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I would say that I have learned to be a good trader which is what I believe Mitch attempts to teachdy. He is not going to tell you what to do...He gives you the concepts and you have to figure out how they work. You have to look for a set up. It took me a long time that I ALWAYS entered too soon and was afraid to miss move...I know better...and still have to guard against those weaknesses. And, that I have to wait...I have made up to $5000 in a month, and then lost it all thinking I had it down. I'd build back up to $2500-$3000 only to lose it because, I started "wishing" trades to happen rather than actually reading the market with the skills I have and waiting for the setups, that yield a high percentage trade. I am now up $2500 in 1 month, pretty good for me...and this time I plan to not fall back. By the way, I left the Trading Room with Mitch, because I realized I had to do this on my own, make my own calls, do my own scans, and learn through experience. I am now up, and I am going to stay up, by waiting for the setups, being patient taking the small loss, and the small win, and the good moves. Yesterday I made 4 positive trades $600... Today I lost $250...small loss. And because it was trickle market that was yield much in the pop/drop, drop/pop technique. So, better to not trade, or get in a stock and just ride the wave. These things I have yet to learn. I can do this, I stayed on the game that Mitch teaches. What you need to learn is that guys like Mitch give you a few tools, the open the door, but the rest is up to you; you have to go through the door, learn the game on your own, through trial and error...I am trader, a day-trader, I am....And I am successful. Thanks Mitch

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I was a part TradeStocksAmerica for quite some time. Since I left I joined a "real" trading room. Now I am Trade Stocks America it was nothing but losing money day after day with very little help. Mitch would use general statements about stocks saying "ABC looks toppy". Half the time it seemed like he did not even pay attention.

Then when you try to chat to Mitch or ask questions he barely answers. If you are lucky you get a word or two. Mitch King is very rude and I think he only cares about his own interests. He does not care about any of his members.

Save yourself some money and keep away.

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I have to agree with a number of the other reviews here. Tradestocksamerica is not a very good site and the way it's advertised and promoted is borderline fraudulent in my opinion. They tell you about all the stocks to "watch" or "monitor" and what "you could have made" if you traded a particular stock. The problem of course is trading is in the present, not in the past. Telling you what you could have made in the past is bogus and just a marketing gimmick to suck in new subscribers.

The fellow who runs Tradestocksamerica Mitch King is akin to a carnival barker. Telling you what you could have made in the past but rarely telling you what to do in the present, other than generalities. When King is confronted about this he will always say "I am trying to teach people to fish for themselves" but again this is another generality.

Of late Tradestocksamerica has been touting a software they call Lightning which is really nothing to write home about other than it appeals to the oftentimes lazy daytrader looking for an "easy" way to make money.

Lastly, Mitch King appears to rely on a number of his subscribers to run the trading room and tell you what to "watch" or "monitor" A couple of these traders seem ok, but most of them engage in the same generalities that Mitch King does.

I would stay away from this site. On the surface it looks good but in my opinion it's a big facade with little substance.

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Caveat Emptor > Let there be NO Question - this is a scam - with ZERO Training after you get in the room, to make matters worse they do not make live calls, "everything is after the fact" they just say they are LOOKING at a stock, then latter will say they got out of the stock and praise themselves ) No ENTRY calls - the guy that does most of the texting in the room JoeyTSA who has the max vocabulary of about fifty words very shady character - Never Once - did anyone come on the mic to speak of anything at all, ( Mitch "not even once" came on a mic in the room ) you know there is a scam when the market makes big moves and there is no commentary, its pretty clear no one is paying attention. ** Prepare your credit card for a Charge Back if you join, and ask them about refunds before because they have had many - should also be noted there are less than 20 people in the room and it appears at least several of those are personal friends, do yourself a favor and save your money and valuable time.

Response from Mitch K., TradeStocksAmerica Representative
What we try to do in TradeStocksAmerica Trading Room is point out stocks that are on the move. We teach the other traders what we are looking for whether it is to buy on the next bottom, or short the drop and buy back at a lower price or buy early near the opening for a stock that is moving up. We want the traders to learn what the bottom and tops look like on a chart so it is up to traders when and how to handle the trade.

We would rather teach a trader “how to fish” instead of handing them the fish as the old saying goes. We have been trading successfully this way for several years and these are very effective techniques.

A majority of these ideas occur in the first 90 minutes of opening of the regular trading hours and then the flow of ideas slows down substantially throughout the day until the last hour and it picks up again. We find that talking on the mic is distracting for most people and we only do this during teaching sessions or webinars.

This person posting this complaint was banned from our trading room because his negativity and overall bashing of other traders, for no reason that we could see. Our purpose for creating the trading room is to create an environment where we can share ideas and share the task of finding good setups for what is mostly day trading in stocks, futures and forex. It is a great group of people sharing and teaching. It is the best group of people I’ve worked with in 20 years of trading.

