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After seeing all the mixed reviews I reluctantly placed an order through Organic creations. In my order I left a note asking for the MSDS of each product as well as receipt. Within a few hours Kristel emailed me back with a kind email and the MSDS and receipt I had asked for. So far so good! After a few days of waiting and not getting a tracking number I emailed her again asking about my order. Kristel was really nice and explained how at the top of their homepage it says what days orders they are processing that day and that they were processing the orders from oct 31 and since mine was from November 1st they would be working on mine the next day and have it shipped out by that evening. She explained how they hand batch all of their orders to ensure theyre customers have the freshest possible product when they order and that some are even made when the order is placed. I totally get that since I run my own skin care business and hand make all my orders as they come in as well. Sure enough the next evening I received an email with a shipping notification and tracking number. My package sent out Thursday evening and still arrived Monday even though Saturday was Veterans Day and USPS doesnt work that day. I LOVED all of my products so far and Im having so much fun testing out the new ones. They even offered to send me the USDS organic certification paperwork if I needed and gave me a little pamphlet explaining the different programs they have for business and their rewards system. Before I placed my order I had forgotten to ask a question about 2 of the hydrosols I ordered so I emailed them again today. Again Kristel emailed me back and was very kind, patient, and explained everything I needed to know and told me to feel free to email her ANYTIME I have questions Ive heard bad things about Barb but I only dealt with Kristel each time I emailed and she always responded within 2-3 with extremely good customer service and never made me feel like I was wasting her time. Im incredibly happy with my purchase with this company and the support I received when needed and will gladly order through them again!

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First I was very excited having found that company. I contacted them with a couple of questions but only got one not very sufficient answer from Barb. She gave me the feeling she is not interested in doing business with me on a professional level. This email already caused a bad feeling inside of me, so I decided not to buy from them. After reading all the comments, I knew I made the right decision.

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First, my qualifications. I have been in skin care since 1972. I am a formulator and aromatherapist and medical assistant to a dermatologist. Online and owned a facial salon/wellness center since 1997. Well into 6 figures before I retired. Have worked in a lab for years with direct interfacing with the FDA.

Secondly, bad reviews can spring up without grounds just because women can be $#*!y. Anonymity brings out the worst in some people. It is usually too costly to become certified organic for small businesses. It does take a long time to receive your order because everything is blended fresh - fine with me since this is also my premise and promise to my clients. Price is about average for good quality. Products feel good, bottom line. I will reorder.

Patricia Westervelt, CMA LE CA
Royal Honey Rose

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I make all of my personal hygeine products, as well as my own muscle linament (we call it "Mom Balm"). I use this company exclusively and have never had a problem or issue with them. I have absolutely NEVER had the issues of which some of the complainants here speak. I've had only the best experience! The products are great, price reasonable, and my skin and hair have never been better to me. I'll be making my Mom Balm soon on the next clear and cool morning. This is one HAPPY customer!

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I loved the organic castor oil (1 gallon). I think they make it fresh to order because it took a few days to ship it. I received it soon after it was shipped. Then I used the oil as a therapy to treat internal female cysts and felt an improvement after just one treatment. I applied it for 3 1/2 hours via a wool cloth and heating pad. The oil was translucent gold with a high viscosity. I loved it, it felt great! I used it on my Mom's hurt leg and my brothers hurt jaw, neck, and back. Now I am using it on my hair, skin, and nails. Yea, it is great stuff!
The service is great in that my one shipping question (via email) was answered the same day. Very helpful answer, I am extremely pleased with this company. Caro Line

Tip for consumers: Check out castor oil therapy online, there are many articles about it.

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At first, I was skeptical of ordering from Organic Creations due to the negative comments. However, I decided to take the chance because I believe in giving people a chance. I am here to say that I am glad that I order from this company. I received transparent communication regarding my order and when I received my package, I was pleasantly pleased with my order. I am glad that I don't base my decisions on reviews alone. I will order from this company again.

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I have ordered from them several times, and they are by far my favorite supplier. They have always been friendly, their service fast, and their product amazing.

