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First, all of Yahoo sucks (search, webmail, everything)

The site is full of stupid questions and even stupider (and at times even dangerous) answers, and is now nothing more than a joke

The biggest issue with Yahoo Answers is members being banned for no reason, and even worse, many have been banned not only from the Answers platform, but have had their entire Yahoo account banned, including access to their email

I have been on Yahoo Answers years ago and written an answer to a question where the asker needed to reinstall his OS (Windows XP OEM), but didn't have the restoration discs that came with his computer, I answered saying to download an XP OEM ISO from a torrent site (legal as long as you don't use the included key), burn the ISO to a CD and boot/install from it, then type in the (legal) license key from the certificate sticker affixed to the PC case, then activate

The next day, I go to log back into Answers and couldn't, I check my email (luckily they didn't ban my whole account) and noticed an email from Yahoo saying I was banned from Answers for violating their ToS (I didn't), along with a link to appeal

I wrote an appeal explaining my side (and that I in fact did not violate their ToS, and why) and sent it in, I later got an email from Yahoo in reply to my appeal, saying that my appeal didn't go through and that I did violate their ToS (again, I didn't) and they didn't even tell me where in the ToS I allegedly violated

During my time on Answers, I have witnessed the rampant racism Truth H wrote about, and none of the members writing racist questions and answers were banned


Gotta agree with everyone here, WorldLifestyle is extremely clickbaitey with no actual content, just an ad farm

I frequently peruse through Quora, reading questions and answers, answering some questions myself. Often I see ads for WorldLifestyle on Quora with an attractive clickbait title, I mean I should know better, but sometimes I just can't help it, only to end up frustrated and annoyed

Each story (if you can call them that) has a few short cliffhanger paragraphs and a photo, split between multiple ad riddled pages, with no real conclusion at the end, leaving you wondering

You just keep clicking "Next", hoping to get to the conclusion, things no longer make sense, only to find yourself in the next "story"

In the end you just get this icky feeling like you just finished reading a spam/scam email


Web articles only give you the first half paragraph of the story, then give you a "read more" button

When you tap the button, it leads to the App Store to download the app, with no option to continue the article in the browser, so you have to download the app to continue

I have enough news apps as it is on my phone and don't need NewsBreak taking up space and giving me yet more notifications to bug me, yet I would still like to actually read the articles

Now I can understand if there were a limit to how many articles I can read a day without the app (say 1~3 a day), and if I want to read more, then I would have to download the app, but really, I can't even read one full article?

What bothers me the most about it is my mother, who does have the app, sends me articles she wants me to read and discuss them with her, but I can't even read them, and I'm not downloading the app just so I can


Funny how nobody left any reviews for this site yet

For a little back story, PC Mechanic (Pcmech.com) was founded by a guy named David Risely, and the site started off pretty good, but over time, more opinionated "techs"? Started being hired to the site

Now, David has left PC Mechanic, and ever since they have been overrun by the most opinionated people I have ever talked to, whenever I go to ask a simple question, instead of giving me a simple answer (isn't that what forums were meant for?) I get told that what I was doing is not what they would do and that I need to do a complete overhaul

Funny thing is, by the time I find my answer (on my own may I add) I come back and tell them my findings (in a way to close the thread and tell them my problem is solved) and all they do is complain, basically telling me I made a poor choice, even though in the end, I end up with no issues... WITHOUT their "help"


I rarely get any helpful advice from this site (there are times I do get some, but not often). They tend to be very opinionated and will argue with you if your opinion differs from their own, they tend to act as if their opinion isn't an opinion, but is a fact, most of the time I end up solving my own problem or when I do finally get a real answer, usually it's not a good one

Then, sometimes when you do solve your own problem (or make a decision about something) and go to tell them, they will still try to change your mind and try to get you to think your decision was a bad idea


The software itself is very simple, and does exactly what it says, it makes a 1:1 copy of a Blu-ray or DVD to either Blu-ray/DVD media or ISO, making it a great tool to back up your DVDs and Blu-rays

Only issue I have found is if you use the Windows version of this software, it will not complete the copy, only the Mac version will complete the copy

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