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• Updated review

I am updating my review because I want to make sure that no one gets scammed from this. She definitely does not give you your money back and do not be fooled by her. She obviously is not making anymore money so she now has to update these reviews with lies. I was a customer despite what she says. Why would I review if I was not.

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
Who are you? Where is your receipt? Please prove who you are. People believe this stuff and it stops us from giving people true help from our team of spell casters. We are caring people and work closely with each client. For us to hear someone speaking about us like this is disheartening to say the least.
“Fraud, Liar, Scammer”
• Previous review

This sight is a scam. not true about money back guarantee. I asked for my money back, followed all instructions and nothing. This Lilly person who answers you seems to be bi polar. She is sweet at the beginning and then when you ask for your money because the spell did not work she becomes a B......

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
We process refund requests when they come through and the directions have been followed. We don't know whom you are but we don't believe you were a past client of ours.
1 review
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It seems like Iv been dealing with a completely different site, even though its the same Lily, and the same website. I have had a completely different experience to the ones below. There was a slight delay in a response, meaning a few hours, and i assumed it was due to the time difference since im based in South Africa.

Lily is not an automated response. My response came after a nights rest, which was a very weird rest in deed, and in her response she told me what to expect, and it was exactly what I had experienced.Thats how I knew the works had started.

Its been about a month and a half later, and theres definitely progress. When I got into contact with her, she was very helpful, very friendly and willing to answer all my questions. Please remember, a spell caster can cast spells on your behalf, but you will also need to open yourself up to the casting.Something as simple as lighting a candle or incense, and envisioning your outcome, helps the spell to materialize.

I wish i could tell you step by step of what i have experienced thus far, but its such a loooong story. All i know is, i trust Lily. And i know for a fact that their spell works.

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
We appreciate your review, Candice. It has been many years and many attempts to get a login account for this website so that we could respond to these negative postings. We are caring people and put our whole self into every spell we cast. For anyone to go away feeling the way the negative review are portraying is crazy, and we wouldn't still be in business if it were true. The sad thing is that many people believe these reviews and are being deterred from the real help we offer with our spell casting service.
1 review
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I can't say anymore than what has been said already. I hope people come across these reviews before they waste their time and money like the rest of us.

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
Anyone believing these reviews are sadly mistaken. We are hardworking and caring people with actual spell casting roots in our families. This is sad that we'd be bullied like this.
1 review
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That woman, Lily, think she is a big fraud as she is rude and her spells never worked. I bought several spells but no change at all in my situation. What a shame!!!!! They like to rob people only by creating attractive website, so be careful guys and don't waste your money

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
Please email us a copy of your payment receipt so we can look you up in our system. We don't believe we have done work for you because we are caring people and run a clean business. We do what we say and work very hard for each and every spell we cast.
1 review
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I asked for their website again Via email...from the first time That I wanted a spell they turned me down. when I asked again for a different spell, all they did was turn me down again and started being rude and blocked my email...Never Trust those people!! they are a Fraud!

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
This does not sound like us at all. We work with a lot of people and we are caring spell casters that do what we say. We aren't sure why you're trying to smear our name unless you're not really a client. Please email us a copy of your payment receipt so we can look into this.
1 review
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This site is a fraud. They advertise a spell email you that they can help then act confused or disrespectful after they have received the payment. I am sure I will not get a response after the reply email I have sent. Fake fake fake. Con artist will pay on judgment day.

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
Please forward a copy of your purchase receipt so we can look into this. We don't have any clients leaving us unhappy like you seem to be.
1 review
3 helpful votes

i got scammed also and i did everything right to get the refund. all i got was an address that doesn't exist. :-(

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
Our address exists and we've maintained it for many years. You are either mistaken, or part of a group of people trying to smear our good name and honest service.
2 reviews
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I hate scammers...

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
We hate scammers too. Sadly, we aren't sure whom you are. If you could send us a copy of your payment receipt so we can look into this we'd really appreciate it.
chris p.
1 review
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ecause I have been ripped off and that I believe these people selling the spells are just asking for the money and that the spells don't work and I do also this they are a con people that just ripping off people money, pretending to cast spells to make people to believe them and buy the spells when they needed help and getting the money from the customers buyer .

When I first time buy the spell, I was so naïve that the spell I brought they said it will make your dreams come true and become very successful and they have cast the spell on me, I believe them so much I feel nothing has happen to me and I had so much hope on them and use so much money to buy the spell, nothing has change or happen at all, it is all a lie

The bad thing is they do not offer any returns, so no money back if the spell does not work, that's what they said . I was so upset about that and dissaponinted . it was not I throught it will happen ! they said they will cast they spell for me again it does not mean it will come true

They are just ripping off money and only asking people money and this whole spell is to belive is fake and a con

The reason I wriiten this email is because what I am saying that is all true and I do have emails to prove that I have been ripped off .

And I do not what any other people to have this to be happening the same thing as me, I am very vey upset that I could not get my money back, I ask and ask and begged for no point they are just asking people for money and this is not a true site and no experience

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
Please, if you could send us a copy of your purchase receipt so we can look into this we'd appreciate it very much. We don't like hearing about anyone feeling ripped off or scammed but we don't believe we have ever done anyone wrong. We understand not everyone will be happy with our service but we do our best and rarely run into an issue. We have a 98% success rate and have seen many miracles with our spells.
1 review
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2/22/11 is one of the biggest and worst spell companies out there. That site is dangerous so is the "Lillie" that is running it, if that is even her real name. Please folks do not ever order a spell from them. Not only will you pay a lot of money for it, you will never see results and you will never get your money back. They will also give you a hard time and harass you on top of that. Stay clear.

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
This is very sad and completely untrue. These negative posts are full of untruths -- including this posting. We'd like to see a purchase receipt.
1 review
8 helpful votes

These people and this Lilly they got over there are part of the worst extortionists, frauds, internet scammers out there. They say they "refund every penny if you don't receive the results you are looking for - a 6 month 100% money back guarantee for every spell they cast." Yeah, and let me sell you some swamp land in Louisiana. :\ A guy friend of mine got taken in by these con artists earlier this year because he felt depression over the loss of his girlfriend of several years. He asked for a complete refund, following their instructions mailing to some no name PO Box they had listed on their site, and .. ZIP. NADA. NOTHING. NO REFUND. (What a shocker!) Lilly gave some flimsy excuse, he said, like "she wasn't the one handling the refunds - that it was handled by another" and that was that. He never received anything. Just a huge sense of regret and feeling like a fool for ever having trusted these shysters.

Oh, and I see online Lilly's trying to saturate the internet with all her nonsense about how reputable they are. I call BULL CRAP !!!!#@%#!

Stay far away from You'll thank me later. ;)

Response from Lilly W., Seductivespells Representative
We don't appreciate you smearing our name like this. Nor do we believe you are an actual client. We'd never leave anyone feeling this way.
1 review
9 helpful votes

The best spell casters anywhere.

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