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I have NO idea what the disgruntled customers are talking about,but, their complaints must come from when the business first started or something. I've had and have nothing but good things to say about the quality of the oils, the SWIFT delivery of the merchandise and the over all condition of everything I've ever received from them. I haven't had to call customer service ONCE, and even if I did, I'd chalk it up to human error and call it a day. I was actually on my way to the site to make another order. I usually spend $50-$100 at a time(I keep burning through citrus oils like CRAZY. I'm just going to have buy them in TUBS from here on out SMH/LOL).

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Ignore the awful reviews of this business. Listen, yes sometimes the orders take awhile to reach you, but, the quality is excellent, the prices are the best you'll find on the web and whenever you have a question, Barb is extremely quick to respond. She takes the time to answer any questions you may have about the products and is, exceptionally pleasant and knowledgable! I've had nothing but outstanding customer service! But don't take my word for it, research their prices compared to everyone else's! And I don't know about you, I'd rather save a few dollars with the plain packaging!!

1 review
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I have used this company for a few years now. I find them helpful, responsive and communicative when I need help. I love their products and they are a great source of naturals and organics that many do not carry.

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I used to buy from this site because they had decent prices, but the hassle of communicating with Barb, their only rep (possibly owner) proved too much for the, in comparison, insignificant discount (the difference made even smaller with other reliable raw material suppliers' emergence).

My most recent order was so disastrous that I will never buy from this site again. I have completely lost faith in them.

I placed an emergency order and requested that she expedite it for same day shipment. She emails me back "We'll do it for you." FOUR days later and she still has NOT shipped it. If you make a promise to a customer you should keep it instead of stringing them along just to keep the order. (FIRST WARNING: LYING)

So I tried calling her multiple times to discuss, but she will NEVER pick up the phone or return my messages. (SECOND WARNING: AVOIDANCE) I then email and ask her to cancel the order ONLY IF it will not arrive by the deadline. She emails back saying it will arrive based on her experience that USPS mail only take 3 days from Oregon to the east coast, but then emails me again moments later to cancel my invoice, giving me no choice in the matter (TINY WINDOW, NO CALLS, without a thought to how much understanding and faith I gave her to begin with). If it was that urgent for her to have my confirmation, I would have appreciated a call since I distinctly remember leaving a phone number on file.

I had read the other reviews and had a feeling Barb might be slightly difficult to deal with, so I was especially careful to be polite and graceful to her despite the initial fiasco. The feeling I get from communicating with her is that she is quite vindictive, the type who can smile sweetly and stab you in the back at the same time. So it turns out all my efforts were in vain.

If she did not string me along for the initial ride, I could have placed an order elsewhere and still gotten it in time.

The end result is that all the losses are borne by me alone. This company is a stellar example of what UN-PROFESSIONAL is. They certainly do not care for their customers, not a tiny bit even for repeat customers who's always been in good standing with them. They ask for understanding, yet they never reciprocate that understanding for the customers. I feel lied to, a fool for believing her initially...and so I will take my loyalty elsewhere.

The good news is with the increasing popularity of natural and DIY cosmetics in general, many more suppliers with better prices and products have come into existence, and so I no longer have to rely on organic creations. My other emergency order for Carbomer 940 (google search: ingredients carbomer 940 buy) went very very well. This other company, knowing of my emergency, upgraded my shipping and got my package out before even receiving the shipping charge difference, and that was my first order with them. That's good faith.


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Horrible experience. I recieved 1/4 of my order. The rest no one knows where. Impossible to reach them by phone or email. I am dealing thru my credit card company to get my money back. I would never buy from them again. Giving it 1 star is way too much.

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12/10/13 is key in the running of Salon de JuJu. I utilize their outstanding organic and wild harvested products of superior quality. I've been working with organic and holistic living/eating/learning since the age of 18. I am now 43 and create organic or wild harvested spa products made from only the finest ingredients. Where do I find ONLY the finest ingredients?!!? That would be because their products are superior and they truly care about your order and they WILL go that extra mile for you if they need to. Bottom line = Damn good business. Period.

