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Twelve years ago, I was referred to PC Mech by a friend who suggested I could build my own computer instead of buying one. The info I found was so helpful, I decided to become a member of the forums so I could seek some personalized advice. Everyone was kind with their responses to my rookie queeries and tolerated my ignorance without judgement or flaming (like so many other pc forums!). I've stuck with PC Mech all these years because of the honest, polite and informed opinions of the staff and senior members. Those who come seeking a blessing of the parts they've already purchased may feel rebuffed when better components are suggested but that's just human nature. Trust me, these guys (and gals!) know there stuff. From parts suggestions to virus removal, these folks are some of the most helpful on the internet - and they continue to do it for free!

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12/16/15 has been a fantastic resource on the internet for well over 10 years. When it comes to 'physical' institutions, much importance is placed on longevity. With the ephemeral nature of the web, a site & community that has persevered for so long is certainly something to be revered. With tech articles written from an end-user perspective and an incredibly helpful forum filled with current and former IT industry specialists willing to give their advice for free, this is a must-visit institution of the tech-web.

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I have been a member there for 13 years after a former boss recommended the site. I have since recommended the site to anyone I know who has computer problems and those with at least some tech savvy (if I don't help them or sometimes even if I do). I have received a lot of help from there over the years, not just for my own system, but friends' and computers at work (I am the unofficial tech guy and in fact, am in my own social circle as well). Even with that, there are many there more knowledgeable than I. Although I at times will do a Google search for basic issues, one has to be careful with that as there is a lot of bad (unintentional or not) info out there. Information is only as good as the knowledge and trustworthiness of the one giving it. Even then, some people will need further help in carrying it out (or if other things come up during it).

Many other computer sites are run by people who either lack knowledge, maturity, patience, or a combination of these. PCMech, on the other hand is not. The people care, want to give the proper advice (learned from years of real-world experience). Some are professional builders, others for hobby, or as a sideline, but there is a lot of knowledge and a great collection of folks. It is also run in a way that is respectful to the various degrees of knowledge of users. People will not be talked down to or ridiculed. If there is someone there with ulterior motives (spamming or giving advice to serve their own interests), they are quickly shut down. The staff and users there is a collection of great people. I not only get advice there for computers, but other things and see others do the same. There is a great combination of experiences, and you can find occasional advice about autos, houses, finances etc. I also go simply to hang out and shoot the breeze. The staff keeps this place fun and safe to hang out at. Not all site owners do.

I have to respond to the negative review. First of all, it is telling that the reviewer said essentially the same thing about another advice site. It sounds to me like this person is one who cannot be told anything, and simply wants people to agree with them. People like that are hard to deal with. Sometimes there may be more than one answer that will work, but other times not. Some things might work in the moment, but cause problems down the line. One instance of this is buying parts that are poor quality. You might get by for a while, but not always for long. Even if for some reason, you manage to be one of the few who seem to do okay by it, is it really worth the risk? I know I don't want to play Russian roulette, nor do I want to cheap out only to risk damage or paying more in the future do redo what should have been done right to begin with. As far as being opinionated, well duh, you are asking for advice. Of course they have formed opinions based on years of experience among several users. That is why I go there. I want to learn from those who have already walked down those paths. I don't want a doctor who tells me what I want to hear instead of the truth, and I don't want computer advisers agreeing with something I have done wrong instead of telling me the right way.

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I have been enjoying computers for many years. Back in the 1990's I needed a place to get good reliable help. Fortunately I found PC Mechanic. I have visited many sites over the years but I always go back to PCMECH.COM. Why? Because I get consistent, excellent, reliable information and advise. For us Old guys that means a lot!

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PC Mech is an excellent site to gain knowledgeable advice regarding your PC. They do however give it to you straight. If you are making bad choices it's not going to be sugar coated. Certain brands and methods are repeated at an almost excruciating level, but this is done for a reason. The brands and methods are tried and true by professionals in the business. Ones who have (been there done that) more than once.

That's not to say if you want to use another brand or method you can't, but they will not endorse it. If want you to run your idea's by them, there is someone there who is knowledgeable enough to give you some kind of feed back, quite often it's not what you want to hear.

If you want someone to just agree with you; PC mech is not the site for you, but if you want sound advice, I will see you there....

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Anytime I have a PC issue, I go straight to PCMech.

I am always messing around, breaking things on my computer.
The guys there are always helpful.

They helped me build a quality computer and they help me fix it, when I break it.
Thanks PCM !!!

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Couldn't disagree more with the experience of the negative review above. I started visiting this site about 2001 when I found a need to set up a network,something about which I had no knowledge. I had stumbled through computers from the time of the Osborne's in the early 80's, and knew enough only to get by. After gleaning knowledge while lurking, I registered and have been a member since the early 2000's. I've never failed to get answers to questions for setting up Windows based computers, in most all instances within 24 hours, and in many cases almost immediately. As with any forum with very knowledgeable people, there are disagreements for methodology but I feel best solutions are always available. Most of that staff seem to be in the business of either building or maintaining computers and networks. In all the time I've been on that site, though having a few disagreements, there has never been a time when the best solution wasn't reached, and in one particular case I remember a moderator disagreeing violently about dual booting two operating systems. I did find a solution off the site and upon posting the solution, that moderator apologized after realizing you could do what he said couldn't be done. The guy operated a medium sized business building computers. Normally one particular moderator has always given me a prompt and concise answer to questions, and solutions to virtually every problem I've had through the years. Since I joined I started assembling my own computers and I now do a pretty fair job of maintaining a small network with about 6 clients, all through knowledge gleaned from this site. I can't speak more highly of ANY other site. I've been a moderator on two or three sites for other interests, know and see the problems on those sites and see the issues arise from the many wannabe 'experts' with big egos. I think this site is the best staffed, most knowledgeable site I've ever followed.

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PCMech is one of the very first forums I found when I began browsing the internet back on the early 2000s Looking for advice on learning to build a PC. I now belong to several forums and I can say PCMech is still one of the best forums I have ever belonged to.

I find the members and the staff to be very warm and friendly. I have learned that a lot of the staff either build or work in the PC field and give reputable advice. I will disagree with the above reviewer saying they are more Opinionated than Helpful. Truth is when you go to a forum to seek help you are seeking the Opinion of others as advice. I have found their Opinions very helpful.

A lot of the staff and members may seem directional in the Advice and Opinions they give but they are recommending products and services and only recommend such things that would give members the highest rate of success. They do not recommend "Generic" parts as cost cutting features to save members a few dollars.

I too was once one of those people who questioned aspects of their opinions and quickly learned how skimping on parts now only gives you grief down the road. This is why PCMech is my all time favorite computer site. I think this forum is top notch and I think the forum Drisley started has stuck with its core beliefs.

Great community, great people and great advice to those that come seeking an Opinion.

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Funny how nobody left any reviews for this site yet

For a little back story, PC Mechanic ( was founded by a guy named David Risely, and the site started off pretty good, but over time, more opinionated "techs"? Started being hired to the site

Now, David has left PC Mechanic, and ever since they have been overrun by the most opinionated people I have ever talked to, whenever I go to ask a simple question, instead of giving me a simple answer (isn't that what forums were meant for?) I get told that what I was doing is not what they would do and that I need to do a complete overhaul

Funny thing is, by the time I find my answer (on my own may I add) I come back and tell them my findings (in a way to close the thread and tell them my problem is solved) and all they do is complain, basically telling me I made a poor choice, even though in the end, I end up with no issues... WITHOUT their "help"

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