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I highly recommend for people not to use this policy. It's actually awful. There are hidden costs and you don't receive good or a helpful service either.

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I was injured working and there is a question about how serious it really is and these guys are supposed to schedule my appointments to determine the severity of my injury simply by a ultrasound ..well that was supposed to happen over 2 weeks ago. On a friday .well i waited all week for that call that never came because the follow up was made for tuesday with comp doctor ..nothing. , nothing monday so i called and was told hold the line and we will make appt with you. Ring ring ring well sorry sir no answer let me schedule on your behalf ...well never heard back i called first light tuesday and got the same response , lets make that appolntment now ring ring ring ok no answer let us make it we will call you back. ..i called just before my follow up and heard this sorry sir but they arent open anymore. , they are temp closed. Say what you dont know if your providers have closed up shop ..quickly i call and cancel follow up visit no sense if they dont have info they need for diagnosis right?? So all week long no call no nothing at all. .....For some reason they called friday around 5 pm but were closed upon my call back. Today monday i called them again hey what is happening ?? Well sir we found a provider but didnt make a appt let us call you back and thats where they left me. I have a large protrusion about 4 inches long above my belly button making me appear pregnant almost. And there could be issues with my organs being whats pushing out.and a possibility of having stuff become strangulated and maybe even bursting. And whats worse is what started it all is a comp doctor who says what hernia. Say what ?? I was pushing a pallet of 2400 lbs with a manual jack uphill when i felt this thing pop and appear ( oshas human limit on a manual pallet jack 1500lbs ) ..this is most likely why that limits set. But my gripe here is what if this pain ( no meds btw) is my intestine being strangled to death why are these guys dragging thier feet and not doing thier job. Something i pay for daily outta my paycheck that one that says workers comp. deduction. ..Isnt this what its for get me healthy after i get hurt from osha rule dodging employers. Well not these guys evidently.
Care one who do you care about only you #1. Cause it isnt me your helping

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Received phone call[Fed x comp] saying I would need to be home today for delivery. Lost day of work and no show and even can not find my AVR. Last time This happened also. One call sorry though. Not worth the hassle. I lost a day pay and One call and Fed x lost nothing.

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I was approved for credit placed my order and then the called me a couple days later saying I did not meet security measures. So I ordered from B&H photo a way better company . First time and last time shopper

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Completely misleading and underhand.

I used Compare The Market to get quotes. All the information is present and correct on CTM website.

When the details are passed through to the OneCall website all details look identical. But beware, all is not as it seems...

On Compare The Market I selected the option to protect my no claims discount. This is clearly stated in the policy summary on CTM. On One Call's website this is termed as: "No Claims Discount Guarantee: Legal Assistance - Included FREE with this policy". There is no direct information link to read about this further.

When you take out the policy you are then informed that you actually have a guarantee with One Call, not a universal protection of your NCD. This is completely misleading and deliberate. To get proper protection of NCD you must pay them an additional fee (in my case £29.72). But the call centre staff freely admitted they could find no way that an end customer could add this option on the online quote. Google their FAQ if you want to find out more. This is wrong on so many levels... They provide deliberately mis-leading wording about a feature, yet don't offer a way to select what you actually want. In the long-term this is basically a tactic to make it more difficult for customers who do make a claim to move to another insurance provider in subsequent years.

Secondly, on CTM website I selected that the additional named driver on the policy had a non fault accident and a claim was not made against their policy. On the OneCall website this is simply summarised under the driver details as: "Any claims or losses within the last 5 years regardless of blame? Yes Feb 2015 Accident. "

Again there is no option to disclose further details or check the exact information they have. One would assume the information is correct as it has come through from the 3rd party aggregator website, but apparently this is not the case. The policy I've received has a fault claim noted against the additional driver, and thus is more expensive than need be. Furthermore this information is factually incorrect!

To rectify this I must now submit evidence from the additional driver to state that the accident was resolved as a non-fault claim. One Call will then re-quote the policy, but the price may not be cheaper. And the cost of One Call updating this information: an admin fee of £35. In my case - because I expressed my disgust - this will be waived, but the standard policy is to charge.

To add insult to injury, any amendments to the policy are subject to an admin fee, but this does not seem to be a reciprocal arrangement... I requested the policy start date to be yesterday. The policy was not honoured to start on the requested date and has only become live today after I called to chase this. So it seems that One Call don't have to honour the terms of the quote I requested, yet they are not charged a fee for this! Apparently in the small print it says setting up a policy usually takes 48hours unless you call them. So it seems strange that the online system allows me to select a date that won't honour unless you pick up the phone. This is not flagged to the user when the option is selected.

During the call to ask why my policy hadn't begun, I was rushed through the call and was simply asked to provide personal details to identify myself. The call agent made no attempt to run through the policy to check everything was correct and present before it was issued.

