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Dunlop, ACT 2615, AU

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1 review
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Great site and Great people!

Getting better every day as more and more watches are added!

I can wait to see what the site will be like in 5 or even ten years from now with the rate that Bulova watches are being added!

The best thing about myBulova is they don't allow harassment of their members by anyone, It's all about the Bulova watches there!

1 review
7 helpful votes

myBulova is still living with the shame for once having the Web Cancer known to everyone as bobbee aka kiddo kipps akaJANEY aka SkankHunt42 aka benderbending aka tedward aka Bobbee53 aka coryt aka TruthSeeker aka thumbs aka watch junkie aka hawk53 aka kiddo kipps aka harvey aka Fraud seeker aka FakeFinder aka (many more). That lying lunatic has lost all grip on reality and he has become the watch worlds biggest troll ! He's been banned from every watch forum many times over but he just keeps on make up new names to pursue his trolling aspirations which has completely destroyed any shred of credibility he had left, He is so well known for his fake "screen grabs" as he calls them and his use of Photoshop to altar images to fit his narrative of the day that he is no longer welcome at the place he once called home watchuseek ! He is just a tiny little boy with a ax to grind and he is without a doubt a Web Cancer in the colon of the internet !

1 review
7 helpful votes

The best thing myBulova ever did was kick bobbee off the panel and banned him for life because bobbee is a web cancer and a lunatic !

1 review
8 helpful votes

Long time user of Good information, good data base of watches and adverts. Great place to go if you're looking for information on YOUR Bulova!

7 reviews
11 helpful votes

I'm new here, didn't know this site (sitejabber) even existed until seeing a link posted for here on a watch forum site (thanks rgb). There was a discussion about claims made as fact on another website (mybulova) concerning a watch refered to as "Lone Eagle". Long story made short, another member on the forum who had investigated (researched) the claims posted actual facts, not the falshoods, which didn't set well with the person listed above. Since I don't mind doing my own research I visited this site, dug through old archives, posts, and the watch database. After 5 days of doing this, I can tell you that this site is certainly a "clic" of only a handful of members (who sometimes appear particularlly nasty to new members and each other) and their database has more holes, voids, and discrepancies, than Swiss Cheese. Although they have a great AD database.

1 review
7 helpful votes

A click of a very few know it all windbags. They treat the new guys like $#*!. The owner of the site can go and change things at will he reads you personal emails. Once you post a watch here it is yours no longer you can not edit it or delete it.
Once a very nice place has turned into a joke.
If you are a Bulova collector use the information as a guest to join is to be talked down to
One member fifth ave. is the biggest pompus ass i have ever met. he steals pictures and information to claim as his own. There are a few good guys here but most have left this site for others.
My advice would be to use this site for information but do not join. If you do join you will see in very short order what this site is a big Joke!

2 reviews
10 helpful votes

IAfter watching this site for several months, I have noticed just the same few members posting.
They tend to pat each other on the back all the time, and give the appearance of a private club. The site administrator seems to lord it over them all, dispensing his favors as he sees fit.
As he does not seem to be very knowledgeable about vintage Bulovas, and he frequently gets the identity wrong, and does not really know anything about his chosen subject, the Lone Eagle. He can be seen to change his Lone Eagle story to follow the findings on another Bulova site,, and it appears that he cannot find any groundbreaking material, so writes things that are based on surmise, with no factual basis. With these false claims he "pads out" his funny story, making ever more unrealistic claims to make himself appear more knowledgeable. With only a little digging you can find out the truth for yourself, it is all on the other site mentioned here.
His own panel give him false plaudits, in an awfully toe-curling way, that gives one the impression of the Emperor's New Clothes tale.
Not for the seeker of honest, truthful research, more for the readers of fiction, in the Dan Brown line.
Do not expect facts, there are very few to be found.
The database has so many unknown watches, even though a diligent search of the adverts on site will find many of these unknowns actually have names. This alone should alert you to the lackadaisical way that the site is run.
A few of the panel lack any basic knowledge of vintage watches,which ought to be a criteria of the position.
One in particular, who is so well known I shall not bother naming him, holds the entire site in thrall. He has a basic craftiness that , without a close inspection, appears to be intelligence. On further inspection, he shows up as a false prophet, and when his claims are refuted by his fellow members will make ever more ridiculous claims and broad references, trying to cover his back. His fawning approach to the owner of the site, as can be seen in posts where he agrees with anything that he says, even as far as "black is white", makes you wonder why he is unemployed, and not one of these toe-scraping "", or PA to a corporate lame brain.
Please use the sites amenities, such as the adverts and watch database, but do not join the waning membership, as most questions will not receive an honest and knowing answer.
After a recent question by a long time member about the lack of member interaction and participation, much was learnt by this reviewer when several posts were either deleted or edited by the "bully-boy" moderator, who did not like the members moaning about the site. As mentioned by another reviewer here, that seems a little overbearing and Big-Brotherish, and not at all in the spirit of free speech and openness you should expect of a "friendly" site. In this vein, the site administrator has recently been spotted going through the ads and threads, removing posts that put him in a bad light, or show up his obvious lack of intellect, along with some adverts donated to the site by another site. He has also been removing watermarks from those same ads and posting as his own, very sordid and nasty practice.
His own site rules say "credit must be given to any outside contributor", but both he and his henchman filthavenuerestorations are known to copy adverts being sold or owned elsewhere on the worldwide web, and then post them onsite. After being challenged by other site members over this practice directly, the members' protesting remarks were removed by the above perpetrators, thus covering their dirty tracks.
A recent thread started by a member who questioned the validity of a watch on eBay, had his thread and any answers removed, yet only recently the administrator had posted a similar thread about a similar watch being sold, yet because the watch's seller had "dissed" him when told the identity of the watch was wrong, he then went on to post a live eBay auction, telling all and sundry what had been written by the seller in private emails!
Needless to say the seller ended his auction, after this tirade by a self-proclaimed "expert".
As the administrator has access to the "private" messaging system on his site, would you feel comfortable writing anything that may be read by him?
He is known now, if you care to check on the claims by this reviewer, to be a very devious and underhand man, and not to be trusted in any respect.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I only hope this will help in some small way to make you wary of this site.
Oh dear, it looks as if another long time member has become disillusioned with this site.
Stoddrob has deleted much of his info, and the administrator has just been made aware. It has been made known to this member that Rob has had enough of his posts being deleted/edited, and also our mutual friend fifthavenuerestorations has been making snide remarks, probably this was the last straw, as usual.
Not the first member edged out by fifth, and will not be the last, in my experience.

