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1607 Rhoadmiller St., Ste B
Richmond, VA 23220, US
Tel: 877-663-2224

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I was super concerned after reading all negative reviews but my experience with the company was completely different! I ordered Joolz geo 2 stroller so when i read that people were waiting 3 months and more i was even more anxious. We live in Alaska and to deliver packages here takes usually longer not even mention cost of shipping. So initially i tought i just lost my money and i'll never see my stroller but i was completely wrong. Most of the companies are not even willing to ship especially heavy things here or charge way to much for shipping. Modern nursery charged me 10 dollars for shipping,they sent me tracking number within a week and package has been delivered here within 3 days since they sent me tracking number. I just received my awesome stroller,1 day after estimated delivery just because of an earthquake in Anchorage. So all i can say is that i'm very happy i purchased from modern nursery.

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The customer service provided by Modern Nursery representatives was amazing - above and beyond and greatly appreciated! They were patient with me as I asked questions and follow up questions; very prompt in responding, professional, proactive and courteous. It is rare to find excellent customer service and Modern Nursery excels at it! Thank you so much! The products are great and I will become a loyal customer as a result. Highly recommend!

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Really pleased with our purchase from Modern Nursery! We got the UppaBaby Vista travel system and it's perfect!!

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Im writing based on my own experience. So I purchased an item paid 400 + a month ago and I've yet to receive my item. I wrote to the company asking where is my product they blame the manufacturer for the delay, turns out this website sells items that they do not have in stock. They take your money assuming manufacturer will give them their items and then give them to you; in other words they take your money hold it for over a month and they dont even have a hold of what they are selling. Reason I didnt buy directly from the manufacturer is because its clear on their website that they dont have it in stock. I spoke to someone from modern nursery askinh for an arrival date and they gave me a date i waited and nothing i told then i would like to cancel and they said " are you sure"? Manufacturer no one has them only us, come to find out NOPE they were waiting for manufacturer to ship to them. Its a scam. Today I still have not received it. I was told id receive it by a certain dat and I just received an email saying the shipping was delayed. Honestly I feel lied to and of course I feel like they are playing with my money. See for yourself. Although I do wish your experience isnt as horrible as mines.good luck

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Hi Natalie-
Apologies for the delay. Tracking was sent to you yesterday morning and you will have the item by the end of the week. These wagons have been extremely difficult to keep in stock and you are receiving one of the last units in the country until the next allocation arrives next month.
Thanks again for your patience here!
1 review
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I tried to purchase a crib from this merchant times. They rejected my credit card payment 3 times, even though my bank approved it every time. Customer service was seriously unhelpful. They blame it on a customer and don't show any willingness to help. It is as if they didn't want to sell. I think they have some kind of system problem and get confused when billing address is not the same as shipping address. Overall, terrible experience. I should have read these reviews before. In the end, I bought from another merchant, using the same card and the same addresses, no problem.

