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2 reviews
6 helpful votes
I'm so perturbed with Wikipedia! It's suppose to be free but you have these moderators who can decide what pages should stay or become deleted. I've found several pages where information is inaccurate or credible information was deleted. The site is so unreliable that my nephew's middle school gave instructions not to use that site for reports.
4 reviews
6 helpful votes
I am so glad for Wikipedia it has all my answers, any research I need I can just go to wikipedia.
3 reviews
2 helpful votes
Everything you search for is in wikipedia. The most true and full of information internet resource
3 reviews
10 helpful votes
Whenever I want quick reference on something, for instance, when I'm watching television, Wikipedia is great. It covers so many unexpected subjects. In actual fact, it is somewhat moderated, and not just anybody can edit some subjects. That aside, as a retired librarian, what I really like about the Wikipedia articles are the references to other resources given at the end of the articles. These are the most important for verifying the information in the Wikipedia article. The references may make Wikipedia more valuable for a research project than the actual Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia may be best used as a spring board to finding good resources. The internal links in the articles are useful, but you must remember, they are internal and can be just as erroneous.
20 reviews
26 helpful votes
Whenever I have a question, I turn to Wikipedia for answers. If you can't find it here, it's probably not worth knowing...
9 reviews
6 helpful votes
I love this site! Its just so simple to use. :) I trust the information and it so nice to be user of
4 reviews
11 helpful votes
best website ever! what would i do without it?
14 reviews
21 helpful votes
Love how non-experts put this together and how it is mostly super accurate. I always use this thing and Im glad the britanica is dead.

Such a cool computer & information technology project
7 reviews
14 helpful votes
As long as you use wikipedia as *one* of the sources of your information, it's a wonderful aggregation of information about topics. Certainly anyone can change it, but that's the beauty of it - if pages are changed incorrectly, others typically go in and correct the error (whether intentional or not). Crowd sourcing at its best.
3 reviews
6 helpful votes
I've used this site many times to research things, and found it to be incredibly useful. But recently I had the opportunity to post up information on Wiki pages that deal with an issue that I specialize in, and I found out how dysfunctional Wikipedia was. As near as I could tell I was in full compliance with their posting policies, but every time I posted information, it was taken down immediately. When I asked why, I was told it was because I was not an expert. When I probed further it became clear that the person who thought I was not an expert clearly knew far less about the posting topic than I did, and wasn't really qualified to judge my expert status either way. I actually am the Only independent national expert on the topic that I was posting on. After 3 days of back & forth discussions with "citizen monitors" who would not let me post any information, I came to the conclusion that the volunteers who control the posting process and have the right to take down legit postings were poorly trained, and that it would take less time to use other venues to get information out on my topic.
So given the problem that I had trying to contribute useful information on a topic, I have to assume that many other Wiki pages are also compromised by the actions of poorly trained volunteers at Wikipedia.
8 reviews
9 helpful votes
Wikipedia. It's a site where a person can learn about many topics. The main concern is that since anyone can edit or post pages on Wikipedia, the site can contain inaccurate information (which is why teachers strongly discourage using Wikipedia as a reference on essays and research papers).
4 reviews
6 helpful votes
Before wikipedia was created, I have to go to the libraries to research for my school works. Now that wikipedia is here, it became easier. Although some of the teachers do not allow wikipedia as a source of info for thesis or other technical papers, because they say, it can be edited and wasn't verified unlike data from real encyclopedia.
Nevertheless, i can understand lessons better as I browsed over wiki infos.
7 reviews
19 helpful votes
I think Wikipedia is a fun site and gives you a good broad overview of things. However, the content often has errors and it is not a fully reliable source for information. I will put it this way, my daughter tried to use it was a source for a research paper and the teacher gave the entire class a lesson about finding more valid sources. That is not intended as a putdown to Wikipedia. It is good, general knowledge but if you are seriously researching something you need to dig deeper.
3 reviews
3 helpful votes
You actually don't need to do primary or secondary schooling. You can just go straight to college. For that, use this website, plus books of course. As of right now the English Wikipedia has 3,945,605 articles in English. The German Wikipedia has 1,383,000 in German. The entire Encyclopedia has over 1 Billion edits. Its free for users to register and join to contribute content.
The website is very well organized. A little trick, Alt + X = random article
9 reviews
41 helpful votes
Wikipedia is a nice website with all the information and knowledge about different stuff. I browse it mostly for geographical contents like countries, places, and cultures.
9 reviews
52 helpful votes
Wikipedia has brought information just one click away. In my spare time I browse wikipedia to gain knowledge about different things. Its like a one stop shop.
27 reviews
89 helpful votes
I love Wikipedia! It is definitely the most useful site of all times! I use it every day both at work and home. And they have info about absolutely everything I need to know!
63 reviews
124 helpful votes
You can try to pull the "but it could have been written by a 3 year old" card out for this site but it wouldn't be realistic. Wikipedia is well moderated and there's something to be said for the fact that it appears in the top ten of nearly every internet search.

In fact, I think wikipedia is probably MORE accurate than other "encyclopedias" because of HOW it is moderated.

Either way, if you've been browsing the internet for more than 10 minutes you probably already know (and have used) wikipedia. You don't need yet another review telling you that it's a good thing. You already know.

[1] Well moderated
[2] Amazingly diverse information library
[3] Relevant to almost every search for information

[1] None.
5 reviews
8 helpful votes
Very reliable. Have found a lot of useful information on there. Kudos to the people who work so hard on keeping it updated so quickly.
6 reviews
10 helpful votes
Wikipedia is a great site, I can find everything about any topic, I disagree with the new law
15 reviews
14 helpful votes
5 reviews
10 helpful votes
Who doesn't love Wikipedia! Okay some of the info can be outdated or even incorrect, but considering the cost (FREE) you can get info on just about anything or anyone.
3 reviews
1 helpful vote
When I need facts about anything wikipedia is one of. My most trusted sites.
5 reviews
28 helpful votes
Nothing but good things to say about this site. Complete, interesting and professional. End of story.
28 reviews
61 helpful votes
Anytime you want to get a decent overview on a topic, this is a good site. They have information on just about everything! Warning to college students though, this is NOT an acceptable source to be sited for information on papers. :-)
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