When you come in to a trading room and work with other people, you want to try to do it in a positive way. Try to get ideas that will work for you and if you have ideas, you are welcome to post them too. Life in general, if you are negative and bashing people, things are not going to go well for you. Try to approach things in a positive way and you will get a lot more out of life. Thanks for trying us out though!

Mitch King, Founder
1 review
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Tradestocksamerica is a scam. Mitch King the owner/moderator is a phony baloney. He has lists of longs and shorts for his sheeple and changes the list on a dime, always right, and rarely wrong. He hires subscribers to be his moderators. He sucks in newbie traders with bs like his Lightning software which is basically someone else's software. Few if any of his subscribers make money on a consistent basis thought there are a few shills in his room that make it appear that TSA subcribers are making money.

Agree with the previous reviewer that TSA doesn't post it's stock entry prices with the bs excuse that things are moving too fast, however they are quick to post all of their multiple exits (that they have plenty of time for).

This is basically a scam designed to keep the sheeple flowing in and happy.

TSA's business model is to continuously suck subscribers in.

Avoid this charlatan!

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Hello Michael

Thanks for explaining your experiences with our company. It is always helpful for us to see what we are doing right or wrong so we can get an idea what kind of changes we should make.

What we try to do is give people a way to start their education in the stock market at a low cost, whether it is longer term investing, swing trading over a period of weeks or even day trading. That is why we offer a FREE trading DVD course with a small shipping and handling fee.

We are very consistent at saying that all strategies to any market take time to study and practice before putting them into force. My observation that it could take 12-18 months of consistent study to be proficient at the more difficult strategies, which would involve day trading.

As far as your comments with the Trading Room that there are too many stock ideas . . . . we have repeatedly taken surveys and the majority of people have asked to post more ideas than less. I do agree that day trading takes more study and new traders should be practicing on a virtual account before using any real money.

We find that if we post a price with the stock ideas in the Trading Room, we are too late to help the users make money with that idea and it doesn't teach anyone how to handle these trades for themselves. We want people to learn on their own without given a price because it is more helpful over the long term for the traders.

Thanks again for your comments and we will try to continue improving.

Mitch King, Founder

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Mitch King the "King of Bull Shorts" has created a web site www.tradestocksamerica. The problem with the site is mutlifaceted. Mitch often explains that you need to know the psychology of the people you are buying a stock from. Fear versus greed. He uses the same psychology to procure new time traders to fork out quite a bit of money for training. Knowing that these newbies in their most vulnerable trading period, he offers them a sanctuary for a fee where they feel safe to learn their craft. Mitch made a million if a few weeks with his bullshort. What you learn later is he lost a million in 20 minutes with the same technique being over leveraged.

The bait: the free video. The catch........endless amounts of training. Each level of training ends by leading to another "opportunity" to fork over more cash. The question you have to ask yourself is if he is such a great trader why is he doing this? The answer you will get from him is that he wants to teach. Newbies believe this. Don't. He wants to make money. Period.

Join his newsletter, take a course and then the trade room. The problem is the trades suck. To complicated, to many and not very good for a "bargain" of 249.95. If they offered a few good trades consistently which were easy to follow and make in your favor then it truly would be a bargain. The problem is there not. Early in the trade room history they actually posted the trades. An advanced trade tag meant more than anything that you were going to lose money. Now they don't even post them. You are supposed to figure it out by following their comments. In the early morning you will get the Kris gap theory long versus short with times there is a 5 percent loss set as a stop. Never is a helpful comment like reverse your position ever given. Many times random probability is more profitable than these early morning barrage of trading noise. The traders running the room block comments from anyone disagreeing with them

If you are an advance trade you might be able to filter out what is going out and make some money. If you are a newbie you are going to lose precious time and money and figuring out the mess the trade room noise provides. Instead of building confidence the opposite will happen. Newbies stay away. Again stay way. If you elect to try the 1 dollar week free bit go for it. But if you don't make money that week get the heck out of there.

1 review
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My experience with TradeStocksAmerica leads me to hold the opinion that it epitomizes the principle of "Let the buyer beware." Their $14.95 charge and their "free" stuff turned out to be just to expensive. I ordered a trial in May 2010. It is now December 2010 and I am still trying to get the hundreds of dollars back which was billed for my "free" trial. I stopped the charges by cancelling my credit card. The information provided for their fee was no more than a recap of their watching Cramer, CNBC, Bloomberg. Nothing worth paying for when it's readily available for free. Slick website, hidden policies, impossible to deal with. My opinion, stay away. There are plenty of reputable services available.

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