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I have been buying images from Getty Images for years. (I have used, and which are all Getty Image owned sites) I have spent thousands of dollars over the many years I have been a customer. I decided to use istockphoto as a monthly subscription service for $149./month and started my subscription on the 22nd of August. I used all my images for the month looking forward to starting again in September. To my surprise my subscription would not renew until the end of the month. I tried to contact customer service to change my billing date. Sounds easy right? WRONG. I was told that the ONLY way to do this would be to cancel the subscription and start again OCTOBER 1st. If I were to tell my clients ... so sorry you will need to wait a month and a half before I can accommodate your needs I would be FIRED. Since when did customer service become a cut and paste no answer job. SIGN ME UP I want to tell people I can't help them when they want to spend money too.

1 review
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Don't buy from iStockPhoto ! ! ! !
I didn't purchase anything from their site after 2015, but recently they started charging me every month. Charged me 3 times $40.4x3= $121.2 USD during last 3 month. They doing it silently, without any invoice or any email.
I contacted them in 3 ways, contact form, phone, email.
I talked with a person named Deepak Tyagi, who told me (at 20 Aug 2017) that they will take care of it within 2 business day and the money will be refunded. But till now they didn't done it. and yesterday they charged my card again.
Also, looks like they don't have any customer support person.

1 review
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I signed up for a monthly subscription with the 'renewal' date listed on the invoice. Since this was the only date written there I assumed it was the date which my credits expire so I write down this date to make sure I use all the credits for that month.

Come that day I find that the credits expire the day before (actually at 3am on the 'renewal' day). I send them an email to see if I can still download the images and I get the auto-reply saying I will get a response within 24 hours. One week later, no response, so I email again. Another week and still no reply, so I decide to call them.

I was informed that they can't do anything because of the 'system' but if I pay for another subscription the remaining downloads rollover to the next month if I re-subscribe within the week. Of course 2 weeks had passed since they don't reply to emails so it ended up just being a big waste of money.

This was just the latest incident with iStock, previously they had billed me for 2 months of additional subscriptions even though I had the 'auto-renew' option disabled.

1 review
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Bought 12 credits and because I only needed a few didn't log in for a year so they just took my money and and can't use any more credits. When I complained they said oh it's mentioned in FAQ's and everyone else uses them immediately. Sounds like a con to me!!
Why not tell customers that that is the deal that they need to log in, why not send a reminder email that it's due to expire, oh yes that's right because it'll make them more money!

1 review
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While the image choices are great and so is the quality, BUT, and a very big but - I purchased credits on Friday. Now it is Tuesday and while my money was taken quickly, my account at istock shows zero cedits. I have written to them every day, with absolutely zero response. That is not bad service - that is absolutely zero service which says we want your money, but do not care a hoot about our customers. BAD, BAD, BAD.

2 reviews
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good range of various arts and templates to use but take care of your credits - those can be suspended without any notice after some time passes

1 review
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I've been using istockphoto on and off for about 5 years. In general, the site works well and the selection is great. I am not certain about this but it seems to me that their prices went up - alot - recently. They are much less affordable. That isn't a big deal since I can make my own decision not to shop a more expensive brand but it is their lack of customer service that led me to write this review. I bought an image for around $25 to use in print. When I downloaded the image, it became clear that it was slightly our of focus at full resolution. For a small banner, this would not be an issue but for print, it is. I contacted the customer service to ask for a refund since the photo was not usable for my purposes. I never heard back from them.

1 review
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Bought 10 credit for $40 and didn't use them within a month and they expired. Who does that? It's 2017.

Asked customer service to make them available to me and they gave me some lame roundabout way of getting them back which included purchasing another 10 credits even though I didn't need them. In the end, they did nothing. Spend your money elsewhere.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

They have a huge variety of images and different, flexible plans for customers, with different kinds of subscriptions, credit packs, etc.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Istock subscription sucks. If you don't use your credits, you'll lose 'em! Their subscription policies are the worst ever. A true corporate piece of **** company that doesn't give a **** about their customers. I hope enough people realize just how crappy they are. The unfortunately part is Getty Images has a damn monopoly on the stock photo industry and there are few alternatives. Istockphoto sucks.

