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149 reviews
1,563 helpful votes
There is a reason why I will not give full ratings for Wikipedia and it has to do with two reasons

1. Everyone likes to see Wikipedia as an information tool which it is but does it have credible and reliable and trustworthy information on it all of the time? The answer is that not all of the time is this the case. At times one will come across pages on Wikipedia where the information may not be able to be trusted because the page does not refer to any actual sources for what has been posted

2. Moderators at times tend to have prejudices against those who post certain kinds of information that they deem "inappropriate" when actually it is not inappropriate at all and eventually gets removed by them sadly. It is many times difficult to get them to take down a tag on a post that they have deemed inappropriate when actually it may not be the case. What a shame!

However the site still has its usefulness!.
21 reviews
126 helpful votes
Always find what I'm looking for on wikipedia. Love it!
3 reviews
6 helpful votes
It revolutionized the information industry. Basic information about just about anything can be accessed quickly. It also gives people without the proper credentials, an opportunity to prove themselves (write, author articles, create logos, familiarized with copyright rules).
8 reviews
54 helpful votes
This site is a life saver, I use it often. Even though people add or edit the info, most of the time it is accurate.
5 reviews
14 helpful votes
I had to get one star off, as the professors on my college didn't approve some of my papers where I cited Wiki as a secondary source.
Otherwise, ver, VERY informative site!
15 reviews
45 helpful votes
I really love this website, although my teachers never want us to use it for research, because "anyone can change it and it might not be accurate" and so on... but its accurate 99% of the time, and you can find almost anything on this website. Very useful website.
4 reviews
13 helpful votes
An excellent website which has no competition with other websites providing information online. Whenever I want to have information about any topic I access wikipedia and it always returned valuable and to the point information.
140 reviews
640 helpful votes
Obviously is a safe and a enjoyable browsing experience. I find a great start when looking for information. However as some have mentioned, anyone can edit these pages. Thus it can be biased and not based entirely on the truth. Ask most universities and they will almost always tell you not to use as a source. But again, don't doubt the site. It is a great starting point during research.
12 reviews
24 helpful votes
26 reviews
53 helpful votes
Wikipedia is a Great online free content encyclopedia . can be edit and create new pages and publish articles,contents about a person,site,business or even word. Excellent place to find any information's.
2 reviews
10 helpful votes
Whats not to love about A online encyclopedia to refer to almost anything and everything possible. At many times searching is a breeze and obtaining available info in a jiffy is great.

Site is always well maintained and supported. Reading along and finding out new and exciting things is also a great place for this site. Always reliable and contains in many cases lots of facts.

Reviews on some articles or publications are made to insure that publicist are actually posting facts. Which bring me to the conclusion most info on the site is accurate.
7 reviews
22 helpful votes
I use it all the time! They have an article on almost everything. I would say the most complete version humanities collective knowledge on the web.
6 reviews
10 helpful votes
One of the best and most well written sites on the internet. Anyone can add an article, or change an existing one. Amazingly, virtually all articles are very well written and informative. Very useful for general knowledge about almost anything you can think of.
3 reviews
20 helpful votes
Has some of the best and most widely used reference on the Web, but watch out for vandalism - when some idiot tries to put spam in a page. The vandalism is fixed quickly though. Not a 4-star site because of Vandalism. Still one of the best sites of the World Wide Web.

P.S. Remember to check out it's sister projects too! They are quite interesting.
36 reviews
186 helpful votes
who doesn't ref wiki, i use it a lot like a lot a lot LOL it's content and ability to be accurate has of lately come under question. thats not good. we need wiki to be top notch. long live wiki.
11 reviews
45 helpful votes
I use this site everyday. It provides reliable information on every topic. It is always up to date and accurate. I wish that I had the internet and a website like this when I was a kid. This site is very easy to navigate. I have it bookmarked on my favorite list!
30 reviews
195 helpful votes
My absolute favorite website of all time, where you can find information on just about anything. Nothing much much to say except "Heart Heart Heart."
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
This is good for getting information on almost anything. It is good to also get the year a specific song came out. It doesn't always have the song you are looking for and sometimes you have several steps to getting that information and some reading to get to it. It is a reliable website that you don't have to worry about getting a virus / worm / trojan like if you make the mistake of clicking on songfacts, which puts an extremely high risk infection on your computer system!
12 reviews
22 helpful votes
I don't believe wikipedia hasn't been reviewed yet - but it doesn't come up on my site Jabber addon!

