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First of all, it's clear there are some people posting reviews here who have a clear axe to grind and are using this site to get revenge rather than to post their honest opinion. When I read reviews, I tend to discount the most negative and the most positive reviews to find what's more likely the truth.

The main site is a wonderful, updated resource of news, blogs, and good info on stuff related to mental illness. I probably read something on the site once a week that is relevant to me and helps me better understand my own depression and myself.

I'm more of a lurker in the community, and read stuff that speaks to me. I don't get involved with the gossip and games that apparently some members are intent on playing to disrupt other members' lives. I find the depression forum the most helpful to me, and don't spend a lot of time on the other forums.

All said, I'd say you'd have to give it a chance and try it our for yourself to see if it helps you or not. It's all free, so that's very helpful to me as we live on a single income. As for the sour grapes posted here, well, that's for you to decide.

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There are some nice people on there but the mods, despite having mental health conditions themselves, are not that understanding.

About a month ago, I got 3 day banned for having a learning difficulty, which got shortened to 2 days after I pestered the absolute daylights out of them in email about having it lifted early because another member had sent me some information that was helpful and I'd of been helped much quicker by it if they'd let me back on much earlier.

One of my problems is I have a learning difficulty which makes it hard for me to understand what's said to me sometimes, which the moderators knew about but they punished me for not understanding what they were trying to explain to me, instead of putting it another way, which would of been more helpful to me.

About 9 days ago I got thrown into moderation over a freakout I had, yes I did wrong but since then I have not had a single post held back from appearing but yet they won't give me a chance outside of moderation, despite the fact I'm approaching a painful anniversary and absolutely have to be able to post about it and get immediate support, which won't happen if I'm still in moderation by the time that anniversary arrives. I am so close to giving up there, it's unreal. I've already started giving my email address out to a few members there so they can keep in touch with me for in case I don't go back there. I'm seriously considering not going back after the weekend if the main admin there doesn't let me out from moderation considering everything I have posted there since getting put in moderation has been allowed through. My understanding was that if a member behaves, they get let out of moderation but this is clearly not the case. As I said, yes I made a mistake being logged in during a episode of paranoia but even after it had clearly settled and I said as much, they wouldn't let me out of moderation nor would they even think about letting me out despite me following every instruction and keeping every single post of mine within their rules.

At one point, I did request to be put in moderation because I felt at the time that my ability to post within rules was slipping but when I asked they refused because I hadn't yet crossed the line at that time, yet when they threw me in moderation for my behaviour even though I feel I'm ready to come out they won't even consider that idea.

Yes, they need to be sure that those of us in moderation are going to behave outside of moderation but how long does it take before they give someone that chance? For me, it's been 9 days and counting and I'm being driven over the edge about it. I need something to be done about it. I emailed the main admin while I was at work as well but he wasn't helpful about it, despite my desperation to get given one chance.

Getting thrown in moderation on there is basically a jail with no chance of "parole".

This is honestly causing me to feel trapped and there's also a safety issue as well that I explained to the main admin but did he care? Nope ........ Even though I said that I was going to be forced across to another forum that I had a online stalker on if this wasn't sorted out, he would not even consider promising to let me out of moderation by next month. All he said was that I might get let out before the end of the month. I need it to be a definate "if you continue to behave on psych central we will definately let you out by next month". That's what I need and that's what I told him but he does not give a crap.

If I'm not out by the end of the month I will be permanently leaving the forum.

I don't like leaving "negative" reviews for anything but I am honestly being driven to leaving this up as a review and not removing it or editing it, I would rather say positive things about places etc but the only time I was ever listened to on there was when I left the original review on here, that was the only time anything was done about what had happened.

Update: Finally, after 12 days, they decided to let me out of moderation. I was going into a really bad tailspin through stress from about day 10 and needed to be out on that day but it took them an extra two days to decide to let me out. I suspect the main admin maybe saw my freakout in the comment I left (since removed) on this review. I listed the multiple reasons why I should of got let out and was so stressed out that I really went off on one. I also remember saying there was no reason to keep me in moderation for that long and I made a comment that it was getting to the point of cruelty, interestingly hours after saying that in the comment they decided to take me out of moderation.