1 review
4 helpful votes

They sign you up to pay $100 a month for ten downloads a month. Like a logical person, when I saw that I had 23 downloads built up that i hadn't used, I cancelled my subscription so I could catch up. It made no sense to keep paying them $100 a month for something I wasn't using enough. When I pulled up their site, all those downloads I had paid for were gone. F*CK YOU iStock! I NEVER would have signed up for a subscription service if I had known these were the terms. Maybe they bury this fact in their legal, but an ugly deceitful business practice and they should end it immediately.

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An overpriced service, $11 a credit is a bit too much for materials that cant be properly previewed in action, and then cant be returned. Still has some good templates.

1 review
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Do You Need High Quality Images & Videos for Your Website, Blog, YouTube Or Professional Project and ? And dont want to invest then go to In $10 you will get millions of Images for free to use

1 review
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8/23/16 has been a staple of my design department for years and years, and I must say each year they get worse and worse with their manipulation. I have subscribed, paid as I go and bought signature series. It turns out has concerned with catch 22's and not stock anymore.

Recently, I purchased $100 in Signature 'subscription' which means that I cannot go back and download past signature purchases unless I subscribe again for images I don't need. This is unlike their credit system in which you can re-download. So stay away from subscriptions, and high-priced Signature collection as you cannot re-download what you paid for.

I hate this company and I'm switching to Adobe stock.

I hope you'll join me and put this greedy, manipulative company out of business. They suck!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I've been using them for many years and have been suckered into buying their annual subscription. But since then the quality of their photos has seriously gone down hill. Before I could I could find nice newsletters to use for our n ewsleters quickly, but now the pickings are paltry and totally AMATEUR.

If someone has a better site they know about , please share.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Customer service sucks. Beware!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I'm in Australia, and by Australian law pricing must not be misleading or deceptive, it must show all included taxes and charges.

iStock advertised that a particular subscription would cost $230 AUD. I spent 3 weeks choosing images. When I went to buy the subscription they charged an additional $23 in tax, and then I also found on my credit card over $5 in foreign exchange conversion fees. Unfortunately I needed to continue with the purchase as I had already committed time to finding the images I needed.

I have written to iStock twice to get them to refund the additional money, I have also spoken to them several times and they are not interested.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission agree that iStock is in breach of Australian law and I am currently taking up the matter with the Office of Fair Trading.

I suggest you don't deal with iStock as there are plenty of honest businesses out there you can work with.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Poor services for contributors have dwindled to non existent over the years as they find new ways to chip away at the time spend actually addressing contributor concerns. They do not value contributors and it shows in the customer service. Its bad enough that they only give you Approx 30% of the small amount they sell your work. IstockPhoto are parasites not in any way designed to empower or help artists.

