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I didn't want to do a review for this site but after reading a review by someone named Shaniqua I felt like I had to do one. That person wrote that the black women on the site are racist against non black people but she conveniently left out that most of the non black people on the site are only there to make racist comments about black people. Since she said these people are always complaining about racism it makes believe that she was one of those trolls. You can't say these people are always complaining about racism but they are being racist themselves and you do the same thing. I don't understand how a person can say they hate racism but don't have a problem with the racism directed against black women. I think that she is mad that her posts are still up on the site despite being banned is because she doesn't want anyone to see her anti-black posts. Despite me giving the site one star I think it can be good with a strong moderator and thoroughly screening every post. Most importantly since the site is mostly black how about not joining if you don't like black people there are other sites for you to join.

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I was attacked by a font called Elykia on Lipstick alley. She stalked me for months, harassed me and insulted me constantly, accused me of being a "white troll" and called me numerous names.

Her insults were filled with name calling and a bunch of inflammatory accusations and assumptions about my life. It was horrendous when she came into my thread and played victim to gain unwarranted sympathy with the other fonts. The mods didn't do much about this person. She's a stalker on lipstick alley and will stalk anyone she doesn't agree with and call you a troll for no reason

I hope she doesn't behave this way in real life or else, something is wrong with her. She is SO passive aggressive to and I was a victim of her passive aggressiveness for months. I hope everyone can see this game she plays on lipstick alley.

A font called "E luxe" wanted to join in on the insults as well. Something was going on in their personal life so they decided to go on the internet and insult other people. How bature right?

1 review
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Glad I left Lipstick Alley. My rating of this website is 1 because it is a negative website.

There are better, more positive ways to spend time other than being on lipstick alley.

1 review
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Disgusting behaviour on that website. Do not create an account on that website as they will not allow you to delete your account.

If you do create an account, prepare to be insulted, cyberstalked and harassment. Reporting the accounts responsible for this behaviour doesn't help. It's not worth joining.

1 review
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There are now a lot of people from the Caribbean islands and continental Africa on this site pretending to be in the African American ethnic group and giving their opinions as if they are in this ethnic group. Another reviewer below (femme muscle a) stated that "It just has or supposedly looks as if it has a high percentage of african american members". This reviewer is telling the truth. The vast majority of the active posters on this site are now either immigrants or 2nd generation who spend countless hours creating threads about their obsession with skin color, their mental health issues, dating outside of their race, or their favorite Kenyan Mexican actress Lupita Nyong'o. They hate Black men in the African American ethnic group. The Administrator lets many of the moderators who come from other countries run wild putting African Americans in time-outs. The site has obviously been sold again and whoever the owner is now does not care. This is not the LSA gossip site of 2005,2006, 2007, or 2008 which is why a lot of the "tea" on this site is old and cold. The current site is a poorly run shell of it's former self.

1 review
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As you scroll through its content, it seems to me that YouTube has developed some kind of algorithmic way of mixing websites that contain information concerning gorillas and monkeys with sites regarding Black people. I have reported this problem, but nothing has been done about it. Welcome to "the new normal" type of racism.

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I found lipstick alley to be intolerant of other people's opinions that didn't fit into the narrative of what they feel a black person should be like.

It was an awful experience all round on that website. I'd hate to interact with those people in everyday life as they seem so aggressive, so hostile and very argumentative. The people there at lipstick alley were prepared to get into an argument about any and every thing.

I left that website and I'm never going back there. Just a horrible website altogether with endless toxicity.

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Lipstick alley members troll other people and then get upset when called out on it. Nasty website with a lot of trolling and defamatory statements made about other people.

1 review
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Seems like it's the same old members talking to each other in threads... name calling and gossiping about irrelevant people

1 review
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the most self-hating, insecure and vile bunch of black women you'll ever find online, alsothe only place jihadists are someone better than other terrorists

1 review
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Lipstick Alley is Trash. Here are the reasons why.

1. There is a lot of cyber bullying. A large number of posters take pride in being as nasty, as cruel and as insulting as they can be to complete strangers they have never met.

2. Name calling. Expect to be name called on Lipstick Alley whenever you disagree with someone. A lot of posters are either African, Afro-Caribbean or African-American women so they like to call people white or accusing them of being white men when if you have a life experience or an opinion they dislike.

3. The Admin of the website is incredibly biased and only bans posters that she or he dislikes.

4. Harassment. A lot of posters on there like to gang up on and harass an individual like school bullies.

5. Lack of intelligent discourse. There is no value to any of the conversations that exist on lipstick alley. All that exists is a bunch of meaningless conversations about things that are not important complete with fighting and name calling.

1 review
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The website is integrated now. Originally it was a website just for black women, but is now for everyone, and the black women who have been members of that website for a long time, do not like that and show that by being racist to other races, they are even racist to you if you are black too. They bring up where you were born, and try to use it against you.