1 review
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Recovering from breast cancer, I am so glad that I was not scared off by all the bad reviews I read here and other places. Luckily, I belong to a soap making group\blog who I asked about this company after reading these reviews, because I loved the look of the products on the site, but as I live half way around the world from the US, it was not just going to cost me a lot in products, but about the same again in shipping! Someone who knows Barb - the owner - told me had a family tragedy and was not able to keep up with quick shipping etc for a while, gave me her e-mail and said talk with her.

In the last 2-3 months I have made over 6 orders with her, each order being around 5-6 international parcels and they have all arrived faster that big companies I bought from. Everything as been fresh, well packed and clean. Her labels are clear. I even ordered ground almonds and there are completely fresh. I find each of the products has the same blurb about the benefits of the product, which I find very useful. Last time I bought her organic oil hand cream and it is the best cream I have ever used. Below I have pasted my last e-mail reply to her letting me know that my last order was on it's way, as I had mentioned I had a rush order in the order note section:
Dear Barb,

Thank you so much you have been so prompt and supportive with all my questions and my shipments. I can't tell you what it means to have you, so reliable, just a PayPal click away.

I am also so pleased with your products, no leaks, even on such a long international journey and your fragrance oils are great.

Take care.

Aysha Johns. It is a shame more people are not willing to support small family businesses and cut people some slack now and again!

1 review
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I have been using this site for years and love it.

1 review
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WORST ONLINE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD - in fact worst vendor experience overall. Her packaging is shoddy, they do NOT use seals on the chemicals they ship. The owner (home business) admitted they did not tighten the caps tight enough causing very expensive fragrance oils (Ylang Ylang and Dragons Blood and Wintergreen) to spill all over my several hundred dollar order. FED-X investigation 100% ruled I was due a FULL REFUND for my losses however she only refunded me 1/2 of my loss and accused me of being a thief. I would guess more than 75% of her business is 1x only. NO REPEAT BUSINESS FROM ME or my soaping friends! We've had MANY conversations about this horrible vendor!!!....... she does have some good stuff, but.considering my LOSSES - it wasn't worth the lousy customer service. If she had treated me right and honored the deal she would have the bulk of my LARGE ORDERS, but I will NEVER trust her again. You people giving her stars........apparently your one of the FEW (LOW %) who had no problems....good luck if you do.

1 review
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Seems that we have a pattern going here.

1 review
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bad supplier

my oil came in a clear plastic bag!!!
(other suppliers ship it in a opaque plastic bottle or wrap it in foil since it degrades by sunlight)
the amount was significantly less than what I ordered (no someone did not just measure it wrong by a little it was way less than what I ordered)
no expiration/manufacture date (the quality of the product leads me to believe they sold me old expired ingredients instead of fresh ones)

cheaper than competitor, but now you know why...

other notes: I don't care about slow shipping, it is my responsibility to order in advance before running out
I don't care about customer service, I should not have to use it, if I do, I'm not doing business with you again
I don't care about website design as long as it functions
I do care about certification and expiration dates(because my clients do), neither was provided

1 review
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I love them products. This is very small business and they do not answering the phone, but they always have a fresh ingredients. I have a broken packages from different companies. This guys always sent to me replacement. I have couple custom requests like cheaper shipping or special ingredients and they always helping me to find them. Barbara a real person and she is answering emails pretty quick. They use a simple packaging but it better for my shipping cost and for environments. I recommend them to everybody.

1 review
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Something is really fishy about so many of these complaints. I have ordered from OC for years for my bath and body business, as well as for personal use, and Barb has always been extremely helpful, responsive and courteous. Service was always prompt, if there were to be delays, she let me know personally. Every order came through perfectly. How is it that in doing biz with them for almost five years that I have never had a problem? I smell a smear campaign, and it's not cool at all.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have NO idea why this site is getting negative reviews, I have ordered from them at least 5 times, and they are by far my favorite supplier. They have always been friendly, their service fast, and their product amazing. I received the wrong product in an order only ONCE and they shipped my the right product the next day.
Plus, their healthy hair shampoo bar changed my hair's life haha! I will pledge my undying love for Organic Creations, and I'm just so baffled by these negative reviews...I smell a competitor.