Oh and I forgot to say, moderators on there are allowed to have episodes of mental illness while logged in with no consequences to them, this courtesy (sp) is not extended to members. Other thing I wanted to say is they can and do read private conversations on there just because they can.

edited to add: it's interesting that the only people who are actually sticking up for the forum are the lurkers and the moderators. Read into that what you will.

My other edit: I insisted in email in the middle of last month that I wanted my account deleted, which was ignored. I did not want to have to log back in but in order to have it deleted (which it was deleted yesterday after I sent a PM insisting upon it getting deleted). it was finally deleted. I heard that they normally delete accounts once a week but mine was not deleted for at least 2 weeks, possibly 3, I wasn't really properly counting for a change.

Some members the main admin emails when they leave, trying to talk them into going back, I heard this on the grapevine. Others he doesn't. I was one of the ones he didn't, which I'm reading into that the fact that he never wanted me on the forum so I was not welcome there from the start.

further edit: another reviewer said that moderators regularly talk to members like they're children. This is so true. I was talked down to by the main admin there over being in moderation (granted I was struggling to understand due to learning disability) but even so talking to someone like they are a child is not helpful to anyone.

And saying people WITH MENTAL ILLNESSES have to show good behaviour for WEEKS if they get thrown in moderation/forum jail is cruel. How many people with mental illness can honestly show perfect behaviour for weeks at a time? Not many!

And just in case my above comment gets removed, here it is:

"The main problem with psych central is they will only listen to their own side of the story (the mods and admins I mean), they refuse to listen to the member they are dealing with. That happened to me several times, they would decide on what to do to me without even listening to my side of the story, no less! then spring action on me simply for not even knowing what I did when they hadn't even tried to explain to me what I was in trouble for. As a result, I honestly believe my 3 day ban was for having a learning disability (as I said in my own review) and I got thrown in moderation for having a episode of my other mental health issues. Not a supportive way of treating someone, in my opinion."

Tip for consumers: Basically, if they throw you in moderation, you're on their list forever, even if you never put so much as one foot wrong again. They will watch your posts forever or until you get driven off the forum. If you have any problems with them, don't PM any of them on the forum, in my experience the only way to get their attention is to leave a review on this site or leave a comment on your own existing review.

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Notice the ratio of bad reviews to good ones here. That should tell you everything. Here is my story.

For 3 years and 9 months I was an active, daily poster on Psych
Central. The first year was so-so; there were a few long-time members
who were not welcoming; they clearly didn't want new people entering the closed circle. Those members often claimed that they were easily
triggered. They used the "ignore" option to excess, I thought. But, okay, I respected their decisions, so I avoided them and focused
on establishing connections with other members. I achieved that; I found some members who were kind. Unfortunately, many of them didn't stick around long. Most didn't post regularly, but would "drop in" now and then. I wondered why they weren't on the forum regularly - or why so many left altogether; sadly, a couple of members suicided during my time on the forum.

About a year into my membership the mods began harassing me. I'm a
supportive person. I truly care about people. I believe in self-growth
by learning to cope with my mental illness, and I believe that when appropriate, I can
support others in their healing and self-growth by kindly challenging them. But on PC the only type of posting permitted is to provide robotic support.

Each board is moderated by a specific person or team. If a certain
member (almost without exception someone who is a creative and independent thinker) offends a mod the harassment begins. There is no one on the site who "moderates the mods", therefore any one of the mods can take any action s/he wants to towards any member.

Into my second year on PC several mods began bullying me
and threatening me with forum punishment on a nearly daily basis. Whenever I saw that I had a PM I would feel it a PM from a mod, please, don't let it be another PM from a mod...
But because I had made some friends (many who came and went, and two who
turned out to have fake identities - not exactly helpful for someone
struggling with mental illness) on the forum I remained.

By the time I had been a member for a bit over 2 years bullying by the
mods (mods are peers - they also have mental illnesses) became nearly
unbearable. I felt specifically targeted by 4 mods. I say "targeted" because I
frequently saw posts that were crude (sometimes sexually),
inappropriate, and - worst of all - posts that were made by members with
fake profiles and stories. Those posts usually went unchecked.

The "frauds" were usually on the forum to scam concerned, naive, and
lonely members out of $$$. For example, there was one very obvious scammer in
particular; when I brought the situation to the attention of the mods
AND to the forum CEO, one thread by the scammer was eventually closed, yet the person's account remained open. The scammer had stolen a photo from a news story
about a teen girl who had been murdered in Texas, and used that photo on her
profile page, claiming that the photo was of herself. OH MY GOD. Horrific, correct?

