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They play you like a fool. Impossible to progress in their games (Fox's Animation Throwdown) without spending hundereds or even thousands (like I did) in the hopes of maybe, maybe. Levelling up a character you like or being able to craft a card you want. They claim the cards dealt are random drops. I call BS. the AI in the game can decimate even the most well constructed and planned deck you build in three turns.
They say they care about the people who spend money for their virtual purchases- but all evidence; (And I have screen shots) point to the opposite. They care as long as your spend, they make $, and that no one catches on.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought something through a third party ad system in game which was never delivered. Kongregate claimed I never completed it, when I did, and refused to give it to me. That is there. Kongregate is actual thieves. Do Not give them any money, they cannot be trusted.

1 review
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Kong has the worst customer service I've experienced in a long, long time. Right now I am so furious with them I could scream! They banned my account after claiming they emailed me five times about an issue. This is an outright lie, they only sent me ONE email and I responded after 24 hours. After following their instructions to clear up the issue, which turns out also to be untrue, they are ignoring any follow up emails and continuing to ban my account. I've also tried calling and of course, they will not return my phone calls either. How do they keep getting away with this dreadful customer service, rather customer LACK of service? WHY do they treat paying customers so poorly? I just don't understand it. I spend a lot of money on their website and I've done nothing wrong, yet I'm getting this disgusting treatment from them. I have become so angry and frustrated at this point I'm shaking.

Enraged customer,


freedom f.
6 reviews
6 helpful votes

Great games, support in few hours, not many ads.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I play their game Adventure Capitalist and paid $3 for gold, they received my money, and didn't give me the gold I paid for. So $#*!ing annoyed at Kongregate, and after reading the reviews, I doubt they'll fix this $#*!.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought some of the virtual 'Kreds' that are basicly a currency inside of the kongrgate games, i have so for years.

They banned my account as my payments 'suspicious' and refunded the one payment that seemed 'suspicious' and left me without an account.

But the problem is, i have been a member for over 7 years, and spent over $1000 on kreds, on the online multiplayer games on kongregate. Yet they only refunded one measly $20 payment.

I can no longer use the items i paid for, i've pretty much been scammed.
I'm not sure if theres anything legally i can do, most likely not. Which they probably know, because to add salt in the wound, they do not even reply to my emails.

Please look somewhere else for your online gaming needs, kongregate is immoral, could close your account for no reason without a refund for your kreds and the support is just terrible.

The picture shows the only email that i've recieved from them regarding the issue. I did not even ask for my account to be reopened, i just mentioned that there are thosands of dollars of payments that i haven't been refunded for!

14 reviews
28 helpful votes

I've been playing on Kongregate pretty much daily since I joined in February 2010. There's many perks to the site, including an achievement system which is good for people who are competitive and like to make goals. They also have contests and sweepstakes through the year, a few of which I have won. You have to watch out for trolls and underage users in the chatrooms because they tend to be annoying, but it's simple to click the "mute" and "block" buttons to keep them from getting in your way.

All of the mods who I have talked to or observed in the chatrooms are mature, and all of the problems that I have reported were taken care of promptly. There's on-site currency which you can use to purchase in-game items, though it is a bit expensive for my taste. Some of the designers build their games around this so as to push people to buy "Kreds" to get ahead in the game, but those games usually have bad ratings on the site.

Speaking of games, there's a huge plethora of them here, in over 30+ genres. So there's something for everyone!

5 reviews
16 helpful votes

I started out in high school, around 2007 but went on a hiatus due to studies and not remembering my account name or password. Returned 3 years later, it was no longer the site I loved. The games were still fun but the fun people I used to chat with were gone and replaced by vicious, immature and spiteful little jerks. The few moderators willing to do something about them were rewarded with demodding in recent years or being harassed constantly with alt accounts. It's mostly spammers, 4chan/8chan edgelord rejects, paedophiles, kids far too young to be on kong being harassed by said paedophiles, kids too young to be on kong making trouble and idiot moderators who do stuff all when someone is flooding a chat room with strings of random letters and numbers. I have ended up blocking most of the regulars in some chat rooms like Achievement Addicts Anonymous and Chocolate Hostage. All they do is harass you, circlejerk, say horrible things and fight over petty drama. It's like the worst of 7th grade, reddit, 4chan/8chan and deviantArt. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, misogyny paedophilia, inappopriate content, spamming, harassment... might as well just go to 4chan or reddit or 8chan and have a game going in another tab to get the same results, at least you won't have to make an account on such a garbage site.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This website sucks. It sucks a lot. Actually, i would tell it's one of the most bad websites in the world. The community is SO WEIRD, SO CORRUPTED, SO PERVERTED AND SO STUPID AND PRIMITIVE THEY ARE BASICALLY ALIENS! They break the rules all of the time, and blame all of the other people for that. AND THEY BAN THEM! They speak pure randomness, and just for that THEY BANNED ME! I just wanted to point out that in the chats, but what happened? I got silenced for 15 minutes, then for 1 hour, then for 1 day, then i got banned for 1 week, then i can't access the website? What the hell? This is just ridiculous. I would actually denounce this website to the authorities, but i'm not going into that level. I even contacted Kongregate Support, and they just tell me to report! AND I DID THAT! AND NOTHING HAPPENED! THEY DON'T LISTEN TO ME! THEY JUST DO WHAT THEY WANT AND MAKE ME LOOK LIKE THE BAD GUY!!!!! THIS WEBSITE IS $#@!