1 review
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Have never has such an experience with an online retailer in my life. Ordered a Bugaboo product through this company. All but one part arrived. No biggie, as assumed they simply forgot to send or a shipping issue since the website account said all shipments complete. The chat rep, Jasmine said the remaining piece won't ship until 2 weeks later which I was very surprised by since the website may no reference about a delay and received no messages of delay and the website itself did and still does show order complete and everything shipped. She said it was in the order confirmation that it won't ship until 30th. She offered to "resend". I let her know I never recieved any message saying that date, and took screenshots of the actual emails I did get from the order date until now. She then sent me a confirmation from her own email account, still not acknowledging that I never received that. And yes, not in spam either.
So their system messed up and it didnt send out a certain order email. Once again, normally no biggie, as the company would simply apologize, but in this case not at all. And the email she sent also says to check the website for order status, and I kept repeating the order status on the website makes no reference to the 30th ship date, and says the order is complete. She continued to ignore that fact and instead kept repeating it would ship on the 30th.
I used her name, Jasmine and the person said this is Devin the company owner. Which was quite interesting since right above every message including that one it says, Jasmine. So once again seems to be another bug in the system or Devin simply sat down at Jasmines computer and started replying. Normally when an owner gets involved things go smoothly since this is their business and name on the line.
He immediately asked what I wasnt understanding? I started to write a reply, since as you can see above its not a matter of not understanding its a matter of never being told part of the order would be late and most importantly their site still shows order as complete. But right after he asked the question it showed he was writing more. I asked him to stop typing so I can answer the question. He replied Excuse me. and disconnected the chat.
Seriously feel like Im being punked. I thought perhaps Jasmine simply said she was the owner, as hard to imagine and owner ever acting like the above, but did a quick search and appears they have a D on BBB, and 19 out of 22 similar reviews about the customer support on site jabber and other sites. My mistake for not researching their past rating history.
I'm reaching out to Bugaboo now so hopefully they can address this immediately with this vendor as well as filing a formal BBB report assuming I do not hear an valid explanation such as a rogue employee? The products that did arrive look great to note, and one box was damaged significantly upon arrival, but the FedEx man pointed that out, and I checked and confirmed what was inside was not damaged. So the box getting damaged may have just been a shipping issue.
Im sure the late pieces will eventually arrive, so this is not a complaint on the products, rather the absolutely atrocious customer support and owner experience. Had an actual part arrived damaged I cant imagine what it would have been like getting that resolved with them so once again, cannot repeat enough that you should avoid this company at any and all costs. If the company reaches out with an apology or improves their practices I will be sure update this accordingly but based on the responses to other complaints that does not seem likely.

Just to note, there are multiple false statements in the store response. Never was I offered an expedited shipping from the start of the conversation to the end they mentioned it wouldn't ship until November 30th. No other expedited date was ever mentioned. They "literally" did not answer all my information 6 times. They did not and still have not explained why the website says order is complete and all shipments are sent. I asked multiple times but no response other than them closing the chat. The last statement was "excuse me?" from the owner after I asked him to stop typing so I could reply to his question asking what I was confused about. I like I imagine most all of the other reviewers here and on BBB and other review sites would much rather be enjoying our product rather than having to spend time writing these reviews, but I feel a duty to share my experiences good or bad so that others know where to spend their dollars. The false statements in the stores reply is concerning and I noted that in a reply to the owner. Apologies go a long way, and I imagine would work better than blaming customers. Hopefully this can be a learning experience for the company to improve.

Tip for consumers: If you place an order and arrives normally, and you don't have to talk to their support or owner you will be fine. But if anything goes wrong with your order expect a nightmare customer support experience. Their prices are full retail, unless the product is not currently available anywhere else (as was the case for the brand new Bugaboo Donkey2) recommend you not risk it. Or at least read all reviews on them including the D on BBB.

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Couple quick comments here. The shipping info was on the product detail page, the cart page prior to checkout and on the order confirmation that is sent automatically to all customers as soon as the order is placed. It is the same OC that was forwarded to you again that you received to the exact email.

To be 100% as it pertains to this feedback, we process 1000's upon 1000's of orders a month and issues like this hardly even arise. The one thing I do not tolerate as a business owner is anyone, a partner, vendor or customer, outwardly be rude to one of my employees. Note that a handful of these types of 'reviews' are from these exact type of people. This customer was incredibly rude and condescending to my employee as well as myself. We explained a number of times that the canopy for the stroller will be expedited at our expense next week. Literally, 6 times. We provided the necessary info that was needed and disconnected the chat accordingly. We're glad though to here the packaging did its job in protecting the item during delivery and you will receive tracking for the canopy next week.
1 review
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But my order never got here. They are denying my request for refund as I didn't call for a return authorization. How am I supposed to do that when I didn't receive the items? I'm disabled and 2 of my grandchildren came to this world on 10/19/2017 and I have another due 11/12/2017 in Arizona. The FedEx site says unable to deliver refused by addressee. They must have taken them to the wrong address because FedEx didn't deliver here. They even admitted they received the items back. However, they claim one was damaged. Is that my fault when I never received the items? if you want a great customer service go to Bratt or Wayfair anywhere but Modern Nursery.