1 review
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I am a frequent customer of organic creations and love their products and selection. They quote their turnaround time prior to ordering and I find their website to be user friendly. I mostly order essential oils and botanicals such as jasmine, hibiscus, and cinammon which I add to loose tea. The essential oils are great and I think it would be hard to find comparable quality at such pricing. I was extremely surprised to read the other reviews but I guess if you are looking for customer service, personal attention, high quality packaging, your order stocked, and ready to ship, you may or may not be happy. The cinammon from organic creations is the best. I will keep buying from organic creations because their products are wonderful and would rather wait for something that I know is good, rather than get garbage the next day and pay more.

1 review
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Great selection and fast delivery (received my package in 7 days after placing the order). Everything was neatly packed. Highly recommend!

1 review
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Warning to all! Avoid spending money at this business. I am currently trying to get my money back through my credit card company and the BBB. This place is re-packaging ingredients and selling to the public with their sticker labels as if they are the manufacturer. From what was delivered to me, products are picked and measured by them and packaged in unsealed baggies (sandwich bags). Oils that are listed on their website as natural and pure are packaged in unsealed bottles. Consumers will never know whether products are authentic, where they originate from, or whether organic as their website claims. I ordered several items on 4/25/2012. They charged my credit card right away but items did not arrive until 5/5/2012. Products are suspicious due to packaging and I question whether they are safe. Two facial clays I ordered (Green and Fuller's Earth) appeared to identical in color. Because I knew that Green clay origins is France and that the color should be Green in order for quality that I became suspicious. I contacted the company but they refused to refund stating that purchases cannot be retuned. They do not have ay warning on the products pages or at checkout about no returns. I would not have ordered from them if that alert was present at checkout.

1 review
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I run a small vegan lip balm and soap company, and was looking to find a supplier of ingredients.

Unfortunately, I found Barbara.

"Please DO look for a new supplier, especially if this is how you do business"

I wish she would've stated this earlier! I had been mistaken when they took about 6 days to process my order, and even longer for my order to arrive. I was under the impression it would be sent here in 48 hours. The statement read that it ships ground to 48 states. Simple mistake. My bad. But Barbara had so much more to say to me via email than I asked for. She was rude, insulting, and, tellingly, upset at me for this mistake. I asked GloryBee the same few questions, and was treated like and human being who is trying to do business.

" You misread it, and I'm seriously upset that you are accusing my business of your inaccuracies of reading our website."

I would be upset too, but I wasn't accusing her business, I was stating that UPS or her business might be implying false information on their site. Plus, if I was 'accusing' her, do I, the customer/small business owner, need to hear that via email?!?!?

Barbara thought I did.

The only thing "organic" about my experience with this business was the intensity of HER dislike for my misunderstanding!
I highly recommend GloryBee over this company, solely for the customer service.

Barbara was very rude, and unfortunately that has consequences these days. She should stop doing customer service, if her emotions aren't going to be contained for the sake of good business practice. And if she IS going to continue customer service, then she should close down her business, and just focus on being kind to complete strangers.

"Please DO look for a new supplier"

Truer words were never more angrily typed.

Turns out I was not the only one who had a bad encounter:

FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE (which looked like it come out of a dumpster and was about to fall out of the bottom)....



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I use to work as an inspector with USDA and know first hand about USDA organic certification. It is very costly to gain organic certification as several managers charge there extensive time to trace every element back to the tree it was grown on. That price is added to the product and the consumer pays dearly for it. I also new of a woman who sold the organic fruits and vegetables she grew on her farm. She has never used pesticides or genetically modified seed. I know her product is organic and do not need her to pass on the high price of certification for those delectable treasures. I believe Organic Creations. Every product that I have used of theirs smell and feels terrific. There is no perfume after taste after breathing what I have put on my skin. My skin is loving their products, I can just tell that they are organic. I prefer paying the lower prices that do not include certification costs.

By Caro L.
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