Many watch records have now been lost to the public eye, from at least three and possibly several more ex-members, and this is known to be basically down to Mark Lawrence's bad influence on the site and over the site administrator.
Just when will he wake up and smell the proverbial? It has obviously been fifth's hidden agenda to be so anarchic and chaos causing for a long while.
Maybe the administrator knows, and is not averse to this? He has been aware of the bad effects of fifth for a while now, but has always chosen his company over any others.
Maybe other reviewers are correct in their surmise that he has "something on" Mr. Ollman, and blackmails him with it?

The Fallen

William Smith
Wayne Hanley
Shooter 144
Elgin Doug
NOVA/Lisa Andrew
Simple treasures

Many more once-regular contributors now very rarely show their faces as they have become disillusioned, and who can blame them?

12 reviews
36 helpful votes

First, I used to be a member. After watching the "forum posts" and watching the rude, arrogant and abusive comments made by other members to new members and between each other, I decided it was time to quit. I met some really nice people (also now ex-members) who I'm still in contact with. There are more than a few problems with this site, Ownership of this site is first and foremost. When confronted with factual material disproving myths perpetuated on this site, site owner has a habit of punishing the member who dis proved said theories. Many of the watches that have been identified in the database are incorrect. One member in particular has been shown to steal others work and or ads and "watermark" them as his own. When site owner is presented with evidence of this, which is prohibited under "member rules and terms", his reaction is to ignore the complaint.
My suggestion is to use the database without becoming a member and save yourself the grief and heartburn. Also be aware that others who have written honest reviews (negative) on other websites (alexa) have had their reviews removed because of pressure by this sites owner. Shame on Alexa!!!
UPDATE 10/22/2013
Reported and confirmed that site owner, Stephan Ollman, has been removing posts that contradict or refute his opinions by members that have actually done "hard research"! He's also guilty of removing "watermarks" from ads found by others that had generously allowed them to be used on the mybulova site.
This is exactly the type of behavior that RUINED this sites reputation, and why I recommended that everyone should think twice before joining this "dwindling membership" or donating any research to his database!
11/03/2013 UPDATE
Once again the site admin. at mybulova has allowed his RABID puppy Fifth Avenue Restorations to run rampant with his very limited intelligence! One member had tried to enhance the IQ level of this site by posting a open discussion on who or what had possibly influenced Joseph Bulova in his watchmaking ventures. He posted a historical fact concerning a early watchmaker named Dent, and how his innovations influenced the early "modern" watchmaking. Naturally, Fifth had to spoil the entire thread by stating he could see no correlation between the achievements of Dent and Bulova's early watchmaking attempts. Again he's shows us just WHAT A FOOL HE IS. I truly believe Fifth Avenue Restorations has the IQ of a "box of rocks".

4 reviews
22 helpful votes

The owner seems to have lost his grip on reality, he continues to perpetuate his myths, against all proof, logic and common sense.
The site has some good info, but it is so hard to winnow out any that the effort needed is not worth it.
Please note that fifthavenue continues to make nasty, derisive comments in threads I have posted in, and I am using the only methods at my disposal to answer his silly and poorly thought out posts.
He lacks any credibility on the site now, as his increasingly ludicrous scribblings give us a little insight to his mentality.
Overall it is time to start again Stephen, this time try to get it right,no myths, no made up "facts", and no outright lies.
That means getting rid of fifthavenue as the main culprit, and you removing that ridiculous "First 5,000" badge, as 14 watches do not a theory make, nor does a span of less than 2,500 serial numbers make 5,000, it is simple maths.