1 review
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I went on the site to order my sister in law the doona car seat in marine navy, I paid and got an order confirmation email. Next day I get another confirmation email moving the shipping date to next month! I call and they can't find my order and have to call me back, I explain I am sending it as a gift and it wouldn't arrive before the due date so I would like to cancel. They call back and explain that they don't actually have the color in stock and that's why it would take so long, so I ask if they have it in turquoise sky, the woman says they have it but not at the warehouse it would take 3 weeks...she convinces me to get in gray and says they can ship it that day, I reluctantly agreed. I then get another call back from a different woman-she says "We can't ship it to that house because it looks abandoned" - I'm completely confused-"What?!" She again says the house I'm trying to send it to "looks" abandoned. My brother just bought the house I insist it is not abandoned that's ridiculous. I immediately ask for a refund (which I have still not seen credited to my account) I called my brother to double check the address it is right. They just bought the house and are doing renovations-Im assuming that the woman Google imaged the house and because it's a fixer upper she decided not to ship it, and didn't have any manners whatsoever. I ordered it from in the color I originally wanted and they shipped it an hour later no problem. This site was awful, difficult, and the customer service was extremely rude. They lost out on a $500 purchase and a customer.

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Very, very factually incorrect feedback. Aside from being incredibly rude to our employees, all the info pertaining to the timing her order was shown on the product detail page, the cart page and the order confirmation. Further, we have very stringent fraud checks that all our orders must pass prior to shipping for everyone's safety and security. Your order failed all six. Further, no one, not, has the item she wants as it has not been released by the manufacturer yet. You called back and yelled at another one of your service people to cancel your order, which we have done. You will never see a credit on your card the same day requested. It takes a minimum of 2-3 days to show on your card. Very standard timing which we also explained on the phone. We process 1000's of orders a month with 99.99% of them positive experiences for all parties. We're sorry we couldn't satisfy you here and hope you find the unreleased item you are looking for. Thanks again.
1 review
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FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Company took 200 dollars from me 2 weeks ago. Won't respond to calls or emails. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

UPDATE: The reason for the review is because your company wouldn't respond to my wife's phone calls, emails, or my phone calls. You only responded several weeks later after I posted this review on Sitejabber. Your company is so disorganized, you have absolutely no inventory control, and after reading other people's reviews you also try to sell items your warehouse doesn't even have. Have the owner of your company reach out to me and I can try to direct him where to go from here.

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Spoke to customer a number of times about his order and he was very nice over the phone. Not sure why this review is warranted but good to have the issue resolved.
1 review
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Extremely rude and unprofessional costumer service. They lured me in signing up for their newsletter to get a discount code. Discount code never worked! I emailed them and they were extremely rude and unprofessional!!!
After reading all the bad reviews I am more than happy that I didn't order anything from Modern nursery. I will go back to Nordstrom.

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Hi Jamal-
We traded a few emails about this. Nuna is an excluded brand from all discount codes and this is listed on the website and the email with the code on it. Further, Nuna does not allow for ANY retailer to discount their products, not even Nordstrom. As I mentioned, you will earn reward points in your account for a future purchase and we offered to add additional points in your account as well as a courtesy. Note at not time was anyone rude or unprofessional to you during this exchange. All the terms are very clear here and we will always abide by the restrictions our partners put forth. Very sorry you are unhappy with us. Thanks!
1 review
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I ordered an item over the weekend, and expected to receive a shipment notification within 24-48 hours. I hadn't heard back in 96 hours, so contacted customer service. Apparently they had sold out of the item and were attempting to get more in stock, but did not let me know. It doesn't seem like they have much inventory themselves and need to improve customer service. There are plenty of other stores with the same merchandise and equal or better pricing.