Although another member actually provided a link to the article about the murdered girl NOTHING WAS DONE. That profile pic remains on the scammer's page to this day. Yes, horrific - and typical of the way PC is mis-managed.

Annnd...the mods continued to bully and harass me by removing
my posts, threatening suspension, or of being banned from the site. I was regularly placed on "moderation" (i.e., none of my posts could appear without a mod approving them).

Finally, 3 years into my membership I was given a temporary suspension
(two weeks) without a valid reason. When I returned I was placed
on indefinite "moderation". The bullying continued. My posts were
deleted, again without valid reasons. One mod told me that my "bipolar
disorder" was causing me "to break forum guidelines" (!). But the truth
was that I was stable- at
that time.

Long after I should have left the forum, long after the bullying by mods
had become abusive, I was permanently banned at my own request - a
request I insisted on so that I could entirely break connection with the
cult that is PC.

Unfortunately, the way I had been treated by PC admin so obviously
replicated my own childhood abuse that I became panicky and depressed:
IRL I began to unravel. I had not been inpatient for 28 years, but 3
weeks after being banned from PC I became suicidal and was hospitalized.
Far too high of a price to pay for a little bit of online support.

In addition to the horribly insufficient mod situation the CEO misleads
members. He claims to be a psychologist. The truth is this: he has never
been a practicing psychologist. His REAL business is BUSINESS: he is an
entrepreneur. After graduating college, he founded
PC and holds his position on his forum as CEO. In other words, the man
known as (I cannot use his name) pulls his salary as CEO of a website he created by duping
and prospective members into believing that he has been, or is, a
practicing psychotherapist.
Creepy. Wrong. UNETHICAL.

If you have a mental illness I strongly suggest that you stay away from
Psych Central. Seek support elsewhere, in some other way. Getting hooked
(addicted) to the forum is too easy and you will eventually emerge from the place
with serious problems. The best action that happened for me was when I
found the inner strength to demand to be banned from that nightmare
forum. I emerged with some serious psychological damage as a result of
how badly I had been bullied by mods, and how the CEO refused to take any
action against that mistreatment.

Finally, after almost 4 years, I have lost that source of horrible stress.

Someone in power needs to intervene, even remove, the site. Oh- and
don't be duped into donating to the forum to receive "special
privileges". I did. What a foolish mistake.

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Joined up when I was in the midst of a nervous breakdown and found a community that was so understanding, helpful and most of all, prepared to listen at a time when in my real life I was desperately trying to not unravel but unable to talk to anybody about it.

The forums are well set out with distinct section and a massive mixture of dedicated members who seek and provide support in a peer to peer environment. Can not recommend this site enough!

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I don't understand why some people don't like the forum. I've been a member for several years and a moderator for threes years.

Members don't realise all the hard work that goes into keeping the forum safe. We're also volunteers so do not get paid. Yes we have mental health problems too and I don't see why that would matter.

For a member to be suspended or banned from the forum all the team discuss first what is the best cause of action. We also have community guidelines which we ask all members should read and follow.

My experience at psych central has been amazing.

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I trust Psych Central. They have a wide range of information for mental health issues. The forums are great. You get different responses from a range of people, not just one demographic. I find I get a lot from posting here. IRL it can be challenging to find unbiased help from family and friends. A couple of years ago I recommended Psych Central to a teacher who teach teens at risk. She has told me on numerous occasions what a valuable resource Psych Central is.

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my boyfriend reads this all the time he believes i am a narcissistic so i went and got two life coaches i still have both and a consular and 3 different psych doctors one i had been seen by over a course of years prior they all tell me that i do not qualify for any of those things and yes they have heard the buzz about it all over the net.Now he wants to do his on treatment on me and give me shrooms or isolate me for 6 years even accused the kids of being narrcissists 2 and 5.