If you are like me and you are not racist, do not sign up, because you will see racism in a lot of posts and hate. Yet, these people are complaining about people being racist, but they are doing the exact same thing, it makes them no better.

Also a warning, the BLOCK and IGNORE buttons do not work. So if you are fighting with someone, they will be able to harass you in several ways.

There are also groups and cliques on the site, a lot of black women have their own groups, and if they don't like you, they will turn people against you in secret.

Most of the website is anti-LGBT+ but most of the LGBT are warped on the website, so that does not matter.

Also if you are white I would keep away, because you will be the target. But then again, most white people are trolling the users in digital BF on that site, and it has been exposed and brought up, so I guess two wrongs don't make a right.

It's a toxic environment, and if you want to be treated with respect, I would suggest you look elsewhere, "SOME" of the women on that website do not know how to behave. I've just had my account deleted.

They don't delete accounts, so even when they delete your account, your comments are still there, be careful what you post. The privacy laws don't seem to affect Lipstick Alley.

Also people who are banned just sign up again and make new accounts. There are people on there who fight with people, but they have "SEVERAL" accounts, so be careful who you fight with.

Also if you fight with some users, who have more than one account, sometimes it might be a ADMIN, so be careful. They secretly like to get threads trending.

Some people don't get banned because they work for the website. So they can say some really racist, homophobic, hateful, nasty stuff and will not get banned. Do not clash with them, or you will be the one banned.

1 review
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I have found this site to be supportive as I've come across many likeminded people who I can vent to however, there are some vile people on there. Overall, I enjoy visiting this site.

1 review
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The people on this site are very rude. Looking through a quite a few STAN fair threads, I've noticed that the commenters are cliquey. If someone new comes in and disagrees with the overall consensus, they will tear into and criticize them as harshly as they would for a celeb or their partner. Even their kids, if you can imagine! (Unfortunate looking celeb kids)

In conclusion, if you have/want to go the site, lurk.

1 review
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As a result of their inherited, primeval hatred toward people of color, White Supremacists, through the use of poorly replicated, crude, Black dialects and sour humor, created Lipstick Alley for the purpose of capitalizing from the exploitation of naive folks. I define this site as a remake of the radio version of Amos and Andy.

12 reviews
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I, personally like to lurk there for the politics and current events. The headlines seem to roll out a lot quicker and with more details than conventional news, in most instances.

Other than that, it's not worth logging in and getting your hands dirty with some of the members - if they are truly "members" in many cases.

Lipstick alley has 40 employees, more or less. Most of them are paid immigrants and of course Russian trolls. If you read the "rules" of Lipstick Alley, you'll see something that should let you know that it is not "black owned".. It might have been, many moons ago. But not any more. It just has or supposedly looks as if it has a high percentage of african american members.

From what many people who have done their due diligence with this site? You might think you're doing a "back and forth" with several members, where it turns out, you're probably arguing with just one person. A paid member/moderator or just administrators - all under multiple accounts.

Other than their employees - you're probably wasting your time doing a "cat-fight" or an "e-fight" with someone with nothing but time on their hands, or as many have stated, mentally ill.

The more you click/debate? The more money in LSA's pockets. As for the nut jobs, you're just giving them time, they really don't deserve.

Why is it that many members are complaining about admin letting "members" or even "trolls" slide when it comes to certain responses/posts/topics? It could be those "members" are just one of their employees/moderators with multiple accounts keeping the inflammatory statements going to suck in the clicks, and keep money in their pockets.

So, of course, they get a "pass".. Makes sense as long as they make money. Those 40+ employees have to eat too, folks.

I was on there, for a while. Though it is a "celebrity gossip" forum. There were actually places there for member support or just general sub forums. There used to be some very nurturing souls regardless of culture who took pride in, or supported the black community. For a very short time? It was also a place of nurturing for women in general. Looks like the owner (who is rumored to be a caucasian/gay male owner of Data Lounge) didn't seem to like that - and put their minions/employees/trolls up to attack anyone who was "positive" "supportive" "respectful" "compassionate" "nurturing".. while implementing the old "you're not full black" "you're not one of us" excuses. Interesting.

Basically? We can all use a little "positive" or "support" these days.. regardless of cultural/gender background..

It doesn't take much research to see that Lipstick Alley is not black owned. Probably never was. And because of the new tactics being used there suppress/ban the real members that are minorities who could use a bit of support right now - Looks like they're trying to clean the site up to sell to the highest/caucasion bidder.

1 review
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I myself have been getting numerous rumors spread about me on the site, I just can't see why a site like this where people degrade others and have so much hate in their heart that they release on this site would actually be allowed. It's very sickening to my stomach. The fact that an online cyber bullying site has been up for this many years is beyond sad and shows where our society stands. I hope it will soon be shut down once and for all.


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I thought it would be a nice place, but it wasn't.

By ShaniQua G.
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