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Hi there, your order was placed on Sunday and you reach out to us Monday for an update. We let you know that processing takes 24-48 hours and standard ground shipping can take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on the ship to location. You let us know earlier today that need the item by tomorrow in CA and we ship from VA. It was never communicated that you wanted the item expedited which we are more than willing to do. Your order was processed and ready for shipping within all the stated guidelines on our site and if anything needs to be rushed or expedited, we simply ask that info be communicated and we are more than happy to accommodate. Thanks again for your time and we're sorry it didn't work out here.
1 review
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I had one item from my registry through them and found out later on that the item was $20 more expensive than or any other website.
It was $40 everywhere else and here it was $60. Would not recommend as everything is more expensive.

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Hi there, this is the first we are hearing of this issue. We do have a price match program if you do come across anything that is sold of less on another site. Please reach out and we are more than happy to address. Thanks!
1 review
4 helpful votes

Do not fall into the website with their perks. They scam you into joining with their main page then they tell you all the fine print !!! When called they didn't try to offer anything to give any customer satisfaction!!! DO NOT USE THEM!!! They do not care for customer satisfaction at all. Spend your money elsewhere.

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
You were totally, totally rude to two of my employees, called one a liar and yelled at another. And you are looking for 'free' points so you can get free products which is not our, or any business's policy. I'm sorry you felt it necessary to leave this factually inaccurate 'review' but unfortunately, we are not going to provide you free product, points or anything else. I do not tolerate people yelling at my employees, calling them names or anything the like. We strive to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied but expect a minimal level of common courtesy. We do hope you enjoy your stroller.
1 review
5 helpful votes

Ordered item on March 27th and expected in 10 weeks. Followed up after 10.5 weeks and was told that it was discontinued. Now 1.25 months after being told it's discontinued and several attempts to follow up - still no refund. Had to dispute with my credit card company :(

1 review
3 helpful votes

We purchased a Lillebaby carrier for our six-month-old and the fabric on the seams was so sharp, it literally rubbed her skin raw. I wanted to exchange it for a different carrier, but Modern Nursery informed me they do not take returns on many categories, including carriers. When I gave specific details about the harsh nature of the product, they flat out said they didn't believe me. I've never heard of a retailer treating their customers this way. I even spoke with a manager and same deal. There are so many places to purchase baby products. But from anyone else!!!

1 review
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They will directly lie about the length of time it will take for delivery. We were promised our car seat within 3 weeks. It's been 3 weeks already and we don't even have a tracking number or proof it's been shipped. They refuse to answer or call back but will send basic, non apologetic emails informing us of an "unexpected delay". Don't order, give your money to someone else.

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I was super concerned after reading all negative reviews but my experience with the company was completely different! I ordered beautiful Franklin & Ben iron crib through Modern Nursery, best price I've seen without being charged extra for tax and shipping, for an item that's over 80lbs I thought was a great find! Item was shipped shortly after I placed order, but on way here delivering truck got in the accident rolling several times.
Pilot Freight delivery company took sometime estimating damages to my package, finally after taking photographs of the crib I was told by delivery company that paint had chipped in several places, but it was an easy fix and crib itself wasn't damaged! Pictures were forwarded to Modern Nursey and now it was up to them if they want to replace it or not.
I was seriously preparing for the worse like taking weeks for those pictures to be seen and finally receiving a crib with chipped paint. But thankfully I was totally wrong, Modern Nursery processed a new order for a brand new crib within hours after receiving pictures. Also they've sent me a really nice email apologizing for the delay ans thanking for my patience. So don't be afraid to order, it's a great company with great product selection and prices!

1 review
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I ordered a stroller from these people and then called in a week to see if it had shipped. They said no and estimated it would take one to two more weeks. I cancelled the order and they said they would refund my credit card. I sent them an email about it a week later saying they had just processed the refund. Still not refunded...