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I do understand why my post was removed. It was a bit intense because I poured out everything I was thinking at the time. It had to do with serious mental health questions, including killing people. However, I didn't get any help whatsoever. I didn't even get a chance. They could have just deleted the post and warned me. However, I was permanently banned from a MENTAL HEALTH SITE for asking questions about my MENTAL HEALTH. They said "What you describe as your 'fascination for killing people' would make you not a good fit for this site." I would understand this normally because that is extremely intense, however, I saw other posts talking about how they always thought about killing others. I was slightly relieved that it wasn't just me and I was hoping that someone could help me out with these unwanted thoughts. However, this site just shut down any chance I had at finding help through its forums. I thought it could help me.

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I was a pretty long-time member but found the more I posted, the more stuck I became. The psychotherapy forum has been overrun by anti-therapy members no longer allowing a safe place for kindness and support unless you are there for support in bashing therapy in general. Administrators and moderators have lost the focus on support and allowed an environment of trolling and anonymous bullying to take over in the last year or so. Members who have improved in their mental and emotional health are definitely not supported and pretty much run off by members who either bully them away or moderators who allow enabling of that bullying.

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Looked at site recently, Why have you banned all the interesting people on there? They disagreed, or didn't complain enough for you? Sad. Pax. :-)

Tip for consumers: They will ban you if you have an original thought that they don't agree with. And they will ban you if you don't complain enough... and aren't totally desolate... it's amazing how bad the site has become ... all the truly interesting people are gone from the site. One big clique... nasty place. Me no like boring people who complain about everything, and do not even attempt to have some resiliency... it's not helpful, supportive, or even original anymore.... very sad.

Karla F.
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Was an occasional poster (not very high volume) for several years before I noticed the Psychotherapy board seemed to be focused on disrupting relationships between people and their therapists. It was like one of those relationship boards where people always tell you to dump your boyfriend.

Most posters are not looking for ways to improve their well being or their lives, just whining and getting "validation" for their terrible pain. Much of the focus seems to be on endless retelling of narratives about "bad" or "unethical" therapists, which is mostly defined by therapists who won't let you scream at them or "handle anger" or who terminate clients when they start stalking them or in the "victim's" terms, express their transference."

There are bullies who have very uninformed "opinions" about psychotherapy in general and post the same information repeatedly about how much they know about the topic because they've been to some therapists. You will also be ganged up on if you have an unpopular opinion, which is essentially anything that disagrees with the mob mentality or points out other ways of looking at things. Many posters just repeat themselves in endless cycles, It is not a board for those interested in personal growth or living a healthier or happier life. It's as if you can only post there if you're miserable.

Perhaps if you are short on real life relationships, you might enjoy the Couch thread, where you can gossip about other threads in violation of the rules and never have to worry about moderation. You can share snippets of your life in ways with the mean girls who are really impressed with themselves and their vocabularies and ability to drink excessively and misuse their prescribed medication.

There are many ugly dynamics in the group on this site, threads that are posted to mock other threads, often using "polls." Posters can block others from the threads they start by using the "ignore" list. I have seen more than one poster start a thread and then block others who respond in ways they don't like. I have been surprised to find I was blocked by a couple of posters who then posted on the threads I started. At least one prolific poster, who regularly insults other people and brags about how rich and important she is, writes like a 4th grader and starts threads in response to other threads she disapproves of. That's just one example of the routine childishness and clique style of this "support" board.

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Our teacher made us use this website for an assignment about treating your body right, the information on this website is just right wing fascist information conjured to infect our young with this type of thinking. Website is not for children and the information it has is not helpful.

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I question the validity of the authors on this site. If you support the articles and leave good comments, no problem. However, if you disagree - comments get removed, even if they are constructive and written without abusive language; making the time a person inputs into the reading and commenting, a waste of time, on PsychCentra. There are more-helpful web sites on the internet ,and I would suggest one of those.

1 review
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Can't avoid this site showing up on my computer. Any suggestions?

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If you think help is taking your troubles to a crowd-sourced group of wannabe therapists, this is your forum. The game here is competing who is sickest (members brag about their diagnoses and medication), who had the most abusive childhood and who is neediest.

Youre also encouraged to share idolizing fantasies about your T (their shorthand for therapist) and count down the hours until you see the T-god again. The crowd is certain how therapy, healing and even life work and often preach that being obsessed with and attached to your therapist is the healthiest thing that can happen to you.