I love Wikipedia for general reference, finding the smallest detail, squashing a squabble over something silly and looking up how the latest TV series/ movie you're watching ends or just adding to your general trivial knowledge - Wikipedia has it all.

Just don't reference or quote it.
It's not a reliable source or quotable person!!
3 reviews
11 helpful votes
While not being a replacement for traditional encyclopedias, is a great place for people to be able to look up information on a variety of topics and to gain the general understanding if different topics. They provide access to different references where more information can be obtained, fun facts, and useful information for students and scholars alike.

Their website has already paved the way for new forms of internet technology that allow for users to edit the content of a website and collaborate to come up with the correct information. Wikipedia is edited by the people for the people and is an example of a democratic website that is working.
656 reviews
3,160 helpful votes
Probably the most unlikely success given the commercialization of the web, this is one of the best-known and most frequently used information resources there is. It's so popular there's no point in trying to describe it.

From time to time I've done some actual paid work for a living - not often, I wouldn't want to make a habit of it - at a search engine. So I happen to know that around five years ago, Wikipedia wasn't regarded as an entirely reliable resource and didn't get the help up the rankings that other, more traditional resources did. But eventually the lengthy debate over Wikipedia's usefulness has been largely won and it's widely recognized now as the site that people expect to see at the top of searches when they're looking for information on almost any subject. Even if a page may not be entirely accurate or objective, that's what people want to see before they look elsewhere for other, perhaps more academic (or more expensive) resources.

There will always be some concerns, that goes without saying with any Wiki project. It's widely known that there's some factional infighting in some organizations and beliefs and the encyclopedia has been subverted from time to time by people who are more interested in promoting their bias than anything else. But even if there is a chance, however remote, that a Wikipedia page might not be entirely factual or up to date, nevertheless it's what we all want and expect to see when we search for information and it would be foolish for a search engine to ignore that.

Which means that Wikipedia is now and is likely to continue to be the major information source for everyday inquiries on the web for the forseeable future. And there's not an ad in there, and nobody gets paid to contribute. Which is what the driving philosophy of the worldwide web was always intended to be, if you're old enough to remember back that far, and really it's quite remarkable that the project has not only survived, but risen to such status. If you're looking for a good cause to donate to, you could do a lot worse than support this one.
25 reviews
164 helpful votes
I really like Wikipedia. People have a problem with it because it can be changed or altered by others. But they have to have links to information that backs up their additions. If they do not they will have time to find them or it'll be removed. This is far better than any encyclopedia book. Why? Because this information can be altered for corrections or updated on the spot. It gives information to the people and helps them understand certain things better.

I think that it's one of the best sites to ever be created because it furthers people's understanding of certain things. I like that it has to be written without bias. It's a fantastic site for information on many different topics.
40 reviews
131 helpful votes
I trust this site. Dispite popular believe, WIkipedia is reliable. If anything false is put up there, depending on how popular it is, it will be removed or classified as "Sorce Needed". All in all they are truthful.
6 reviews
36 helpful votes
There is a reason my Composition professor banned us from using Wikipedia for our papers; anybody can add/edit information to the pages without registering or without citing sources

An example would be when Comedian Artie Lange was reported to have died on his Wikipedia page. He is alive and well.
1 review
2 helpful votes
WikiPedia - This site is an encyclopedia reader's dream come true. :-) It is also good for quick blurbs or descriptions for "what/where is that!?".
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