Tip for consumers: Don't go there. Ever. Don't even think about it. You will be very sorry when you go there. Trust me. It's a living hell.

1 review
6 helpful votes

To the person who said that the moderation/administration should be boycotted, I agree. The mods do whatever they want here. I've reported corrupt mods a lot in the past but NOTHING gets done because the administration will always take their word over yours. Since that's the case, why even have a report function? If you're just going to take every 6+ paragraph long complaint with a grain of salt why do they still have other mods encouraging users to report things like this? I got my main account banned for no reason at all. Apparently there has been a slew of spammers hitting the room I usually hung out in, and the moderator of that room assumed it was me. When I logged onto my alt account (made in 2011) I was insta-banned on that one as well. I didn't bother coming back a third time, this site is obviously so broken that it would still implement a group of savage and juvenile individuals whom abuse their power at every turn. Seriously, I rather regular in a room full of mindless trolls than put up with mods and admins too lazy and corrupt to listen to reason or facts. I wish someone would do something about this. You can't talk to the kongregate admins, they're just as bad. $#*! that site.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Games are fun but malicious. It is very easy to accidentally spend money and developers rarely if ever respond.

Accounts and information is not secure on Kongregate. Beware - don't spend a dime.

1 review
7 helpful votes

i got banned for telling them i did not agree to money they took from me they charged me twice for a transaction and then got paypal to get my money back kinda
they refunded only half of one purchess and sent a email telling me they did a full refund

(charged $10 twice i got refunded $5)

1 review
8 helpful votes

Admins and Mods act like children. It needs to be boycotted or to be gutted from the top down. Horrible business practices.

1 review
9 helpful votes

If there is a bug in game do not expect any response to issues and god forbid you have an issue with billing... you will lose your bank acct in an hour or less.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I got banned for giving them money for credits! Seriously if you pay them they treat you worse then spammers, and trolls which in their guide lines say they can ban you for. I am so ticked off right now, last time I play any online games.

1 review
10 helpful votes

One of the biggest problems with the site is that it is full of inappropriate content within the chat rooms and forums. It is not merely "salty" language, but an extremely high amount of sexual vulgarity and verbal pornography. These conversations are dominated by young males and include casual treatment of violent sexual behavior with rampant sexual propositioning and mistreatment of women. The reporting features do not work or are completely ignored and the "moderators" are frequently active participants in the behavior or turn a blind eye to it, even when asked to do something about it. I am a parent and I played the site for over a year before I finally got fed up with these occurrences and the complete lack of concern that Kongregate has regarding these problems.

4 reviews
17 helpful votes

A great site for wasting time and looing a newer video game developers ideas and a community of similar minded gamers geeks etc that can help with your game development and have fun playing games at

8 reviews
32 helpful votes

Kongergate has become my go to site for flash based web games. It difficult to review,because like Youtube with videos, they don't really produce the games, rather they host them. (okay, well they do sponsor some games, but that is complicated )
They have a huge collection of games.
They have player incentives such as badges, achievements and cards you earn from playing.
They have social tools built in, like chat and friending, though the community is filled with trolls and juveniles.

6 reviews
9 helpful votes

when i was playing a game i could not complete the level

1 review
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Im sure the games our cool but their our people who work on the sight that abuse it. One of them told my son they would help him become part of the sight and got him to give them our phone number. Since then we have had threatening phone calls all hours of the night. they are threatening to hurt my son and me so they can punish him. They even called me on 3 way and made me listen to them doing it to other people. When I reported the abuse to the sight they sent me a shout telling me theres nothing they can do and basically gave me a big F U. We are in the process of changing our number but please people be aware that this is happening and under no circumstances should you give anyone your information because this could happen to you too.

138 reviews
957 helpful votes

I'm not one for online gaming. Most simply don't hold my attention. Submarine 6:the edge" is different. It's a strategy game that tests memory, eye for details, and in my case became addictive.

There are many games you'll find available. I just wanted to point out Sub6 and the web site for FLASH gaming online.
Have FUN!

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