Another popular game is psychoanalyzing you, blaming, and shaming you. The more youre hurting, the more the crowd who consider themselves masters at therapyseem to pile on with self-righteous accusations. Though diagnosing you technically is against the rules, that doesnt seem to discourage anyone. Theyll declare your pathological flaws with great enthusiasm over your painful protests. Ad hominem attacks are selectively moderated, with the most enthusiastic therapy boosters allowed free rein to bully others.

If your therapy is going poorly the frequent consensus will beits your fault. No matter how your therapist abuses you, he really didnt mean it, or meant something else, or punishment is good for you, or youre the sort whos never satisfied. The gallery has great confidence that they understand what your therapist meant, particularly if that excuses the therapists poor practice. Or like a bad therapist, theyll invalidate your perception by attributing it to transference. You dont know whats good for you; this mob of sanctimonious strangers does.

If this is your idea of support, youll likely find it at Psych Central.

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Wasn't sure what to expect with this place when I first found it... but was surprised to find nice people offering their help and support. The heart that went into some people's replies was just amazing and helped lift me up at a time where I just needed a single voice to hear me.

A really nice place I found..... hope others give it a try too (and not be put off by all the haters on this review site..).

1 review
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People are allowed to attack each other on a regular basis. Moderation is spotty. Moderators are known to have severe untreated mental illnesses. This is not a good place for true support. I would not recommend this site if you need kind, caring support. If you can handle being attacked by members and moderators then by all means hang out there.

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After an old friend told me she was concerned her daughter was suffering from the same eating disorder I have fully recovered from, I went to the forums to see if others gave good advice and to also help others know that recover is truly possible.

Not only did I see ONLY 2 success stories written, the threads were filled with pessimism, shame and general negativity. Because I had been in that dark place before, I know it's very hard to see a way out. But when you are finally out and walking in freedom, you want everyone to be able to come out too.

I wrote my recovery story as a first post. I did not post anything about taking therapy, or drugs or reading any books or even links to other websites. I only encouraged others by saying that recovery was possible and I asked questions like, "Did your doctor say you had to stop eating chips?" None of my posts/questions were approved and I have been banned forever for (as they wrote it) "Apparently trying to advertise." I have written them for an appeal, but I have yet to hear any word of response.

I honestly don't think the moderators want anyone to get real help or to have the audacity/courage to think they might be able to help themselves. It's truly a shame.

1 review
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The Psychotherapy forum is frequently a horror show. Dissent is not tolerated by the aggressive main clique. You can call out a "bad" therapist, but talk about basic pathology in the system and you'll likely be shouted down by the angry mob, or censored by the overbearing and heavily biased moderators. Even well-reasoned criticism or questioning brings out ad hominem attacks and childish tantrums.

Critical thinking is not encouraged. Instead there is rampant groupthink and sheep-like adherence to pro-industry orthodoxies. The doctrine of psychotherapeutic "transference" is accepted as gospel. Everyone agrees it must be worked though but nobody can quite explain how or why. No matter how badly therapy is harming someone, there will be chants of "more therapy!". Devotion to psychiatry's magic pills is likewise fierce and frightening. Many members appear to be therapy and/or pharma addicts.

It is considered "supportive" to encourage other members to accept whatever pathologizing and stigmatizing diagnoses they've received, no matter how dubious. It is considered "unsupportive" to deconstruct this corrupt paradigm and suggest other possibilities. Something as basic as good nutrition or other self-care is considered subversive. It's all creepy, in the manner of a cult. Its also considered supportive to openly contradict and reinterpret what other members say, sometimes in invasive fashion, if its not in line with majority thinking.

The moderators carry out de facto censorship via selective enforcement of vague and draconian rules, under the guise of keeping the forums safe. You keep people safe by allowing free expression, not by looking over their shoulder and editing their thoughts like big brother. Threads are closed without warning, and posts silently deleted (down the memory hole!). Moderators do not accept challenges and regularly admonish users as if they are children. Members are coddled and taught to be timid and compliant, thus reinforcing powerlessness and deferral to authority.

It's a rigged game designed to grow the customer-base for the profitable and predatory mental health biz and preserve status quo. The censorship is seemingly driven by the business interests and personal ideology of the sites owner and daddy figure, John Grohol. He seems entirely unaware or unconcerned about the madness going on in his community.