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Factually incorrect. Refund receipt sent to customer with all the info. Very unreasonable and rude customer.
1 review
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Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Hi Jerry- lets be honest please. The ship date was on your order confirmation and we even emailed you to confirm. Also, your refund was processed the same day as you requested. Not sure why you would post this false feedback.
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Horrible customer service, the most expensive when compared to competition and false advertisement. Strongly recommend going anywhere else!

Response from Devin W., Modern Nursery Representative
Are you certain you ordered thru us? Your post is inaccurate so we're trying to make sure you have the right company.
1 review
10 helpful votes

Terrible experience with this company!!
I ordered an 800$ nursing chair a few weeks before my baby was born. I was told via e-mail and by customer service (called them to make sure) that the chair would arrive between 4-6 weeks.
6 weeks had passed and I did not hear from Modern Nursery so I called to see what was going on.
I was told there was a delay (which no one bothered to tell me about) and that it would arrive within the next week.
Well, another week went by and again I heard nothing.
I contacted customer service again and was told now that it would be another month!!!
I have been nursing my baby for 3 months uncomfortably on the bed even though I have already paid for an expensive chair.
I asked to cancel the order since I didn't want it anymore because of the delay and was told that I cannot cancel.
Finally the chair arrived (after 3 months!!!!) and the delivery guy wouldn't even bring the chair into the house.
He said he can put in the garage and we have to bring into the house and put it together.
This was an awful experience, I was offered no compensation what so ever and I will definitely not be recommending this company to anyone!

1 review
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Updated: 6/14/16

Please see the email below. I am now being harassed by the Chief Officer of this company.

From: Devin B. W.

Saw your incredibly inappropriate post on site jabber where not only are you lying, you posted my personal info. I have contacted site jabber to have the post removed and your account suspended. You have some serious issues to post that type of info on a site like that. You are an incredibly dishonest person.

Devin B. Weisleder
Chief Officer of Fun Things,,


I decided to price match the price this company had given me to a local company where I would be able to pick up the item I wanted as opposed to paying the delivery charge, and the email response I received from the C.O. was very upsetting to me (a pregnant woman).


I know you are shopping my incredibly generous offer on the Pod crib to a local brick and mortar store. If this is in fact the case, you are being very dishonest and immoral. We will not be selling you anything, ever. We do not NEED your business. We VALUE it and we do not deal with underhanded, dishonest tactics such as this. You also ought to think about purchasing a crib you can actually afford rather than try to work over various retailers of the product.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck on your nursery.

Chief Officer of Fun Things
Modern Living, LLC,,
Personal and Confidential

*Personal information redacted by admin

Tip for consumers: Please be aware of how unprofessional the Chief Officer of this company is.

1 review
3 helpful votes

If you buy at Sears website using their third party merchant, this company has name Modern Living. I bought three items, paid for 2nd day delivery, called to Sears every day during TWO WEEKS, every time a new customer service agent told me that they can not do anything and I need to call Modern Nursery (Modern Living) by myself, so I did it for two weeks, every time they told me that they will ship my items tomorrow or so, got 2 out of three items in two weeks and the last item two days later. This company is a real headache. Be aware! Do not buy their stuff. One of the three items that i've paid for wasn't in stock, they ordered it in another place and then sent to me. I didnt recieved any emails from them, and they never apologized. The owner was not polite as well.

3 reviews
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Ordered multiple items but did not receive any despite my card being charged. Had to go trough my credit card and dispute a charge. Still dealing with this mess after two months. They are also the same company as

1 review
5 helpful votes

Worst online shopping experience I have ever had. I paid $300 for a crib set almost two months ago, but never received it. Called and emailed multiple times, and they finally gave me a ups tracking number which turned out to be a random tracking number that had nothing to do with my order. I cancelled my order two weeks ago, but I still have not received my money. Horrible experience! Very unprofessional.

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