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1 review
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Everything you could want. Advice on everyday life. Don't even need to pay for a counselor. You can find it all right here. As for the petifile thing there are no petifiles that i've seen and plus you need evidence to convict. Y'all should come to the nearest one and see for yourselves. Really exposes false teachings of churches and even better its totally FREE.
4 reviews
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This website is superb, excellent. Here, you can find alot of information that helps you physically, mentally, emotionally, And spiritually. It is a bible based website. It recognizes the bible has its authority. It has helps for families, what can make families happy And lots more.
Lau W.
1 review
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Door selling flyers for an future event without permission! This is SPAM!
This people keep on asking things while I give them no permission to do this.
I have a "no spam sticker" on my door.
1 review
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Don't visit this site .. Becks this is the way of New conversion Hindus to christians.. a young lady told about this site to me plz go through this site we upload some videoa like How to rise up children . It's all trap. Every body knows as parents we all aware how to rise our children.
1 review
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These people have been coming by my house practically every Saturday morning, mailing letters after being advised not to, disregarding my "No Solicitation/No Exception" signs, infringing on our privacy, and our many pleads to add us to the "Do Not Disturb" list for months now. Myself and my roommates have advised them numerous times that we're not interested and politely asked them to stop coming by because we work nights. We provided them our address multiple times to be put on the "Do not disturb" list, they always say they will pass it on and be sure they never stop by again, yet they never follow through with this request. In fact, they increased the harassment by sending letters via mail and more canvassers to my house more frequently. When I sent the mail back and advised them we were not interested in receiving their flyers by mail either, they decided to start addressing the mail to my roommates and harassing them as well. How they got our names is beyond me. I've always had a "No Soliciting" sign on my door, but they quickly and rudely advised us that, that means nothing to them because they aren't 'selling' anything. So recently I applied the sign "No Solicitation/No Exceptions." Today they chose to ring the doorbell anyway just to leave the flyer on the ground. When we answered and mentioned the "No Exceptions" sign on our door, he rudely and aggressively stated, "Look! We're doing you a favor. We're being nice!" So not only have they now been harassing us for months, but have knowingly and purposefully broken the law by illegally infringing on our privacy. We've already filed a police report and reported them to BBB amongst other agencies. This is far too aggressive and unprofessional behavior from Any business, much less a nonprofit organization. Nobody should ever be put through this ill treatment, and I'm going to see to it nobody does. Shameful
1 review
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Jehovah's witness organization is the worse experience I've ever encountered. The belief was forced on my by my mother at 7 years old. It asks kids to be men before there time. I was born on Christmas but I lost those birthdays and Christmas because my mother no longer believed in Christmas. There weren't any holidays period. I was forced to advertise their faith by selling their publications. My friends would see me and make fun of me and beat and pick on me because I was different. I was stabbed and had my mother made it to the hospital in time I would be dead because she would not have allowed a blood transfusion because they believe that only god can give and take life. All of my dreams would have died with me simply because of what SHE believed in. It's a brainwashed cult that is blinded to life's realities by their own leaders and by their own beliefs. It divided us in more ways then one and it destroys families. They aren't even allowed to think for themselves and they are discouraged from allowing outside influence and from even researching their own bible.
1 review
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Raised 3 children under the teachings of JWs believing their survival at Armageddon was adhering to the doctrines subliminally taught at the multiple weekly meetings that inculcated there was only one way to survive and every person not a dedicated JW will die at Armeggedon?
Why then do the majority of the cults adherents suffer from clinical depression and through the publications of the Watchtowerbibleandtractsociety(a subtle yet THE official name of JWs) address such illness as a result of pressures from the world under the control of the devil teaching that family members are used by the devil to undermine adherents to the faith. Family closeness with those who are not JWs is discouraged unless to sublimely convert believing unless they do all will die the ultimate death at Armeggeddon of eternal damnation if you have a friend or family member that speaks highly of their beliefs look more closely! The teaching is to use contacts to save fully believing they are really saving your soul. I speak from 30 + years of adhering, converting and completely believing. I disassociated myself 10 years ago from the cult and though I was under treatment during the 30 years for chronic depression I have not needed medication ad I haven't suffered from depression since leaving and now am a person involved in areas of our community helping on a practical, realistic level. I will also mention I have lost my son to the cult and have had no contact since I estranged myself due to the teachings that I am from the devil and a threat to his faith.
1 review
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The Jehovah's Witnesses website does not disclose the truth about this religion. They hide many secrets from their members. Such as they will not call the authorities to report a pedophile unless there is a witness to the molestation. Child abusers find this church to be a safe haven for their crimes. There are currently many lawsuits against them throughout the world. Also many times if the parents or elders report the incident to the police they are disfellowshipped for bringing a bad name on the church. This is just one of the reasons they will disfellowship/excommunicate someone. If you are disfellowshipped or just decide to leave, they will no longer talk to you. This includes any family in the religion. Parents stop talking to their children, brothers to their sisters and grandparents to their grandchildren- This is just the tip of the iceberg!
2 reviews
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It's often hard to find a resource of bible based literature, instructive videos, and practical information that builds respect for the bible and it's author. The volume of information available for families, couples, children, and teenagers is amazing. The whiteboard animations for teenagers covering such topics as dealing with bullies, the internet, and relationships is applicable to families of any religion. And the Sofia and Caleb videos for younger children dealing with moral issues like telling the truth, being honest, and obedience to parents are extremely well presented. Overall, if a person wanted to dig deeper into what the bible says they can do that, or, if they just want to understand how the bible can be of practical help in their everyday lives with issues everyone faces, they can do that to. Well worth checking out.
1 review
2 helpful votes
Really tired of places like this leaving fliers in all the neighborhoods. They leave them in people's doors or on cars, then they fly off in the wind. It's called littering and they should be fined by the city for it!
1 review
3 helpful votes
There to witness rule would allow rape victims no justice. I even know of them refusing to bury one of their own members children who had committed suicide. Apparently there was something wrong with the child mentally Disturbed however I can never understand anyone who will walk away from family members going through rough times or church members frankly I advised to keep your kids away from these people if you love them
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
Will recommend this to anybody. Has a wonderful videos tools for marriage, young people and childrens....all bible based.
1 review
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Occult Well Hidden & Accessible From Official Site...