EDIT:- I see the site owner has made accusations against me on Alexa, as has been brought to my attention by a myBulova member. He has got it wrong yet again, and is naming me as the sole person making a spate of bad reviews against his site.
If he would think about it, he has only himself to blame there, as he posted a bad review he found on Alexa about myBulova on his main home page, then went on a rant that he kept changing, until he must have realised it was hurting him by doing this.
Of course disgruntled members and visitors will give a bad review after seeing that, he is giving the link to a platform to air their views on his own website, a singularly stupid thing to do, as it is human nature to complain. I am now reducing my rating by one star, because of his rants about me there. I will also return the favour, giving a link to the reviews there:-

I see the site owner has "re-designed" his Lone Eagle story. What a joke.
Here is a little excerpt:
"In the Sayville (NY) Suffolk County News of May 2nd, 1930 a Mr H.H Taub of Bulova stated that "his company gave every aviator who attempted to hop the ocean a watch". It has been my belief since 2006 that this watch was a Bulova Conqueror."
His belief since 2006? Read this excerpt he wrote last year in his Lone Eagle forum.

"Finally., I am not aware of any stories (other than a very early theory I had, which I now believe to be incorrect) that tells of Lindbergh having a Bulova watch pre his historic flight.
The letter and famous saying was as a result of the watch being given to Lindbergh by Arde Bulova upon his return to the US on June 11 1927."

If you read the rest of this forum, you will see that proof positive has been given by me that Lindy WAS given a watch pre-flight, and it WAS a Conqueror.
The guy can't seem to get his story right, or make his mind up. It's like he is saying-" I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I believe in the Tooth Fairy".
Read his stories, and you will see he is just a "believer". I found ELEVEN "I believes" and "It is my beliefs" in the first half of his Lone Eagle article alone.
He ought to stick to facts, instead of making it up and twisting genuine statements to suit his "idea", not "theory". You need facts for a theory.
Remove the blinkers and rose-tinted specs, they must be uncomfortable by now.

I see Mr. Ollman has "edited" his post on the advert for the new Lone Eagle. He removed his LONE EAGLE FAIL" remark after I claimed the finding of a new model.
Also see he is stealthily trying to remove any adverts, even the ones that have helped him find names for watches, that have the "Watchophilia" watermark.
We are all watching you Stephen.
Also, he has "adjusted" the watch boxes for his BULLova LE story, after I found he has got them all mixed up. I posted my findings on Watchophilia, and he changed dates and positions, nice to know he gives credit where it is due, as always.


1 review
7 helpful votes

I would give this site zero stars if I could. It is pure garbage. The two people who keep it limping along--the owner/administrator Stephen Ollman and his pathetic friend Mark Lawrence, who goes by Fifth Avenue Restorations on the site--are the two who have completely ruined the site for everyone else. The two of them keep making everything the site was supposed to be into a total joke. It's an embarrassment to the Web.

Case in point: the latest rehashing of the ads recently found for a new Lone Eagle model. They don't want to believe the ads, so what do they do? Instead of coming up with even one rational argument against them, they do things like find other newspaper ads that contain errors and claim that because there was one error in one ad, the four consistent Lone Eagle ads must all be wrong. Then they follow that up with claiming that all the old newspaper ads are unreliable, yet you can find dozens upon dozens of watch listings in the database that rely on those very ads as the sole basis of the identification. Some of those watches belong to Mark Lawrence/Fifth Avenue, who is the very one claiming that they are all unreliable. That "reasoning" is so stupid it is funny. That's a perfect example of the complete lack of intelligent thought you will find on myBulova. Those people claim to be experts, but they clearly know nothing whatsoever about Bulova watches, and they have no clue how to look objectively at evidence and draw a reasonable conclusion. Clearly neither of them ever took a basic logic class somewhere in their pathetic excuse for an education. This kind of junk is what's being offered to watch collectors on that site. NO THANKS!!!!

Mark Lawrence has been known to admit that he only says things on that site to see who he can upset. He says things that he knows are not true. He has also been known to call his buddy, Stephen, a moron, and an example of how you "can't fix stupid" and has commented on how most of what Stephen says is wrong. Mark has said these things in writing. If Stephen is mostly wrong and Mark always agrees with him, then they are in the same boat regarding the stupidity bit. And while saying all those things about Stephen, Mark acts like they are best buds so that he doesn't get thrown off the site for insulting everyone and running off anyone with a rational thought. Could you be more two-faced? Could you be any more blind, Stephen? Mark makes the entire site a very sad joke on all who go there. He ought to stick with bragging on Twitter about how he "dates" his teenage daughter's friends. At least then he's being honest about which body part he's "thinking" with.

IBM recently published an article expressing the belief that 80% of the data in the world is wrong. They must have been spending time on myBulova.

2 reviews
10 helpful votes

A diverse and really great group of individuals freely and painstakingly piecing together lost bulova watch company history and data. Open discussion boards and watch debates. all in all a great experience.

2 reviews
13 helpful votes

Slow to navigate, poor upkeep, bad panel members, some are idiots, others are buttlickers.
Owner pretends to be very knowledgable about all things Bulova, but actually has a very limited knowledge. To know his limitations, just check his spelling and use of context. Atrocious.

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