Finally, when you get passed through from CTM to One Call the headline cost is initially the same. If you change any details on the One Call website the price is re-quoted. In my case this increased form £236 to £278. Even if I subsequently reset the field, the price remained at the higher price. Convenient. Again this seems to be another underhand tactic. Once you are on the One Call website and changes to the requested policy, even ones that should make a policy cheaper, will incur additional fees. The price on CTM almost seems like a loss leader to draw people in.

Oh, and if I want to cancel the policy due to mis-information and the additional costs to bring it up to scratch, a fee of £49. And this is merely minutes after it was issued!

I have insured my car for the past 13 years and have never received such a terrible service.

The general attitude of call centre staff is appalling (I spoke to Laura LR3). It seems to be all about placing the blame on the customer and charging additional fees.

The website seems to be setup in a way to mislead customers as a tactic to monetise mistakes.

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I purchase items all the time on the web, 1,000 items over the past 10 years at the rate of roughly 2 purchases per week. I've never ever had to deal with a company as unscrupulous and dishonest as Onecall. I called Onecall about a product, they told me they'd discount the price a little bit, but only if I bought it by close of business day. I was reluctant, as this was a product that had been dropping in price (as many tech items do), but the reason I bought the product was because the Onecall rep assured me the product would no longer drop in price. So I bought the item the same day. Within two weeks, the Onecall price had dropped. I called to be credited the difference in price. Many companies have a price match guarantee, and almost all do if the price match is with the same company that you bought from within 2 weeks. The company refused. The crux of the issue though was being given wrong information by the rep that the price would not drop, only to have the price drop 2 weeks later. With this added complication of being given misinformation, the price match clearly should've been accepted. I was suckered and pressured into making a purchase by close of business day, all the while being lied to, just to make the sale. Bottom line, I would've never made the purchase had the rep not assured me the price wouldn't drop. Even in this scenario in which the rep gives deceitful information to its customer, Onecall does not honor its word, even after they have been found out purposely lying to their customers. Onecall is more interested in using pressuring, unethical, trickster sales tactics to get its sale. Onecall clearly devalues its customers with the shady and corrupt ways it goes about its business.

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have just got car insurance from one call it was easy and quick.
the girl i spoke to was GEORGINA she was very pleasant and
i am very pleased with the deal for my insurance and will pass
the info to my friends
yours g.morrison.

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Don't EVER order from !!! This company is a complete and utter joke, and their representatives are rude, nosy, and very unprofessional! I placed an order online for a camera with their site. I was reluctant to order at first because I had never heard of this retailer and you never know what to expect from a company that doesn't have a recognizable name. A few hours after placing an order I received a call from "Brian" who said he was having a problem verifying my identity. First of all, that was complete and utter BS! My billing and shipping address were the same, and exactly what my credit card company has on file. Furthermore, you can google my name and my address comes up with my phone number. In addition, the cell phone number I use is the same number I've had for
over a decade and is registered in my name, and on file with my bank! It is even on my credit report since I don't use a landline like 90% of the population. So his cockamamie line about being unable to verify my identity is nonsense, because everything checks out.

He then proceeded to ask me what I planned on using the camera for, if I had purchased Nikon products before, and what i planned on using the camera for.

After answering his ridiculous questions, he continued to ask more. "So the address I'm shipping it to... is that your office" he asked? I said yes, and he said "oh I know because I called the company that leases the space and verified that you are a tenant."

Again, he has absolutely no business calling anyone except my card issuer to verify if my address is on file. Which it was! How dare these idiots call the company that I lease from. He then asked me what lens did I plan on ordering for the camera, and if I had a website where he could see my work at. At this point, I am thinking this is a complete and utter joke. I was placing an order for a product, not applying for a business loan! I highly recommend you stay the hell away from this sham company unless you want to be bombarded with questions they have no business asking. Who cares what lens I plan on using, or if I ordered Nikon products previously. My experience with cameras is none of your damn business. Furthermore, how are you unable to verify my identity when it is exactly what my bank has on file. What a joke! Clearly my identity has already been verified if that's what the bank has on file idiots. And GOOGLING my name with my address brings up pages of results that further confirm my identity. These guys are idiots!

I found some other horrible customer experiences online about previous customers whose credit cards were stolen after ordering from this company on multiple occasions, to being double charged for an item ordered, and refusing to refund charges after the item arrived damaged. Buyer beware of these clowns! Glad I dodged a bullet.

Response from M H., OneCall Representative
We apologize that you feel you had a poor experience with us. Our security procedures are in place to protect the customer as well as ourselves from fraudulent transactions. We feel that we made the best decision given the amount of the order ($6496.95), the overnight shipping, the name on the review does not match the name on the order, and various other security concerns. Again, we would never intentionally try to alienate a customer and apologize that we were unable to complete your order given the information we received.
1 review
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Always always check with onecall and see if they have a lower price when you buy anything in the consumer electronic space. I have used this company time and time again for major purchases including professional camcorders to plasma TVs. They have never disappointed me and they customer service is excellent. I have told this to as many people who will listen to never shop at the local retail stores as they are just over priced to maintain their B&M store. Go there and see what you want then then give one call a call and get the real deal.

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