Occult Founders History Hidden From Members....

They Hide Occultic Demonic Images Well In Their Own Literature......

They Hide Their Founders Books Of 100%FALSE Prophesies and TEACHINGS From their own Members....
2 reviews
8 helpful votes
The site is for everyone looking for answers to their questions. Recommended. You can read the site in almost 800 languages which makes it the most translated site that ever existed in the internet.
1 review
4 helpful votes
They love bomb new ones and then when you join they dont cate about you anymore but if you try to leave or stop going, they'll humiliate you in front of everyone by announcing that you're either been reproved or disfellowshipped and everyone assumes you've done something rrally bad and then they're not allowed to even say a word to you unless you "repent". They will discourage higher education, good carreers, they dont even donate to charities. They only do humanitarian work for other JWs. Very sad and inhumane religious organization. I could go on but I'll leave it there.
1 review
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This website is the only Watchtower and thier Governing Body (Jehovah's Witness leadership) sanctioned source of information on them and the Bible. (Everything else on the Internet that contradicts them and their bible interpretation is seen by JWs as apostate twisted lies coming from Satan, they are very much afraid if they read such they will have their minds poisoned against God by Satan) they see themselves as the only true religion as God's earthly organisation and their seven leaders as the only channel by which God is communicating with humans. But they are always changing doctrine as 'New Light' essentially calling God a liar by doing so. They've been predicting the end of the present system of things, which they believe is ruled by Satan, since 1914 changing the prophecy when it doesn't come to pass, making themselves false prophets. When they change doctrine etc they make changes to their website and digital publications without showing a change history. JW adherants believe WT teaching to be from God and blindly will see everything coming from them including this website as directed by and coming from God. It may be trusted by 8 million people whose critical thinking has been crippled by their own choice or that of their parents in raising them. This coupled with a shunning policy that they sugar coat but causes many suicides and their anti blood transfusion policy which is based on one scripture (possibly misapplied as well) which causes countless willful deaths every year makes them a dangerous cult. The BITE mind control model developed by Steven Hassan can be applied quite clearly to this organisation. I was personally raised in the organisation by good and loving parents who were themselves looking for the best way of life, thinking they had found it. I was 39 last year when the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse (ARC). Opened my eyes to serious breaches in child protection policy and their response spurred me to research outside only to find I had been brainwashed for 33yrs of my life. I write this review to warn others to be open to researching the organisation before getting involved and if I can help just one person to breakfree from this brainwashing (no you have no idea you've been brainwashed until you wake from it).
8 reviews
35 helpful votes
This website is fantastic! Get any of your life's questions answered here. It's like asking Jehovah God and getting direct answers from HIM via His word the BIBLE! Over one million unique visitors go to each day. The site features articles and videos offering practical advice to people of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. One of these videos, entitled Why Study the Bible?, will be linked to a QR code found on the new tract. This video merges live-action elements and animation to illustrate the practical benefits of studying the Bible. It is currently available in over 450 languages and has been downloaded nearly 4 million times since it was released on November 18, 2013. Articles, magazines, entire Bibles, videos, music, all FREE for download or read it onsite, your choice. :)
1 review
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Jehovah Witness's say they know how the governing organization operates but when you inquire about Just About Anything! you are immediately shunned. Is there a new corporate transparency policy on the horizon?
44 reviews
80 helpful votes
Priests have threatened people brainwashing "If you don't go to churches, temples.., you'll live forever in hell fire right after dying & turning into ghost!""The God is Trinity(a few gods)"....I myself had been taken for a ride by religions, especially churches, against Bible. helped me realize bible truth that teaches "Adam went to dust after death""Most people will be back to life on earth paradise when Jesus rules over there"....
Others? Small No of humans who are really bad in Jehovah's eye(Bible God) will be officially put to eternal death(eternal life's opposite). They have no place like hell to live in.
17 reviews
35 helpful votes
I love that you can download the bible for free on you phone or computer, you can search any subject like family, marriage, children, teens, parents, Domestic Violence, Abuse, sexual harassment, Anxiety, sickness, death of loved one, poverty, economy, homeless, abortion, prejudice, bullying, God, Jesus, all bible based subjects....there are tons of great articles, videos and advice. Its all free to download... magazines, bible, music, videos in formats EPUB, MOBI, PTF, RTF, Notetaker(BRL), MP3, ACC or listen to instant audio play. You can request free books and publications to be mailed to you and have a free bible study no string attached. Its so amazing that this site has over 700 languages and sign language too, you can even get stuff in brail for the blind.
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You are better off watching English teaching videos on you-tube- I highly discourage you from contacting this organization- They are a cult and destroy lives with their false prophesies and false doctrines. The website does not disclose the hidden secrets of this false religion. Stay far away from Jehovah's Witnesses!

By Joy-To Y.
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