Grohol, the mods, and long-time members behave like wannabe therapists. They are often irrational and lacking self-awareness and equanimity. All are prone to pompous moralizing and patronizing lessons that probably reflect the warping influence of years in the mental health system. This sort of therapizing is commonplace in therapy culture, but in other contexts is the domain of insufferable nags, boors, and scolds, or people with distorted interpersonal boundaries (ironic, since therapists preach endlessly about boundaries).

Members struggling in therapy who show any sign of doubt will be set upon and irrationally scolded or bullied by the true believers. It's like a kangaroo court. Client blaming is the norm. The rules of engagement reflect therapy itself: contrived authority, imposed hierarchy, aversion to scrutiny, aggressive squashing of dissent, deception and dishonesty, covert narcissism, delusions of omniscience.

If you are a survivor of psychotherapy abuse or harm, and want to talk openly about it, this is the not the place, unless you go underground with closed groups or private messaging. The biz in all its manifestations does not want to hear from its casualties.

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Was a member of this site for several years; during this time I was suffering severe emotional traumas in real life; as such, a Doctor prescribed me many medications which clouded my worldview. Was unaware, until I started coming off the Medications that this site was exceptionally dangerous to anyone suffering from Mental Illness. It was, at this time, that I realized that there were multiple accounts given to the same person-- In the writings they posted-- I could discern that one individual was also another-- different gender, different age! It was frightening! I honestly thought I was going completely insane! Then a friend on the site sent me a copy of an e-mail she had gotten from "Doc John" wherein he states that "certain members are allowed multiple accounts (different usernames, different ages, different genders) "for their protection", WOW. I was so relieved. Then all sorts of bogus activity began to appear on the site. I would report trolls to the Moderators, but the moderators seemed impervious to said "Abuse of Terms"-- It was a horror for me. In the end, they "Banned" me... lol... I knew too much. The site is DANGEROUS. I am a Licensed Professional Mental Health Worker for the State--- PsychCentral needs to be banned from the internet. It is immoral and cruel, to fool the vulnerable with the Games people play with the sensitivities of said population.

Yes, "John Grohol" holds a PsyD-- However, once I was aware of the practices of his site-- I realized he could not be a Sane, or even a Decent human to run a site filled with bogus people, bogus situations, and inane bullying! DO NOT GO ON THAT SITE if you are ill-- see a Mental Health expert. It is NOT A "Safe, Self Supporting Place" -- Fact is, it is the Opposite of what it professes to be.

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Recently, I read a blog post by a PhD credentialed mental health clinician on Psych Central that contained clinically unsubstantiated content delivered in a very negative, sarcastic, unprofessional spirit of communication to the public. There were several emotionally-charged comments from readers who were disturbed and offended by the piece -and rightly so. I attempted, repeatedly, to submit a comment that was aimed at providing accurate information about the subject matter contained in the blog, but found that every time I attempted to submit it, it would not post to the site in the comment section. At first, I considered my comment not being added as a technical glitch of some kind. But, after multiple attempts, and attempts to submit from other email addresses as well, my good discernment led me to confirm that my comment is being blocked/disallowed by the author of the blog or Psych Central moderators.
I'm a published writer on the subject of stigma and mental illness, an experienced mental health advocate, as well as a counseling student trained in Motivational Interviewing. I find the jagged, bullying tone of the blog irresponsible and potentially harm-inducing for readers who are family members of those with diagnosed and undiagnosed mood or personality disorders.
Its indefensible that the judging, hyper-critical, sarcastic, empathy-less, clinically unsupported 'opinion' communicated in this contributors' blog post, under the guise of 'expert' advisement- is reflective of the mission statement so articulately communicated on the Psych Central home page. PsychCentral and, in particular, the blog posts author needs to put them selves in check. I will no longer refer my readers or colleagues to Psych Central. Very disappointed in Psych Central. And, just more confirmation that just because someone has a PhD, they can also remain exceedingly immature in their field of study with a perspective that is, "shut tighter than two coats of old paint" :-)

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I have repeatedly seen people who are not supporters of, nor believers in widespread use of psychiatric meds and talk-therapy be bashed without restraint or relent. I have been a member of PsychCentral for over 5 years, and gradually I have been pushed out of more and more activities by the admin-supported clique. What I find most distressing is the hypocrisy of a site that touts "member support", but only for those members who adhere to the rather strict site culture and defer to it's favorites.

