:(website last viewed)" Example: "edward". Here I've wanted to search for "edward" on the Web but DDG constrained the search to within my last site viewed, which here is "". After using (typed item) <ENTER> for decades for a search on the whole internet, this is assbackwards. If I want to do a site search, I will deliberately click the DDG site search symbol (which is a kind of bullseye) in the search slot. Oh, and this setting is NOT in the DDG settings options.I have complained to DDG without response, so I'm saying it here. ++

Next most annoying is setting a search which I know will give many hundreds of results and getting only a dozen or two. I almost feel censored (and the term typed was in no way something to censor). I often have to add more terms to get results. Usually, I want the search engine to help ME by providing too many results and letting me use these results to prompt edits or conditions to my search, as necessary. I did make sure that child protection setting in DDG was off.++

3rd most annoying thing is no hint as to how many results were returned. Sometimes it's very helpful to know that there were only 17 results, total. I might need to widen my scope. Or if there were 108,500 results, then I should narrow. DDG gives no hint to this. Am I looking at all there is when I scroll down 3 pages or a bottomless pit of results (like Facebook)??? ++

I'll end there for now. I hope DuckDuckGo will improve as I do like it's look and feel MOST of the time.

1 review
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these are either badly written paid-for negative reviews or reviews written by people with really poor, and I mean really really poor basic computer skills.

I have never had an issue with DDG hijacking anything I use - it is installed on all my devices - and I have selectively allowed third party cookies with no issue. no spam email, no hacking, and as the first entry is an ad ( as they say) and it is marked as an ad, I have no real problem scrolling past it.

If your computer was hacked, that sucks, but did you install from Duckduckgo or a third party. is your firewall up to date or did you turn it off to install something? Are you just really crap at keeping you computer secure and forget that it is your responsibility, not the software's, to be up to date?

the quality of the results is better than Google, who,as other reviewers have mentioned, are concentrating on ad revenue rather than quality, and far better than Bing ever was (if you are looking to be paid for writing negative reviews, try Bing, just sayin)

2 reviews
24 helpful votes

There are companies which pay people to write reviews; that's a fact because I have an acquaintance who did it for some months. I can't think why genuine users would be having trouble uninstalling DDG. I've done it several times with no problem.

DDG has never taken over as default browser and works great with Firefox.

If you want a browser to take over your life and your computer and send you endless pop ups, adverts and unwanted emails and matter of all kinds, use Google. I don't get any of that with DDG.

You may not like the interface or shorter (relevant) responses to queries but if you are happy with a clear, direct, advert and spam free browser, I would recommend trying DDG

1 review
14 helpful votes

I've read through some of the one-star reviews. They're BS. They describe Google more than duckduckgo. Once I used Google to look the name of what those Russian dolls that fit inside each other (Matryoshka dolls). A half hour later I got an email from a Russian mail-order bride service.

1 review
14 helpful votes

I set DuckDuckGo as my homepage. When I later wanted to use a different search provider, DuckDuckGo would not allow it. Every normal avenue I attempted was prevented, and DuckDuckGo remained stubbornly my search provider. I finally did a system restore to get rid of this. I was hoping to have three different search providers, to use for different needs. But now I'm afraid of your product. Something very wrong happened. I am not the only guy who has had a problem. Bad duck.

6 reviews
30 helpful votes

Two main reasons I love DuckDuckGo:

1. Bang shortcuts - for example, typing "!images ducks" directs you to a Google Image Search for ducks; "!yt ducks" gives you YouTube results, "!wiki" gives you a Wikipedia page, etc. It saves you from having to navigate to a website, load its homepage, and type in the search bar.

2. No tracking - Google, Yahoo! and Bing track you all the time to give you "personalized" search results, not to mention using your IP address to generate results based on your location. DuckDuckGo gives you results relevant only to the keywords you search for.

Granted their search algorithm isn't as advanced as Google for complex queries.

Tip for consumers: If you want Google results without being tracked:
Try doing a Startpage search. Startpage essentially searches Google for you, without giving Google your information, and returns the results to you. You can go to, OR if you use DuckDuckGo as your default search engine, use their !bang shortcut "!sp" - for example, "!sp ducks" gives you Google results for ducks on

Malicious Ads:
Sure the ads can lead to malicious sites, but search engines like Google aren't compl

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