1 review
28 helpful votes

First, I've never written an online review of a company before, but I have had such a horrible experience with iStock recently that I had to warn people. Hopefully I can save someone from the painful, stressful experience I just had. I signed up in June 2015 for the monthly subscription. At the time it was $199 to download up to 200 images. It's now only $166 for 750 images, which seems like a great deal, right? Well, it's NOT! Don't do it! It's a trap. Here's how it worked for me... Many of the images I wanted were "signature" images. So, I had to upgrade to the "premium subscription" and pay another $150 to access the images I wanted. I downloaded approximately 40 of my 200 images. A few weeks later, a very "nice" rep by the name of Eric Niederer called me, offering to help me and give me some great offers/specials after he better understood my graphic needs. A few minutes later after I explained what two projects I was using the images for (a corporate brochure and refreshing our corporate website), he turned from "nice" to evil, telling me I was out of compliance, and had voided the terms and conditions of the agreement because I had allowed our website developer to upload a few of the images to our development site. He said that I was the only one under that program who could touch the images in any shape or form. By letting anyone else touch the image, even if only to upload it, I wash in breach of the agreement. He then went on to tell me that unless I paid their company $3,600 I was going to regret the legal problems I was going to have. Meanwhile, I hadn't even used or published any of the images and had only downloaded 40 of the 200. He also explained that I could only use the images for a period of 30 days (only while the subscription was in effect). Any image not used in "final" content within the timeframe that my subscription was live (for 30 days) needed to be destroyed and could never be used. I was in complete shock. I explained that I hadn't read the terms and conditions, but that a reasonable, rational person would think you could use the images in corporate materials because they had been purchased. I told him I was shocked and confused and had to think about what he had said and talk to my boss. That was on a Thursday. They next morning (this past Friday) he emailed asking what my decision was. I said I hadn't spoken to my boss yet (which I hadn't as it had been less than 24 hours and I only meet with my boss weekly). He said that was fine "if that was my answer", but he was going to send over a second "out of compliance issue" and that I only had five days to make my final decision. That was last week. Today he called almost hourly (I didn't answer because I recognized the number). I have never been treated so poorly by a company and literally felt violated, harassed, and entrapped. He even admitted he knew I hadn't done anything malicious, and that he doesn't usually read the fine print in the terms and conditions either, but regardless I can either pay them $3,600 dollars or "take my chances". Wow. Not the kind of company I will ever do business with again. Completely misleading advertising and really unethical business practices if you ask me. I am not going to use any of the 40 images I downloaded. They basically got $350 from me, and then threatened to sue me for an honest mistake. Let me add that Ghetty images recently bought iStock. I have been told by several others that Ghetty has been doing this sort of thing for years (calling people and threatening to sue them unless they pay thousands of dollars). For your protection and peace of mind, please do yourself and your company a favor and use another image provider other than iStock or Ghetty. I am still in complete disbelief that businesses think they can operate like this in 2015. Misleading marketing, awful customer service, very poor long term strategic planning. iStock did the complete opposite of what you want to do to retain and wow customers. They wowed me for all the wrong reasons. Hope this review helps someone...

1 review
12 helpful votes

iStockPhoto has the worst customer service I've ever experienced anywhere. I was locked out of my company account - exactly one day after purchasing their most expensive subscription - and when i called to unlock it, they refused to do so and instead kept asking me questions as if i was a thief violating their copyright laws. they told me that if i download an image and email it to my coworker, i am in violation of their copyright laws. really? i purchased this photograph and I can't even share it with someone who is on the same work project that I am on? eventually after hours of talking to them, we tried to cancel because i'd rather pull all my teeth out then have them talk to me the way they do. and they said we were stuck with them for a year because we had already downloaded 32 photographs. They would not let us pay for the photographs we downloaded and cancel our subscription. so we're stuck.. with terrible service and nasty operators. run away from this company! all they want is your money and they don't care about helping anyone.

3 reviews
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You find good information and more beautiful photo .

4 reviews
331 helpful votes

I like good photos and have nothing against this site. Photographer also need earn money and good photos are not free. And I said is like a professional photographer. When I was a beginner I was looking for good site with helpful tips for making good photos and I try this You are welcome=)

1 review
10 helpful votes

As a long time customer, I have seen the steady decline of this provider over the years. Now the only thing they care about is $$. There are much better photography providers available. Choose them instead.

1 review
15 helpful votes

iStockPhoto has been nothing but trouble for us. Their site never works, they are constantly changing their rules, the customer support team is NASTY, and they don't have as many unique images as they seem to think they do. Do yourself a favor and RESEARCH your options before just going with a known name like iStock. I can't rate them poorly enough.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Istock/Getty has been treating its customers like a number and treats the overall Graphic Arts Community poorly. They took low cost access to quality images and increased prices dramatically. I continually read how Getty extorts websites that cannot prove they purchased an Istock image for hundreds or thousands of dollars, when the original image may have cost $10-$30. If you've been in graphic arts for any amount of time there is no doubt you don't have every receipt for every last image, graphic, software or digital material you have purchased. While they may collect on a few cases here and they Getty has alienated more buyers and sent them to other resources.

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