I was referred to this review site in a forum post by the owner of PsychCentral, who is soliciting 'positive reviews' from members. I find this to be a poignant reminder of how the site is run (hide the dark stuff), and by whom.

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I have been a member of PsychCentral for over 5 yrs. I stumbled upon it when I was in the depths of despair and wanting to end it all. While I couldn't join the chat room that day, you have to have 5 posts, I spent a lot of time reading what others were going through and realized that things could get better. I have never had a real problem with other members. I have found many friends on PC and have even traded phone numbers with a few. PC is celebrating its 20th year this year, and with that they gave away free t-shirts. I wear mine with pride and tell others what it is about when asked. Doc John is a well-rounded guy who gives his best, along with the other administrators, to keep PC a safe place.

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10/18/15 get what you put into it.

That may not sound encouraging to some, but it's true. Yes, there have been times where I've posted that I haven't received the responses I've hoped for. But I've never been attacked. And I find that, while I may not have met a million friends, I have had different opportunities there. I have been a community liaison; I have made close connections with others on the site. I tend to fluctuate between being really active and only checking in once in a while to respond to personal messages. As someone who has been active on the site for almost four years, I can honestly say that this site helps me feel like there is a safety net between me and nothing when everything else fails.

Is everyone there perfect? NO. The site is not filled with professionals who are going to tell me what I need to hear all the time. It is filled with flawed human beings who are also suffering with their own stuff. If someone says something that's out of line, I either ignore it, report it, or just tell them that what they've said is out of line. Kind of like the rest of life. :)

Good site overall; glad I've found it. One thing that works consistently for me: if I'm having a bad day, and I don't feel like I'm being heard, I reach out to others and give them the support they need, rather than waiting for it to come to me. Might sound cliché, but it works. I've made incredible friendships that way, and really, that's how it works: the therapeutic value of one person helping another.

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To be blunt, some of these very negative reviews seem to be from people who don't know what they're on about or who have had a limited field of vision, so to speak.

Having actually been on the site for years, life-long suffered from mental health problems, and been involved with some of the CST, I can tell you that Psych Central is a good site. I am not being biased.

PC does not nor has it ever (to my knowledge) stigmatized mental health, and the idea of that is quite offensive to me and surely to the people who work hard to make sure someone like me has someone safe to go within the great wide web.

Have I always agreed with the team? No. That's not reason enough to slander an entire website and demean all the good they have done. Believe me when I say I have seen some terrible websites out there that are worthy of a 1 star, Psych Center, however, is not.

So, with all this said, why only 4 stars? Because I'm quite a literal person, and I see "You love it so much you want to tell the entire world," which simply isn't the case. Due to the nature of the site and personal information (related to one's life and problems) shared, I certainly wouldn't want to tell the world all about it, but if I know someone who's struggling, the first place I think of when I want to suggest a website, is of course Psych Central.

Thanks for reading.

Tip for consumers: Be mindful of other people and their problems. Be sure to let people know when the following content might be triggering to some, and better yet, explain (briefly) why it might be triggering. A website such as Psych Central, through no fault of its own, has the very real problem of having a negative effect on the reader if he or she isn't careful about what they read, and if the posters aren't careful about what they post. Just be mindful of others.


Customer Questions & Answers

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Yes, Evan. He is a Licensed PsyD. That is all. He does not practice IN REAL LIFE. He never has. He has made millions on this very DANGEROUS site. I am (was on that site for years on and off) in complete agreement with you-- this site ought to be RESTRICTED. I hope I was able to answer your questions. Take care of you-- Deyzanne PhD

By Deyzanne Z.
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Well, it's free advice. So I would take that into consideration about whether you should take it or leave it. For some people, I'm sure it helps. For others, maybe not so much.

By Miles B.
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Psych Central is not a good "Source" to use as a reviewer. If you can read the reviews here about the site, (aside from the ones the Moderators from the site wrote which were all "Positive"-- they get paid to do that) you will see that it is not a reputable site, not insofar as former members who were seriously injured by the site; nor are many of the purported "Therapists" actual therapists. (If they are indeed Therapists, they are not very good ones!) IMHO, not a good place to get a Review from. The site is flailing these days. Once upon a time, it had a good reputation; and was a decent place-- but like all things in life, that has changed over the years. I wish you well.

By Pax I.
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